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Welcome welcome welcome to the armchair expert. I'm DAX SHEPARD HYDAC shepherd your name young lady Monica Padden Monica Padma. N- we have a lovely guess today. Alison Brie thing. I came to know her on community. Yeah and madmen as well glow She's on Bo Jack Horsemen. She's Uber talented. And she's got a new movie out horse girl. Maybe my favorite title of Film Our Horse Girl out now on net flicks Ed dish. Finally we've been touring retirement for a few months. We're going to be back out there. April fourth Saturday history. Con will present armchair expert live from Los Angeles at the Pasadena Convention Center? So gang if you're in the La area and you'd love to see us live. We have a very juicy guess. History is going to be changed. We're going to change history. He was going to talk about it. Changes and then we'll change it a little bit. Maybe so tickets go on sale Friday February twenty first at ten. Am local time visit. Www armchair expert pod dot com for ticket link. 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That eating an apple is good for your diction so. It's a good thing to eat before. Doing a podcast. Although it might not be true. It's something that someone told me in theater school and I believed that ever since I first of all. I hope you're right because anything I could use a clear at my diction prior to launching off would be very helpful little. But this was an expert. This is a professional who guided you in this direction right. It was someone who is another student. It's really good for your diction and I was like cradle. I'll do it every day I will. Do you find guy. Have a little rule and we do live shows which sucks sometimes because we're often in a really cool city in Wabe.`y. Foodie so he takes us to these great places. I don't eat cheese the day of Alive Show I. I don't know if that's psychosomatic. But I really feel the difference dairy in your throat. Yeah I think so. Yeah okay. Great my stamp of approval. I will say this about apple before we move on from if I'm ever like in a situation where I'm like God love to brush my teeth right now but I don't have the coutroom all. I find a real crisp apple and that for me. It feels like brushing my teeth really. Yeah like it'll give me another couple hours on the feeling of my mouth like that. Okay Hey that then you have like apple on. The breath is a bit weird. Even though I love apples I do eat one every day. Finally it can leave a weird vilma it a little bit of a film. I guess it depends. How CRISP THE APPLE Maybe I've never had one is Chris. You WanNa Chris Chris. I like to keep them in the fridge. Do you like I. Don't like the Tarte varieties. I like the sweet varieties like A. What's the toward of the Green and Rainy Smith? Andy Smith no way but pink lady which is very sweet. Used to be like my main apple choice but now they're a little too sweet. What about a golden delicious with that Nice Soft Green yellow golden delicious but the best is honey crisp. Yes okay the name. Your honey crisp. What more could you ask for? Nothing just to go back to the Golden Chris. It is the role colon delicious. It's the Rolls Royce of apples. I put golden delicious as like my third best in the top tier but number three third. And then we drop speak in. Which have you ever done any judging well you? I don't think I have done any like legit judging but I did the Gong show the yeah. Okay it's a revamp right. It was a show in the seventies or eighties and people do a little talent and if they suck somewhat nail gone but the point is it's sort of get these acts that are especially outrageous and outlandish in sort of meant to be sucking and if they're especially bad they get the Gong but also with the new one is still on a hosted by Mike Myers very interesting when you were interacting with him should go without saying there's no disrespect to the Gong show. Were huge fans. It's a great product. Such a fun time doing it exactly now back to the character. So did he ever break that character to connect with you? Not that I saw old. I've met him in character and it was super weird but it was also like kind of like okay. I appreciate the commitment sure. And then I met Mike Myers may be a year after that. Because I was doing Seth Meyers and he was the first guest and then I just didn't I didn't know if it would be appropriate. No memory. That wasn't me how embarrassed what I B O. What egg on my face is like? How dare you won't now the people who were in Lincoln? Right Abraham Lincoln Film and you had Dan Lewis Right. Being Abe Lincoln. I do. Yeah so Dan Lewis you know could you? If you were acting in those scenes it is. He's so good in so committed that you really start thinking by God it's eighteen sixty eight and I'm here with Abe Lincoln. I do think it probably would change for me personally. It definitely would change the way. I would be onset because I would probably feel a little embarrassed to just be like chew and a piece of Gum on your on my phone. You know I feel like any job ordering so ninety new job I got to do to this day one. I don't bring my phone. I try to come in. And just what's the VIBE? Our people cool with phones serious are people on this set. I used to work on a show. Madman. Yes same time I was shooting another show on. Nbc Community. Which I'm confused about and I WANNA hear a lot about that just a schedule of all. Well yeah there were days because often the schedules really overlapped and I mean for like years you know there were a couple. I mean maybe two or three days in those span of those years where I did both shows in the same day so I would start in the morning on one and then drive over and do a late night on the other and all of this is really to say that madman. I was recurring on the show. I never had a contract. I was never a regular character but it was also one of my first jobs. I really wanted to respect that set. Sure I would never have brought my phone. Oh shoot a set until the late. Maybe season six season seven. I bring it. Keep it in my chair of your order. A regular on another show had been there for since the first season. So my Dan you're sorta like okay. It's okay but the reverend cy had for that set and it seemed like a much more serious that to me even though I imagine that the regulars on the show probably were more relaxed than I was being like. I'm so happy to be here. Thank you having these still but I would always joke with the people on community which were so my family. I was a regular there. And it's a comedy and we would just be making each other laugh until we were crying laughing and then action like we were so loud boisterous kids on a playground and I'd be like if you guys saw me on the set of madman you wouldn't recognize me like I think you had Stockholm Syndrome or something like that. You're SOM- ver- in yourself and a very serious actor. It did feel to me much quieter. And like you were threading a needle love emotion and nuance to what the characters were mean the meaning behind what we were saying and all that stuff and Matt Winer was always on set so you felt like Yes yes and and maybe popping into give you a quick note or making sure that you're doing it the way he wants you to do it which actually I really liked. Because then you knew like you right. GonNa move on unless you really nailed it. How do you feel about line readings? Well it depends really quick line. Reading is where the director comes up to. You any says you should say welcome to Arby's I'm sad you know the he'll give you all your exact line exact cadence that they want. You hope you to pair it. Yeah yeah which is very triggering for many many actors shoe. People really hate it. Yeah Yeah Yeah. I've seen people really lose their shit over. I definitely got some line readings from that but it didn't bother me. I think because I just loved Matt so much and again. This was my first real job I was doing. Regional Theatre had done a couple episodes an episode of a show here like a B B horror. Movie got this job on this show. The material was so good. I was so excited to be there when I got the booked one episode ever made it very clear. This is for one episode. You're coming in to do one recurring possible. And by the end of that we shooting. They asked me to come back for the next episode. So I already just loved Matt for taking a chance. I mean giving this role in the show and again he was so specific. I really admired the way he created that whole show with with Such specificity Oh yes so also if you want something that's specific and I'm sitting there and now we're on take ten. It's like he's like. Can I just tell you how I want you to say because I 'cause he's hearing his grandmother's voice in his head and his mom's I'd be like yes? Just tell me because then we can move on in that scenario. There's me there's Matt. I have a high respect level for him certainly. I've been in situations where someone tries to give me a line reading. Don't have as much and you're a little bit like step back. Well isn't it it's interesting. There's another bizarre part of a TV versus film which is film quite often. You won't meet the writer right and so the director really is the person you're like. Oh I'm I'm executing their fantasy of this whole thing whereas in television is very much a writer's museum and you're trying to execute what the writer wanted. So it's harder I would imagine for an episodic director that's coming in and maybe only doing two episodes that whole season and they tell you know you're supposed to say welcome to RB's McLean. Don't think you would know that more than I would know it. I like that in your example. We're doing an Arby's commercial. Yeah any who so the sets for madman were all in. La Downtown weirdly where you're filming studios. We shot our third season of glow there but not the first or second and I don't think we'll be back there for the fourth congratulations off or congratulations. Yes we're very close with Jackie town. So Chris Lull yes of wars. I adore them both so much. Yes so I wanna go through because you found yourself now three times which is almost impossible to do in like really crazy well rounded cast like. I mean look at Madman and you go. Oh my God. Elizabeth Moss Goes Undo handmaid's tale. I can't imagine there's any better acting on television at all. I mean you could say the same about her performance on madness seems with her and Jon Hamm. There's one that episode. What the Sisu were just the two of them. You're like yes like a clinic. Yes I feel that way watching Betty Gilpin when we're working on glow and it's that has been like a clinic for me acting in scenes with her just being like oh well of emotion on my God I mean. I've been very lucky in the television. Space it's crazy but also I guess I've used all of those shows to learn and so mad men. I was twenty four years old when I started working on that I had gone to the theater school and studied theater and just was all about theater and was working doing theater arts. I went to cal arts really quick. I have a question about that. So cal arts is in Santa Clarita. Yeah and you were born in Hollywood. Yeah I mean at Cedars. I grew up in Highland Park and then South Pasadena okay. Great so I didn't grow. I didn't go like Hollywood high. Or You were from this city finitely so the college experience being out in Santa Clarita. It's not as college as I'm thinking right or or did you feel like you went away to college town. You know I mean I could. I definitely was driving home to my mom's house on the weekends to do laundry trading. Hey for it so in that sense it didn't feel like I was like away at school but it also did. It was far enough away from my family and South Pass. I mean you know a forty five minute drive but I lived on campus dorms. But it's a tiny school. It's very small you know. They're probably twelve hundred students when I went there. It's like one driveway loop and there's the Undergrad housing building the MFA Housing Building and the main building of school. And that's the college so it's a real small arts conservatory and there were probably like thirty two students in my acting class and then we were broken down into smaller groups so we would do real small classes with eight. People do classes for voice and movement. And there's a lot of classes where you're just like sticking your tongue out and oil for two years and then now you know how to use your voice tastic. I loved it. Did you feel like you've got tools there that you are currently employing definitely? Yeah even just to the extent of like we did really crazy stuff so it just got kind of ingrained in you to not be embarrassed to take risks to be a bit fearless about stuff and to speak to that sort of. I did one semester in Scotland. I did a semester abroad in my final year at school at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and drama in Glasgow and they're that freedom the nth degree of like I have nothing to lose. I'll probably never see any of these people again and that school was fantastic because they would bring a new teachers every week to do these crazy workshops and it might be like an Improv couple. Where a