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It has to story about borders, migration and corruption. We talked to victims, families, FBI agents and a former. US Ambassador to understand why these crimes remained unsolved. Listen to forgotten women of whereas on the iheartradio APP or wherever you get your put costs. You are listening to the Dan Patrick Show on Fox sports radio. Welcome to our to on this Tuesday Dan in the Danettes Dan Patrick show the Greek Kareem. abdul-jabbar will join us. He wrote a very powerful op ed piece for the L. A. Times. We'll talk to him. About how we move past this. How do we make this better inclusion what roles to play? Just saw that wes unseld passed away. Longtime NBA player coach. Executive Basketball Hall of Famer passed away. Wes unseld was one of those rare players that was probably maybe six seven, and he played center. But he was. It felt like he was as tall, is he? Was He was that wide? He was, but he wasn't a great leaper. He was just he he. He knew how to rebound. Take up space and he was a great player. Wes unseld in the outlet pass is what people always talked about, but West. Played for the bullets longtime with the bullets. And I believe he won an MBA. I, don't think he was there. When the bullets WANNA title, but Wes Unseld is passed away a hall of Famer. See. Some of these guys and you wonder how basketball is full of players that you go. It just doesn't make sense. And Wes unseld was one of those guys Paul Silas who played for the Celtics? These guys are about six seven six eight. They couldn't. They didn't jump, but they were unbelievable rebounds. I got WES unseld six seven probably to sixty. And he was every bit that and he was just this block that was there and. From Louisville. Yep. A seventy seven seventy eight bullets won the finals four three over the supersonics. And as He was a deep into his career at that point, okay. Yeah. They had Elvin Hayes Kevin Greedy a Bobby Dandridge on that team Phil Chenier that was. A fun team back then but. How old was west? UNSELD I I just saw the tweet from family seventy, four seventy four. Yeah! and. You know a lot of times. You don't see these players. you know they're not? They didn't they weren't in the TV era? There guys that missed the TV era, and I wonder how their careers would have been different. If you've got to see them play. Now less wasn't an exciting player. West was just one of those guys. That was there every single night and he did what you wanted him to do what you needed him to do. He was great rebounder and. Trying to think some of the. Other places Elvin Hayes. His teammate was another guy who missed out on the TV era like he benefited from the game where he beat lew. Alcindor and UCLA and he had this unbelievable performance he was on the cover of sports illustrated, but the biggie Elvin. Hayes was a wonderful player hall of Famer, and but if you didn't get to the eighties. When magic and Larry came in. That feels like that's the black and white era of TV where you're watching, and you're going. That's completely different than what we were seeing. When Bird Magic came into the League but. Wes unseld passing away. Yes, Paul Yeah, you're right guys like Elvin Hayes and in one, thousand, nine, seventy, five or averaging twenty four and fifteen and five years later. They're at the downside career and that's when the TV starts. We'll talk to Kareem abdul-jabbar. He'll join US coming up. We gotTA poll question. mclovin yeah are. You okay with permanently expanding MLB playoffs to fourteen. Fourteen Games fifty eight percent say no. Oh, they don't want expansion here. I! Tell you why I'm for it. Okay because I feel like July, first sixty percent of the league's has done for the season. We're going to trade all our players like everybody tanks. Every season is just like half. The league just sloughs off also. Yeah, now everyone will be in play. I'm okay with it this year. I just WANNA I wanNA I. WanNa see how it feels where you're going to have more playoff teams in major league baseball. At this point, we're not going to have more games. Regular Season Games I'm okay with more postseason games, but what happens is once you do it. It's rare when you go back and say we're. Not GonNa we're GONNA table that it feels like from ten to fourteen. You're adding revenue in the postseason, which is good for the owners. Therefore, this is what they would want. Would of the players get out of this? How about we get baseball back on the field? How about we do that? I'm okay with that I'll take ten playoff teams. I don't need fourteen. Got some notes here wes unseld is the bullets wizards all time franchise leader in regular season, games and postseason games as well. I don't know I, know Corinne played against West until. But I don't know if there's a shorter sennar. In the hall of fame. Then Wes unseld. Because he was six seven. You people always say I'll Sparkley, really you. Under six five and go yeah. Now he can't be way play. He's one of those guys that defies logic. steph