Ep. 802 - The Harvard Auto-Da-Fe


Harvard withdraws admission from parkland survivor Kyle cash of the media help America's enemies against the Trump administration and we check the latest polls. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro show. I hope he had a wonderful Father's Day, ords. We here at the Ben Shapiro show, in true fashion, late, call it second legal guardian of unspecified gender. But if you didn't good news we're back, it's a Monday, and we're gonna take you through the whole week. Lots of news breaking we'll get to all of it, and just one second, I we are halfway through the year it is never too late to get started on the things that you want to accomplish. The fact is that you have a lot of things that you need to get done one of those things might be making your business more efficient and the way to make your business. More efficient is not to spend an enormous sum of money on your legal costs. Okay. 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Today, he announced on Twitter that Harvard University had withdrawn his admission from the school over the revelation of racist offensive, idiotic posts written on a private Google document with friends when he was sixteen years old. So back when Kyle was sixteen before the parkland shooting ever occurred. He was on a Google doc with a bunch of his supposed friends, a private Google doc, and he dropped the n word and a bunch of other disgusting, nasty references now this is something not to make excuses for bad things. But this is something that sixteen year olds. Sometimes do because sixteen year olds are stupid. Everyone knows extend your older dumb sixteen-year-olds do not have fully developed prefrontal cortex. They're not geniuses or at least if they are genius genius for sixteen year olds. But if you are a kind of person who would like everything that you did when you were sixteen said in public or private re earth, re on earth, every time something good happen to you while then you'll love this story. So Kyle put all the stuff on a private Google document with supposed friends. Then the park shooting happens and. Kyle becomes a very outspoken advocate for the second amendment of very heavy publicized, heavily publicized figure, particularly on the right. I'm left, there are bunch of heavily publicized figures from parkland ranging from news. Emily Gonzales to the to David Hogg, obviously, Cameron Caskey, who we had on the Sunday special to talk about parkland into their bunch of these survivors, and many of them handle him. Well, some of them, don't handle him as well, but they're all kids, these are all people who are seventeen eighteen years old at the most. Well, Kyle cash was one of these people and he spends a couple of years, basically going around with various other members of the park in class and trying to school safety initiatives. So he meets with bunch of senators on both left and right. He meets the president of the United States. He becomes very prominent figure now Kyle also has impeccable academic credentials. So Kyle graduated second in his class, his classes, several hundred people he had in a weighted GPA of something like five point four and he scored fifteen fifty on his SAT's says academic credentials were for Leonardo. He applies to Harvard and he gets in, and after he gets in some of the kids, who he was on that Google private dock thread with back when he was sixteen when he said, all these terrible things decide to Nell drop all of that. And our journalistic institutions decide to go all in on this will summer who I think is one of the worst dodger artists in the media. I mean, he he does this for a living sort of trolls Twitter for moments to, to attack folks over the Daily Beast. He prints an article a couple of weeks ago is may twenty third about a month ago now called pro gun parkland team Kyle cash apologizes for inflammatory racial comments, and Kyle had gone ahead and done that he had called me after he said the stuff is resurfacing. And I said, you should come forward. You should explain to everybody that you apologize in that you never meant any of this stuff if you didn't mean any of this stuff, you should explain where you were coming from a Kyle said is that, like many sixteen year, he fell in with a group of people who are trying to shock each other? If you remember being sixteen year old boy, very often sixteen year old boys say, shocking. And terrible things to each other specifically for the fact so Kyle came out and you made a statement at the time, and we'll summer and other members of the media, covered this as though this was actual news. They covered it his actual news that a sixteen year olds stupid things in a private Google document. And then a lot of his political adversaries decided to go after him on that basis. There are also also some members of the so-called alt-right who decided to go after of some members sort of the fringy, right who decided to go after cashew, the reason being the cashew has rided the alright for their racism. He had said, racism is bad, particularly after parkland. He had said that he was not going to participate in events with people who he perceived as racist. They said, ha- back when you were sixteen you said, x is were adults attacking a kid who's seventeen eighteen years old at the time, and then they all sent these notes to Harvard admissions committee. A so cashew says all the stuff the Daily Beast reports all of this, and then Harvard gets a hold of it, and then harbor sins his admission. So here's what. Kyle explained on Twitter this morning. It's the thread Harverson. Did my acceptance three months after being admitted to Harvard class of twenty twenty three Harvard has decided to rescind, my admission over text and comments made nearly two years ago months prior to the shooting? I have some thoughts. Here's what happened a few weeks. I was made aware of and callous comments classmates. And I made privately years ago when I was sixteen years old months before the shooting in an attempt to be extremely shocking as possible. I immediately apology apologized and he did. In fact, issue in apology, by the way side note here. This is a smear job on cashew in the sense that they're bunch of other sixteen year olds in the chat, if any of their names appearing in public media. Have you seen any of the sixteen year olds who said similarly, disgusting, outrageous things? Have you seen any of them been shamed? Out of their college acceptance didn't think so it so here's the apology the cash. He the cash avert at the time. Quote, I have recently been made aware of screen shots, circulating that include offensive comments, former classmates and I made a few years ago long before the shooting. I want to address this with honesty. Enter. Transparency. We were sixteen year olds making idiotic comments using Kelsen inflammatory language in an effort to be extreme and shocking as possible. I'm embarrassed by it, but I wanna be clear that the comments I made are not indicative of YM, or who I've become in the year, since this past year has forced me to mature and grow in an incredibly drastic way my world like everyone else's in parkland was turned upside down February fourteenth. When your classmates teachers neighbors are killed. It transforms human being. I see the world through different is an embarrassed by the petty flippant kid represented in those screen shots. I believe those I've gotten to know since since since no better person than that. I can and will do better moving forward. That was his original statement. Okay. And then he issued the apology speculative articles were written his peers us the opportunity to attack him what he writes, and my life was once again reduced to a headline it sent me into one of the darkest barrels in my life after the story, broke, former peers and political opponents began contacting Harvard, urging them to rescind me. Sorry. This is disgusting stuff. You're going after a sixteen year old who's now eighteen for common to me two years before a private Google chat and sending it to Harvard administrators in an