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The Paul finebaum show podcast is brought to you by the new Capital One saver card. Earn four percent cashback on dining and entertainment two percent on grocery stores and one percent on all other purchases. What's in your wallet? Cried package and then patron tree of college. Football leaves here is the Paul finebaum show. Our one podcast rates Thursday -gratulations to us. Anyway, we'll come back to the show. Lots to do today, including some conversations about basketball. Did you see Tennessee last night? They were on the brink memorial. Gymnasium in Nashville, but they escaped with a little help from their friends and one player in particular grant Williams, it is voices. Loud on the Homer right now, his play has been loud on the floor. Sly and washes on so high there's nobody could have blocked all the foul called grown men baskets twenty three to twenty three from the free throw line. On my own. Basically. Are you kidding me? This stork will performance for grant waves in this building tonight. Everybody taking notes including Andy Katz talking about grant Williams show tremendous leadership in overtime for the vol's at Vanderbilt. Kyle Boone saying, it's absolute joy to watch Williams. Play basketball. Chris dortch? He just got his jersey retired tonight. My reaction was pretty similar. I mean he and sending him to the free throw line was not a good move. But that's how he ended up spending a lot of time there. He was brilliant. Tennessee escapes one or two controversial calls down the stretch. But in the end Tennessee survived nearly revisiting seen from nearly ten years ago when the then number one vol's went to Nashville first time out lost. They avoided that this time. They'll take on West Virginia Saturday in the big twelve SEC challenge. We'll get some reaction to that game. Just a few minutes. But that's not the only going on quarterbacks. Taking advantage of free agency in college football. This is not a new story. But it seemed to be one of the bigger in best stories of the year. Me. Well, you faces in new places. Make for interesting two thousand nineteen. Tony Barnhart will join us on that subject. Mr. college football will also give us his top ten. Georgia running backs of all time west Rucker coming up shortly on the Tennessee vol's, and what's in store for them. The rest of the way, Tony Barnhart is mentioned and Todd mcshay live from the senior bowl. So that is part of our lineup here on this Thursday afternoon. But first calls at eight five five two four to seven to eight five. Don't everyone call at once. Let's let's get to the calls and start with our old friend met in San Antonio. How are you Matt and get called contacting special team in a loss to Florida? Yeah. John again dishes pointing the my basketball team with an Paul. They've played so good in the first half. And then they dislike when go apart. Yeah. Yeah. I understand Paul. We is still good in Sweet Sixteen beat the crap North Carolina. And now he's like struggling I ever married. You have to take a look at what departed after last season. And I think that there in lies part of the problem. I I still think good Kennedy's is an excellent coach he's done. He's just he's in one of those those ice patches right now that I think he's having a difficult time navigating angry, and I heard about niche chuckle transferring I the name I wish him moral luck in the world wherever we go. She's a good quarterback. He is I now he said he's got power being Aggie as graduating after this year Panthers. But I wish more I'm not gonna world. He's a good quarterback. And I hope he has a good career wherever he goes next school. He goes play for you got. We'll listen, thanks so much. Matt Marcia is up next in Alabama Hella, Marsha? Hi, how other thanks. Thanks for taking my call. I had about three things I wanted to say today and that is. One of my favorite cowers that you get is Jimmy from Chicago real he's very knowledgeable. And you know, he I just enjoy listening to him. The second question is have you heard from merely like the? You know, we heard from her briefly and never got a chance to ask her how she was feeling. I know she had been sick during the Christmas holidays, but hopefully, she will call and soon maybe today how because you know, I hadn't seen her on there for a while. And I just hope you know, something had happened. You know, we're from a right after the Alabama of championship game. But we didn't talk long. But maybe you'll call in today. And my third thing is that I was so excited for Jalen hurt. That oklahoma. You know, we're all pulling for him to do a good job. So we're gonna pull for Oklahoma because of Jalen and then Alabama well, Marcia, thank you very much. Great to hear from you. Gary is in Knoxville Tennessee where I got the best men's team in the country and their women's team take on Notre Dame, which is the best women's team tonight. Yes. Paul first time