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Cool FAB-Racing 2018 - Round 8 - Tattershall Saturday Races


Now, the fish oil partner series to the BS. This is cool fab racing. Oil and best British championships for many bikes. This is cool, five racing. To continues at touches all in Lincolnshire round eight of the two thousand eighteen cool fab racing, British many bite championships on this, the AC full Seaver keys, which are now outs on circuit for their second qualifying session of the day, the fast laps starting to come in having done their Waller plot a now on their second flying white radio that I saw of the field so far with a woman at four point, three, five, five. We have got four qualifying two sessions to come, and then the first sets of races from this weekend, the final round of two thousand and eighteen. Thank you very much for joining us trackside on motorsport dot radio and on the cool five racing websites. We are company audio only at the moment on those websites and we will be live on social media as well went. Went out visual video coverage, Insein full the first race of the day, and that will be in about forty minutes time or so. My name's Donmar alongside me as ever throughout two thousand eighteen Kiko tiles, and which only by punch in this weekend. It's a busy qualifying day today. It's a busy session in this one. White is really struggling for grip how by the few who have gone down on back onto the bikes and continue in this session, it's very tricky to really feel and analyze where will the grip is in the sessions, difficult grip indeed out there because there's already been soil fall. People going down the on this as forty rookies call to session. Other one goes down every turn five on the exit right up, and I k immediately picking the bike backup, eager to get started again at the moment I, it's east Powell hound the Munson burner Samuel Munson who is topping, qualifying to so far had Charlie hundred. What. Grade. Third, fourth Ruben fits all the whole now. Eight and six place. So loud, vulgar, big names in the in the top half dozen today, Samuel months and look into wrap up this championship this week. And if he can only horn, he's name's chump shit, rival six. So far down, Charlie hunts purchased on talk. Sorry, China Huntingford fastest-selling moment. Veep and pray also popping in a fast lap woman at two point. Two full eight just point one, five, three ahead of Charlie hunting fit some uments in in their three tenths behind the is second place. Ryan, China Huntingford point four, five, three behind six tenths behind the race leader session. Nina as white Brady Finnan where it's he only Horner Ali SIMS Archie Gibbs William Harris and plate Wilson, your sand while it's running. Well, so far we've Bray really quick out now at the moment Connor. Well, as we say, Dan, this is the first session after lunch. And so the trunk is once again wet and the groups that might have been there towards the end of qualifying tools. Lunchtime is off the go. Now the rain has continued and washed away any sort of advantage that the drive is have this. What we noticed that the session when breida's were really finding the limits and lot of them running off the track, either four other pulling off all running into the grass, and it's good to see that they are now bit. We'll stay, will they are. They have found the limited. The bikes won't has just got off now at ten. Six everyone seems okay, and he's getting back onto his bike now, but it's ill Seni bake as of stale bike and get a real quick lap around the circus group EMBRAER's just on top of this session, one point, seven, three, two as actually pole position. If you look at costs from the times earlier on today with three minutes left to go in this session and Reuben has hit the top of the timesheets colorized. Down on the exit tone. Five law is up. I cater another either just on his way back at turn three very slowly, but he's got underway on nother either down. I turn seven. So I've just losing the front, not turn five, six and seven. We I have a feeling we're gonna have to have is busy another down there in the race we are going to have all is very much on that midfield power of this segment Rueben bright as top of the money as an outside chance of winning this championship and the as quite out saw chunks, but it's a chance nonetheless, and he's looking to to strengthen chance this we can if not get it until I Samuel Munson is just one on one point, four. So just a little bit ahead, a course of a second ahead of Ruben break still time for this sessions, gray. The vied is still confined more and more pace in the circuit. A few of them have been tumbling only slightly because of that lack of grip of the moments Samuel moments. Into just because of a second ahead of even braver. Now that could well change, where is he up to third, Johnny Huntingford, six thousand behind in full place. So really top full covered by second got one who down at five or six. There were no gain yellow flags by kin. Remember back at Red Lobster done Finn and where it's he was absolute hair are in the wet back. Then he took his first win. That was on a horrible Saturday, think got will. Subtler Sunday was one of the races took his first win for he came from Noah. I tell you if you call this third places on the one minute to so far too. Yeah, one five this morning. So he's already taking chunks these time. He's within a second of your leading to fit in, whereas may surprise in the race tonight too today. Well, could routes Samuel moments in back on sub one. One point, four, eight, two point. One one, three now ahead of gray with. One point five and then is fending where it's he almost second behind. Now it starts to close in between our two session leaders. I'm with about a minute and a half left ago. This is really the time to make your last ditch attempts. Connor one thing we haven't talked that too much today is just the of the have on the front straits here and especially with these mini bikes that it's very interesting to see the different lines that all of the riders taking over this bump. So they so they are disadvantages leases possible in run into the hairpin turn one. And it's that real difference. I think separating the front runners for the rest of field absurd is only while his tent put some months and where is that? Lap just come from one point, four seconds between him. Now on Paul position and Reuben brace. Oh, Samuel Munson. Once again, looks like he's gonna find himself lineup on both position. Watson, incredible up. Reuven Easter in second, the checkered flag is being made ready bodies over. The impede line checkered flag as waving nominee on the people on a lot will take around the foreign or corner the long, right? That's things you back onto straight. No moves really being made down failed. It looks like he's job done and Samuel Munson will lead off Ruben Bray on that front. My one point, four seconds. Can you believe that gap there a woman at zero point one for eight. That's right. Sixty seconds point one, four, eight. Fantastic. Last lap full. The number seventy two t secure PO position in a dominant way. Ruben brave woman at one point. Five, very good time in itself, two tenths quicker than this morning session, but couldn't stop Samuel and really running off with a nother pole position Finn and wears. He rounds out the top three have Charlie Huntingford with Brady only hornet Charlie Simms, William Harris Archie Gibbs and Blake Wilson your tops hand with max. Where is he? Howie Payne Elliott Jones. Luke fitches, Joshua Williams and nukes go field rounding out the sixteen strong order in that session color. I mean, the one thing I will say, and this might be a commentator's curse, but I think it has mostly stopped raining at least compared to the the severity we had earlier. I think we're down to that, you know more Spitz's and that's arguably why the drivers, despite it being a very green track manage to improve their time John q. one. Well, right is really enjoying these different conditions. These ever hair round eight of the two thousand and eighteen Kufr bracing, British many championships, the mini g. p. fifties out onto circuit now. And as they make their first g laps around the circuits, granny, trying to find a known this time how the grit is that light out there because it is very challenging, still challenging visions for all of our light is out there. So it weren't take them too long. Adapts, but it will take them a bit longer to really nail. The conditions get the ties, the brakes, everything into the whites automall. He range and range really work properly, which in lower temperatures like this. It's a round eight degrees according to our timing systems and well, if it is that's a little woman and it feels outside these bikes. We've had a few of these smaller by s- being very challenging to restore once they stop these ones. Gays might be slightly easier, but only time will tell. I mean with the bikes just come out of the pit lane isn't as you say, you say about the cold weather, it's noticeable how cold it is. A lot of them smoking off the line as they come out of the pits, plus the engine's really finding hearts of fire up. I'm we noticed in qualifying where if a rider would go down, it'd be very hard to restart the bike as it cools law of issues for drivers, right as well. The right is just getting into that's racing temperature. Many GP fifties have had a great run throughout the season. It's been challenging for few writers have really been working very hard for these victories, but the likes of Eddie O'Shea only Walker very growing into their championship competition, really growing into race victories and podium. So to the lights of Ryan hate coke. But it's Harrison Crosby. I live a woman at three point, nine, seven full a few seconds. I had to James Kirk and how MCI McKay it's. Interesting how the changing so far go ride down on the exits off. Turn sakes often. Okay. Not coined show who eight among speculate, but another down over time thing now looks like all the Walker to me all your may have just the. That's I hope that these days the not not to injured all the banks by the dumbest ideas. Shay has gone top fifty nine point six and he was topped the smart in more the one point two. So already six tenths faster. DO laying down a relatively good bench Markle Tom getting quicker. Anyway, we're not quite sure how he's going to stay what ride it down on the exit of turn six. Now that's Taylor Stewart, Campbell. He's up and k as well ahead of harassing Cosby Tila mellow, Ron, Hitchcock nuts. You'll talk for Lucas Brannagh. Welcome returns him for the top five as number twenty. Nine now and head of the ninety of manual Brinson menu Brinson doing well over the course of the season and say, they really enjoys these challenging conditions, how great run clemmie goals a a month and a half ago from tacitly wet weather. The Welsh ERC hits nonetheless to one full. Takes to. It's one hitch moving up into second in the time. She's still yet. I fly outs will might a pulled off just on the exit of turn seven. They're up and wasting by the by restarting the next. So whilst yellow flag make him out, he may still increase your time because the grip is much better or years more confident on that lap as crucial. You lift off in the required places because corrosive UCLA flanked you'll get yourself NC some very serious bother Eddie shea woman full is in the lead the moments housing, Crosby vine hit coke. Your top three. I mean, as you say, Dan, this track really is starting to improve now and as Suge Hof session to go, I I can easily see times from q on being completed by most. The drivers dentist icon quite see who that is. The minutes just on the exit of turn. Engine advisors, seven just weights. Get back into the session. Marshall pushes the bike, never put about by content of machine fi. Five minutes left of this session scale. You and I wanna the all Josh Bannister right down the bottom of the time scenes at the moment, rights of c. had issues. That's hope they can get cleaned up in both of them should quite comfortably, moved themselves up the order that boasts back out, just renaissance l. e. walk from around Hollywood could sixteen Josh vanished in seventeenth. Banisters just come into the pronouncement corner now vary per cavity. Let's tough in the power. Now asking for the power coming to the long right-handed ends this lap and sling showing onto the straight just vanish. The comes alive goes up clots few positions where the just banish the goes into the top ten. He goes tenth Jeff Bannister seven point two seconds off the top time, but he still getting himself batted in quite comfortably, but ruin hates coke. Leading at the moment. Fifty nine points, three zero, four point, three, seven zero overhead video shea a nail or the only two that have gone underneath sixty sec. Seconds, Harrison Crosby woman dead point three or couple of tens ahead of manual Brinson might at goes down on the end cheats tournament seven. Now, the second tenant happen martial goes over to get the bike violated and the vita will just get onto its and yellow flanks in the infield. Once again. Just been pushed off to the side. Concierge is water is up on your dining. Shaggy. Old down is gonna menu. Brinton nuts at turn five. So I'm gonna Princeton, lost control of his bike on the exit five up, and we've got another ride down on the exit of turn. Number six side. The shots got bikes down everywhere, not middle section, tons, five, six and seven. Just proving to be such a headache for these guys out out in a minute three minutes to go, you really can do it out crash. I mean, all see with as you say, short amount of time to all these writers off pushing themselves on their bikes to the limits. And so it really might be a case of writer's, not being able to get a quick lap now and this might really planes the vantage of Ryan Hitchcock still remain at the top with a fifty nine point eight, seven eight. So as last night, full line, Hades cargo quick as Hayes, Revie fast. It's fast lap of fifty. Nine point three, the vines. I really struggle. Thing in knees mixed conditions vein might not be coming down massively heavily, but there's still quite an amount of specimens during on making rate greasy, which means tires simply can't get kinda temperature order Hasian that they're looking for six minutes and twenty five of this session is complete. So we will have the check at flying around two minutes time kind. Anyone else make an improvement, Brian Hitchcock still the top of the timesheets. Eddie Sheahan second place, head of housing, Cosby manual, Brinson money. While in fourth had Dylan mala, Lucas Brown, Kyle pain Mason Johnson house McKay and Alfie Davidson in the top ten, James Cook, Josh Bannister. Soon names. We don't often see a little bit further back, put in a forty four and the number two fighters outside the top ten Thomas Gomez. Banjo leaf Taylor, Stuart Campbell, Cam, and SU only walk value times. So far. Hollywood is just coming around to complete a lot. That's hope he can move up from where. It is in the moment is way down the order down seventeenth Bisi do it out starting tomorrow. The way back down only will just come in through the final quarter. Look into the star afar. Sapo complete afoul some weight and sees comes across the line, moves up the order to go eleven. So only walk finally puts in a respectable laps on goes up. So lemons five point, seven seconds off the pace, but he is now not at the back of the grid that settling good news for only walk at still could make further progress in session and say, still pushing getting Omay SIS. Quick as previously fastest time going Hitchcock remain -taining pole position, but only walk still a bit of traffic around the someone is going down because Brown on the exit of