attempt to ruin his life. This is not an adult as a person who's eighteen years old and was sixteen when these comments were made, and we're now going to go to Harvard and try to have his admission rescinded on the basis of, what that he can never move beyond that he can never grow as a person he can never repent. We have to participate in on auto-da-fe in which we burn cash, and people like him at the stake, there's no forgiveness whatsoever. None. I mean Harvard done a thousand things here. Harbored said listen, those comments were terrible. We look forward to working with you to help you educate yourself about issues that have troubled you in the path. I mean, there are thousand things that could've done harbor has people at Harvard who are ex convict people who went to prison for actual crimes against other nothing. That things not saying mean things not using racial slurs, who committed actual crimes. Those are people at Harvard and you know what that is perfectly appropriate. Because if you committed a crime, and you did the time and you paid your price, then why shouldn't you go to Harvard University? Why not what exactly is the problem with that? There are lots of people, I'm sure a lot of terrible crazy things when they were sixteen years old or said terrible crazy things when they were sixteen years old, and who will say and do crazy, and terrible things while they are at Harvard or not going to be tossed out of Harvard. It's a Harvard, then sent a letter stating that they reserve the right to withdraw an offer of admission and requested a written explanation within seventy two hours. They said Mr. cash, we've become aware of media reports discussing offensive statements allegedly authored by you, as you know, Harvard reserves, the right to withdraw an offer of admission under various conditions, including if you engage or have engaged in behavior that brings into question your honesty. Maturity, or moral character gate, now that right there that statement is insane. If that's the excuse, they're using to kick him out that he engaged, or that he engages or has engaged in behavior that brings into question, which honesty, maturity, or moral character has engaged in. So let's when he was eleven he said, the N word is now are we gonna make it that, like, where's the age cutoff here, really? Especially given the fact that cashews been in the public eye for two full on years after the parkland shooting, and yet, nobody can point to an incident that he's had post that, that evidence is this kind of racism or racist behavior. Says, I'm half of the admissions committee, this William Fitzsimmons dean of admissions, a gutless hack on behalf of the admissions committee, we right now to ask you to send us a full accounting of any such statements you've authored including not only those discussed in the media, but any others as well. Please also provide a written explanation of your actions for the committee's consideration. Please Email these materials by no later than ten AM Tuesday may twenty eighth and they sent him on may twenty fourth, so one to, to come up with a full list. And they wanted a full may culpa that may twenty eighth so cash, you've complied and he wrote a letter, and here's what the letter said it said, let me first state says, let me first state that I apologize unequivocally for my comments, which were made two years ago in private among equally immature high school students in the attached document attached. All the comments have been able to record. I do not have access to the electron record of that conversation and do not recall, other things that may have been said, I've only seen what is here in the media. I take full responsibility for the idiot and hurtful, things I wrote two years ago, I make absolutely no excuse. For those comments, I said them regret them by explaining the. Context of my subsequent experiences. I'm not trying to excuse them. Instead, I am seeking to demonstrate the hurtful, things I said, do not represent the man I am today. I understand Harvard's concern over these offensive statements from my past, and I further understand that Harvard has been contacted about them by people expressing concern about them. I am very sorry to put the college in this position. I'm determined take whatever steps are necessary to rectify, this past wrong and to reassure Harvard of my commitment to values of tolerance diversity, and inclusion, which I hope to advance member of the class of twenty twenty four this is the context in which these comments, while this does not excuse my comments. I made poor choices with group in which those words words were little weight, and we're used only a means for their shock value. I bore no racial animus, the context group of Atta lessons. Trying to use the worst words and say the most insane things magical until these writings were disclosed long forgotten about them while will forever bear incredible. Shame for typing them. I specially feel remorse now that they've been made public knowing that caused terrible pains of people I care about I gave no consideration to the meaning of the words, I wrote in an effort to impress then friends and classmates and looking back, I know clear. Early. Now. I wrote terrible things I can never on. Right. My intent was never to hurt anyone to do, so would magnified. The harm immensely. I also feel I'm no longer the same person, especially in the aftermath of the parkland shooting. And all that has transpired since the second already the end of Kyle's response to Harvard request for may COPA first. Let's talk about that you're worrying. So I know you go to work, and you wearing a seat just got it off the rack. There's probably fits me. It doesn't. Okay. It's really ugly. 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I've tried hard to be a better man in honor of the friends, I lost, and I believe I have grown and matured significantly through this experience and proud of some of the things I have accomplished in the wake of that tragedy. And I do now. Recognize the person who wrote those things when I was reminded of the writings, I was mortified and embarrassed. My parents raised me to be better than what is represented in these screen shots about two years ago in an effort to be as honest and transparent as possible. I immediately apologize publicly when reminded of these messages while knowing the media, or that would ensue it didn't sue, and I've continued to accept responsibility, and the resulting legitimate criticism, as you know, I intended to gap year before beginning, my studies to continue, my work promoting school safety continue to mature, and we'll enter Harvard with three years in many life experiences between the foolish. Chelsea said those things in the man, I am today as an aspiring member of the Harvard community aspire to the values that the community strives to uphold, therefore, I've already written, the Harvard college of diversities, education and support both to express my deepest apologies and remorse and to reach out to begin a dialogue that I hope will be the foundation of future growth, while I'm no longer the same person who wrote those comments, there's always more learn, especially about the legacy of racism in our society. Thank you again, for this opera to dress, these issues. I hope this fully addresses your concerns. But if not, I would be happy to provide any further information or discussion. You require. That's the letter that cash, you've wrote back to them. And then he also sent a letter to the office of diversity will read that to you in a second. So Castro doesn't just respond to Harvard emissions asking for some sort of justification. With what I think is a very classy letter taking full blame for what he did. But also recognizing that he has grown as a human being since he was sixteen years old, and so his friends shot. Hey, and then he should never let her this one to the office of diversity, quote to Harvard college office of diversity and support around two years ago when I was sixteen years old before the mass shooting that occurred in my high school. Marjory