ACS (Part 1): Jason Whitlock


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I'm all fired up today. What is going on well, in general, generally fired up, I was generally fired up today, but I had this thing, and I don't know why. But I do know why I am plagued by people putting things in weird places that don't really make sense. Sometimes on your behalf. And then kind of fucking your shit like in a housekeeping way. Yeah. Just make it to Sapir. But what good does that do me a thousand situations Lynette like you gotta have your spare key? And you gotta keep it by the door with other keys. So when you're out of town, if I gotta move your car, and I've spent thousands of hours just like opening drawers and look, here's stuff going like wear, you know, try profile the mind killer. Right. But you can't you have to go down to the doctor letters lair. Right. The criminal mind. Thrown at you. So it's like the other day I was I got a loaner car for few weeks. And one of the things I wanted to do is like program the garage door opener into the into the rear view thing where the button is on the car, so I go, okay, so I say, to my guy, Pete, you got a program, whatever. And then he goes, okay. Well, we need the garage door clicker, and then I go okay now let the odyssey began everybody led the odyssey begin. I will do just open all the drawers closest to the garage now. And then at some point at some later time, I explained Peter, this is a large part of my life. Just opening drawers and looking for stupid stuff. And at some point, it's upstairs in the dining room and the built in Bank cat thing, hutch, the hutch where you would keep China and play setting. And grow with the garage door opener with some change with us a mini screwdrivers for sunglasses with some chapstick and things of that nature. And I'm just like we, please everyone, please. Here's the thing. Just leave stuff out. Don't don't bring it somewhere. Put it in a drawer and closed the drawer. I'm screwed. And then I always tell people you could do that, or you just take it and just Chuck it toward the Ivy hill, because it's exact same to me, so man in the void. Yes, so met, and there's a lot of that, and I spend a lot of time looking for lot of stuff that people again, with maybe the best or at least fair to Midland intentions, just are just sort of putting in the wrong place and then closing the drawer the door and then going out of town or whatever moving on moving on. So I would like to stab some rules, and I hope we could come to four. I've eight million conversations with people where it's like I ha- whereas my notebook I had it out on the tail well, so and so put it away, like where do you put it put it behind the bar. Like, why, why just leave it on the table this leave it there? Or you may put it behind the bar. But you must tell me, you can't just do it. And then you can go the mic August route, which is we didn't ask I didn't know we ask, idiot anyway. So. Goodman, Matt, the Andrea, who is ex military ROTC guy in very. He's, he's, he's just an organized gun, very organized guy. He he follows all the rules like Dr drew put the keys in the fridge. Don't forget the vaccine for the flu that needs to be refrigerated, blah, blah, blah. Every once in a while guy like that screws the pooch and at the Corolla drinks party, we had the listener party and fans party. He announced that he let his custom Ray bans, his custom built Ray ban sunglasses were left behind. And I said, well, that's not like you. And he said, yeah, I know I showed up, and it was light. And then when you leave it's dark. And that's the first thing that'll bite you and mix that with a few beers. And that's what happens, but he said, I took them off. And I set them on a little intake, that's by the bathroom, that's not used for eating or shuffling or work or anything. It's a little table, and that's where I set them. And I said, well, that was on a Saturday. I said, well, hopefully they'll just be there. When you go look on a Sunday or Monday, and then I became obsessive over it. And so did he so he'll weekend Runar? They're gone. Okay. So they're gone. And I said, okay, they're gone. Yes, I should. Nobody stole them. The people they're friendly. They're not by the way, the place thinned out, by the time you laughed in left your glass. Hey Matt had left and left his classes, ten o'clock at night. Everyone was gone and whoever's left wouldn't have stolen them. But I do know what happened. Somebody pick them up in the name of doing something right? And I said, they handed it to like, Nate Nate put it in his desk drawer, shut it and then don't say a word and then they're gone. They're just go on Mars. And I kept saying every time ago, did you talk? I talked to Kaelin Kaelin hasn't seen. Have you talked to Dylan Dylan's out sick? But dill it's coming back tomorrow. And I'm going to talk to then Matt asked every human being the other shop this shop where those crisis. And he's like I saw him earlier today, and I was like, I, I guess they're gone, but I know they weren't stolen. I know somebody just by the way, you can leave them on the table because that's what the person's memory. They're hoping. That's where they are. So they're going to go back to the scene of crime and lost his kids. What was the rule? Stay where right? Counting on you ought to come back for the rest of us day where loved last parents. Well, the beef air to my family, we would never be at a place where I would get lost. You have to be at magic mountain public Disneyland or something. That's where you lose a kid, you know, lose on your room at the door lock recount letting