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Episode 28 The Boom, The Crash Part 4


Yeah. Hello listeners, this is labor. Now. You're aids podcast. I'm your host. Dave. This episode is brought to you by the National League of Justice and security professionals where the members can I contact information can be found in the show notes, including our toll free number which is one eight five five six two five eight six one zero please check out life on record a gift of recorded messages for any special occasion to load one. She are shown notes for details on January second GM obtained an injunction from judge black ordering the strikers out of the plant. You a w age discovered that black own three thousand three hundred sixty five shares of GM stock valued at two hundred nineteen thousand the UAW shared. This information. With the press forcing GM tobacco off the injunction. GM demanded that the militia be called into dislodge the strikers, but Michigan governor Frank Murphy along with Perkins and Roosevelt about that a core idea. Murphy believed the UAW was in the rate to force GM to honor the terms of the Wagner app with the government. Not doing anything the strike spread to dozens of other GM plants across the country for telling production of GM's Chevrolet and Cadillac lights. We other major carmakers Ford, Chrysler Nash and Packard far from showing solidarity with GM continued manufacturing bus, compounding GM's predicament on January Levin, ten days into the strike GM sent police into plant number two smashing windows of the entrance and firing care gas canisters. Side the strikers had anticipated this and drove the invaders back with coffee, mugs, pop bottles. Iron both in heavy automobile door hinges local leader used an amplified sound car to show. We wanted peace. General Motors shows war give it to them workers had made makeshift slingshots by stretching inner tubes across iron pipes and from the plants roof. Let loose a range of one pound and a half hinges the cops tried again. But the strikers had activated the building fire ho system, spring the cops with water in the frigid air as a co ops poke back they were assaulted by strikers outside plant with snowballs and chunks of asphalt from the parking lot. Frustrated, the police fold their pistols firing into the crowd thirteen strikers were wounded and nine policemen were injured. Governor Murphy head to order the national guard into Flint, but ordered them to only keep order in the streets. He got the UAW and GM to agree to me became up with a true steel that strikers would leave the plant and GM agreeing to bargain with you a W only scheduled to start on January seventeenth, but you AWS learn that GM mentioned clued in the negotiations. The head of GM's company union called the Flint alliance on January thirty first GM requested a new court order to clear the premises. This time being sure to seek out a judge with no financial interest in GM on February. I in a diversionary move. The strikers for a fight with police guards in front of a ball bearing plant called Chevrolet number nine cops in the area rushed in. Well. A second straight group took over chef. Correlate number four and engine making plant the next day GM obtained the injunction which stated strikers head until three PM affair gory. Third leave GM buildings and carried a potential fine. Fifteen million to the UAW. If the injunction was not followed who striker soon. Governor Murphy a telegram, reminding him that they're sit down was feasible and designed force GM to obey the law and engage in collective bargaining. They bowed to resist again with force if assaulted again, the police of the city of Flint belong to GM. The sheriff of Janie see county belongs to GM the judges of Geneva county belong to GM. It remains to be seen. Whether the governor of the state also belongs to GM. Murphy would not call in the national guard who enforce the injunction, but arranged for Knutson in Lewis to meet on February eleven forty five days of the sit down a four page agreement was reached the workers weighed in the sit down for six months and GM would bargain only with the U A W. It would not interfere with workers seeking to join the UAW. Our blacklist workers who had struck the firm also to call off the court injunction and address worker's grievances. The U A W failed to get the eight hour day are the thirty hour week. It had sought but it had set in motion the process that would ultimately unionized the US auto industry in the aftermath of Flint was the last result. That most worried main street was suddenly the sitdown strike was everywhere in. Textile mills glass, factories Rory's, and even whoa or five and dimes in Gillespie illinois's, four hundred fifty coal miners staged their own version, a stay down in which they occupied part of a mind. Three hundred sixty feet below ground and refused to leave pending new restrictions on the introduction of machines into the mind works even members a national guard unit that had been on duty at Flint set down. When their pay was not forthcoming nine hundred sit downs were recorded between nineteen thirty five and nineteen fifty seven who CIO also won a crucial breakthrough in still beginning in nineteen thirty six the still workers organizing committee. Swap chaired by she. I o vice-president Bill Murray which for the half century since homes. That had successfully resisted outside unionize ation. The aim was to get the nation's largest still producer US still to agree to recognize walk on January ninth nineteen thirty seven Louis encountered Myron c Taylor chairman and CEO of US DO in the dining room of the Mayflower Hotel in Washington. A brief discussion led to several additional meetings over the next few days in which Lewis said up to persuade Taylor that unionize -ation would bring stability to the steel industry. Taylor was a successful financial wizard brought into help guide US deal through the depression. And as a result. He did not possess the ingrained contempt for unions that often characterized majoring Strelitz on March. Second US still the descendant of the mighty Carnegie. Gi conglomerate that had after homestead clobbered unionize still workers formerly recognized the swap announced a five percent wage hike and accepted the eight hour day in the forty hour work week in what became known as the Myron Taylor. Labour formula, the company also agreed to respect its employees rate to bargain, collectively through representatives freely chosen by them without dictation cohesion are intimidation in any form are from any source this reversed almost five decades of anti union for by the large still interests several other