week or something and because of the way the schools matched up. I was a senior at my college but I was with the third year students at their school and were they primarily Scottish students it was a mix of Scots and like Brits and a couple of American students who were like doing the full program at that a lot of crazy accents students. I couldn't understand even till my final day of the I'll I'll I'll be like Oh always assume they're asking just ended up often job. You did you fall for any of these. No no I had a boyfriend. Yeah and he came out and visited me and we took a great trip around looking at old castles and he was great. But you know there was like one boy that was very sweet and I walked home from school with him every day. Scottish very sweet possible chance. There was another boy an American boy that everyone thought we were having a romantic interlude. Yeah okay well. We weren't always sleepover with him and his roommates. Smoke a lot of weed and we would just hang out the two of us all the time mixed message guests will. If I hadn't had a boyfriend I probably would have been open to but I kind of wanted you to be in a scenario like you just described guy and he's leaving the room and he looks back and he's brooding and he's like. Oh you don't know what he's saying but you're rolling with no no of course it was like the American guy it was like. Are you going after this class? Everyone's going over here let's go but anyway romantically. It wasn't adventurous. But in every other sense I could be the first person in class like all get up. Try this crazy shit. Fuck like very much and even the students there were like. Are you this outgoing at your school in America and I was not quite as much what have I got to loose here attitude? It does say something about you because if I had done that I would've been like desperate to fit into their sort of mold of what they're doing and I would have been trying to get their approval. I would not have been feeling like what is there to lose. It was sort of an extension of doing feel anyway like when you transition from high school to College. That's your chance to reinvent yourself and I certainly had happen and then this was team I asked. What would you go from two to? What was the Highschool Alison versus the College Ellison High School will? I definitely was sort of a theater nerd. You know. Senior year was like president. The Drama Club President Linsey Squibb. But but I always really prided myself on having friends outside of drama as well so I wasn't like totally isolated in the drama program. It's hard for me to analyze it. Because I had such a great time in high school. I didn't have a jaded high school experience. I loved doing drama and I had my like three closest friends who were not in drama and like I still even when I take a step back because I often like. I don't know if I know if people found me super nerdy or not. I feel like fellow little in the middle. I only have a sense because my senior year I was invited to the Popular Party and I went and like made out with some New York and then some other girl who was a cheerleader was like what are you doing it this party so then I was like Oh oh I guess I guess you guys do think I'm kind of nerdy. It's a real gift. I think that I had drama in high school. Because I didn't care a lot about what people thought about. Well you were getting inside the theme but you're also you were filling up a bucket on the state you're getting like approval and attention and all this stuff and that's a confidence builder. It was and I was a bit eccentric in terms of like wearing skirts over pants on. You know cutting my hair super short people thought I shaved my head like that. Any any child acting no not like professional child acting. You know my parents had me in the summer program in Los Villas with the Jewish community center and I did plays there from when I was six or seven until middle school and then I did plays with the middle school and I also did like a summer theatre program at the Pasadena playhouse. So I always was doing acting in theater right but your dad was a reporter like an entertainment reporter. Or is that exaggerating okay great? I wonder if I've done an interview with him. I wonder cuts more. My Dad was an was and still is a musician and he is the singer songwriter guitarist before I was born. He really made his living playing music around. Hollywood being more like the house band restaurants performing for everyone you can imagine and then when my parents got divorced when I was five he sort of took over my grandfather's business journalist. Oh and he became a freelance entertainment journalist. So he sort of was like. How do I describe it because I only more recently have been able to wrap my head around it is does and when I was younger he would cover like Oscar parties? And things like that. I definitely had an awareness of him. Coming home and talking about brushing. Shoulders with Bruce Willis in and being like. Wow that's so cool or like going to try to get an interview with Robert. Downey junior when he was getting out a rehab and things like that but these days it's more about him sort of like getting documents from the courthouse to verify celebrity divorces and things places like extra and people magazine. Okay he'll see my name. I'm sure eventually I mean all of us. It's less than you're GONNA meet him at a junket. It's more like when I'm at the junkets. A lot of people will be like I know your dad and I'm like Oh we we have that too because Kristen's fathers and news director and currently in Vegas but he's been all over the country and quite often the people that are interviewing us. He'll be like your dad for eight years. It's a funny thing you stay with mom. I went week to week really liked completely all life. Yeah equal and you have an older sister. Yeah how much older. Under two years older really twenty. Two months older we I saw along we would tell everybody twenty two months apart in like maybe in our late twenties early thirties. Her husband was like you have to stop your babies. You measure your. We'll be like really for two years. And Plus it's longer. It's we're really much short. We're closer than exactly twenty two months apart and I always say twenty two months I never say two years parents ingrained it because they would always tell people that we're proud of it. It doesn't even make any sense like I know but I do I. I don't want anyone to think it's two years. It was twenty two months. It's live it implies or closer to close it's just the two of us so she was kind of paving the way for you in high school. Yeah where does she have similar interests? No not at all. She didn't love going to South Pasadena and she also hung out with very different crowd than me. I was much more of like without saying nerd. Or Not nerd. I definitely like wanted to get good grades so I could stay in drama and I was like a good girl and like a good student right and my sister was a little more rebellious also hung out with cooler people definitely. It was an asset in middle school. Because she was in eighth grade when I came in sixth grade and I can remember vividly like the time when some girl picked on me and then it just took my sister being like you know. That's my sister and then being like. Oh my God. We're so we're so sorry like she was buried. Cool love that but there wasn't a lot of overlap because she went to the high school before me and then was like if I do not like people at this white bread South Pasadena High School. I'm going to go to this other high school. She left and went to that high school and then she ended up just getting her. Ged and testing out of school because she really wanted just life. What does she do now? She has three kids and she recently sort of retired from being a financial advisor which she was a partner at UBS for for years. She has three sons who were seven and five and a half and three and a half and turning out to be pretty fulltime job. God bless stay tuned for more armchair expert. If you dare bound Bam. We are supported by Ziprecruiter. Oh my goodness what could be more challenging than hiring a great qualified candidate for a job. You need to fill. I can't think of anything more stressful hard to do. You know who has the key defining the Monica's and robs of the world's Ziprecruiter? 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You said last semester first semester of my senior year of college and then I came back just to do are like we did an La and New York showcases and you know to try to get agents and did our league final plays and then at that point where you thinking I want to go to Broadway or were you thinking i WanNa act on. Tv and movies the latter. This is the thing that's been always very humorous to me because during my time at Cal Arts and the school is very theater forward and they definitely frown upon or at least at that time they did having agents at all while you're in schooling. I graduated high school and got a commercial agent right away my sag car and then secretly during my first year at Keller to try to like be out doing auditions and very quickly realized that it just was impossible anyway but this would be classes from nine to five and then you had to work crew on a play from seven to eleven at night like there was really no time to be driving the forty five minutes to hour and a half depending on traffic to Hollywood to audition for bill. I mean truly. I feel like the final Straw was me driving. In for a Spanish language. Pepco Biz mall commercials in Christmas was so stressed out trying to make it back to work crew and I was like this doesn't make sense. You know what's funny? Is that while I probably auditioned for upwards of like two thousand commercials maybe more I did it for like eight years in book two of them and I do remember there. Were just a couple of where I was like. Boys Ernie coming back from if I'm in the herpes commercial which there was valtrex herpes commercial. I was like his word that I mean I'm broke but will then people think I have heard me everywhere I go. There's just a few of them diarrhea on. There's you know there's a handful where you're kind of like you get there and you're like I'm I'm out. I think same that you just had an upset stomach. That's what I like but also agent. Why would you think that I would be a good fit? The commercial spoiler alert. I'm gonNA find that commercial. The commercial would kill this commercial view going. Yes Lake Spicy. Mexican food is like those big PAPI who that the whole time? I was at Callard. Then I got very into the theater aspect of it and I was very much like I'll never do. Tv I was so like TV is the lowest form of entertainment but but just to defend you for half a second. The only thing at that point had been sopranos the wire a couple madman ushers in kind of a new wave of tie quality television on cable. So you could say I was just waiting for the. Don't don't beat yourself up too much. I guess I just enjoy the irony that all my success has been in television. And you know college me was so nose up about that. Form of performing. I wanted to work in movies. Yeah and also my family's here and I knew what an advantage it was going to be. I moved right back home. I moved right back with my mom after college. Took a Lotta Shit from my college friends who got jobs as waitresses and had very expensive apartments and I lived with my mom and worked at a Yoga Studio for a few hours a week and could audition for everything and it was wonderful. Were you at that time at all going? I WANNA be in comedy. I WANNA be in drama or I want to be in anything I was very. I want to be in anything but I think I thought I was going to be more in dramas coming out of school and playing more of like the ingenue role and stuff and I actually right away. Got Hit pocketed by this manager. Which means that they are not going to represent you but they saw me in a play at cal arts and they were like we're going to help you get an agent and a commercial agent and like maybe. Kinda see how you do but we're not officially you can't say that where your manager officially and so this manager put me in classes with Lesley Kahn. Which is like very much comedy. Classes is critically auditioning for comedy. Tv shows for sitcoms route audition and book comedy shows is basically the whole thing and this manager who I worked with briefly was like take classes there. Because you're so theory like bullets bring it down a little. So you understand how to audition for T. V. And I great happy to do it and the first job I ever did was an episode of Hannah Montana in the first season read. This and I was so excited about this huge miley Cyrus Fan. Are you truly? Yeah me too and at the time I had no idea it was the very first season of the show I was like. Oh billy ray cyrus is like doing. A show. Didn't understand what it was but also coming out of theaters school. Would I've ever been like Hannah? Montana? That's my goal show. Disney was not something I was like whatever but very quickly I just realized. Oh I don't care how fun to audition for things. How Fun to play a big character also to do it was kind of the perfect