stoneman. Douglas, I was part of a group in which we used abhorrent racial slurs. We did so out of misplaced sense of humor. We tweeted that we treated the words themselves, as though they board, a little weight, and use them only for their shock value, looking back two years later, I cannot recognize that person. I make absolutely no excuse. For those comments, I said them, at regret them deeply, I bore, no, racial animus whatsoever. The context was group of Atta lessons. Trying to use the worst words and say the most insane things imaginable. My intent was never to hurt. Anyone? And then he continues along the same lines as his original letter to the to the admissions committee on June third, they're right back in, they say, Jim Mr. cash. Thank you for your response to our letter of may twenty fourth. The admissions committee has discussed at length your accounts of the communications about which we asked, we appreciate your candor, and your expressions of regret. For sending them as you know, the committee take seriously, the qualities of maturity and moral character after careful consideration the committee voted to rescind your admission to Harvard college. We are sorry about the circumstances that led us to withdraw your mission, and we wish you success in your future academic, endeavors and beyond. So, in other words, you're an irredeemable racist. And now we are going to ensure that you don't get into Harvard college or smear to such for the rest of your life, because your political opponents unearth stuff when you were seniors old. They said when you were young and stupid. Congratulations, your academic life is basically been ruined, by the way I've spoken with Kyle, what Kyle told me is that he turned down a full ride from NYU turn on hundreds of thousands of dollars in foregone student debt. So that he could attend Harvard college. So they waited until after that, to check his mission, by the way, he got a letter the same day from the office of diversity and inclusion saying, quote. Hello. Kyle hope this message. Well, thank you for your Email. We appreciate your thoughtful reflections, and look forward to connecting with you upon your matriculation in the fall of twenty twenty in the interim encouraged search online for different ways to connect local organizations and resources within your community have wonderful day best. Grace Harvard college dean of students office office of diversity education and support, so excellent job, Harvard your own diversity offices. Like, okay, they mature thing we look forward to seeing here. We hope that you've learned in grown, we look for teaching you hovered missions committee, rejected him expelled him affectively, speaking after receiving Harvard letter cash, then responded by asking for an opportunity to make his case face to face and worked toward any possible path toward reconciliation, and they said, no, they said, thank you for your correspondence. We understand this outcome is disappointing. Please be aware the admissions committee carefully and thoroughly considered, or appliques. Reaching its determination decisions of the admissions committee are final. We wish you the best. A, so I have a couple of notes about Harvard University, one Harvard University is currently embroiled in a scandal, where they've been rejecting Asian applicants on the basis of their race. Okay. That is a decision of the admissions committee. So the admissions committee is racist enough that they are rejecting Asian applicants on the basis of their race alone there in the middle of a lawsuit about this right now. But if a kid said something when you sixteen years old and is demonstrated full-scale the not only is he remorseful. But that's not who he is his person, then Harvard Danes to expel him based on unearth, private correspondence, when he was sixteen years old. That's one number two is this new standard. Like this is the new standard now that anybody who anybody who has their crap from when they were sixteen unearthed, and then passed into public, what they've done since no matter what they've gone through or what they've become as a person that person's academic life gets ruined. And that person is then smeared across academia, that a person can earn admission to Harvard, not on the basis of activism is some of Kyle's classmates. Did that'd be real about this there. Certain of Kyle's classmates who did not score appropriately to get into places like Harvard or Columbia and attending places like. Harvard and Columbia, solely on the basis of their activism. How is not one of those he finished number two in his class with five point four waited GPA and fifteen fifty on his SAT's? He gets into Harvard, regardless if anything happens at parkland, and let's be real about this too, if he had not been involved in being public activist after parkland. None of this ever comes out, because none of his political opponents are looking to up on him. So he would have gotten into Harvard, regardless and none of this ever would've come out, and he never would have had to apologize. And he never would have been rejected from admission in the first place. You've gotten into an Ivy league. Anyway. He was going to a massive public school graduate number two out of something like eight hundred kids in his class. He was going to an Ivy. And now he's been rejected for the crime of having put his face in public. That's really what this is about. If you were not in public, none of this ever comes out. And if you say, well, this is really about who makes these kinds of comments when they are sixteen years old. I urge you to go back and look at the crap you said and did when you were sixteen years old, and think about whether you would want the privates, not even the public stuff, which is bad enough. I'm sure. The private stuff that you said on earth. And then cast before the worldview the worldview, and you being given no grace at all. That's the new center, by the way. This is not about Kyle being conservative for me. I've worked with many of the parkland survivors. Several them Cameron Caskey was on my shows Cameron disagrees with me on gun rights. I would absolutely defend Cameron the same way I have defended people on the left and the exact same wing. Syra Zhang, who's a columnist for the New York Times with my heartily disagree on politics, said, vile things on Twitter, people unearth when she was hired by the New York Times, I said, she shouldn't even looser job and choose an adult when she said those things, and she said them publicly on Twitter, not privately when she was sixteen years old when James Gunn director of the guardians of the galaxy franchise was targeted by online activists with old tweets where people were looking through old tweets and they found bad old jokes that he had told publicly about molesting children. I said he should not be fired. This was bad old stuff had apologized for it in the past. Also, it was comedy. Right. And I defended him to this is not about Kyle being conservative. I will tell you what, what is about Kyle conservative targeting Kyle is about him being conservative, because I promise you, if, if I were on the left none of this lead today. Nobody on the left on earth. Nobody covers it in the media. If this had happened David hog the entire media infrastructure activates in order to defend him. When Moore Ingram committed the grave sin suggesting the David Hogg was spoiled boycotts, were started against her program based on media coverage of Ingram with cashew, his political opponents from high school, his high school, quote, unquote, friends target him and the Daily Beast runs full peace one just the Daily Beast, by the way, Huffington Post round piece, I believe a bunch of outlets did. And then everybody descends on Harvard to try and get this kid's admission revoked. That's disgusting enough. What Harvard did is even worse? Harvard is place, supposedly education, my all the modern Harvard Law School. I'm ashamed of that school today. I'm ashamed of my alma mater. I'm ashamed. 