turn seven back onto the bike and raring TI back into the session, yellow flag that cordo that could put pay to a challenge from only walk. They who heads into this section of the circuit gets passed by Elida. Dylan mellow overtaking under yellow flags out. Not go down too. Well, I can imagine, but he's run to the position only wall look into come round again to complete lap of not long left off this session, ten seconds, five seconds. Now, trying to get close on starting land. Both did and only war could do woke up into ninth place Nassar's in the top ten waiting for the checkered by to come out. I mean, one ride to watch on this final lap, I think, has to be Harrison closely. He has just come out to the pit lane for what I assume is a final run and equalized thirds in the current tools and one on could just push him onto the front row. He does appear to be Hitchcock ano- Shays closes rival and another Fula down at turn. Number four luster end nose day turning into the last time they corner, but just killing at the on the funk ties. I suspected a few miners as they go through the yellow flag section. Now, check it flack hasn't been waived yet. Calling on timing screen, ROY. Hitchcock maintains pole position. Eddie shea still going quickly, but not quite quickly enough, and it's gonna be a challenge from either of those two all well only walk to make further progress. He's in ninth moments heading into the last two stages of this qualifying session. I could change even the over the line manual Brinson no time change that full seconds of the time line. Hitchcock is a good couple of seconds behind his as well and say, really waiting and seeing what can the number one one four vita do as they session heads to a close. Lawn Hitchcock lead in fifty. Nine point three still nearly four tenths on anyone else, but we just convert when the race starts, we are now coming to the end of the session, ten minutes as complete, swear waiting on the check of complimentary, shake his downfield quite see who they are. James Cook languishing, somewhat banning, twelve bicycle, rarely do break into that top ten Haycock ahead of addio shy. Shy of course has been down already. Harrison Crosby in third place. Mason jumped summit. Good vied in fourth manual Brinton is faith. Everyone else just come Gomez is just come across the line. Doesn't improve Hayes time told these downing, fourteen knots where he expected survey Somma hall Cummings as we could've done with being a little bit higher up from, well, it's no good either volleyball was down two tenths. Now by kryptonite ahead of our Davidson come make much further progress times changing in the midfield poll. Shen of qualifying session. But the two session is the only to NC the fifty nine have not improved either vine Hitchcock all Eddie O'Shea. Eddie not circulating. Let's point we don't think is not gonna make much further progress in this session, but Addy any tear in the fifty. Nine don't have to worry too much about it. Check at five now is coming out basis. The final for many of our miters Kamini will make any loss dish attempts to make further positions on the grid. This could be crucial. Tasuko a tricky second toy take not too hard at signs, but you've got to really commit to it. You got to be ready committed to the overtaken order to make it which can make to challenge over the line. Now. Shortland nauseates of Thomas game as doesn't improve Mason Johnson. I up to full place. Great. Lap that one. A one point, three, eight, seven only one point five behind the session, PO position dilemma into fifth minute. Brinson staying in six. The moments are great, late Vernet for Mason Johnson, very proud with effort. He should be eight, eight, wider. That is the qualifying then for the mini g. p. fifties, Ryan Hitchcock on pole position had of Eddie Ochej and Harrison Crosby Mason Johnson. Then in fourth ahead of Dylan matter with the manual Brinson Lucas Brown coil pain, only Walker Alfie Davidson Natsios top ten house McKay James Cook just Bannister Taylor. Stewart, Campbell, Thomas Gomez in the top fifteen had of common sue and Ben chill. If I knew listening to live coverage of round eight of the two thousand. Eighteen cool racing, British mini bike championships, where live form such still in Lincolnshire. This Kiko is the final round of the two thousand eighteen season exchange to hundreds as they were about to head onto sake. It now will not be leaving, hey, without a bang. They all have a good rice. Extreme hundreds, massive, welcome returns while exellent wasn't sure whether we'd be here on. Remember he had that massive crusher Wilton mill what he returned from hospital the day after he went in with a kidney infection. So understandably he might be taken into little bit easy miss time when he's out there. So looking just to bed himself in his comeback, maybe too soon. We'll soon see he hasn't been into so far in the lead up to this, but out those while. Hobby. Flower. You charting is bay all the names of that change. Never loud j. kingdoms. A load of Rhonda's Cenci on the podium which times Williams's Davos while lots of our design that in doffed. All table of. We've seen on many a time. And says, China's bit the first coming over the line. Interesting to inches at least thirteen crossing nine the moments. So should have a good entry full days race weekend, the extreme to hundreds Choya which Ramon had a good one though. Didn't econo- indeed done Charlie walls, false in qualifying one with a time of fifty. One point two, five inches into see whether he can keep that speed up. Oh, see these being some, the foster spikes outlet, any smooth safe will be consenting for lots of the front runners. But it's interesting to see just how quickly these come. These bikes are adapting Charlie doing immediately bosses with a fifty point nine to two beating his time from the first session. And as a result really down as Martha, he's currently almost full seconds with the next news writer. I'm well. That's four seconds. Ican us very good effects. There is a writer just to which at Williams who stops only engines tool, Cerna, maniacally, second-last corner at touch, Zo looking towards rejoining the session does get going yellow flags by cancer only as well. But China has fifty point. Nine witty just compare very well compared to Elliott often four point, four, eight, six seconds. Well, you know, that's just the gap. We'll talk about later, but twenty s fantastic, wider, spurred Nesbitt parties, affectionately known is now two point, seven seconds of heads of Elliott Duffin with fifty point three as a price for fifty. Three points along Nash bonds in third place is head of Martin Glossop in fourth, Brandon, imperil. And Kia Armstrong means six say that just England comes to join us in fifth place, chopping and changing in this early stage of the session. Connor. Indeed, there appears to. To not be a lot of by lots of progress made so far from Richard Holmes Williams who was very quick in the first qualifying session was second peak. Several alive has been and but is yet sue records a competitive time by the look of it. The one minute twenty five his best effort. So far you say that he comes over the line. Fifty point nine point eight, four, four seconds behind China's. They say, second place for veget- Himes Williams or quickly to pose by Martin Glossop. The number six writer phychi point two, four zero then guest oppose pipe. Brandon pale the one, four, six, yellow Powell fifty. One point six, six seconds, but a fifty point zero charleena's bits fast his time at the moment. One point, five seconds had Brennan Pavo. It's all changing three minutes and twenty eight seconds of the session completes. I mean, one writer to watch out for this session is going to be Josh, Josh. Sh didn't make an appearance in the first session, and as result will be all relying upon this time. Well, he's in fourteenth place at the moment, so got a little bit of extra time to really get into them on this session charleena's we point nine, nine one. So just dipped into the forty ninth, but that's a real continents based their full Charlotte. As you say, his nearest rival now is Brandon in peril, who's really making the progress now on top Charlie's time, only one thirty cents back. But this really is becoming a case of who attach jolly. Because right now a lot of the writers are Belither improving the not improving enough to beat the pole sitter and as a black flag during out that was pointed towards, Josh Ingram is just came over the line running seven place, and the moment could well be returning back into the pit lane. So for plums their full joshing given a black flag back into the pay line gonna have a word with the Barschel's, say Kelly guy back out place. No, you might go do what we tell you that problem. So for them at the moment, but charleena's be forty. Nine point six chipping away at the time getting lo and lo and lo and Richard. I was Williams now though is into second place with a fifty one point zero nine five one point full seconds behind Charlie Masbate, but also. Quarter of a second. I had run them heroin. I mean, what we've seen so far, Dan is a loss of the rider's, getting caught up in traffic in the midfield. They'll see being fourteen writers on track and incredibly powerful bikes. There is going to be some traffic. We're seeing this around the land during the current in a section at the at the moment, we do have three riders on each other and we had five almost shipping over each other couple apps ago has to help their time to tool, and it will be interesting to see who can really find the space. Some joy Reid is on making their way out of the pit lane in free air. But it's all about that. It's all about that free space. There is onto the track that isn't filled, doesn't the minute. Sometimes it's actually better to follow visit is not necessarily be right behind him, but have enough to building someone have a Mark, have someone to follow ever on a straight Mark. This on this. There is room for slipstream in the smaller classes, especially all. About ride in Pilion someone it's about having a month just far enough in this chase after down. That's exactly what he's about really because you know, you can if you'll fos some patch naturally, if you'll not faster than them or you awesome that you can't pass them like circle like touch show, which from turns three turn, seven, eight, nine, maybe almost Yukon impossible to pass. You don't wanna be saying the handsome. You want to be seven or eight. Thanks back, build an incident all the way luta Latin cost them on the strike getting cleaned up in the next up is while it's great way a lot of very, especially in the from your classes of all rice. We got someone down the far side on turn, seven show. As Daniel to talk to see me might big someone in fury gun leathers may be max cook when the speculate I, there's some of that Olaf net cats indeed to more riders off now at ten, six Owens a lot of the what time to weave around that, but everyone is the rule getting up now. And I think it's just a phase joins, get the bikes back moving drawn. Imperil was one of them. So he's hit some trouble on the pilot backup during not show who the other rider was. I know I said they will be finding the limit now is clarity's going down the exit five? Yes. And again, that entire middle section does appear to be a bit of apparel for lots of drivers who are really struggling to find the good. Now, as we come towards the end of the session, it might be a case of them trying to push the limits ins. Ultimately, these these going to cost them if they can't stay on the bikes. We've seen. Are already so many times source end of some sessions tones, five, six and seven. I've been bag goes on other oughta who is that? Any toughen four one much like the orange to me. Yes, Elliott Duffin has gone down in the middle of the circus while could do without that really Elliott often gets why with vans won the full full one slots back into the circuits and into the way of doing things not long left in this session, a checkered flags out Charlie nights bit with the one and a half. Second gap looks to be the man's the two thousand and sixteen champion star class. The sa- one of the support championships to British superbikes charleena's they speed, it's just phenomenal. Here's got one and a half seconds over with chimes at the moment. He was fifty and point new on this. Well, he's done the fifty. He's done. Non five today is in this afternoon, so charleena's bit. We'll be your post its stream two hundred dollars. Indeed. It was a bit of a domination from Nesbitt in this session. He these, the only driver ride and not just in the forty nine second bracket, but in the fifty second record as well with Richard Holmes Williams. The second place rider on a fifty one point nine, five third place for go to Brandon peril with Molson Glossop actually putting in a stunning lap to go forth. Thanks to a thanks, good second-session Mawson had of course a poor first session was down at the back the back qualifying however he will lineup fourth for the race, Elliott v Felix earn saith. Harvey Clarence will be seventh, Android. The top hates will be care. Armstrong, Charlie and has is you're not is gonna say, well, you said it call it domination in that qualifying session one enough seconds there. He had seven tenths all. Also didn't. He had half a second on today. I think we've got charleena's bit whitewash coming along hair lake to own in the rights charleena's bit looking to come back strong. A unfortunate engine seizure back at Wilton mill indeed, Kiko you. You don't want to because ING him though. I never caused any Rawda ask anyone in the product. Godhra. No. Here this weekend we should just I don't. If I'd raise basing from action, he is. We must congratulate signed up once more as a factory build bases Ukio either. So broadly rice, staying in British superbikes for another year. Hopefully that means we get see more of him next year and Nicole fibrous championship. Oh, see. The future of these writers Kiko is all is all very interesting. Lot of them being young riders wanting to move on and move forward into other classes Kufa and beyond Kufa. So where Where'd you see some of the ride, especially from this extreme two hundred class? Well, charleena's bays already in junior world championship, and you've got to look at what is like him, Josh. What Lee's gonna be going places. You know, the fact that Josh not only just missed out on the red bull rookies you know, he is one of Britain's top top young riders in the east still so young. So lots and lots of potential for likes of charred Nesbitt and Josh Watson. There's other riders in other championships banks and foster and Johnny garnish. I have not any questions. Those two are going to go on to be amazing. British future stars on the world scene already amazing bridge stars. On the domestic scene, we really are looking at in the next crop of the likes of cow crutch. Slow, Nevada, zoo, going to aspire to be like Calcutta. Like Jonathan ri- in world supermarkets. There is a lot of lot arrivers Danny Ken already set. The tone ready is a world champion back in mode. So three thousand fifteen Newton. Mossy Bradley ri- all of them have come through here has been a phenomenal proving ground really. I mean, you talk about Josh, what we should be pointed out that it wasn't quite the session. I imagine he was hoping for he qualifies down in twelve. This is most notable as he was unable to get out for the first qualifying session. So that will be his time for the race. That's a annoying for him, but expect Joshua to be setting off some fireworks. He will come through from there. Don't forget though. Of course you are listening to motor sport. Radio dot. Radio is the place all of the cool five content areas all live and exclusive eight