first job out of school because you still have a live audience and paycheck at the end of the week. So right away I was like it really doesn't matter another thing. Was that right away. I saw at that time. The head of our theater department at CAL arts out at a commercial audition like this was a woman who had been like he had her is the only way when you got on these commercial editions. You'll be in a huge room with a hundred people and maybe there's six different commercials and she also had no ego about that which was great. She was caught. She was like listen. Darling welcome to the real world. Oh I'm going in for Taco Bell 'cause I would be yes my codependency would immediately be like. I'm going to pretend I don't see her because she'll probably be embarrassed. She was just like hello process. But that just made me realize like Oh yeah we all have to work even my teachers who are playing King Lear at some cool theater downtown are auditioning Taco Bell. Like we're just actors trying to do the thing we love doing. That's right that's right so but then amendment is very quick though pretty quick and then you go from that and then he is communities. Two thousand nine was two years later so we did two seasons of Madmen. And then I started doing communion. Was there a point where you had been offered community and you told madman like you could make me irregular or I gotTa go do this thing. There was a point but not with community so I never really did and to this day. Have maybe done one proper pilots season. Like I feel like I've always been on the outskirts of these really regular things that my like actor friends are in the trenches of ah one reason or another and because madman. I came in in the fourth episode. So it was already a show that was picked up but also it was for. Amc was the first scripted program for that show wasn't like ooh this is going to be so great it was sort of like what is this is my first stop on. Amc I think ever right and even when I read it and then I got a friend of mine I had shot an episode and then I a friend of mine got like a copy of the pilot of Madman Great. I'm so curious to see and I remember watching it and being so depressed because I was like it's too good. It's it's this is never gonNA last August not exactly low. It's very thoughtful. I was like who's going to watch this. It'll be good while anyway. So I'd been working on madman for two years and I was probably doing like six episodes of season but truly waiting by the phone. I would book like a horror movie and I and be like in rehearsals about to start shooting it and then they'd be like you know we might want to use you for an episode next month and I've got cancelled a movie. I gotTA pull out a big exciting job but I definitely was just like so then. I did a pilot season and I was about to test for this other networks show. It was a drama about lawyers. Don't remember what it was called. And so we called Madman to be like because you know before you test for a show you have to sign a five or six year contract no before going to test. We called Madman and gave him this ultimatum and they came back and offered me like a seven out of thirteen. Entre okay but it wasn't very appealing because I had already been doing six out of twelve or thirteen episodes and the amount was not especially higher than what I was getting paid and I just was like. Let's roll the dice. More just thinking through like my character is never going to be a main character on madman right right right. You're trying to be realistic characters. I was number twenty two on the call sheets. I just thought even if I'm locked in what's the best case scenario. It seems like I should try to do this. Other thing and still get to do bad. Been fingers crossed so we turned it down. And then I didn't book the show and was like hysterical. It was like what have I done so then I auditioned for community and the community audition process was super fast. Because by the time I went in they had had a number of casting sessions for this role. They couldn't find the person so I auditioned one time in a room full of fifty girls and then I came in did a callback. Nobody was there. There was an actress in New York actually recently connected with. Who was like it was me and was like? Oh my God but it was just me by myself going on tape with the Russo brothers and Dan Harmon and then that was it. I didn't have to do even a crazy network tests. They just sent my tape to test so we didn't even call mad men because we were like well. We already know what their offer is. And that we're not gonNA take that offer and we already kind of told them and whatever so then I get the job and we call them just to be like so allison's doing this pilot and there was some heat you know there was backlash people panicking definitely. It was like well. If she can't be brought back to do five episodes for the next season then we don't want her at all won't be asked out gosh boy but then it all worked out. What did you end up? What did you end up doing? They would let me out every season Matt. Winer would write our producers letters and it's such a testament to him and also to madman men and would have forced that was that like by the lake. Nbc aside the producers on Community Loved Madman. They were on and not see your character on they would always agree and then honestly I would do probably three to five for those less like. They've really didn't use me for all the episodes anyway and the greatest gift is when I'm shooting my very last episode. The final season a Madman Matt. Winer said to me you know. I think he did the right thing. Because we probably wouldn't have been able to use you for more episodes and I was like thank you for saying it like because that game in your mind where you're like. I don't know should I have taken this regular. Would my character by season six? Would it have been like the Pete and Trudy series you guys go off on a road trip or something right? It was very validating for him to be like. You made a good decision and you did six years on community. That's a Dang long run on his show these days and it was on. Nbc for for five of those those and then one year where Netflix or something. Oh no I'm Yahu screen. Oh Yeah Yeah. Yeah they join year of shows and we pretty much tanked immediately. We were at paramount for our first five seasons okay then we moved to CBS Radford where we literally shot in the basement underneath where they shot parks and REC. It was such a sad it was making the show. We literally have had to write in there. Were these giant pillars that. We're now going through our sets like our cafeteria set aided and they like wrote it in to the show. What's the school's under construction you know? Wow you guys like see polar and stuff me like. Hey we're just going down into the underground below. Us guys we. We don't get daylight down where we shoot. We knew it was the end. You got to work with dom so I have to imagine how you must have the similar. Feeling like yeah. I know the guy's a genius like but but he was just a fucking shit head on like you know what I'm saying like I did recognize that he was the second coming of talent. Actually I sort of disagree on one of those special things about that time with him was like getting to hear all of his music as he was first creating it childish. Gambino remember then being like you know you're on a set with someone and they're like. Oh yeah I also kind of rap and you're like cool for you. That's my point. And then he started to play stuff for us and you'd be like Oh shit. This is really good very good. And then he'd play more stuff and then even because his music of all I mean. We listened to the very first mix tapes where he was rapping over like indie rock bands and even then it was amazing also then he introduced indie rock bands. That I was not aware of. This is all very cool but then you know watching him his first album and all this stuff I mean. It doesn't surprise me at all. He always had. He was the funniest person on the set. First of all out of anyone in terms of behind the scenes in between takes who was making us laugh the most hardest dying his mind and more than anyone because it surprises people. I think to hear that we didn't do a lot of Improv. On that show Dan Harmon like actually was kind of a stickler about his jokes in the way things were written sure but donald was the only person that we get to his coverage. They'd be I feel like you could beat that. Just try something. Yeah by the way. That's always funny dynamic on a set when it's like some people kind are allowed him bravo than other people's GonNa say the script. Just get one script in fact. Here's a line reading of how I didn't mind because it was so funny it was like of course Donald Do. I mean right. Now Chevy chase the infamous Chevy Chase. But Yeah I've heard Chevy is. He's a handful and a lot of ways was it. Yeah that's accurate now. I guess it'd be two way. Let me just say I was on the scene because I've actually Joe. I've heard a couple stories. I'm like how. How did you react to that one? I could just go one. Enjoy the show. This person's crazy. They're disruptor what will happen. That's exciting or I can easily click into. I'm the sheriff. I'm the one who has to regulate this person right. Whatever dynamic you had probably in your family mckay us is what you totally and so very much. The former you know very easy for Chevy to just be like crazy GRANDPA and honestly for the most part especially in the first couple of seasons Chevy was very sweet to me was you know and I think also You know early in my career. I mean and a thing that we're realizing that all women felt like we always used to have to do is like humor men when they made inappropriate comments to you and laugh and giggle and sit on their lap and I was like really good at doing right right like like wedding that compulsion to let them off the hook. Because you're GonNa make them feel good about it. You're so fearful that they'll become embarrassed which will be a whole other uglier side of them openly. Yes and I think I had some empathy. I think we can relate that maybe even men I've known in my life or family members or things like that where it just wanted to almost protect 'em a little not really. I mean then. There was some bad behavior. That was inexcusable. But also just laugh at pat on the back and everything's fine. Keep it moving. And hopefully it'll be over. Don't disrupt that reminds me so much of like when you around the drunk step dad or the drunk adult at a party in your like. Oh God we just gotTa keep him from realizing. Everyone knows. He's embarrassing himself. Sure off the stuff that chucky would say was so out there like to a degree that was so offensive. You didn't know what else to do but laugh. You were kind of like Whoa. I'd never experienced this level of sort of lack of social awareness and then you almost wonder like is e in on the joke. Is The joke that this is so inappropriate. And you're trying to figure out the intention behind that way not to be this chevy sympathizer but I do think there really was this aspect of him. Feeling very disconnected from our cast. Your older than anyone in the cast. I think he was very competitive with Joel. Because Joel represented like what he used to be as leading man and he was famous at a time. When the leading man was Super Macho man got all the hot chicks and of movies in the eighty s off color away. Not so great. Now Yeah I am not excusing anyone's behavior. I'm simply what I've noticed which I am sympathetic. To even own approve any of the behavior. I am very sympathetic. To people who formed their comedic take in an era that no longer can exist. Because I just think how scary that all your go. To's are gone in your already. Probably feeling may be less than relevant. Now you add on that the stuff that was funny for thirty years. It's just simply not funny anymore and so I ended up feeling a little. I know several people that are just you know whatever. Their fifteen years older than me in they. They're having a hard time transitioning haughtily as a cast. We would make very inappropriate off colored jokes not racist Joe Iraq write mostly self deprecating like in a way that was fine and when Chevy tried to join in sometimes I think he would say something super outrageous just to be like see. I'm doing the same thing you're doing and we'd be like don't totally understand right. That were user. Talk Your Bitch like it. Just doesn't land the right way now. We've talked about on here because we were so fascinated with the Dan harmon podcast. He did both admitting and trying to mend his sexual harassment of someone. Sure knows weird to give a comment for something. Ultimately it was a bad behavior ended up taking. It seemed so rare seemed rare in this day and age. What's been going on if you're like most people haven't been able to apologize correctly. Sure DID DO A. It seemed to me on the outside. A good job of apologizing but not excusing. Any of the stuff he did. No I didn't listen to the podcast by the way we only heard it because it was a episode of this American Life. Well I did read. I think some of the because I guess who