caller. Appreciate you taking my call. Thank you, Gary. I wouldn't get further comment on Holly situation. Yeah. Leaving here hearing because I think distinctly we need change and soon I just wanted to get your end. Yeah. You know, I asked that question to John Adams a couple of nights ago, who you probably know is longtime media maven up there. And he said he doesn't think this is his words not mine. He didn't think that the university was really committed to having an elite team. In other words, he thought they would tolerate what we're seeing. Now, I can tell you, and this is always unscientific. Okay. But based on the callers to this show, and there have been many this week, the overwhelming majority of callers that we have heard from want change, and they want change soon. So I I think Gary tonight is an opportunity for Hollywood to show that Tennessee still has a top level program. If they don't look good tonight, which hard to imagine they will they've lost five in a row, then I think the drumbeat for her ouster. We'll get louder Harry is in New Orleans. Harry, not a New Orleans. Gay Garrett is up next in Tennessee. Hello garrett. Good afternoon to you. Good afternoon. Let me tell you. I was at that game yesterday in memorial gymnasium of for continue. It's one of the worst days I've ever been to. But it was the loudest place. I've ever been to Tennessee was loud Vanderbilt was loud. But Tennessee was a little bit louder muff in. I just wanted to say grant, we ended the man Vanderbilt is a bunch of boys and go Valls. Steve breaking news there. Steve is up next in Florida. Hello, steve. How you doing Paul? We're doing great. Thank you, first time caller. I just called in because I see National Science day coming up and just like every fan from any fan base. I'm real excited about what has been doing the Gators. But in the SEC, you could be a top ten top eleven programs. Still have you know, five other teams from your conference ahead of you. So my question to you is I heard you talking I think it was yesterday with somebody debate in Kirby smart versus versus Nick, saving, and I know savings extraordinarily talented. But you know, he is getting towards I guess you would say at least the second half of his career not the end of his career realistic when you're sixty when you're about to be sixty eight you're you're more than. I mean, you are you are late in the fourth quarter, my friend, right? And so I remember the coaching care. And some of the struggles they had their Alabama before. I remember what would Georgia look like, you know, once upon a time so for for four to fans or any fan base out there that wants to get back on top particularly in the SEC where there's such a a tremendous amount of competition. You know, it's it's hard to fault. Dan Mullen, his first year taking a four and seventeen and doing what he did what needs to happen for for whether it's my team or any team to get to where Nick Sabin or some of these other guys are whether the top one or two when it comes to recruiting classes when it comes to AP rankings to get back on top because you know, the expectations are pretty high there, and yes, Dave, thank you for the call. I don't think you have to be in the top two or three and recruiting. I think as long as you're consistent top five top eight. You're going to be okay. And I think Dan Mullen is moving toward that rankings. Ranking wise, it wasn't all that great. But I think the way he closed the early signing period. I think especially with those. I think those young players were from Clearwater, whatever high school was down there. It made a big difference. But but ultimately for for Florida to get where they wanna go. They're going to have to beat Georgia. That's essential. They're going to have to be Georgia in in that all important game in late October and get to the SEC championship game. They got a couple of times under Jim mcelwain quickly got run over they, but but they need, but they need to deal with Kirby smart right now. And I think that's essential thing. And they also can't afford to lose games. Like they did last year to Kentucky very good team and Missouri as well. Both games were at home. We're up against a break. We'll find out more about the Tennessee vols. Is there? Anything to be concerned about considering the last two games have been narrow wins against unranked teams. They're still number one in the country. But how long will they stay? We'll talk to someone who follows the team very closely in Knoxville coming up next to listening to Paul. Finebaum show podcast. Welcome back to the program. We'll head to Knoxville shortly and get some more reaction to the Tennessee. Vols? More of your calls at eight five five to four to seven to eight five David is in Tennessee. And you're on the air. Go right ahead. First time calling. Thank you. I want to talk about Pissy Ben boo game. I not and when thoughts on how important the free POS wire in that game. Well, I thought they