Grown Up Kids - Episode #39 - The Light in the Forest


Welcome to grownup. Kids a Disney podcast. I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing that was all started by. Hello. And welcome to episode thirty nine of to this episode is sponsored by Juliet green. Juliette? Thank you for having a very easy named for me to pronounce. I'm Katy and I'm Megan. And today, we're being joined by return guests and good friend Jocelyn. Hey, you back. Absolutely. And for the first time we'd like to welcome Sam how you doing? Hi excited to be here. So we have a new guest this week. Which means we get to do it doesn't he profile again? But a while it has a while. I think so how did you get into Disney? Okay. So like a lot of guests on your podcast. I don't really remember getting into Disney. It's just kind of always been there since I was a kid my sister. And I had you know, the cliche shell full of Disney. VHS clam shell cases. Just like I think a lot of listeners can relate to. I know I asked my mom and dad, and they both said that they remembered watching the wonderful world of Disney on television when they were kids. And I think I think my mom was excited to buy Disney movies for her own kids. Once we came along. And my dad loves taking us to the movie theater. He took me to see The Lion King and Toy Story. I think those might have been the my first two movies that I had seen in theaters. So I would have been like two years old and then three years old. And I don't really remember it. But apparently, I told him I did not like Toy Story when we left the theater because that kids sit was just way too mean to his toy. He always tells me about that. And I'm like, I don't know what you're talking about. That's one of my favorite movies L. That was also my first movie in the theater. Tokyo wasn't. Yeah. Awesome. Yeah. I guess three year old me was feeling like said was a bit to gain. But current does is not remember saying that. So I mean, I don't blame you. So we know your favorite character isn't said, but who would your favorite character b? So this is a tough one. And I thought through a lot of characters before coming on here because it's always hard to pick favorite. And it's always easier to break characters down into categories and pick your favorites from there. But. If I have to go with one it's going to be Nala from the lion. King. Yeah. Had anybody say, Molly. Oh, she is just like, she's a strong and confident character who's also really playful and fun, and she's funny. And I think as a kid I felt like she was someone who would be really fun to be friends with. Which might be because looking back at the movie like she's a really great friend to Simba throughout the whole movie. Like, she goes on all the adventures with him and like he gets into trouble. She's right there with him. And then when they're grown up and reconnect she's like, encouraging him and everything. So that's probably where I got the feeling that she would just be someone who'd be awesome to have as a friend. She friend. Sorry. Didn't mean interrupt you. But she'll just like one of those characters that's a fierce friend. Yeah. Like, you know, if you were friends with Nala like she'd be there for you. Yeah. She's personality. Yeah. And then I think as I've gotten older, and I now have the ability to like overanalyze movies to very annoying point. That's what I think she started to stand out as a favorite because I can recognize that she's a strong female character where there's not really an emphasis put on that fact that she's a strong female character. She just is they don't really make a big deal about that in the movie like look, she's a girl, but she can do a lot of strong things. Like, she just does it, and they never really mentioned it, and I like that. And I like that she has like this sense of a bencher. And you know, she's just as toughest Simba like wrestling with him as kids and then. When they're adults and she finds him again, like she's kind of the one that has this strong, moral, compass, and like this sense of right and wrong, and she's kind of encouraging him to go back to his homeland and defend his family and stand up for himself. And so she's kind of just see her as a tough character who would get things done and like her personality a lot. As far as they she's stronger than Simba 'cause pinging again. For line. Up in that says that I was just gonna say that I'm. Yeah. And I let it because it's not just the line. But it's also a pun because it's a pin. Well, in my mind. Yeah. I like that pen. Alright, what is your favorite Disney movie? Okay. So unlike the characters favorite movie was easy for me. It's The Lion King. It's always been the lion. King. It's one of those things I don't know if you have any of these in your life, but it's one of those things where if you asked me to pick a second favorite Disney movie that would be really hard because I would start thinking through all of them. But if you ask for my top favorite like it has never strayed from The Lion King. It's just in that slot, and it just stays there gated. Yeah. Yeah. All the time. I like I like I said I think flying kings locked in. But if you ask me, my second favorite would be it would change all the time. Just like you said at this moment in time. What's your second favorite right now? Oh, no. It'd prep. It's the Princess and the frog. Underrated needs more love. Yeah. Love that one a lot. We need to watch that one. Again, I think he likes strong female characters who are independent. It probably be safe to say that. Role models. Yeah. Definitely. Yeah. Good role models. People look up to. Alright. So if you've been to a Disney park, what would you say your favorite is? And if you haven't been what would be your guests. Okay. So I have been. I've only been to DisneyWorld in Florida one time when I was in second grade, and I know my favorite was animal kingdom because it had that giant tree. And I just remember loving that. And that's where all the animals were. And I was a huge animal lover. So that was definitely my favorite park in more recent years, it's become Disneyland. Just because now I live in California. So I've been able to go there a bit more. And I had never been when I was a kid. So right now, I would say Disneyland Disneyland's classic those imagine you just can't get anywhere else. Yeah. Yeah. The minute you walk through the doors. It's just like you're in a totally different universe, and it's magical. It's wonderful. I love me some Disneyland and not like we've said this before but like their foods way better and is Neely. Food is way better. Alright, what is your favorite Disney memory? Okay. So I thought about this and decided to choose one from my childhood, which is one of my favorite Disney memories. Because it's not a memory from being at the parks or like watching him movie. But it's just kinda Disney thing that my sister, and I took out into the world with us. So we were kids my parents, take my sister, and I to this like nature preserve in our town was this protected land or you could pet some cows and sheep they had there, and you could walk all the beautiful trails through the woods. And where I grew up in Massachusetts was really woodsy area. So it was always really beautiful, and you could really go into the forest, and so we used to go on nature walks there a lot. And there was this one trail that took you over a really small wooden bridge. Like seeing it now that I'm gonna dull the bridges tiny. Like, you're a few feet above a stream. But as a kid, it was this really cool wooden bridge. And my sister. And I would always make my mom or whoever was with us. Stop on the bridge. So we could play pooh-sticks awesome. And then the like a solid chunk of time finding the right sticks. Because you know, they had to look different enough that you could tell each other's apart. And then we would drop them on the one side and watch them on the other side. And I think usually we would convince whichever adults were with us that day to also play. So between me and her we named it pooh-sticks bridge. I think it's actually way too small the bridge to even have a name an official theme. But it's pooh-sticks bridge to us. And I just I will always love that memory, and we have photos of us on pooh-sticks bridge. And I just love it. That's also cute. I hate when the happens though, your kid like something seems like so big and grand. And then you go back to it as an adult, and you're like, wait is this the same place. It's a it's a very small and very short bridge. But but oddly enough, you can still keep it in your head like how it was as a kid like oh my God. It was like this. How fem is some Tyler so far of the creek. Yeah. That's the cool thing about your imagination 'cause you can still think back to it being just a big scam a super cute, I love that. But his cute. Yeah. So now onto not as cute. Discussing the light in the forest Seger. Disgusting. Oh. Limiting limiting conversation about the money slash truce. Yeah. Johnny and fess Parker. So it's time for thirty second. Disney's. Talk about the excitement and your. And I feel like it's been awhile