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Best Of (Lamar Jackson, 49ers, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes)


Today's podcast is brought to you by visa with the capacity to process over sixty five thousand transaction messages every second visa has been bringing innovations nations to the way we pay for over sixty years. Imagine a world where instead of just tapping to pay with visa. You had to wait for everyone in front of you to cut a check. Check every where you went. Imagine how much fun it'd be trying to track down your cousin and Milwaukee for League dues. That's why visa's vision is to be the best way to pay and be paid everywhere so you won't have to whatever your goals are. Visa makes paying fast N.. Easy the only thing left to figure out what is where would you like to be visa everywhere. You want to many still. Oh can't figure out the titans knocking Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens to advance to the AFC championship game. And it was a game to forget for Lamar Jackson probable bubble. MVP once again struggling in the playoffs he had three turnovers. He was stopped short on fourth. And One two times and Baltimore's defense couldn't stop Derrick Henry who led the way with one hundred ninety five yards. Here's quarterback Lamar Jackson after the loss. Will he be painful for you over the next year is here. People spend all that time talking about. How do you playoff game for? Will you be harder on yourself. Anybody else nominee care about what they say. This is my second year lead. Many people don't be able to make it to the playoffs. I've got a great team with me when you remember about what the people say we are going to keep on in the newsroom. Are we'll get. We'll get to how the ravens were able to do this. But but I this is now two playoff games. Lamar struggled after obviously having having the season he had this past season. What does that say about Lamar Jackson well to be fair? Game obviously was not entirely on Lamar. There was some bad drops early the ravens team that was perfect. Eight for eight on fourth and one throughout the year. had to fourth and one snuffed out to tightened responded to both of those by long drives for points and Ravens defense which had been exceptional ever since week. Three and really great ever since they had. Marcus Peters had one of their worst games of the ear. So all of these none of those things are not individually on the more but Lamar now in consecutive years has had his single worst game of the season in the playoffs playoffs. In Consecutive Years Lamar's play has propelled Baltimore to the post season. Only to have in the postseason he played terribly and that is not that surprising. It's not that odd. It is something very similar to how peyton manning's career started in the beginning where he was great the regular season and then struggled mightily in the playoffs. But what. What I'm not going to do today is go to either end of this? I'm not going to act like this. Is a a total indictment on Lamar and this is why he fell to the end of the first round. This is why mobile. quarterbacks can't succeed that would be too harsh and that would be too reactionary canary after we saw what he did in the regular season. What I'm also not going to do? Though is patronize him and act. Like this doesn't matter it matters and in the NFL. We've decided sighted fairly or not. quarterbacks are going to be judged differently than other players and they're gonNA be judge disproportionately by how well they do in the postseason. It's why before Brady had six rings. And before. He had anything close to the numbers he had. There was a real argument. He was better than Peyton. Manning peyton manning at a boatload regular season. MVP's he's because Peyton manning got worse in the postseason Brady got better and so the more. It's not just going to be a long offseason brandon. It's going to be a long twelve L. months because he no one will care even if it's unfair what he does. In next year's regular season nothing will matter for Lamar until again again until he's back in the playoffs and as a chance to have. Is I good playoff game and I know he had five hundred yards total and I again and I understand you can say well this. This is why wasn't on him in this and it wasn't all on him. But if you were to look at the seventeen sixteen games. He played this year Brandon. This was the worst one and obviously came at the worst possible time. So Lamar Jackson this game. Say Too much for me when it comes to like you said criticized for this game. Because last year playoff I kept the training wheels on. They didn't open up the playbook playbook so much I feel like they want him to just stick to these amount of players. You're still young. Just get some experience and that ended again they let them throw a little bit. And that's when he loosened up this game the Ravens in show the best team that Defense Dan play will not the the thing that hurt the Ramos. The most Mark Ingram with unhealthy. And this offense and there's offers a coordinated this team didn't know what to do and how to adjust usually more ingram is going four yard secured three yards a carry five yards a carry. And then Lamar might pull it and go eight yards net keith defense all balance so oh not having Mark Ingram there and I think mark going twenty something you asked his game. It really hurt his team. Because I felt like Lamar started to press a little bit and it