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Use promo code Ben for five bucks off your first order from door dash, okay? So back to Harvard's standards here. So, again, the new harbour standard is if your political opponents dig up something that you said, privately when you were sixteen years old, and then dump it in front of the Harvard, admissions committee, and you happen to be conservative, and it happens to be something terrible, and it doesn't matter what you've done since then Harvard will get rid of you. They ex cons there right ex convicts which is perfectly appropriate by the way, I am sure that if we start going through the social media posts of everybody who's been at Harvard for the past several years. I promise you, there's some real ugly crap there and it's just social media. Not what they've been saying privately against wasn't even public private. This is an insane standard. No one can. But it shows the absolute gutlessness of the Harvard ministration what all recall Elizabeth Warren, leading contender for the democratic nomination for president spent years, claiming shoes, native American and being listed as such in the faculty handbook at Harvard Law School, and she's Nobuo back whatsoever. From the Harvard from the Harvard ministration, none none, if you ask them about it today, they will still defend her and pretend that nothing bad happened ever. She lied to them about her own status for years, why to them. No problem. A Harvard again is engaged in emission scandal right now in which they have been using racism in order to reject Asian candidates. Maybe they found out. Kyle was Asian. That was the problem. Harvard has a long history of racism, anti-semitism, Harvard has a long history of discrimination. But you know what Kyle points out? He says, I believe institutions, and people can grow. I've said that repeatedly throughout its history, Harvard's faculty has included, slave owner segregationist. Big it's anti-semites. If Harvard suggesting the growth is impossible, and our past defines our future than Harvard is inherently racist institution. But I don't believe that in the end this isn't about me. It's about whether we live in a society in which forgiveness as possible or mistakes, brand news, redeemable as Harvard has decided for me. So what now says, Kyle I'm figuring out. I'd give him a huge scholarships in order to go to Harvard and the deadline for accepting other college offers has ended. I'm exploring options at the moment. I mean this what a disaster for Harvard and unfortunately, this is what Harvard has become hovered is now a member of the woke scold brigade. They're run by s j w idiots. They have been by the way, even when I was there, and they were trying to get rid of Larry Summers, as dean because Larry Summers had the temerity, suggest that there are natural differences between men and women. That was enough to get him rejected, and of course, over the past few weeks, we've seen the case of Ronald Sullivan. A black leftist member of Harvard law, school's faculty, who has acted as a defense lawyer in a bevy of cases acted as defense lawyer for Harvey Weinstein and ended up getting his deanship of a residential hall canceled on him. Harvard is no longer than educational institution. It is an institution of, of Tarango overlordship based on politics. It's ridiculous. Because what you would assume that this is a place where you'd come to be educated. Again, let's say that you just had a student, you're a random student and the student had racist views at Harvard, wouldn't it be Harvard job as a school to try and train that student out of the racist views, wouldn't be Harvard's job as a school to try and work, especially the student expressed interest to try and work with the student to educate the student beyond the stupidity. Wouldn't that be the idea? I mean, where better to go then to an educational institution? That is capable of educating people out of bad ideas. Funny. I was reading a book over the weekend. From by a guy who will have on our program. His name escapes me at the moment. It's Djamil Giovanni believe Djamil Giovanni. He has a great new book called why young men about why young men become violent become terrorists, why they become criminals, very often. And Djamil Giovanni grew up in Toronto. He was the son of actively a single mother mixed background. And father is black mother was white. And he talked about, how as he grew up he inculcated all of these ridiculous insane views mean he actually fell in with the nation of Islam at one point. He fell in with the five percents who are bunch of racist, folks, and then he ended up because he was a gifted guy. He ended up scoring well on his L going to Yale Law School. And in the process of that education, he learned that a lot of these ideas were wrong because this is one of the things that happens when you go to an educational institution. It is designed to educate you to give you knew in formation perspectives you hadn't thought about now. Imagine if you'll law school had said, Djamil Giovanni, you know what? No, you know, we see that you are. Once a member of the nation of Islam, you can't get in we're done here. Sorry, you said that you remember the nation of Islam, and that means that you're irredeemable and you can never change in any way, even though you are eighteen years old twenty years old. Well, that's what Harvard has done here mainly because they were afraid of the blowback from the social Justice, warriors. They were afraid, I'm sure the black students association was going to descend on the doors of the dean of admissions office, and protests and make them look bad, and then it would be Harvard. Admits racist Harvard admits racist that was going to be how the media covered it. So Harvard was scared of the same media, that is despicable enough to say that he's sixteen year old in private conversation, saying bad thing for which she apologizes and then spends years, trying to live down that media was interested in bullying Harvard. That's why this articles came out in the first place, and Harvard cave because they have no spine. That's the story of our social Justice day and age a media, that is not a media that is not a journalistic institution there. Sue journalists who are actually activists or determined to use institutional power to. Club everyone else into submission and a bunch of administrators at various, institutions, or willing to cave in because they don't want the pressure Harvard made a very simple decision here. This is not about principle, because the principal is unlivable is very simple decision by Harvard University. The decision is we would rather cave in to the woke school media, and their allies. These pseudo journalist activists and their activists friends, we'd rather cave into them than stand up for principle of academic freedom and repentance. This is dangerous stuff for the country. So here's what I'm suggesting if you are a Harvard, alum today. You should seriously. Consider withdrawing your donations to harbored. I've never been a donor to Harvard law. I might have considered at one point. They are not getting any donation from me. That's for damn. Sure. And if you aren't alum from Harvard, you should think seriously about whether your money ought to go to an institution that decides that sixteen year olds are irredeemable based on private posts that are under oath by political opponents two years after the fact in order to hurt them. And the admissions committee goes along with that I would also suggest that media members if you want to do some digging, if you're not just activists if you're just concerned about people in positions of power who are maybe holding bad views, maybe your job should be not to go after sixteen year olds, maybe job should be to look at Harvard, admissions committee and find out what exactly they have been saying on their social media for years, weird. I noticed that everyone in the Harvard admissions committee that I could find I noticed that all of them had there. Social media council. I wonder why that is. I wonder why they've locked. I mean don't they want to be transparent and open about their viewpoints. They're weird very weird. Hit a little bit more on this in a second. And then we'll get to the media engaging in another kind of insanity. First, let's talk about the fact that you might need a new job. So you're working job, and it's all right, but why wouldn't want to upgrade well, finding jobs, a lot of work. I mean that's the chief barrier. But what if you had your own personal recruiter to help you find a better job will now ZipRecruiter's technology can do that for you? Just download the ZipRecruiter job. Search up. Let it know what kind of jobs are interested in and its technology starts doing the work ZipRecruiter app finds jobs, you'll like and put your profile in front of employers who may be looking for someone like you, if an employer lecture profile ZipRecruiter, let's you know, so if you're interested in the job, you can apply. No wonder recruiters the number one rated job. 