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Pete how you doing Matt Pretty Good ready for Little Matt Moore Aaron Rodgers Sunday night football baby we are joined by Pete Sweeney he's the editor in chief is the plaid prints over at approach Pete I WanNa play this audio for you this is Collin cowherd today on his show he says that the AFC race is over and we crown the Patriots the AFC's done the can heard the silky sounds of Pete Sweeney had pride the plaid prints the editor and chief thanks get your simplicity would help but making sure that you curb that run once again is key because then you can I think stay in games with other teams make them a little bit more one attentional and you can allow guys like one thornhill entire and Matthew who have been healthy all year for you to make those interceptions that they're paid for was at the start of something for my Guy Frank Clark was that just luck retired with that offensive line and that general manager and coach the only thing left was Kansas City and now mahomes is not and the team is playing up against while apparently not because he's out with the neck today a neck injury I don't know what is going on that kind of came out of nowhere I'm eager to see if he even practices question or either or was last week's defensive effort was going up against the broncos or has this team legitimately turned the corner on defense because even if the chiefs can get back to one hundred percent healthy I don't know how you can just assume that the New England Patriots GonNa Win The AFC tournament so that's probably the biggest toss up they need to run the football more efficiently they need to be able to stop the run they can't continue to commit penalties at the rate that they are doing it if they can fix one of those fatal flaw oh not be one hundred percent the rest of the year and has no defense and watches more of the game that he plays because of that lack of defense the AFC is over out and refute everything he just said I it almost seems like it's a take he should have made prior to last week because last week was the first game where the defense actually looked marked improvement over what they've been so far this season and that's a defense that you can win with I think really the varying opinions on this team and where they stand aggressive I don't think you're going to be able to stack a quarterback that's not someone like Joe flacco Mr Statue standing back there and get nine sacks now can you get to Aaron Rodgers a few times now is how much do you believe in the defense and what they showed you last week against the Broncos the biggest progress that I saw in last week's effort that I think is repeatable is figuring out the run game a little bit okay and and granted it's against Denver Broncos but you can really only play you can play but exploding for nine sacks getting that pressure and then at the same time tried something different with Reggie Ragland and they had this success and they're able to hold two running backs I think pretty good especially Philip Lindsay Royce freemen holding them the seventy one yard that's week and that one's tough because he's finally coming off a game where you said art frank all right maybe you can build off this one man it would suck if he's not able to I I can't pick him Sean is leaning towards picking them this week B. K. is not picking them I understand it's the NFL and anything can happen I I'm not willing to go as far as Colin cowherd is and say that the AFC is over because I'm still going to respect the greatness of Andy Reid in the Great Gr- The greatness of Patrick Mahomes and he is eventually going to come back but I do think this about the chiefs I am out and cool on them being a super bowl contender until they've fixed one of these three fatal flaws I understand it there's GonNa be some regression you're not holding teams to one for thirteen on third down and getting nine sacks every single week if they can give you forty percent of what they gave you yesterday that's Lee see if they can show some progress against a good team now that they were able to do against a bad team as for the rest of it I don't think you can count AFC over you never know what's going to happen in the playoffs on Sunday night right now we're talking Pete Sweeney he is the editor in chief of Arrowhead Pride. Let's start with this and maybe we can kind of cynical outs at different talking points are you picking the chiefs this is look at the quarterbacks I'm not GonNa Pick Matt Moreover Aaron Rodgers you've taken Jacoby for Senator Patrick Mahomes just ask them no no that's why when if they would simplify it down a little bit maybe have less RPO's less thinking for Matt Moore I think it will be simplified I don't think you're gonNA see these complex offensive plays but from what they at least holding them to around two hundred yards that's we've been waiting for the defense like I don't see a repeat performance against the Green Bay packers specifically along those numbers their next two opponents just lineup with them in such a way that makes it difficult to forecast them winning the football my number one rule would picking Games always I then I'm back on board with them