since we've had an episode best. But I just really I some people wait for my reaction on the movie before they even try and watch it, and I'm telling you now, this was no boy. No, this is not a good one. These episodes of namely Disney Downer. You know, w donor. Disney downer. It was to me at least. Yeah. No. I second that. Yeah. No. It's okay. It's okay. They're not all good. And I'm not gonna pretend like they're all good. Because I want to be honest with you guys. But what if you guys think it's not bad than let us know? Why I would love to know. Somebody's reason why if they really do love this phone for some reason because I just couldn't get into it. And sometimes when we hear from someone else that changes the view in our own is just kind of nice like that's what happened on episode one snow eight Snow White. I love it. So bring it on them movie bring grown up kid. Yeah. So tell us why you like it if you do, but. Do are. Let's do our Disney dashes. Okay. I'm gonna go first because I always do. Let's see how how will I do. Of the long one. I'm ready ready. So. So we have Johnny. Here's raised by Indians. But that may have to make a deal the white men come and make a deal to get all the prisoners back. Even though Johnny doesn't want to go with them. They make him. He has to incorporate himself with the white people who are his family, but he doesn't see them his family. And then there's arguing pursues and he ends up going back to the Indians. And then they don't like him anymore either. He has to go back to the way people. Accurate, though. It's only eight seconds. I love it. Thank you. All right. Let's have let's have listener guest. Go next who would like to be brave. Nobody gets. All right. Okay. On your Mark. Okay. Get packed. Packed speed talking for this. I hear Mark get set. Go choosenj super mad because he forced return his birth Kant's live with all the white people. So he reluctantly starts learning the white man's culture. But then he finds out the white man killed his tribe members. So he goes back to his tribe and his revenge for the murder, the Indians attack the white settlers. But whoa, true son warns the white settlers, they escape the Indian ambush. True son is exiled from his tribe. He returned to the white village. He fistfights ankle Wilsey. Because apparently, that's all you need to do to be accepted by the entire village. And then he gets go front. That was great ninety five minutes. Perfect. Great. I love it. Thanks. I made my husband listened to that. If you. That's my favorite is like, oh, man. I said this to my coworker a hundred times. Yeah. For years me and Magara like we didn't prepare one today. It's my thing now to not have to just continue that trend can I just get it over with Jocelyn. Do you mind go go right ahead because I didn't prepare and I'm just going to bomb it. So just copy what I said. It was perfect. I don't remember what? All right, ready set. Go true sons Indian Johnny is white and the as the go and live with his parents, again, even though he doesn't want to and he falls in love with his girl, and he doesn't like his uncle who super creepy, and then we have Mike Fink boat, and then he goes against his Indian people and then in they don't want him. And he goes back to the white people and tweeting and then everything's okay. Twenty one seconds. True son is Indian Johnny is white. That is like the hit me of the racism in this movie. Like that is just. Okay. Jocelyn? Are you ready? Who? Okay. You're psyched up. Okay. On your Mark. Guess. Go. All right. The army makes a deal with Indians to cover all of the cap of children. One wants this child is is Johnny aka true said who doesn't really want to go. But guess what he is white. So he has to go. And so he goes he like he struggles with learning that goes to the Indians the Indians don't really like him after he messes up their ambulance. And then he goes back to the white for the fights. And then yet everything's okay. Any third song? Okay. Two seconds on that. So twenty five. Twenty five seconds perfect per. Guys. We all got through it. Everybody's indeed all four of those off four of those were very good. Yeah. They're all different. I like it. Yeah. All righty. So some history about this film. Honestly, there's not really a whole heck of a lot on it. There wasn't a lot. I actually had a hard time finding it to watch. It took me off guard because normally I'll just like go on Amazon fire and all like search it. And it'll be there for me to run for three dollars. And it's really easy. But this one didn't show up for me. I know usually Amazon fire. Yes. That's interesting because I found this on YouTube for free the entire movie. That's how we ended up watching it. But like, I usually. Yeah. I usually don't do that. Because normally I have to heart of a time trying to find the movies on YouTube. So I did it the other way around this time. And it wasn't there. So I had to go in pirated on YouTube. Sorry disney. I tried to pay three dollars. That any reflection of this movie. Like, nobody wants that. It's just healthier on YouTube, and Disney isn't even coming after anybody for. I mean, like the title of the movie wasn't even concealed all on YouTube. Like it just was on. Prized when I found it because usually usually I'll type the movie into Google, and it's doesn't show up on YouTube. But the fact that the first link was YouTube, I click on it, it might just be the trailer. But it was the higher movie than I thought. Okay. This is where I'm watching it. And it wasn't sped up like other movies. We've watch or like have this weird like cloud background or whatever they do north valley have the movie in the corner of the screen with like a background. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So the light in the forest was filmed in nineteen fifty eight it was based on novel. Also, titled the light in the forest by Conrad Richter. The film was produced by Walt Disney productions and starred famous fess Parker, aka Davy Crockett, aka old, the Ehlers doubt. Right. Technically. Yeah. He's basically plays all roles that have to do with. Westerns? Yeah. Yes. My talking Indians. That's fess. Parker. Joe Andrew, James, MacArthur and Wendell Wendell Corey. So though this is a fictional story and primarily features fictional characters. The novel dozen cooperate several several real people and facts from US history. So since that was all that was really out there for me. I pulled some reviews, and there seemed to be like total both sides of the spectrum on this movie. There were like really good reviews about it. How it was pretty like accurate. Okay. So the good it says while this is an action film sentence. Seventeen sixty four made immi still politically insensitive nineteen fifties. It manages not to paint stereotypes in. And to know on earth wrote that can we pull some lines from the movie that paints stereotypes because I can right now. Go for Indians, smell bad. Yeah. They. Are dumb. They don't speak English. I mean stereotypes. Yeah. Like they were there. They were even there about white people to how you know, they're intolerant. They shoot at things that aren't even attacking them, actually that those aren't even serotypes like they were legitimate things. They actually did do that for the most part but Syria typing the entire group of people. You know, I mean like both sides did it. So that review? Yeah. I don't know who wrote that. But they must have been smoking something and on the nother one. And this is actually like a scan from an old New York Times article. However, it was in like the nineties I think that this movie was maybe like really released or something in. That's why this review was written in the nineties. But it says here when in aesthetic reason for bathing is mentioned he looks straight ahead and grunts Indians. No stink white man stinks. That's the whole issue here, and without in the least intending to belittle. This Walt Disney color film. We might add that the intellectual content in the dramatic content to is just about on a level with that line of dialogue. Which means bad. So yeah. Yeah. I agree with that. I think. I mean, you can add this out. Not later. So I was looking at the I think it is brought the article is from the fifties. It was just from before the digital like they started doing digital in the nineties. That's what it is. Okay. Well, that would make more sense. I didn't really look too hard into it. I just saw that the date was nineteen ninety six on the top. And I'm like that's weird. I don't know. Maybe it was re released. Okay. So it actually is from the fifties. Sam. Yes. To go off that the thing that bothered me about the language like you were just saying the line like Indians. No stink. White man stink. Was that a lot of times like in the beginning of the movie? And then I think even in that scene when John is like talking to Dell hardy, they're speaking in whatever the Indian language of his tribe was but they're speaking in English. So as not to use subtitles in reg case, why wouldn't they be speaking in full English sentences with correct grammar because he wasn't like in that part. He wasn't like speaking broken English. They were just using English with the assumption. He was speaking his native language. So that's what bothered me a lot about it is why in that sense. Would he then be using broken grammar? It would sound it would sound like competent. I agree with you. I noticed that too. Like, why not just you subtitles or write him speak? I'm. Really, I'm assuming that it one hundred percent is because it took place they filmed it in the fifties. And that is just that was the that was how they did it. I mean, like, it's not right. But like that's how they did it. The fifties are known for being super politically incorrect. They didn't seem to care about that type of thing. Yeah. So it's just the times. Unfortunately, because yeah, you would think just have him speak in his native language and put subtitles that would be my go-to. If you want them to know that they're speaking in their native language have them, do it. 