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So we're gonna get to a little bit more on this Harvard insanity because I really do think it's indicative of something deeper, in American public life that cannot be cannot be lived on something I've talked about a lot, and that is the choice that is now being forced on people basically do not enter public life, unless you are shameless, almost you're willing to let people destroy you. That's basically the choice that is now being placed before the American public is disgusting. We'll get to that in just one. Second. I head on over to daily wear dot com for nine ninety nine a month. You can get the rest of this show live. You can also get to additional hours of the show every afternoon, I believe was going to be a guest on the show. The this. Afternoon, along with Dennis Miller bunch of folks who come on everyday. It's really fantastic. 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Great with Larry will more on the left, which is always, I think a lot of fun to talk with people who disagree. You can go check that out. You've gotten that a day earlier if you're a subscriber as well. So all sorts of goodies for you, when you subscribe, we are the largest fastest growing conservative podcast. Radio show in the nation. Uh-huh. Is one of the things that I think is worth pointing out here is the broader standard that is now been established. So we seen it already with folks, like Ralph northern that if you do something earlier in your life. At least northern was like twenty five when he was in med school and took a picture in black face or KKK hood, you gotta pick one at least twenty-five so saying that he was doing something racist, when he was twenty five that's a lot worse than doing something races. When you're sixteen years old. But even with that said, I said, even in the middle of the routh northern saga that if you spend the next thirty years of your life, not being racist, this should wait into consideration as to whether or actually a racist. But what northern ended up doing is basically saying he wasn't in the photo. And now he's able to live this down. So cure is what has happened. If Kyle had never Kyle cash had never entered the public square. He would've been at Harvard, he did under the public square and then he got into Harvard, and then his political opponents targeted him. So what does this say about getting into politics? What is the say about sounding off on matters of public discourse and public opinion? It means that if you have the right opinions. You'll be guarded, no matter what you do, if you are in the left, you'll be guarded by the media, no matter what you do because amazing, but people stop talking about Ralph northern that weird people just stop talking about, it's really crazy. Now, if you're a Republican, they would never stop talking about him. But Ralph Miller them, they'll just kind of shook their head went on with their life after all he holds the correct political positions. That's the way this works. If you're serious young and you have old racist tweets, everybody just goes, oh, well, you know that Sarah, that's whatever whatever if you're James Gunn everybody, eventually moves on even for. Jim's gun. If you're on the right you're forever, tarred and feather. And this double standard only applies to one side, obviously, which is why it is eight double standard. But even more importantly than that, if you enter the public public square, you know, that you will be exposed to scrutiny on everything that you have ever done, and there will be no forgiveness. If you have their own political perspective, which means that you're going to end up with people who are either shameless, you know, people who don't really care. Like you expose them and they just go ahead. And they said, fine expose me and I'm just going to double down on you with joy Reid over at MSNBC, claiming she was hacked, or people, so shameless, or people who attempt to hide everything. Right. Those are the only alternates people who are either absolute blank slates have said nothing in the past have no actual read on them. Or people you have read on the read is they're shameless. Those are the only types of people who will rationally enter public life ever again. Because everyone who is unable. I am sure would apologize for bad things in their life. But the apology does not matter. That's the point Kyle apologized Kyle has attempted to be a better person Kyle moved on wasn't enough, which means that the normal good human being who makes mistakes core across the course of their life and speaks publicly and openly and tries to add their opinions of the public discourse that person gets ruined the only people who are welcome are people who are absolute anodyne in Nikolas. You've. Idea who they are where there's blank slates like Barack Obama who, don't really have a public record, or you end up with people who are utterly shameless, or both. That's what you end up within public life. This Rex are public discourse are educational institutions, obviously have already been wrecked. This is probably it's got to be one of the worst moves I've ever seen in academia, reject a student on the basis of old, private posts, that again, you can show no evidence that Kyle has acted in a racist way other than these posts and the posts are bad. He apologized for them. He was sixteen. They were private. And they were unearthed by political opponents in the media amazing amazing stuff. Okay. Meanwhile, our media are on Rable dutiful beautiful folks in the press the guardians of our freedoms if people who are really on the frontlines of ensuring you get the information you need like what a sixteen year old said and the private Google doc back when he was a junior or sophomore in high school. We need those people on the front lines. We especially need them on the frontlines when they are basically doing the work of the Iranian government. So over the past week, we've seen the Iranian government really escalate its attacks in the Middle East. They attacked allegedly and by all available evidence. They attacked a couple of tankers in the Gulf of Oman is the second time, they've done this in the past four months. And this is really raised a lot of tensions in the Middle East. And by the way, there's a bipartisan consensus among people who have seen the intelligence that this is what happened. Now. It's amazing when there is a bipartisan consensus in the intelligence community Russia impacted the election, or tried to impact the election, then everybody ripped on from right? Because Trump denied it and their right to rip on Trump. Because when the Intel community says something, and there's a pretty good. And there's a pretty good consensus on it. The chances are pretty good that it's right. Even when it came to WMD in Iraq, the reason that the intelligence community worldwide got it. Wrong was not because of the Bush administration seeking to go to war. Because the international intelligence community universally was lied to by Saddam Hussein. There's a reason that the Brits and the French and the Germans. Everybody's intelligence services were coming up with these same answer on that one. So