curry defies logic. There's certain players where you go. That just doesn't make sense. And Wes unseld was one of those players. You just watched him. He went. He doesn't jump. But he gets all the rebounds Moses Malone was another guy. I never thought he was that athletic I just thought he was unbelievable on the offensive and defensive glass. Unbelievable never stopped like you think Rodman's a great rebounder. Moses Malone would also get you twenty five a night to go along with those rebounds. I saw this story. And it was a column written Saturday by a former NFL executive and a current CNN political analyst Joe Lockhart. He said that the League attempted to convince teams to sign Colin Kaepernick in two thousand, seventeen in two, thousand eighteen. He felt that they had done a righteous job. Based on the events in Minnesota this week. La Carte now realizes how wrong he was. In attempt to right or wrong. Lockhart believes the Minnesota Vikings should sign capper nick to a contract. Give him a legitimate chance to compete for the backup quarterbacking spot in training camp. Lockhart writes the situation in Minnesota right now offers a unique opportunity to deal with the symbols of racial injustice as a small but important step the owners of the Minnesota Vikings. Ziggy and Mark Wilf. Can send a strong message by offering Colin Kaepernick contract to play with the Vikings bringing him bring him into camp. Treat him like any of the other players given a chance to play the game they love. Wow. Joe You realize what this sounds like. Hey! Calling come on, can you help us like we screwed this up, can you? Can you make good for this? This'll make. This will make you know the murder of George Floyd go away. Wow! That's really nice. The Vikings now. You're saying that they should bring him in. DO THEY WANNA. Bring him in how about three weeks ago should you brought him in three weeks ago? How about a month ago? How about a year ago? How about two years ago? He come on. A Colin captured can come in and help us out here. Lockhart goes on to write. It will not solve the problem of blacks in police violence, but it will recognize the problem that cavern powerfully raised in perhaps show that with courage real progress can be made. This is in progress. You blackballed him. He hasn't played since twenty sixteen. And he did have a peaceful protest, and that wasn't good enough member. Remember the NFL the owners. President Vice President that was a peaceful protest about what happened in Minneapolis. Now if you said to me, Colin. Kaepernick has a legitimate chance to beat out kirk cousins fine. But. Don't bring him in. Say Hey, we fix that. All good now. You settled a collusion suit because the owners conspire to keep calling capture nick out of the NFL because he was bad for business. This appeal our move. This is horrible. It's embarrassing. Hey come on in and and we'll give you a legitimate chance to start. What does that mean? Would you give him a legitimate chance and why the Vikings? Just to see if floyd had died and been murdered in Dallas, would you say to Jerry Jones a cherry? You should bring him in here. This could help things out that happened in Cincinnati happening Cleveland Los Angeles. Hey happened in Minnesota. I know this'll help things won't. And Colin Kaepernick is not playing in the NFL. Set it at the time. He's not coming back. Because I know these owners. That debuted. Him is bad for business. We can have this on our sidelines. But he did protest. And it was. Nonviolent. Protest He took a knee. HOW SYMBOLIC! Need took a knee. But to say we're going to give him a chance now. He gets to come back. Are you really giving him a chance? It feels like this is something the NFL would do. Hey, guys! Mom's be a really good pr moment here can it gets comeback if I'm captain, capper Nick Is. So much more powerful now than he would be if he came back and played football. Because, you keep looking at this in even more even more so today. We're looking at Capri consenting. See. This is what he was talking about. And, I've heard from everybody I know people get riled up and this is about the flag. No, it's not about the flag. This is about the moment where people can see what I'm doing. The moment that everybody is watching I'm taking a knee I want people to understand why I'm taking a knee to ask questions. I'm looking for social reform. I'm looking for this. Somebody to correct an injustice. That's what he was saying now I. Don't agree with all the things that Cabernet did or how he did it when he had a t shirt that he was talking about Fidel Castro. I had a problem with that copses, pigs I had a problem with that because there's so many wonderful people who are in the police departments, the police force. Another thing that happened and this is an aside to everything that's been going on all of the goodwill that the first responders build up in America, and that includes the police through all of this with the corona virus with the pandemic. Feels like that's all washed away. We