rounds this year. Twenty seven races per round. There is no other coverage like it anywhere else in the world. You have to choose in live and listen to it, really. There is absolutely nowhere else you can find it. So live exclusive coverage across the world international audience. We reach thousands and thousands of people check it out on most sport, radio. Qualifying to for the mini Ephron sidecars heads out onto circuit already, troubles full. The number nine c. entry Stokes or light as left hand side, turn them before. They're trying to give it a push start in order to get it going again at a bit of issues in the first qualifying session this morning. One of the many psychos almost road I site might have a passenger is a few get onto the grass trying to overtake make Williams going. So I buy side with Simon Evison going into tens turned three left and then right Faye challenging parts of the course and it's no good going grass mowing which few of the wide is trying to do at the moment is such a tricky circuit so tight for these mini sidecars not quite as tight as the red lodge infield. They still give it a Gordon. Good. Go around this circuit, but they had out now that on their first flying. Lap yellow flags out. For the number ninety said, these won't be optimal lap times. For these, the moments we're going live on Facebook and FDU moment. Sign with visual coverage bowl this weekend. Make Williams one point, four seconds ahead of Mickley fifty eight point three as opposed to a fifty nine point seven intern is quarter a second fast track voices, which Davies and you name only familiar number than MC. Is the voice of the moments, a woman behind your quilters agent m sermon Evison some clothes. Also new name for this weekend. Just behind John husker in seven and eight NAS to see raw small back grow smoking, of course, was at Wilton mill loss time around what a great personality. Here's we should just say also on about right persons if you want to come up and chat to his the comedy box, if you do half a little venture over to with just under right star action, I we are. So that's right by the song finish strikes. So if you wanna come in chat with you, mayo, you may well do. So you all way more than. Did not lead to to Austin, come in bar Julian, hang up. So the following site at least say Hello to us in the folks over the course of the week kind if you need for any reason, tell us why. To say it will and CENA an interesting story to for the cause of the weekend. Anyway, as we continue on with this session McWilliams going fast that uncrossed process. Fifty seven point five to two is the fastest lap so far. Now be fish upon the series to the BS. This is cool fabric saying. Is bracing. Many pikes championship what facial Buckner series Bs being. Hello, good afternoon one time as whatever you all in the world. Thank you very much for joining us. This is the final round round eight of the two thousand eighteen coup fab racing, many bike championships. We've got three sets of races over the course of this weekend to determine the two thousand eighteen champions as a few classes have yet to be decided it's all to play for we may well have a championship decided today will let you know what's going on as and when I'm, we've got plenty of grain actions to come in just a few moments time qualifying all nice finish line. We're gonna get straight into the racist starting with the mini GP seventies the premier class head. The cool fab racing, British many by championships. Well, thank you very much for joining us on social media on most. Our radio and on the co Fabrizio websites my name alongside advocate, Charles. As I've, you have been indeed full. The full two thousand eighteen combine underneath as too many of the for joining is Jackson websites said, oh, motorsport radio. He'll be by providing his insightful information and statistics over the next few days with us to close out the final weekend of the two thousand eighteen pain. Well, what do you thinking who you looking forward to g think is going to be championed while let us know in the comments. Belie will get eating a few of your comments in vice show, pay you the time, but Kiko Giles starting with them in each EP fifties in just a few moments time, no case, go ahead. This weekend. Hey, sold all of his own race. I know Keiser. Goldman had this weekend, but then as another dynamic because everyone else can go many fight for fun, but this could set up some big battles thousand. Nineteen fifties. Dominates more or less everybody on bike idea show is to take it to some some occasions we see now Vardis come good as well. Keep an eye out today. There is going to be fireworks calls. I'm fairly show so many GP just one of a fantastic classes, Kona Jackson Yuping doing Lisa on all of the Kufa racing championships over the last few race, weekends, it's quite west hair attached. So when such a tight circes today's you want union annual onto us in qualifying it's been very challenging for the virus to die way around, and we've only had a few taking Tumblety. Indeed, I'll see tattoo show being a quite quite a slow circuit, especially throughout the middle section. It does a loss of riders out the the wool to this is just remained on the surface all day from the rain. The was hair in the morning. I think it has started to dry up now how ever the track is still incredibly slippery. And it's really not a lot of riders in qualifying and as men. They haven't had the laps. Or the good the good running that they have wanted coming into this rice while good running always difficult to come by, especially hair touch. Unlike Wilton mail where we were just five weekends ago. A lot of people did testing that you don't really get much time to run around, hey, so they many sidecars us all of the time they have in the second qualifying session of the day. This is the action. This is what we are enjoying. If you'll change in on social media, the full action for the Tashio circuits as everyone gets into position very for the first race of the weekend. Right? Right damp advice. Slippery has show circuits, greet says the warm at Columbia circuits, right? Bumpy. We may be in the Lincolnshire Fens, but it is by no means completely flats is quite a lot of. I wouldn't necessarily call it undulation, but there's a combat to a few of the pens. There's also some very tight corners as well. So committee out to being quite a difficult challenge for many of light is out there bustling, but a was Jack Coulter's. Here's a ninety. One 'have. I often in this position, John callsas the fastest in qualifying to for the mini f- onsite Qasem may well result imposition. Many of our sessions over the course of this afternoon have been the fastest of the day so far for those of you who are not sue familiar with co fabry's championships the there are two qualifying sessions and the the. Jehmu for your first time from easily sessions will set your grid. Okay, that's fine. If you don't get quick in Sasha one, you have an issue will he needs to fix, go, go quicker aimed session to trouble as everyone else can do the same thing as well. So really it's a different dynamic thing. The phrase you likes us key in two qualifying in it has to. Vita in a difficult position because they go to push no matter wall because it could change in a minute, whether it being difficult conditions this weekend. The last thing you wanna do is push over the limit crash, and we've seen a load of art is crushing old classes. It's not really been a standout cost where more has been crushed in turns five, six and seven. I'm sure we will become today down an corner about how how many ride is going down in not middle section. Eight, horrible is not to use the word naturally is just not fun. It's no falls back on it self. It's not really a apart Cirque which flows very stop star rod as well. What was that word use? Jury. So what a lot of people use to describe him on the guy circa. Really, I'm I never heard that word. So what I think that's of been made up a long time ago by on, but it has been used to describe that. Horrible kind of there is no flow to us. Okay. Well, the law firm until Kasakh it's the same problem. Well, that's a discussion different time for that. You can join Kiko Charles unless the full show every Thursday, more or less from eight pm books. The tests show circuits has plenty of action to come. Please leave your comments on social media can check out our lives James on the most sport radio pages, as well as on the cool fab racing pages. Let us know who your supporting, who you want to win. You wanna win championships or you don't maybe let us know what you what you thinking, what you doing about. We've got Katrina Munson signed. Good luck to the Munson Bana Brennan, Pell from Valentine's sake saying what I q two great job and Chloe Jones saying Goeman champion, number one, so great. Great emoji being used and pull pizza saying, hi, Hello to having you and thank you very much for joining us. You want us to come and join us for the rest of the weekend. But we will be guessing going with our first race off the weekend, three races, not just for this race weekend, this it. This is the end of the season feel quite sad about it to be honest. But we have the mini GP seventies many seventies coming up in just a few moments time. So thank you very much for joining us. This is round eight of the two thousand eighteen cofer pricing, British many bike championship. Well, Khanna Jackson, y'all. No stranger to karting seconds. You've been vice accessible incarcerating oppose such circuit one. You may have been a few times, sadly, not. Already gone, sadly, not all the circuits. I have rights over over my career. I, I never did come to to show at, however, looking at the second. It does look very reminiscent of no philosophy of an awful lot of the tight twisty circuits. I was so used used to in my younger days, this sort of second, the big advantage for lots of the riders will be coming into turn one after that long, sweeping, final corner. Lot of riders won't won't be pushing the limits coming that because it is still very wet and slippery. And I think that's going to be where the time is one on loss for an awful lot of them. As a result turn, one is going to be in my opinion, the the real, the real test for lot of them as they try to make up the positions on the good. However, in terms of overtaking, who's to say that the middle of the trunk, the tight twisty, turn four, five, six is not is not is not going to be as bad because it's it's a part of the circuit. Where Reid is gonna want to defend too much. It's a very tricky thing to do indeed and the mini GP seventies all about the previous wrong as they had outs onto the warm up lap full, the first race of the weekend. And as they get that crucial temperature into the breaks into the ties, there's plenty of action. Beheads Baillie Stewart's council will start on PO position or see PanAm line up alongside him on the front of the great Evan Belfort and James ROY are your second vote have Harrison Crosby? Oh, mala Ali Walker, Kerry pain, Taylor law and Alfie Davidson Browning out top five rows. That's is your top ten men to Sean able ahead of fence mounts suffer motley ahead of joy. All he hammers Thomas Gomez, rounding out the sixteen Strom grids, and it is slightly show. You cannot grid and he's kinda makes grits. Mix conditions, fuel the fight had of the final round of two thousand and eighteen who use opposing do? Do you want to support here? Use opposing, let us now on the social media on my radio and on the fab racing websites has he asked the riders will come out of the pit line. It was very interesting to see some of them, jostling, IVA positions of maybe trying the psychological mind guy in the stand. Well, they give it a go cost, a net bike racing. They do allow to policy on the formation laps, but this race as well ovation bay this we can start it where the green flag has no lights country. As they look towards term one. The final Veyron teeth eighteen gets underway. They blast away enter Taiwan. For the first time, it's very tight complex going into turmoil and they'll tip toe around but county make it through. Bailey's. Joe Camel gives it a good one mostly, but I'm trying to follow through losing one position just about holds onto third place. They are all going so gently through turns two and three full the first time out of twelve. They have touch what success when he made it through Kiko short combo lead in James rose in second place. Great stuff. Twenty I from fourth to second Ossete boundaries in third place. Evan bell for these false looks to me like it could well be Kyle painting faith. No, maybe someone as in fifth place anyway, but we'll come round. I believe it, I believe as close b. oh, Harverson. Cosby has come up interfaith by sent. So we will wait and see unconfirmed all of that across the line, but bathe Easter at Campbell. Now, that case, your Goldman is no in the premier class of striking for James is also found him ever belvin harassing his you correctly said, gonna die. Vice menacing, Joan able only woke of small Alfie Davidson, complete the top ten, but paid Easter Kambas Clarin off on, hey, might be clearing off. Russ, he going backwards down to full place, losing the position going into turn one. So Evan Belvedere run very well hair. The first round we came to a couple of months ago hair co, five well up to over on the coattails of James rose by turns full and five is very tricky. Oh, complex. Go through an Evan Belford ready. Taking comforts in this moment avoided down at the the first, the happens. This is actually turned. Number that's fence is down about three of them down and as right is just waiting to get back up and under way with this race continues for the time being, but yellow flags at least all the second bed. Vikes come out out. Red flags out code just started the third lap head for the first many GP seventy rice of the weekend, but it's Bailey. Jerked Campbell who was leading over the line foam. James rose Rossi panic counted as said over the line for the first time, of course, was taken just moments after coming the line into number one by Evan bell fit the rest of the failed that way around so tricky conditions and on the red flag here fully many teepee some taste on unison live coverage of round eight of the two thousand eighteen co Fabri sing British many championship this I Asia voter as they came over the line for the first time. Baillie. Stewart Khumbu led a head of James voice with Rossi Pondimin, Evan bell foot. They were fighting for third and fourth place housing during while aim fifth-place the moment, Evan Beaufort, great late, move going into turn. One move to hunt side. The inside line took the corner and took the position and Canada's got a setup quite fall back your mind. Miss Tuchel sake flats out, really good, ten fifteen seconds. As you say, Dan, the moves specially to the front of the field were were definitely the highlights that I live Banham notably in third, I believe Belford was actually ahead going through the final corner as the red flag was cold, and it was only down the finish, right? The Banham retook the position. I don't know whether that means he will keep the place on the restart or whether they'll the restarts on their original positions. So find out in a few moments. The grid we starts will be like. While sheets be a twelve lap rice and just to let go. Now in the meantime, then following this many seventy rice, we got the AC faulty pros will be out after them, then it will be followed by the pit on forty and motor teams bit earlier in the schedule. And we sometimes sate than we will have the junior Elsie faulty elites will head of the senior mini motos very good conditions for the senior mini motos. They do enjoy some wet and greasy conditions, and that will be covered in