were critical if grant Williams missed any of those that the end of regulation, I don't think Tennessee would won the game. I mean Vanderbilt all all they needed was one more shot. And it was that simple. And then that four point turnaround really cost them. They just couldn't quite deliver it, but I- Vanderbilt credit though, coach drew had his team ready to play and they performed brilliantly even though they're not going anywhere this year. But I don't think that game. Like that hurts there's an old axiom in basketball that that you need a game. Like that. Now, this was now two in a row for Tennessee. But I don't think it's I don't think anyone game right now is critical for the vol's. They just need to keep doing what they're doing. Looking forward here for Auburn. It's Wales and both sides. Thank you very much before to seeing you later in the spring, David down in Henderson. Thank you for the call. Appreciate it very very much. Stephen is in Virginia. And you're on the air. Hey, how you doing today? We are great. Thank you. Oh, well, I called him before. And I'm a big Virginia Tech football fan, and we lost. Josh jackson. We lost a couple tight ends. And we lost running back, and I know they want to better their future. But what is the NCAA going to do about like transfers or is it a university fix? Well, the got new legislation that makes it more meaningful to the student athlete, which I happen to agree with. I think the bigger question Stevens what's going to happen to Virginia Tech? I thought this year the hokies went the wrong way. Yeah. I will went to law. We had a lot of injuries and a lot of people transfer. And I'm just wondering what if if we don't win next year. What's a future you're talking about coach went to three years ago is hottest coach in America. And now we're wondering can you get the job done? I think it's early a like him very much, but Virginia Tech expects better. That's a that's a high caliber program. It's a high standard Frank beamer left behind. Thank you, very very much for the call. Call steep is in Louisville. Hey, steve. Hey, Paul, you know, the game last night. I thought was just a travesty that call at on that ho can hold call. I know that's supposed to be some porn of references year girl looking for. But the that whole that should have been a no call whatsoever. No foul on anybody. I mean, the Tennessee player came down put his arm outside of the vandy player Nygren, and he's the one that initiated the, you know, you know, listen, I I was watching the game as a Tennessee graduate with Vanderbilt graduate. So there was a lot of intensity going on. And I I I try to call it like I see it now. I know I know they reviewed it. And I understand the rule, but in real time, I thought it was a totally garbage call. It was it's Renison it. It's already happened. And a couple of times that I've seen that may be she'll get it. Right. But guess make a call. I mean that game. I mean, they weren't splitting atoms. Take a look at it. And then let everybody know what you see don't don't don't look at it. Like, you're you're trying to get the underbelly of the of a molecule there, you either see it or you don't see it. And if you don't see it then. Make the decision. Officiating was terrible. It was when you when you like you said when you go to the monitor and look at it for as long as they did and still can't get it. Right. That's that's that's really bad. Now. I was really surprised by the company, and I mean, do I think that call cost Andrew belt the game? Yes. I do. I think that call cost Andrew belt the game. Now, I say that as Tennessee graduate. Yeah. I think it should have been a six point lead and Vanderbilt with the ball, and they would have won the game. What what a minute a minute left in the game. If that. And at that point the game the game's over. I I don't I don't think Tennessee could've made up the difference. But I mean, but give Tennessee a lot of credit. I mean, they hung in there. And I mean, they ended up, you know, surviving which is what a good team. If not a great team does. Yeah. They they they they're out of bounce plays that they ran that. They scored on repeatedly were were amazing. Yeah. Now. That the game should never been should never. I I rarely turn off a game and genuinely feel badly for team, but I felt badly for Vanderbilt because. They game was decided by by the guys in the officiating outfits. Not by the players. Thank you very much for the call. Appreciate it. Neil is in Kentucky. Neil go. Right ahead. You're on the air. Okay. I could go back briefly company coaching care sale and Trump's collusion. Speculates your dad, whatever the the full you left to go to California. I believe it was some guy North Carolina called about the one two and three and recruiting and the connection that they all had a university of Alabama connection and tie their and whatever I think one of the things that might be eventually heard say that his when they get enough