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Mason and Ireland (HR 1)


Wow, we go. Look, who is here. It is OJ Jackson junior, along with Brian, Kevin ski O'Shea. What's going on? Man. Men fill in pretty good. You are resident movie star. Of course, Godzilla came out and longshot came out. Yes. And now you get a chance to react to L A's newest star Anthony Davis, how you feeling of feeling pretty good. No. It's a it's a weight lifted off your shoulders. When when something big like this, having you get two of the top five players are remember where I was. When I found out, I dropped my phone immediately. Is that where where I was sitting in the house in Bleacher report? It just went off just stopped looking after a while. And then my phone blew up with text messages. And you get Anthony Davis from Coby Coby letting you know it was a Coby. Of course it was. Yeah. Where were you Brian, I was at Starbucks sitting down, getting ready to do a little bit of work unrelated to sports, when I suddenly had to start doing work related sports. Get the deal came down. I hit Twitter same kind of thing, and all of a sudden, like Anthony Davis gonna Lakers and you start to see the names come out and then the details and enters you just stare at. Yep. Until it all comes in. Where were you, I was with my daughter? We were getting a new fish because she because her fish died. Oh. What was the first name Rosie? What type of fish beta a beta, okay? And she kept yelling at me to put my phone down because it was all coming out. You were fish picking not right? Exactly. Can out the fish and I was in a movie. And we're seeing that movie late night with Emma Thompson. Did you see that one as a late night, talk show host, so and I'm very considerate of the other people in a movie theater. So I never look at my watch. And I never look at my phone. Okay. But I can feel my watch buzzing, and buzzing and buzzing, and I'm wondering what is going on? Stay someone is either dead more mama. Stuff like that. But I still did not turn to look at the watch turn the light on. Basically, your theory was your mom will be just as dead in an hour and a half issues. Now. Can't get any worse than that credit. Exactly. Sorry. I mean look, it's rude did bolt in the third act. But no I mean alternately ultimately, that's I found out. And, you know, I was not surprised it felt like it was going to happen. And we, we talked about it all last week. And we had decided that it might be a king's ransom, but we were gonna get Anthony Davis. Did you have the same feeling? Yeah. Once a honestly, once the, the Vegas bets came out, and we were so far ahead. Every everyone to one, you guys always say, Vegas. No. Something once that comes out, it's over. It's a rep and yeah, you're just kind of waiting for the days. It does hurt. See Josh Harpo was a real gosh. Heart was the one real big Josh Hart fan jazz, the hitman Hart and you know picks. But we won't need those LeBron James and Anthony Davis. There you go. Sounds like a problem for twenty twenty two, you know what it is right now not twenty twenty two. Yes, it is. It is not by the way, the picks. Finally figured out how the picks work, ready diagram, these things, so. Obviously lakers. Give up the number four pick this year. The Lakers twenty twenty one pick goes to New Orleans. If it falls in the top eight if not the Lakers, keep the twenty twenty two pick the pelicans have unprotected rights to swap picks with the Lakers in twenty twenty three which means they get to choose the better of the two picks the unprotected Lakers pick in twenty twenty four. There's an option for New Orleans to say we don't like the twenty twenty four pick will opt for the twenty twenty-five pick, which means that matter what the Lakers keep their first rounder in twenty twenty the Lakers, most likely keep their twenty twenty one first round things have gone very wrong if the Lakers picked falls on the topic. And so the first one that we will be looking at is the twenty twenty three pick twenty twenty twenty two pick. So, and then in twenty twenty three they can swap it and then twenty twenty four they can either take it or push back. Right. So all this stuff is in the future. All this stuff is way way in the field with the bronze going to be forty. Yeah. As affluent at that point, we can worry about them when we get to then tomorrow, problem. Yeah. This is this is such a Laker way of thinking. Yeah, I mean, we want our gratification now. We're not going to delay our gratification. Exactly. This is the most American trade of all time. Yeah, get my stuff now. Exactly now. And, and you know feels like the Lakers are the Lakers, again weirdly, the Lakers of always done, this, the Lakers of always gone star-hunting in. That's exactly what they did here. It was exactly the right move. And we're an exactly the