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The big problem with being blind is that you can only judge people by their personalities. Murphy has two friends just her unflinchingly devoted roommate and Tyson a drug dealing teenager. When she's not at work barely holding down the job. She aids Murphy can be found drinking at her favorite bar and bringing men home from it Murphy's drunken hot mess of life is about to take a turn for the worst. When Tyson suddenly turns up dead when the. Police can't seem to be bothered with investigating Murphy vows to figure out what happened to her friend. She begins heading down a dark path asking questions that may get her and just from serious trouble. Equal parts hilarious heartfelt and suspenseful from the perspective of someone who's totally in the dark in the dark new series Thursday on the CW or anytime on the free CW app. From banner foam rules to Vegas and everywhere in between. It's time to party CENA's say this is Cindy again. And now, here's your host Sheena. All right. And we're back back from guess again. My voice actually, isn't as bad this time. It was a last couple trips Janet's here co host, Jane, and we have some Bravo. Fam- in the house. We have the gorge page disor boat. Just. How are you? I'm good. How are you excited to be on this? Do you watch van from roles, obviously. Okay. Because I was going to say this. But I'm like, I mean, it's me. So I think it's a compliment. I don't know if you're taking better and sold, but I think you're the Sheena of summer house, obviously unit compliments things. Yes. But and you're actually if I'm being honest. The only reason I started watching the show. Oh my God. Just become. Season three that's on right now. Okay. So I met page wash. It live a few weeks ago. You literally make me wanna go back to short hair. Do it. I did it after I got divorced. I just chopped all air off. And now it's been like two and a half years of growing out that I'm like do I do it again. But funny story out watch what happens live that night. Do you? Remember, how my hair was it was kind of like a like. But Julius love Julius. He instead of raising the extensions razor part of my actual hair. So he like started you off with this Cartwright here. It's like, oh, you have to chop it. Oh, it's about your lying right there. And when I got back from New York, I was just like I'm just going to chop off. And I went to my my hair, and she's like Sheena knocking to let you do that today. Like, it's just think about and then be ready for. Yeah. Yeah. She's like what is like face, very and put some layers. But when I put it up in a ponytail this one straight off all so I'm Mike actor short avenue decided but every episode I watched them like shit. I should do it. I love it. It's so easy, especially in the summer. Yeah. But it's so cute. So I are show the first season of summer house kind of like anchored that show also is dead for Vanna pump rules, and I at the time was still unhappily. Married. Phrase. You don't hear very? But I didn't I didn't really have that much fun in Montauk. Like if you watch those episodes season five, I'm not taking the shot. I'm not skinny dipping. I'm not doing this. It was like I'm not taking the shot is the the summary of like, I can't drink sugar one of those Alva hung over. I was such a bore. But anyway, so I had never really started watching the show. And it's like, I mean, we have coral make out in common getting. Yeah. We'll get into that. But it was like I knew everyone the first season. But I don't watch a lot of reality TV, even like IRA friends on southern charm of actually never seen a full episode of it. So I never started watching it. And then after this washer happens live, I think it was week two of y'all show and the stuff with Kyle. And Amanda, and then meeting you and Hannah, and then I like the hung out with Carl again for the first time that weekend when I was there. Yeah. And now we're like cool again. So maybe we'll start watching these junior girls are really pretty funny. Yes. So now I've watched all five of the season. And now your hook. Now, I'm hooked hooked. You have some really really good one liners there. So. We're when they were talking about who unfolded who summer over the winter. And however, it was coming back and you're like, ugh, who cares? I went out and follow myself. Right. The same way about me to see. Sometimes. I'm like, wow. I'm so annoying. Well, listen to myself, even I think Lindsay's said in one of the upper sewed shoes like you come across way, more genuine in person than you do on social media. And I was like I feel like that's me. Like, I'm trying to. I said this last week with our guest tears name was at my Lai. He's a very big motivational speaker. He's amazing and we're doing the soda was like my engagements been so low on social media. And I was like, you know, what I think I need to like switch up how I'm posting things. And not always posed such a perfectly posed yogurt photo. Like, maybe a little more vulnerable on social media as I am on the show. Wait till you see the finale grins, but I'll be back in New York for watch. What happens live for you know, I did something I'll go out. We definitely will. But. So what am I saying attitude? Where's it going with us? Posting things that are like. I've seen. Yeah. So Mike, you know, maybe I'll start like doing less filters or things like that. Because I feel like when people who do follow me on social media and watch the show and just edited version of me, right? It's just like really isn't me. And so I always encourage people. Listen to my podcast, if you still don't like me after an episode, then that's fine. Just don't like me. That's okay. But it's like this show is edited my social media's filtered like this is just raw on added filtered. If we added something that's like one of my moments. Mike, wait. What was I talking? Remember, and it's too long of a pot. Are you happy with how you've been edited on summer house to season? Yes. So I feel like for me. It's like everyone's personalities. It's just like a little bit more heightened like, I'm not that big of a bitch. But like a bit of a bit. I don't think. Oh, okay. Yeah. I'm yes. I'm always when extremely self deprecating like, I've never taken myself too seriously. And that really does cross so yeah, I'm happy about I loved her line to when he says something like, oh, you can hook up with other people if you want. Yeah. I know I know. Aware. But I can't do. Thank you. No, so good. Did you watch summer house before going on it? I did. Okay. And I always said, oh my God. I think of MandA looks so nice. And then I met her in the city, and I was like, oh my God. You really are. So nice. Like, I always thought I'd be friends with her ever met her. And then it happened. Nice. Okay. So that was kind of your link to getting onto the summer house. Yeah. I didn't know any of the other people except Hanan Jordan I worked with. So did you bring in Jordan with you know, they knew Hannah new Lindsey before of an kind of all just happened. But I wasn't as close with Hanan Jordan, obviously as I was during the summer. So I was like getting to know them a little bit. But like, I knew them. I gotcha. And you guys are all at bashes together cracked. We all were were. Oh, okay. 