I would like to give props to his Meghan Ganz who is the woman in question. You and above everything. Her willingness to be open to hear his. That's something that we're not with Zing. A lot is that no one's getting closure because all this stuff is so difficult and people are not really apologizing. And they're not taking ownership of their behavior in the right way and also people are so hurt by what has happened to them that they're not in a place to hear it. I either and so there were a lot of beautiful things about that. Exchange on both sides and I'm more ended up reading about it because of Megan Ganz maybe tweeting out to say like. This is the right way to apologize and I accept his apology and I was like. Wow this is all very healthy and people actually achieved closure hugh I think they're like a real example of like how to move beyond something horrific Yeah I think in her first tweet like he had a kind of half ass apology and she was like yeah. This doesn't do it for him. Which I thought was really cool as well. Yep Yeah I'm not advising anyone in any direction but just witnessing that in the way they both took it. Yeah is a hugely inspirational? For whatever reason you're did he leave your four. Yes so we did three seasons and then Dan was fired and he was not there for our fourth season and then he was rehired and he was back for our fifth sleep. Cancelled was still there for the basement season so there was the fifth season for the final NBC. And then now when you would do presses you're expected to do when you're on a TV show and it was around. His firing was every question about that. I honestly I don't really remember what it was like doing. The press for that I sort of more just remembered the emotional implications of the whole situation because for the first couple of seasons of the show we all just idolized Dan and he was kind of like our Alcoholic Dad. More than Chevy Chevy was like crazy grandpa finding behaviour just laugh it off. It's fine. What are we going to do but Dan because I think we really admired what he was doing with the show and felt very different from a normal network comedy. Because you wouldn't have known it to read the pilot and you're like this is so smart. The writing is great. It's super funny But then it morphed into this other really special really cool thing and we all were so connected to that and connected to the fans and so there was just like this really cool though the fans from that show above all others. I think we're rally to this day more than any other thing any fans I feel like our behind me but so then in the third season the first step was that the show got pulled off the air while we were still shooting so they stopped airing the show but we were still filming the episodes and that was the first sort of major worry and concern of like are we going to get cancelled right and we all just loved each other so much but we're working crazy long hours and Dan's behavior was becoming pretty but we all still had this like intense loyalty to John so when he got fired it was more I think felt like we were all just in this deep depression of having to continue to do the show without him the leader if anything about press. I think the hardest thing was not being able to say anything disparaging about like our new show runners that were coming in who were fine. Nobody could come in. I'm sure honestly. They were hired specifically by the network. I think with the objective of making the show more commercial more accessible to people who hadn't seen the show whereas we were on a train of just getting more and more insular pay. If you haven't started watching yet you are not going to get. This show started making it just for the fans of this show so you know shooting season for it just felt like we had all been abandoned having to make this thing that felt very hollow and not like the thing that when. I interviewed Ronan Farrow. We talked about. Why are we so hardwired to kind of protect people that we love that are flawed and I was the arising in that episode that I do think we get trained by our parents in. It's like your work environment starts mirroring a little bit your family environment where it's like yes. Dad's not perfect. He's far from it but I love him. And there's this loyalty and I feel like that's why we're all kind of so perfectly engineered to exist in will can often be dysfunctional work situations. 'cause you're like? Oh yeah the I. I know what role I'm supposed to play in this because I had I did in my family. Yeah definitely I mean. In that way I probably take on or use to the people pleaser. Make light of it. Let said sort of what you were saying I think about protecting you know an older person from being embarrassed more not feeling cool and like they're part of the group for now while I also think that there's something in our business that's like the show must go on and let's do everything we can to protect more the material in the thing. Were making a memorial and this is changing now in a way of like no people should also have a voice feel comfortable and safe and I find that even my mindset sometimes is still slightly in a little bit on glow. It's just so female forward. We have female show runners. We've all these women on the show and everyone. We have just a lot of feminist energy of people being like. This isn't right or we should fight against this and a lot of the time I'm like. Should we sort of the reality of making a show? Like some instances i Mike yes absolutely I mean. Of course I'm always going to support the women in my want everyone to feel good and feel yes but it's not about sexual harassment or anything like that but he from the smallest thing of like serving this at lunch. We all have to rise up and I'm like I don't know if we need to rise up about that well also. Let's acknowledge that it's one of the last functioning dictatorships on planet earth. A movie sets a dictatorship. The there's a director whose number whatever that person says is what everyone else should execute. It's kind of like the military so for the whole thing to function. There's a little bit of like we'll know not everyone's voice will be heard because that's the nature of this the way the ship runs totally. And then you get very good at honing the skill of being whatever somebody wants you to be it's sort of like hard to break out of that mindset of like can't you guys all just be who they want you to be. I'm very good at it and working on it for years so in Netflix. In general like one of the things that we think is cool about them as they pay for you to freeze your eggs not actors but like they pay for probably would think so. Thanks claim out there but my friend works for Netflix. And they paid for her to freeze her eggs and they pay for. I don't know allowed to be said about them. But they also pay Uber's for all their employees to and from work. Sure I love working for net flicks. I mean I feel like the way they support. Creative people is unparalleled. I agree they have the tech mentality where it's like. We're GONNA pay the people who know what they do to do. They know how to do. And we're not going to micromanage them do a Notes glow they give very smart notes right and they really just let people do and they're such champions of diversity and different types of stories and giving people a chance like I don't know I love it. I work on a lot of stuff for Netflix. Stays also because they have so much content. They know that they can have niche stuff. So they don't feel like I need to be in there. I need to make sure that this is appealing to everyone and I need it. They don't care because they have that show. That will do that. And rather than having six shows that appeal to everyone and they're like we'll just have fifty six shows. Yeah yeah stay tuned for more armchair expert dare. We are supported by door Dash New Year new. You win back some me time. This year pamper yourself order with door dash so you can focus on you. Valentine's Day is approaching. And you forget to make reservations. Don't settle for the last table available. 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Cast member is which is also I think changing and evolving as there was also this like tolerance for people's crazy behavior because they were geniuses in because no one really understands. How certain person does what they do you know. If you're really getting into these niche performers who are kind of like world class. You kind of like well. I don't know what they need to do to do that. There's always been this kind of huge tolerance for people's eccentricities. So that they'll do this weird thing that not a lot of people can do but if you like more more. That's getting less. Well I think the market has changed in that will now. There's eleven hundred shows on there. So people are far more replaceable than they've ever been. I think tolerances lower definitely definitely again glow has been a great example of that. Our show runners creators. Liz Flavin Carly Manche are just the coolest the greatest people and their great bosses and their They've been so amazing to work for because they're incredible. Writers truly is the first time where I've been like. Oh you can be good normal accessible people who have an open working relationship with the people around you and still be geniuses. Think the level of work that they're turning out a little biased Is Excellent and this. I think also just comes with the longer that you work in this industry you have a luxury of being a bit more choosy about your jobs. But it's talk about a lot with my husband these actors well and most charming guy on the planet. Dave Franco God. Do I like him from the first time ever saw him in something? I'm like I think I love this guy in real life in that fucking smile his after making out of anything. I feel like you could come home. And you could be holding the severed head and he did that smile whereas is buried ahead on the Very attractive and he's and he's also very talented. You guys met in two thousand twelve. Yeah I think so. On February we will have been married for three years and together for eight years. We met at Mardi Gras. I know this Mardi Gras. Well I was with my friend jewel. Who is a mutual friend of ours and he was shooting? Now you see me the first movie okay. And he was shooting in New Orleans came home and then was like flying back to keep shooting and I was just going for Mardi. Oh a couple of my friends with Joe Russo. And like it's you know it's just a group of friends like we used to do these. Mardi gras trips every so often and so we ran into him at the airport and my friend Jules invited him to dinner with us and he actually said no he had plans and then we landed there and it was real quick when you saw him and he had been invited to dinner where you think clock at all okay so single. I had been in a very intense relationship for years and then I had been out of that relationship for almost a year. I refer to it often as my drunk kissed year. Very single very intoxicated. Having been with a very controlling person was now just like do whatever to my own detriment. Some time season three of community never looked more. Bloated can tell the puffiness but so I was just kinda plan everything a bit fast and loose sin really for the first time in your whole life. No I mean well to bring everything back around. No I would say that when I first went to college having had in high school very serious boyfriend for all of high school that when I got to college I just like had a lot of sex. I think I was just. It was really kind of me. Discovering like people want to have sex with me like sure because I wasn't like a hot girl in high school even though I was having a great experience I was a little alternative like I said I cut all my hair off that one year. I had a weird mullet as I tried to. Grow it out. You know when I had my one boyfriend who had been my best friend and then was my boyfriend. There was a brief break upright. Dated like a very edgy guy. That people said did heroin which sounded very cool then. I got back together with the boyfriend so when I got to college. I mean I've realized now it's more just everyone in college. We'll have sex with anyone that wants to have sex but it was like a fun sort of like I have a body like I have a sexual energies whose it and we were in theory school. It was cal arts. I've talked about this before I feel like all my first late night appearances that I used to really run around naked. A lot of nudist at school room and just was having fun with all of that type of stuff day. One you're you're like signing up for classes and some guys like hey do you wanna like come back to my room and hang out. Let's each other massage and so there was also a curve of like my own Eva Tate then blending into the sex that being like my God totally so then me and how did give each other massages But so like. I feel like my whole time at college. It was a lot of of kind of figuring that out being experimental and doing all the things with us sex and drugs and all. I'm so happy for you. So there was that renaissance. Then so I wouldn't say that this breakup I would say in my twenty s