right position to win a championship this year. Do you feel like this championship team? Shea not at all. I gotta wait a minute, not at all. Free agency starts. I have to see what we put around these guys, you know, if we're going to do the same thing that we did last year, giving a bunch of one year veteran, minimums here, and there, it not fold out, or are we going to surround them with a with a real squad with three in D with all that? Then I'll be able to say if I if I feel like it's a championship team looks great. Lebron James Anthony Davis. But you know, we gotta have more than two players cow Kouzmin. We basically need a fullback court for start weaning were example, we need four guard. They're going to need a guard. Yeah. At least at least at least one guard. And by the way, you can consider LeBron sort of defacto point guard to defacto point guard slash playmaker. But I mean ultimately, we need to fill an entire backward, and we've got essentially twenty four million dollars to do it, unless Anthony Davis waves as trade kicker, and we get up to about twenty eight million, then you can get rid of some other. Dudes and get close to thirty thirty one. I mean like if you clear the decks of everything you can start to gather more players like if you want to move, Kyle Kuzma to get two point one million dollars back. You can do that. But, you know, the Lakers, it looks like are going to have a little bit less money to spend this summer than they hope. But they also have Anthony today, have Anthony Davis. David, can you please give us that extra four million dollars? So we can get you a championship. Can't can you please just like just let just wave that thing? So we could go get some more players, what four million dollars this shea not to Anthony Davis. No, I it is four million dollars four million dollars. We, we will pay you sent Godzilla money. There's there is nothing. I love about sports more than sports fan spending, the, the money of other people to make ourselves for our own like enjoyment, happiness, happy. I mean, would you give up four million dollars? How much does he already have? Oh, he's probably well off. He's probably made if I two million fuck I'm here to win a championship. Well, you know, a little to get his. He's still going to get his max. You're from now going, it's free agency, would you. Let's say whatever the let's say two hundred hundred thousand dollars the equivalent of that for you. Somebody's I need you to get back one hundred thousand dollars. So because, you know, paramount traded you to Sony. Well, you know you doing that. Well, no saying. But you're here what a championship, you know, if you knew. Oscar. You put that hundred gram back. Never give an Oscar pro. Oh, no. That's possible. That's possible. I'm trying in the movie it's going to be very you're gonna have to get ugly gain a lot of ways. Exactly. Now, the and by the way, I think this is the most flawed way to know how much money people have according to celebrity network. Which I think is wrong all the time. I think it's just total made of bull. Yeah, you can never look it up. Anthony Davis is worth thirty million dollars. That is not true. That is absolutely not. He twenty-five alone. I can tell you are look to see how much he's made this year involves two I, I haven't looked on Twitter to confirm this I- scrolling through today saw something he might be the new spokesperson for ruffles. No got some ruffles money comes. He does have ruffles money. Exactly right. I'm disappointed, by the way. I my goal is to someday someday show up in celebrity network. It would be completely wrong, but I would love to be able to Google myself and not just see miss buying a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Like can you buy your way into celebrity? I think you probably I don't I don't know how much of your net worth are you willing to spend to be on? It's like, you know, the celebrity birthday pages like wouldn't it be you're probably on? I'm for sure on your on celebrity birthday page thing. Yeah. Happy because the other night was playing this headband game where you like guess, what's on the on your phone, or whatever. And I was one of the answers. So I felt poppy wait a minute. It's your, it's a it's an apt where if I had my phone on my head, and it would play something like one hundred thousand dollars pyramid where you're supposed to get and other and other people will give you clues. Yeah. And to who's on your hands or so. They were like you. It's called heads up heads up. Yeah, yeah. They played it in inglorious bastards to do you ever see that? No. You never saw glorious bastard. No, Brad Pitt you've got you've got to expand your. I'm sorry, your movie. You've seen right? Brian glorious bastard. Sure, yeah. They played that game that heads up game. Anthony Davis has made approximately