'cause you say like millennial whatever didn't say exactly we weren't allowed to no one is really lots company. Okay. My sweatshirt us from. Love them like batches, but that met my one of my best friends. So also. Yeah. Okay. So yeah, you knew Amanda. That's how you got on the show were you friends with anyone else going into it other than you didn't know any. I didn't know any of you were no part of Kyle's seventeen page. I had no nothing so hard to get a copy petty. I've seen it. I have not seen it. I saw someone through one of our friends has a copy of she obtained a copy she showed us for them achieve certain school. I know girl, I don't like reading books and a book on your phone that I'm you know, I would have read it. I I'm really really interested to read it, actually, I wanna know how you can even write seventeen pages, right? It was like MLA format like he did it on on like. Yeah. It's always like I'd aside after that. Did you have any reservations about joining the show? I mean, it was a little nervous obviously, never done a reality TV show before. But I was excited, and if Hanno is doing it, and she was like, look it's going to be fine. And I was kind of like, whatever if I don't try it on never know. At wanna be like. Oh, wow. I wish I did that right? So well, I think you were a great addition to you got me to watch. I've got another people to watch like way there's too like really pretty really funny show. What? Okay. But what before we're gonna get into a game? We do that. What do you think about Jordan because I know y'all work together? But you sound like you don't really know someone you love with them. But even after living with them, you still don't really know him. Yeah. So Jordan, I fe- Jordan is first of all one of the nicest guys. And I think just the way he comes across and says certain things he doesn't mean it in the way it comes across. So he's like trying to be genuine. But it's almost like his delivery is like a little weird. But he really isn't militias like he's not out to get anyone. So I mean, I love him. He's one of my best friends, but he comes across a little bit. Like, the guy who's too honest. Drellich badness, he's like, yeah. You should put something on your lap. Why why would you say that? Did he really make out with three girls that night? I mean, I didn't see it happen. And we all call them out with each other the entire night unless you like went to the bathroom for five seconds three girls came back to which could happen. You know? But I didn't see it. Gotcha. So I tell you that I've DM's from him, and I was going to say and also I don't know if he want to you. But my friend. Autumn knows him from like college days night. Surprised me went. Maybe that's the connection. Forget where he went. He went somewhere in the south. Okay. So yeah. Because I know odham notes from college whether it was like rival college mutual funds or he went to zero. But wait, you had some once we realized we were having you here. I started researching everybody that went I think we said something about him. You're like, oh, we need to like look into this Jordan guy. And I was like, I think I know him. I was like why do I know him, and I went to profile, and I was like, I don't think I've ever followed him. And then I went to our messages DMV, not anything creepy about like, I must have posted something about ice cream, and he like commented on it. And something else about nice cream. But I was like. I was like how did he find me? I don't have a lot of followers like an easy one to find. So I was like, yeah. The connection is it the Bravo. Things are Sheena or what? But maybe it's Atta maybe, but you had an ice cream DM as always posting ice cream to interest interest. I could see Jordan easily fitting in with Ravi Hayes Adams spot at as you. They're all twenty nine. So they probably they're all like throws where like down. Yeah. They're all little button. Ladies who lunch them, but they're a little Dushi? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Even so just recently. So you watch the show. So you saw my date my bachelorette style day with Robbie Hayes. Yeah. So when I was in New York a couple of weeks ago. So many interviews or like asking me about this even on the reunion. We just last week. They're like asking me about it. Not just like he's a do. She's this. He's out because her ni- were like besties like such good friends. We made out drunk a few times. Right. Janet her boyfriend robbing all went to Hawaii together last year before we started filming again, and we were really good friends, and we'd like gone on data more casually. Yeah. So when we started filming out of moves gone him. And I went on a date. It never made it on the show. He was in Hawaii with his family. And then Robbie was like all take you out an date, and like he's obviously experienced in reality television. So I was like all right. Let's do it. We did. And then like fast forward like a few months we had plans, and then it kind of just fell off like I didn't hear back from him. Yeah. And then he didn't hear from me. And then it was just like a week went by. And then literally five months goes by it was a slow fade. We never talked again. And so I'm doing all these interviews in New York, and I'm like. I know his narcissist. Definitely has Google alerts. So I was going to get all of them when I talked about him. But he's like any pros whatever finally this past week because we literally neighbors we live at five minute walk from each other. We have never run into each other. No, we hadn't and so one of his friends we were getting drinks the other night, one of his roommates, actually and business partners bus friends, and he was just like so you're gonna come to like our like stagecoach party or this non I'm Mike. No, I'm not supporting anything you guys. Do he's do she goes to. He's like you guys need to talk long story short. He came over a couple of days ago. We had a good laugh like okay both of us. Are stubborn. It was kind of both of our like you didn't ex- me back with an I didn't reach out, and it just became like five months of goes seen. So unnecessarily. We're going to this event after that. He's going to be. Yeah. So I was like, well, I'm glad at least three got like catch up before to have your back clogs all during his talking shit because I'm like, dude, we were friends. You don't just stop talking to me for no reason some like, then I get my girl brain did. He what did I get and the girlfriend? You're like, oh my God. I wanna analyze every single thing. I ever said. Okay, girl, brain and dating never a good idea. But we have a game called red flags of repaid on the show before. So Janet's gonna read them out. And then you, and I are you still single? Yes. Okay. Our best. Go out kind of scary introduce an imaginary man, two guys and third one two good qualities and one red flag. And you have to tell me if you would still date them for their good qualities despite the red flag. Okay. So he lives in a castle genius level. I q. But I guess in his castle he lives in a bedroom with eight dudes including one named jug. No, I don't care about the castle. Or if he's not smart reels. People are smart like they don't get certain like dumb people thing. You gotta be able to get my humor. I totally agree. Okay. How about this? One speaks every room romantic language is a model, but for as long as you date them, all of your friends will hate, you know, I don't want to date someone when all my friends eight. So I don't wanna take someone prettier than me. No, it's fun to like hanging bang with the model type. I don't actually raise my friend. She does this all the time. And when yeah, you here's it going to be like, you can hang do not bay. She literally fewing out with Carl when you go back to New York, you can hang but don't bang Woolsey. Erica. No schilling. Carl. We've been okay. This person is honest and