What Not To Do In 2020


I Love New Year's I love New Year's I love the reset. I love feeling like this is a fresh start. I love that it's a chance to reflect on last year and good decisions sessions bad decisions. Everything in between but I am not big on like making promises that are just really ridiculous. Hello hustlers entrepreneurs solo per nor a small business owners. Everybody out there trying to turn an idea into income. I want to welcome you to serious business because it serious but it's it's not all that serious. Welcome to your weekly spot to get everything you need to know about making your business more profitable but also having a lot more more fun while doing it because if this eight fun you shouldn't be doing. Hello everybody and happy New Year a year may all the quainton addressed the vet will. What were you going to sing? Why would I thought was it implied that we add to see? It looked like you were taking a singing breath. No No. I don't know what I was doing. I was just breathing in the new year breathing in. We're on the cusp of New Year and decade actually. I'm already sick of hearing about it. I'm already sick of hearing about a new decade. It's an old decade twenty twenty vision. It's like not even and I'm already like Hong. Aw Yeah I like I like a new decade. I like twenty twenty vision. I like what do you want your next ten years to look like planet out now so And I really. But I like New Year's New Year's as an important reset for me hookers yachts and rum. Okay if you choose three words that you what the next ten years okay. It's like you're talking to yourself in your head and answering questions you like. Someone said singer favorite songwriters just winning. Only hearing half the conversation was Suzanne Evans today. And that's how this one's GonNa go exactly half of me is in the last decade. Having me as in the new decade is about to be a new year. You said you love it you love thinking about what you're next ten years are I. You Know I. It's so funny. I'm a strategist but not a big planner. You know that love. She just rolled her eyes. I actually love Spontaneity Eddie. I love to go. Let's go somewhere this weekend. Which means we leave tomorrow so I love the strategy of but sometimes I'm like you can play on your next ten years but let me just ask you a quick question Melanie or would you have planned to the last ten years the way they laid out? It's hard a good answer. It with the last ten years have been planned though. I mean it's surprise after surprise. Not In the plan. Isn't that life. Yes that's my point. So what the hell are we planning it but no no no no but you have to start i. I do believe intentions. I do believe that you set intentions Chins and those are the things I intend to not plan post okay but you can't predict anything no I no. I'm I'm joking. Intentions are cool and to to set the direction and the path of your life. But actually I'm letting you hijacked this podcast a little bit and from the moment you started singing and you took it over. I actually want to talk about what not to do in twenty twenty I wanNa talk about what is our not to do lists right My dear friend Larry Wing. It says this all the time and I think it's so brilliant he says you don't add anything to your life to make it better. You stop doing doing things that aren't working and right. It's so so true so we got a list of that so I thought we talk about ours a little bit and talk about why. That's such a powerful concept upped. Because I think everybody is sitting around the next few weeks and they're going exactly what you said. What do I want the next ten years of my life to look like in my business to look like and what want and what do i WanNa have and what are my dreams and my hopes and my intentions aspirations and I think that is valuable but I think more valuable list would be? What should I stop doing wing right? So I thought we go back and forth a little bit and then we'd Kinda position this for you guys to think about what you know. Remember that old show that it was so hot for a time there has its moment what not to wear o- on life on no you're saying it was a thing. It was like a thing for a short amount of time and I loved the name of it was what not to wear stacey some stacey somebody yeah but at that a grey streak in her hair but the point is so often. You'll have that great streak in your hair. I probably not. I'm sorry I've some gray streaks but they're splattered so I always loved the name of that because it was what not to wear and it was such a we often are like what should I wear. What should be quite often if you go? Hey don't wear these things. It will create a good luck right same thing for a great new year. So what is your not To-do list. I'm GonNa not smoke but you don't smoke now. That's my plan. I'm going to keep going with that one to keep not so looking good about this. I'm going to let you know this is going to be the worst. Podcast you listen to in Twenty nineteen eighteen or twenty twenty. I'm telling you this I am not going to do good podcast. That sounds like a good plan. So what you're did not plan my not plan is I'm GonNa let I don't know you've you've posed it in such a weird way that I'm having a hard time thinking. Yeah because it's a better way to think about it. It makes you go deep it's not just more dreamily bullshit. You not more dreamy bullshit. I'm I said this in our executive retreat the other day I am not going to do in the business marketing tactics that I'm not good at that that doesn't mean I won't risk or try new things but there are things that after eleven years of doing this that I'm really good at. They are sure things and there's things that we're okay or we do kind of well and I'm not doing those anymore. It takes time it takes my energy. It takes my soul. I'm going to do a bunch of what I'm good at and I'm GonNa let go of the stuff. I feel like I should be doing because people do it. They do it in the industry. Marketers say you should do it and I'm going to do it. I'm good at now you I really Oh really I'm like would you roll your eyes at me. I'm not good at spontaneity the something. We've already is stabbed life so you know and something that I'm not GonNa do spontaneity. That's what I'm not going to do and what Tony Not GonNa do it still do it. I don't okay back to me. Yeah I am. What are the things that I wanNA stop doing? Maybe that's a better way of phrasing it to you into these listeners. Maybe the listeners are as confused as you and I'm the only bright shining light here It's what do you want to stop doing that. That's really what it is. I another thing that I really want to do. Is I would like to stop not filling my water glass when I first come into the office. So it's there. I know wits there and then I wait until the afternoon when I'm parched and then I run and go do it between calls and I tell myself every morning. It's they're just go do it now. An adult some a stop avoiding my. You're avoiding. I am avoiding. Why don't you think that says? Do you think you your next your Pisces your neck. So you'd think you'd drink a lot of water you're next I mean mine is about water my see. So how my head goes I go yes I want to drink more water and so you're just going to take on my instead of saying and I'm going to avoid drinking okay in all not being funny here. Let me tell you how the mind works