large firms followed US stills lead resistance to the Taylor formula cropped up smaller still company such as Republic, still young town sheet and tube inland. Steel and Bethlehem still knowing. Asked the little still in may nineteen thirty seven seventy five thousand workers walked off their jobs, led by Republicans tough anti union ago, shade tumbler, burglar little still owners at I tried to a clever subterfuge offering to make a verbal but not ridden packs with unions since the Wagner, acted not specifically require written collective bargaining agreements on the society of Chicago on the warm Sunday afternoon of may thirtieth several hundred strikers their families and supporters had gathered at a former dance hall adjacent to a Republican still plant to hear a series of speeches from swapped leaders leaving the rally they began a March towards the gates of the plant chanting CIO CIO CIO, two young men led the way. Holding aloft American flags. Police claimed rocks for thrown but witnesses. However agreed the shooting began before the full group of marchers. Had even reached the plant's gates. A sudden pop then another been another suggesting, it was fleece who instigated the assault believe marchers turned around to flee sibling into their comrades. Still hey toward the gate. Those who had not heard be gunshots. Did not understand it. I the reason for the sudden retreat the cops gave chase shooting at the protesters essay tempted to ran across a very like field. Mainly people three themselves on the ground. Others who turned to fend off the police where savagely beaten down with trenches when it was over ten marchers. Lay dead are dying in the grass and more than one hundred where wounded including. Children a wounded striker Joseph Hickey told a reporter from his hospital bed. I went out with the rest of them and started to walk over to the plant. I was about one hundred yards behind the head of the line. When the uproar began they were like trapped rats panic stricken terrified, I saw women fall as she was being clubbed by a policeman. She was bleeding and looked like she was dying. I ran over to help her and lean down to pick her up when the police hit me over the head. I was out after that. Little still thought the strike hard. And the strikers eventually gave up. This was a setback for the CIO, but only short term temporary one people's perception with the supreme court ruling on the Wagner act and the CIO wins in the auto industry and still that John Lewis and Roosevelt were partners in changing America's economy. This made the break between the two men, especially disappointing. This started back in nineteen thirty three. When Lewis stated that the president wants you to join the union less putting words in the presence mouth leaving him in a spot. In January nineteen thirty seven loose was to meet with assistant secretary of labor Edward McGrady to discuss the Flint sit down strike moosehead without mcgrady's knowledge. Contacted the press the present familiar with such methods caution Michigan. Governor Murphy at one point to disregard, whatever Mr Lewis tells you loose somehow learned of the comment and was furious and said it was during the winter of nineteen thirty seven when we were gripped in beta conflict with GM that discovered the depths of deceit the ranked dishonesty and the double cross in. Character of Franklin Delano Roosevelt present seemed almost determined to get loose goat that spring when the CIO was in its fight with Luke still being impatient. With what he termed extremists on both sides of the controversy loose struck back using a nationwide Labor Day radio address on September. Third nineteen thirty seven after accusing Roosevelt of showing a lack of gratitude for Labor's massive support in the nineteen thirty six election. He said, it AOL whose son who has subbed at Labour's table and who has been sheltered in. Labors have to curse with equal fervor and finding partiality but labor and its eggs Aries when they become locked deadly brace labor feels that it's 'cause just in that its friends should not be struggles. With neutral detachment are intone constant criticism of its activities. Lewis saw Roosevelt. Aristocrat within intellectual sympathy for labor but incapable by virtue of his background of grasping the real needs billings, and the solidarity of labor Warren of common for bell branches. Perkins claimed that the sewers of the final Lewis Roosevelt split involve Lewis offering himself as a running me of the nineteen forty ticket. An offer Roosevelt rejected out of hand. Looses aide Lee pressman, also remembered the scene recounting that loose toll Roselle, Mr President. I think if you run for a third term, you may be defeated unless you have a Representative of labor on a ticket, and unless Representative is myself to which the president was said to have replied, that's very interesting John what which place on the ticket. Are you reserving for me? Soon more substantive issues rail the Roosevelt Louis relationship, moose was an ardent isolationist who remembered World War One as a time when a reform president Woodrow Wilson had misled the nation into unnecessary foreign war, and then allowed reactionary businessmen and politicians to repress labor and persecute radicals in the guise of national security. He thought he saw Roosevelt headed down the same path in response to the war brewing in Europe and feared that the US involvement would not only subject Americans to greater horror and carnage but make America into an imperialist nation, strengthening the power of the large money interest. He shared the nation in his annual Labor Day radio tok, saying labor in America wants no war, nor any part aboard labor. Once. The rate to work and live not the privilege of dying by gunshot. Are poisonous. Gas to sustain the mental errors of current statesman. Roosevelt and his advisors. Tried to patch things up with Louis S nineteen forty folly lection loom, but a meaning between the two men at the White House on October seventeenth went sour almost from the start the present trade straight, a cordial relaxed tone Lewis went on the attack accusing Roosevelt of having ordered the FBI spy on him. And listen in on his telephone conversations and ellegation Roosevelt didn't confirm or deny. Podcast with your family and friends, please our podcast on itunes. It helps others fight us. If you want to contact us to suggest a topic have a question or just want to say, hi, our contact information is in the show notes along with our sponsor, the National League of Justice and security professionals where members come first.

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