I would say really lived to my fullest all throughout my twenty s which was a big problem with this controlling boyfriend. Right sure sure but more than ever. I had probably gone relationship to relationship a lot especially at the end of college. You Know May later thirties. And I have friends in their early forties or people who I'm watching going through the never did drugs and now I gotta do all the drugs. I'm oh I'm so glad already did all the drugs I mean. Do all the drugs. I mean some stuff's coming back around. People are microdosing mushrooms a lot lately and I'm on board but anyway so I was in a mode anyway. I was definitely in party mode. And we were on our way to Mardi Gras so he gets invited and it's really not on my radar because there's other stuff going on and he's a couple of years younger than me. He's not a person I just wouldn't have been like. Oh obviously you know just didn't really clock it. We were sort of like. Yeah of course if I'm dinner or whatever you want to say we can't come fine. He GETS NEW ORLEANS. It's pouring rain. He can't go. He had plans to go to a parade with friends. It's canceled we all go to dinner. It actually is very sweet story. We all go to dinner. We're getting wasted and we have this joke that Davies GonNa come to dinner so we've saved seat and been piling food on his plate. He's King Davey and finally. Here's drunk like are you super good time Charlie. Okay but again you know there have been periods in my life. Where a little too like. I'm going to hang with everyone and drink the same amount. As like large men male friends you know blackouts that were just. I was like. Oh Wow I can't. I can't maybe drink as much as that person. Have you read them talking with strangers? Malcolm glad wells new book. Well I just listen to audio books. You finish it. Yes okay. So that chapter on how white women have been increasing their drinking over the last three decades to match white males in college. It's weird. It's not the only white women who've been doing this. And that eight drinks over four hours will predictably result in a blackout for women. But not for men. I found that chapter so interesting and terrifying on men. I feel this way where I reflect on my behavior in my twenties. And I'm like I'm so lucky the situations and I tried to be safe enough that I was always around friends and I was never sort of myself getting out of control but it was a terrifying chapter especially even but I'm so fascinated even by the science of a blackout. Because I've had I mean the craziest blackout and this marked is actually right. After I met Dave and it sort of marked the end of my really heavy drinking the blackout. So it's like by with friends. We went wine tasting and Malibu I mean it Lo- you know and then do the whole sort of thing and i. I like woke up the next morning. I had scratches down the side of my neck like bleeding leading boy. I was like what happened to my neck avenue you fell. I was like that's not a reasonable explanation for this scenario so then I was looking on my phone. I was calling doing detective work of. Who did you call who today see below two days? Later I'm honest that with Martin Star. I was doing this little guest spots show and Martin arrives and I'm like Martin. Oh my God. I saw that I called you Saturday. Look at my neck. Isn't this crazy you'll never believe this story. It's a wild and I'm like I hope I didn't say anything embarrassing when I called you. And he was like. Are you joking and I was like what did I say? And he was like. Allison I came over to your friend's house and hung out with you for two hours on Saturday and I was like. Do you know how scratching my neck. No they were already there but I was like God. That's terrified. Like I was a functioning person. Memory was wiped so story. The Guy who's missing four days four days fascinating thing about blackouts. The science of it is you would imagine that if you're going to have memories they'd be related to whatever high stress or high stakes or something very memorable not the case at all. They did this experience where they showed. These guys like. They offered him dinner. They made this plate. They took the lid off. And there's three dead mice on the plate guys didn't remember that yeah. They remembered other things like that. There was a pencil on the desk. Do you know like completely not related at all. We'll just block out everything discriminatory Lee and you would think like. Oh but I would remember falling off a truck or remember maiming. Myself and it doesn't work that way terrifying. Yeah Oh my gosh. Pretty Fun drunk. I was GonNa say it's never a good feeling to have to rely on second hand testimony of what happened to you or what you were involved in. Not a good feeling. I have to say it's a testament to Davy that we have formed this relationship because that blackout I just described during that. It was probably like four or five days after we had met. Okay Okay and he still to this day has voicemails from me where I'm like I'm just calling you know lake you thinking about you. You're so cute. Thank you and I remember calling him the next day and being like hey. I'm just not sure what I said. And so I'm just not sure what my level of embarrassment should be on this call for me. But he did make it to the dinner so he makes it to the dinner and we're all having a blast and he's sitting across the table. Were not each other sitting next to my friend Jules. So jewels texts me under the table. After he's been there for a little while she takes me on the table in his lake. You should hook up with Davy tonight. Sure and I text her back. Yes please like a million extra sports. I'm like would love that. So she shows him my text under the table. And she's like what do you think? So she's like. Don't tell her that. I showed you this text message. And he's like of course so a few minutes later she and I get up to go to the bathroom and she's legs so maybe you leave and I was like I mean. I'm into the idea that he would be into this idea. And she's like I showed him your text under the table on. Don't tell him that I told you showed him. But it was the best setup because then we both leave the restaurant with a sexy secret and the sexy secret is your down. Yeah so we get to the next bar and or just good mood and Fridge. The mine had brought. Molly no means so like now I'm you know imbued with the confidence that I know that he's on board and I marty in single mode so I just went up to him at the bar and was like so I have molly in this beer and I think that you and I should share this beer and have a great night together. This IS MY DREAM SCENARIO. A pretty girl coming to you insane. I have some molly in this. Beer does sound. We should share a great a beer and a great name. Yeah my and then every other photo for the rest of the night is us in the firmest lip la imagine eating meat coming up for air. Two days off I definitely pulled the like leftists place and like accidentally had his shirts each other and the next day it was a real whirlwind. Here's my only fear. In this whole scenario yes awesome is. It's GonNa be hard to top that or even now meet that first night like you guys have set the bar incredibly high on the one hand. My friends had a lot of Mali's next day. Just like still actually feel like he arrived to like get his shirt back slash? You know. Hang Out. I'm still on Molly. But we're out of Mali for you and then at the end of the trip. I had this silver mask. This like silver Mardi Gras mask that I wore the whole weekend. Didn't come off my head very gross and when I left I like wrote a little note on it for him and my phone number and I stuck it in his bag and then when I back I mean the whole thing was so fun because I was such a mode that even having that weakened together I was like this was just a fun. Great weekend cute. Like the best. Can I also say to probably is like you have that experience? If I'm you or I'm him a my. That was my big Hurrah. Yeah does this do do molly every night. Or does this chick do molly every so it was like have it would be like that was so fun and then also how? How is this person? Well the part d. like say when we tell the story is like and we haven't done that since you're right now and that was the last time like with sound like we were doing this all the time exactly. It was very not much not indicative of like our regular personalities but I remembered that he sent me some text messages as I was like getting on the plane to leave and they were funny and we were joking around and then I landed in a lane. He sent me this text which doesn't make any sense but it was like a photo of this painting that had been in the place where he was staying and he'd put our faces. It was just such a funny. He put our faces superimposed phases into this picture. That was like a ribbon on a stick. It was like a painting that we had kept talking about being. Like what is this fucking and I got off the flight and had this text from him but it was so funny and so my sense of humor like in the sober light of day and I had this horrible feeling in my stomach like oh no no no. This could really bad now and then we had a really traditional courtship because he was in New Orleans shooting for the next five weeks and we just had phone call we all each other every night. Talk for an hour. What movies do you like? What music and then we met up in New York so he then the movie took him to New York and I had just started this cover band with my girlfriends and we were going to New York to play our first show you singing singing. It was basically like my friends have a band Jones Street station and they're like a bluegrass band and they said Hey. Why don't you come and open for us? I was like I don't have a band but I they were friends with Danny Pudi from community and sometimes Danny and I would go and sing songs. Like at their shows. We'd get him on stage and sing with them. So we put together this whole thing where me and my two girlfriends. Jewels and Serena had this band the girls and we would open for the band so we would breakdown songs into three part harmonies and just whatever we wanted to do. You know Bruce springsteen and like I don't know all different types of stuff and our friends and Joan Street would back us up and so we would open for them with them playing for us and then they would play their show after June vitam so I would be so nervous. Well I was like you're going to be shooting in New York and I'm going to be there for this show on the weekend. Why don't I come out for days early? And we can spend time together in New York and I'll get my own hotel room so I have on Emi. You know and this and that and that was like the second part of our courtship where now we had done well aside from our first wild doing everything doing everything than we did. Very sweet phone calls getting know each other then in New York. He had all this per diem from the movie and was wining and every day was like. I'll pick you up at your hotel will go to the park. I got a beautiful basket of wine and cheese weather picnic in the park. Wd Fifty and do a tasting menu with the wine pairing and very wine dates so he came to the show yes and also or no also are for. I was nervous for the whole ad in this guy before the show. He sent me these two Alabama shakes songs one of which is like our song. Anyway he sent me these songs that were like. You're going to be great great. The show went great. It was so fun anyway at the end of the New York trip his movie they're going to finish the movie in Paris boy. So we're like all right. I'm not GonNa see you now for two on movie. Jesus go two of them. They did now. You see me as Mrs Jesse Eisenberg. So it was like goodbye. New York was very like okay. I'm not going to see now for a couple of weeks. Have a great time shooting embarrassed and then again the cab and then I find. He's hidden in the hood of my sweatshirt a little piece of paper that has a drawing of the Eiffel Tower notice. No with Mita Paris is a older is then I went to pass and we fell in love regrets marrying in. Kristen so much right now would have married Dave Pinko. Oh my Lord. -tic very romantic. We locked lock on that bridge. Where you lock lovelock's they don't even have that bridge anymore. They cut them all down. I think it was weighing the bridge down in a dangerous way. Don't love and then we got back to La and moved in together like weeks. I feel like right away because the end of the Paris trip we both were like. This could have gone horribly awry. Like still have maybe only known each other inside of two months traveling together as a great way to find out. If you're compatible somebody I had my own hotel room so even if I would sleep at his place I still. We would have a break where I'd be like I gotta go home shower and I'll sigler catch exactly. I was GONNA ask about that logistically. So you're already. You're just pooping in front of each other. Well because we were in someone's apartment in Paris there might have been to the bathroom. It's not like being in a hotel room where the toilet is like an echo chamber but we definitely were both like Whoa. This went great. Could've gone horribly awry