somehow forget about all of those things. All of those great people on the front lines who do things who do it the right way every single day. And those people shouldn't be forgotten. We shouldn't look at them and look at them in a suspicious way. We shouldn't. I know people will, but we shouldn't. Because there are great people who do this. And I think that we're going to. We're going to move past that unfortunately. Forget what they were doing when their lives on the line. And they were serving our country. But the Colin Kaepernick thing it just I was reading. It and I just went that. That's tone deaf on Joe locks part. It's a PR move and that will make everything better. Because if this is in another city, are you asking Jerry Jones to bring him in? You'RE GONNA ask you to come in and Minnesota because it happened in Minneapolis to me. Is Pretty Pretty Hollow. All right seven three DP show email address GPS Dan, Patrick dot com. Anything else that needs to be mentioned? We update the poll results mclovin. Yeah, people do not want to explain that expand the MLB playoffs permanently into. What time is cream GONNA Jonas fritzy. Kareem just checked in. He's in our zoom waiting room for whenever we want to go to all right. We'll take a break and look I. Know Part of this is to make. You feel uncomfortable I mean that's really what this is all about when people speak up, does it make you feel uncomfortable because it should? We tend to socialize with people who think the way we think. But sometimes having that person, tell you something that makes you a little uncomfortable or makes you question or makes you. Curious about something. And look how Jackie Robinson do today. How would Muhammad Ali today? The Olympian Olympians Tommie Smith and John Carlos how would they do today? Social Causes. Michael Jordan famously a political. Ali's death. It felt like a new generation of athletes to embrace activists when you think about it. I think there was a whole new generation that went. Wow! What. happened. And I think a lot of these athletes only saw Mohammed. Ali, as maybe somebody in the throes of Parkinson's. Maybe at the Olympics lighting the torch. Maybe in the ring, but what he did outside the ring when he lost his heavyweight title. Took it away. But the reaction of his death. And I remember we talked about it. His legacy. Might be what he did to a new generation. It was four years ago tomorrow that Mohammed Ali passed away. Now have we made progress? You probably argue that we haven't have. We made progress from athletes. Celebrities standing up, saying something being on the frontlines not worried about being criticized. I think we have. I applaud Lebron James Tom Brady. But while I applaud them, this is what they should do their people. Not just athletes. And if tiger, woods doesn't want to say anything or Michael. Jordan doesn't want to say anything that's up to them, but those who do speak up. I think a lot of that is because Muhammad. Ali stood up for things. He fought against things. And I can't help but wonder. What would he say today? How would he say something today if he? In his prime was Mohammed Ali. What would Jackie Robinson say? But it's not incumbent upon black athletes to be the ones who speak it's all of us who should be speaking. The Great. Kareem abdul-jabbar will join US coming up next seventeen after the hour. Take a break back after this on the Dan Patrick Show thanks for listening to the Dan. Patrick! 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Don't know if you saw this. I hate to bring it up to you now wes unseld. Passed away I know that Species. Or your. And I was trying to tell people. How unique WES UNSELD was you know? He missed out on the TV era, but it felt like he was six seven about two fifty to sixty. Yeah. You had to go around repealing. Or sometimes you get lucky reeks over. Get a rebel, but. was was graded. Just seek to keep you away from certain areas in. Rebound could bounce off the floor and he pick it up because we get to that position on or. Be Learned how to use his book and size to. To to give himself a rebounding space center. You very active. At Yeah. He was one of those guys who defied logic. He was like Paul Silas. They weren't great leaders, but felt like they were getting every rebound, and he played on that great bullets team with Elvin Hayes. Phil Chenier that won a title. I love the op-ed and the L. A. Times obviously very powerful, but I've come to expect that from you. Take take us back to late sixties. We are we any better any different now improved in handling these situations. I think we've been through the ups and downs over. We've seen the. Progress and then the backsliding as occurred since the. Eighty of the civil rights. I remember when between my junior, senior high school or a young man. James Powell got killed on the streets of New York wire by police officer. Arlen broke out about two release. Bryant's. So that was thirty six years ago. So none of this is new. Sacred so many times before we have to do something