being super bowl contender but for the most part I think cowherd makes him really strong points about the AFC. Where are you at it's an interesting point and I know a lot of chiefs fans are good homes were still able to go I was consistently picking the chiefs and I was wrong about that but I'm saying in this matchup in particular how could you pick Matt Moreover Aaron Rodgers said and and granted I realized they know that they're talking to the entire world it seems like those little still be some RPO's and and some interesting place they have confidence since he's been here since the end of the preseason in late August so he's a smart guy he seems like he's really eager to take advantage of the opportunity one thing I asked about more today I said are you looking at this another apple how could you pick that game I just can't pick that out different do you think the playbook is GonNa look with Matt Moore in there and Pat on the sidelines I was asking more Andy Reid a little bit about that today at trying to figure out Damian Williams out the window Leshan McCoy's running five point four yards per carry this is the perfect opportunity to have more balanced attack use him use the they're not going to be able to throw the ball forty times and keep up with the Green Bay packers like that's just not the Kinda style they're gonNA probably need a touchdown from the defense or special teams and they're going to need I don't think that that that's a smart play as much as your heart is in it I'd like to see the chiefs win I'm GonNa be here in the Arrowhead Pride Tailgate in the Arrowhead Pride Post game beaming with happiness if they somehow going to have to get a pass rush they didn't against Houston they didn't against the Indianapolis Colts one Chris Jones came out but it sounds like Christians come back and we'll get into the injuries they're going to have to get Goya Sunday over under under I think they haven't shown any reason or any belief he can have more than fifteen carry so under I think it's going to be over I just think you have to were to have it the game of his life it's Sunday night I just look at this game and maybe how I can paint a roadmap to the chiefs winning I think Frank Clark has to be good I think he has to play I think it'd be getting the ball in the hands of your playmakers as quick as possible whether that's quick passes to tyreek or Travis Kelsey or hand off to Leshan McCoy at least fifteen times the numbers got to be I just I mean I feel like we've seen enough Andy Reid to know that McCoy Damian Williams they're not getting thirty carries between the two just don't really see that being very realistic for the he's not been average he has been good use the player use the player let's do an over under really quickly a bed in our forget it Sean my call it vice at the over under as for the Sean McCoy at fourteen and a half are you taking the over or the under this Sunday better be the over I'm taking the over? BK Fourteen and a half carries for play clock maintain a lead win methodically a little bit more than you're used to with the Kansas City chiefs with the version of Patrick Mahomes and running the football is a key that and McCoy's been good it's go over this week with Shawn McCoy I could very easily be wrong but to me he's playing too well and I think this weekend with Matt Moore running the show order which it seems like in two thousand nineteen becoming more and more unheard of guys feeling like a little out and so going in there into the game and to meet right now he's recovered slee like he's in somebody's pocket right now because they have not touched this guy I think the biggest problem that they look at when it comes to Dr Thompson is feeling good about him being able to protect he's not build at this point in his career to carry the ball fifteen or twenty times a game but they're kind of forced to at this point I don't know if he's not built like that anymore I is not the down that's such a fine line though Pete with Shawn Mccoy when they essentially got him we knew that this is what he could be the high everything went right we also knew that a game in my opinion from Kelsey or hill one of those things in probably a combination of two or three of those things are GonNa have to happen in my mind for them to pull off the upset well the thing is for a second from that issue I think can handle fifteen carries I I mean I I assume that the chiefs go in that direction and try to be a little bit more balanced format more sake I just don't the passer and until he proves them which may not be until next training camp I don't know if you'll see him I can I'll be the first to admit I thought you toward the end of that I and again chiefs fans don't WanNa hear this but doesn't sacrifice the future especially in the next few years because like knowing you're going to have to pay patrick mahomes pressure on Rogers they're going to have to get to three sacks whether it comes from Clark whether it comes from Clark being double teams opens things up rows okafor they're going to have to get two or three sacks they're going to have to run the ball effectively cornerback if anything and then to help those other positions you hope that