reliable, but live tweets all of your dates. Wait what we're the first. Good one honest. Okay, reliable, but live tweets all of your. I'm not completely against that. Because they're like live tweeting than they might be saying like like having the best night ever. So amazing. It could be kind of funny. Yeah. Okay. I love that Chrissy Teagan John legend tweet that could be endearing a couple that had sex on the first date and look at them, boom. Same tatty and I'd win. Yup. Yup. Love. Okay. I think Richard said she banged her beyond. He has a really big peanut. We've all heard. Okay. Good. Qualities was rescuing on our on the news for rescuing a kitten perfect amount of physical attention. But brings his mom to the first state. I'm I can be okay with that. In what capacity is she visiting from out of town. Sure bring along is it like he's nervous has to bring his mom. No, very weird. There have been like, okay. Like, just for example. Today's the one of the very few days that my mom actually isn't here. She's here almost every week. But where I grew up. It's rush hour traffic for her to drive home after Janet. And I haven't event after this like Momo's like gin and we've been summer house like she wanted to co host today. But I was like I was like don't worry about. I don't want you to be in traffic like we have to go to the right after so land, we were just in Palm Springs. I just got a house out there yesterday. So we just drove all the way to Palm Springs really are best friends coming the best girl house every. We had inspections out there yesterday. I'm so excited. But I was like you don't have to drive like all the way into Beverly Hills. Don't worry it. But there have been guys who have been guests on my podcasts have either been friends with or like it was like after we do the podcast. We're gonna go out on a date, and like my mom's been here like they've met her that I take but not like that. So that sort of capacities like oh shit, a mardi meeting the mom like she works for me. Like, it's like she's always could come on. A I my mom says how a guy treats his mom is how ultimately treat you. Yes. Good. If I think that is so true and less you're my ex boyfriend. Great. But fantastic. However, well, we'll talk about it off air. I'm not going to put his mom, boss. Your mom when you're doing the wrong isn't angel. Exactly avoid. Okay. I have another part of another game. Okay. This is called drunk stoned or stupid, tell me which of your housemates is most likely to do or say these things I do my cows members. Yeah. Okay. We'll argue with anyone about anything. Kristen muncie. Okay. Refers to themselves in the third. I in Nala. I don't know of any of us do that. But I feel like I could hear Jordan being like, yeah. They'd person has to check in with their parents. I me. Probably me. My mom's always right like. Yeah. Any guy she's ever like just a little bit of a bad vibe about or something like it hasn't worked out? Yeah. And she just she has such a good read them. You're like damn it. I'm like, no mom. I really like him. Like. We're thirty years old when we were in Australia together for ten days. We'd a couple of flights to New Zealand within it. Our moms are in a group chat. And if she texted her mom like we just landed. Yeah. Like, two minutes. I texted my mom's who bit great. It's fine. I guess, you know, extra more than you. A my mom's my friends like Saturday nights. Hi, Honey, just wondering if like you're with page like show it to me. And I'll be like tell that bitch. The love that we do this say saying okay breaks into their own house. Jack's I. Isn't anyone ever broken into the summer house without keys? Nobody feel like I feel like Danielle's very resourceful of she was locked out. She'd be able to break. Okay. How about we'll blow their life savings on space travel. Ooh. I tom. Car or Oriana because Arianna loves space both personal outer. I don't know. I feel like maybe Kyle would be into like doing something in space. Yeah. There was a hall inviting traumas that six hundred dollars on a bottle of John. Are you guys? Jean's and apparatus jello shot. Really did pay for that. Because people think when things like that are on the show. They're like, oh, whatever. Bravo paid for it. And it's like, no really did Robert. Stuff like that. They might have paid for the app. They're not buying the bottles of Dom table. Okay. Feeling. I know who you're going to say for this on runs shirtless to show off their body, Jordan. Yeah. Obviously from yours law. She she's got topless a couple times. Yeah. Okay, uses an inspirational quote in their Email signature Carson, really. Carl would be like motivational like that was at the bottom of the seventeen pages. No. But every Friday Carl would give the same speech like motivational speech Dame speech every single Friday. We'll get us all jacked up to God out. How put it started out guys? We all work really hard during the week, and you're all super hot. Have a good time and go out, and it was just I love. Okay. Last one who was made for reality. Tv can only one only one. I mean, honestly, I think all of us, but I'm gonna give it to the shit show of our show and say, James amazing. Yeah, that's good. I was gonna say Josse, but he's more put together who's going to Jackson. Kristen I think all of us collective on. I feel like you have to be a certain kind. That's in the brain to go on a reality show. We all equally are as critter nuts and not know what's going on. And not care. So on top of it. You can do the witty one liners have your place like top. Yeah. Yup. Well, that was fun. I liked it. We both got to do. Okay. So going back to the show. So you're friends with Amanda. So how did you feel about like did she confide in you before filming started about like feeling left out? And like what were your thoughts on that? Yeah. I mean, obviously, you don't ever want to grow to feel left out. And I like hate that feeling. So it obviously made me mad. But like I knew I knew going into she had some turmoil with Lindsay. But it's also like we're adults. I'm not going to go in be fighting with Lindsay when like she hasn't done anything to me. But like if Lindsay and Danielle were being rude to Amanda Mandar, leaving her out. I would obviously stand up for her. Amanda, always knew I had her back, but we were all very civil with each other. Have you ever cropped someone out of a photo on follow? I don't think I've ever crops out. Maybe maybe like, Dan there is. There's something purposely. Yeah. But I've never liked purposely cropped a friend out unless they were like, hey, crop me out 'cause I look horrible. Like, okay. What do you think about everybody on following her justified or shade? Would that eighty? I feel like Lindsay's reason was kind of bullshit an excuse like, oh, no. It was just hard on them like all like lovey dovey. I mean, we live in a world. Now that it's like if you follow them that's like a silent way of saying often fucking. So she Amanda knew it and also there was definitely it was tension and awkwardness like give I wanna un-filed something. It's because I wanna make a point. It's like you are dead to me, brandy Glenville, recently, followed you I am. Oh, yes. She starts Shishir shouldn't have she got the follow the most passive aggressive. Jab of right now. I've followed everyone I've ever dated because I need them all to not exist. Yeah. Great. If I'm go go. Yeah. I've either unfold or I've muted until the point where I don't feel it's petty. Homeboy, you know, who who I like dated November. I was just like we we're still friends even more. So recently like