on a mattress on the floor. Slot. Right. So I kept saying, I kept saying to Matt, we're gonna find this glasses. Somebody put them somewhere. They're not saying anything which they do to me all the time. And it drives me insane and nobody stolen, nobody stolen in their custom glasses. They don't think they're there. Those are my way fares. No, they're not. No, they're different. So. Certain point today, he just went, well, they're gone because I've talked to everybody and nobody knows where they are. And they're not worried left them and he's bright enough to know. I set him on this little table again. Then table. It's an a little in table with some auction car auction, catalogue, sitting, there's no reason to straighten up or do anything. They're gone. So I said, well, I said, I hope wherever took him as wearing them and enjoying them. Now I'm shifting. I'm shift. I, I was in denial. Then there's. Pardoning and now there's a full-blown I've accepted this, and I hope they're enjoying them. And then I pause. And I said, oh, got an Email from Nate and Nate talk in my pin mile son. We gotta do an interview with Ken miles, and the door to Nate's office was closed, which sometimes is if he's on a business, call or something of that nature, and I said, Matt, let's talk to Nate about Ken mile son, and I opened Nate's office door and I walked into his office, and Matt, the Andrews behind me, and I said, oh, where's Nate always out to lunch? And I went okay, and I started her and leave and Matt turn around leave. And on the top of the bookshelf behind us on a black bookshelf where Matt's blacks on glass. So what a reason celebrate you must have been happy was happy. Like I told you I look. You put them in an office. You put him on a bookshelf and you close the door to that office. And how would the person ever possibly find them? How would they find that there's no way you never said a word? And that's that's it. Now NATO go. Somebody gave them to me. I just sent him on the shell. Don't send them behind you open. Put him you know what I do? I set everything put on the entry table wide out in the open, this, let the person have chance. And in today's day NHL, this isn't the first thing you think of, but a quick Email to the staff just hey, found glasses if the yours takes three. That's what human being do. So anyway, he's happy. But I said there, Nate desk or somebody that something somebody moved them said nothing and I don't know magically expects you to find them. Heads up max bag, you can get Nate. If you can run Nate down, call Nate Nate, what are, what are bets that someone hand them to Nate? Yeah. Some was cleaning up it, but handed them to Nate. But man asked everyone in the building. Did you see these glasses no-one said, I handed them to Nate. That makes it sound like Nate spotted him and just let me throw these in my office for safe. Keeping he talked to anybody else. That's a black shelf with black sunglasses. And the way he's gonna find that safe. Keeping the way, the office works as when you open the door and walk in the shelves behind you to your back. You talk to eight and then you would leave, I would I've been in out of his office, and haven't seen them, somehow Matt's. Head was on a swivel looking for wasn't there at the party. No stronger theory of mind than someone else found on glasses either put them atop there because he's the boss over there or or handed him to them. But we make a rule where everyone gives everyone else a God damn fighting chance to, to re retraced their steps and find what they lost, and I had, I was at the Toyota grand prix three weeks ago. I had my cell phone sitting on our table. We were watching the race in having some beers, and I had my phone on the table. At a certain point ran into somebody. We knew like at another table, four feet away like, oh, man, we walked with our beers. And then I turn around and my phone was gone. And I like who took my phone, and it's like at some point like ask a bartender, like, you know, right phone is, I didn't don't know last a waitress a phone hold on. Let me. S O and so found some other waitress it was one hundred feet away like, yeah, I got it. You got it. And this is your phone. He left it behind. Yeah. That you're playing, I'll take this thing and then magically, maybe so in the last me, maybe they won't. But I won't announce anything when I was at the Burbank airport. I set my goddamn backpack down five feet behind me. The guy came up and took it and went to the sheriff's office. He didn't hold it up. And go to sports Mars is the most efficient quickest method. Now that guy was an asshole. I'm assuming wanting to do what he did. But the phone person wasn't in. Nate is in. It's just it's misguided do-goodery looks and now the deal. Pounds wordy went through security that no, no. I'm not talking about the sunglasses kin the rule be if it's at a party and the glasses or wherever just please leave them where they are give they person a chance to reach trace their staff. Yeah. And is there a better feeling than you know, you lost? And it's in the parking spot, under your car where you pulled away or St. s or you may collect said item such a cellphone or sunglasses. You must make proclamation Moore's. You're kinda Steeler, four people up in the executive suite watcher, Toyota, grand prix. You're taking a phone turning around, and leaving you must say those four people is this anyone's phone, you gotta give the person of fighting chance. All right. So we'll see if we can figure out what Nate did with glasses and maybe someone said them on the shelf. It's also weird place to put those needed