Episode 13: A Whole New Muniverse


I truly believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience here on this earth. What you learn here could change the direction of your entire life. This could be the beginning of a whole new career for you. My name is Mooney and I'm a spiritual entrepreneur. Now, more than ever, the world needs spiritual leaders, teachers and guides. Are you ready to become one of them? If you're ready. I'm ready. Hey everybody. It's Mooney and welcome to a whole new a brand new reenergized re motivated, whole brand new moon averse and I am so excited to be here with you because it has been an incredible year, I feel like it's almost been a year since I last spent time with you on this podcast in showed up in a big way online and one incredible year it's been it's had its ups and downs. It's had its first. It's headed last. It's just beginnings had it's had its endings. And it's been most I would say probably the most dynamic year of my life so far as the spiritual entrepreneur and otherwise so. You're going to find out more about all the things that have been going on in here a lot about them through this new podcast through my new blog everything that's happening in the maneuvers school, and all the stuff that we're going to be presenting, and all the opportunities were creating for spiritual entrepreneurs to take that next big step and start building that spiritual business in become those entrepreneurs, a successful spiritual entrepreneurs that. That I know that you're destined to be the timing of this couldn't be more wonderful. The timing of it feels like everything's aligning for this just beautiful recreation of everything that I've been working on in the last couple of years to help bring the best tools and resources that I've found to help you launch your spiritual business in a way that gets you there faster and easier than you ever thought possible and. I WANNA. Take a moment and talk about what's going on in the world right now in the world is changing, there's a huge dynamic energetic shift that's happening with everything that's going on in the world right now, and it does feel a little bit like there's this rebirth that's coming of systems in structures, and and how we're going to create this new world that we're all GONNA exist in. In and I think you can agree if you're listening to this podcast, you're fan of spirituality that there's an opening here. Powerful opening for light workers and healers teachers to step forward and start sharing your gift in a powerful way. Think about it. This way to people need your voice. Imagine how the world could have reacted differently. Some of the things that are going on right now if If, all been exposed to light and healing and comfort and compassion, and all of the things that we aligned with the teachings in the things, we create a spiritual entrepreneurs, just think about that for a second how the world could be literally reborn or reshaped by you showing up, and being exactly who you are as a spiritual entrepreneur, so I said before the timing of this couldn't be any. Any better because what we're doing right now what we're coming up upon here is a new moon and the summer solstice happening on the same day at the same time, so that this kind of astrological supercharged energy is floating around, and it's our opportunity to really start to get clear on. Where are we now? Where do we want to go? And how are we going to get there? And you have this momentous momentum that's coming from the moon and coming from this astrological energy and coming from you and coming from your higher self so i. just wanted to take a minute in just look at this as the opportunity that it is make this that opportunity that you're going to face some of those limiting fears, and and start to see yourself in a new light, and start to look at yourself as the expert in whatever it is that you do as a spiritual entrepreneur and your story, and your experiences that all of this is going to form together into your identity as a spiritual entrepreneur on talk a little bit more about those limiting beliefs so. If you're afraid at all to start your journey as a spiritual entrepreneur and it's totally normal. You're not alone in doing this at all there, so many of us out here who are going through even I'm going through it to I've been saying to my team and the projects that I've been working on each step forward is a little bit scary, and it's funny, because it reminds me of this book, and this came up a couple of times this week. It was called the monster at the end of this. This book, and so it was, it was a sesame street book and Grover was in it, and I used to. My Dad read this to me every night when I was growing up I feel like this was the book, and so the premise is that you know we're reading this book and grover is telling you okay. We'll don't turn the page because monster at the end of the book, and so you turn the. The page, grover freaking out and say. Why did you turn the page? I told you not to turn the page now we're one step closer to the monster at the end of the book, and so you go through this over and over he tries everything he can to stop you from turning the page, and then finally you get to the very end of the book and he says that Oh. It's me I'm the. The monster at the end of the book. And then it's huge outpouring of love and relief that really he was just moving forward to discover himself and so I want you to take that story, and if you're familiar with the book kind of think back to felt about it, and the excitement of turning those pages, and has somewhere along the line in your story, this excitement might have turned to dread or fear. And how do you tap into a new way of feeling excited about this thing that we're starting to do or turning that next page or maybe throwing out the old book in starting a new one of of how you're going to do this and rewriting the story of your journey of spiritual entrepreneurship, I? Really want you to understand that I'm going through it, too. I'm going through it and I'm a little ahead a little behind, but but what I'm doing is I'm trying to create the resources and tools, and I am creating the resources and tools to help. Get you over some of. Of, these obstacles, and over some of these challenges that stopped me from moving forward, and really what we are as divine, mirrors to each other at this point, because in this new moon I'm sharing this whole new mooney verse, so we are kicking everything off with a completely new spiritual business school experiences at twenty one day challenge, and it's going to help you step into your greatness, and it's GonNa help you tap into your hidden potential and bring forth. Your Life's true purpose is a thriving spiritual entrepreneur, so I want to invite you I wanNA. Remind you about this again at the end. You can join me. Anybody that's listening right now can join me for this very special twenty one day journey, and it's beginning in this new moon is full of sunlight