full light on the forty rookies will be then next, the mini GP fifties extremes you hundreds and the mini f on cycles that is your that fought today's races or cost. All of those live hair on social media owned the co fab writing pages and on motorsport dot radio. Thank you very much for joining us and don't forget, let us know in fines. Comment below, go and sign up. Motorsport towards this on new brand. Foam nights will media. We've got some fantastic awards to be giving us. We've got the eagles economic for you. Now you've got your young ride is the so you can nominate some of the fantastic co Fabregas you can know mate for breast young driver. The air is while best driver I'm wide year over the world. So you know, I suppose who might you be voting for in the best writer year key careless give us three names. Well, put him on the spotlight depends championship. You look actually look at GP's very hard to get. Well, it doesn't mess. It doesn't matter anybody from any category. If I was to go pro across all of the boats rices a, it'd be hard not to say Jonathan ri- fourth consecutive world superbike championship it some eight, something quite quite incredible. Ready Johnson has been. Celebrated enough. I, I don't think Jonathan ri- gets the PLO. He deserves in the British media, and you know, we allow people slag off in these made well see price, boring. It's not might multiplies for in the fight, but he's just dominate in world. Zeke price, cheese. Let's get does. He's good at what he does. So Jonathan, I, as far as volleyed with these young ride, the. It's hard not to say Thais. Oh, go the reason. He's not here this weekend because he's wrapped up seven rounds. The guy who jumped ship all the championships. He's being end. He's won three races, the sped, something quite incredible. Well, a nations in to the motorsport awards, some fantastic time and fantastic. It's at the moment in the stage where you can just put any of the name somebody. It's not just all those normal people. You know, we don't just vote for those kind of things. You got special awards for best. Marsha, the, we've got spam. Maybe spend organize the let us know who you think has gone up of and beyond full. I championship series or their or their particular circuits over the year, how they give an effort. They were also given lots of different stuff for maybe media campaign as marketing campaign. If he really enjoyed an advert, maybe or something a team of on done, you know, you can vote for that best new team of the year. If you look across everywhere else, you know. Can can them that's also awards as best also machineries best race by best vote-buying same for same for the car side of the year. When. Legible, as we have to our way part of the of the mice won't media group. They raise awards as well for best journalist, one that's fine, much unsung in motorsport for maybe someone he's found a particularly interesting story, very, got you engaged in some way, let us know head over to the sport awards, go and register, and putting on Asians down. We'll have the things coming up in or have full information coming up in the late stages of the streets. Be on December the ninth. So put outs, make sure your science in for home. In funny competes, I will have some fun tastic coverage for you then, but head over to the my support awards for that. The mini GP seventies beheading outs own society in just a few moments time, and it looks to be a full grid restart here. Maroon knights of the two thousand eighteen coup fab racing. Push many by championship is the official series to be the official is to be and Kiko Giles on the vote to most GP on motor GPA. Of course, my GP this weekend, Dan new destination for them. I call it the destination of speed, and it's the Tiger Balm from berry Cirque in Thailand. So all of these hours that we see out today and that we talk about, we have the pleasure to talk about, wants to be going and traveling the world doing what I love while in the very best, my cycles and winning the hardest racism show of. And as I make that way on, say the credit game, the mini g. GP seventies will line up as follows it Baillie Stewart, Campbell starting on pope -sition ahead of Rossi PanAm may say on all, I teams on social media, the rain starting to come down again. This cannot something extra with ever Belford and James rose on votes have housing close, be and Mana. Got only walk and Kyle pain on of I full ahead of Taylor loans and out Davidson than it showing Aibo fin smiles suffer mortally Fabrica Holly hammers and Thomas Gomez. That's as how your sixteen grid Juta lineup, white sea where I've gone pose up to heading to the grid. Now, pre rice nerves all building. I'll see. Allies will be at Rossi. Bandini had quote a poll the stunt this race drop down to fourth temporarily, and so be good. See if he can actually get back onto now with postitive babies to Campbell and really take the fight the lamp and maybe even take the lead while could give it the lead in a few moments time. I've spilled the nerves really, really high thing. Now, the marshalls move away from the sides of the grids. We don't start with light. Nights, we start with a flag. The green flag goes up. Eight goes down here at tach his own into time one for the first time out of twelve. Second time, lucky everyone still very tentatively making their way around her mom for the first. I'm Evan Belford made a great style up to second place ov- Eddie fighting Baillie. Stewart, Campbell enter turns two and three for the race lead James rose into third-place Rossi panic and struggling sa- getaways on initial traction which he couldn't really use to good effect into full place being challenged by place, but the top three making a break for it all the inside into fuller harassing Crosby. Now, ahead of e Panama's e PanAm losers another position and Paul. I there for Paul Rossy it's not so much a problem for always leaders, Bailey Campbell just hounding on from Evan bell. For this way left her might turns eight, nine by short Kumba lead in a gun, but Evan bell for this time he's giving him headaches, so they're gonna come through this phone call. A long, long, long right hand, the building all the way through then down the front alone, Evan velvet Chani, policy's gonna look into pike tonight. Willie soft rather thing. Vile Titcombe quite get it done it daily. Strict Kumble tries to sweep across in just makes it works by any stretch Campbell leading from Evan Belva. Then in third by James Harrison, Cosby info, faith as row seat, Benham, terrible, stop. Second on the grid, shown able down to only wall having a good riding seventh Alfie David's entitled, Irene MandA all your top ten, but the leading three, it's leading trio out front. It's a six way. Very strict combo. Evan belt and James rose with twelve laps tick. While we are coming on that, say, routes of twelve great stuff from Bain Easter at Campbell on Evan bell fit, although Evan Belford looking one way. And then the other note point confidence enough to make a move for the vice late. This is allowing joins rose to stay in touch, not necessarily right on the bike butts, giving it a go down on the exit of turn eight on mothers after. Onside marshalls going over. Is is gone. James thoughts, giant rose. If I never. Is dead to third vice Harrison. Crosby has gone into place now he's gonna be chasing down the leading GIO as it is now very shirt. Campbell lead in Evan Balfour Beatty Fosse's slap off the rights lost amount, but even still very much looking on the inside down at ten, five, Joan, wanna, try to the sometimes. If you try and get positive early, you inherit some difficult conditions out on you all the first encounter them. You just want to settle down for a little while saver physicians, good impounds weather, I know having all, but of from having about for that Ray rent, steps out is exactly what you mean. You do not want to be out on the circuit. Just follow the Rodham in front of you until you feel comfortable. They strikes his long. It cannot be one in six laps vase rice, and they need to Campbell has really perfected that to drive out of that final Ted. He pays to have so much more traction than Evan bell from the time they do reach that. I. Boulder fell foods is nowhere near being compete. He does, however, pulled back towards the slowest sections and us both of them now go through Ted three, even saw to see Belford again PO the gap back Evan bell for trying very hard to get passed by shirt combo. But at the moment not able to do so he's much quickest. So twisty bit. Somebody destroyed camel having Belford just taking his time size nap whereby Chamblee strong and weak that down into seventy whereby this why haven't Belford at that moment loss much about smoother on the exit, but that actually cost him some time. I third Rossi Banham fourth cost who should not forget down the field. I mean, the one issued both leaders gun have coming up as traffic. They are coaching, Thomas Gomez who, unfortunately did stool starts as results. He did start off a lot behind everyone else and has starts to fool back. But as it looks, I think Thomas has just moved out of the way, but I think that's just hinted. Belted ever-so-slightly in his attack on the leader. I'm well about it. Still picturing Russell with Campbell to race, lead as separates just nine tenths of a second over the line that last time housing Crosby remained in third, twelve seconds behind now. Thirteen seconds behind. I am not making ladies and gentlemen, but Russi ban him in fourth place at the moment. Alva- Davidson in fifth of Taylor Lawrence and only Walker Melman Sean, able making progress ahead of south worldly, which I found Thomas Gary mass and James rose. Your thirteen one is so far the two vice Lee this slightly extending out. I mean, what should be noted with Crosby in the place is that he's taking in fact place. Bonham is the one that appearing to hold up the charging Davidson. She now up into fit, but it's really just the pace of the front to Belford and lead us Jewett Campbell who are really just breaking away from the field. Well, that the only into the the minute, everyone else's a woman at one, whereas. These eighty three time, we'll fosters loss up fifty. Seven point nine, five full is not one point. Nine seconds ahead of Evan Belford doing fifty eight point nine eight, two housing foresees best lap and faucets lost. One woman won't please zero eight three. That's a good few seconds quicker. Not really just how as extending between your latest though by should come starts. It's clear of Evan bell for short Campbell's. Prior s in these difficult wet conditions. Oversea overpowering Evan belt for eight laps to go to as not over just j. never will until a check of flack, but that the moment ensure Campbell's healthy lady. One point, nine secs down on exit. We're not show as the by because that gone more or less onto the other side of the circus that we need to retrieve that Marshall's running frantically to get show who not as but the writer is up on. Okay, striking his. I very happy with straight combo. Out of one point, nine eight point and not look on tight along having to go see him. Did he get him on the on, going as vita down on the finish line of gone down the bike, sign like he was Cussing out, going towards the finish line, just signing the Geico to win something because it just just dropped signed, just drops and then fight just come out from under him in phones in Italy and has more news as well. Betsy Banham up into third place. Now was fighting wars, fighting in with Harrison. Crosby Harrison was our heads got past going into one now repast in stern swim force where as change for that, that place Masha to the incidence at the finish line and the vice leader site. Making pasta on a ten number one, but I sure at Campbell with a seven second advantage over haven't at Beatty straight Campbell as absolute clearing off here. He is. Chefs, incredible invites. I've Belford. Flags, white jealous. Always dot may be what Louis yet. I think you're right that Dan sophomore has gone down, dies a disaster by shirt. We'll just go shakes the SARS we come. So the gap will extend now. We don't pay somewhere on the Cates as a title oven. So Tyler, Lawrence, number ten. On the green, I gray machine that is ruining supposing him as he wants in the fight for the podium was in fifth place. Yeah, was he was absolutely off in sharp end. The things Ceylon enter the season, the foot stuck in a way that want to be doing that tighter. Don't want to go outside and yourself out of that. Oh, everyone just stays very Matic rice. They everyone at the front keeping older at the moment by short Campbell ahead of Mel by huge distance bull team point, three seconds. I cannot help, but think Evan Belford my stomach problem. They gunned down Evan belted his going down at ten, two and three. My goodness me the race lead it going into come on by. Yeah, he lost the front wheel driving in so you the Kona am not means he's gonna lose device, late, Evan Belford through turn three virus outside. He's taken the race late. My goodness misfortune at the worst possible moment from over fifteen seconds was the gap also got a vital stop to turn them on, but rarely change this rice, very shirt combo out of the lead with four and a half laps left to ever about, well, let's share Campbell is back up and running, but he will not win this rice. Now, Evan Belford as leading this rice, he had a fourteen and a half second gap up, Tobias, short Campbell LA non half second gap to go back to Harrison Cosby Harrison coast people's fall point, four seconds quicker on the lost circulation. So Evan vote for these done on home and dry. Just he's got to maintain the price, Evan, Evan about one minute. Spring point buffalo. Harassing, you point nightside Belfour responding March laid. It got down to nine point two now and we have one rider who is going slow in the coming through turn while now I count quite see who it is from what is calling saffron on that bike does not look healthy. It didn't sound health becoming across the starts finish line. Une- will now pull into the pits sad now for Wortley who really was on for what would have been a top ten finish outs of the rice on. I suffer. Montly has retard her bike. So on her ever belt for as leading still he's coming. So turn eight eighty two turned nine, Lincoln background down toward turn ten fast, Gabby right hand at the end of this lap and they come across the line when they come across on it. We three laps the haven't Belford has come across the line now and we all white. They got what it was. Nine point, Harrison Cosby. How are you behind this. Seems a lot less cross. The line was always gnawing point three's going. Goes charge over or Evan Belfort's made rice fade or whatever problem we had is over very destroyed. Kumble nothing. This is not in the right to the podium Rossi him into the Banham has really taken advantage of this from Dr Who painted struggled in the first couple minutes. The race has finally come alive. These appears to even if so narrowly be closing down. Well, if you hold on you can sometimes get yourself a good position. Three misfortune for other vied is not as what's happening at the moment for us. He PanAm on coast touch woods. We must say, full place at the moment. Evan Belford lead this rice. Nine point, three seconds. Bailey's to Campbell is facing extremely closely with a virus going pasta. Forty, eight of only walk have been scrapping a few times over the season. And now with two laps after go, Evan bell, I'm fifty. Two is doing. Extremely wow, nine point. Full seconds. Got ebbing out what only attend, but we'll see him is also starting trying to close up in place in a moment as yellow flag down at Turnham. Ah three. That's why it is left hand side marshals just pushing the bike back right up