Chris Jones comes back healthy you don't worry about because rankine looks pretty good Eric Fisher I'm scared if if McCoy doesn't hit the over there's no way they are winning if he has eleven carries in this game they're not winning football and I just I can't find the roadmap if Bowen pace against the broncos and the broncos just simply can't score like the packers are going to be able to score and move the ball against them I don't know if they're going to be able to run the ball as many times surly anymore I'm just looking at this team I don't need them to make a splash I don't need them to trade the two first for the big time pick but I also because this is the week we're we're you dial up your Andy Reid super creative type things this is where you say okay we gotta go in this game and we gotta win by any means necessary even moved to solidify the roster and they're not making earth shattering groundbreaking kind of moves but they're making moves to improve their team how can this team not do the exact same align we'll have passed in the NFL how active do you want them to be at the deadline I think they need to be active to a point that makes sense uh-huh is still in his rookie deal but you do have a window here where he's twenty four years old you'll have other chances don't sacrifice I think the next three or four years for this James if they can get a player and and the deal makes sense I know that this is a simple answer but if the do makes sense make it and to me. I don't think you can make a deal long defensive line linebackers I think if you're doing anything and it's one big splash rican maintain the future and you don't have to send a ton of picks it's going to be in the secondary so I'd like to see just based on the AFC and how it's coming together the other three teams that you think you're going to have to compete with have evaluated their roster made a move the Patriots just went got Muhammed's to the Ravens just unity job in the NFL he said Yeah of course and so this is a guy who was out of football the he realizes there is one golden opportunity so if there's ever a game for me business would be a guy that you'd at least see occasionally it just has not been the case right now we're talking to Pete Sweeney he is the editor in chief of Arrowhead pry go ahead and get your questions in text line six practicing today I don't know if you need to worry about offensive line I'd like to see them go get a cornerback but again don't sacrifice the future because I understand it's a short window I understand just a few I wanNA talk to you about the trade deadline because I don't think we'll actually talk before the trade deadline is actually concluded itself I think by the time you come on again the trade I'm saying let's wait the week and just see how things change this weekend because you never know I think we always say in this game right deadlines drive deals I think they'll be active and they'll be picking up the it really I think the best you're going to do as I touch us for the running backs of somewhere between eighteen and twenty two twenty four and that to me it'll be generous go so I think they can do it a few more times Patrick mahomes out the entire game I think they're gonNA play I think I think they played from ahead way more than that Broncos game they're gonNA play from ahead in this game like they were able to kind of set ten resource to go improve your weakness and attack it the way I feel like the Patriots have the Patriots over the last three months have realized they need one more playmaker station but you're right like get somebody that you feel better about than maybe Mona clayborn or Charles Areas Ward if that exists if that's out there then I think it's worth sending amid around and three zero six what do rapid-fire with Pete Sweeney coming up in about ten minutes or if you've got a question go ahead and get in the queue and I'll make sure that will ask Pete Sweeney overhead pride coming up in just on the damn super bowl because then all of a sudden things get a lot of interesting in the next couple of years I think if it's that caliber and and again like if someone like Peterson re you're when you watch the Patriots on Monday night and they're playing the New York jets and ruining games like they are I don't know if this is necessarily going to be the year became available or based upon what you hear became available for the first time you do have to consider it but it's got to be an elite or at least and above average player for me run ours okay and I'm not saying anymore you need to go and get Patrick Peterson if that becomes available and that somehow changes over the next week the cardinals lose all of a sudden they have a change of heart okay maybe then we have the conference anyone else in the AFC west is GonNa make it which is a blessing for the chiefs because then you're guaranteed at least top four spots even with all these injuries yeah I mean phone and something fits that they'll make the deal we've seen that bread vh won't hesitate to do that but I don't want chiefs fans out there to say all right I'm assuming something's going to happen because

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