shows immaturity from from not being in the playoffs too long and that's why I think he's just needs to grow a little bit. Maybe those four thin ones go a little different if marketing rooms back there definitely Damar England. Pick those up definitely. And I just ain't Lamar Lamar the margins Awash Russell. Wilson is all season and see how he takes the game. He doesn't get rattled. He doesn't press or anything. Lamar Jackson should Iran more in a pocket hockey because they couldn't rushed the ball. So when you draw back. They tried to have a spy on him with Tennessee in back income three Arthur this guy once he star running the ball so just take the game in your hands S. do was the best of your bill nets running the football and that's how you get your team. Let them game on minimum. You know it's interesting as we talk so much about how. Lamar Jackson has handled all the the accolades that came this season. How Humboldt he was by how he was able to really put everything in perspective? I want to talk about what I've done. I just WanNa talk about the Super Bowl and I think we thought that would parlay itself into having the right mindset and not getting to rattlers you said not pressing too much. How much of what happened was because the titans played spot on? And how much of was Lamar do. It was a really good game plan. What during the week last week? Now I can't sit here and say I had the courage to pick Tennessee but I kept explaining why I thought Tennessee to see a very very good shot. The rust was clear. The l'amour Played One game since December thirteenth prior to this weekend. Today's January thirteenth. So the rust was a real factor. Tennessee did exactly what we said on the show they were going to do. Listen man if you're going to beat us deep in the outside you're going to beat us and it but we're not going to let you do. Is You gash us up the middle with your legs or with other running back legs and the Ravens then also had some bad luck. The the interceptions offers hands they go for a fourth down that they've been going four all year facto turnover. They go for another four thousand late. They don't get it. That's a defacto turnover for all those things went against them and Baltimore is not built to come from behind like you're not going to have superstar wide receivers on that team. Because SMO- SMO- superstar wide receivers aren't going to sign up to block seventy five percent of the plays anyway right like boy. It's not going to be an attractive offense for them and it and it was the exact gain planet team needed to beat them. But so for Lamar in his two career. Playoff Games is fifty one percent three touchdowns three picks four fumbles two of them lost and a passer rating or in the sixties. It's it's not good not good. There's no denying that it's not good. It is not different. By the way didn't Peyton Manning's first three career playoff games. Completion percentage of forty eight percent a passer rating in the fifties including a forty one. Nothing wash out and by the way a loss to Tennessee as the top seed with a by like that did happen was made that year they were he was damn close. It was they were thirteen. Three was year ear to for him. He was sensational and the one of their concern. I have though for the Mars this brandon all year long. We've talked about long-term. Is this play style. Sustainable sustainable is he susceptible to injuries. And what I've said is who gives a damn if they win the super bowl will. They didn't win the Super Bowl. And I don't think Lamar is going to be able to play like this for fifteen years ears. I think you know most quarterbacks window is this long his shorter because the athleticism and play style. This is a year. They're never going to be better position than the one seed. Need as healthy as they were outside of Ingram and so that does make the defeat all the more crushing the reason I alluded to Russell Wilson before because Russell Wilson also runs the ball but nobody worries about his health because we get endanger. He slides the march still takes hits. And that's why you wonder if you'd be sustainable. And we just have to get a Tennessee. Titans off by some credit. They had some long drives that that defense on field and kept their offense on the field and then let Lamar Jackson getting into rhythm you know if he has three and now he can't come right back on the field he has to sit for a while. See it for a while. Think about it and then when you come in here at the press a little bit because you don't know when the next time he'll get back on the field so you have Tennessee some created when it comes to Hayao hey office on a field we rushing the ball and hey Lemar just stick to the side they always say your defense is your offense sometime. I'm GONNA give Nick a little bit of credit. You may not have picked the ravens but on Friday Friday titans rather on Friday. You actually kind of half whispered had said in our newsroom meeting. You folks don't heightened. I didn't have the courage for Eddie Credit. I shouldn't just set it to flow. I Bet I bet I just more than shutting. Go to the Vikings they took on the forty niners. San Francisco defense was all over over kirk cousins skulking him six times picking him off once the niners will now host Green Bay Sunday on Fox with a trip to super bowl. Fifty four on on the line brandon is a time for everyone to acknowledge that the forty niners are actually a great football team all season long every couple