in now when you return to reality in the normal humdrum of life. Did you have any kind of moment where you're like? Oh this isn't as urgent stayed wonderful. No everything was good. I feel like there was a slight the re entry of being like now. We'RE IN LA. We'll less romantic. But it was just sort of like because we had only spent time together outside of l. a. The trips were very concentrated. We would see each other every day versus you know when you start dating someone. There's that dance of like. I saw them on Saturday. Is it to see them again next weekend? Your seldom start dating someone and just immediately see them every single day so I feel like that was the only but it too tricky. But it did. I feel like it felt like once. We're both back in town. It was a little bit like you ought to be like. Well what am I gonNA? Are you coming over? Yeah but but the refreshing thing about the whole experience in meeting Dave in a thing that we often like look each other like. Oh my God. We're so lucky is that we both were relief. Full-on immediately remembered no games. There was no. We talked yesterday. Should I not text or text him? Should we not? We both were like. Hey I really like you. That was great talk. Should we talk again tomorrow? Yeah I also WANNA do that. Both of us were so in this really nice guards down one hundred percents. I like you guys a couple. I WanNa see you together. I WANNA see you guys. Hold hands and stuff. Do you want to see them on again off? Shore really call him having just hold exactly and then. I'll release hard so I just want the the one thing. There's two things I'm curious about. With glow one is you have to learn all that wrestling and I bet if you're anything like me. I want to do all the stunts until I've done them three times and then I'm like I don't ever WanNa do this again. I proved I would do it and now I don't WanNa do it again. Do what's your kind of relationship with all that. I think not exactly that maybe by season three not three times but three seasons. It was like okay. Maybe I can put my ego aside and let our stunt doubles do the stunts more to protect my body. 'cause you get hurt even if sure. I mean what I like to say is we. Don't get hurt okay. But it hurts. No but it's the truth because people will be like. Do you ever get hurt. And I. I mean God knock on Wood. It's like I've never had like a serious injury from the rest of them are on glow. No I mean or even really in my life except like my head. I've had some injuries. No scratches those scratches on my neck. But so it's not like. I'm having any severe injuries. Glow but it hurts your body you feel like you after we shoot a match the next day you feel like you've been in a car accident. I'm epsom salt baths and doing all that stuff but I love it you know. Oh Yeah Oh my God. I mean I've been strength training for a long time with my same trainer. Jason Walsh and man just with him before I came here. And he's like the asked Dr of La like he's all about that but as a person who's like never had a but like my family line is like a lack of Russell with think about when I work out. I take a few days off if I take a week of strength training I'm just doing cardio and stuff I'm like. Yeah Yeah so anyway. Just four nights ago insisted. Kristen examined my legs and bought. And I was like Hon. I think I've added an inch or two of these things she goes. You really have it was it was great because she she not GonNa lie for me. I can tell when I've been like really getting back into it with Jason or we're gearing up to do the show and Davey suddenly. We'll be like that. Ask Dad so I'd been casually doing strength training with Jason for longtime but like was really want but then as I was getting more into it. I was kind of searching for that project where I was. GonNa get to be really physical. I had gotten closer. Maybe not even really gotten close but auditioned for some action movies and things like that and been like if I booked this movie. Then they'll they'll pay you and we can really go after it and then nothing kind of turned out to be glow and even as I was auditioning for it. I was like you know they would want us to do our real wrestling on this show. Let's get into this conditioning. And then I booked the job. It was so fun to like really upped the ante with him which is totally outside of the show. They don't pay for it. Dorte acknowledge it. They were like we want you guys to do your own stunts on the show. How comfortable do you feel with that stuff and I was like yes? I was just so excited. And it's always you know. I think one of the great joys of being an actor is getting to learn amazing. Things people do pay for you to do it. And you have this other incentive to get in great shape or to learn to wrestle. I never would be like you know what sounds fun like. It might be good for my big time. Rush go to like learn. Wwe style wrestling and our first season. It was so fun to learn the wrestling together as a group but exercise for a Castro wrestler on the show Kia Stevens Kyw who wrestled as awesome Kong and she's been Karma on w. w. e. g. probably has a laundry list of injuries. Definitely yeah those people get hurt in that definitely. Yeah people it's fake in. It is but a lot of people have worse injuries from quote fake in wrestling than real wrestling. You know I do not like the term fake in regards to wrestling. But I know you're saying everybody says that and you're like okay. Yes story lines are decided. Maybe people know who's GonNa win a match and WHO's going to lose the match but these people are elite athletes. Not only that they're often improvising. Aside from knowing the outcome of a match are like doing the highest form of physical Improv. With another person or some of these guys who've been around a long time don't even totally and they're just in the ring in the moment going art I'm GonNa do a hip toss and then let's go into this like telling to each other in their ear as they're going to watch the Andre the giant documentary. Yes great. Wasn't that wonderful. I've seen it twice now. We love our favorite part is when the little announcer goes win. Andrei would take a Fart. It's like the fact that he the farts were so big he would refer to it as taking far when Andre would take a Fart. It would clear room did sound intense. Take now. I haven't another question and I'm not even sure if this is a question I want to ask anymore. I want your opinion. I was curious. Is it different doing nudity? On an all female sat where it's like the females are in charge versus the males are in charge. I don't feel uncomfortable talking about the nudity. I have found it to be a very empowering experience. Yeah but glow is my first time. Doing full new. Oh okay so I had never done it before driven. Yeah Yeah what. What thought went into the whole decision? Well first of all it was mandatory right well very early on while auditioning for the show. I auditioned four times for the show and so after my first two auditions now. They're about to fly me Across the country to audition with betty the two of us together and it was getting to that point where they were like wait. We don't want you to do this are you? We need to make sure you're aware there is nudity in the show. Were asking all of the women to sign off on nudity from a place of wanting to come out this show. You know. It's a show about women's bodies in every form we don't want to we want and also to come at it from a place of reality if women are changing in the locker room or you know. There's a sex scene in the very first episode. They're like women don't when they're having like a crazy affair are they keeping on their Bra. You know holding the sheet up to their shoulder right. Executive Rollover in the Sheen is Toga around them. And it's crazy because up until that point I had done actually non nude sex scenes wearing a bra or other things that actually felt frasier something but not unsafe in any way but again I had been such a nudist in college so always very comfortable with my body and happy with that but very like I only want to do nudity for the right project Sean sits out there. It's out there forever. This was something like especially wall. Working on community became very aware it was like when I first started using twitter and I don't go on twitter anymore. It was just such an awareness of the Internet. An and the way that things can are taken out of context and last forever and and that. There's a lot of weird dudes at home on the computer and the way that people are consuming that stuff right so that they don't even have to watch the whole movie they can just jerk off to that at home you know. Tha that still and I just was like also because the level of things I was auditioning for if they had nudity it was like you could play prostitute number four in whatever. I was like that to me. Doesn't feel like it merits my nudity. But I always Kinda held up if it's the right role I would do it but I just never read something that I really thought was worth it so when I read glow right away I was so taken with the project on the whole everyone that was involved but also just the material. I loved it so much. I can't even describe I just connected to the characters so deeply. I wanted the jobs so badly I knew there was not involved even what before. I addition to and then we had to have that kind of phone call before my third signed us a whole other side contract about the nudity which is always funny because my lawyer is my brother in law. He's married to my sister and so it's always fun to be like. Hey big bro Tom. So you tell them they can show full Nipple Labia. I had that conversation with my lawyer and I was like listen. Just have it in writing no Amos. He's like do you think they're gonNA show your Amos and look. I'm I'm I'm fully naked. I don't know but I just I I would rather my Amos's never on screen so that was like a specific line. No Amos good. That's good you have to get specific never riding around and as it turned out they shot that scene from low on the floor looking up at the bed and I was on top in after the first take the director came in put some he put some sheet around my butt crack. I can only assume because everyone had seen my response to everyone video village of saw main. And then you're there for the rest of the season going okay. So they all seem cool. We're all just going to know what was happening. And so I also with glow it was definitely like. I signed off on it then with like a contingency of I want to have a conversation if I get the job with the show runners depth about it. Yeah and also their reasoning behind it and really just have a frank conversation about what it is and that they're not going to be exploiting me and God. It was just so fun and fine female director for that scene. The Bible it was Jesse Peretz male okay male member of the male. He directed our pilot. He directed a lot of girls I was gonNA bring girls up because I do feel like in a weird way. Girls was really instrumental in reminding people how it be done correctly in the power of it definitely. There was this amazing vulnerability to her doing that all the time. That made me just that much more interested in the character in the show and everything. It's definitely whether you're against. It is a powerful tool in the whole kit. You know there's a fee I love girls and I agree but I think there's something about saying that when they did it on girls. It was vulnerable break-up scenes bare naked. It was like well. She's not even like covered. Let me tell you. Nobody said that when Emily Jakubowski was naked in the affleck movie correct in the rave. Nobody was saying she was vulnerable. We'll say that there was something about the new two young girls across the entire cast and men and women and like I remember a scene with Gaby Hoffmann where she's like in a shirt and no bottom which is also you know who. Julianne Moore did do that in like nineties movie. But there was a way about the way that they did nudity. That wasn't about looking sexy. No matter what your body type. It wasn't saying here's the female form. Only a perfectly posed perfectly toned perfectly lit sexy way. Yes I feel about. I loved girls and I loved the new two young girls and I love watching nudity. Not in a purview but similarly I feel like when it doesn't when it fuels the story and doesn't take you out of it when I feel like I'm getting to see something I'm not supposed to see that's the feeling I want like I'm actually eavesdropping voyeurism in that. Yes let's me know like wow no one can see it just adds a layer of steaks totally totally and I I think that my maturity and mentality in the way I was feeling about my body converged at the same moment of reading glow and feeling like remembering that actually the truest form of myself as one that like is not ashamed of my body and especially as we're in an era of people's nude photos getting leaked on the Internet and all that stuff anyway that it is a way to take the power back and do that sort of thing and and yes I do think it made a different doing it for women and knowing that they'd WanNa show bodies in all different types of ways and even the way that