for our listeners. It's really interesting. How many times have you told yourself this is going to be the year that you drink water for the month that I drink water? I'm out that yeah well I. I've seen go through periods of time where you carry a big jug around and you fill it up and then I don't even know where the judge is now and you're not doing it so let us wait as an example got what's sandwich behind adamant as twenty five okay to readers. Don't know what that means family came in and moved your okay But wait this happens all the time with people who want to lose weight right. They go this year. I'm going to lose weight so it's this year. I'm going to drink water. The the brain actually has a hard time believing it will do something that you continue to lie about right. Which I'm a big believer and that's why I never say I'm GonNa do a Diet because I know I've lied to myself enough but that's my point so it's an interesting way to think about your New Year is what am I gonNa stop doing yet and and for me? I'm not going to. I'm going to stop not using my water when I use the water container. It works so the brain often has a capacity to take on information an action. That's put into a new opportunity for it so if you're wrote constantly like I'm going to exercise three days a week if you've said that for three years and you don't do it truth. Be told can be very hard for your body and your brain to do that but if you say I'm going to stop taking the elevator and only take the stairs. That's actually a newly formed warmed consciousness in the brain that you may actually be able to do it. So that's the point of this. PODCAST is a new way. I feel like I'm impressing you right now. Maybe it's a new way of thinking of because this is all neuro science. I mean it's all. How does the brain in take on a belief or an action? And then translate that belief or action into movement in your life or in your body or in In your words or in your actions and so that's why sometimes I'll I can make to make a list of things. I'm going to stop not of all these intentions and dreamy things and another another big list of bullshit that maybe you get to fifty percent of it when we all know what happens on. What does it blue Monday? which is like the second Monday third Monday February? The third Monday in February and it means that ninety percent of people have already given up on ninety percent of their New Year's resolutions solutions. So what do you not going to do Melanie. I am not going to over complicate things. God guys. It only took ten ten minutes and twenty four seconds to get her into the game. Okay love it because if you say. I'm going to simplify things. You've probably said that before four but if you're like I'm not going to overcomplicate this. You can actually pause and give yourself a fresh new chance and how you're approaching things. Yeah over complication. One is a big thing for me so I'm not going to spend a lot of time on on my team with petty things and what I mean by that is I tend to be the person that has to give the lecture. I have to give the talk when something's going wrong or something bad I'm GonNa send them. lemony Mellanby like this is what you need to do. I'm going to take less of my energy and time on that and spend more of my time on imported training and important education so I am not going to communicate with my team in big ways on petty things. Yeah because you can spend so much time was it. That Larry says sometimes about what is it just because they invite you to the fight or you don't have to. I don't know uh-huh felt so felt so maybe we'll we'll have them on sometime. It will have adults with us right now. The thing what are you not going to do I am. I am not going to let my tomatoes grow on the ground this summer. Thank you cheeses. She took some dumb ass. Asa Gardeners advice let all of our tomatoes gone on the ground and there were many to make fun of tomatoes. That were just hey. Listen if you're listening to this podcast cast and you have some tomato advice Senate in but I took some bad advice. I've never produced tomatoes in my life. Ever listen listen. Suzanne and I tried tried to grow them on a in a pot on the fire escape in our apartment in Brooklyn. We never lived in Brooklyn New York and never and this summer I totally someone said you can just let them lay on the ground and they'll grow and they did not they brought it and I've literally had hundreds and hundreds of tomatoes that basically basically rotted so not GonNa do that this summer. Not GonNa do it okay. I'm going to give you one more in them. We're GONNA give this a little bit more of a container so I am I am not going to I am not going to tell myself that I'm went to exercise. Sure cise and twenty twenty Yeah I mean that's my philosophy. I believe that's a good one. I'm not kidding. I'm not going to tell well I go through spurts Brive do great movement and walking and I love doing it but I'm not going to be that person that at the beginning of the year says I'm GonNa do this and I'm not sure if I'm GonNa do you. It may not do it but I am not telling myself I'm going to yeah. Well this is something I tell people all the time in business in life if you lie to yourself enough eventually you won't be able to. I believe anything that you tell yourself. And that is the point of what we're saying. That's why I think new years I love New Year's I love New Year's I love the reset. Love feeling like this is a fresh start. I love that it's a chance to reflect on last year and good decisions bad decisions. Everything in between but I am not big on like making promises. That are just just really ridiculous that most people don't follow through on and then he felt really bad about yourself and all you do is road the foundation of your self assurance and things that you know you'll do so when it comes time to actually make a decision and be able to follow through on it. You're not sure that you will because you've lied to yourself so much so there you go. That's my philosophy about what I will or will not do and I think that's the point of view with my. I'm not GonNa Smoke in twenty twenty. I think my whole point of this was what what would it look like if this year. Just give it a shot you. I made a list of all the things you WanNa stop doing all the things you want to stop doing all the things you refuse to do or that you I don't want to do. You may not need an intention or a resolution list because it becomes so clear what you want your life to look like and what you WanNa do and what you want to have and what you don't want to have and what you don't WanNa do that it really begins to form its self really gets to form itself and that was the point of this is just taking a different affront approach to this taking a different look at it and starting with what you want to stop or starting with and guys if you stopped doing the things you don't WanNa do your life would be so much happier than if you add it in a bunch of things you do WanNa do word right and I'm GONNA in there. 'cause that is my whole point of this is stop. Stop doing things in two thousand twenty and you will have a better life. Sounds good see you next time everybody. Thank you so much for listening. Listening to this week's podcast serious business. Please follow us on instagram. 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