ninety million dollars in the NBA ninety five looks like but without sponsors. But celebrity networks says he's only worth thirty. Thirty he's worth tell you, maybe Anthony Davis makes a lot of money, but he spends a lot of money. Yeah. All right. So coming up next OJ Jackson junior is going to join Greg Bergman. In the magical world of maybe kirie, or maybe collides coming may be coming, clean, magical world. We will get into that next. Mason in Ireland O'Shea Jackson juniors here, along with Brian Chemnitz, ESPN, LA, just go. I'm told just go, there will be no music. There will be no music coming back. Yeah. That's a I can't afford it. No, Brad, you're right back into this Anthony Davis thing. Brand new way to come back. All right. Mason, ireland. Shea Jackson junior here, along with Brian Kaminsky. All right. So. Shea in our little teaser video thing that we sent out, whose name, did you bring up? Oh, I don't remember dude. I'm talking to you about all kinds of stuff of brought up. Coli Leonard's Leonard. Yeah, come on. You gotta believe you gotta believe gotta believe very Bergman got to believe I think it's possible. Here's what Damon Jones said yesterday on the get up. Yes, after AD trade on Saturday, had a conversation with somebody that's close to the situation that said that Leonard is now in play for the Lakers. Now it's a lot of things that have to happen. The Lakers have to clear the cap space, although Kalinda right now still contemplating if he's going to go back to Toronto. And if he does that it'd be on a shorter deal. So you're saying that if he is still certainly very much in play that he goes back to yet, if not the Lakers are legit possibility for him. Strong possibility. I was told by someone close to the situation understand. He's weakening. Wink, both. It's okay. By the way, we played that. I don't think we mentioned yesterday specifically, but Damon Jones has a direct line to LeBron James. Yes. So when he says something, you can assume the source might be LeBron James feel that here's what Dave mcmenamin said yesterday on the Sodano show. I think the bigger question now is if they do get that commitment. Okay. And the Davis would I, I would think would waive the the kicker the player coming in. We'll be taking a haircut. But if not making that big of a sacrifice because the guys that they're targeting all have less than ten years experience league. Right. And you wanna get back into free agency as a ten year vet because the amount you can make goes up as a max level player. So whomever would be if they did convince them to come in only basically doing a two year deal where they're making a sacrifice, which is still like going to be like six or seven million dollars. All told for that player, which is a lot of money or maybe even eight to ten million dollars, which is a lot of money, but it's not eight to ten million dollars over four years. Right. And so, so perhaps there would be a way to, to convince someone to do that. So in other words for it to happen with somebody like coli. It means that Anthony Davis has take a four million dollar haircut this year and Colli Leonard has to take a five million dollar haircut this year and next year me, well, if he from twenty seven to thirty two but you can get you can move Isaac Bonga and volume. Those guys to get a little bit closer to take the hiccup. Anthony Davis, probably gets four million dollar haircuts. Now you know what I mean? You know what I mean? Like he can he can do this. We heard, you know, like whoa, Jan. David Madden said it's likely that if the player that the Lakers, could acquire Kawai Leonard that Anthony? Remember, remember few years ago like when Kobe's explanation for why he didn't take less money was basically, they're not gonna spend it on anybody that's gonna help us win. Anyway. It's not gonna matter in the end. So why should I give up money if it's just gonna go into their pockets and it's not gonna get me another title. I think it's there at least is some possibility. I think that Rich Paul is like, no, no, no. Until you show me exactly where this money is going to go, right? My guys going gonna sacrifice four million dollars. It had better be for something really good and not Lance Stevenson, right? Oh man. Don't do that. Yes. I completely agree when you hear Coalisland wants to comply with you guys. You guys the three of you guys have to have a meeting. You know you have to sit down. You have to figure this thing, right? Because this is a chance to be something special something incredible. And once LeBron is gone, which is going to happen. Sure. We need. We need a foundation. I've been going back and forth on whether I wanted to be, you know, us going after a bunch of a bench and all these other things a bunch of b plus players or do I want another superstar? And when the