head coaches out there that know where the bodies are very and they start coming in and number one number two number three in recruiting within five stars. I'm gonna last week. They learn more than Xs and os down there, of course, saving didn't create the system. He just can't do it. They you're right. And you know, you. People always wonder. Well, what's what's Nick savings relationship with Kirby smart? Well, I I have heard that the biggest rub that that he and others Alabama have with Kirby smart is Kirby smart took the took. What was in the so-called war room? That's the secret room out in outside of Sabin. Inside of savings off. If you're going to go into another room where all the players are on the board, and he he began recruiting those which by the way is perfectly legitimate. If you're the new coach at at the university of Georgia and that created the tension, and I think the tension grew last year when Kirby smart beat saving in recruiting and save and got him back in national championship game. But but that's why did what he did. And and and you you have Kirby out there. Jeremy Pruitt out there. You have other coaches out there and becomes more difficult because there are only so many secrets that you can hold onto as a head football. Coach. But I don't believe that the guy ended up would would even entertain anything about Kirby smart because he knows the relationship to saving and stuff like that. So these guys are going to have not only what they learn. But the connection they have is going to be a probably a factor in in recruiting course, there's not that many head coaches now, but as more and more come along that may be a problem for well. You know, we're talking about two different things. I mean, I'm talking about recruiting, and you're talking about some something ferry which you know, Mark Emery, the president the answer the way, I think a lot. Yeah. I think he's concerned about bettering himself. I think the lines about him and saving are overblown. Thank you for the call. Do. Appreciate it. Robert in Texas on the air. Go right ahead. Hey, robert. Yes. Hello, sir. Hello, miss Pham and say Hello to all my SEC cousins out there. The reason for my call is where I worked got into this conversation about the New Orleans game. And they called it the worst call in sports history. I had to disagree and say no it happened in nineteen seventy two at the USA USSR men's gold medal basketball game. Well, I got stunned silence from the crowd when I realized oh, wait they're all born after nineteen seventy two. So I know you're alive and said, you're not I would listen, I totally agree with you. I mean what you saw in the in the saints Rams game. Was just a terrible call. It was a no call. Yeah. I don't know how the official missed it. He did which but I mean. Yeah, it was just it was just a pure. Incompetence? It was nothing more than that. The guy didn't see it. He didn't see what everyone else saw what happened in one thousand nine hundred seventy two was was just absolute robbery. You had you had an official steal the game from the from the USA basketball team. I mean, literally three seconds of. Yeah. I mean, I it it would rank as the most egregious thing I've ever seen and then the. USOC backing it up, and it's just even even but but again, you expect that from that organization now excuse me, not the USOC, but the the IOC, and you know, I it will forever. Be it. I I have talked to people that were in that game on the American side that still can't talk about it. And what was that nearly fifty years ago? Yes there. That's why I got stunned. Silence. From my co workers, who they believe me know, anyone who wants to argue that just go just go look it up their books written about it. There's you can watch the video in real time. I watched it live as I'm sure you did. And and I mean, it was one of the lowest moments in sports history. In was just it was just tragic really to. It's one thing to lose lose a basketball game for the gold medal. It's another thing to literally have it stolen from you. I mean in the worst possible way up against a break. We'll find out more about the Tennessee basketball team. I think you can tell. There's a lot of buzz about that. We'll talk a little bit about the women tonight too. Because they play a critical game concerning the future of Holly Warlick's, we are taking your phone calls as well. You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Let's consider the secret life of the innermost nesting doll living, most of her life in the dock inside the other nesting Dole's. He has plenty of time to think if we could sadly, she has no brain, however, when an in a most nesting dole, his gyco not only saves people money, but also has been providing great service for over seventy five years. She thinks it's obvious. You should switch because. Yes. Switching to gyco is a no brainer pity in most nesting Dollond her lot in life. We're back here on the programming. Glad