for all the talk about how this is all manipulated, and our intelligence community, this, and that is the until you gotta pick one either you trust them. You don't weird how everybody trusts the intelligence community on Russian interference in the election. But suddenly it comes to Iran, and they don't anymore, by the way, there is bipartisan understanding that Iran is behind these things. Mike Pompeo, the secretary of state said over the weekend that there is no doubt that Iran is behind these attacks. How certain are you that Ron was responsible for these attacks? And do you have more evidence that you can share with us, Chris? It's unmistakable. What happened here? These were attacked by Republican Veron on commercial shipping on the freedom of navigation with the clear intent to deny transit through the strait. This was on the Gulf of Amman side of the strait of removes. There's no doubt intelligence committee has. Lots of data lots of evidence. The, the world will come to see much of it, but the American people should rest assured we have confidence with respect to who conducted these tax as well as a half dozen other tax throughout the world over the past forty days, the media seat to paint this propaganda in the media. Seek to say no, this is propaganda. And this is exactly what Russia's pushing right? This is the line Russia's pushing so Moscow, the Kremlin on Sunday warned against the baseless accusations of last week's attack in the Gulf of Oman, onto oil, tankers blamed by Washington, and Riyadh on such incidents can undermine the foundations of the world Connie. That's why it's hardly possible to it's baseless accusations in the situation said, Primin spokesman it's Metri Paskov has said we always just so appraisal of the situation and to wait for more or less convincing evidence to appear worth noting the Russians basically denied for years that Sharon had ever used chemical weapons against his own people. The Russians needless to say are not folks to trust when it comes to this because they've been on Iran side. They were important and building the. Nuclear reactor in Iran. They, they've been instrumental Iran's gaining regional power. They've stood with Iran in all of that. And then, of course, is pushing this too, so runs parliament speaker hinted on Sunday that Washington was behind the suspicious tanker attacks. It was a false flag attack. So basically everybody's going Jones. Now, she got Moscow and Ron both nano wasn't the obvious Iranian attack. I mean, sure there's tape of us, you know, like removing and unexploded mind from ship on our rinky-dink navy, but, you know, it was probably the Americans probably Saudis, or something was somebody else. So this is when, when propaganda is being repeated by Moscow and Iran, the media might want to, you know, take a little break and think. Maybe maybe this doesn't have a lot of credibility. So here's the headline from the Washington Post standoff with Ron exposes from credibility issue as some allies seek more proof of tanker, attack Japan and Germany requested stronger evidence than grainy. Video released by the Pentagon. Now you might be saying yourself as Paul Krugman at the time saying sing to wag the dog attack. First of all, if there's a wag the dog sort of scenario than what exactly is from wagging. The dog away from you think he wants to go to war in the Middle East. What do you do his approval ratings? It'd be good raising the price of oil in the midst of a shaky economy, is a good idea. Probably not. But here's the other thing Democrats are repeating what Trump's head. So when you have my pump HALE, and Adam Schiff, saying, the same thing, pretty good indicator that, perhaps that thing is true. So here's Adam Schiff, a man that who bears. No love for President Trump. Apparently, he's no involved in the evil wag the dog scenario. Adam Schiff who Trump has termed pencil neck, new aids. Trump with a passion bordering. On the insane. Adam Schiff was saying over the weekend. There was no question that Iran was behind the attacks. So apparently, it's bipartisan wag the dog scheme. This question that Iran is behind the tax. I think the evidence is very strong and compelling. In fact, I think this was a classy, screw up by Iran to insert a mine on the ship. It didn't detonate the head to go back and retrieve it could imagine. There are some Ronnie and heads rolling for that botched operation. But nonetheless, the problem is that we are struggling, even in the midst of this Saulat evidence to persuade our allies to join us in any kind of response. And it shows just how Soleil the United States has become okay? Well, you know, it would help Adam Schiff if you went out there and forcibly made the case that the Trump administration is correct on what is going on with regard to Iran. But here's the bottomline. There's a bipartisan consensus in Washington DC from Adam Schiff to Mike Pompeo, that Iran is behind these attacks, naturally. That means the media are citing with Japan, Germany, the Iranians and the Russians. Well done media. You know, you guys are just doing yeoman's work. Not only that not only are they doing amazing work. So there's an article the New York Times this is just insane. So the New York Times article US escalates online attacks on Russia's power grid. The United States is stepping up digital incursions into Russia's electric power grid in a warning to President Vladimir Putin and demonstration of how the Trump administration is using authorities to cyber tools more aggressively current. And former government officials said, so nothing says, you know, standing up to the Russians, quite like giving over a bunch of confidential information to the Russians via the New York Times, well done near time. So this New York Times accuses Trump being a Russians cat in the pay of Latimer Putin. But same New York Times is printing articles on their front page about the United States attacking the electric grid based on confidential and classified information. The New York Times has interviews over the past three months. The officials described the previously unreported deployment of American computer code inside Russia's grid and other targets as a classified companion to more publicly discussed action directed at Moscow's information and hacking units around the two thousand eighteen midterm elections. Buried in this article is this hilarious aside? There's an aside in which the New York Times reports that a bunch of people in the US government or hesitant to tell President Trump about this because they were worried, what President Trump might do, quote Pentagon and intelligence officials described broad hesitation to go into detail, Mr. Trump about operations against Russia, for concern over his reaction. And the possibility that he might countermand it or discuss with foreign officials as he didn't twenty seventeen when he mentioned a sensitive operation in Syria. So the Russian Foreign Minister. So let me get this straight. Let me get this straight Pentagon and intelligence officials worried that Trump might spill information to the Russians or stop it. So they went and spilled it to the New York. Time to put it on their front page. Now. That's patriotism, right there. I mean look that is some patriotic deep state stuff right there. You're worried that the president might do something. You don't want him to do. So instead, what you do is you dump it in full public of the Russians know exactly what we're doing. And the New York Times runs with it because they're patriotically standing up for America's interests are press democracy dies. Darkness is folks, I definitely trust them. I think they are not activists. I think they're definitely definitely journalists. You wonder why the credibility of the president of all time, low, I would suggest that it might have something to do with the fact that they're taking the word of Moscow, Iran over that of America's intelligence community, except when it benefits them to, to stand with the intelligence community against the Trump administration simultaneously attacking seventeen year old eighteen