bron- leaves, would love the team of linen, and Anthony Davis out feel safe as a Laker fan instead of just Anthony David who would ever. Lakers fans do not like insecurity. We, we know do not like that in this town, you want that warm blanket around all times of the superstar in this case to move would be very very the snuggie. Career right now, when you laid out that way, it sounds basically like he's coming, and you really wish people like Bergman would get on board. I know I know I've been so anti yesterday talking about how Leonard is never gonna come. Participated in magical thinking, where we think that it can happen. Have been a naysayer. You say, hey, you. She's always saying. Horse now. My side. Now, do you do you see that it's possible that you see if coin Leonard says to rob Pelinka or Rich Paul, whoever you really think is in charge? There is says, I want you to be a Laker. I wanna be a Laker. You don't think they're going to go out and try and make it happen. We you. Let nuanced point of only wanting to year deal anyway. Maybe if you'd come with better information, take them, right? It's. When he was only I can only work deal, I can only work with what I'm giving. I'm also the producer of Mason, Ireland. I am not. Time for them. You're also. Right. Captain dodgers, forum view, but close. I knew one of those things. Blue forum and on all I've been. Say that if it can be a can happen. It is possible. You can make the money work for Colli. I'm not saying you make it happen for Jimmy Butler. I'm not saying you make it happen for Kemba Walker. If Kawhi is interested, and Jamie Jones, saying that he is a strong possibility. They can make the money work. I really didn't possible until I saw an Instagram post of Kurai AD, LeBron inquired sister like the pitcher. And I didn't think it was crazy, too, because described this again, describe the G Graham post of Kawai LeBron and Anthony Davis, a quieter sister like the picture. There's another post of somebody who supposedly is wise cousin who was in the middle inebriated, and he's screaming in a club. Why? Why would you wanna do why on the way? An in that is why. Yeah. Laker fans Instagram. Why potent, it's an Instagram live post and somebody's saying they're saying to the Lakers and saying, yes, he's like, Hawaii on the way, the way it's always some idiot, causing lets the cat out about that. So via Kawais cousin and sister and two sources who I sources. So we know his, his family does seem to make a disproportionate amount of influence on his decision making. I mean he's got an uncle Dennis. He's got he's, he's, he's got a cousin and he's got a sister. And there are all. If you get, I mean, they basically will have to put the rest of the roster together with, like chewing, gum, and the doesn't matter whatever man. Man, you got those three guys you have won the NBA title. I think so just some people who are just ready to say, yes, we'll take the minimum to compla-. That's just what happens when you get those throw three to nine g leaders around that team. Alex Crusoe come on down Caruso, the young got. Let's commercials. Bald. Mamba. I we are again, in the midst of, of Anthony Davis celebration, and we'll continue with that ESPN LA fans if you want the ultimate sports experience sprint ESPN, giving you a chance to win baseball tickets to any game in LA, and ESPN award show tickets all you gotta do is visit the sprint store in Inglewood this Saturday, thirty three ninety six west century boulevard from noon to two don't miss out, everybody attends walking away with ESPN, LA swag. That's thirty three Ninety-six west century boulevard from noon, until to visit the ESPN, LA Facebook page. For more details Mason. Do Larry Koon coming up next. Larry Koon we will get into the salary cap, and I have questions about what a room exception is. And if you have a room exception, do you still have a mid level exception? And how much would that be? Those are all good questions for Larry Koon next. Mason in Ireland. ESPN. LA. ESPN LA. Mason in Ireland show. OC Jackson JR. Brian Kaminski's here. Tricky math stab yesterday. I never made it past algebra, and I was I was a c algebra didn't go onto lights palca lists or anything like that. And I believe it is calculus. That is used to figure out the salary cap and the master of the salary cap calculus is Larry Koon who joins us right now. Our you, man. Got your back. It's okay. All right. Good. Good. So. First question there is something called the room exception. There's also something called the mid level exception, do the Lakers have both of those to be able to use. No, the mid level exception is a higher exception. But teams that use that get cap room with the Lakers, are gonna have enough to go out and sign a free agent lose the big mid-level exception. So what they get in its place is the room, mid level