Goodbye and good riddance to 2020


Wonder is even the rich. Gives you a behind the scenes. Look at some of the most infamous family dynasties and modern history in their new season. The house of her saatchi three siblings. Johnny donatella and santo build one of the greatest fashion labels. The world has ever seen but after the brutal murder of gianni versace sake. The fate of his global fashion empire was left up in the air with his killer on the loose and a manhunt underway. He was donatella. Who took on the task of rebuilding. The brand with the weight of the fashion house success placed squarely on her shoulders. Donatella face scrutiny from all sides fueling a drug addiction and casting doubt on her ability to succeed to explore the complexities of one of the most famous family. Businesses listened to wonder season of even the rich on apple. Podcasts spotify or the wondering app welcome live from meet the press. I'm mark murray. Today is my final live podcast. Twenty twenty with the holidays and the new year coming up in. Let me join the chorus of voices. Who are relieved. Happy doing backflips. That twenty twenty is finally coming to an end. Nana nana nana. Hey good food by. Now's a political journalist. I have to admit that some of the news and developments were fascinated cover. You had history. Making events impeachment trial a recession. A supreme court vacancy a consequential election the first black female vice president there were successes to the vaccine the first congressional stimulus to provide relief to americans and businesses and the fact that we appear to be on the cusp of the deal provide more relief but the rest well. It was a year to throw the trash. Can there was a big failures. The botched iowa caucus results in the failed initial coronavirus testing. Plan there the tragedies. The more than three hundred thousand and counting americans killed by the coronavirus. The deaths of george floyd brianna taylor and others in the passing of titans like john lewis and then there were the unprecedented in jaw-dropping events an incumbent president not conceding election. He lost a president who used the military to remove protesters a president who stopped well president in a once in a century pandemic in social media companies labeling. Communications from the white house is false or misleading. Good riddance twenty twenty. But maybe more significant about this year is a discordant join other consequential and transformational years in our country's history think about nineteen sixty eight with the vietnam war that year's presidential election and the assassination of martin luther king junior and bobby kennedy or one thousand nine hundred forty one the bombing pearl harbor and the start of america's entry into world war two or nineteen twenty nine the beginning of the great depression or nineteen eighteen when the country experienced its other deadly pandemic. Twenty twenty was that kind of year and like those other years. It's likely it will serve kind of demarcation in our politics and society is it when americans after realizing their political institutions and norms. Were breaking down. Decided to fix them or instead allow them to get worse. Did it close the door on. Ternate facts political nepotism demagoguery from the white house or did it only keep the door open and is it the year that forever transformed work commerce city life in education in this country or was it a one time blip that will lead to a boom in pre pandemic activities like movie theaters amusement parks sporting events in churches historians. Start your engines and fire up those books. That's a live for us in the lid for me for the rest of this year. Although the great kerry. Dan will be early next week. Download us on your favorite podcast app. Be safe be healthy be will have a happy holidays. Hey it's crusades this week. My podcast wise is happening. I'll be talking with data scientist and election consultant. David shore about what exactly happened in that twenty twenty election. You know we talk about college and non college and that's just because that's something that's very easy to measure but the real divide is long kind of these deeper cultural or personality traits. And you know that's kind of claim here. But i guess just zoom back to polling so this opened up this big error. And i think highlights something. That's really scary about polling. Which is that. You can have a method that works. And then the coalition's can change or who answers the phone change and then suddenly you're stuff will break this week on. Why is this happening. Search for wise is happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe.

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