we hung out with him like last weekend, and like, we're friends, right? But I was just like I don't care about your life and your story what you're posting. But I don't wanna be petting unfold because like we're not talking or hooking up anymore. Yeah. I've definitely muted a ton of people. I love that muting his bullshit. I tweeted about this recently. I'm like if you someone like grow, some balls and on follow them. Our world. It's okay. I guess for you guys. But it still help leg just to care. And it's not because I don't like them. I'm muting them because like genuinely your content. It's so annoying. I can't keep seeing it unfold. So like, no, please Arianna has muted pretty much everyone on our cats. Oh my God. Oh, my God you guys with your spawn. I can't she responded to my tweet that said like if if you want to unveil or if you wanna meet someone just on follow them, and she goes you've been muted. That's funny. I realized the other day I got a follow Jack's back because when we got in a fight like a year ago. I think we unfold each. Then when I went on his interim we had like such a good reunion together. And then so much fun in Vegas past week. And we're like so good again. And then I went on his page. And I was like it doesn't say follow back so Mike. No you follow me. I. What happens when I go to Jackson page blog as user cannot be. Well. I think every ex-boyfriend has blocked me. My my ex-boyfriend finally blocked me after I put a song out called better. Without you. Well, I too. Check it out Spotify. Yeah. Okay. So how long have you known Hannah and Jordan, I have known them for probably like a year and a half. Okay. Yeah. That long, but and you just met them through work before. Yes. So you are fashion writer for the company. We cannot mention. Yeah. I freelance all work for different ones. Yes. And then I know Hannah does like the social video Janta. What is Jordan do Jordan does sales? What does that mean? Joined us sales. Like millions of impression will come to him. And be like we want to like promote through your company home. Make sure like the content is good. So people see Orland. Gotcha. There's like so many, especially like millennial type jobs with social media and everything nowadays. They're like, oh, I do add sales for you know, this country. But what does that mean? None of our job titles. Make sense to anyone over the age of forty. Yeah. Motto to I think he makes a lot of money modeling. Yeah. I could see that. He has ads. Yeah. Yeah. They're not bad. They're not. Yeah. All right. Well, okay. We gotta talk about our mutual make out buddy. So what's bargains against much, and I know this because I talked to him this morning, but what's the status with you guys? So currently we are very good friends. Like, we will text all the time. We're in a big group chat together him. And I like we'll text is. We're watching the show and like like I texted him on Monday. I was like could we be any more adorable? So we're very cool with each other. Yeah, he's great. It's going to screen out that and show the guys like dating she's. Like, the one thing which I mean, 'cause I say things like this like I feel like we're very similar with learning and like whatever type texting with guy, but like when Jordan show dot screen shot. And it was like, well, we're dating so Mike. She was being insanely sarcastic like. Well, everyone's dating I was just like being nice. Yeah. To and it's like one screen shot out of like, a core red of tech. So it could have gone he could have gone way back and seeing that like I wasn't flirting. It's also like we knew each other through work. So I'm not going to not respond because then it's going to be awkward when I see him like a mentor. I said like if you wanna see flirting. Yeah. But like that wasn't it me saying like a sarcastic, whatever. And that's like a term of like, oh, we're dating so cool like, we're friends, and I make jokes like that that I'm just like that's not don't take it serious Jordan's learning the hard way to that everything that you say, especially on camera gets immediately repeated others give sticking having. Secret conversations everybody, right look. And then like, yeah. An hour later. Yeah. We saw what using. Literally seems very he's like he's like kind of like your after that. Yeah. Totally. Okay. So because you had watched the show before going into it. Did you like the think Carl was high? Did you just like it developed kind of? I actually I always thought Carl was good looking. But like one of my biggest things is if you make me laugh like done you. You could literally not be good looking. You could not have a job like make me laugh. I'm like hooked. And for some reason, his dumb humor like would always get me. And then obviously it didn't like it wasn't bad that he just complimented me and complimented me. And then I was like, yeah. Okay. We'll make out. I love how like in control you're of the shot. And he was like you're like, I know I know. I'm very much in control the situation. I'll let you know when you get granted county. I've forgot how tall he was. So I mean, he's like six five. No, no, his huge. Okay. Yeah. I remember one of the six three here's three man. Yeah. Tweeted at me. He goes, I'm six five. All right. But it was funny like hem ni- hung out like now, I can openly talk about this. This was December two thousand seventeen. So why it was? Yeah. It was right before I had moved to Vegas. It was right. When my ex-boyfriend and I had broken up. We're still talking and I like didn't want my ex waiver into. No, I was like talking to anyone else hanging out with yells. So it's very private about things. I was doing and then Carl decides it's a great idea to go and watch it up and be like she hooked up. And I know my my goal is like oh, you slept with like, no, no. Like we made out. I mean, we fulled around, but we did not have sex. But then he goes like a national television and says this so then it's like after that. And just like that. I mean, my relationship it needed to just be done right away. It's done. It's still done. It's great thing ever. So happy that's done with. But I didn't talk to Carl for like a year yet. 'cause I was so annoyed by all of that. And then if you weeks ago when we were there, he group jotted. Kyle. And I just realized you guys don't have each other's phone numbers. Like, it's going to be so much fun. You're on the show together tonight. And I was like we haven't talked a year. Yeah. But I just responded he's just like like that total like he can let things go, and he like we could have like a disagreement or something, and then it's like work will work. Well, and I'm the exact CEO just been so long that I kind of like LOKI forgot about him. Still talking about you guys throughout the whole thing. Didn't Kristen go on watch. What happens I've things again one million per I think that was on that. And I was like one million not present. No, I'm like, okay. If I'm being honest. Yes. It was more than a make out. But it wasn't right media. And you hear everyone thinks sex for sure especially all the moms watching. Bravo. My mom like she helped up with gets up without me. Now. But so when I was there a few weeks ago, and then I was like, well, yeah, meet us out for drinks like fun. And you know, we all went out and got drinks. And then I was like now, I remember why made out with you. Army? He's charming. He's tall. He's funny. And like anyone who six five and like makes me feel really skinny. You five five at the exact same. God. We're so similar about like a cute little baby. So yes. So we hung out in New York. And