our show has been cast with people who with all different types of bodies in all different women of different ages and races and about representation. Okay so glow. It's wonderful show. You've done three seasons you're GonNa do a fourth which is very exciting for all of us. Jeff fourth and final now. Final news done. What's that decision about? You know decision and it's bittersweet of course yes. I love the show so much. Yeah but I'm glad to get four four amazing seasons of a show and be like by absolute. I feel like it's nice. Just know going in for a Golden Globe for twice. Yeah so like you got recognized. You got to do a fun weird interesting things. Sure I feel like I've gotten more out of glow than I've gotten out of any other job I've ever done in every aspect of saying that like I I have grown as a person. I feel more empowered mentally physically. My relationship to my body changed in a major way like I made. I think the best friend of my life in Betty Gilpin and you know. I think that my acting has improved. Like I've learned about myself as an actor. I've directed episodes an episode banana direct. Another one in season four so I already feel like I'm leaving the show in such a better place even than I entered the show to get to do one more season as just like gravy. Yeah now have you written other movies or was horse girl? The first movie you wrote or skull is the I it is and what was so intriguing about this story that you had to sit down and write it. Well I co wrote it with my friend. Jeff Bena I think there were a couple of factors and one factor was honestly watching Dave Dave just wrote and directed his first feature so he co wrote with Joe Swan Berg and it's called the rent toll and we shot it in the spring. I was in it and Marines. I saw you on Komo working with your husband which is just the best was the best. I hope that he and I can just work on only projects together for the rest of our lives. We feel the exact same way. I'm so glad also I'm just like year. My favorite person that I would choose to be around all the time and like when we're working we're always apart usually so wait. Great Deg of now get to mix like my most favorite person in the world with my most favorite thing to do but more so I guess I was very inspired watching him right because there are certain ideas. I've been kicking around for a long time but I don't really have the courage to write them down and it also seemed very daunting to do that so to watch him with Joe and their rhythm that they got in I was like. Oh maybe if I had a partner Then it would kind of like get me out of my own way and all that so jeff good friend of Mine Jeff Aubry both and I had worked on the little hours with both of them and Dave was in that as well and Jeff directed it and so I often them just like hiking jeff and I go on long hikes all the time long hikes okay and I was really long hike. She plus hours. Yeah okay. Wow we'll do like seven and a half miles for two and a half hour. I Know Davis. Like what could you possibly talk about Heifer that long of a so we would talk about just every different type of thing and on one of the hikes? I was like I have this idea. Let me pitch this movie idea. So but going back before that the impetus is that for. Probably my whole life since like high school had wanted to write something stemming from the fact that my mother's mother. My grandmother had paranoid schizophrenia. So I grew up for Rutta. Terry yes so I grew up. You know I didn't know her. I didn't know my grandmother but she was living on the street when I was in middle school. Elementary school middle school or she passed away and I really grew up with this mythology about her. My mother telling me and many stories about her behavior and her paranoia and her talking to walls and believing that their house was bugged the abuse that existed in their household. And even my mom always would be like. Well you're going to write a movie about it. One day. You thinking probably that I was going to write a more straightforward movie in which I play my grandmother and this movie is not that at all so as I was watching Dave right his movie and I was thinking. What is this movie I want to write about my family about this hereditary thing that exists in my bloodline? That really scares me but I started to examine more like why. Why do I want to tell a story about anything relating to MY GRANDMOTHER SCHIZOPHRENIA? Like how does it resonate to me and for me it? Is this looming fear of something? That's existing inside auto body. You know we wrote it during the summer during two thousand eighteen and shot during the summer. Two Thousand Nineteen so right before we wrote it. I was having bouts of deep depression like more intense than I had ever experience And it was really scary as anyone who's been through deep depression knows you feel really helpless and it feels just like you may never get out of it as much as rational brain is trying to like rationalize your way out of it. It feels impossible while the party. Your body that's ailing is also the part. That's supposed to monitor whether ailing so it's yeah it's kind of and then. I started to have this sort of irrational anger at my grandmother and my mother and sort of like starting to sit there being like well. This is because you guys fucking passed this onto me now. I'm trapped in a making of my own mind. So that was the impetus of me saying you know as a person with a familial history of mental illness. It scares me to think that. What if I started to experience some weird things and I didn't have the power to know if it was real or not real and so that is sort of what the story is about is about a socially isolated woman very different from myself. I set of circumstances who still ride horses. And it's still very much kind of like mentally sort of stuck in the past a better time and she starts to have these weird dreams and sort of waking up in weird places not sure how she got there and she sort of has trouble discerning where where the line lies of reality. So it's a drama. It's sort of a surreal psychological thriller. Jeff Bena does his movies. He writes them. Directs them but the scripts are like thirty page outlines and then the dialogue is improvised. And that's what we did for this movie as well so we talk about a thirty five page outline but that's very detailed seemed to senior saying this person's coming in and the conversations about this and then they talk about this and then they go here. You know it's very detailed. It's sort of a misnomer to even call it Improv. I mean it is in that there is no scripted dialogue right but we're very specific about the scene and more call it collaborative dialogue because it's more like during the wide shot we improvise a little but basically we lock into the dialogue after a couple takes in the wide and then it's as if it's scripted right and sometimes that's very fun to shoot It's Super Fun. I mean debby Ryan's in it. John Reynolds Iranian cast. We did for Netflix. Did it with the duplex brothers. Chartres when does that come out every seventh them? Beury's seven on Netflix. Horse Woman Horse Girl. How dare you? What happened is in my head. I thought Horse Girl and I'm in such a habit of reminding myself to stop using the word girl and then I self corrected this till horsewoman but it is horse girl in this case you can say girl. I can't wait to see that. That's a very exciting premise in In so net flicks on February seventh. I'm we'll alison. I'm so glad you came in chatted with us. It's so fun to meet you. Yeah I feel like you guys are in my head all the time as I listened to every episode of this podcast that makes us so happy flattered glow last season. Check that out in Horse girl that will be out shortly so we'll need you to come back. I'm sure it was something back when I can just do an episode where I watch you guys kiss and hold hands and never sure so shy okay and I'd be like let's get your pants off All right thank you so much income accent and now my favorite part of the show the fact check with my soul mate. Monica Pacman Alison free. Allison Brie. What enjoyed her metoo you. Don't I met her? Wants all you all you did and tell her. I did before we recorded. Where did you meet her? So your marketing job in Georgia. Now that's rain. Only Rain Allison was having a Halloween party at her friend's house. Actually it was the girl that set her up with Davy. No yes there. Yes spooky sounds so. They had a Halloween Party and I somehow ended up their own friends. Wow I think I think I went to that party two years. No kidding and one of the years I was so drunk like maybe the drunk as I've ever been in my life. I'm not shocked. It happened on Halloween so cliche seems to be when people get drunk. Est Oh my God I got so drunk and I puked at the Party party. We ended up at a couple part. My goodness high out of driving. I was not driving. Thank God anyway. It was a bad bad night. Okay and you puked everywhere. He Dowell over every. Were you embarrassed in the moment or your to fuck. Even care was still even embarrassed. That sounds like you on brand is awful and then I never drank again and that's my sober story. That was your body. Yeah no then. I ended up at that party again and I was Dora the explorer. My best costume I've ever been. I had a backpack. Oh that's great been fun of you. Win is like Monica from last year. And you showed up with fake shirts Frank Frank Puke party because I would have never been able to invite Allison into this attic. If that had happened I would have been to a shame. We could have invited our intimate and a man's like one day we're going to talk to Cameron Diaz and Al publicly make my immense for talking to in a blackout on the phone. You know this was clear it all up. Clear the air. I like that idea. Did you interact with her at all? Either of these Halloween bashes think I remember. She was dressed as a member of the curling team. The Canadian curling team and she had like a mop as the curling Ming curling tool. We did have some short interaction about that right. I don't really remember it anyways. I met her and it was really exciting. No do you know that I want at one time. I mobilize the curling community against me. Do you know this what. Yeah so right. When parenthood was about to premiere we piggybacked on the Olympics that are leaning which is a dream because it was like the most viewers. Nbc had years in so we were doing a lot of different red carpet events. And I want say I was in an interview with Lauren. Graham Day asked me about what my favorite Olympic event was and everything and then any I don't like and I said well you know this whole curling thing. I don't under- I don't know how that's a sport. You're you're great sweeping. That's the thing and I was making jokes about how. How would you discover? You're good at it like you're just mopping up the kitchen. One day after everyone eight. And you're like Oh my God am. I grew fast and good at this. And they don't actually even dress like athletes. They're Kinda just like in sweats. And so I went on a whole thing. Just being funny. I know it's felt looking dangerous. Well then people were mad world curling and the curlers mad are they called that they must be. I think some of them. Yeah were mad. Yeah I'm sorry I was joking. I don't have an opinion on curling for real that I care about. It is funny that there's a lot of mopping that happens. I don't actually think it's mopping. They will more sweeping nanny ways of angered a few communities over the years. He's speaking of community. A couple of communities the diabetes community to you know this because you keep calling diabetes. Well no that's actually not the reason why I may I. One time made an analogy people were mad at my wife for saying she smokes weed around me and I said that's ridiculous so people were mad at her and I was coming to her defense and I said this would be like if I was diabetic and married Someone in was furious at them that they eat cake around me. Pretty innocuous in so what happened was all the type one people were so mad that I was perpetuating. This notion that people give themselves diabetes. We'll see you don't give yourself alcoholism. Yeah that's right in so they were very mad and in that's fine. I think it's still a funny analogy. But after years some people won't drop it all occasionally tweet still from angry type one diabetic who family members that are type one. I'm very sympathetic. And what's really interesting is the more I thought about it because this is years ago. Now what's really happening is if they want to be dead honest. They're so mad. They're getting confused as type two diabetic. So it's really them who are just the thought of being associated with type. Two diabetics is so infuriating that I think is on them. It's not on me like that's what they're saying and they're like it's not about cake. I know that it's about carbohydrates about insulin. I know there's nothing. There was no lack of understanding when I made that joke. People are like we eat cake. Yeah Okay Great. You can eat cake. But then you're GONNA have to regulate the real thing here like I imagine this. My grandfather has it. Just