of weeks we were like. Oh is this the real neil forty for now. We're here are they for real. They're definitely for real now. My jump I'm going to jump out on a limb right now. Say they're the best team in playoffs. Okay all right now the four yesterday. Control the line of scrimmage or two days golf star control the Line of scrimmage it was unreal. You know it was so much what there's deep the coordinator to get pressure with his front four he can play zone coverage all day in all the throwing windows for Kirk. You don't have the right man coverage and led Minnesota receivers beach. You want to one Minnesota gotta touchdown early on the outside of digs and it was like no more. We're going we're going to force you to throw a small pockets and they couldn't this deepest this align plays so great they control the game that was the highlight for me for the forty niners. Then this man they can run the ball they can throw the ball. Shit ahead does a great job of not letting their receivers just sit outside and have one coverage he brings everything in tight and he beats on where you know the way. He's just designs. His offense to is get open receivers get open. What kills in a tight end and the way kittles buys in and blots in running game they believe in this coat this team believes in their self? And that's why I believe. They're the best team in the playoffs right now while I won't go as far as say the best team in the playoffs. They I've been as big of a forty niner doubters. Anybody said before the year. I didn't understand why they were picked picked by vegas favorite to make the playoffs. I didn't believe in the quarterback and at every benchmark they have passed with flying colors. They've lost three times. This year was in Overtime to Seattle was on the final play of the game to Atlanta. Remember that the Julio Jones play was he was he not and the other was the twenty two seventeen slugfest in a monsoon against against Baltimore. Those they have won all those games. Meanwhile they whooped Green Bay annihilated. I'm thirty seven eight. They got revenge against Seattle and they beaten Moreland wins in a shootout forty eight forty six in the superdome. They have as good of a resume as anyone. I eight weeks of the year. They were the best defense in the NFL. New England England patriots. The last half of the year. The defense was not nearly itself what happened will Alexander Jaguars Charter D Ford One or two or all of them. mistime over those finally games. This was the first game since week. Eight that all those guys have been together and not shocking inside the defense was dominant and the other thing that I have have to give San Francisco credit for it. Because they have of all the quarterbacks well Tannin was probably the worst quarterback left. Will Rogers mahomes and Jimmy G.. One of these three is not like the other. They have the worst quarterback of the three teams that are the true contenders for a super bowl. But they also have the best coach with respect. Andy Reid with respect to metaphor and my grabble Mike or Kyle Shanahan. Pardon me what. He does schematically offensively because he has three viable running backs. A great tight end and a capable. Oh quarterback even if Jimmy G. is going to throw it at least once a game everyone seems to be running open like guys. They're such difficult to defend and with all that set. Oh probably pick against him again this coming week because I've been doing it all you like. I do like to stay consistent. But with that said they they don't have a clear cut weakness this right now other than can you rattle Jimmy G. and make him make some mistakes. He made some mistakes in this game and they still rolled aside from the wants to fund digs. Play the deepens pitch. It's basically a shutout and the offense did enough to give them a comfortable margin the whole game. It's a fun team to watch. You liked to watch what he's doing with that team. Let's get back to the packers and Aaron Rodgers who led Green Bay to an impressive twenty eight twenty three win over the seahawks last night. Rodgers threw for two hundred forty three yards and two touchdowns plus he converted to crucial third downs. To seal the victory for Green May Brennan. How important was this for Rogers legacy this is very important? You know because the young guys stole the show this year with a mark Jackson Pasha Mahal. These guys everybody kind of forgot about Eh Rogers and what he does for his team in Green Bay. And it may seem right when it came to Mike McCarthy when it's just felt like him and Mike McCarthy is this agree when it came to game plan in game situation last year or two years ago it just felt like he was right. Just put the ball in my hands like you alluded to earlier. You say Mike McCarthy would've ran. The ball ran the ball. Punted away up late in the game when they had the win win. Seattle pundit it back to Green Bay Green Bay needed to I downsize the game game they have a first and ten they run for two yards then threw it on second down incomplete through on third down and got the big play and then he threw it on another third down in the past. They said three times. You don't get a first down. Trust our defense to hold on and very often the defense did and previously you see when Aaron Rodgers seen frustrated at someone to call. Mike McCarthy made those calls but Leflore came amen entrusted his guy we. We don't talk enough about what rookie head coach like. LEFLORE did this year