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Where Does Cam Newton Go From Here?


Hi It's Mimi host of the ESPN daily podcast. Wake up to the best story. You'll hear all day twenty minutes a day five days a week where you get an inside look look at the most interesting stories at ESPN. As told by the top reporters that insiders on the planet the breaking news is sportscenter with deep dive storytelling of thirty for thirty. Today's episode episode one. I thought like please listen and subscribe to Espn daily wherever you get your favorite podcasts. We're not watching the beginning of the end. It is. It's over for Cam Newton. I don't know why we are mincing words and trying to find a pretty way to put it. He can't do what he used to do. Nice knowing but you're done cam. Newton is the face of the Carolina Panthers and has been for nearly a decade ever since the team drafted him number one. Overall the quarterbacks ex- latest injury ended his season and kicked off speculation but the former league. MVP could leave Carolina for good. What would it take for the team to move on from Cam? And where might he end up. I mean sometimes it's Tuesday December third this is espn daily presented by Dell small business. Uh Jeremy the first line of your story is. He can't go out like this. It's kind of crazy to me that that is even being said about Cam Cam Newton in the first place. If you look at the situation with the Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton a guy that called Superman of former. MVP It is just hard to make sense ESPN NFL writer. Jeremy Fowler has spent the last few weeks reporting on Cam Newton's future going into the season of you to tell me that Cam Newton would potentially be on the way out of Carolina and there will be this big mess I would not by any stretch have believed you before we get into the confluence of factors that led us to this moment. Explain why it's so unusual to even be having a conversation like this about a quarterback like Newton will mean. It is crazy because he changed the game game. This is a guy that was bred to be a winner from his days at Auburn he won the national championship number. One overall pick set rookie records Kurds for total yards on winning. MVP in two thousand fifteen three different seasons of ten or more wins. Everything was lined up for this guy to be a top five top top ten quarterback for the next fifteen twenty years. Just terrible lineup. What an improvisational improvisational play by CAM? Newton he altered the way. We look at the style of the quarterback position. Because we've seen running quarterbacks before but this is a guy. I was flipping into the end zone quarterback. He's making the superman sign with his arms after scoring and and you know he was Such an imposing figure that he looked like a combination of a pass rusher linebacker and a running back coming at you full speed and the whole the mack truck. That was something ended. The League really hadn't seen before goodness isn't this is the NFL. You're not supposed to be able to do that. And then there was the off field appeal. This is a guy who would show up to. His press. Conference was a fashion show. He's got the bedazzled hats glasses being able to be Orally gifted. There's something that I think. A master to a degree. I mean this is a guy that we couldn't take our eyes off of whether whether he was on the field or do you think his style of football in some ways impacted his body in a way that led us to this point it has to be a factor. I mean we're talking about a guy who's taken eleven hundred plus hit since two thousand eleven and more than half of those have been in the last four years since around two thousand fifteen. That's more than Russell Wilson. More than any other guy. Things have piled up on them as a result he was all about power shear power that was part of what made him so great. He did bulldoze you in the open field. He could run for the thirty yards and so just. The pounding as a result has clearly affected where areas now so the first few years of camps career sort of builds towards this magical season in two thousand fifteen. He's the MVP and it all leads up to the Super Bowl and what should have been a high point for him ended up being a low one the pants lose and perhaps unfairly the the indelible memory for a lot of people is the fumble. He failed to recover. Do you think that game changed perceptions of him roll. It stripped him of his invincibility. One one personnel told me the Denver took his Superman Cape. They took it away and he was never the same after that. And that's probably unfair because it's one game on the the biggest stage but you know. Denver played a certain way where they kept hitting them. The seven six rushing four-ball comes out of the hands on the ground still on the ground picked up by the yard line. And since then cam sense of some really good moments but it's been a little hit or miss even on the field when he is in the lineup and so it was a turning point for a career that was at a wildly high trajectory at that point you're talking about not only an MVP season but he could get into the end zone. Whenever he wanted that year it was just? He played a pretty much flawless season. And then it all SORTA changed after that game