it was funny because at the time when he said that I'm watching live my mom had like tweeted at him. And I love when your mom back Twitter. Somebody says negative thing about she. And her mom's like, really, let me give you. That's not true. So. Funny because like my mom would like put him in its place. But she goes I remember she was he was so respectful back in like ya'll is. And so then like the first night we hung out the both nights. I was there. And the first my mom was giving him shit like the whole night, and he just took. Yeah. And he's so respectful backed. But my dad my mom and dad both met him. My dad loves him. Yeah. Might Abba like walk around the housing Carlito dot com. And then the second night, we hung out. It was like we were all just like friends, and it was good. And then he followed my mom on Instagram and Twitter, and she's like, oh, he's so. Got a bad. Like rap the first two seasons. And like he would say things to me. And he'd be like, well, I'm like fuck, boy, whatever, and I don't like say that about yourself, actually, truly genuinely nice guy. Like, I've I've always been team Carl. He just had those fuck boy tendencies for the time being. But now watching the show like I see such different side of him. And I the side of them that I saw you weeks ago that I was like, oh, yeah. This is why I made out with you. Perfect example, how you treat your mom is how you'll. So nice to his mom loves his mom. Yeah. And it reminds me a lot of chef from southern charm. Yeah. Just sort of like cute and like funny. Kind of do the fuck boy stuff. But without getting the fuck boy full reputation because you're like oh there to night. Yeah. You forgive them. Yeah. Yeah. That's fine. All the only person that's maybe who's made out with both. I. Shep yet time catch. But the night. I did watch it live with shop. Carl was there as one of his guests you met both in the yes out with both. No, I was with I was with doorman at the time. So just sitting or calling him now because that's what my ex used to do. And instead of saying his name ever again. We're just gonna go dorm. I love. Stops. You're one of them came up with it at the reunion. Yes. But yeah. So I mean, nothing happened. But it was like I hit it off with both of them. And I was like, well, we're just going to be friends, obviously, I'm in love with someone else. But then we broke up, and then, you know, shop with on shenanigans we got drunk after you guys before that you were we started here. Then I remember break room and then my apartment. Only there for room. I did not see apartment. Yeah. Oh. Anyway, also did not sleep with. They're not sleep with correct? So when I'm back in New York and few weeks. Do we gotta hang out? We'll call Carl. We'll get the whole gang. We'll do. Yeah. I like you should just come to watch live with me. Because what was so funny that night? Andy asked me on the show is like would you ever like make out them? Again. I was like probably not definitely not. And then we hung out that night and like not hit it off again or writing. But I was like, okay. If we had hung out last night, my answer would have been different. But I was like I didn't talk to you in like a year. Yeah. So it's just like, oh, no, definitely not. And then we hung out. And I was like, oh, yeah. He's just so fun to be out on one of the number one things. Whereas we were out one night. And we were sitting there drinking or whatever. And he looks at me. And he was like you want me to buy chicken fingers and I'm roles four. Let's get this going. I was like. Here's a here's Honey mustard. I was like done like this the most romantic two thousand eighteen thing. Yeah. I'm like chicken fingers. Yes. Ranch and barbecue. Chicken fingers. Yes. And you're also take me out to dinner kinda girl. Yeah. Yeah. So when do you start up again when to summer house when you moving I don't know going again. I'm sure you will it was so good. But yeah, I hope so I would love to share a house with all of them again. Yeah. But typically, you guys do it like may through August or the end of June. We started. Yeah. Until Labor Day. So I don't know if it was this summer last summer when like some of my costs out there was that one house. Yeah. So stocky bio, Tom and Katie is going to be on the show. Yes. Oh, I saw something. I saw a preview for it. Where I think it starts says something like well Schwartz having his butthole looked at right now. So it could be worse. Yeah. Mexican ex ago. Yes. Okay. 'cause I remember they all went out there for like, forty eight hours or something. I just thought of you. And I was like what's Schwartz's, but that's got sick in Mexico or something. Yeah. Not everyone. There were a few of lucky that. No, no, no. There's multiple a like eighty percent of the cast and crew guy a parasite in Mexico. Oh, my. Yeah. It was bad. So Schwartz was one of the ones who had really bad. I can't imagine. Like a six hour flight that way, no. I think I think he did. Yeah. But maybe, you know, season eight van pump. If there is he's in four summer house. If there is we do like, some more crossover leave really should come out too. So natural I feel like without show because we did start right? And then like some of our casts on it again, and we all love to drink. We have a threesome with you star. Moms would literally. Kills the best things about your because I think Fanta pumpers in summer house are very similar in the sense. It's like a really good close group of friends. Yeah. Drinking and doing silly things and hooking up and all that one thing that I think makes summer house like security camera outage. But then also getting to see everybody at the end of the net, come home and eat such a crucial point of going out. Yeah. You don't often see at pumpers. It's like we're at a restaurant. And then you you don't really see everybody when they get home right at two thirty in the morning time. They're like literally. What can yeah. Yeah. It's like that real world aspect, and I have to Amanda did all of our food ordering. So like, she would do all the freshdirect order. So we would like I would feel like it was my mom and opened the refrigerator and be like, Amanda, we have nothing. And like, I cheat sticks for an entire summer. I was gonna ask you 'cause I saw on one of the episodes every time when you guys got there. There was like a box of like, yeah. Cases of Rosa. What looked like food and stuff gracious preorder all of your Manta would like order on Wednesday. And then it would get delivered on. Yeah. How many bottles of do? You think? Y'all whispering angel sponsor you guys. I mean, we had a party one time. We got all the alcohol, and we're like come on guys. We're not going to need all of this. And like halfway through the party. We were like. No, there's no way home on. Oh my God. I have problems. I like to know what the total whispering angel Bill is at the end of the summer. I even imagine I'm going to make friends with MandA just so I can find out without we all are on like an app where we split everything. So could figure it out, and you actually have to clean up after yourselves like Lena. Yeah, we clean up some more than others. And by that. I mean, I never clean. But that we do like hire someone like a little bit. I learnt to know what the person who has rent the house. I don't know what the person who owns the house. I want to know if they watch. And what they think about what you guys you out. I feel like Kyle has met them. But I've never like when they were showing one morning. There was like red splatter of God knows. Well, everyone's looks like enough