because we spent the preseason talking about the relationship and then we spent during the season talking about why Aaron Rodgers hadn't been that good. Meanwhile here they are you talking about Aaron Rodgers. Legacy Mel floor was the head coach that has sort of driven them to this point. All and I'm glad you mentioned the Mike McCarthy part of Brandon because the if they lose this week if they had lost this weekend and Mike McCarthy is the newly minted head coach of the Dallas list cowboys and Aaron Rodgers Loses a home playoff game after thirteen and three season one and done in the playoffs. Then a lot of people are saying. Oh if this was a divorce if we you want to say who won the divorce so to speak. Who won the break-up it'd be it'd be the coach of the cowboys not the quarterback who's on his couch instead? Rogers played really brilliantly. He didn't have eye-popping stats but he had. Every single passing through that went over ten yards in the air was complete on third down hit a perfect passer rating and he made the two biggest plays of the game. A check to Davante Adams on third and eight. And then the plate of Jimmy Graham which I'm sure and Roger Chaffee and was a little specialty. Jimmy Jimmy at played in Seattle. Those two plays prevented the terrifying Russell Wilson from getting the ball back with a chance to win the football game and the thing about Roger's was Lexi that helps so much as his say I told you so they can beat San Francisco and get to a super bowl now. You're gonNA wonder how many people bowls where he would have got to hit it been light. Hey Trust me with the ball. I told you I'm the guy that's going to get us to the promised land. It goes to say how many super bowls cut rogers have gotten to if this guy has corner so this game was very are you. That's one of the great. WHAT IFS in? NFL history is the last time the seahawks packers played in the playoffs. Two thousand fourteen. NFC Championship game. When the packers of the twelve point lead late and they end up blowing it losing overtime if the backers hold onto that and that was a game where McCarthy took the ball out of Roger's hands a lot they kicked two very short field goals late in the game they just tried to take the air out of it and settling trying to let Rogers get first downs to where they didn't have to give the ball back to Seattle? What we would have gotten is Aaron Rodgers with one super bowl just a few years prior playing Tom Brady who at the time had three super bowls hadn't won one in a decade and had lost two straight for Rogers would have been a chance? Like forget the the best quarterback other than Brady he would've had to brady would've lost three and all these opportunities. Since then that's the closest backers had been to a super bowl until right now this this moment. They blew that gaming in Seattle with Mike McCarthy there they beat Seattle and held on this year events up mahomes mounted unbelievable comeback. Three hundred twenty one yards five touchdowns he became the first player in postseason history. With at least three hundred passing yards fifty rushing yards and five touchdowns. Nick did mahomes cement himself as the best player in the NFL. No because is he cemented himself as that last year and anyone being fair anyone evaluating anyone watching new and all year long Lamar won the MVP and deserve deserved it and by the way for a good portion of the season Russell. Wilson was better had a better than Patrick as well. Now Patrick at his ankle sprained his kneecap dislocated and he wolverine themselves back to health in two weeks but still those guys had better seasons but just like there have been individual years guys had better seasons than Lebron we've known for fourteen consecutive five years who the best player in the world is and. I don't know Patrick old the title for fourteen consecutive years. But it's now two straight years. He's the best player in football and even my coachman genie cannot pull away from his performance. In this one you can pull away from the team coming out slow but why did they have a two three and outs early. Because perfectly placed balls that were dropped. And why did the team stay steady in the midst of Falling Down Twenty One and then twenty four nothing because their quarterback did and the last checkmark. We have wanted to see from Patrick Mahomes in the playoffs down. What does he do well his first I playoff game? They never trailed his second playoff game. They were down to the New England patriots in the fourth quarter. And he got the chiefs in the lead twice and his defense couldn't hold it and then with twenty seconds left he got him in field goal range to force overtime and then he never got touched the ball and in this game they went on a fifty one. To seven seven consecutive executive touchdown run asked and answered. He's the best player in the league. Keeps the most terrifying player in the league. He's the most unstoppable player in the league and coach. I think even you know it for weeks and weeks and weeks. We talked about Lamar Jackson. And you're on the Lamar Jackson Bandwagon. I think as hard as VP. Yeah and I don't ever remember you talking about Patrick Mahomes with such passion. And Ah look underlining love that you have form that. That's constantly simmering every day. I said he was the best player. In football. I would say towards Jackson incorrect. And then here we are incorrect and what we have a very good game game and Patrick spots the