to. Get to point where. This is not A. Doesn't happen blanket. Does it just seems to? Cling to. A really bad situation every time, so we got to learn how to deal with that, but I wonder about everybody's role in this because it feels like if something happens, we tend to put this on the black community to say hey, this is on you when it's really on the white community to understand this, or how do we advance this if you were going to speak to the audience? Act to say that. If you when it's easy to dismiss somebody humanity, and the fact that they are person with rights and our expectations that the known should mutually respect. When it goes out the window. All these abuses are. They just become commonplace. And The whole idea that. A segment of society is considered not worthy or not. WAR IS GONNA lead to what we have seen apple. And you start to wonder about. We've had these great leaders. Like Dr King or if Mohammed Ali was still alive I wonder about just these individuals in what they meant to history. How would how do you think Dr King would view what happened in Minneapolis? While he would see in. Conjunction with all the other lynchings and murders of black people at A. Prior to that. It's not her. Uncommon story, it's too commonplace. That I think that's. Why we've don't do anything to change it because we've executive for so long. I also worry though that we move on so quickly Kareem when something happens. And then we're outraged, and then this will go away. This will dissipate We've seen this before. And then the next outrage will get everybody excited for a little while and then bill. Forget about it because we've accepted it for so long, it's just. The. The way that we do business and we can't do that anymore. There has to be some type of changes and what it's all about I think at this point is we have to find some means to? Deal with bad cops. Bad cops naked bad for good cops make it better for citizens of color. Poor people a bad cup. Sir are able to just do what they want in those situations so. When we get to the point where? That's not a problem. I think you will have made a lot of progress. You were one of the more famous teenagers in the United States when you were playing at power memorial, you have any run INS with the police. Of course. Of, course it own I had a gun honoring. Of for being tall dark that was it. Really. In your. One time one of my sons is bringing one of my other son's. All in the police stopped him. They wanted to know what what he was doing driving around. At expensive car. In a thought that that was suspicious in knowing Jack Emma. It happen it just. It's part of our culture, and it's part of how we see things an We've got to change that. I thought the mayor of Atlanta had powerful words when she just said. You know this is. Like I can't send my son out to do a piece, so I can't send you out. I can't protect you and I. Don't know how helpless that may feel for you that. You worry about your kids and whereabouts kids and you want to protect them and you want them to. have an idea of how to conduct themselves, so they won't be in any a any danger and for black kids. That's. Very iffy situation. We're talking to Kareem. abdul-jabbar Mohammed Ali died for years ago yesterday. Member I met him. Yes I, do yeah. I was. Just walking down sunset in. Muhammad Ali was doing magic tricks for people ever chess walking by. Has Like A. To Friends of mine who stopped in Washington for about ten or fifteen minutes sedan at all, and then a couple of weeks later, I went to a party of during my freshman year at Ucla went to a party. there. I got to meet him and you. Just Click. A great. Way I. Don't know what Stranger you walk in on sunset or Ali doing magic tricks on sunset. That's out was the nineteen nineteen, sixty six for nineteen, sixty six, I remember. What don't I know about him? that. He was really funny Guy He? He was a practical joker. You like to. Of Full Pool Jokes on people in a mystified him with the some of his. Magic abilities. The tried magic tricks or for a long time because he disliked to make the go ou-. But then he can get into the ring and be so violent like he's such a play. It was such a playful man, but then you you turn it on and turn it off. We saw that with Jordan. Documentary might doesn't turn it on and off. It's always on those on your. Muhammad Ali would. He was like because. You had to love you know 'cause. It was a really congenial guy he. I wonder about his impact. Because I've maintained I think Jackie Robinson is probably the greatest athlete of all time because. Baseball Basketball Football. Track and field. He became a hall of Famer when people didn't want him to succeed went through to do that. And then there's all these place in history I don't know if you can categorize that, but trying to the impact of Ali and I said this when he died Kareem for years ago. He's leaving a legacy of athletes who are willing to step up now I think because they saw who he was, when he saw all these testimonials, these tributes to