so that super bowl will is kind of a turning point for Cam than what happened last season in two thousand eighteen well last season he was a potential. MVP candidate after the first eight or so weeks. The panthers are sitting at six and two Newton looks great. He's got nineteen total touchdowns you know he's rushing but he's also being patient the pocket making throws so this was a team That was on the rise and was sort of recapturing. Maybe the magic. They had a couple years earlier for that. Super Bowl run so it was nothing but promising at that point an annual in early Donovan. Where you go to Pittsburgh you go to Heinz field? You're thinking this'll be another turning point for your season and then TJ comes the blindside. He knocks Cam. Newton he runs right into that right right shoulder into the turf and he had already been on the injury report with a shoulder injury. They didn't think it was serious at that time but watts shot clearly reaggravated things to the point where by by the end of the year he was struggling to throw the ball. Forty forty five yards. I mean it was pretty ugly out there right. I mean he wasn't pulled but I remember number. They stopped using him for Hail Marys I N. It became apparent that something was deeply wrong. Throw by CAM. It didn't reach. The end zone landed fifteen yards short of the goal line. This is a guy that could throw sixty five yards on a rope. And so they're taking them out putting Taylor Heinecke of all people to throw a deep ball. I mean there couldn't have been a deeper foreshadow for maybe the problems that were rising with Cam Newton's future alright so he ends up shutting it down for the last two games of that twenty eighteen season and in the off season. He has some shoulder surgery but by the time this season starts it seems like he has recovered and things are looking optimistic again for Cham. How does the twenty nineteen season actually began for him throwing the ball? He looked pretty tentative. No touchdown passes in the first two weeks. He didn't really look as comfortable normally. Does you know that you can win games with them but certainly not an MVP level that. They're there used to so after the panthers second game against the Bucks. It's revealed that Cam has some kind of foot injury but nobody really knows what's going on right. There's a lot of mystery around the injury and all of a sudden campaigns out this fifteen minute youtube video go here we are just record. I want to be brutally honest. The video was him. Basically Chilin in a hat and glasses passes and he's in like this leather black chair and he opens up about his foot injury as I'm about to jog around realize okay. Uh I feel like in the game but it's like something missing. There was a bit bizarre. But it's it. It was good that he came on spoke about it. And try to provide some clarity and in that video basically said got hurt. preseason hurt the foot against the Patriots this is where I got him away because automatically. I got play we go. I can't let fans down. He basically told coaches. Hey I'm good I'm all good. You know I'm Superman. I can continue to play. And then once week two-headed reaggravated the injury. What happened offended with this footage metatarsal bones and they separate from the base of the? That's a list rank injury but if it's a really bad separation or some sort of break then usually need surgery. Cam has not had that yet which pretends everybody to believe. He's got a sprain but a pretty bad one just hasn't healed yet but he doesn't want to have surgery. I'm able to get the time off for me to. He'll get back to one hundred percent then. I have no doubt in my mind everything everything that we won't as a team can still be accomplished. He made clear in the video that they need to go away and get back to what I was. and that's significant anytime. A player says that that means they're out that doesn't mean they're going to rush back to play and so he basically new I think at that point I was GonNa shut it down coming up if can't actually leaves what will the market for him look like ESPN daily. We're covering the greatest sports stories in history. We know what makes the Dream Team. And when you're hiring for your business you need the recruits. That will become champions. That's why Oh you need indeed for your business indeed will help you find the best playmakers. Fear business with tools like online skills tests that help candidates show. They're the perfect hire for you. Post your next job at indeed dot com slash. ESPN daily and try skills test for free. That's indeed dot com slash. ESPN daily terms. Conditions conditions in exclusions apply Jeremy if you had told me a few years ago that Cam Newton would be available as trade target or free agent. I would have been shocked but that was when he was at his peak. How how is he played over the last year? So I mean the numbers are ugly. The numbers say he's one of the worst quarterbacks in the league right now and that's why we're having this conversation because he hasn't been good when he's been in the lineup and so the last eight starts all losses. Mind you CAM. Newton has the second worst. QBR In the League. He's ahead of only Josh Rosen. Who's on the bench in Miami? And in his last one hundred and seventy