to clean. I'm like if I was the owner. I would be sitting there like biting my nails. We try like we are very respectful to the house 'cause we live in it. But like when we have parties all over the floor like watching key allot watching shows like summer house. Make me wanna not Airbnb. Oh, yeah. Yeah. They're like you can make so much money in April. Mike, I'll probably wanting to stay there. And so I'll just pay my own mortgage. Okay. Question about the pantry. Obviously, you guys go in there to make out because there are no cameras. So everyone thinks that that is partly why. But the other thing is like we do come back, and we're drunk eating snacks were in there. She was like why are there Dicks? So like if I was going in for like chips or like a drink or something I feel like I knew Carl would be in the pantry. He always knew I would be like around there and that but they did end up. There wasn't a camera in the panic because no one was ever in. They were getting off pantry cower. And then I think later in the summer pantry camera wasn't stalled. Okay. That was my next question. Sweep in the right? We're only they showed his last words before he tells me, I love Amanda. But. Like poking around the quiz. Snow fell asleep in the pantry like really thought you were getting your shit together. Pantries my spot like. Well, we see the proposal the season. You will see how it all unfolds? And you will definitely see a glimpse, right? Yes. I wondered that. 'cause now like doing it ovens live and like media her as engaged to Kyle watching the show, and I'm like, yeah. Where's this going to meet? Yeah. How many do you know how many episodes you have the season? I'm pretty sure we just aired five. And I think we have thirteen or fourteen. Okay. Good. So you're not even halfway anything that you think is going to happen. Probably happen now. Now, I'm hooked I'm investing. Yeah. Does Carl hook up with anyone else in the house? You don't have to stay in the house. No. I don't know if there was in hand me out or some Jordan. Does Jordan hook up with anyone? Okay. Interesting. There's but there could be other people. But okay thoughts on Daniel love Danielle is low key hole. Larry, and I feel like it never gets picked up. Yeah. Because she says things like under her breath. And like one night we were drunk in the kitchen. She was saying things, and I was like what? Like, I was like you're funny, and she's like, no one ever notices that. She's very funny and she loves to dance by yourself. Is always a good time that for because it's like, I mean, she's just you know, that I feel like typical girl, I don't know her personally, but just kind of seems harder sleeve they made Alec obviously as a girl, you know, you kind of think like unless you put it out there like I just wanna make out with you because I'm drunk as well. And you put out like the girl, right attitude. Like, you're going to kind of think like it's not just going to be one thing. So like I really felt for her because I've definitely been in position before early lead her on a little bit. It wasn't that she wanted to like full-blown datum. She wasn't expect summer fling expecting him to come back and like all that talk shit about her behind her back. Right. So most of your make outs are all of them that we've seen so far have been in the pantry. Yes. Will we see any on camera on the bus and on in the air? Okay. But I like the twenty minutes. Panshir twenty minutes. I'm not doing right in the kitchen. Middle of everyone. But yeah, we I think we make out like a few more times. But nothing like full-blown after Yasser make you out in the vineyard like this is so romantic or you're gonna propose and then he started talking. I was like shot. Because with all of those cameras like I mean, especially with you know, the couples are like even ever state over with Lindsay and whatnot. It's like their cameras in your room bathroom paradise. And that stuff where it's like this. You really get no privacy like what core porn a little bit. But what is that like a hooking up on camera yet? I never slept anyone's bed. I'd never hooked up with anyone on camera. One not just because the cameras are there. But yet that's a little bit weird. But also like it just like Carlin, I just weren't at wait where it would be like normal for me to go sleep in his bed. So it never really crossed my mind are the cameras like big where like bigger than like, a gopro or security camera where you're like, I'm on camera. I know or or do you get so used to them that you forget this. So the camera in the corner of our room is probably like the size of that. Bigger than a gopro bigger than a go pro. But they're, you know, they're they're. But honestly, and I feel so dumb for saying this because like I watch reality shows before and I'd be like how do you forget? There's cameras are used to bid. You forget. Yeah. Like, you fully forget, oh, totally especially if you're drunk or in the moment or like, you just you don't realize that. I mean, it's harder for us. Because there's a six foot five man by the camera like, yeah. In our face. But like if there were the little ones like when they're in our hotel rooms and stuff, you definitely got there there because we're so used to filming with a crew that just have like those. That's crazy. It's times when we would come home drunk. Yeah. Like, no one's around. And there's just like cameras in our kitchen, and we're just like being ourselves Odelay probably off it's fine. Like, whatever they don't want. This. This absolutely want. You guys coming home being who ate the pizza who ate this towards the end of this season over uniform rules. I have like my first like real like make out like individual. Stay with you. But I just like watched because it was just the reunions. We have to bend the end of the reason, and I'm like watching it back. But I remember being in that moment where I was like this is what it feels like to be the bachelorette literally boom mic. It's let literally do cameras and it's just dead silent. We're just like hush longer. Do we make out for like we're trying to round the bases? But they're still cared air. Like, and then you feel bad for that camera guy. Like sorry. Happening. What were you most worried about going into the show? Or did you just incompletely open-minded? Like, I didn't know what to expect. So I like there was no room for me be nervous because I was like, I honestly have no idea. What's going to happen? I didn't realize I was going to have as much fun as I really did have. And how much how close I was going to become with everyone because you're kind of doing this weird experience together. Like, yes, we are filming a show, but also living in a house with people is like, so Jeff it's so different. And I've never lived in house with people for an entire summer. Yeah. So we had a lot of fun together. And like, I didn't realize how close we really would all which we did even like with our shows in lots. It's like oh trip or something. Like, I mean, a lot of people live close to each other. But we live together. Always does like if we do like a van of rules like overawed where we like open up the restaurant, but all had to live together in a house. Could you? I'm back up debt. I know one hundred percent half you. But it's like when you put that aspect onto a show adds a whole extra level. Yeah. Like a good door slam. Yeah. Oh, I'm telling you. I enjoy just for watching those come home at two in the morning. Yeah. As always eating like deli meat Turkey out of the bag. And like, I was like, wow. Wow. Do you want chicken salad, and