other team. Twenty four point seven really have a significant drive to the last two minutes of the first half but that's like last year's AFC championship game where he didn't really play well to the second half as well So we've got that golden this game. He had four touchdown passes in the second quarter. I think that's the first half but off the chick my abacus. I think the the second one quarter to one of the first one was a six yard. Drive one was like a thirty five. You know those were nights and you do have arguably the best tight tight end in football as well as another really frightening him coach. WHO's better if he's not the best player in football? Who's better than I think that you could make a case? Ah Lamar Jackson throughout the course of the season was better than him. Who's better than him? I think that Aaron Rodgers is better than him at this point and we're we may have an opportunity community that we may have an opportunity to see that plowed and the reason. I say that isn't just to give you a hard time. Although that's part of it. It's effect Aaron. Aaron Rodgers has had a to overcome coaching to some degree. And and this isn't a shot and Matt Leflore but a rookie head. Coach is a lot of things that you don't know and there's a lot of mistakes that you do. You make an Aaron Rodgers throughout the core season. I think he's done a great job of putting that team in a position to win when maybe there would have been some challenges with a less less experienced guy like Patrick mahomes. I think he definitely definitely. So he's the best in the game you know. Just pose feel the throws he may. He didn't come out and have have any flaws as game. He didn't have no sluggish early. Like you alluded to nick. He hit Kelsey in the hands here. Robertson and the hands and although he does have a great signal call in Andy Reid with him his decision making is impeccable. He always goes to the right guy on every route. And just to the composure. He has gone to Kelsey. You know the whole second second quarter. He didn't come off he no he had a mismatch and he was gonNA feed that mismatch all game so here decision making all the throws he can make in the pocket Romeo Canal blitz is to get them outside of Pakistan Rodham he making great throws outside of pocket. Great Decision Making nor WanNa throw the ball away win forcing tight coverage every thing. He has in his arsenal is making him the best quarterback in the game. Today I think Tennessee you'll do a better job of keeping them in the pocket of having a worse of having a Avenue controlled pass rush like they did with Baltimore. Think there's going to. There's going to be a lot of challenges that he's going to have to overcome that. Obviously he didn't have to overcome this past game and the last time they played played. What was it five vehicles? They weren't able to convert and may very many listeners. Love offense only scored thirty two points and so that wasn't enough to win. The defense attend rounded into form yet. But listen what will happen is. They'll beat the titans and then you'll come in and talk about how you're still not impressed and it's fine but when they win the Super Bowl you you're you're out of cards to play like a in anyone doubting out cards to play. There's no questions left. There's none left. This was one of these single. I want to be very clear. I will look into the camera. This this was one of the single greatest playoff games. Anyone has ever played in the one hundred year history of the sport. This was a team who the entire crowd thought they were going to lose. The head. Coach looked mummified removes his catatonic like. How could this be happening again? Travis Kelsey the best in football drops it tyree kill the one of the best speedsters in the League muffs upon everyone's terrified except for fifteen. WHO said guys they make a play to give us a spark? And I'll take care of the rest and McCall Hartman. Did his part and Daniel Sorensen his part and Travis Kelsey snapped into form and all of a sudden Patrick. Mahomes is hitting them here and here and they're keeping a foot behind the line of scrimmage having that awareness can keep it right by online scrimmage Travis Kelsey. We'll see there. He was perfect. There is nothing to be said about it other than Oh my God. How look? You're all of us that we get to watch him play for the next decade plus us. How lucky are all of us that the chiefs training staff relocated his KNEECAP on the field? So we didn't miss the rest of the season because this is what greatness is this. This is Brady coming back from twenty eight three down in the super bowl except that took Brady twenty-five minutes mahomes did it in nine to take the lead and then run away in the second half. That's that's what we all saw. Yesterday I used to think that skip bayless had the market cornered on love people but I think you might have position Zits new cell to love as hard as he. Listen I appreciate greatness that soliloquy quite impressive I sounds. It's hard letting nick have his moment. He waited a long time. We are actually here. I'd say another moment next the another one. I can't promise all those but right. Now here's your thank you for listening to the first things first. PODCAST remember. Leave us a review review. And tell us what you think. Subscribe to the podcast on Apple podcasts and catch on F s one Monday through Friday. Six Thirty A._M. Easter.

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