exception, which is about four point eight million dollars. It's a little extra Champa change. You get after you clear, the decks in order to sign a big free agent. Okay. And I think we have this, right. The Lakers have about twenty four million dollars in cap space available. It is so hard to say after the trade, depending on whether AD keeps his trade bonus or dumps it gets rid of it gets rid of any portion of it. They could have up to close to twenty eight but it depends on what to do with their own free agents. Like I said, his trade, even the timing of the trade should affected. Okay. So the Lakers have either twenty four twenty eight based on the Anthony Davis trade kicker, plus they've got the four point eight million dollar room exception. And that basically is the amount of room. They've got total. Yeah. And they got three rotation players. So you have a lot of work to do. Yeah. Is it Bunga? Yeah. Isaac? I'm including Banga him among the three rotation players. Brian, what about if they cleared the decks of everything? Much. Would they have the decks of everything right now? Right. Because and I have to go back to one thing, right back in twenty sixteen. We were saying, don't do anything crazy with us. They cap jump and the Lakers did something crazy. They will got Lou all dang. Yeah. They loo all thing and Timofey Moscow that now there's a five million dollar difference between new all things. Dead money being the roster or not being on the roster. That's huge for them right now. So we are still paying for that Jim bus Mitch Cup. Check mistake of giving all that money to Lou Al dang that five million dollars is still in the books five million dollars a year for how long. 'nother year. They stretched to over five so three more years, I think three more years of Lou dank everlasting gob stopper of contra. Yeah. That is crazy. That is crazy. Larry, the we spent a lot of time yesterday trying to figure out where this trade is going to be executed, like is it going to be on July six is going to be July, thirtieth, or even later than that wo- ges saying at least right now, looks like it's going to be July six that really cuts in the Lakers cap space. Are there scenarios though, in which it actually could end up being executed later in the month with the Lakers, could get that money back? They would have had to have made that deal in advance to say, hey, we're going to hold off and pull out this deal later, it doesn't work in New Orleans advantage. So they're going to want more out of that freight right now, there were so many drafts that went to New Orleans and that trade, I have to wonder if they didn't already make that kind of arrangement. Is the only thing that gives me pause? So you think it's possible that part of the deal was that the trade would be completed on July the sixth. If I were to bet on this, I would say it's more likely that it's going to be done on the on the six that way, New Orleans has who over the fourth draft pick is for summer league. They have them on the team. They're able to market him. You know, the, the they have a little cap room because they're going to be moving down in salary. I think it's more likely than not unless they really made that arrangement ahead of time. I think I think it's gonna happen sooner rather than, later, which means the Lakers are gonna have less Capra, rather than more. So there is a report that the pelicans would spin off that fourth pick. Let's say to Atlanta, this is the rumor for the eighth in the tenth pick what happens if Atlanta doesn't want to execute that deal until the thirtieth, or do they have any reason not to not to do it? Again, people teams want to have their players on board in time for several leak in time to market around them in time to get them in the building to start training with them. So there's really no reason for these teams to wait. The only team that has a real reason to wait would be Lakers. What if that I really nicely? Yeah. What about really night? We can try asking David Griffin nicely. But I don't think it will have the effect. You're hoping they do as a solid. Yes. We'll make. Dementia as we might say temple. Do you think that rob Pelinka could rob Pelinka have conditioned, the trade on July thirtieth execution date? Everything's possible like that. They could have made that arrangement ahead of time rob or the or Griff quota said, if you're going to do this, you need to throw in one more draft asset, and that could have happened. It's possible is likely idol think so, but it's possible how close could the Lakers, get to. Because there's, there's a lot of this smoke about the possibility of Kawai. What is Colli eligible to make this coming season? Huby starting at thirty two point seven million. And if he's motivated to come to LA, maybe of, but he has to take, especially if eighty gets us