you're like? Wow. Oh, yeah. Three. Again, solid. Well, I'm predicting season for an eight and crossovers. I want to I like especially now being like a single and fund Cina married in unhappily, married. But like I feel like I would have so much more fun with you guys. I would loan trip. Yes. Like, I feel like I mean, we obviously the weekends are vacation every weekend. But if we took a trip for like a week, I feel like totally where do you live in Manhattan? I live on the Upper West side. Okay. Cool. Yeah. I've lived there for about. I've lived in the city for five years is that where most of the other cast. I always wondered where you guys all me all live completely different spots in Manhattan. But yeah, like Daniela's in Brooklyn, Jordan and actually Lindsey lived a few streets away handle kind of close to me. But all of you guys. Do I mean on like the Vander pump crew you guys all do legitimately have like Monday to Friday like jobs, and yeah, we're all like doing. So I heard Karl, oh, they gave me like a summer Friday. Could you guys take off a week of work to go on a trip? Yeah. I mean, like if you I mean, I do freelance stuff like if I can work remote, totally. And then I don't know like summer Fridays. Not every company has it. But in the city most companies do because everyone goes to the Hampton. Yeah. So it's like a pretty normal thing. But yeah, I feel like we could figure it out. Why did you decide the first night? Just stay instead of going. Out to dinner. I mean, you say vegetable. Honestly, I would I'm meet new people get very nervous. Like, I'm very reserved. I like to like assess everyone's personality I and I'm not good at meeting new people. Like, I'm like a weirdo almost. So like going out. I was just like like, I know like, I'm probably not going to be fun. Then they're gonna think I'm like, not fun. And then I'm like in my head. I'm like, I was gonna stay home. I'm like, I knew Amanda the most like whatever MandA does I'm going to do. Plus, she started cooking dinner. So I like it was rude. If I was like, oh, you cook dinner. We're. So I stayed. I mean it worked out it was like half and half. Yeah. And Carl he's like in the Middle East. What do I do doing? All right. Let's see what. Oh, that's Sunday dinner. That's what I wanted to mention that you made looked so awesome. It was like the biggest bowl pasta salad thing. Yeah. It was really fun. Yeah. So what is your favorite thing to? Doc. So I can't make that much stuff and contrary to what people think. No, one in York has a big kitchen servants. Yeah. And then like if you're cooking for one person, I'm like, wow. This is so depressing. Probably gonna. But I can make probably like four to five good dishes, and my mom will just like send me the recipe. And then it's basically just read what she wrote just do it. So probably like anything with pasta. I can do I make really good chicken dish. I've made salmon before the same person let her lay out there like inventing dishes, but I can read so I can read a cookbook co two and then she has pizza lunch Ables, always hot zealous string cheese and Capri sun. Those are always in my there's always a frozen pizza and my friends in case of an emergent. I froze frozen burritos in my freezer. Yes. Always and Tito's a bottle of Tito. Yeah. For sure, but like my son I like that because apple juice box crawl. So they're always always have Capri Suns, literally, my go-to. But I do have my staple like, yeah. Dishes. I may four. Yeah. Cookbook that my mom gave me for Christmas. It's been like, I don't know pilot seven years now. And it was just like one of the times where I was thinking. I was like I mean, God forbid something happens, you, I don't know how to make any of your stuff. Yeah. And so it was like the best and saddest Christmas president ever can't wrote all of harass. Appease her mom's recipes. Or a book for me well night. And then in one of my moves, it was like a couple of pages got a little wet and free. It's going to be all. But it was it was okay. I make like four to five. Thanks, then. Like when you meet a guy, can you cook? I'm like, yeah. Little do you know, it's a rotation of fourth. I'm the same way. Okay. So how long have you been single for? Probably about. Two and a half mostly on my ex-boyfriend says he'd probably say two and a half. I'd say three. I don't know if it's the same one. We're talking about her ex boyfriend is friends with Johnny. Oh, yeah. Johnny who offer teat. Yeah. Okay. We went to Sundance with them with Johnny of that whole. I don't think I only know Johnny role is his roommate. But I've only met him maybe twice. Okay. Yeah. I saw that. I think you guys follow each other follows you're and I had awesome about you is like always like Oscars better looking MIR her ex boyfriend because we look similar so they look identical. So we are the one time I saw a picture of Johnny. And it was like with some girl. And I was like where are you? I like zoomed in then I realized I was on someone else's Instagram because I was like who is that. That. But yet they look very similar. It's very weird funny. What stating in New York City like a torture? I imagine it's worse than LA. You think I think it's different for different reasons? But like dating in New York, there's so many more girls in New York than there are guys like you're walking around with like a five nine model like as your competition. So it's just like my leg. Thanks. I would've opposite. I imagine like New York City like a lot of bitches not here. Courtney Berman talking about dating New York the entire. Fall painful. Okay. Just assumed LA was the worst of it. I think they're probably yet. They're probably equally and just in LA everyone's broken on employed. At least in New York. They have careers, bro employer. Really good-looking raptors like rich assholes. Yeah. I'm an actress mind forces Newark together. Together. One. Good one. Yeah. I guess that's what the midwest is for I've met the mid west guys. They're so nice. I'm like be here. Another year, you're going to be so rude. Okay. So I've got a ton of question on Instagram that food. So I wanna go through some of those before we wrap up, but I have to know. And this is also a question. Several people ask on your list of things you want in a future boyfriend. Yes, what is the most important? And what is the least the most important is how he ultimately treats me if he gets along with my family family's very big thing for me. That's very important to me. The least important to me is probably. Do you have on your phone? Yeah. I'm always adding to. I mean, probably just like little things that I could compromise. How things are on the list? How many pages is it? Go. It's only. It looks like short and different. I I like, I always add things I always take things out like honestly, as I get older like if they dress well or not not a big deal because all right? So things. Makeover to be funny. You have to get my humor we have to like the same movies. If you don't get my movie quotes, it's not gonna work things like that. You just have to get me. What's your favorite movie? Oh my God favorites. That's so hard so hard. So I love any comedy movies like the classic like wedding crashers like that. My all time favorite movie is probably my cousin Vinny. Ooh. Okay. I love that. Like, I like oral Janet's thing. Yeah. I love I love, obviously, like devil wears Prada like the girlie movies to loan those. Yeah. Big movie girl. Okay. So what are you cutting off your list? You didn't answer. She said dressing. Oh, yes starts anything. I change his physical stuff less important. Yeah. Okay. So