Ali, when he died that you had Lebron in Chris. Paul and Dwayne Wade and guys were willing to put themselves out there. I mean that's a powerful legacy that Ali left. Black athletes, really. For for black kids, black athletes are what's the principal role models in the black kids get a lot of positive direction from black athletes I. Know I did. We Jack, WHO's playing for the dodgers. Serious Guidry Fan. He just. Kind of charisma really has has an effect. And he never let it blow over. Though how do you think Jackie Robinson compartmentalized this with everything that he was going I mean I'm sure internally, but he sort of maintained his dignity. Hard to do at that time because people wanted to test. But he had the right disposition I. He was definitely will be pretty tough guy. Allow those guys in in the major. You were offered to meet their mother. They wanted. Will stick baseball. When's the last time you? Shot a skyhook. She's like I can't remember living. Will while I was coaching a working with Andrew Bynum I had to. Demonstrate Stove so? I got back into some kind of suit. That's longer going for where you. Do you care about any of these lists. Kareem, where ESPN had the greatest college basketball player of all Time poll and I-. I railed because you weren't the you're the greatest college basketball player of all time I was mad. I was probably matter than you would ever be I'm guessing but Jordan was the greatest college basketball player of all time. Just helped me here. If you don't care about it, then I won't care about it. I, you know it's it's not important to me because people. Would vote for Michael Jordan net. Don't have the perspective. They didn't see me play a wish they'd seen Oscar play. They really changed their mind about that. Michael wasn't anywhere near the college. Clear that Oscar was. On so? You know it's all depends on your perspective in stand that you can see where someone would say that because you know Michael Style was so charismatic, people think. That that doesn't. Style end. Effect are two different things, but we look at Michael me. Go Way won six titles. He didn't lose Bill Russell one eleven. He didn't lose like I. How do you decide? You, can't and people didn't see Bill Russell play. You know what what did he? Stifled the whole League for eleven world championships. Michael Jordan had six. On you know it's, it's. There's no comparison, but the people don't understand what what's being compared, so that's why they get all. You just missed out on Russell. League was his first year retire. But I saw you against wilt, and that was supposed to be this big showdown. All let's see how you know Luau is going to do against the Great Wilt Chamberlain. What do you remember about that? First Meeting. A first meeting I didn't do too good and everyone that did very well. By! My third year. Guys wearing. We'll tell you retire. Yeah, and that's another thing that will be like we don't. He's statistical anomaly. He's not included in the greatest player of all time. It feels like because we go well. That's wilt and you know. The NBA was different back then. What's different, but still what? What will dude? WHO's GonNa score a hundred points so average. What what do the V eight point four points? Yeah it's it's ridiculous. What would wilted and nobody that saw him? It's devote out their own. They've all passed on Wiltz as fast. So you know. I think he could have to like stop errors in then. Maybe people will get it. Corrected in how they assess the yeah and I tried. I don't WanNa. Be That guy who says get off my lawn, but it feels like I'm speaking up for guys who people missed out on because I I got to see everybody but Bill, Russell, play. And I was there in Cincinnati for Cincinnati Gardens Cincinnati royals I got to see those. Marriage when he came in when you came in. I mean run down the list of these great players I say you have. No Oscar played with the royals. They were horrible, and then he got to Milwaukee and then people go. Oh, okay, Oscar, you WanNa, title they just. Pick and choose on what is Great. Now we tend to I had somebody arguing with me the other day about Rick. Perry's greatness and I said you had to see him play. Like Rick. Barry with Golden State Warrior team that was not a good team, but it was a team and rick. Perry was awesome back then. But died. Somebody say we'll drain on. Green is better than Rick Barry and I go. Exactly. I said that hyperactive the same way Kareem. People have no. They have no idea what guys did, so it's. Just talking to people who can't relate to what happened before them. Yeah and I know there's always this competitiveness, and yours was probably hidden a little bit more, but I have to believe there's every party that says. Your is impact were better than anybody else? WHO's ever played the game? I. Think so but you. Got Time to argue. I'll continue to argue on your behalf I actually saw the first time you played Bill Walton. In a preseason game. Selecting Dayton. Okay and I remember. Because I loved bill I