year old college advertise and ensuring that the Russians know about secret American interference with their electric great job press really outdoing yourselves. Okay. Time for some things, I like and then some things that I hate so things that I like today, so George will has come under a lot of fire from a lot of folks on the right side of the aisle, because he is militantly anti-trump, the reason that his militantly, anti Trump is he said, is because he believes that Trump is not have the character to be president. Now as I have said, you know, I said at the time that Trump's character is not nothing. I said this in two thousand sixteen I'm still very critical of President Trump's character as anyone who listens to the show on a regular basis. Not. So I don't disagree with George Will's characterization of President Trump in terms of character. I also think that things are not going to get better. If you turn this thing over at this point to a democrat, who not only has similar character flaws, but also is dedicated to rooting out fundamental motions of the constitution but put the Trump stuff aside George will has a new book out. It's called the conservative sensibility and basically as a comparison between Madison democracy. The ideas that are embedded in the declaration of independence in the constitution versus Woodrow Wilson's progressive revolution about five hundred pages. It is a, a real tour to force by George will. It is sort of a life's work. You can see it. It's embedded in every page, I have some substantive disagreements with will on the nature of that Madison democracy on the nature of what stands behind our, our rules of natural. Right. But his contrast between the founding and the progressive era, is exactly correct. And his explication of the stuff is quite beautiful. His writings quite beautiful. The book is called the concern. Sensibility, I would suggest that our disagreements lie. More in sort of the, the understanding of the roots of the American revolution and founding era philosophy as wills very secular. Take on this. Mine is a little bit more. I think stormy based religious take on it. But with that said the book itself is really good. And all the criticism. He's receiving right now because he's anti Trump people say he's not conservative guys. George will spend his entire career being conservative. You know, if the conservative movement can't handle people don't like a particular president. I was just the conservative movement is doomed to failure. So I recommend the book. It's called the conservative sensibility. It's really good. I'm enjoying it right now. I'm in the middle of it. So go check that out. Okay. Other things that I like today, there's this ironic, this sort of Ron. So there's an article by Catlin beady called, how should Christians have sex says purity culture was harmful and dangerous, but it's collapse left devoid for those of us looking for guidance in our intimate lives. The entire article is basically about how you've if you suggest that sex should be reserved for marriage. You're bad, but also getting rid of that standard has basically destroyed sex and our culture. So the entire article is I don't like this original standard, but I also realize all the standards that supplanted it are basically garbage at least for human beings who want to be happy. And so now I'm stuck or maybe should rethink like an I statement, maybe that's what you should do this authorites when I was fourteen a circuit speaker came to my church's youth group to talk about. Sexual purity. I don't remember many details from the top, but vividly, recall signing. True love waits pledge a small card promising to remain virgins marriage twenty years later that ritual strikes me as almost innocuous, how much power do we give to scribbled signature of a teenager who had only the faintest idea what sex was, it also carried a psychological burden that many of my peers and I are still unloading, this is where we get the whole it was such a burden to be have to people expecting us to have a moral standard to wait until all my God. I'm still living that down. Get over it like seriously over your adult now get over it. A majority of adults who came of age in evangelical churches in the nineties, and two thousands were exposed to purity culture term for teachings that stress sexual abstinence before marriage. I urge this, by the way, we had our own ritual such as purity balls in our own merchandise, such as period rings. I had a wait for me journal that I kept as a college freshman created by prominent Christian pop singer, the journal, was designed to hold letters to feature husband, it held out the promise that if I remain pure, then God reward behavior with husband surely before I turned thirty so that we could have lots of children will know. Really nothing impurity culture suggest that God is gone ball machine. I'm so sick of people who think that God is Gumbo machine. It's not that's not the way God works. It's not like you, God wants and then God gives you everything that you could possibly want. That'd make a bad person, by the way, if the only reason to do things is because you think God is then going to give you what you want, because you bribe God, you have mistaken idea of God, and also mistaken idea of morality, the idea, instead is that if you wait until marriage to have sex, you're saving yourself for your spouse, if your spouse as themselves for you, then you get to enjoy one of the most wonderful thing has got ever created with the person that you trust. And love the most without having to think about all the pride or experiences with or without meaning or debasing yourself. Now again, this is not to suggest that if people have premarital sex, they've done something irredeemable, or terrible or anything like that. But from a religious perspective and from, I think basic, natural perspective, the idea of sex within marriage makes a lot of sense. It makes a lot of sense. And it is spiritually fulfilling and I speak as someone who is a virgin until marriage, as was my wife and I'm proud. That. I think that's a good thing. I don't think it's bad thing to teach children. In fact, I'm going to teach it to our children. I think it's a very, very good thing to teach children that sex is important enough ought to wait for somebody that you love enough to actually spend lifelong commitment with. And if you can't reach that, if you, if you decide to Philly or you make a mistake, or whatever that is urine those decisions that you can make, but to have a standard and not to live up to a standard is one thing to say the standard itself as wrong or bad or damaging. I think that's very silly. So this lady rights, somehow, God, I got her wares cross, because the husband hasn't derived again, it ain't it in God for you to find a husband really is not when people blame all everything bad that happens to them, dot or the society, around them, I start to think that you have mistaken impression of how cause and effect work twenty years later, I no longer subscribed appeared to culture, largely, because it never had anything to say to Christians past the age of twenty three a really I was twenty four and got married. Weird you lately. I also find myself mourning the loss of the coherent sexual ethic. Purity culture, tried to offer is the consent culture, the best that we have in its place is the best part, right. So now she realizes. Okay. So I didn't like that. Now, I'm in my thirties, and I've had sex and all that. But I'm really not liking the new secular standard. Yeah. That's right. You're not the new secular standard sucks, the standard that basically says that consent alone makes for good sex, or makes for good relationships or spiritually, fulfilling consent is great standard for law. It is not necessarily a great Santer for morality there. Lots of things to which people consent that are demeaning bad for them. It doesn't mean they should be legal. I'm a libertarian. But it does mean that maybe those things are damaging to you which is why you don't teach them to your children. Prostitution is a