and full of this wonderful astrological energy of the full moon to help us get bringing it altogether and bringing it to focus in a way that's going to be just amazing so I want you to just take a moment to just listen to these words and see how it feels in your body. The journey of launching your spiritual business starts right now. The journey of launching your spiritual business starts right now and I. Want you to examine and be curious about. Does that get you excited? Does that freak you out? Is it somewhere in the middle? Are you pausing the podcast and thrown out the window although I hope you aren't whatever it is it your feeling around this process of making the choice to step into this arena, making the choice to honor this of you making the choice to become even more of who you truly are by expressing yourself as a spiritual entrepreneur in all starts now and whatever it is, that's coming up for you is. Probably the first thing that you need to deal with or something that's going to be a theme that comes up for you all the time as we're stepping forward into I want you to know that the whole new moon averse is about bringing these tools and resources, but it's also about showing up for you in a bigger way, so that always whenever you're looking for insights are looking for tools or looking for trainings, looking for shortcuts looking for tips that all of those things are going to be constantly and. An available to you so constantly a never ending Li I should say available to you so that you can find them in the way that makes the most sense to you, and you can start to maybe dismantle some of these limiting beliefs and start getting excited again about turning that page and finding grover waiting for your, or whatever that that fear is that you realize actually. Actually, you to you! That just needs love and it's you. That needs light and it's you. That needs companionship, so you don't feel so alone, and that's what we're going to be doing here with the community we're creating the opportunities and resources were creating an everything that we can put into it so that you can have an amazing experience of starting out and doing this. I want to some exercises. A couple of things I wanted to share with you is this is in the blog, too? So you can go to the website. Check out. The blog are wanting to start thinking about your your station station, so you're manifestation or your motivation station, which is the space that you're creating around what it is? We're going to do here and that can be a physical space like your office is a little bit cluttered, and you don't really have your your favorite candles or idols or crystals, or whatever it is, that makes you feel connected to your spiritual kind of. Of Flow if you don't have those available, or there may be like just clogged up with some stuff. That's there that might be a place to look at something. You could do to start clearing out some energy in creating space for what we want to create here. The other thing you could do is totally energetically. Start clearing that out, so that might be something where you're going to be smudging, or you're gonNA say some sort of incantation, or maybe revitalize your your manifestation, practice or your meditation practice or any of the things that you do to help. Get you in touch with. That quiet space that that quiet place of contemplation or that quiet place of creation or exploration, or however it is that you consider those meditative experiences, those experiences where you're in touch with your spiritual self that begin vast an infinite part of you, the only wants the best for you, and only wants to see you succeed and discover things and learn and grow, and just become this incredible charged. Beautiful. Happy fulfilled version of you which I know. We can all do I know we all have the potential to do at the possibility is there? It's just taking those steps forward. It's just finding that path and being able to follow it with a little bit of help from a team, a little bit of help from a group of people, a community, a little bit help for maybe a guide or a coach that can help you overcome those obstacles just keep moving forward on this path step. Step, number one is definitely prepare your space, and that could be physically. You could be energetically. It could be spiritually. It could be musically. It could be anything that you do to create that that sense of comfort, and that sense of safety start exploring some of these spiritual things, and then the next thing I want you to do is to connect to this energy this rare energy that we're experiencing right now where we have the equinox, where all of light is shining down on you all of. Of these things are becoming clear, and then we have this new moon, and this new moon is just ripe with possibility. It doesn't know what it's. GonNa become yet. It's on this this discovery of like. How am I going to be? How am I going to be who I am? How am I going to fulfill myself? So how am I going to do all of these things? You're looking at this clarity. You're looking at this fulfillment, and what possibilities on what potentials are coming up for you? You start to tap into this energy while you're in your sacred space while you're in your your cleared up energy and start to think okay well, if I know now that the universe has my back in the universe aligned to give me this new moon, and this equinoxes on the same day. What could become possible even if I do the very smallest thing I could choose to start doing this? I could choose to go and sign up for this twenty one day challenge. I could choose to. Revitalize my meditation practice I could choose to share who I am. I could choose to go in comment on something somewhere online and let people know that I'm out there and I'm doing this so that it makes me fulfilled in happy so i. want you to start thinking about what that would look like I want you to think about what this tiny little thing. Maybe it's an affirmation. Maybe it's a prayer. Maybe it's just asking for guidance from your your spiritual guides or your angels, or whatever it is that you believe that can bring you. Some of this cosmic information here is this kind of. Beautiful. I'M GONNA call it. A prayer I want is trying to find the right word for it, but it's a manifestation. Remove deflation prayer, and so here it is. This is on my blog, too, so you can check it out, but it's essentially saying I am ready to have abundant work that I truly love and May that love and excitement be sent out in A. A wave to all of my clients and collaborators, thank you for all the blessings and all the gifts. Thank you for helping me to erase all fear and doubt. Thank you for helping me to share my life with all. Thank you for helping me to launch a successful business. Faster and easier than I ever thought. Possible I am supported I can do this. This I believe in myself. Peace Peace Peace. This is just a part of what I have on the blog. Go and check it out. Go to read it. Try it out a