walking back to the paddock to know inch by inch by a lap and a half to go. Evan Belford not loan than said he could see the Czech at flying guarantee somewhere exponentially, dryer. All this we kind and really holding on is going to be the key objective for this next lap and a half. He just a lap and a half to go of this opening rice one rice done nearly twenty six this weekend to go is going to reaction compact reset that rod to the top of the program come into the phone call and Evan Belford. He's looking win again here in two thousand eighteen. He might not be able to get the championship, but on they spun on lap having Belford as looking for Reich's win one of ISIS bid run. Another slid off at ten to three on a transition going right. Right. Up until looking to the marshalls might even the hand save. Not quite sure that a thing about to restart this, right? So we join this anyway, that pasta by vice later. Evan bell fit woman at two point. Eight was the loudest rarely slowing down. Doesn't need to push hunt that is fifty. Eight point two, two, eight, the fastest lap full, Evan Belford the racist, the fosters not over the vice that goes away Bailey Campbell. Eight, but just three Chona's left until the end of the and to say the check at flank ever Belford cruising home. Walter writes this body didn't think when he was fifteen seconds back that he would be winning nice. But Bindi tumbles ever. Turn three has Evan belt foot will kick start the final round of fibrous nineteen. The way goodstuff Evan bell for Tykes the win second-place should be harassing, Crosby bother ninety. Eras. He comes straight nice and cleanly privacy, Cosby will be second. He stands up and salute Chevy on with that much deserve an insert plice Rossi. Ueli he's over the line started. Second unfold back up to third. I haven't had a difficult star where just waiting on destroyed Campbell to come. He should be the next rider throat. Yes, c. as in full place all Walker days in faith, Sean, I should be six, but an eventful right at the front, Evan Belford inheriting the lead, a never losing a rice win. Full belts, took us to attempt spouts fast race off the weekend. Many GP seventies proved to be yes. Another example of why this is co fan bracing premier category, the race start. It was challenging between Campbell. I'm Evan bell fit. They both gave it a great fines heading into the infield full. The first time late moves being made a few riders. It all goes, I bet sites at times, but two times on the first, but he starts fades to Campbell. And Evan bow, advising extremely closely going into these corners side by side and find for housing crossbeam mossy Banham 'have very, did not don't say forget about that rice. The mid polish rights, China Jing bite Easter at Campbell just drove away and well, fifteen seconds nanny walls. The gap between the power them babies combo. I'm Evan Belford, and then it was the mistake Bailey Stewart combo off fulling on his front wheel into turn three date rejoin the race for by that point, I haven't Belford had more than truly runoff on at one by very comfortable margin of well over at ten seconds, not it's just one vice in cracks in fights. A few problems for is on the finish line. The engine just seizing pitiful poem that for them, but they continue just about in this race go by to the pilot. So all will be well not covers. Just the first race of the weekend, many cheap EMT's rice won- vow nights of the two thousand eighteen cool fat racing British many championships will thank you very much full. Joining us on motorsport. Don't radio on the co. Fabrizi websites, ano- social media. Please leave all your comments below. Let us know what you thought of action pipes rice. The first race of the weekend. Forget three to reading a few. Your comments in just a few moments spurts. The icy foresee pros out onto second now and Kana. Well, the first race of the weekend that was Kana, but he was great swan to get us away. Indeed should be noted is six of the Ryan does actually finished on the lead lap of the who team assaulted the rice. So it'd be interesting to see just how much this is a race of experience and a race of resilience for most of the riders hoping to stay on the bike very well, said Kana Jackson. And the icy faulty price had outs on to say hit now they will line up as follows Mason foster Sullivan Mounsey on the front line of the great greats have Sullivan housi- moving up to the Sony more powerful this weekend rallies in the faulty rookies Johnny s and Clayton Edmonds is on the second. I of the grits. Rony hammers and Luca Hopkins on by three head of Ethan swap power, some McKay Troy, Jeffrey and Jamie woodcock trader how Taylor Stewart, Campbell, Gregg, Marshall, Kitaen pain, and Jacob. Stevenson. That's Asia top, fifteen value of ID's in this rice and well, the whole season as she always say, Kika Giles's. We always say it is being the bus between Sullivan Mounsey choice, Jeffrey for surplus because it's been Johnny, gone us a Mason foster Vada. Your Basso for the championship and well is not quite been decided, but it's fine. Points in its and a win would be enough if I was to win Johnny. Garner's was to be second Mason foster woodwind championship in this very rice. But it's nine laps until we can think about much of that will cover that in the vice as it happens. But the marshalls move away from the size of the grades. The green flag goes up. It's held. It goes down. Again. A few ride is trying to go forward a bit quicker than I need to, but as races on no way entertainment for the first time Mason foster guess a very good stop. Sullivan Mounsey challenging in sci-fi side going into turns will turn three for the first time. Look who's late in h Johnny gone ice, Johnny Gunn is we said, it will look too tight, delayed farm third on the great any has done. Absolutely. He needs to absolute. I ain't as debate medicine foster to get this championship alive. Dodgy wet circuit hair, touch show. Johnny gone leads. They strike some Sullivan mounds, third bites, mice and fall. Foster full place. We have Klay tonight Ronnie Harris, but big news for the championship. Johnny goddess has got the jump on his biggest arrival while he definitely won't size five points himself today, it's going to be a challenge if he starts over who might posters, total point score. But if you can delay it at least for a couple of ICES. But one event job done in it's ready, probably well, but some of late then while in Johnny Ghana's second ahead of Mason foster, they charge protagonist amounts tastic in nice weather. I'm really nice house to the by the rain starts to come down heavier. Now, the wind picking up its DACA on Johnny Gonesse. He's using every single move in book to try and defend for Mason foster nine ops in this race. This is not to out to nine as a fab lick of this rights to go. But so far the pace being set by Sullivan Mounsey, Johnny Gonesse and Mason foster college actually know how to second that. Indeed, the. Top three are really breaking away. Now, Mounsey has just picked up a slice of onstage. I think that's the move for second place now false to making the move down the inside of the back straight on taking it into Ted seven. He's coming back now at. I don't think that's gone. S con respond? That is the place the Feis. Joanie Don is now vice foster if the flag was the guy out. Now take four points outs of Johnny gone. Now that would make the gap fifty points as far as I'm aware that would not win him the chump hip based on countback road with after might be one point lay in the net Bryce or bike fifty one hours. He's looking trying get on sullen. Manzi varieties lashing down here in Charlotte, Radi is starting to come down. That's makes it very, very difficult. Really fold of jarring negotiate, Johnny, Johnny STA arrived at down who as that was not agent sparks, I think it was eaten spouse. He's just gone down that was out of seven spice sparks gets back out and goes again out front Sullivan Manley just ahead of Mason foster John John. This is well, Trudy jobs off the back at the moment, but Mason cost about this jumps ship install alongside some amount as Raymond gets. Bye bye. Ta and Montigny made a bright tha that tastic late move Mason foster Reuters, bright side DOI's up the insights. So confident. It's really fantastic to say a now over breaking the gap making a couple of bike links, aheads son of a mouse eight. The wet weather specialized is able to respond to. She's Johnson's here the mood, but into second place. Third place, Johnny holding off very lonely, but starting to be closed in my Clayton Edmonds Wani have is being challenged by Luca Hopkins. Last us for fifth lights on one of the closest and the moment as well. I mean the issue for Joni gunnison. The minute is just falling back from that Lee to I said at the start of the front, three had taken advantage, but I think the rain has really played into Gonesse issues. Now he's starts by instant midfield as we do have another rider all out quite televised. Is it the minute while we're not sure. At the moment, the marshalls stunning up about getting on the bike mushroom. Just trying to restart that by the yellow flags into turns two and three mice. Foster with the faucets fifty point nine five, two front tacitly over a second cricket, Sullivan Mounsey fosters crucially one point one, seven one now ahead of Sullivan Mounsey the gap building now on three outs all nine, six to go. Johnny, Johnny stirring lapping a fifty eight six. Now that was nine cents slower than Clayton Edmonds lost on rounds flights. Veterans as catching Johnny gone is hair as a ashamed for Johnny garner was laid in this jump ship rights up until that broken collarbone round five. Second off, they sings not going away needed today. Johny gone. It's under massive pressure from clients that missed coming through the last two. Now, thanks posting Sada. I think he's going to be able to get past Johnny, Johnny. Just yet at turn one John, his holds on that Mason foster as your right, say Sullivan mounds loss on around four tenths of a second slower. So nice fosters pulling up the rain as properly coming down. Now he's gonna fail with everyone out some circuit. It's really going to start closing out. Once again is to rediscover the grip that wasn't even that this morning it was west, but not too with terrifically side in this morning's qualifying sessions, much more challenging. Now you have to counter the mistake. License Admiral is really trying to give it a go, but Johnny Gonesse catching on nisei through turn six, seven laughed. And then y turn I'ts two hundred eight and nine nine a final cone as type. Kayce Amazon's gonna seven getting these extreme out to the final corner over the line, making that way over the line. Now it's going to try and give it a guy. Is it gonna be out the inside, not quite s- making the insides denied the position of thing. He did actually arrive at down on the Fossati of the cost season sparks again on thinking out all eight price. Each's FOX has gone by mouse with go and run to help him bowl, lapsed ago, mice and foster yet. Again, still in the lead foam, sullen, man's gap as hovering night bugs are doing more or less exactly the same times. Well, visually some of man's looks like he's not several white and safe. I should say despite recent down. Incredibly clean race from alone rises just cussed, Jonah's, gone, Clayton, Edmonds, what you believe it. I'm so sorry, Kika job. He has lost two positions and I don't think he's going to be very happy about tools. I said months ago to Kiko, Charles, but Kona Jackson welcomes of comedy that is your. I count tight. You. Roll. My suggest it is not your last either, but Mason foster is now plugging every single thing. He kinda into his as to ignore what we're saying. Storming off the lay to the tuna one point six seconds now, ahead of solid amounts, Johnny Gonesse, Luca Hawkins. Third and fourth with Ronnie hammers aren't Clinton Edmonds. Now getting involved for four fifth on sake Mounsey as I thought as catching mice got traffic to come in as another either down don't show who are as by Kony's again, but mice foster gets through traffic. Southern Mounsey is not giving up heya, Johnny. John is now on the Sipho. Now fights has colon. Has. Poland back down Yoda but makes Fuster Sean, get the traffic Sullivan man's across line. They start around the gap Jolie have gone up yesterday though. It hasn't come down by two seconds. Sullivan marriage with two laps to go down. One has gone, hey, sides rights on Mason, foster mice of get past traffic now seeking spots. So Mason foster, maybe not scaring the champion in class. At the my Mason Fausto taste. It's that third race. He doesn't need to take. He's now on the inside of eight dispersed mar good, this lake, that was very, very dull. Gene date, sullen Mounsey now has the joy of being stuck behind the traffic, but mice and foster my all ally. It's been, oh, it's been such a tight run at the front now, and I feel really bad for sponsors. These just unable to get out of the way off the leaders Maziarz results fullback a bike line from Mason foster, and that won't be good for him. One guy to watch. One guy watch out full though is played at Ebbets backup to full off his offer. He's made it back. Paul Snooka Hopkin van Ronnie Harris, and I would be surprised if he chases back-off to Johnny Gunn a guy ago he's running out today. Your lead is author turned to more traffic for them to get some foster has your fluids. All has got FU on these walmarts. Southern man's got two of them to get very, very, very close Solomon's. These got past combat traffic on Mike Foster's got past the other. So I think mice Fuster now, shoot, bait home and dry has been any credible Cezanne rarely the ROY between himself and Johnny is. Has just been a pleasure to watch. So the Farnell few cone is now it's a double ended. Colder ends as rice INC Circe down to the phone or corner unless there is an era which of course that don't Mason foster a Joe AC forty five champion at performance from him, son Mounsey, tight. Second, Johnny, gone valiant. Third, full him plates. Edmund sets the fastest lap authorize on the last lap on on on the Fano from it laugh. So Edmund for despite that, I accident faithfully can Johnny Harris, six Choi, Jeffrey. Seventh Harrison McKay is Jada how nine Tyler Stewart. Campbell completes the top ten, but you're champion. But this year in the AC faulty Mason foster now has a non- asylum laid Macy's all apart and glory come Sunday. Congratulations to Eighty-eight ride Mason. Foster the two thousand eighteen Kufra racing British many by championship AC forty pro champion. A great fights with Jani Ghana's throughout two thousand and eighteen. And while it came down to the final round of the championship and full, she Johnny gone is missing as meeting, but patriots Trump chip. Close fights roles. Yeah, and there was a close fights in this race Mason foster fighting Sullivan. Mounsey Sullivan Mounsey initially getting the vice lead a life, icing with Mason foster quite closely as well and well, nine Khanna giant gets involved. One to goes down. We'll have highlights of that particular piece and a few moments time, but Mason foster doing very well. So to sell amount, he really loves the wet weather, had a light race versions couldn't quite get it through to the end. Joni Gonesse third-place is extremely respectable. But the pit bygone foresee an Moto team. I is about to head out to the circuits. You're listening to live coverage of round eight of the two thousand eighteen coup Fabra seeing British many by championships. AC full see. Pros happen decided the pit by going full see on Motai team is Mike that y own kits. It's wets the sun sauces come out. Now on the icy folks out of Vania rain cloud. This is going to be more difficult with a large amount of