consensual act. As a general rule. It is it is a consensual act, putting aside pressures or how people got into prostitution the act of prostitution itself is an act of consent which is why I'm very torn on its legalisation does that mean that it is good for either the prostitute or the drawn? I don't think so. So this person says the effects of purity culture well-documented in books like Linda Rae Klein's, Linda cleanse, pure an exponential online communities, rather than emphasize the gift of sex within marriage, period, culture typically lead with the shame of having sex outside of it. I don't think that's true at all. You literally just said, one second ago that you kept a journal of letters to your perspective, husband, about the gift of sex within marriage like what? It is hilarious to me that there's so many people on the second low left who have decided this woman is still Chris, she's still considers Christian, by the way, some not labeling her secular left, but her perspective on sex is much more secular than Christian. They got rid of the traditional standard and their solution to the divisional. Standard was completely unworkable standard. Now, they're sad that the standard is gone. Here's how this lady the author of a woman's place completes article occasionally, I think about my period pledge letters to missed my mystical future, husband and find those practices naive manipulative. But part of me wishes that the fairy tale of purity culture comes through. Well, I hate the effects, the purity culture hat on young women like me again. No, you made choices. You're an adult I still find the traditional Christian vision for married. Sex, radical daunting and extremely compelling and one I still want to uphold even if I fumble along the way. So in the end you end up coming back around to the standard. Well, maybe the problem was with you, not upholding the standard if you're so upset about not upholding, the standard. If you don't wanna pull the standard, don't it's free country, but to pretend that the standard is bad simply because you had a bad emotional response to the standard is to is to get rid of rules in favor of subjective. Feeling which is not something I like okay time for some things that I hate. We have now reached the point of utter absurdity. There is a transgender track star, which is to say a genetic male name. CC Telfer CC toll for was apparently, a middling sprinter as a male now, see for considers himself a transgender woman and he competes on the Franklin. Pierce university track team. Not surprisingly, his now, world class because he is running against women. So here's what but see says, no, no. You understand. I'm disadvantaged running against women, which comes his shock to all of the women who are getting beat by a guy who has six inches and the significant amount musculature to his advantage. Anything me competing against v genders, females is a disadvantage, because my body's going on going through so many medical implications. Like it's going through biochemistry changes. So being on, you know, Homer, emplacement therapy. It gives you. Your muscle depletion. Your muscle that you're, you're eating you lose a lot of strength because, you know, testosterone is where you get your strength Gilady all that stuff. So I have to work twice as hard to keep that strength, okay to go back to some of the pictures here. Okay. This is a picture of CC's Helfer next to people who are competing. CC tougher tougher is a very large human being CC's. How do you think this person is closing in on six feet? Probably this person this very large human standing next to a bunch of very small women, and competing, those various women. CC tougher won the women's four hundred meter hurdles at the NCAA division, two championship. I wonder why how could this have happened? Maybe it's because he is genetic male, and there are differences between male and female, and this idiot. Eric it. De-uh dick. I understand hormone treatments. Not great for your body. Also, when you start off, as a man, who is six inches taller than every woman on the field with the musculature of an that pollution, still not gonna compared to having grown up as a woman with estrogen. But I guess we just have to be a stupid as humanly possible put all objective fact out of your mind instead favor, the feelings of people who are engaged in the delusion, that they are physically the same as women. I mean, this is just because that's what this person is saying they're disadvantages compared to them. That's why you're defeating them handily when you couldn't compete with the males per. Yes. I'm sure other things that I hate so people to judge needs, of course, in stats. Apparently, the mayor of south bend, Indiana, didn't interview on axios on HBO in which he explained that he was not the first gay president here here he is making this bizarre contention. If you win the nomination, they'll say, you're too young to liberal to gay to be commander and chief, you're young. You are in the weren't to respond respond by explaining where I wanna leave this country. People will elect the person who will make the best president, and we have had excellent presidents who've been young. We have had excellent president who've been liberal. I would imagine, we've probably had excellent presidents who were gave just didn't know which ones you believe that we've had a gay commander in chief. I mean statistically, it's almost certain in, like, in your reading of history, like do you believe, you know who they were my Gaidar doesn't work that well in the present let alone retroactively, but one can only assume that's the case. Why can one only and that's the case. Like there have been forty four presidents about two percent of the population is gay. So statistically, speaking, we pretty I mean, first of all, presidents are not elected on the basis of statistics, sickly, speaking, ten percents of our presidents should have been black. Nope. Statistically, speaking half of our presidents should have been women. If we're just doing representation of the population, so. Nope, on that one as well. So just typically speaking also, when he says some of our great presidents would have been gazed, typically speaking, we've had, like three good presidents. So probably, not the only one who, who probably was gay, according to at least or at least possibly was gay, according to most historians James Buchanan, who you know, I don't know that gay folks actually wanna claim you can pretty widely considered the worst president in American history. Not because he was gay. But because he was a crap president. So this is all very weird. And I'm just weirded out by the idea that people to judge has to make the claim that other presidents were gay in order for him to be legitimate as a gay president. That's silly to me again. I don't think most Americans really care whether people to judge is gay Mike Pence who he has been writing doesn't care, the people to judge gay. I don't really think Americans give crap about this. But, I guess, making history and stats is one strategy, I suppose already. Well, we'll be back later today with two additional hours of content. Otherwise, go see her tomorrow. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro show. The Ben Shapiro show is produced by Robert Stirling directed by Mike Joyner executive producer Jeremy boring senior producer Jonathan. Hey, our supervising producer is Mathis Glover, and our technical producer is Austin Stevens edited by Adam sigh of its audio is mixed by Mike, coral, Meena hair and makeup is by just Ovadia. Production assistant, Nik Sheehan. The Ben Shapiro show is a daily wire production copyright daily wire 2019 everyone is Andrew Cleveland host of the Andrew klavan show, the poet, William Wordsworth wrote, that his heart lumped up when he beheld a rainbow in the sky one. Fortunately, the rainbow has come down to earth and here. It's a sign of woke oppression a weapon bent on the abolition of man. I'll explain on the Andrew klavan show on and Cleveland.

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