little bit. Do some work with it. Do some meditative work with it, but see how that feels. When you start to say these words what comes up in your body what comes up? Up in your mind, what comes up energetically for you? We'll comes up. Is it fear and all of these things are the things that you need to look at an address as you start out on this brand new moon investigation journey that we're doing together here and then the last part of it that I want you to think about this third party is. I want you to think about creating a full moon Efecto so moon, if Esto for your spiritual business and what that's going to do is that it gets you connected to it in I got a mission statement, or in an empowering kind of incantation, magic word, magical phrase way because it's it's getting really clear in your body, really clear energetically and really clear that the universe can hear you when you start to manifest all of these things and start to bring it together so white answer. A couple of questions in this again is on the blog and you can access these questions here and then start to write them down, but maybe after you've done a meditation after you've done that a little bit of that self work might be when you feeling. A little bit opened up that you can start to write down the answers answer some of these questions, and this is a journey. There's no right or wrong answer. It's just what comes up for you. What starts to make sense out of it? Here's a questions number one. What do the what do the businesses you most believe in have in common. What did the businesses you most believe in having common. Number two. What are your principles when it comes to Your Business? What important tenants in rules in actions must be at the core of what you do want you to think about that? One of those one of those must haves when you're creating your business that these are the things that are absolutely going to be part of it. Question number three. Which of your unique gifts are you excited to share with others? There are so many of us that have so many gifts, and there's so many people out there. That are already sharing those gifts, and so it's important for you to really zoom zoom in on, and that's the best way to put it interesting to zoom in on this portion of your gifts and the. The Way to do this is the gifts that you're already sharing the gifts that you shared and you had people get incredible results from whatever those gifts were, and the gifts that you feel the most aligned with its the gift set are GonNa Continue to guide. You kind of like your North Star to keep you moving forward, so there's no matter what you do. Do in the direction of sharing this part of you. It's going to be the right move for you. So one of those unique gifts that you're excited to share with other people and then question number four. What impact would you like your business to have on? Others will kind of changes. Do you want to create for? People were kind of changes. Do you WANNA create? Create for communities for yourself for businesses for for anything. How big do you want this to go? How small do you want this to go? What are the things that you WANNA do in terms of creating that impact upon the world upon yourself and upon everybody? That's here. I know that it's a big question, but it's good to start thinking about these big questions. Look at those four questions, start to journal. Them spent some time looking at what you've written. Spend some time thinking and expanding and expounding upon it, and all of this can happen in this period of time that is bathed in this beautiful light of the Sun and this beautiful. It has potential of the moon so I just wanted to give you again. A reminder that the the intersection of what's going on right now is. All these pathways for you and giving you that clarity and giving you that possibility, so let's ride that wave. Let's do it together and let's do it in the timeframe that that keeps that momentum flowing, too. So whenever you feel complete with these answers, start to put this in a place where you can see all the time, and maybe it's just a couple of words that are going to remind you about things that are inspiring you and it's just like a little cosmic seed that's GonNa continue to grow, and it's just like the seed that you are businesses or an idea is, or a movement is in the world that it's just all starts with a tiny little seat, and it continues to grow I want you to tap into that evolution of that process that you can feel like you've got potential. Is there for you, too? We talked a little bit about the world changing. We talked about what's going on out there in the world not in. Ways, but that the fact that everyone's looking for something and everybody's looking for something in a way that that could be answered by compassion and love and acceptance and equality and joy and happiness and fulfillment and abundance. All of these things are part of a world that we can create. There's no rules that says that we can't have a world that looks like that. There's no rule that says the that. That wouldn't work. There's no rule that says anything at this point and I want you to pay attention to that. Because there's no rule that says you can't have a beautiful fulfilled, happy, joyous, successful life as a spiritual entrepreneur, doing what you love making money doing what you love making money creating change in the world, and and having an experience of life that is just effortless and full of spirit so. So I want you to think about all of those things all the things that are possible things that are happening for you better around you right now and I. Want you to remember the words of the late Great Wayne Dyer go for it now. The future belongs to no one so if you believe in a world of light workers, sharing their gifts and shining light to everybody I want you to. To Join me for this twenty one day challenge of launching your spiritual business from new moon to full moon new moon to full moon. Look at the timing of what's going on I wanNA. Thank you for stepping forward. I want to thank you in advance for shining brightly and making this momentous decision to help heal the world I can't wait to see what happens next and I'll see you very soon. Hey It's Mooney from the moon averse. If you loved this podcast and you feel inspired to take action, let's keep the party going. Come on over to my website at the moon, averse dot, com, and you're gonNa find everything you need to register for my twenty one day spiritual business. It's a free program that you can use to start to kick start to launch your spiritual business in a way. That feels safe in gentle and help. Get you there faster and easier than you ever thought. Possible. I can't wait to see you there. I can't wait to meet you. I can't wait to see what's. For you everything all of that and more is on the other side of signing up for this program. I'll see you in there. Come on over to the Moon Verse Dot Com.

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