toke Abol. These machines Kiko joyous. It's going to be an interesting grid. Kalomo eyebrow is your power, man. He's a head of hobby. Claridge Sam, Klaus stud, shown Whitaker, false failings on in fifth, Jamie king complete, not the dry in six, Scott dukes and seven flake Ansari's Henry juice as non feisty. Connect- completes top ten. Eleven Simon clouds has a chance to be champion this weekend in this class, twelve Jason Pugh. Thirteenth is item Sweeney and faulty. Alice to connect the final as nail connect- on you name for co, five this year. Sonal Glover that in sixty so lines up at the pack off the grit, the number thirty full machine is at the bike off the field, but it will be kinda my brow and Harvey Claridge lining up on the front of the grits. Some clouds show my ticket. They are lining up just a bit on them and in eighth by Sasha leading Moto team right at Vosa got set Simon clouds and uncharacteristic. Eleventh place furthered on the older Ben Simon would like, but the have spilled the green flag Bank pads. I looked old time on the clutch on that biting point, the racist it's on, they got underway won't say, I ain't at this the first rights for the pit bike one fourth year, multi teams enter time won't for the first time. It can get a bit tight hair. There's a pain accounts between caught a few one. It looks like iron cleven full, surely ten and get away from the line stowed on is the marshalls going over to how the rest of them get away. Callum Wybrow making a decent star second-place. Harvey Claridge also that the moments everyone else dressed finding out after a little bit contacts at term wanna go too tight for words that geek, I suppose you conjure them up. Try and get it in a vita. He loses a front wheel going into turn them five. They vied happen. They get underway again, but that's the danger, these slowest speeds as much coda coda temperatures. Tyres I'm breaks just on in the white place and he just state off its own is like racing on ice specially tons, five, six, seven out front. Harvey clarity's lading Kalomo about is that second pile right Raj from him into third by show which informed. Like from lunch Assad by Szott action. Now, despite price connect- just can't pass by Simon clouds and Simon guy. The job done. I saw clouds moving into tenth place then but out front as between Abu fire, which column Auber who is it gonna be from those. And making way through foreign fi. Once again, this is I Trow lot Bryce completed lot one on two at the moment the to this retrain Harvey Claridge Ankawa grou-. They are ready closer with three cents coming over the line a little bit longer, maybe five times into turn nine for the second time, but one, three, three getting involved way the can Simon clouds fighting with the Connecticut's in moso team as we have had throughout the entire two thousand eighteen. So we're gonna change in these three graces havi cars with the fos- slot. One point shea seconds ahead of countywide route fifty three point seven, six, six Claridge is something superb and not middle sector where all gets a tie twisty of daughter site. He h absolutely fried that Middlesex to Callum Wybrow is able to hold onto a through the fast, sweeping corners, openness, lap Harvick, Claridge rare. Has got the middle section. So at at the gap is one point, two seconds at the moment. One point, six seconds is not. Oh, I'll tell you one writer who has really made advantage in the last couple upsets Phoenix, Hon. I think he was the driver that went off on the I land down. It's ten, five. And as a result, he's really sway back at the field now up to pay nine. I think he's on his own role, kinetic great ride of that. And while making much progresses that's fantastic straps throughout twenty eight gang. That star it faced pushed back at the exit onto the grass. He's now back out into eighth place is going to Jake supply. It's on. I only clever the laps just in the way of how Claridge down. So all it's a difficult turn five, I o breath every time they come today ready to the host shoes section now turned six, turn seven as next on. That's as way Harvey Claridge gets on that power little bit earlier ahead. All Calamo browse, come through. So. I have you on just sending down Simon clowns vary. Down on someone not as nine spikes Jason Jason down. So now Simon clouds inherits. Another physician on his white ready to become in the lentil team. Championing contrary choice been insert one hand on ahead of tomorrow. The closer gonna put down the walls leading that motor team loss here was laid in. Exactly. I don't think he's in Nevada for the temp Jason p I think he mathematically day, but about non show how how realistically come out front. It's all at hobby cars Kalomo very nice rice while that front Sassa Kanai. Kanai sway Sipho some cows. I, you mentioned that the key like fifty e could be on John chance for the championship our, they need how what he did that should he do that as we've got WalMart getting down on the accident, Turnham of foam must have got a light, a wheel spend, and like just get my comes to the when I just starts into the central BS other saying, miss Jarl's, how would Sam Ashi complete the temps unanswered down down. Crash coming out to the final Kona, a mills. Jamie, thank going down as well site without a full as over these last couple conus is WalMart econ into gay coming over the line just trending down to turn one one, vita. Actually, the final Kona as yellow flight going out because of the Yanai flags and Marsh, just going out of town, have a wedge with them trying to get the pike, restarted count point, see plus gang on the trying to make the by gone down storage costs your hobby. Claridge out sakes hobby. Claridge. It's gone down out again at ten, seven, Harvey, Scott big issues and not has put who is in the late is some clouds in late show up. Some clouds is heeded some clouds as hey, lead in this race. We are going to tell you when they come toys is eliminated. If he's incredible, cannot believe all as in the lead Sam clauses later while he's not want. In this class, Sam clouds leads, Blake, I'm so by fall point, seven seconds shown which ace third hobby Claridge as false who went out off the lead eight was must Calamar Brown. Had they trash side kinda my had eight dissolve stayahead chasing Claridge an how Claridge while I cannot believe it. Well, that was one thing. I did want to ask you and I think it can't get into it. Ted, how win the time in Siam cloud Simon sizing, Motzer teach spikes. Just go Kate win in night, not cost because the will hire with these in this rice. We've got Marshall, stood on the inside such Chani get. That's Callum. Wybrow Jonah salvage Kalomo eyebrow knife done. A great job of that. Harvey Claridge's down again now turned five government declaratory haven't absolute marrow out that don't have any good time today on Clough's. He's winning in the baby will faulty rights, and I can tell you saw him in clouds. His vice. That will be a huge party tonight if they manage spoil for win in respect to classes as a question Viki count, I'm showing ninety Unst today's when was the last time that someone in the PB will full teas and Simon went in the most teams has enough initiate Qassam class as one in the PB voiced issues. So we must be at least. So we'll have to do research overnight. Now, son about a trick back, but Sam clouds, oh, place, key calling. All things turned seven. Now just gingerly top thought. We gave very excited to the counter. We still sick slapstick together, locking up sex lapse. I mean, the one Dr one to keep an eye on Phoenix, HUD guess where he is fifth place working his way back up through his mishap back. Larry started indeed on. It's really the full of momentum from now of courage is really struggling, not bike, then it could be case getting on the podium. We'll have to see how can get, especially on the chase up to showed witty. Who now runs. Third, we've got fakes hard is off again off again. You've done it again, done it again. Boy. Jack cloud. I've been replaced for the rating Ray because I understand cannot stomach anymore comments. I, it goes on be off. But Mike, God is funny new on believable fading. He's the one with the glossies made his all. I'm saying when you save in the product, failing were files, lateness rice, Blake. And so a second shown which hotel you brilliance on that pile. We Claridge false Simon clouds. Having started languishing eleventh place on the great on was saw him as he wants. Stamped into vice Jamie king down the road, these six, massive lunch down tons three. That was to me. Offs, all Jason few updates. I should say all they. Chopping and changing down the failed. I've got a side as Mike knish rice, absolutely spectacular. Jason, Jason, q. involved in Jamie king. Just ahead of that sick Leist at the moment and Jamie well has been having an interesting. Yeah, I've been very forcing harder than I have a before, but just getting involved in some scripts a little bit lower down the order, some clouds, full ups, the guy eight points, one eight one seconds ahead of Blake and so fifty, six points his highs, Vic, six one the last such as to show Whitaker very lonely and the place at the moment. Harvey Clarence you fourth ahead of Simon Claus. So two thousand five in a long time, either Jamie king phrase connects spot as of on a second. The ten nail can add an eleventh ahead about him Sweeney. Then as Phoenix head of iron brother and having juice kind of my sixteenth out of this rice. Some clouds lead and still just told him I breath as we look tolls taunted having a great rice is Sam plows Erade. He's just coming down into turn. Five, Sudan neatly doesn't need to change much knowing as much as I don't wise up. That's why I a lot was in some of the other audits you've been out funding this right up. The experiences been here before we've got rides down as always fate. Excited again. Oh, I think it is really hard. You might as well just how 'bout because I think he is. Wants to his to countywide rather going to have a bit of a channel policing along rise. If your ties cowed, I grip eight nine my yard. It's got grip on this Circe other ones law in not as just exactly war. Really. Phoenix dominates on for Phoenix went down to not backup faith and back into the title. I'm still your leader odd chasing down though. It's Blake Ansel, sadly, I think it is a bit too late for the number twenty, but he has a juice got now down to five seconds at had been almost ten seconds earlier, incredible to see the progress that he has made haven't seen too much about Selassie on the track. So it's quite an anonymous strive. They hit as far as I could tell. But. Often the age of turn number three. Oh, please tell the snow is not. You haven't gotten wrong though. I don't like, and so I'm not quite sure. One, eight, three. As got going down at six as well losing going in. Is that a. Marriage again again. I'm not sure someone with fluorescent orange oil so mold and like the ace, but we are on the last lap now and while Sam clouds coming down into turn five hair just to keep it Ning and Todd done anything selling, please through six. Just tap it in the power gently down into turn seven. He'll get on the left inside riots yet to the circuit. I wanna get going on those white lines. So some clouds is going to you something. He hasn't done all say's these the final right Tanda. Now he will come third Sam Clough's. He's going to win the opening one hundred thirteen rights af Sam Klaus tixx trae he's died as I just coverage time come to my teams when we get to them like I'm so as that in second by shown wits expected to become. The line full. We are expecting Harvey Claritin, then we've just got to take you through for the Motamed my hobby. Coverages comes into final Conan. Now he as engine fault. Yes. So Harvey Irish throws away rice win tons of rice when and Simon clouds there in fifth fights coming up all ton. Number nine. Now coming through shop down to turn tiny. I think it can have as he celebrating ready, but does he know sons one, this while clouds Dabo we've not say not old yet. Look happy is he will take back the lead off the championship. The moats of team championship is back on track fall, Simon class, but you talked ten Sam clouds, the payback on faulty, win ahead of play council, shown wits water Poggioli not as full spice for Harvey Claridge faith vice for saw clouds six pice Jani king Scott Deutz, and he's seven, Jason q eight, nine spice. The phrase it can add Annalisa connect- in ten Adam Sweeney nail connect- Iona Glover Felix Hon. Henry matsch's and Kalomo row as you sixteen, I must say the foreign three not finish in Phoenix. Henry's cali- poll. Dan afs quarterback hot is package full. The I pit bike on foresee a Mozart team, rice of the weekend started out which you believe Callum Wybrow and the fight between Harvey Clarence day finding full of ice late. Then I count Wybrow drop sounds off the vice leads. Then sodas. Harvey Clarence stay fourth row away. Fake crash in the Callum live. I've got up moved away to the other side of the sec and other bake full full might see when he got up, I'm fine. But then some clouds decided he was going to win. This rice has taken. I great victory had a Blake and so on. Show mexica on its walls. Simon clouds in the fifth place did take device win in mice. Team grace. I vary very happily happening made up family that they clouds washroom, just current dot com, win, win, happy with the family members having taken. Successive victories for the first time in two thousand eighteen on low great news. One four by team from noticeable surf you can is in snow, family, fat, head coach. We now move on to the next race, which is the junior LC forty elites. They make their way onto circuit round eight of the two thousand eighteen co fab racing, British many bike championship. This is official partner series to the base bay on this on the road to Motoji pay. The grit done four, they junior out seat, fortieth manual, Brinson, pow position. The pole position today second-place is Evan belt for the fifty. They're throwing Hitchcock in third Mason. Foster falls looking down to go out of the junior c. faulty leaks in star having the championship just on the half an hour ago, Joe fire. Fifth, Sylvan mounds aid at in sick plice, Josh banished. What could he do from full Johnny Gonesse out with a point to prove nine place, Luke Hopkins by disturbed Campbell tent, and I'm not fond allow James Cook and Shaw Jeffrey. Keep an eye out for Johnny Ghana's. We saw the froze. He is a very, very far star and if Sullivan man's, you can make it work from six Email, Milo, bait, a fun run at who knows, well, we'll find out, especially in a few moments time we are. I get on the way then full. The junior l. c. full t elites. They might that way onto the grades may show all the surviving everything still running is intended. Of course, it is still quite cold out that and it's slutty building up to the end office race and Jackson, your very quick thoughts than before the starts all these rice. Well, all the momentum. I think. Has to be with second-place, Evan Belford oversee after that spectacular opening race. We had earlier on which of course Belford one he will be. He will be really looking forward to this race as I think we're just about to get going Maggio's moving, say the sides of the track star starts failed. The time may have Wettin aside here is not ready as he has way dead on the way with the first junior Elsie foreseen rice at the weekend. Great. Start from second second Mason foster mind, Hitchcock price trying to get involved, but through the first times for the first time, the money while Brinson down to third place rice around the outside of all right, is Evan bell for trying to get stuck in turn three and four one vita slides off all Sirat's. Her number three up on capacity, join