nothing to do with this, like literally, they just put it in his office and didn't tell him. I don't know. But the thing that's funny. As when it first started I was saying, I, I somebody handed him to Nate Nate put them in a paper towel wrap them up and put them in his lower Georgia's desk, and then went no-one said no one asked. Yeah. So that was my proclamation at the top. We shall we shall find out bad news carb haters. Bad news. The car baiters car haters. I talked to Vinnie and Vinnie just about fat documentary on him on. I mean, Dr show, stumbled into something bad news. Well, it's bad news about my family probably spends twenty six thousand dollars a year at the Starbucks. That's near nearest in my house. They normally you don't know the answer to this, but owner VIP status card because you should be getting rewards on that. You should get fleas. Starbucks we, we get we get croissants, stuffed with goo and round his and then Lynette gets the child day that she takes a sip of doesn't fit. Okay. There's nothing there's no offerings for the ace man at the low carb offerings, but some months ago when I was with Mike Lynch and Mike Lynch has been on the Vinnie diet as well. And Mike Lynch is studious guy. He announces to me. Oh, they have the SUV eggs, eight bytes, and I went over really. And then we went down to the Starbucks. We're in, like Indian casino in Reno or something. But we went down there, and he said, yeah. Check them out the ham, and the cheese and the whatever and the and the. And the cheese. They presented as low carb options just presented as a ham and cheese minus minus the. Minus the English Muffin or whenever the croissant or whatever they're baked to look like little muffins look like little cut. Okay. Yeah. And it's like, oh, okay. So what, what is this? And Mike Lynch is like it's cheese. It's a it's bacon. And it's. Hours in their later, low carb, and it's just it's a little ball of egg, and I'm like okay, and so he goes, you haven't tried these and I go, no, these are new. And so he does and I did. And, and I was like got good really good. Figure it out. I was like, okay now should've known because I then bought like a SUV broiler and brought it home. And I was like all make me some SUV eat eggs, and she did. And they taste like softballs like rubbery tough, you whatever. That didn't work out the way thought she was like what's in like each scramble and AIG, and then you put bits of bacon and cheese. And you boil it in the water and it's like doesn't taste like the Starbucks. But I there scientists over there that professionals, whatever. So. Not very often, but often enough when I was going, by the Starbucks, as I moved for some of those v day cts, and I'll get to eggs and. Got the eggs, and enjoy them and Vinnie was on in Vinnie was like I tried this Evita aches. And I was like, yeah, right. We those are good, right? Those are fine. This AIG bacon cheese, and whatever does. No muffin. There's no croissant. He's like, no, you're gonna ruin all of live. You've ruined most of life for me Vinnie. But now you're gonna take it all there's a little sliver labs. Puff it up or something. Right. There's well I will tell you guys. So when Natalia or Lynette, or whomever is doing their Starbucks run getting the croissant and the child day fashioned Dona. Yeah. I've been the one go oh again, give me the SUV tag, vide Guan's something for that Vinnie site. I tried them. And I was like in in. Did you read ingredients or something? He goes, no, no. I felt it here. The ground bugging Indian, he DACA. He goes, I, I felt it. I felt they said I've said my car it might truck driving back from whatever I stopped this Starbucks. I grabbed the SUV aches. I start eating them on the road. And he's like I felt like you felt it it's just it's aching bacon. Right. He's like, no. It did not feel meeting, not the texture but in his liver, literally gut he said it did not feel. All right. And I should pull line too much. She he's like he said, I'm so often this stuff, diviner, he'd, yes, he is physically in Kito, SIS ketosis. So he goes, I felt that and it was wrong, and I was like, no. Are you gonna ruin this? And then I thought once in a while like Vinnie does like with pub cheese or something he'll go well, there's some stabiliser. I don't really like that. But I guess it's okay and you'll go that's crying crying wolf. I said, I don't like it, and then he pulled up ingredients 'Second God, damn you, God, damn you've any course the Halloween greedy aunts, by the way on the SUV. Eat egg bites baking in Green Bay. Career career career Adrian cities grew guy. Sky during Greer cottage cheese is the first thing in it. That's the first thing that's odd. And also cottage cheese sucks. Wow way. No, no good. Malto. Dexterous. Never three citric acid. In two eggs. Bites Kerrigan mono and dignity Sikeli, lot locus being gum guar. Gum vitamin, this is obviously after the eggs, that she is the wholesome ingredients eggs is way down there. Citric acid water monitoring rate, Jack potato starch potatoes. Dr God, damn disastrous fry ruined now all of life is ruined but I did turn to thoughts of Dawson, because this is your green machine. This is me thinking, I'm eating eggs. And you think you're eating broccoli, green machine and you got green machine and you took a hit off your green machine and you're like this tastes. Good. And I took a hit off my nothing. But eggs and went, well, this is electable. And that's when you have to stop a dream last night. I was getting a Panini like purchasing starts. Alad carbon. This is for two months, plus Vinnie knows. And he's he's his feelings are