full trade bonus, he's gonna have to take a big haircut to come here. So he's got to take a haircut of about six million dollars. Well could be closer to. Ten million dollars if, if, if it's the smaller cap and eighty gets trade bonus. Okay. But if eighty waves is trade bonus, then you're looking at about six about six and, and I've been told that chances are players are looking for two and ones this year to two years with an opt-out after two. Why is that? There's a couple of reasons. One is that players like to have that kind of flexibility, you're, you're guaranteeing yourself, more money for the future. If you sign for longer on the other hand, you're locking yourself in with one team, and where that team is going over the next few years if you do that players like that flexibility, the plus one is just a one year insurance policy, if you end up blowing up near something, then you take that option and you write out that season but otherwise you care that option year and you re sign then the other reason that team that players in this situation like to do that is because once you're above that ten years of service, Mark, you get an even higher maximum. So you re signed tenure player, your maximum starts five million dollars fire. Okay. So if Kawai were to sign a two in one with the Lakers, conceivably, he would lose six million dollars in the coming season, six million dollars in the following season in total. He'd be giving up twelve million dollars. Yeah. And in some places. That's real money. It's. Yeah. I know we love thrown around other people's money. That's we doing sports. We were doing Math Made it. So he got to had to give up less. Can we use our math instead? Yeah. Substitute the meth that we did in the in the in the CBA is this. Z math that very fuzzy man. It's a triple. All right. Thank you don't think we accomplished much here. Like none of the news. Why would not want to come here? Give us give us some good news. Who what about a kyri is still talking about taking a pay cut or are there, still options? It just sounded very this happened yesterday. When we talked about Mark to like, he didn't say, why was coming either, we're down to Pinkus. That's it. He's the only hope we have to make this work. They're either. I think if, if the Lakers are punching above their weight right now at the guy, I think is a good fit. Might be Chris Middleton. Interesting take that, but then. It would that would that end. He's restricted right? No. I'll let them go offer a MAC. But if if the Lakers were to the would that involve the Lakers, waving the that would involve the Lakers and Anthony Davis keeping the, the trade kicker. Right. You know, they wanna have as much money going into the campus. They possibly jam. So if they have to plead with a Yup. And I think eight he's going to do that. I don't think we're it's Paul's going to do that, right. So in other words when I'm hearing is collide coming. You heard of these xactly right, Steve. All right, good. Thank you, Larry for making a smarter anytime. All right, good. Try propose a rule. Yeah. No more math guys. Guys made me sad. Do they are depressing? I. They just they and they can't lie. Like they're all they don't they know which math black and white lead you along. Well, there's at least a little no there's no wiggle room in Manno. That's why knowing that's why no one likes you. Right. Right Nath is no fun. Ideas are fun. Yes. Great user, awesome. Hunches? About hunchine you feel it in your Zach? That's what I like. That's what we did last week with Anthony Davis all week long. The trade winds were blowing and we finally Anthony Davis officially landed. That's, that's the next step. Don't forget, we're doing our Anthony Davis. Welcome party, this Thursday at Rockin Bruce, Greg Juna, get me that rock, and Bruce situation, there rock and brews in Redondo. It's gonna be fun. You're going to be that right there. We'll be there from noon until three George Sodano will be there with Byron Scott from three until seven PM, and we'll have all kinds of stuff. He'll seven three to set. Well, we're from noon to three oh, Bruce, Redondo beach corner PCH and palace Verdes boulevard. Broadcasting live again Byron Scott and Sodano from three to seven where they're from noon to three stop by got a chance to win opening night tickets. And those just got interesting, plus autograph virtue. Ndaye's and more. That's Thursday, Rockin, Bruce in Redondo beach. Mason, ireland. Shea is here. Brian Kaminsky tear. ESPN LA, ESPN LA Mason in Ireland, O'Shea Jackson juniors here, and Brian Chemnitz here. So what have we draw from Larry? First of all, if you're really hard core. And you were writing notes that probably makes sense to you now, otherwise, it's really, really complicated. But I thought it was important that we do it to show that we in addition to our