us rice. So that's fine. Nine to guy a good start from the front few rows Belford lead in run Hitchcock. Emmanuel prints in third Mason foster for Johnny goners who said, keep non him in fifth wheels, keep on Sullivan Mounsey, and he was your artery, went down. Turn around the unfortunate started. Saint style stone lost. As I come to define of Colin Foale the first time, Evan Belford his lead in Christ. The Trump's you already because over and has side by side damage time. One hates. Hey, look into outbreak of involvement on east Donnie. Third drawn Hitchcock on lease. They do now see faulty elite rice by caught some some good distance considering genuine pass. So you call us Iran spoke these player enough already kind of in Belford respond. We'll whites and say, bait. If he doesn't go beyond your poem on Emmanuel Brinton looking to get higher than third-place and makes foster looking down the gym while he's only of the moment. Sullivan Mounsey oser half their style. Emma, go take him pretty quickly. Then hung on, jumped off by nine came back saying might just be enough time to be bailed, rarely get back up into the battle full of ice lead, but Evan Belford down to second Ryan heads. Cocoa vice leader thoughts. Sullivan Mounsey on the floor is up and on the way. And yet, so that just as walking, just waking with father, Simon, happy coincidence. But both likings gathers fight on the way the yellow flags, ten. Nonetheless, Ryan heads with the faucets fifty, two point six, five, nine one point, three seconds ahead of Evan Belford manual Brinson still on the podium as well. I believe we do have oversight for fifth place on the soften straight, Joe managed to get Paul's Johnny gone on the run down into the first corner. Wow, that was a very good run. Then from Jerry guy, the number forty, seven Ryder working very hard, Johnny. Gonesse really fighting. He may be upset losing determine ship in the icy, full price still giving a good run in these junior l. false he elites and now. Some of it is in is actually use AC foresee pro bites in this even his for Elsie faulty elites. He can use the other side just try. Try not thing on the moment. Selva Maoz Yoni one that was using it does get on the why now took about a lap aside. But as buy into this rise, Ryan hit one, seven, second of Evan Belford Israeli cleared off for seven laps after go. The crisis Basso at the moment is between Bailey at Campbell on James Cook in seventh and eighth as well as John Spinosaurus three bike bustle full. The seven, eight on nine making now white into turns three and phone are through the my hand out to all see, sure sprint for the lifetime. It happened. The first of them in the infield section on Hitchcock played very, very well should point out Ron Hitchcock supported on emotes repeater Kathy team. Oh, we have arrived down now that would look to me, James Cook that was James. Cuckoos just come down there in between by strict just James cookies up and tie. He's back on his wife, but we signed von Hitchcock support Barnum you Kathy team in British supervise. That's how highly writes. It heat comes not saying very successful team lately with Tommy Bridewell success, Ron Hitchcock on the road space bay arrived at down at turn. Number one, who is that manual Brinson look so many lock on your printer in the nineteen thirties out the app been running third, of course, and that will be a massive disappointment for Princeton who pulls even salted pole position. So it's not just a third places losing, but also that good dependent qualify, sadly, has now will go, and it means I podium as well for new champion in the pros buy, suppose that he. Place in this right? Which is good news for Mason and in all of that action vine h cokes getting his head down fifty two point six, five nine not been benched by himself, but he's three point zero three, two ahead. All Evan Belfort turn ten seconds ahead of Mason. Vosta manual Brinson down now on Feiger full. Not should be noted that she pulsa being ten seconds back as a believe that quite a that. That's a mopey this isn't. It was two three hours ago. It might be most g to the facts of Brinson departure from the rice down at Turnham five back onto the bike. Oh, that's no good. No good for to fat. The had the time to might mistake the crucial question. Now as did Mason involve the close enough whites and say, when I come across the line, Ron Hitchcock has been across Lana ready. He has done five laps and I just fall to. Salon nice and foster will not be far behind him. I do not think but safari enough about as for show yet five point, five seconds, not rain. You might consider much difference that on seven foot slip off has costume too much time. Well, live and learn from mistakes. Vinay is eleven point, two seconds ahead of Evan Belford. In another down Sullivan Mounsey a hat chicken crush. Is that a just not while he needs a toll while Sullivan mouse's eight, the condition sauces. Stress too wet now, so changing and not necessarily in Sullivan's favor. He was intent pice Aluko Detroit f you didn't start ice. So we've got three. Lots Ryan hates is quite away. Now, ahead of Belfort who give you the gap for certain in just a few moments time, but the is going hates leading from Alphand and foster eleven point. Six. Also you say about the times coming down joining, they should be hitch pulse time in this race is Coney. Now false than is qualified. Anyone's qualifying time. Everyone pays a lot faucet in these conditions, conditions are improving nothing before the dies out. We might get some dry ties out on shy because to be tight on jar line to become thicker and thicker, and you're not Dr lying ready Massa out front line Hitchcock gap between Evan bell for device buses backup some point, three seconds. I haven't Belford doing just what he needs hostage stuff from Belford, but Rhine h physics domination. Of the best source I was opposed says Ryan hates Coulter number forty, three and a class over his fifty. Three point. Seven is lost lap competitor. Fifty six as far as he doesn't need to push too hard. Hardy still twelve point four, nine, four head of Evan bell fit Mason foster running in third place ahead of Joe Feige, Johnny conus and Bailey shirt. Campbell actually sakes Joe sponge reeling in by Easter. Campbell is sick. Pice Kidwell changes. They make to wools the final few Chona's outs all the penalty on of eight comes along through device time before making that way over the line. Once again. His tail Betty Kamya is just ahead of Josh potus just balanced might make alight move into turn. One doesn't quite on this one, but we thought one guy on it as Josh Bina step in good position of seventh, but Ryan, hedge coke. Your vice leader said that battle fits, you say, Dan is really heating up. Now in these lost. Johny Ghana's does not take out the the, the the, that he showed his other other causes today, but he's just holding up to other rises in fifth place out. It'd be interesting to see whether he can hold onto that position with what is only one lap to go. Now for our leader rhyme, Hitchcock rich folk already. Horrify our is hurt. Someone's gone down, calm. Say who that is. I haven't Belford. It's leaders head is Evan Belford. Evan Belford has gone down and make some foster has gone into second place now. So come into the final Kona anyway, Ryan. Hey, ch- talk taika win here on Hitchcock as the Victor number on. He salutes is about right wjm. Ron hates tixx the plaudits their Hitchcock as a winner. Second-place should be my some foster followed by Evan, Evan Belford. Then he'll be far completely brilliant ride from Fargo voice. Fantastic. Dice I father come into the fondaco calms mice and foster. He takes second third will kick himself. I'm sure Joe fire will be both plice across the line when he comes across, but faith Pike's a still up for grabs thing. Johnny, John is just gonna. Do enough Beatty shirt. Campbell try to get past in running innovate date. It's gonna, be Johnny. Gone on fairly shows, come to the final corner. He's going to be very, very close, but Johns. Oh. Register at come down. These come across the line either way just being, but Josh banished, I Johnny gone spin, Josh plan is to sick bay shirt Campbell, seventh rice, James Cook. Then it'll be sellin Mounsey in knowing the menu, Britain, ten, Luke Hopkins Choi, Jeffrey electing not to start ice, but water domination that twenty three seconds to. Drawn hitch tixx, dominant win, great win for Ryan hates cokes twenty three seconds doesn't happen, especially often end the co fat pricing, British many championships, so it's best to applaud won't. We can. And when we can very coin ice rarely foam, the house foresee elites compared to what we often have for that, just building themselves up full the action in tomorrow's two races. But thank you very much full joining us head own motorsport radio own. The co Fabrizio websites analysts chal media this as live coverage of around eight of the two thousand eighteen coup fan, bracing, British many bike championships. Thank you very much full joining us. Please do keep even your comments, polite. We will get to read a few of them in show while do punish that we will on. That's been some great action throughout this race on this race meeting so far. We've had some great action phone than any GP seven days. We've had the full pros have the. Series championship coast being decided in the icy full close the payback one full CMO teams that was very interesting as per normal. But next eight will be the senior many most which always provide us with some fantastic action, but the racing so far on your first time, Hammett cool fat how you've been enjoying. It always been fantastic rising, Dan, I'll see the lights to flag action for a lot of the runnings here today. It's really been a case of the conditions really dictating everything today and drivers on riders. Just trying to keep on the circuit. It's been. It's been interesting to see some of the really push themselves limit, especially earlier in qualifying when going off the trumps lot more parliament. But even here in the race, John riders know that they need to stay on the track, stay on the circuit with still having them full off and that just shows you how tricky conditions are full ride that really should know this really should know these conditions on these bikes by the stage of the season. Well, easier said than done as thing. The only thing we cannot for that and well, you mentioned that particular phrase, senior mini motos heading out onto circuit now which we can always prescribe some interesting action. Whenever the vine comes out on the song comes out at the same time we are room is on that. We all seeing vice moral amounts of police guys somewhere, so it is starting to dry out today to hair full the senior anymore. I seen yet many multi-race all the weekend will line up with Ryan grants and Josh Beckett on the front of the grid. Richard Williams and Chris yeoman's are on invite, say Simon, Huntingford, and Nick Bennett's on very three, Bernie Hoke, and Matt's Perkin juice be the full threat. That's why would the grits cannot set time. So I may not be on the circuit hooping information in just a few months time, but they make up sue the grid. Now. Giving touch on social media lettuce here, y'all supposing this weekend and he well wishes for champions. Champions electoral her, you reckon could well be good shoe in for the championships on as well. And while a few is just making sure that they can get that by started it as coin coat, the echoed bikes have not been having a good time of resourcing this weekend. They look towards the start line. Marshall green flag is up toss pretty quickly as well, which was Williams off like a scout, a cast into number one for the first time outs of nine tries to around the outside of the race leader not successfully. So Ryan grant leads had Richard Williams third-place in of all, as we go back and you had a great star all the way around from the back of the grid, ROY up into third place over. So he made some good, steady progress line assigned are heading into turns four and five. For the first time we've got all we got ride at there that don't know who that was brought up. Run grunt, Brian gross down service, gone down the other Birkin. So Mike, goodness me, oh happening in to Coney, Johnny, but his just Birkin's gung them. Josh Perkins gone down. So disaster fame, unrine Ryan ground has gone down and now as blindness champ, she Maud I with twenty seven points behind already. I'll tell you if now he's neck and net really not just on track, but also in the ship. Because Richard, I was really just to take the wind today. Now he would put one few fingers on the look out for tomorrow. I can. We ladies and gentlemen also pulled the fact that Matt pecking from the back of the field in one lap is leading motorise incredible, incredible is even as she say, Kiko of watched him come through and he really through that opening, I. Mary goes down the leader on will drop down into second place. He might hold the position actually, he does just about as his as the other Birkat. She goes off as well, that Cohen. But it does leave the leader all on his own up front on it really is a case of not making a state. Now, Richard harm Giuliani's late in out front. I Omar records site second-place as Matt Burke. Van was we come through the failed rowing drawn in about four Feis Saif rich extended league are twelve point that what might thirteen nine by my calculations here at the moment in this closet is still all up for grabs of cost, but which dimes Williams as lead in very comfortably at the moment. Touch Reuter cost because it can change on the job of a has quite literally in the senior emerge as we think back to many of the races. We've told about over the season where just has changed as soon as we mentioned one thing and is currently Richard Hines leading for Matt Burke. I'm buying Ron's Simon hunting footing full that Chris Yemen's with Bernie hook in sick ahead of Nick Bennett. Joe spec in time coming. Having been CASA's coming over the line site is working just came in eighth perichard. Williams leads just see point five seconds, but it was. I was second half quick him back in on that last lap better. Save that gap was over four seconds lost time out under, say it's down to two, two and a half segments answer it just coming through into the complex. I think it's fantasy that Matt. That is really taken the initiative, but down at ten one. We do have another all believe just barricades gone off turn one moving day from the front of the pike off to the side of the circuit. The marshals will move in a moment gets underway. Kin closing old time on rich, and I was Williams as miles quick aside which Williams not as dominant as we thought he may. Well, we can rind drawn up picking rich John, Jillian states very dangerous looking for Spicer neck and neck side-by-side, not Birkin doesn't even need to slipstream over breaking power. Throw on the strike Matt Burke in into the lead of this rice and his over the Rhine wrong could really do now with tach. Then pass moved six ups ago more than enough time today. Besides coming down towards turn five, horrible, tricky time five, many people out on engines exit, judge, William second, Matt, berka, and environ grant in third place. Fast is up by exhaust. I ran from Berks Matt Burke. It's obviously found some confidence in east Bem very tricky conditions. Husband say it is now three Roida for the lead now and as much as I think the momentum has gone away from Richard Holmes Williams, we really shouldn't discount Ryan. His lumps have been as competitive if not more competitive them. Spec in at sets of on. I think we're gonna go for it now and dead goes the move Ryan grant into town one. He takes second place, and I think he'll just try and catch up now