marginally hurt. But he knows that this is why he's not invited to the crews because Notre. They're all right. I got an update on Joey heatherton. Good. Brought around brought her up yesterday yourself as waiting to take a deep dive up to we get holding. He's not picking up we call them. So look with Dan sunglasses. I know they're up there. All right. So. I got an update on Joey heatherton. You can find some pictures, Joey, Heather. She was a sex symbol from the sixties. And seventies, she do all those Bob. Hope usoc. Oh, okay. Famous for being Joey heatherton, which she. Yeah. She would walk out. She walkout something tight Bob and walk out with his golf club. And everyone was Surco and going nuts. I know the name, but, I couldn't tell you think she'd done, she has the best name for that decade ever heatherton. Yes, she choose like all right. She was married to wide receiver. Lance rental who is Pro Bowl wide receiver. So named from the sixties, Dallas cowboy Lanza Renzo. Yeah. Pro bowler back. Anyway. Lance was the guy was arrested for exposing himself ten-year-old rental that Lance ran so. Yeah. Right. Anyway, I'll, I'll read you some of her anyway, I was just reading about her on Wicky, and then I started go down, and it was a whole bunch of arrests. Oh, no, no look at I'm scared. I, I'll tell you about. Purple. That's right. Quality, you want a quality of sleep in your life. I've always said, good, TV good car, and good mattress. And that is purple. That's right. Feels different than anything you've experienced brand new material developed by an actual rocket scientist firm, yet soft and it's breathable to keep you cool. And that's what I need at night. There's a one hundred night risk free trial. That's over three months. If you're not satisfied referred return for full refund got a ten year warranty free shipping and returns. And right now, my listeners get a free purple pillow with the purchase of the mattress. That's an addition to great free gifts. They're offering site-wide. So check that out just that text Adam to eighty four eight eight eight that is eighty four eight four triple eight only way to get the free pillow is. The eighty AM to eight four eight eight eight and check it out. Purple Ray mattress. Do you have Joey, Heather rest? Yeah, I do. And just looking at a rap sheet here. Can I just say I love her? These are the most entertaining arrests I've ever heard. She's a hot blonde. She was hot very. Brigitte. Bardot. All right. More great pictures, keep coming up, we'll enjoy those while I tell you about this nineteen eighty-five theft of services, after refusing to pay four thousand dollar Bill at a Long Island spa, and walked out on a Bill and that is that is just the tip. Man. That is a nineteen five gas was a dollar nine I like fifty bucks hundred bucks brought crew. Crewe dot even I mean a lot. I mean, four grand in one thousand nine hundred twenty grand any nineteen eighty-five, same at your interfering with a government agency, she slapped and pulled the hair of Manhattan passport agent nineteen eighty six stabbing ex-boyfriend Jerry Fisher in the hand with a steak knife. And when that happened, she handed her purse to police to prove identity, but she forgot that she had a grandma coke inside happening as true. All charges were dropped Matt sunglasses. Put them in the Mike said he didn't ask Joey how. Right. All charges were dropped because the search was unconstitutional, apparently to look through a purse twenty fourteen. So she put together a few good years of staying out of trouble. And then she attacked her neighbor with a shoe in Sherman oaks, because she hated that the neighbor used the blender in the morning and ambushed her in the lobby of their apartment building with a stiletto. Thrive. Best in the rich man. Poor man department, the AM and PM is the blender you're either new in the morning, smoothie or the nighttime Dachary. It's not at one, it's not a new right now thing on the beach at a ball. Yeah. The home thing on a weekday nights, or am, so she's thinner rights, unreasonable use of a blunders of morning blender drags. His blender out start fires that bad boy. Eight forty five. Yeah. See the business end of a shoe. I love it when hot chicks told. No, that's there. So when you're Joey heatherton, you are the word. Yes. From age twelve and a half to age thirty. You never hear the word. No. And then at some point, you jump the shark a little bit. And you start hearing the word. No, or you're not right. Or get your not next in line or ma'am. Step back or whatever. And you have. No, you're sensually, essentially, you're a leader of banana Republic, whose dad ran the country and then older brother ran the country. And now you run the country. This is south North Korea or Cuba, or whatever, and you're not used to someone going. Hey, shut up and sit downs move aside, if it's so many years of being told, yes, it's like it's confusing. And so when someone it's Josh Kabar slap that cop like that of somebody ever even tell. Tells you something you don't wanna hear you like I'm gonna hit you now because I've never heard that before and judging by this was twenty fourteen so she was sixty eight when she attacked her neighbor with show. Do we have a picture of her now? I'm just curious what what's going on? So super hot chicks hearing, the word no, at, like, h thirty six for the first time in their lives like the native Americans like seeing the ship's Covington, landfall came a hesitate. I don't know what it is. Ryan, I get it. Story. Yeah. I'd like to like it's gotta be a weird. It's weird like the first time a hot chick here the word. No. Or