eight passes he's gone without a touchdown that's the longest streak. NFL Since Ryan Lindley two thousand twelve so that does tell you a little bit about Newton situation. He's clearly better than those guys but the stats say not by much right now. But it's also plausible. He wasn't actually healthy for any of those starts right right. I mean he was dealing with the shoulder all year last year and then the foot this year so he was clearly not the same guy but the stats have been pretty bad since two thousand sixteen. He's ranked thirtieth and QBR QBR slightly behind draft mate. Andy Dalton who was benched this year in Cincinnati part of the reason speculation about his future has heated it up over. The last month has been the performance of Kyle Allen the undrafted quarterback but he struggled a lot and this weekend he lost to Washington one interception seven sacks. QBR Of sixteen point six. Is it really realistic that the panthers might move onto him from in well. It's realistic in the sense. That if they decide. Hey we're we're not that close you know. We're not a surefire playoff team with or without Newton. There could be many rebuild. They're not going to be in a dolphin situation. I don't think our Bengal situation. But Kyle Allen I if you're going to rebuild in the short term. He's the guy to do with right. He's he's going to be an exclusive rights free agent x x year. which is the cheapest possible contract you can get in the NFL? so He'd make something less than a million dollars next year of the quarterback spot. And so you know the panthers can say hey look is a guy that we the least win some games with. They like how. He's bounced back from bad games. I think he's got five touchdowns and one interception coming off his too awful games including the one in San Francisco Cisco in the one and against Atlanta but those games are pretty bad. So it's like what's the ceiling here is. Ceiling is an undrafted free agent maybe slightly better than that. But that's what he is right. He's not a top ten pick. He's he's not a Cam Newton. In that regard there's also camps contract which is kind of working against him as well. How does that explain why the panthers are even considering moving on? Well we're having this conversation because he's easy to break up with the panthers can move on from him with no penalty whatsoever. He's in the last year of his contract. They they save nineteen point one million dollars if they cut him outright. So there's no penalty. They gain cap space that they can use on other players. And when you put that in contrast with current aren't starter Kyle Alan. He's GonNa make less than a million dollars last year so it makes financial sense to move on from Cam Newton and gives the team flexibility. And that's clearly a factor here. Well what is the future for the coaching. GM and Carolina. And how might that impact decision with Newton. Yeah see that's the biggest factor to me is if they move onto Ron Rivera. Then the new head coach will have considerable say over what they do a quarterback. That's just the way it's most likely going to be a new coach in an attractive job like that. We'll have some say in so as a result you know. They might want a lot of different things. They might want their draft. Pick to go straight to To An Alabama one of those guys. You Know Joe Borough whoever they can get you know they might like Kyle Allen enough to keep him and then maybe get a bridge veteran or his style might say hey we need camp you know he can still run he can still throw them in the pocket and we need that guy. What what do you think they'd have to see or hear from Newton this offseason to stick with him and when they have to make that decision by? So that's the thing they have time mm-hmm you know he's got a roster bonus do but it's five hundred thousand dollars and usually those are paid around offseason workouts so they theoretically stretch this out for a while you know as far as Newton. They want to hear that he's healthy. You know that he's in a good spot and they've been in communication with him. Certainly you know we haven't been privy to those talks but you know they know where he's at so if the sprained wrists up and and he feels good they can play to. The positive of this guy is going on a a full year plus of rest going into two thousand twenty so cam. Ironically enough could be at his healthiest in a long time because he's played through all these injuries all this time so maybe the rest will do him some good. I think that's why they will wait on any decision they WANNA see. How are we heels up? And how his body response if they were to try to trade him. Jeremy What do you think the market would be. What have you heard from executives around the league? Yeah yeah he said he would give up a third round. Pick for CAM. Newton that would be SORTA figured his value. I know but he said look. He's damaged right. I mean the injuries reeser an issue in from the panthers side. You have to be able to sell it right like you. Don't want to give up a fourth round. Pick for Cam Newton. That's A. That's a hard sell to the fan base. And that's what's going to be fascinating because you know the the the the value from what I'm gathering just just isn't large right now so asking around you know it's