'cause they've done that in the past with other languages homes. Yeah. Well, go ahead wrestling. I if you want, okay. Okay. I well. I mean, I definitely would have also preferred like the the subtitles with the net lake the native language, but I didn't mind I didn't I didn't mind having like the difference between the like the print lake proper English when they're supposed to be speaking in the native town versus broken English when he was trying to attempt the language just because like. It was enough of a contrast like, okay. So look he can't speak at like the character can't speak proudly write proper English with native Americans for with native Americans. But the like the dialogue was not was not. It was not great. Yeah. Well, you can even see like when what's his cousin's name is cousin name half hour half. Arrow aero a heard. I heard half hour the entire time. And I was like that's weird. Okay. So half aero when him and truce on just by themselves like after they like escape from the white, man. You know, he's gonna go live back with the Indians there, quote, unquote English dialogue, which is actually probably their native tongue flows. Really nice. I mean when they speak properly, but when you have del hardy speaking with the Indians, even though he knows their language, and it's it's a Sumed that it's their native language. Yeah. You're right. Sam link it's broken. So why when a quote unquote, white man is in the presence. Did they have to look savage, right or on? Yep. Yeah. Not cool wall. I'm just really over these movies, these kinds of movies like there's just too many of the same type of story, you know. And I think that that's why only a handful were successful. Like, you can't keep putting out the same type of movie over and over and over again and expect it to be as successful as some of the like Davy Crockett was successful because it was a TV show mostly people loved it. And then he like put it together into the movies. So it remained, but like that was your bread and butter with these types of movies, Davy Crockett, just stay there. And like you didn't need to do all these other ones that are like the same thing. Ho, no westward. Although I will say old yeller stands alone, even though fess Parker, but old Galar's different. I agree. It's not. I mean that's about the dog. That's fine. I'm okay with that movie. Okay. Good sad. But I'm okay that it was released. Fun fact, some fix are. They fun. No. They're not. Third just fix. That. All right. So iron eyes Cody guy who played the role of Blackfish. See the guy that tried to burn. John. I don't know. But I'm going to know who's I don't. So that was I think it's this catoon or oh that little crane's, brother. Not sure black fishes, but the sky played him. He reportedly acted as a technical advisor and designed over thirty five costumes for the film with his wife Bertha Parker. Also, he translated the Delaware dialogue and helped the cast to speak link focus, so they actually had like a real Indian helping them which is kind of kind of totally backwards. Still like how this movie portrays Indians like they're being very accurate with it. But at the same time, they're not does that make sense. I know. Yeah. I mean, it doesn't make sense. But it makes that kind of reminds me though of like song of the south, right? Like that movie is widely regarded as extremely racist. However, how many black people worked on that film? And like seemed to be okay with that film in the moment. Like while they were filming it and working on it. They were fine. And then like critics look at it. And they're like, whoa. What were you thinking? If you had just added this little tidbit of information, the beginning saying that this was after the civil war than it wouldn't have come across as racist as it did as Ansari's. Yeah. I I don't know. Because somehow, you know, sometimes whenever you're like in the moment working on something like that. You might not really realize what the outcome is gonna be while you're doing it. You could just be like, wow, they really want like help to make this as accurate as possible. Not that Walt didn't. I mean, he always wants everything to be as time accurate as possible. But again, this is the fifties. This is the time that Walt is in he's he was a product of the environment. I think at that time. I mean, he's a genius. Don't get me wrong. I'm in no way, saying he's not. But there he did throughout this decade amd before even with his cartoons like the Hitler Donald cartoons. He made some questionable decisions about stuff. He put out. Nobody's perfect. Nobody's perfect. Not even Disney. You know, he does. But I still like him. Yeah. So according to the press book for this movie the PanAm squat Indians. Sorry for said the wrong and old town maim they made a twenty foot war canoe for this film. So again, we have some hands on real Indian stuff here, which will nice native American. Sorry. I did not want to be insensitive. So the canoe afterwards went to Disneyland after they're done with production. I bet it was like in the frontier land, maybe. Yeah. Walt Disney himself came to Tennessee on location for three days for the film. And when it premiered in Harrisburg PA benefited a lot of the local communities community church charities getting ahead cool off. So this was telecast in two parts on Walt Disney's wonderful world of colors on the twelfth. And the nineteenth of November. As one episode was called true son on the episode was called true, sons revenge. So this is kind of like BB Crockett thing. Yeah. But backwards because this came out in nineteen fifty eight, but that was so it was like they put it out as a movie, and then put it on TV, whereas Davy Crockett was the other way around. Got it. They learned. So according to a New York Times news item. Although Disney bought the rights to Conrad Richter's book in June of nineteen fifty three a month after publication. So he liked it right away. He didn't plan to put it into production until nineteen fifty seven and the review also noted that the end of the film was trained from the book, which we will get to a little bit. So it was shot in Tennessee alongs, Tennessee river about twenty miles from Chattanooga. Also, Tennessee was filmed him, I dunno. I skipped over that part. It was. It was. In Sanford, tanto valley, California. And some scenes were shot in. Oh, that's also California. I'm sorry. I don't know. Why thought that was somewhere else? Throw me off. This your. In a review from variety. They ever say the other city, I said, it was also California. Okay. Zuza Zuza as city in Tennessee was Massin gal point, they looked really scary. So. So review from variety said, quote, like most Disney production productions it is pastoral in quality almost fable like in its gentle approach to some basically bitter situations about that Hollywood. Reporter also noted that values of fan mail praising the authenticity have convinced as need that meticulous research has given his studio tremendous prestige in educational circles, and this is a real commercial advantage. I don't know how I feel about that. I can appreciate like the authenticity comment with regards to like costume and possibly like visual on paper on paper. Great. I just I don't know. It's just the stereotypes that get me. But honestly at that time, like those stereotypes were real in those people like really would have said those things maybe not like talking the way, you know. I'm not saying that. But like the white people would have said those things about the native Americans, the native Americans would have said those things about the white people, you know, so like in terms of that like it's probably historically accurate on what people would have said. I just feel like there's a better way to show us that you know, there's got to be like a middle ground to make it not as. What's the word? I'm looking for to make it not as controversial guess or insensitive insensitive. Probably is the word, I'm one. Yes. Jocelyn? Well, it would be interesting to state not to actually have remix made of especially like the films from the fifties. But just to kind of know what like have the story line trade using today's