I'm good or NATs gets Kip to the back of the line. What's, what's your friends name better, but to be fair about it? Dudes, Brian Ila test. This all certainly, does, it is, you get used to know or shut up or get to the back of the line, like early and often, like, Brian issue. Well, acquainted gone with and sit down. No. You don't make it and know and quiet and go there and shut up like you're very well versed at that hearing, the opposite is almost almost the equivalent of hearing, the know for the first time for the thirty six year old hot check your denial. I come in. I can go into the ball up. Yes. Yes. Yes, I completely. I've had it happen a million times where I've went to been invited to some red carpet. And I got to go publicist goes goes into the red carpet and the big brother holding the clipboard goes your names on it, and I go, okay trouble. I'm heading home. And then the publicist comes and gets you in the parking on it goes, no, no, no. You got just tell them who yarn than telling you can go through and the worst the worst phrase is act. Like you've been there before one isn't that mean I don't know how to I don't know how to act like that. One is manifest itself. So you've been there. She always heatherton quietly. Impossibly one of the hottest name as you. She always still slim together. Kind of like maybe a Idaho. Susan powder vibe. Yeah. Oh, stop. It seems a little. Anyway, much worse. I was she's lovely anyway, I had to go home and look up. Joey heatherton, and I didn't know she had many arrests and assaults on a record. We have her on the should we talk to Mike August. I, I feel like our calendars open. I don't think she's going to be doing Ted talk or something in the bay area feel like she's just sitting somewhere like Encino Jason right now just in a condo. Mike could probably book Joey heatherton. She just gave the commencement speech at Caltech, so she's probably Nate's on line five. Nate. Adam, I'm looking are you calling for a hundred yards away? I'm trying to solve the mystery of good. Sorry. Matt the Andrea sunglasses. I found him in your office on the shelf. They. Mate? Hello. Sunglasses shelf, Matt. Yes, I found them Monday, and I knew there, right by the bathroom sitting there. So on the table floor. Floor sitting on an end table, not sitting there. Yeah. Table. And I knew that someone would eventually come and look for them. And if I did not with them in my office, they would fantasy. I did not want them to van. Did you alert anyone to this news that they're in your office? No. Because I didn't know who say were so I just put them there. What don't you feel like the person would have a lesser chance of finding them? If you silently, put them in your office. Under the local of darkness. My mind. I was going to tell someone. It's been a little bit of a crazy week. I put them there so that they would not go away stolen by one of the employees sticky fingered employees. Exact. Well, I don't know things. Just have a habit of disappearing. I'm sure you know that too. So I put it you know, I wanted to take them, I would have just taken them, of course. But I didn't. Now you didn't set them on your desk. You put him on the black shelf bookshelves on the office. Yeah. I just put him up there, because I knew that I would just leave him there till someone said, hey, did anyone pair Ray bans, and then I'd be like, yes. Their mouths. But you didn't tell anybody else. I have not old soul about the no correct. So there's not a high likelihood of somebody finding them in your office who's going back to look for their glasses which was mad. I I my in my mind, there was a high likelihood if you left a pair of hundred dollar RayBan somewhere at a party, which they were just left out that you would go that someone would go ask for them. I was pretty fierce someone with come asking. Well, they asked everybody but you weren't you weren't there. Evidently when they were asking. Mant was asking everybody. Got it. Well. No. That and okay putting them away, putting them away is fine. You must announce that you've taken them and put them somewhere, that's, that's the only disconnect. Yep. I mean, the difference for me would be if I have them in my desk drawer or took them homes. That would be bad. I left in my mind, I figured when you have expensive glasses, you come looking, but, you know you on the shelf on the bookshelf in your office with the door closed. My doors open most of the tax, not this. Nate. Why didn't you mail the staff and say, hey, found pair sunglasses? Hit me up three hours describe Bono. Get it never really crossed my mind. All right. Next time. I just I've never been writer in my life. I was wrong. I said. I said, I said to Matt, I said there in nature drawer and his office. And he won't tell anybody and you're supposed to somehow find them now and you won't be able to do it. All right. You're good guy. Get back to work. I'll see soon in something about Ken mile son. We have to interview, right? All right. I'll talk to you in person. Leave the door open. You got it. All right. So we all had a little piece of right man. 