thought bill was as true of teen center is I'd ever seen like understanding the game, and and I was like he had his long hair, and the BANDANNA, and I remember it didn't. It didn't go. It didn't go that well for bill that. That maybe maybe it was like when you face chamberlain. Bill got roughed up a little bit there. Do you ever talk to him about Europe, your meetings, your head-to-heads. No, To bill about it because he starts crying about how. He's embarrassed instead. I wasn't trying to embarrass it. You're starting. To do what I could do. Teamwork yeah, but he has such praised for you and rightfully so but. Yeah although I think he dunked on you that one time in the playoffs, and when they when they won the title and Bill Bill Likes to bring that up. Well let's one for bill and. I had a few, so how you feeling by the way with the crown. Thank you. Involved in a new technology now negli- meter. Said messes people. Do WOAH celebrations for. It's working pretty good. If you WANNA know anything about it. Go to GRAHAM DOT COM. And see what. What's keeping me up events in the? Anthony AJ spelled. C. O. N. O. M., Y.. No I C O N. Oh, Gre am I kind of rip? Oh so I got a iconic dot com as well. I kinda got. COMCAST'S OKAY WANNA. Make sure I. got that right? Or messages. You want me to do a message for you celebration. Whether it's. Days graduations. I can do all the way. Are there any there's no hardware in the background there? If I walk into the house, do I know what you do for a living or living no. No hardware. Jerseys! This I have okay, might my Where have all my baseball stuff through? All the stuff that's important to me like. Willie. Mae signed a uniform. You probably have more baseball MEMORABILIA THAN BASKETBALL MEMORABILIA ZIK credit. Your. What's your prized possession aside from the Willie mays autograph. Price was action is a nineteen fifty five. World Series Baseball. That what the has fallen signatures on? It has a couple of phony signatures us through the club attendant. Of you know. Signed. Signatures of the guys wouldn't sign the base walls the. Selma. It's great to see you and we appreciate your time as always and. Keep writing. We appreciate it Kareem. Like very much, talking to you have a great day and stay healthy. Thank you. That's a Kareem abdul-jabbar. We'll take a break back after this on the Dan, Patrick Show thanks for listening to the Dan Patrick Show podcast. 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You don't need to know your way around a toolbox to get a quality part installed because while there are six thousand Napa auto parts stores. They're also more than seventeen thousand NAPA. Auto Care Centers so whether you do it yourself or have done for you. All you need is Napa know. How No? It's always great to talk to Kareem. He has so much history so much wisdom I don't know if he's ever told that story. Before the first time he met Muhammad Ali. He's on sunset. Boulevard and he's walking down sunset so first of all here's Kareem whose freshman year at Ucla, so he seven to walking down sunset Mohammed Ali might be the most famous athlete in the world. He's doing magic tricks on sunset. I don't know what would look stranger seven to walking on sunset or there's Ali doing magic tricks, but Ali was so playful and. It really took. Any any premonition you had about him a preconceived idea. It always took that away because they were like all draft. Dodger or I. Don't like Murray makes fun of people. You made fun of Joe. Freight like all of these different things about Ali that people didn't like. And then you meet him, and he had this ability to just make you laugh. and. He was a little kid and his wife. Lonnie and I had the opportunity of being around him. Before he lost the ability to speak, and then a few times after we were at the SP's I, said a Mike Tyson boxing match and he. That presence is different than any other presence of any other person I've ever been around. And I've been around quite a few people famous people. Nothing compared to Ali nothing, but I wonder. Who is this singular voice now? Through all of this. And I and I'm talking about representing the African American community. Who is that singular voice? because. We've had those voices before. But. It doesn't feel like you have that singular unifying voice, or when that person comes to town, things change people listen. I don't know if it's Barack. Obama No. He had a statement a couple of days ago, but I. Don't know if he's going to be out in front of. This wants to get involved in this. But I don't know who that singular voice is, but it felt like feels like down through history. We've had. At least one of those voices I also mentioned this earlier in the show. The smaller market teams are urging the NBA to include the entire league in the restart Paulie. Would you check the teams? Let's say or mclovin the twenty two from twenty two down to thirty. How. Many of those are small market teams because the NBA is moving towards a plan of inviting twenty two teams to restart the season. Now. This