societal norms. Yeah. Well, look like, how would they have made this story in two thousand eighteen yes. Yeah. And just and and you're right. They might like there might have been a better way to portray those different like those differences than what was seen in the fifties. Yeah. Yeah. For sure. All right, somebody on this remake all these movies. In twenty eighteen in eighteen who would we cast and fess Parker's role? I would say Clint Eastwood buddies too old now. James marsden? Has like a he has like a kind of like a decent a decent like commanding voice. I have to Google him. I can't pictures face. He was Prince Edward in enchanted. Oh, I'm gonna go. Yes. Pratt. Pratt is good too. He put a twang. Yeah. Good. Keep his stubble. Yeah. If he wrangled raptors he'd be a great west. For real. All right. So head cannon Chris Pratt. Fess parker. Chris pret-? He's the new Davy Crockett was that'd be sweet. But would be actually I that. Awesome. You heard it here. First. All right. So some book to movie differences, there's quite a few. So the movie expands the role of del hardy who player by fest part, of course, because everybody loves good old fess. So he remains with the Butler family much longer than he actually does in the novel. So in the movie he's like I got to watch over this kid. I gotta make sure that. Uncle wills doesn't kill them. Essentially, probably he can't leave until things have settled any feels good about it. I don't know how it happens in the book. That's how I happen to the movie. True. Sons blood brother, Gordon, does not appear in the film. Apparently, he has a true blood, brother. Yes. That's a point that I think is pretty interesting from if you've read the book because we had to read it in school. And so I had already read this book and the brother so when true son is forced to go back to his white birth. Parents they have another son. And so he has a I think it's like a four or five year old brother, and that's actually a big part of what ends up affecting true son in a way that he starts to have all these sympathies for the white settlers that he used to hate so much is because he kinda forms a bond with his baby brother, and in the in that Iconex scene where he warns the settlers on the raft of the ambush the reason he did that in the book was because he saw that the settlers on the raft had a very young boy with them. And in his mind, he got like a flashback to his little brother, and all he could think of was his little brother being on that raft. And that's why he did that. So. So I thought it was really interesting that they removed the baby brother from the movie because it sort of took away like a really big turning point for like why he did that that like Iconex scene. Yeah. Well. Well, I think with the. With having Shannon dougher there as the romantic interest. I think that took like it kind of came down to play this more as a fan like as a family like family sympathy or to play as the girl that you've come to love is going to hell as gonna help guide you back. To where you're supposed to like where you're supposed to be a good point. They did kind of turn it into a love story, which she did not exist in the books. So it really was the little brother who was like that like key piece for him. I think that that makes sense in terms of like the way that Disney liked to do movies in general having a romance in it makes it a little more dramatic. I think so I'm that has to be why that was swapped out because like while it's sweet that he did it because of his brother, it's more dramatic and possibly touches more adult viewers, if it's a romance, you know, who they would cast that little boy from old yeller. That's Gordy would've been. Yeah. Bobby Driscoll too old now. Yup. I thought him for. No, no. That's a good point though. Because Walt really did like to for lack of a better term. He liked to romanticize romance. And so for him to pull in that there would be a love interest. And then it's this whole like, oh, my heart is torn, you know, with this girl, and I can see that. Yeah. For sure. So the antagonism between true son, and we'll see in the film turns into a fistfight and true sons the Victor instead of Wilsey being scouts. And that I kind of would've liked to see that. Because I really hated him. Couldn't stand him. I've really hated him. Oh, he's terrible. He was an evil human being. He really was. And we will get to the inner character coming up. But yeah. Apparently, it wasn't just a little little good old fistfight. While the novel ends on a note of like uncertainty. True son is alone on a remote road and unsure of where his future lies. The film has returned to his family. He gets the girl, and he apparently gets to live a life on that wild land that his dad got for him. So we have much more of like a fairytale book ending Disney than we do in the actual book. Yes. That is the biggest thing that stood out to me watching this movie after having read the book because the book ended on just like you said it ended on this really uncertain kind of like. You got this uncomfortable feeling at the end of the book, and I think that was the author's intention because it sort of ended right after that scene where his native American father took him off to, you know, some path in the woods, and then kind of banished him or disowned him sort of and told him you have to leave. But in the book he had already been completely rejected by the white settlers village as well. So the book just ends with him kind of like starting to walk down the road and really thinking about like where is he gonna go, and he doesn't fit in anywhere. Both opportunities at like having family have rejected him and. It was like a very powerful ending. So that was the biggest thing that stood out to me watching the movie was like, whoa. This ending was all tied up in a pretty bow got a girlfriend, and you know. Yeah. And I can see Disney did that. Because you I mean, you know, when Disney's gonna make a movie he's gonna make the ending a lot more pleasant and try to give it a happily ever after. Yeah. But it was really interesting to come to the end. Yeah. He certainly fluffed it up. That's. I kind of was expecting that sort of ending honestly, like the uncertainty, but I I shouldn't expecting it. Because it's Disney film like that's how I felt like as I was watching the ending. I was like I feel really bad for him because he doesn't really fit in either place anymore. Like, he was so against going to his white family that it was really hard for me to come to terms with the fact that that's where he ended up. Yeah. It just didn't seem right. Agree. Yeah. That's a good point. It was almost unsettling because you spent the whole movie like feeling his rage at having to go back there. Yeah. And then for him to just kind of settle down happily. Yeah. Sort of turned on a dime. The only the only thing for me that kind of well of of that of like of where he ended up the only thing that kind of made it okay for me. And I say okay loosely is because since he did go to the. Since he did go to the builds his new life in the mountains like on that patch patch of land like it was kind of like the middle Brandt. So it wasn't like I'm about to go like build like have a house at the center of town hers is gonna go like half might like feedback with my native American family. He found like they found like this middle ground that he could actually take a longer time than what was done in the movie to really kind of figure out how to. Acclimate back to where he was supposed to go. Yeah. I like that. I could see that. That does help a little bit. Just a little a little. It just seems like it. Like Sam said a good word for it. Is that to me it was uncertain Ling that he seemed to so willingly just go back there where mall when you get the girl. He finally, he who doesn't exist. He was somebody. He was somebody who like entered a different culture and grew up in it. And appreciate it and loved it for what it was in. He wasn't given a choice to stay there. So like, obviously, I understand why he didn't stay there. He because he couldn't. But till like just give all of that up. And just be like. Oh, yeah. Girl, I'm gonna live with you. It was just kind of like it seemed a far stretch for me that that would have been the real ending for him. And it seemed a little bit like. They wanted you to they wanted you to think that like that was the good option. You know? Yeah. Yeah. That bothered me. They're like, oh, yeah. He's going to decide to go live with the white people, and it's going to be all happily ever after he has a wife that was the correct decision. Yeah. I think that's what bothered me. Yeah. It was interesting. Nah. I was just gonna say whereas like in reality. He he didn't fit in anywhere. That's all. Yes. I thought it was interesting that they I mean on both on both sides, they they essentially or like forced him to leave both the native Americans and from the white, but. I thought like they did they did more of forceful job on the native American side where like when he like, especially with the ambush scene with him backing down and say, hey, you