'cause I was mostly specifically he picked up. You gotta listen. You gotta listen to all the wording. See people do all the time. Or they go there were just there by the bathroom. It's like on the table to sitting on a table where Matt left not on the floor, not in the bathroom, the toilet, not the old just where he left them on the deck. I swear to God I when, when I heard the story I said, NATO come Nate, put them in a store, Nate hidden for you said about thinking and this is what this is. Whereas aunts told nobody. And by the way, had every intention of doing it. But we're now mid week heading toward the end of the week, this happened on Saturday. When were you going to, and you put them on a shelf, that you don't must with where when were you going to bring this up shelf with flat black sunglasses? Everyone send that Email send that. Email. In a world where no one is the, you may leave them where they were give me the forty eight hour rule. What is it the what's that stupid rule when you drop food, and it's like second five lifetime rule lifetime for me? But for everyone else, it's a stupid fives. I just leave where they were for forty eight hours. See what happens. All right. I is closed. Yes, I've never been more satisfied, my life, JJ arms to go into business together. All right. Let's take a break. We'll come back and do the news right after this. Gene. Break. All those crazy. Trump tweets for gene, grad trouble. The news with, gene. The news with Gina grad. We'll have some sad news. We talked about this. The other day. Reality star Beth Chapman wife of Duane dog Chapman has died. She was fifty one, and this is the third, I believe the people who were put in a medically induced coma and didn't make it. We just keep this just keeps coming up in the news, the star of the dog about eight hundred died of throat cancer in a Honolulu hospital after a few days in the medically induced coma, her husband tweeted early in the morning, saying this would be the time of the day, they usually go hiking. The couple had been filming a new reality show called dogs most wanted, which was supposed to premiere next year. It's unclear if the show will air at this time at the time of reading this, that's all the information I guess John singleton was fifty one well. Fifty something. You too. Now, we gotta find out max, Pat, when everyone's birthday was crazy, if they were, you know, weeks or days days apart, but medically deuce coma for all three. Yes. And I do remember reading that with with Beth with at least one of their port said, she kept when she was sort of semi lucid kept trying like pulling at her wires, and pulling her tunes so that would put her in. Yeah. But that that was just one report. I happen to come through automotive on your list of things do for you die people into a medically induced coma and come out toying with literally right before, you know shin of it. But immediately drew explain to me actual God induced coma better than medically -duced, which I didn't I didn't see coming. Drew to when they do that, generally, at least with Luke Perry isn't a to decrease swelling, somehow it decreases swelling when you're put in a medically induced coma, I guess, well out of it. It's, it's all bad, but somehow, drew I was saying to drew, like, well singleton a medically dues comas they're cheaper than I on him. And then they're gonna let the swelling go down. And then they're gonna bring him out of the coma, or whatever and he was like. That the bit last resort. Like doctors would not do that to you. If you didn't like if it wasn't like like dire, you're saying if your kid went to the orthodontist to get his braces justed. They wouldn't put him in a medically induced coma saying that I'm saying that would be a last resort. I they do it if the kid, you'll put up. Nitrous. Exactly. Yeah. Maybe several steps before the guts, the medically induced coma of a maniac. Singleton fifty-one Beth Chapman, fifty one fifty two the eight sixty seven and sixty six. Yeah. Weird. So I do remember an episode of house where he wanted to kick drugs. So he put himself in a medically induced coma, so he wouldn't have to feel withdrawals. Oh house dog. Yeah. House about I love that show loves that show who owe doghouse. It may be reality. Joe? Frankly, it may be the chicks, white chicks. Wire is house. Oh, maybe that's not a bad that I never watched it. Everyone goes ivory Cheetos. Oh house is awesome. That every dude goes, you gotta watch wire feel that maybe you're y I like that. Yeah. Wire wirehouse light wire, why are. Yeah. Yeah. It's very reasonably chick wireless house. Well, it turns out, we haven't heard the last from Robert Muller Tuesday evening. It was announced that the former special counsel will testify publicly in front of congress on July seventeenth about his nearly two year investigation into Russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election because he had said, I'm gonna say this once and I'm not talking about it anymore. Congress Jerrold Nadler, Nate ler chair, nobody seems to like I, he seems a molar seemed to like his civilian life. Yeah. Addis. He doesn't tired wasn't he? Yeah. Thing. I don't think he likes the circus part of them. Yeah. So any part of. This is the statement, they said Americans have demanded to hear directly from the special counsel. So they can understand what he and his team examined uncovered determined about Russia's attack on our democracy. The trumps the Trump campaign's acceptance and use of that help and President Trump and his associates obstruction of the investigation into that attack. We look forward to hearing his testimony as to all Americans, and I did also hear this, this might not end up happening. But Muller plans on really just reading his less statement saying, look this, I already did this, and I'm happy to repeat it for you, but nothing new is probably gonna come out. I don't think it's going to work the head. Oh, god. They brought. What's his name from Watergate era, who was the council for Nixon Carter page? No Watergate aspects of the name, it's a John dean or, or command are one of those they brought like a decrepit guy from the