you are too. Well last night in Nashville, we saw one of the most exciting basketball games of the young season. Will the youngest sees I should say west Rucker was there to cover it and always great to catch up with him west, you cut your breath. That was quite a ball game last night at memorial gymnasium. Good afternoon. Any all you doing today? Yeah. That was a great great game last night. I mean that was everything that she thinking in state while we like tendency Vanderbilt should be mostly Tennessee's game at Memphis overly the season. It was really good atmosphere. Lots of fans from both teams. And it was it was a really really fun basketball game. You know, I read what what you said in your column today about the controversial call we've already had some chatter about that here on the program. Could you break that down? And I mean, it looked terrible on television. But I didn't have the rule book out like you did. And I mean, I know you supported the call. Call. But but in real time it looked like a bad call. Yeah. I hear it this way. Paul. I didn't like the call. But it was the right call you know, that that hook and hold emphasis is a big thing that they said going into the season about you know, if you've kinda got somebody who going up for a rebound underneath them. You've got you've gotta get dislodged before that person goes up, and he didn't do it. And that play was put in there to kind of prevent those, you know, head injuries and dislocated shoulders and things guys get because these guys are leaping forty inches off the ground, and they fell down and hurt themselves. So I don't love the call especially in that situation. But when you go back and look at the monitor it was the right call, and if you're going to go to a monitor you don't really have the the opportunity as referee to say it's late in the game. I'm going to let that go. If you go to the monitor and there's evidence you have to make the call. So I didn't love it. But it was like all okay. Other than that. This is now not to harp on this. But Tennessee's now the number one team in the country scrutiny will come. The second game in a row. They've they've come within a hiccup of losing against an unranked team, obviously, Alabama a little bit more -ccomplish with a win over Kentucky. Vanderbilt. We know we know the narrative there is this anything to be concerned about or is it is Tennessee just dealing with the vagaries of the SEC in late January. Somewhere probably in between those Paul. I think it's something that needs to be on everyone's radar, but I wouldn't call it a concern. Just yet, you know, the the fact is this team last season was elite defensively and and pretty good offensively right now this season with the same group of guys. Basically they've been elite offensively I think second nationally offense efficiency, but they just been kinda. Okay. Top thirtyish defensively. And it's the same group of guys. And you saw the Alabama game Vanderbilt game when they needed to get stops late. They went back and kind of channel that phone from last season and they made the plays. But where is that during during the game itself? So yeah, I mean, I think that's part of it. But also, I think Tennessee in the second half of that game. I don't think the defense was terrible. I think the defense was terrible for parts of the first half Advani get in the game and get rhythm. And then once that happened, and you started making crazy shots and all kinds of great place. So I think the fault is in letting them get going. Not where they got. But. Yeah, I mean, you're number one you're going to everyone's best shot. I think Barnes for the best. That's the that's the bed. They've made for themselves. And now they're going to have to get used to because I'd say Bobby hugging or Huggins must Virginia. They're going to do the same thing. They're gonna come in there and play physical and they're going to get a great show. And then they go to Carolina next week. And it's the same thing. So yeah, I mean, they're going to have to get used to this. This is there like West Virginia coming off a big win. Let me ask you about grant Williams. And I realized the people around the very familiar with them especially after his season a year ago. But there was the people around the country who are going like what in the world is going on here. Give us the backstory on grant. And and just what makes him tick because that was an amazing performance. It was Paul and he's been you know, maybe not to that level, but he's been playing sort like that for the past two seasons. And he's the guy who came North Carolina Charlotte and a lot of people kind of thought he was a tweeter. Prospects. You know, none of the none of the North Carolina. Power. Wanted him Kentucky Kansas the those programs. They never sniffed him. And he was gonna go to the Ivy league. He was he's a really smart kid as my merchant NASA. You know, the kids speaks three languages play seven years ago