know, what? Like, let's actually not kill people that's better than that. And they and they get away. But then back it back at camp. Everyone's like do do screwed up like you meant like you mentioned up. So obviously because you showed some kind of sympathy toward someone else you're not like, you're not one of us anymore. Yeah. I mean, there's definitely flaws on both sides. There's no doubt that I mean, they they're revenge because they seem at least this is how they're portrayed in all of the movies that I've seen is that like they focus very much on revenge and like getting back for what was done to them in like normally, they're not the ones that act. I, but they always make up for that act. Like, somebody does something to them. They're gonna get them back. And I think that the fact that Johnny what is his name Shusen true. Son didn't want to do that. He just kind of was like, all right. We got our revenge like we're good, and they didn't feel like they had gotten enough. So they were a little bit. They were like hungry for more when they shouldn't have been so like truce on was right in that respect to be like, hey, we need to be better people than this. But. They kind of just saw him sympathizing. Right. When. But didn't like remind remind me if I'm wrong didn't his debt like his adopted dad kind of hint that like he also agreed with what true like, yeah. He he kind of stood behind true, son. But he was also like I can't fully especially since we all we all know that you are truly a white. Child can't fully behind you anymore. I feel my heart. Like, I agree with that. I feel like what happened? There was his adoptive dad did agree with the fact that they probably went too far. But. There were already so many people against truce on at that point. It probably would have been worse for him to stay then to go. Because again, as I said, they focused very much on revenge. There are other people in the tribe who felt like they should have gotten revenge on him. I mean they wanted to burn him. So like, I think that his adoptive dad was doing him a favor almost by banishing him and saying get away from the Tri like you can't be with us anymore because in reality. He was probably saving his life. I could see that. Yes. I was just gonna say I actually think in the book they made it a lot more clear that he was saving his life by doing that. It. It was like that was pretty well established that what he was doing was basically like putting himself in the line of fire because he did that thing where he stood up and was like, I take responsibility for what he did because he's my son. But then also by like publicly disowning him and like banishing from him from the tribe like that was his way of basically saving him from being put to death. Yeah. Because that was his show of of love that was like his show of heart was not letting him basically get the death penalty. Yeah. Crazy debut than I thought guys. Yeah. All right. I only have one fun fact I thought they were just fax today. I'm sorry. This kind of fun them. Okay. So when the film premiered in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on the ninth of July nineteen fifty eight. There was actor Wendell Wendell Corey who was we'll see Owens. I hope he's not a jerk relief with his wife, and then also some mousketeers. So there was Jimmy Dodd a nut Fuda cello and that Tommy Cole entering trees. Really are just like that. Because the net, and I've found a new appreciation for for some other movies that may have recorded for the future. I won't get into that yet though. Yeah. She shows up. Also well. I'll say this in the future from now. But we were at Disneyland. Paris may headed Annette's diner. Yes. Disney springs. Disneyland paris. So that was cool. We didn't meet their no. But we walked by. And it was very like fifties. This so shadow to. Yeah. Alrighty. So some characters I up del hardy who is played by fess Parker who's that David rocket. All right. Got it got so del hardy, again seems to be in the role of negotiator. Yeah. He's like the communicator with the Indians. He speaks the language. He knows how to talk to them. He makes deals with them. He's literally Davy Crockett in this movie. He literally is different. Yes. There's no difference. Even wears that like the skins with tassels on it yet. But no Coon skin cap. No. Yeah. That's true. That's true. Okay. That's the only difference. I liked him. I liked that. He was the middle ground mediator because I meant he was kind to both sides. Yes. And he really did take a shine to true son really did want at least in the movie version. He plays a very good like likable character in these types of films. Whereas usually I'm kind of super one way or the other with people like he's kind of always just been like the all around all around good guy. He's like the Mario. Yeah. So we got some flack for cutting are sorting on the characters. So we have to go back to sorting them into Hogwarts houses, probably yelled at us. We we thought people didn't want it. And we were sad. So the fact that you want it, we're stoked. So. Do you? Remember how we sorta Davy Crockett? Did we I think we made a microphone I was gonna say Griffin door for Dell hardy? Yeah. I mean, he's same. Yeah. All around good guy. Brave things with his heart. Yes. I was on the fence between like Griffin door and hustle puff for him. Just because he seems like such a peacemaker in this movie. He's very much like trying to keep everything smooth. And you know, I feel like that is a classic hustle puff roll to take on. But I could definitely see Griffin door as well as like on the fence with him. No, I like that humble del hardy Griffin door for David crack. Yeah. I think I liked that too. 'cause there's just a little bit more like edge to Davy. He like he goes a little further. He does a little more. You know, he gets into politics. He's a little braver. True. It's braved get into halted. So yeah, I like Hoffa Puffer Dell already next up. We have Wilsey Owens the Wilsey. He's literally the worst human being on the planet. Literally watching it. I couldn't I couldn't handle how much I couldn't stand this character. All it was just like this rage against him. He wouldn't stand. The first part that made me really hate him. Is that scene with Shannon dope guard? He tries to kiss her that made me on come. It made me nauseous. It was gross. Oh, because he is that he's literally the embodiment of like bigotry of awful person. And he's just like that creepy character saga ni. Yeah. I yeah. Drunk like, just just what am I thinking of like hard headed doesn't think is it's all about. Seventeen year old like, you're gross. You're yeah. But you think you're the king of at all. Yeah. Yeah. It was really really satisfying to see his face. Get beaten by the Bucky. The Bucky scalped. I would've liked that. Sorry, guys. I'm a slaughter, and I can say it. I would have liked it. I would not have been host. He deserves it. He was just a gross human being and for that. He is a squib. I can't place anywhere. He rose. Yeah. He gives her a hug words. That. Yeah. Not a fan. Yeah. No, okay. You know, what he's a prisoner in human lives out in the world, his soul got sucked by demento. Yep. Sorry sucked. The sako. I will. You're worse than day. All right on that. No. We've got. I don't remember. This is Milly is so Millie elder. She is the love interest of del. Okay. Okay. She's after his heart and he falls for her because in the end zone. Down on a plot of land. Do you think that he's neighbors with true, son? Probably probably so he can continue to watch over him and be a hustle buff. So Millie has one of my favorite lines in the whole movie. It's when she's I'm not gonna remember the scene. Exactly. But she's giving somebody a haircut or something. They'll hardy comes in. He's like I wanna talk about something like serious, and she's like, oh, that's fine. You can just talk about it here. And then she goes, oh, unless what you have to say is private will. You know, what even if it is? I just won't listen, I just laughed. Just having a little light conversation with yourself about it. Helping them like you can talk about your private matters right here in front of me. And I'll just choose not to listen like who Evie sleep. She's gonna would. I liked her. She's sanderling is weary is. Yeah. Yeah. She was like, I just won't listen. Yeah. She's also seems like awful buff. Yeah. I agree. She's she's a little cupcake. They could be Hoffa couple. A couple of a couple puff a puff puff. Oh there. We go. Alrighty, next up is true son slash Johnny Butler. Good nece, true, son. The man words. He just broods. He does road the whole time, which I can't believe move movies. You know, I wouldn't wanna be ripped from this place. I love this. You know, he grew up probably knowing he was adopted knowing he's a no as different right? But he just embraced being a native American like, he just embraced culture. Like, yeah. Clearly loves. What, you know clearly loves ways at willing to die for it. Like he tries to kill himself Mandrake root shut out mandrakes. But yeah, he just to love your culture that much thought was amazing into