Elizabeth underscore on snow. Kyle was single would page of one or two hook up with him over Karl. No, I felt bags out three on it. They're like, okay. Let's. I'm like a man does not sitting in front of you single. Would you know? I can't even think of it. I like him napping because only know him with Amanda automatically. No, I also not into guys with blonde hair. Yeah. Yes. Me either. Yet the guy I'm banging all season, the Blondie just. Yeah. If I were not dating out of Bosch dirty. He's not a brunette guy tall dark in his ground here with the little like Goldie wispy. He he's like a blonde for guy. He's very blonde. Why all-american? Yeah. I like a like tall dark handsome. Persian. This is where. See this is where if we go out we're going to butts because we're gonna like the same guy. And they're both gonna like us. Sister wives. Honestly, I'd at this point. I'm I'm thirty four almost and divorced three. I'm twenty six. Okay. Because you're the youngest cast member of everybody, and I don't let anyone forget it. Okay. House show wants to know what you do to work out. Or are you just genetically blessed? I feel bad saying this because they don't want. But I honestly don't work out at all. But I eat in moderation. Yeah. Like all eat what I want. But I won't eat a lot of if I do work out. I try and do like Pilates. But I I couldn't tell you it worked. I didn't like my way. I didn't work out in my twenties at all. I really didn't start out into fitness until like thirty thirty one. Yeah. I I need to start because it's not just about being skinny or like being in shape. It's like being healthy and strong. Yeah. Movie Rousseau wants to know. Do you have an age you wanna get married or have kids by? I mean, I can't plan that stuff as much as I'd like to. But ideally, I'd love to be engaged at thirty. Yeah. Thousand good age. I say no one should get married under thirty should be legal. Young well younger and both are thirty. Yeah. Or at thirty. Yeah. So yeah, that's very smart, Dan. Oh, fourteen months. No of Jordan as do. She seems no. Ray e Karl dean wants to know how long your last relationship was. And why it ended my last relationship was on it? I was very young on and off for probably about two and a half years ultimately ended because we were both just doing things to pick. The other one off like we were both very at fault. Like, he would do things, and I'd be like watch this hope. We are very good, friends and talk all the time. So nice. Down that see there's a couple more. Sammy Samec wants to know the bus places to shop for petite late twenties girls in New York. Well, I mean, I love DARA. I literally that's all I lot of people asked about fashion as I know you do things on Instagram with affordable. A lot of money because it's also trends like I'm not going to what I'm wearing this. Like winter's. Yeah. Probably not going to wear it next winter unless it's like a classic piece. So I never spent a lot of money on trends. So like Zara forever twenty one h Anna, I was looking through all of your Instagram post. And I was like oh my God. Where'd you get this house? Don't even look I'm not going to be able to like ACO's, and I was like. Like one of those girls that's going on revolve in his like look at this topic for eight hundred dollars such a steel. That's my group Chhaya. I'm like can't I addressed guy also helped me I'm poor. Little little. Pretty little. Yeah. She gets basically their entire website new stuff. She's like fifteen things, but it's like only like two hundred dollars fifteen item. Yeah. I love it. I stand pretty little thing. Shut out. Yup. I haven't been to the news story. Don't Melrose pardon. Yeah. There's a story. Just we were in Australia. The opening it's right around the corner from diet and pay the Hugh stories they've unicorns, and it's all pink. I used to go. I know it I'm going I drive pass it, and I have been inside. So what are obviously forever twenty one? I e so Salah I love a stop shop top shop loved the top. Shop has great genes. Like the white genes that I I realize I wear them every single weekend. I wear them all summer from top shop. Okay. As saying I love that. Yeah. What are you doing the rest of today? You're there to what Friday I'm here till Friday. My mom is here with my brother. So we made like a little trip out of it. We're going to go out to dinner. And just like some drinks, I'll some will Janet, and I are going to be out and about tonight. So maybe. Off the craziness if you haven't been tomorrow night. We'll by the time. This airs it we'll have already aired. But tomorrow night, I'm on Hollywood medium. Oh my God. So I'm going to have a few people over and make one of my four stable dinner dishes. If. Oh my God. Is it real? Is it like whatever like Sheena and her mom both? Do you know that I'm jest with that? Same like, I go to a psychic at least once every six months. Yeah. Really? I ever told you come true or. Or predicted that has predicted like a lot of career things. Like, I was like look, dude, I'm here because I am I going to get married and am I gonna have kids yet chill out? You'll get married by thirty. Yeah. One of the things that Tyler Henry's. He was like I do see being among but like an unconventional way. And I go to mean, adoption or like in vitro or what? And he was like like an in-vitro something like that. I was like that's crazy because I've been thinking about freezing, my eggs, and he's like you should do that. And she did I did. Wow. That hurt for me. It was very easy painless process. I get talks every three months twenty to choose. I have no issue with needles. It was the more. I think I have a high pain tolerance. Yeah. I think what was the hardest thing. I mean, you were going to so many appointments every single day. And like I feel like you were just stressed. Yeah. I have to be here at this time for this this this I went to one of her where she had to do this shots in the stomach, and I'm like there for moral supporting the you can do this. And then they bring out a needle. And I'm like, I'm gonna get me a water. Having trouble. Every honestly, and I'm going to end on this note, the hardest part about freezing my eggs for me. And this is where I feel like Hanan. I relate was not being able to have sex for a month. I didn't even know that was part of that. Yeah. Because you're literally injecting yourself with hormones making yourself fertile. Oh, my pregnant right now, it's like a lot of babies at one time. Oh my God. You have been like a mom of six optimum I missed opportunity on that. No. We're gonna go. Thanks for listening and watched summer house every Monday night and him with. My Instagram page PI underscored disor boat. DAS are amazing boom and anything else. You wanna mention before? I think you so much reading me. So. And like your living room, just like schnatter? Yeah. Well, that'll be some aren't part two. All right, guys. Thanks for listening to shenanigans. Download new episodes every Tuesday scribe on the podcast one at podcast dot com or at apple podcasts. And don't forget to rate and review the show on apple podcast. With me. We'll get into. Me I'm gonna make you wanna. Hey, everybody. This is AJ Benza and happy to announce the my show fame is bitches now on podcast one on bring you my unfiltered opinions on the biggest stories in pop culture. Download new episodes of famous bitch three times a week apple podcasts and odd cast one. Let's see you just bought a house bad news is you're one step closer to becoming your parents, you probably multiple on. 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