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This is a r l audio news. Your weekly summary of news highlights from the world of amateur radio if you retransmit all news through a repeater. Listen for the morse code. K character followed by four seconds of silence. That you're you to stop transmitting so that your repeater timer can reset. Hello and welcome. I'm rick lindquist. Wwf emmy and this is our audio news for friday. April ninth. Twenty twenty one a two hour emergency. Communications exercise on march nineteenth and florida was deemed wildly successful sponsored by the florida. Baptist disaster relief a non governmental or ngo served organization the horrible wind boom exercise as it was called simulated a combined disaster of multiple tornadoes. Crossing north central florida closely followed by a terrorist attack on telecommunications taking down large chunks of internet and telephone service pop up situations called injects by event planners simulated multiple dire situations and hinted at even larger attacks designed to create rumor issues multiple counties arranged for volunteers to help with the simulation working in shelters and transmitting status reports of individualized disaster scenarios to county emergency operations centers. Volunteers directed by actual or simulated. Eeoc officials aggregated situational awareness reports and formulated status and resource request messages sent by voice or digital mode to a volunteer from the actual florida agency. That handles disaster. Communications appropriate responses were sent back by radio. All told four hundred thirty one messages zip through the airwaves. Within the two hour simulation including fifty three to the state and thirty one replies messages were passed using digital email or radio graham a sixty meter. Interoperability channel was made available. Exercise planning was carried out as much as possible in accordance with d. h. s. land security exercise evaluation program protocols. Here's the march. Report of the volunteer monitor program a joint initiative between eight of laurel and the fcc to enhance compliance in amateur radio service. The fcc delayed action on the renewal application of general class licensee in quakertown pennsylvania in order to review allegations of repeated transmission of obscenities and failure to identify properly the volunteer monitor coordinator issued fourteen advisory notices and advisory notices an attempt to resolve rule violation issues in formerly before. Fcc intervention and advisory notice was sent to the remote amateur station in california advising him that he is responsible for deliberate interference transmitted by any station over his remote facility and advisory notice was sent to a radio amateur in ripley tennessee regarding deliberate interference and failure to properly identify on seventy five meters and advisory notice was sent to a radio amateur in jefferson georgia regarding failure to properly identify on forty meters. Advisory notices were sent to radio amateurs in tiburon petaluma and mantica california and grants pass oregon concerning interference on seventy five meters. General advisories were sent to operators in west virginia michigan iowa north carolina pennsylvania texas and wisconsin concerning operation on seventy two hundred thirty nine twenty seven and thirty eight sixty a good operator. Commendation was sent to a husband and wife team and perry apple. Pennsylvania recognizing excellent net and two meteor operations volunteer monitor representatives had two meetings with fcc officials in march. This is a r l audio news. For friday april ninth twenty twenty one time now for the report field day is right around the corner. Brush up on the awol rules if you plan to operate on satellite for more than just your clubs bonus points. You're in luck amp set. Hold satellite field day at the same time but with a few differences and sat allows all satellite contacts. You want on linear satellites with as many different stations as you can hit in fact you work the same station on every linear satellite both. Cw and phone amstrad allows one contact period on any fm satellite so more a laurel field day participants can get their bonus contacts if you want more information browse amazon dot org and click on events and amd field on satellites the one true role for field day whether awol or murphy will visit and you want to be prepared. Check everything before field. They have spares have extra kovacs. Have extra mike's and the list goes on and on most of all enjoying yourself. This year amazon has made concessions for class. D at home stations. The weekly report comes to us. Courtesy of bruce page k. k. five. Do this is a our audio news. Heard in los angeles california sundays at seven fifteen pm on the one forty five four and four forty nine eight repeaters courtesy of the tri county amateur radio association. The military auxiliary radio system or mars is a us department of defense adjunct comprised of radio. Amateurs that's not always the first resource that comes to mind in an emergency even within the military and a recent article in the us marine corps. Major brand kurg exhorts the brass to more fully exploit amateur radio in general and mars in particular for use in times of distress in short. He'd like to see more ham. Radio in military training programs as future threats. Continue to evolve day-to-day communications architectures will become more unreliable. In times of crisis kerr concluded it is imperative that joint communications planners turn to amateurs in order to remain experts curb attempts to raise the amateur radio consciousness level of military planners he characterizes ham radio as a robust and readily available communications resource when things go south and every bit as expert as professional military communicators signalmen. The downside kirk said. Is that the use of mars remains largely unknown or niche capability. One that is usually stumbled upon by planners in a moment of crisis and then poorly implemented amateur radio on the international space station or aris in the us has earned recognition from the us internal revenue service as a section five. Oh one c. Three charitable scientific and educational organization aris. Usa is the us bend of the aris international working group. We're this. Irs determination aris usa may solicit donations and grants and donations to aris usa become tax deductible in the us retroactive to may twenty first twenty twenty the educational scope and reach of what ariza accomplishes has grown significantly since our beginnings in nineteen ninety-six said aris usa executive director. Frank bauer a three hd. Oh we are. Actively working to extend students reach even further aris. Usa says it will continue to promote student involvement with the astronauts on the iss via amateur radio working with education larger decisions. ariz- provides opportunities to inspire engage and the next generation of space explorers through science technology engineering arts and math activities. Donations to aris. Usa are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law visit www dot aris a. r. i s. dot org. This is a r l. Audio news heard in los angeles california mondays at seven thirty pm on the one forty five. Three eight repeater. And i are l. p. ninety three fifty courtesy of the western amateur linking association team iota of youngsters on the air in a are you region one has announced it will sponsor a new contest the iota contest open to all radio amateurs it takes place three times a year and runs for just twelve hours. Yoda said the aim is to boost on the air activity by younger radio. Amateurs anti support unit. The contest will take place in three different twelve hour windows on three saturdays. The opening event will be on may twenty second zero eight hundred two nine hundred and fifty nine. Ut see the other two. This year will take place on july seventeenth and december thirtieth iota has established eight operating categories which includes subcategories for operators age twenty five and younger but operators of all ages may participate covering eight hundred. Forty two thousand fifteen and ten meters the allowable modes will be see. Wins sb the contest. Exchange will be the age of the participating operator. Different ages serve as score multipliers during the contest. Stations may work the same station once per band mode. Contacts between stations on the same continente worth one point while working. Dx is worth three points. The most points though will be achieved by working the youngest operators the younger. The operator the more points one will get for the so iota said winners will be awarded the iota contest plaque visit ham hyphen iota dot com forward slash contest. And that's a our audio news. For april ninth. Twenty twenty one. I'm rick lindquist. wwf seventy-three and we'll see you next time. A our audio news is produced by the american radio. Relay league the national association for amateur radio for more information on amateur radio or the a r. l. Visit us on the web at a. r. l. dot. Org you can also find us on facebook and twitter by searching for a r l if you have a question or comment about a are l. audio news email us at audio news at eight. Rl dot org. This program is copyright a. r. l. all rights reserved seventy three and. Thanks for listening.

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