just like be ripped from the like. Yeah, I'd be broody to think he has every right to resist being quote, unquote, civilized. Yes. I would keep in mind on the broody thing too that he was also a teenager true. I think part of the point of the story was that he was still very immature while this was happening. So there were like a lot of moments where he didn't handle it maturely as maybe an adult would've I feel like a lot of the brooding went along with that. Like, can you imagine that happening to you when you're like thirty five versus when you're like seventeen you'd be much more immature about it as much as it would suck either way. He's in like that teenage phase, I will kill kabuki. Yeah. I always said it so fast. He. And like a hundred times pretty sure Senate at least a hundred times, I think that was his only line in the movie. Yeah. Pretty much. I'm claiming truce on this leather in. Yeah. For that. He pretty Griffin or because he seems so like rash. And in like, he doesn't think but I could see slither into I just see sliver. And because he seems pretty he seems like he tries to be coming and. Larry Bush will. And I mean, he is Embiid. He's ambitious because he's probably both to be honest. He's a little bit of both. But I'm claiming sliver and because he does kind of have this undertone to his character. Sometimes where like. He's rash. But he always wants to jump on like the wrong decision. Sometimes like killing Wilsey probably isn't the best idea. But that is probably a conclusion that a sliver would come to. And I can say that because I am one because let me tell you as soon as he tried to kiss, Shannon, DOE. I wanted to kill him. Don't cross athl- the room. That's that's they're also they're fierce friends slithering fierce friends, and he like his friend half arrow half hour half. Half aero like he seemed like he would do anything for him. I know I mean like he basically was like jumping in front of a bullet for him whenever they were running away. You know, I mean, like true son was just standing there. And then that was unable Wilsey wasn't it who shot. Was that little crane? Yes. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah. I don't know. But I could see slither. Sliver door. I was gonna say, I think you think you convinced me on this little in one that. Seems fitting he's just a little conning. I think that's where he's. And he tried to he tried to eat Mandrake root. Like, which is again like, yeah, it's a rash decision. But like slithering can be like that too. Very similar. Yeah. He has like dramatic reactions to the but make him mad. Yes. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. That's me. I will kill them. We'll see. I'm gonna put my Rutten. Hold on. Where is the dad there? No, okay. My. Okay. Oh, yeah. Myron Harry, Butler, I'm gonna put them together. So this is true son's mom and dad, biological biological room. Dan, I claim them for Riddick will mate will actually I was gonna play the bomb. But since we're putting together claiming them for raven claw. Because especially the mom like she really goes out of her like, she really tries to embrace part of the culture that true son has grown up in help him better. Like to kind of go like all like all go hat, like Algo, meet you halfway. And we will figure out how to get through this together. She at first, but unlike she got better, she like opened up and got a little bit better with him, especially with like, the like, the English less like English lesson and the Dell like the Delaware language, Leslie that was so sweet. Yeah. In the beginning. I was like this lady's mean like, 'i stand she's got her son back, but like he's clearly been through a lot or like, he clearly loves his adoptive parents. And like, you're just like you're not leaving this room. So you say you're proper name. And then all of a sudden they're having this reading lesson, and she's being very sweet like, you know, some of those Indian sayings you say are so beautiful. And then she tries to learn his language. A new see him open up, and it was a really nice like mother son moment. Yes. In the first seamer. You meet her when she's like sitting in the bed, and she's like snapping at him. Did anyway. Else? Get a vision of lady Tremaine. I'm you'll eat snappy. You said she's got leash means, hey, I said, she has crawl DeVille hair. Oh, yes. She does kind of lead. She does remind me of lady Tremaine in that sitting there painting. Yeah. Yeah. Had Kim accepted. Yep. But then I agree. She did get a lot better that the next scene with her was much sweeter. You kind of her softer side. Yeah. Totally different. I think that I so strongly disliked her in that first scene because I was adopted and I kind of put myself in true sons shoes right there as if like I had been taken from where I am now and like put in a situation where like I had to call my birth. Parents might parents I'd be like Hugh didn't raise me. I'm not calling. You my mom or my dad like sorry piece out by. You know what I mean like? I don't know if I'm an anomaly with adoptive kids. But like, I literally want nothing to do with my birth. Parents. I don't care who they are. I don't need to ever meet them. They're not my parents. So like, I totally identified with true son in that moment, like get me out of here. Like, this isn't my family. You know, like, I would never say that my birth. Mom is my mom like she's not. I don't care that. She burst me. I mean, I do like that sounds really harsh really mean. But like like, I'm thankful she gave me life, but I'm more thankful that she gave me to my adoptive parents. 'cause like, that's my mom and dad. So I just like really felt strongly with truce on like, dude. I get it. Go back to your adoptive. Parents. That's your family. Those are your parents. That's your best friends and your siblings, like the ones that you're raised with like. Family to me, and like, this is just a personal thing. But like to me family has never been about blood. And it just never has been. I was adopted like. The people that I'm closest to are like not blood family. So I just I Dennis fi with true, son. Maybe that's why I wanted him as a sliver. Maybe we're the same person. Don't kill. Nobody for scalp. Anybody? I won't. Okay. He didn't scalp. Anybody? He didn't the book. Yes. So where we always said rape, always raven. Guess yes. I agree. All right. I think that I'm just gonna go to Shannon dougher here in college day on the characters. Everybody k with that. Okay. So. Yeah. Shannon doa is the fictional love interest in the movie that's placed in there, who's not in the book and undone in Dennard servants, I was saying she didn't have teeth who's an indentured. Yes. Which means that she's a slave. But only until she's eighteen eighteen this poor girl. You know, you know, I'm gonna make her Griffin door because she overcomes her fear of Indians, which I can see her being afraid because she said her parents were killed by Indians close. She's going to be afraid. But she sees. Hey, they're not all bad. Here's one I like who's nice. And you know, what you mean she comes around. She also overcomes her fear of Wilsey. Yeah. And like in like egging on true son to like beat him up. I mean, so here's my only thing about Shannon, though. She was a terrible actress sorry Carol Lin Li I didn't like you. There was this one line that she said like me, and you just out laughing they roll. But. Yeah. Are you? All right. Yeah. That was it. She was like she followed truce on him the forest and was like, are you? All right. I was like oh my God. I can't listen to you. Yeah. But I mean, I liked her role. I think that it was a nice addition it fit more for a film. I think like we were saying already when we were talking about the changed ending like him having eleven tryst is just more theatrical and fits more. It gets more people involved in his story and like interested in his story, though. I'm still not really a fan of the fairy tale ending. But yeah, I agree. But shammond. Yeah. I agree with Griffin nor. Get a cat outside the door making weird noises. All right favorite character. And seeing. True son is probably my favorite character. And. I don't know what my favorite. I guess I liked whenever he sent the settlers back. So that they wouldn't get ambushed area list minute active her with him. I liked that. I'm gonna say my favorite character is true son but shout out to half aero because that changes loves life. And just goes with the flow. He's just like ready to do whatever needs to be done. And he's dislike screaming enjoy about it. I love it. Just like lives in the moment. Favorite scene because it made me laugh because you know, how the bad thing is they go back and forth like white man stinks Indians things. Yeah. When true son and Heff aero sitting again, they escaped from the white, man. And they're going to go live with the Indians again in Creel son, Laming close like whips a sock off there. Now, I don't stink. And he said it made me I. Yeah. You know being two teenagers goofing off having a good time. Like again living life. Okay. Favorite character? Probably true sense Mont like earth. Mom, just