Watergate era out to say, this is the worst. This is worse than Watergate, but he didn't have any knowledge of it. And then the Republicans is torn to him. And then he looked like an idiot, and the Democrats like an idiot for trotting him out there, they're going gonna have to get onto some policy soon, because they're, they're just beating this horse. It was John Denia who did it? He was Nadler got him trotted him up, or Adam shift, or whoever did it. And he just seemed decrepit seem to low addle and whatever what I'm saying is whatever the policy is. Let's get onto the policy people. Or you can do this. But I, I think this is backfiring. I don't think it's gonna work. I don't think he's going to say anything that he didn't write in his report, and then you're going to seem like you're doing what you're doing. All right. Well, some, some sad news for ESPN fans, Bob Lee in a ridge inal, ESPN anchor. Oh, how dare you? Grandma's, grandma. Appreciate chitchat. We weren't sell for the show. Well, whenever I told Brian whenever I don't know, excuse me, how to pronounce his last name. I always YouTube their name and the word interview, because somebody has them. So I always hear I checked with Brian. He decidely stripe. He's the longest tenured employees at the sports network. He is retiring, the sixty four year old host of outside the lines. Former sportscenter anchor has been with ESPN since nineteen seventy nine original anchor in the beginning. Yep. In September, he announced that he was taking ten months, the battle. And now he is officially retiring next week after a forty year career which week. Yeah, he did say the statement to be clear, this isn't Tirlian my decision. I enjoy the best of health and the many blessings of my friends and family. And it is in that context that I'm making this change. But they're So Chris Berman who's been with the SPN just a month, less than -ly. Berman's hair doing. I feel I shell of former self is yeah, he's not that good on the Ernie more. Bob Lee still, very good heels outside the lines. And he's I do watch that show every once in a while. And he's often missing which makes me think maybe his mouth issues. But either way he was very good in the show is very good. Is Berman lost is fast ball or has sports, evolve main, Jason Whitlock coming in here? A lot of guys like stepped in up a come up around people, and like there's a lot of good personalities. And a lot of hot takes a lot of good stuff out there. Now, I think and a combination of losing a little speed on your fastball. All of the above your read about all those things I think the game the game, I radically being TV passed him by a little bit because he's still sort of he's actually almost only leaning on those sticks when damaged does the back to just kind of all he does. He does the just run. Different era. Yeah. He's, he's still doing the stick the Berman. Right when it worked. But that was long long time ago. All right. Let me hit. Castrol edge consultant forever action viscosity breakdown. Rob your engine a maximum performance friction results in a loss performance up to ten percent. Castrol edge engineered with fluid. Titanium technology physically strength transforms. It gets stronger and her pressure helps friction deliver maximum levels of performance for your car, three times, full stronger against viscosity breakdown. The leading oils it is Castrol edge. All right. What else do you Bill Cosby filed a three hundred fifty page appeal to his twenty eighteen conviction? The of course, disgrace actor and comedian will serve up to ten years in prison for drugging and sexually assaulting. Andrea constand. The eighty one year old had settled a civil suit in two thousand six Peter three point four million, but in the wake of the metoo movement, we talked about this district. Attorney reopened the case Cosby civil deposition. Testimony was used against him in the trial. While he admitted to doping women with a powerful set of the quail Lieut, which I didn't know you could get anymore. I don't know that you can a jury time ago. Yeah. Throughout his tenure jury convicted Cosby of all counts declared him to be a sexual violent crime, by the way. Quay lewd, has the greatest selling point of not only any form of suitable drug. But if anything ever invented she's. Yeah. Touch us something. You know, sometimes they'll say, like it's good for what ails year so Mukta Quayle, which are, which are they don't manufacture anymore, but lose lewd, the basically was always pitched as a drunk pill. It is basically, you take this pill, or you can drink a six pack anyone on the Vinnie time say. Say it's up to calorie count. You're welcome lady. A lot of cards q t sticking that pill. Yeah. Yeah. Suvi quayle. So I was always describes you take this pill. It's like doing six pack of beer. It makes sense and it was like oh drunk pill. Did you ever try one? No. I remember. One of my sisters loser. Boyfriends had a tattoo like back when tattoos meant something like a homemade tattoos. He was like a street kid or something tracks, and it said, roar seven fourteen. And I being eleven or thirteen or something had no context for tattoos. I looked. I believe I looked at his tattoo and I went. Jovi was that did chip your on like, in the navy like the number of your ship? And he's like, no, that's what it says unacquainted like us family. What a beer own. Wait. You don't need air tears. Sister, brought home was awesome to us at us blame to the family best rightist, Kuna medic, who owned barbecues. Galore. No brother-in-law. Now didn't have a corvette dealership. No. But he did have a roar. I swear to God, we