is what I'm told. The smaller market teams. They are facing inequities. Nine months without basketball. You'd go from March to. December. And what that impact would have on sponsorship selling tickets. Developing players. Could be a really. Damaging. Point of the year in an end of the season for some of these franchises, but the New York Knicks are not a small market team. How many of these would you designate small markets here that we're talking about again? These teams that didn't make the playoffs, but are not as renowned playoff eligible. You would consider small-market teams. I would think Portland New Orleans Sacramento. San Antonio is a huge market, but but Portland and Sacramento Portland in New Orleans are gonNA. Make the playoffs under the new format. I'm talking about from twenty three on down at twenty three. GOLDEN STATE MINNESOTA PHOENIX CLEVELAND ATLANTA DETROIT. New York Chicago. And Charlotte okay those aren't. That doesn't make sense then. Yeah I, mean we're talking. Do the knicks naked? No, unlikely! Okay, When I think small market I, think a memphis. The Memphis is in the playoffs. New, Orleans is going to get into plows. Chicago's not small-market new. York's not small-market Detroit's not small-market. Golden, State's not small market like I'm confused with unless they believe everything besides new. York and La Golden State is small mark. I don't know. No I don't think Golden. State's small mark, right. I don't think so. Let me. See Greg in Illinois Hi. Greg. What do you have for me today? Hey Dan grade interview with the Korean a heater real treasure. Thank you my courtroom freeze about. In the NFL and it's just do you think? Do you think an honest private moment roger? Goodell? The NFL would change how they handled that situation right now. That's it. Oh Jolt. No, I, you know. It's hard to speak for the NFL when it comes to these things. Their bottom line. It's just that that's their bottom line. It's money. And these owners didn't want to have anything or anyone who could interfere with that. Colin. Kaepernick deserve to play in the NFL now. You might say he's not a great quarterback, okay? But he got blackballed. Member? All of those excuses. Memory was on the Diet. Oh, on a new diet! He's losing weight like we had all of these different excuses as to why capper nick was not being. Allowed to play invited to play. I thought the Ravens. We're going to sign him a few years ago and I thought Seattle was going to sign him as well. I thought that that was maybe a possibility. There because it has to start with ownership has to start with that person saying I'm willing to take the heat because you will take the heat certainly in today's political climate if you bring in Colin. Kaepernick but captured is not playing football game. But for the NFL or a former NFL employees to come out and say Minnesota should hire him now. Sign him now. That's the wrong answer. Because now you're only doing it for a gimmick. It's. Not This isn't based on ability. This is based on. Hey, can you help us out with what's going on with the social climate? Hey, this'll fix everything. Hey, Cabernet in Minneapolis that work. We'll move on from George Floyd. Captured predicts window of opportunities past. We'll take a break one more hour to go. Get. Your phone calls more phone calls coming up update. The poll results as well Seton Paulie Fritzy. mclovin yours truly here on the Dan Patrick Show renowned Buddhist teacher. Jarvis Masters steadfastly maintained his innocence since he was sentenced to death almost thirty years ago on a new podcast. Dear, Governor Jarvis poses the question. Hope again. The execution of one in. From the confines, his nine by four sell in San Quentin Jarvis will share his riveting life story how he is managed to maintain a sense of optimism. In the most dire circumstances are poker laws by their mind by now that I'm Muslim -vivor. Provide the details of the bloody murder and trial that landed him on death. Believe you're based found that women I would not get charged. Here details from inside. The courtroom is tourneys fight for his final state appeal newly disclosed evidence that bolsters claims of innocence. Will the California Supreme? Court exonerate him a reaffirm his death sentence listened to dear governor on the iheartradio APP apple podcast or wherever you get your podcasts? Rene. Bach was only nineteen years old when she moved from her small town in Virginia to eastern Uganda. In two, thousand nine balk founded serving his children a feeding program for severely malnourished kids. The NGO quickly grew into an inpatient medical facility. That heroic image obscured a deadly truth. Rene Bach had no medical training. When it comes to missionary work and humanitarian aid in the developing world, what is the line between helping and hurting? We'll find out in the new podcast the missionary. Listen to the missionary on the iheartradio APP, apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

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