because next to Dell thirty she seems to actually try the most after obviously after that initial like initial shock like she seems to try the most to try to help. Him get to like help him take the time to get to where he's comfortable around. Yeah. Everyone. Yeah. Favorites teen. So this is this isn't so much my favorite scene. But just like like a moment that I really liked. At the dance like the wet like the welcome dance forgot about that the Kerr the girl who really wanted to to have true son Gifford the rig. Just like flatly just walked away. I was just like girl, I feel you. I have been there. Just trust me. He's going to give it to her and then slowly or face just false because he walks away. It's really sad. But yeah, what do you think? I think if I remember if I remember that scene like they had they had been building up. Not. I mean, obviously, she was going to give it to shut it like he was going to go after shadow anyway, but they had been playing up that there was this girl like who was part of like, you know, like the community, and she happy is like she like definitely had is on him. And she was just trying she was trying so hard and then just flat. And then just like it just all got shot. Yup. It was a good normal. Poor girl. I know. So my favorite character. I'm not sure if we're gonna say it, right, but Coolangatta or Koga the true son's father is opted father. Yeah. The name Merican tribe. I liked him. Because I feel like he's a really strong. He kind of is like a wise character, even though you know, he's not perfect. Any definitely made some interesting decisions. But at the beginning like he does give truce on the advice of just go. You have to do this. It's like part of our agreements go in like hold your head high. And like, you know, do the best you can and kind of like I feel like it gives them this little pep talk. That's very mature. And then true son goes off in isn't mature at all. And then the like towards the end I also like that he really stuck up for him because he was his adoptive father. And as we saw this movie and may have been true to the time back, then people were kind of like turning on each other left, and right like if you weren't loyal to ever side. And so when true son kind of kind of betrayed the native American ambush. I just liked that he was like, no, this is my son like I raised him. He's my son. I'm not just. Like in one moment that he made a decision. I'm not just being like, I hate him. Now like, he's my family. So I really liked him as a character that he stopped away from being chief to play dead. Yes. Yeah. A great way to put it. Yeah. Like, I'm your dad. I, but I'm also the chief here, right? And then my favorite scene. I think my favorite scene, and it is kind of like Joscelyn's just kind of a moment. Not even really a full scene. I don't know if there was any one full theme that I loved. But there was the moment when true, son and half arrow, we're gonna steal two canoes this white guy and true sons like we shouldn't steal from him. I think he's half Indian and half era goes, oh, then we'll just take one of his canoes instead of both. Yes. There's still happen. Stuck? Yeah. Funny. Jake sometime, how the kids lives in the moment goes with it. Yeah. Those made me laugh out loud. Yeah. That was funny. It comes back. Why like why didn't you get the big canoe was metal wrecks around ahead of mental rope. I like how he's saying to like he almost gets like this like surfer vibe. He's like, yeah. We'll just we'll use the bigger. We'll take the bigger because two of us only like one him. Yes. I've only can laugh the most ridiculous. He was definitely the most exaggerated, which was you know, had its cons as well. But it was just I had to laugh because so many of his lines were just completely ridiculous. Yeah. Least favorite scene. Okay. At least favorite characters. Uncle see? For reasons. I've already mentioned. I'm just going to be honest guys. I just really didn't like the whole movie. I just really I wasn't a fan. I never need to watch this movie. Again, I'm glad that I can say I've seen it once. But like that was plenty receive what into dec-. Yeah. Home also gonna go Wilsey guy sucks. Donatus anything else? He's creep lease favorites scene. I don't know. I mean, it's okay. You can copy my answer. No. I'm trying to big vision. I think it's a think it's when I don't like his mom and his mom's being like the first scene with her majesty. Awful. No, my least receive has Wilsey being a creep Shanteau. That's hands down it. Yeah. Because he knows he has this power over her to and like he's playing that. Yeah. Because she thinks she's gonna worlds to go to put up with the sky or on the streets. Yeah. We'll see was my least favorite but at the same time. Like, I thought he was a really good billet. Like, he wasn't a fun Ville. But he wasn't someone that I'm like like, you're cool to watch. No. He was just really good at being really awful. Yeah. Route props to the actor. Least favorite scene. Well, I totally thought that might flakes Flint to like one. I was not I didn't really like that after him being creep the entire movie. All it takes is one one beatdown. Right. Yeah. And then there's like that. He's like everything's all hunky Dory. And he's like, yeah. So you're what like, obviously, you're you're white because you know, how to fight with your fish. And I'm like, I'm pretty sure like like native Americans know how to fight with their fish. They also do other things. Yeah. But then the other one is that latte that ending song when John like true, son shedded, no, or in the woods in the light in the forest being someone. Oh, gosh. It was so awful. I'm like sitting there watching it. I think it got to the papers. Like the light light Bill. The light in the forest, and they're like some other words, it basically culminated that it was love. And I was just like no you did not build me up for like. I agree with you. That was so bad. Yeah. Couldn't handle it. So my least favorite character is definitely on goal will see. But I also just didn't like a lot of characters but goal Willsie was definitely like the one. You know, he was definitely hated one. Yeah. And then I scenes like I kind of agree with Meghan like I didn't really like the movie. And so a lot of the scenes were either really bad or bothered me or they were just like really bland. So they didn't do anything for me. I think my will lease favorite part. If I have to choose one is when they took true sons like it was like a fur coat or something that has dad had given him as again, they stole it. So they could like use it for target practice and just like that made me feel so like broke my heart. That's. And that's just like going out of your way to be mean instead of as opposed to the people who are just like, oh, you're here, and we don't really accept you and those people already bad enough. But then you went out of your way to be extra mean, just like for salt in the wound. Yeah. That was bad. Let's lift the supple, but what finnick away from it. It's okay to be politically. Correct. And we should. Keeping it short. And sweet I'm going to say, it's okay to be who you wanna be even if that means you're part of American in part, quote, unquote, white whatever aka European. Honestly, it's okay. You don't need to size. Be who you are. Don't meet don't be mean to somebody just because they're different than you were a wide world of people. Don't stereotype people don't stir type people. The end. Good. Thanks, really good. Thank you. My thing was like go kind of going back to the ending like don't. And this is this is more from like like like a story at like the story aspect like the construction of it. But don't don't give like a like don't be building towards one thing. And then give fluff. Like a flat piece end in cotton candy, ending just to provide closure like I'm okay with bidders. I'm okay with bittersweet like whatever the ending is. It needs to be deserved in needs to be earned, and it was it wasn't emits Ville. Yeah. I agree. Cotton candy. That's a really good point. I think one of my takeaways is kind of the theme of the story, which is that or. Yeah. I guess the theme of the story, which is that there's. There are fenders on both sides. And so it's never a one sided issue and with things like this. And with any you kind of get that seem in a lot of war movies too. Which is that once you've once you've sort of been in on each side, you see that like each side, they're just real people with feelings and families who care about their own people. And the other side is not it's not like a black and white like the other side are animals and where humans like everyone. Has those same like human feelings and family, bonds and stuff? Yup. Sometimes so really hard to see that when you strongly like disagree with the other side or something to you know, like, honestly, you can it's a really great comparison to like right now politics. Yeah. That's a good point. If you go maybe not right now, politics, maybe I worded that wrong because right now, it's super divisive. But like politics like in two thousand eight or two thousand