what's it Santa Quayle, say, roar seven fourteen I think could be like seven sixteen. Well, the only two movies I can think of that talk about are almost famous when she. Oh, jeez on quails, and she does look very drunk. And is it wolf evolve? They take a great submit. They take dated Quayle's that shouldn't work anymore. Rohrer. R. O. R. E. R seven fourteen doesn't acquainted. Well, guess I'll I know that. Asked me my daughter's middle name. Asked me what was on race form and nineteen seventy seven. For nineteen seventy seven fourteen. Well, oh, he was middle name is. Oh. Picky. I had no other context, and it must be about. You'll have. What it means if have a number like Mikhail's navy's or Sally. Yeah, it was awesome. Okay. All right. Jason Whitlock out there. Let's do one more. All right. Well, San Francisco on Tuesday became the first city in the US to ban the sale of e cigarettes until they get approved by the FDA. They're not approved by the way. No e cigarette has been approved by the FDA. The hill dot com reports that the ban include sales made both online and in brick and mortar stores. And also all look. Here's the thing. San Francisco in LA you to cities. You gotta make a choice, it's either disease and typhus and typhoid and syringes everywhere and no declaring war, and plastic straws in east cigarettes. They can't be both the Cape. We cannot have filth everywhere homelessness everywhere, disease, everywhere. And you're having a press conference to nounce you're going after plastic straws, and you're banning straws, or you're banning cups over eighteen ounces or you're banning e cigarettes. Those are the things you do after you're done with the pot holes, and the bridges and the school system, and the homeless, and the taxes, and the regulation, everything is worked out. Then you go. Let's really fine. Tune this baby. And let's focus on e cigarettes, but you don't step over piles of humanity to get to the fuck and podium to delay. Your sanctimonious e cigarette thing, why is it does that just feel sort of lose lose -i living in San Francisco? You're getting it coming and going like, yeah. And when you put it like that, you know, this, if this is grandstanding or, you know. Lang whatever. But if it's, it's sort of virtue, signaling, and this is the biggest problem you really are telling, you know, sick or mentally ill or drug addicted, people, you don't matter more than you even better. Resources to something we've and more that to sing on nicotine, which does has no properties to it. Other than nicotine is the same as caffeine. It's just something. It doesn't have any doesn't make you fat. It doesn't it has an addictive quality and much like camping, and it's a stimulant but there's nothing bad about nicotine. Just like there's nothing bad about Kathy. Now, the bad part about cigarettes is smoke in the lungs, the part where the water while I'm to saying the vapor, the water, vapor, and the nicotine in and of itself is zero fucking burger idiots who are grandstanding, even if it's a two, you have junkie shooting up on the streets. So perhaps, we could focus on that instead of this lose-lose, which is stepping over homeless. And you ask why blowhards grandstanding now we got at least we could just inside once over. Homeless people and run into potholes and quietly. Enjoy our lives, you Astles if they're fucking grandstand, and to me, it seems pretty clear that you're trying to draw focus from what the real problems are. But anyway, so they're going to outlaw. Yeah. And by the way, guess, who's really not happy about this, which is a San Francisco based company jewel main. Yup. Measure manufacturers cigarette companies. They said they're working with lawmakers to support the creation of stricter regulations. But hammered Tuesday's vote as harmful to those actually seeking to quit smoking regular this, because drew doesn't care about it doesn't care about nicotine is care about caffeine. And he also cites some studies, which are interesting which is e cigarette users have a much lower percentage of drug use. They're not sure how connected it is. But there's some multiple studies that are suggesting that, that's their weap-. And of choice. I guess, like I don't know. There's people that drink, but they don't smoke pot or something, you know, or they're people that are a chocoholic. Give me the chocolate. Nobody gets hurt. So either way, I don't. I'm not I'm not sitting here going, I hope my son uses e cigarettes. I'm saying city council fixed the fuck and homeless shit and fix the infrastructure in fixed the fucking schools. And if you have some time at the end of that week, you can burn some calories on e cigarettes right now. You're here, not interested don't care. All right. Let's bring it home. You got it. I'm Gina grad. And that's the news. Oh, no. That was the news with Gina grad. Simply safe. No one should feel unsafe at home, and that's why there is simply safe. Simplisafe dot com to is simply safe dot com slash Adam. I'm going to be in Portland helium comedy club coming up the nineteenth and the twentieth doing live, stand up their live shows, if rewire just go to end Parola dot com. All sorts of good events over there. That's not forget laughed with bald Bryan. And check out my YouTube channel and see all the stand up and unprepared clips putting up their YouTube dot com slash Adam Karol. And it's all free. Check that out. We'll put more clips up all the time. Jason Whitlock a fan. Favourite is out there. He's going to be in here. We're going to do one on one with Jason right after this break.

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