instruments. He was a nationally ranked chess player when he was young. He's just a really kinda renaissance kid, and he does a lot of things. But people thought he may not have the the body. You may not have the size and that loses to play at the highest levels. But he's proved all that wrong because red barn saw him as a prospect and saw him make one spinning moving a dunk in a game and said, wait that is a great athlete, and he started pursuing him or and Tennessee convinced him to not go to Harvard or Yale Princeton or any of those and he came to Tennessee, and he's kind of blossomed he's an elite athlete for that size. He's really quick. He's really smart, and he's tough. And he's a guy who's got a great offense of game to me. He started to look a little bit like quotas. Williamson people every time you see a slightly undersized power for making plays in the SEC. People always go Barkley Barkley. He's the next Barkley now. I don't think he's not at all. I think he's more of the corals Williamson. And I think he's a guy who is gonna keep producing at this level. So it comes out of providence day in Charlotte, which is produced athletes in the past. And you know, he's he's literally down the road from the mecca of college basketball either side of the street, you wanna to go whether it's Chapel Hill or Durham did any of those schools. I know you said they didn't really pay any attention. Did they did they have minimal interest or no interest? Very little interest. I think is a good way to put up all they I think Jay Bill will be able to tell you to because he's, you know, lives in that area and is really involved with basketball and that area, and he knew grant pretty well. And he thought he was kind of a, you know, mid major type recruit coming out of high school. He just didn't quite think that Williams had the, you know, the the size and athleticism and quickness combination to play on the perimeter certainly at that level. And he didn't think he'd be big enough to go inside. I think he thought he was a good player, but certainly not an elite player, but that whole that's the story of this entire Tennessee team. I I don't know that there's any way to go back and look at this. I don't think there's an Elias sports bureau for this. But I don't know how many teams have ever been number one nationally without a single top one hundred prospect on the roster now, that's just amazing. The the player development. They've had with these guys. You you go down the list, you know, all those guys they've got none of them had Kentucky Duke you as he offers. No, they just were. We're fringe prospects. On the Rick Barnes in the staff sauce things they liked they develop them and here they are is that changing now. And I know that the big players are starting to look at that. But you you start getting a different type of player in that system. Does it does it upsets a balance of what retry to accomplish? I don't think that remains to be seen. But I have a feeling that won't be the case just finished. He's bringing in a five star kid next year jobs. I James who everybody wanted and he was a kid who he's from run down the road there. From from the triumph area motor Alana there in Charleston and the dad play the Michigan state and Michigan state wanted him. But he loves grant Williams, and he picked Tennessee. So, you know, they're starting to get those kinds of guys again. But I think if you go back to the end of ribons tenure at Texas, and he noticed things starting to go sideways when he looked up in the culture, just wasn't what it used to be when he got when he first got there, and he's sort of built that scrappy underdog mentality early on in Texas, and they won big. And then he started the culture kind of start to erode. And so when he got Tennessee, he was really really particular about the the kinds of guys he took from a character standpoint from an unselfishness standpoint from a coach ability standpoint, there's a certain type of guy now. That he's looking for. And I've said it before I'll say it again, quite that old teen and Seinfeld when he talks about, you know, you reach a certain age you put the car in reverse, and you just don't look back anymore. You're just going. That's how Rick Barnes is now recruiting he's gonna put the car reverse. And he's not looking I if he sees something he doesn't like he's going the other way. And I think that is why there might be more sustainability at the situation in Tennessee. Because I think he knows exactly what kind of guys you want. Now. What's quick question before you go because for so many years we had the opposite being true, the tip assists of of what we have. Now, we had women's basketball ruling, the roost number one in the country. And the men's were struggling does this change the calculus at all what we're seeing from coach Barnes with the Holly Warlick's situation, and she's facing the number one team in the country and women's basketball tonight. Sure. I