twelve where it was like there are two sides and like hate ads come from both sides. But like in the end neither side is like. Awful. Now, the neither side is the glorious pick. You know what I mean? Everyone has faults. Yes. And everyone has everyone has both leap n dark Harry. Thanks dumbledore. Yes. And it also kind of shows you like in this movie that sometimes it's a product of your environment. Like, I think another good moral of the movie is that in a lot of cases. Neither side is the definite good guy. And the other side is the definite bad guy. And you just need uncover which side is good in which side is evil. It's like he was clearly of left he was white by birth. But being raised in a different culture. He had all the same feelings and thoughts about the white culture because you could be, you know, you're influenced by like where you're raised in your environment. And it just kind of shows that it's impossible for for one side to be the true good in the other side to be the true evil. Yeah. It's your perspective on it. Yep. Point. Are we there? Oh god. God just want like one quick little thing. To kinda like this whole. Like the whole basis of the will not basis like the like initials stars the fact that like true son in others were were captured like Rick kidnapped children. Yeah. To get in with. And so it's like it's fascinate like as you're what like as you're watching it like, yeah. You see him fully have fully embraced is culture. But the no one I mean. Like, they don't really explain to lake. Because that's like it was such a dramatic. Like, we're making this deal. We're taking all of the children, including one who was pregnant. Yeah. And they don't try. They don't try to kind of bridge any any gap. Like, we we we understand that you have been out like that you were kidnapped and we're gonna try to help you. It was just like the direct. We are Tate like we are taking you, and we're putting you back with your regional families. And you're kind of you just have to go from there. Yeah. Some of them seemed like have lived their life there. You know, like, I think some of them actually did kinda like fall in love in like get married. Not to say, they wouldn't want to go home. But they had kind of created a life in this new place in the null of a sudden, it was like, Nope. Like, there's no exceptions everybody split. There's like no integration allowed. Yeah. I think that's a really good point. Because they never even asked the people who were the subjects of this like what they wanted. Like would you like to try to return to your place of birth? Or would you like to stay where you are like nobody even considered what they wanted. Like, you said, it was just a black and white like okay now, we've decided you're going back and historically like that kind of thing really did happen on a lot of. I mean, I'm not don't quote me. I'm not an expert on this. But I do know that a lot of white captives who were held by native American tribes did end up being adopted, and you know, we're completely like treated like family members and became part of the culture in. So then having to go back was really hard, and no one like gave them a choice in the matter. It's so hard situation. It would if like they made that deal on then said, okay who wants to come right? And then if they're people that wanted to come great they made the deal for them. But yeah, it was just black and white. Yup. Odd. Very that time. Right. Any last minute thoughts before we move onto our Disney memory. Let's move on from this movie. We talked way more than I thought we were going to about this, oh, patting all of our Bax. I can't believe how much we talked about it as good just proved for us. Excellent. Guests on the show. All right. So this week's Disney memory comes from Melissa Dink. That's a really cool last name. She says, hi Meghan, Katie. All right. So this isn't one of those heartwarming. Aw moment. So I wasn't really dying to share. But you said you needed memory? So here's a smile. As a kid, my family visited California every summer. My aunt and uncle lived up in the moans, and we're only about an hour and a half from Disneyland hour and a half or half hour half. Aero my gosh. So naturally. So nationally, we want their court a few times one thing I remember very vividly is being about five years old and doing many mouse meet-and-greet at Minnie's house. We were in the line waiting to meet her. And my dad kept pointing out all of the amazing things in her house for whatever reason he really honed in on those holographic cookies on a plate. And he kept having grabbed for them. We crack up laughing every time either of us want to get a coke, and it wasn't really there to this day. And I'm now twenty four every time there cooking around my dad, and I will smile at each other and say, do you think those are real cookies? It's so cute. So few such a simple thing. But I think it really gets at those family bonds, you can create even waiting in line at a Disney park signed. Oh, I'm confused. Maybe it's a maiden name. Okay. Signed Missy a grownup Swisher kid. I like that. I like. Thank you for listening to both of our podcast. Yes. Thank you very much for your story. I think it was an all moment and heartwarming cute. Those are the memories that stick with you. And I like that you it's like an everyday thing. Like, it's an inside joke with your dad, you're gonna share it for forever. My mom, and I have those things that Disney vacation great. It's cute. Yeah. So thank you for sharing your memory. And if any of our listeners out there would like to have their memory run on the show. Just Email us at grownup kids podcasts at Jima dot com. It can be anything. Disney related such as send it our way. And we'll be sure to feature on a future episode. Yep. It's late. I'm sorry. I'm sucking in the world. So super big thank you to Jocelyn and Sam. Yes, thank you. Thank you for joining us purses back. I feel like we say this every episode in push back days pushed it back in our. Yeah. But thank you so much for joining us. Thank you for bringing so much to our awesome. Do our episode super. Appreciate it. So we have a mounts -ment to make a what? So this episode is out on November twenty fifth. However that is less than a week away from December first, and do you wanna know what starting on December first, Katie? I dunno countdown to Christmas a countdown to Christmas with grownup kids. Pod myths. What is this pod? Misuse speaker of we're going to release a podcast every day in December leading up to Christmas. And now that we're officially making this announcement on the podcast. It has to happen. No. We have to do it. So I will admit that this is partially a way to get us closer to better movies for me. So we're going to just put out a ton of podcasts to get us into exciting times. And of Disney era, we are going to catapult twenty five weeks ahead of where we should be. That's what half a year, I know and month yet less than a month. Yup. Little side note, if anyone follows any vlag, so a lot of loggers will do vlag Mus over lease, you know, some bloggers are monthly summer weekly summer daily, but for Wagner. It's you release of log every day December first through December twenty fifth so Meg had this idea. Hey, do pod Mus again, let's try and catapult through some of these movies that you know, there are some really good ones. There are sleeping beauty's during pod Mazot under dominations, but pollyanna their parent trap. Was it four or five? Good ones for sure there's the top of our head Swiss family Robinson. Yeah. But to get through some of the ones in the fifty well, we're actually being the sixties and get to the other side of some more interesting movies that we're super excited about. Yeah. Yeah. So we hope you're as excited as we are. Yes. It's my line. I'm sorry. So grownup kids can be found on pod bean. I tunes Google play store, Stitcher. Tune in and Spotify. So make sure you subscribe to us. You can get all these brand new podcast episodes as soon as they are available. You can also find us on social media where on Facebook at up kids. Disney podcast and Twitter and Instagram at grownup kids pod, you can also support us on patriot patriotic com for slash grownup. Kids pod. We have plans for patriotism after Christmas. Yeah. We got a little bit of a relaunch in twenty nineteen. Stay tuned. You can also find a Facebook discussion group that we have it's grown up kids Disney podcast group. And that is where I've posted a document with our list of movies that we're going to be watching along with ability to be on the show with us. So make sure you check that out and just comment Email or messages with what movies, you're interested in joining us. On and I'll get you on the list. So thank you so much for listening. Make sure to watch white wilderness ahead of the ginning of pod. Miss and December first episode, son. This a little bit of pixie dust. Good nuts. And don't forget for only grownup anyway. Happy. Land is your land. Relive memories of the past. And here you favors the challenge in promise of the future.

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