magical thinking. Also have some rational you like what we have learned is it's gonna take some real Harry Potter bleep to, to make this work to get the max guy. Basically gonna take if Kawhi Leonard were to come. It's going to involve him taking a six million dollar haircut and Anthony Davis taking a four million dollar haircut with a lot of haircut Lada haircut. It's a lot of time at the barbershop. So basically, you know, in there are two lines of thinking, like there's the go get the max free agent. Whoever might be up or take whatever money you have in split up for three or two or three or four players. However, that might be there's a really good argument to be made for the second one. Yeah. Just split it up. So. Yup. Yup. You maybe if you wanna think positively about this, the Lakers are going to be forced to do the thing that might benefit them anyway. Right. Which is vice money. Basin. Dice this twenty four million dollars figure out how to put together a back court. Then, you know you need four guards, you got to fill out a roster and right now they really don't have one. They've got they've got. AD LeBron and Kuzina. And not much beyond that Ovar is a strong. This is back in mobile. I love Jones, Jim mareo Joan. I said, Wagner. Yeah. What's, what's on is, and this is so this is one of the things that bothers people about this trade in about the last six years. Seven pick, Julius. Randle, gone on to pick Dangelo Russell gone to pick Brandon Ingram gone guys like Josh heart, Jordan Clarkson, Larry Nance junior, Lonzo ball to pick gone. So all these guys that we've been rooting for and hoping to develop and looking for ways to build around them all those guys are gone. And I think that people invest a lot in young guys. They invest a lot emotionally in young guys. And we see flashes of greatness and we see in, in the case of Julius Randle, went down to New Orleans just toward up in the case of Dangelo Russell went to Brooklyn just toward up, and we see those things, and we're like, well, why didn't we? Wait, why couldn't we have been more patient? How do we know? That's not going to be the case with Lonzo ball. How do we know? That's not going to be the case with Brandon Ingram. And so it's that emotional. Investment, and especially in the shadow of what happened with Julius in the shadow of what happened with the Angelo Russell, who's who was an all star this year. This trade feels scary. Well, it's, it's also it's not the plant, like this is different if they don't end up going out and signing a max free agent out of this than the plan is different. Still could work out to reenter really good team. But it's not the plan the plan was save all the cap space. You have the young guys over here. You've saved all of your cap space, and now you sign another star. Right. What they did instead was traded for a big star. And now they have less cap space to go out and get other players. It can still turn out good. But it wasn't the was the plant. So now you go back and say, did you handle all of those assets as well as you could would you've been better off keeping the ngelo, Russell round or keeping Julius Randle or Seville and holding onto them all? So you have more things to trade if that was. Going to be how you do it. So this isn't exactly the plan at this point. I feel that when you get LeBron James a window opens. Yes, you have this timeframe to get it done with the guy, you know, LeBron James. And then when you see what happened to Golden State this year, the window, just opened up a little bit more. You west why do have to do what you have to do to get it done and get it. We all we grew these guys. We saw through the hard times, and now we feel like another team's going to benefit off of it. But, you know, when you shoot I'll ask you the same question. What are the odds that either Lonzo ball or Brandon Ingram and up as good as Anthony Davis zero yeah. Basically, zero. True. Yeah. I even though I do love me some I do. Yeah. They could both be lawyers. They could be all stars. They're not Anthony Davis is a top five player now. He's a top five defensive player now. Yeah. He completely changes this, this team that we're gonna see on the floor. He immediately makes them a championship contender and the part of this. That is hard for people to understand, is in order to run an organization and to build a roster. You've got to be incredibly dispassionate. You've got to do the smart thing and all these players are assets. We love them. They create were rooting form. We want him to develop but in the end their assets that you use in whatever way it is to improve your team. And they improve their team dramatically on Saturday. All right. Took a lot of you know that, that, that, that did take a lot. The break, I'm gonna take a break.

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