the couple teams that come to mind and everybody lists these to Chicago and the Los Angeles chargers and the chargers make sense for probably more reasons than Chicago because they could reinvent their offense and run the ball. More with Cam Austin Heckler. And if Melvin Gordon still there but they also have big deep receivers guys who can give vertical Mike Williams Keenan Allen. Those are more set up for his skill. Set that's suited Best Cam Newton's game when his arm is healthy. The wildcard here is New Orleans. Now it would be unlikely but one guy I talked to you said Sean. Payton secretly loved Lamar Jackson in the draft. and He loves that style quarterback where where you can get creative and you can run him you can throw. You can do whatever you want. And so. They've kind of experimented a little bit without a taste some hill as a result. So if you do Newton you'd have to haul in it'd have have to be a successor. Situation drew brees. But you know brees completing seventy four percent of his passes or whatever it is now. It's going to be hard to move on from him. Also Cam Newton the Carolina Panthers quarterback going to New Orleans with just about destroy the NFL right and they would never trade in there so it. You have to be an outright release. He's like Oh and the saints workum out and do a big contract wherever he lands whether he stays in Carolina does to Chicago or completely wrecks the League and end up in New Orleans What do you think he's future as a player will look like man? That's tough if I know a lot of people are hoping that he comes back and as Superman again. But it's just Harley guarantee right now I think he's still going to have to stay true to who he is right. He's just not a guy that's going to be in the pocket all the time. That's just never really been his strength. It's really all or nothing. I think he still has to be himself. And that's part of the issue right. If he is who he is and he can't do what he does best then there's really no point. It's nothing situation. Thanks Jeremy Thank you. I appreciate. That was one coming up a special team story. That's truly special Dell's biggest. Cyber Monday week ever starts. Let's now save up to fifty percent on windows. Ten laptops and desktops with Intel core processors before windows seven support ends January Fourteenth Two thousand twenty save on servers and a huge selection of tricks with low monthly payments plus. Get Free Shipping. Call Eight hundred seventy seven. Buy Dell to talk to a Dell small business technology analogy advisor. Who can help you find? Just the right tech- that's eight. Seven seven by Dell or visit Dell dot com slash SB cyber Monday. Here's another story. I want you to know if you've been listening to ESPN daily since day. One my obsession with onside kicks and my passion for all things young white could well last week. Both of those interests converged producing a true thanksgiving miracle case the trip to fan got to you on Thursday nights. I'll remind you what happened in the final game of the day with just a a few minutes left. The Falcons were losing to the saints by a couple of scores who in particular edmonds struggling. He had missed a field goal. An extra point their only chance to get back in the game was to pull off an onside kick and as I explained on our very first episode. NFL kickers have been failing miserably at recovering. Onside kicks all season in due to the new rules which make it impossible for the kicking team to get a running start going into last week. There were three for thirty seven so when coup walked up to the T.. I didn't expect much needed. Something unusual he sort of Nestle the ball against the tea like he was talking in a baby then he kicked between the saints players and after it took a weird bounce. The Falcons recovered it but it was called back on a penalty. So KUKO's back. He does it again in the exact same way and against the odds they were cooperating. Get the Falcons marched down. The field kicked a field goal to an eight so cool lines up yet again again and like most of America. I'm thinking no way. But he picks up the BAUGH says it down next to the T. and then boom I the sidekick ball takes a hop bounces around. It's loose again. There's a scramble for the Falcons haven't how in the world did they trauma they were that they were covered again. Ultimately the Falcons lost. But that's besides the point because on Sunday night in the final minute of the Patriots lost is to Houston New England's rookie. Punter Jake Bailey walks up to do an onside kick and just like young. White coup takes the ball all lies it next to the tea and kicks it and if Brandon bolden had gone hands on the ball as it scared sideways the Patriots would have recovered another another onside kick now. This doesn't mean young white coup solved onside kicking but he's certainly gotten closer than anyone else. This season and I love the fact that we are seeing innovation in the space because if nothing else it shows that the special teams coaches aren't taking the new rules lying down and teams are willing to change their ways. Apparently can't teach an old dog new. Kicks I mean times and this has been E._S._p._N.. Daily I'll talk to you tomorrow.

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