throw you know reunite fire against me. Diabetic can of worms can of cake. But I really probably my also my conclusion is. It was five people with twenty-five accounts that tweeted me three thousand times in felt like a bunch of people. Anyone any piece. I still like the analogy. I'm sorry I'm also very sympathetic. To anyone diabetes terrible disease to have I feel terrible and I hope it gets cured and also if you're married to a diabetic and you eat cake. You're you know whatever. The analogy is a little tricky. Not because of that. I think diabetic should not be upset by that. But I can't tell people how to feel but I I don't know I mean I feel like if I married someone sober. I would not be like drinking every night next to them or doing drugs in because big for a couple reasons one. They can't share in that experience by yourself doing that And to I mean I. I'm I drink around you all the time but I don't like the idea of I have something you can't have or maybe this thing. I have this tempting to you. I'd much rather just not have it will but a couple of things. One of it's tempting to me. I am not working program. It should not be tempting to me. I've been relieved the obsession to drink alcohol because of this program and I have been so if I'm desiring alcohol that has nothing to do with everything to do with me secondly because I'm a fuck up does not make you a fuck up that has to change your behavior. No but it's not like I have to like. I guess I can't drink this alcohol. It's not bad it's just the only part of that. Make life harder on you if I love. You will but it wouldn't make life hard. The one thing that you're right about that I agree with in was an issue in a previous relationship was if you enter into zone that I'm not in now. We're not really sharing the same experience like our memory of the dinner out. If you have six drinks in my memory there just totally different. We didn't really share the same experience. So that part I understand if you have a desire to be on the same level experiencing the same thing as your partner. Then I could see making the decision because of that but also when Belle said she smokes weed. She doesn't sit on the couch by ourselves. We we've had friends over and she smoked weed. It's not a big deal and I know I'm just. I'm just using that as the kiss for this conversation. Skew the now. This is my response. I'm the one with the disease now us so I would ask you. Please don't chop rails ever in front of me on the coffee table coke I want you to ever bring over an eight ball coke and mash it up in front of me because that would be a dicey. I don't WanNa see it. I don't WanNa think about that high ever again. I would tell you as a boundary and I would tell my wife is abound DRI. Hey when you smoke weed it folks would me because I love weed and I wanted to do but I don't love Weeden. I don't want to do it so it's not a big deal but I would definitely tell. Please don't bring cocaine into the house. And now that she of her would. She doesn't ever should never done cocaine. But you know what I'm saying. It's a me it is on you but you're not an island like the people around you who love you. Don't WanNa make your life harder. They WanNa make it easier and I hope that people around me WanNa make my life easier. It's all it's all mutual absolutely right but you drink and round me has never made life harder well nor have you smoked weed around me with that. Make my life harder. I know I'm just saying in general with people who are probably mad about. This are thinking about alcoholics. They know or their circumstances or whatever and yes in this specific one of course like Yeah Christians not like just smoking weed and you don't like it and that's silly but I can see like if somebody is newly ish or ninety newly like I don't know some people are more tempted. Some People's alcohol or weed is your cocaine Out For sure so when they think about that it's like why would she or. Why would anybody be tempting than that person like that? But I can see the sense of. Why wouldn't you protect your partner? Who Needs Protection in that way? Yeah Yeah Yeah. I'm not going to drink around. You couldn't possibly being. I don't drink around you that much. No not at the time we hang out. I'm not drink just the weekends I would say. The weekends are made for Michelob. Listen I've said it to you. I do not want anyone to not drink because I want people to be doing the thing that puts them in the happiest space and has the best time. That's what I want for. I would rather be hanging out with you and not drinking than drinking throwing up those embarrassing. Oh my God I love it. Did you get all of your clothes? Jimmy Diarrhea? Sometimes when you're puking so hard and your body's contorted and all your muscles are engaged. You have a little squirt was wearing a skirt. Oh my God I never knew. Shot right out the bottle. Will you know you're wearing unders? Abet me on these. I don't know I was feeling sexy. What was the? What was your costume? That Little Red Riding Perfect Games. They're assessing okay. She said that she heard that eating apples was good for diction ooh. And it's not. Oh that I can find okay. Yeah I found no Could be anecdotal evidence. People individually like their diction improves. When they eat an apple would argue that there's no science behind. Okay okay. I thought maybe I'd play the Spanish abysmal commercial. It's not the one that she auditioned for. Because I couldn't find that stop remitted to see this with all I know is with something I didn't even with cone. It's so tempting to make fun of that in. I don't want to because I don't want to make fun of Spanish speakers but I wanted to immediately start in translating. She's so I and then I police myself but not so well that I'm not telling you now but it's not you don't have that temptation. Fill in the English. Words would be weird. I know that was not my patient. I was laughing at it. Because it's a bunch of dancers in pink suits and they're like dancing around testing or now they're just enjoying life which I guess are enjoying it because they don't have diarrhea of the freedom to that's around in jump. What of the commercial was it was like twenty of those folks in the pink outfits and there was a swimming pool of Dank Brown water and they jumped in pain and then all that dank water disappear like they sucked it all up and they just got even plumper but still pink. They never took on the shade of the Disgusting Water. That would be a commercial right what you want to happen. You want to drink the bismuth. The Pink Bismuth and you want to go into your stomach and just stop everything and then form a nice pink third and then plops right out now. That is the thing about pink. Bismuth makes your poop black black and your tongue black. Yes as you found out that you had no Chris and Kristin and I- relieved her because I already knew based on my own experience. I've never gotten the black tongue from it. But then I'm aware it's genetic marker for twenty three and me but it makes your boo boo black in a couple different times. I've forgotten that I say ingested pink Bismuth and I think oh internally bleeding so that's another sign of internal bleeding as if you're black poop. I also forget sometimes and then I stare at it for a couple seconds. Because I guess you're more of a hypochondriac than me. I don't really go to an internal bleeding but I do think there was something. My mom was always on high alert for. She was always like your stool. Several black you have internal bleeding. We get that fixed immediately so I was always quick to turn around shore Talking to strangers. You said that Malcolm said that eight drinks over four hours will predictably cause a blackout for women but not men. So this is the part in the book for psychological reasons. The binge drinking trend is put women at greatly increased risk for blackouts if an American male of average weight has eight drinks over four hours. You got that correct well. I'm shocked I was reading. I was very surprised which would make him a moderate drinker at a typical. Frat party would end up with a blood alcohol reading point one zero seven. That's too drunk to drive. But well below the point one five level typically associated with blackouts if a woman of average weight has eight drinks over four hours. By contrast. She's at a blood alcohol level of point. One seven five three three. She's blacked out she's way past that worse. Women are also increasingly drinking wine and spirits which raise blood alcohol levels much faster than beer. Women are also more likely to skip meals when they drink than men having a meal in your stomach when you drink reduces your peak but alcohol concentration by about a third in other words if you drink on an empty stomach going to reach a much higher. Bic inner going to do it much more quickly if you're drinking spirits and wine while you're drinking on an empty stomach again. Higher Ba see much more quickly and if you're woman less body water yields higher. B. A. C. Much more quickly enough. I mean I'm going to have to hit my daughter's with this fucking data before they go away to college. It's interesting though. I've never blacked out in my life. Really not even on this puke. Halloween reeling Maybe because you always have munchies in your stomach now I actually think that was the problem with that day. You haven't eaten much much but what but never black nope nope. But I I've never blacked out so maybe my just hippocampus too strong it just. It can't get infiltrated. Believe it European a lot of ways though in shock me. Yeah you blacked out right. Oh God oh God you know my worse. One is hundreds of times of loss in evening but the worst one that should have been. My bottom was told you. The story went out on a Friday night and I I had seen my pill dealer earlier that morning and I had gotten pills for what should have been like two weeks of pill consumption like a hundred and some diet pills a ton of vicodin pills. What's that even doing for you? Getting you highlight coke. It's a stimulant the ones that are not good for you. I don't even know if they make these anymore. But Bunches Anna. I mean you know. Dozens and dozens of xanax dozens and dozens of vitamins. And all these diet pills and I went out and I got an eight Paul at a party and then I decided I'm going home. I want to be off the streets and I got a fifth of Jack and I got like a thirty pack a beer and I came to and it was like evening. I'm like Oh my God. I must've slept all the way through to Saturday evening. I'm going to cut to the chase was Monday evening and I was missing three days. Get anyone say like Oh yeah we hung out all the pills. Were Gone Yeah. All the beer was gone. All the Jack was gone. All the coke was gone and all the pills everything was empty. My singular memory as up told you is at some going to go for a motorcycle ride and I dropped my harley which was a full dresser so it was like an eight hundred and forty pound motorcycle I then tried to pick up for. I remember this. This went on for over an hour of me trying to pick this motorcycle up clinic. Get it up. I remember someone from my apartment complex watching me in deep concern as they should be me being embarrassed and no I got it and I eventually got it up on the kick Stan win inside so when I woke up I what I was so sore from having trying to lift that motorcycle for so long like I had torn up the muscles on my ribcage were very fucked up to the point. Was I in an accident or something. But that's pretty much all. I remember from Vine intervention. Kind of amazing. You don't believe in God and you had that story yes well. I was very aware of the fact that the amount of pills that were in that box consumed in two days. A certainly shouldn't have woken up. And that's the only time I ever let my mom in on what was going on. I called her in started crying on the phone because I was very scared. And then I wrote Even though it was before Mac there was before matt. You're right you're right. I cried her on the phone and then I went and rode my bicycle on the Santa Monica Strand for hours trying to get all the crap out of my body trying to sweat it out. It was terrible. Terrible terrible terrible still continued to do drugs put together like a month after that episode. But then my way back. There's a funny version of that story. But I didn't tell the funny version. There's understandably so your little hung up on that. I Love Bills. That does sound a little weird. It's all weird coke. I got coke ecstasy diet pills but have you ever blacked out from just drinking? Oh Yeah Yeah tons of times. Yeah okay so the Paris bridge with lovelock's it's called the Pot Day Art P. O. N. T. D. S. A. R. T. S. And it did get all those locks got taken down because it had more than seven hundred thousand locks on it and it weighed roughly the same as twenty elephants. Oh Wow forty five tonnes So they took it down in two thousand fifteen. That's it that's it just very. I'm still reeling from the relief of not having gotten the eight four hours part wrong now. Ori Curlers starry type. One diabetics I love you.

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