mean, you can use any word you want. Embattled, you know, Ossie whatever word the phrase you wanna use. I mean, that's certainly what Hollywood let's face and right now and nobody's happy about the situation fall. She's a former Tennessee star. She's from Knoxville her jerseys in the rafters in Tennessee. She was patch right hand. They're out that ten year she's beloved in this area, but that program has standard, and it's clearly not being met. They're losing it historic levels right now. And if that doesn't turn around soon they're going to have to make change because you run the risk of of letting this go on much longer and the lady all stop being the lady balls, and that that becomes a problem because you can still go into any room in America anywhere that you walk into any Jim with the lady of all shirt on as a prospect. You're gonna start looking at those coaches right now, they're they're kinda starting to almost maybe moves down a little bit. And that's when you get into real trouble. You start to lose a culture and density. And that's when you kind of get. Lobbed back in with the masses. Yeah. Then when you start losing at home and on the road, and it's it doesn't really even cause a stir that the mystique is long gone west many. Thanks, great conversation. Really? Appreciate it. Hope you'll come back soon. Anytime Paul, you know, that you got a fantastic conversation. There about the hot team right now, the Tennessee volunteers, we will take a break. More to come as we continue here on a Thursday listening to Paul finebaum show podcast. Welcome back. Let's continue with more calls here. And Ken is in Nashville. How are you? Can I'm doing by Paul thanks for taking the call. Thank you. Just re- regarding their call in the van de Tennessee game last night. My thought was that had that happened in the first half? There wouldn't have been any call. And it seems to me that there's a bit of over officiating in the last minute or so of a lot of these games. And I just wondering what you're eating was about. I listen, I heard what west said, and I thought he did a nice job of explaining the rule, and it is a rule that you have to follow. But I just know in real time. I thought it was a terrible call. But again, I I don't have I do have the luxury flay, but it's it's a call that shouldn't have been made. Well, do you do you think that there there is a change in the officiating when it gets down to the down here? I don't know why I'm trying to come up with a reason why the officials other than just calling it. I mean, we're talking about a great player there. But usually the home team would get some advantage there. It's not, and I I know Tennessee's number one of the country. But you know, you don't expect they're not in that Kentucky realm where you expect them to get a call that maybe someone else wouldn't. So that's that even perplex me more. Okay. Thank you gotta live with it. And unfortunately. Vandy is Carol is in Pennsylvania. Hello, carol. Welcome to our show. Hi, thanks. Oh, we've been listening to your show, and you made a comment earlier that John Adams believes that the powers that be don't want an elite program for the lady falls anymore. If that's the case what a slap in the face. What he said based on what they didn't do last year by retaining Holly Warlick's. Maybe I didn't explain it completely. But he was saying by by by not doing anything they were indicating that they really don't have a higher a high standard. You're right. The the question is, you know, would Pat summitt tolerated. What's going on right now? And the answer you, and I both know is no no way Jose, you're right. Well, all I got some fired herself. If team was losing like this. Oh, we have we have season tickets for the lady vol's, and we. We have said more than once Pat would have been screaming her head these girls for their lack of defense, and everything, you know, the problem is I think Holly Warlick is coaching as well as she can. She's just not relating based on and I'm listening. I'm not watch a couple of games. I watch a couple of games this year. I haven't I missed the first part of the season. But what I've seen in the last three games. And I've seen all three of them has been pretty bad. Yeah. We're really disappointed. I mean, if they getting of the season they were playing some not top of the line scheduled teams. Like Pat used to do and they looked you know, we loved watching them. And as soon as made hit your on what you have to do and talk me about this program. Now, you cannot use what I've done and everyone else is done by talking about the past. You have to talk about the present. It doesn't matter. What happens two three four five or six years ago? All that matters is what is happening now and what will happen the remainder of the season. Thank you very much for the call. We we've come to the end of this segment with Akyol for being a part of the program.

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