with the leader. Why survey come on just move the inside line going into turmoil, not site right. No. Second guessing, just straight on the answer to the position on NC second-place making a bit of an MBA, your leader, Matt Burke in your lead has gone down. Berkeley later has gone down, Ryan, gone per foot down. Avoid him starts question Don, but Ryan ground almost collects it, Matt Burke, and then Burke to crushes eastern elite. He has gotten on lives. I'm Betty shore that, but my Birk and Marcus mate. I was just about to say that at the moment wrong gone him being second, third, four, which Williams means wrong grant takes four points out that late. Come down to twenty three points. The windfall ri- gone. If he was to get ahead bucket would would ready to some damage it, take it down to eighteen points. This gem is alive here. Is there any as long as Perkins nine lies, I think, is used at least three of them in a nice rice. So far, seven times coming over the line. They got between Becky and groans. And even though that very new levers Bryant with blue and Owings leathers for my Birkin is going to have a few scopes on them by the end of this. Unfortunately, full guy, Matt Burke can lead to head of my. My only. On the flow knowing goes down then down into place to find club what we screaming at that, but Saima hunting foot in fourth place. Touch would had Chris Germans and Benny hook with Nick Bennett running in seven is well, it's getting very close, but swing, Chris yeoman's. I'm Bernie hook to nine hundred from I really lost. She vice meetings really coming into great straps street afterguard map. Pecking is three point, five seconds. Our head of rich times Williams. I'm growing grounds is. I mean, it's great ball chain, yeoman's and hope fassulo to fifth, but the not that far behind fulltime hunting foot on this. I think that into into ride a scrap is really holding them up compared to hunting who I don't think it's really pulling away if the two of them agree to that differences out, I think either of them to take full, but the minute that just so preoccupied with themselves that not that interested in who's ahead they are catching them. Very slighted are Hof second lap gates, bets of losing office. I think that's how they'll look at it all Bernie hulk, looking on the inside got completely. So I, I, I got away with it, but they are right on the case of song, but lots of when and not as fires in on him. Now drawn still inside place has lost more while he's not law small-time. These lost the chance to win today's stunts tight some points out all which temps shit. Later, Matt Burke lead and comfortably out front, just gonna keep it needs. And these strikes win done. Kitto change, Ron gone, Scott problem. Broncos. Got ponies. The circuit he's pulled off to the tournament three pulled off. A mine is left hand side. Looking that I found signs of the pike trying to get restart. It does critical of our in guns. He could be losing out on a whole shunga points from this race. He just needs to keep going in order to get at least a decent points. Hope that promote Simon hunting of their place, Chris sherman's and bunny hook fighting also for the place set up us who takes on an extra significance weather. They know it's knows they probably won't Matt Burke more notice either. He probably weren't cab because he's in the late. I'm with two thirds of a lap to guy. Touch wood could be could result on hunting has just lost podium position as come down onto the straight here on awful quarter take. But he's back now into turn one as Germans hunting food and hook. All three of them fighting. They now know is third place, podium bay Cuomo come back to that and the minute, but my Birkin. To crush as it's been eventful vice rim a now. He's gonna be able to celebrate with a win who would've thought coming, turned nine tricky, horrible time. Nine now onto a show strike down through to timeout. Back in Joel, went out rights wanted to sing along the head. He notes his approval. He knew anyway, second-place we are expecting Richard Williams. Where is, does he come across the line now? Yes, he does. The Ueli he's gonna hand on the championship. We will expect him to wrap outputs. Bake moved at ton number nine count quite say that was cut fights back. We'll same site third vice as it going to be too Chris. I think he is. Bharti hoped the fall bunny hope did money to get ahead of salmon. But in the end, Nick Bennett has crashed, but he's back up. He's gonna six sevens. Will we Ryan gone? I believe because he thought more lapsed on Josh Burke. Can I take on the east side. How this, because a lot broader sick for Nick Bennett, seven for Ryan grown. That's nine points, rich Williams's second that gets him twenty that the difference of eleven gap is now up to thirty. I at the top of the championship, but Matt Burke in wins, rich Williams. The second, Chris yeoman stirred Bernie Hoke. Knicks fall fit. Bazaar hunting for Nick Bennett is sick on grounds, Josh Burke and complete the old of what an eventful senior, many marriage rates. Again, things like senior many militaries and comb strategic rights during tend to together dude, I enter time on for the first time. It was all relatively close. Then we lose one going into ten before going into turns five and six. We don't news one relieve take. They got back up and get going again. So that's all perfectly fine. Then Momo action dicing for various positions last fantastically. Well. For example, we had Ryan grant drop Sates mostly cloudy Burke in here. In the end came home and took the vice victory, Josh Perkins when straits on more or less turn amona have good. A problem with the bike does Kentucky continuum, but then stopped again, Richard. I'm wondering, briefly was in the late then my Birkin godly back again, vine grant battling away, struggled to Brady catch up after the latest mishap. But in the end it was not in one that's race and your listening to live coverage of round eight of the two thousand eighteen co, fat bracing, British many bike championships. Please do keep leaving. All your comments on social media is great to see who you'll supporting, hey, from Tatchell in Lincolnshire the official partner savings to the bass bay and on the vice tomato g page. Bridge and best British championships for many bikes. This is cool. Fab bracing. Foresee rookies Colin Jackson has great. Indeed, it Samuel Munson pole position as just lined up on the good now. Ruben Bray will join him alongside ahead of Finnan where it's he and Charlie hunting. The third will be populated by war Brady all Horner while only SIMS on William Harris round out the top. Further back, we have Archie Gibson Henry Mukasey with Blake Wilson, Matt Mack sweaty, Harry Payne and the Jones. And then on the final two rows, we have Luke Fitchet, Joshua Williams and Luke Scofield's championships ready been turned on its head over the last few as matings Samya Monson Israeli taking control of this championship will give you all the parents. Asians are over the course of this eight lot race. But well, this particular race Goto than a miss to Syria number twelve, even Bri on second place. What else way may well decide? Let us know in the comments. Belie hey, you think is going to have success head this as row nights, all the two thousand eighteen championship. Final round of the championship, the AC faulty rookies valley starting to build up the web's on the grades, the nerves probably building equal amounts the marshals. They moved to the science of the grade IV on satisfied that the bikes are in fine working on it. And as they try to get the clutch will be biting points towards the start line moss show with the green flag. But of course it as when the green flag goes up as it does now is when it goes down, there's no creeping so everyone gets away cleanly. Enter all ceremony for the first time is very tight. Run these rookies of done it once before they seize inherits to dare it again. And I very tentative through the first few cone as intense two and three for the first time out of the two so fun. I ready broken away a couple of machine, nighttime county making a decent starts while, but around the outside Ruben bright, trying to make. Yvonne Samuel Munson months, and China defend its old five second place Samuel months. And then you didn't at that moment in time. It would be championship two Samuel months, enhance today months lead in the way ahead of here is that in second place, not say not one befall, but what that won't out and moment blue by dropped down to place on our down. Gorani odds have gone down. Pile up at turns seven one roddenbury's Jospin hope it's up. Now the write up back on his buffalo on we come. Samuel Munson leads even bright on a spinning where it's been where the supplies package. All I believe on that Charlie cut as for these for these comfort Charlie hunting, but his. Who has had a good first lap Tony leading this first released until the second Shali hunting, but has got an advantage over some Uelmen said, as they come to Charlie hunting ahead of Samuel Monson women Easter, then he's not Henny Makoni in face, got ten Wheeler at the front of this great unholiday has gone down only home that show second place in a championship is a complete design. Turn them four one on the one of the apex five us called sorry, many accidents this weekend on my good this, the championship that only hone has made a massive, not as cost him surely of his chance to champion the next class. Now, unless of course, is a mistake out front four Samya months. Tehran day. A one of these are stop. It's a five bike fight for the lead right now. That's why I think is the most incredible thing as all of them go into the first corner, they're all get through completely safely caliber. I've thought to say the how Cosa our the fund is certainly going to dissolve if they don't Soules it out. I will be was only on the black stuff not on the grainstuff at the moment. I Samuel months and they Charlie hunting the nets. Get enough for the championship at the moment. Ruben Bryant's. Our even Brady's off Ruben Brian crashed out third-place ribbon. Brian offi gathers not as nother, big blood. I still third placement in championship now, so hadn't McCartney full slice. He is seventy coins behind in this championship. He is not going to be able to win it last out in the moment. Samuel Munson. Everything govern his. Why from? Wow, Siamensis gotta white confidence. But as going his way out of fun tastic first season racing hair, it's cool five ready to have some among any site. Well, women zero point two, five, nine. That's a good couple of tents. Quick van Charlie hunting, finished second place. Bit of Cogan of also with like Brady an Hanmi McCartney in bed and fall at the moment hanging mcallen great runner. The stars that Caesar. And trying to the place once another podium off look into turn three and four. Why make you stake north to see variety bracket the front double winner from clay pigeon? He's been a little bit adds to the top five or six lightning the last couple, but he's making them welcome attends pointy end. The proceedings Samuel Munson lead in pulling the white from Charlie hunting there. Then in third place it as Boric Brady and Henry McCartney in force. I lots and lots to try and work out fifth-place all these at the moment. I can't tell you that with raven Brian sakes all the hollering, seven heading McCartney in fourth place. The temp she would to Samuel Munson. And while Samuel Munson working hard, asses the mine at one point, four, three, three. I had a Charlie hunting white, Grady me MAs any point one, three, eight behind Johnny hamming mccown not see behind ADA the raven Brian in faith around the half lame while not for surveys. The moments with all SIMS only Horner sixth and seventh ahead of max rarity late lows in many James. Harry Payne finnemore is he or she gives Luke fitches anew scaled top fifteen. No William Harris. All Joshua Williams. Unfortunately, taking this all this rice bus Samuel Munson no warranty, much proceedings at a moment's Grady. Probably in the pound seats as actually had me McCartney rejoins session says a few broken bits of bike at turn, three marshalls, clear them out and the colonies had a bit of a Thomas fight back onto the bike out there sake and think is not a Republican, not just promotes rolling Brady into second place, only colts 'Second behind Sanyo months and months. Now, saws into being China in China, some new under the ninety nine into two and three yellow flag. Also at ten, six, Elliott Jones. Come down out tents, place Jones crusher that well, nonetheless is all changing now because obviously a Simonsen starting to come under pressure from. Brady, we've set dozen tencent an awfully long time on skid white. Great is great high white pricing at the front. Once again, as you mentioned the saw the race, Keith are had some great k pigeon misconduct seems to suit very well. Samya months needs to do there is not a worry too much if he gets passed by Warwick. Brighty Warrick Brady wants to late this rice, let him Lee because he's not championships threats. This moment armies mathematically out of it some months and really top three thousand for Samuel. Money will walk. I with jump ship, finished it in vain. Everyone else stays exactly where they are. So really some u- months doesn't need to scrap out but wants a win the championship with witty himself. So lots to play fall on those out on track happening at the moment some- you months and under attack for more Brady, who is it? Gonna be with turn a lapsed guy Haines at times fan for once again, Samuel Munson woman zero point one, five zero. It was the fastest lap his on the last night, but will it be enough? He's point nine, eight zero head of white writing. Charlie hunting president equal gap behind, says an equal distance for three podium positions. Proven Braise, almost ten seconds behind his eleven point. Four seconds behind the vase later are asked contention for the results. Meanwhile, sue price Nara further on the failed Archie gives an islet joins twelfth. Thirteenth, that's the other closest fights in nice race, but Samuel Munson the number seventy two CEO heading towards finish fine. It's three tenths of a second point, three, seven, five into time. One with white, Grady. He's not close enough to make him a Nazi Firelight. I give it another lap and a half. We've got two laughs guy. I think he's gonna need a laugh and a half. If he wants to take this, he's just gotta. Be careful how he does it while righty cannot psych out your championship that would go down like a lead Blair and I can tell you that for show. We've got someone down giant. Elliott has gone first second time. So the Jones crushed the XM turned five. Hi, Saad crashes, backup guy, leaders, pasta safely, Samuel Munson, still leading for more at writing. I the one thing months and will be very pays about is the lack of traffic ahead of most of the did have a bit earlier in this lot. But for now the next one half, I don't think they'll be cats and we've got one fully kinda John's again, not having a great success in this rise, but fortunately as Jones. But over the line and the final Sinai national, alas, last lap, but Samuel months, ending roles as vita Chinatown one. They in front of our latest Jacob Stevenson. Things like Stevenson is gunned down at one, no pass that time on mode at one thing. Psychomotor opportunity l. Warrick Brady, I think he was cloudy quite enough anyway while it wasn't price of time when you back that they getting very closest I have later in this is half a lot to go Brady was full tense making. I why outs. But as they make their way into one yellow flags out, turn five, that's gonna slow delayed is up that opening Mark Brady Lang's closer to some months. I don't think Warrick prayed. He's gonna have a chance. I think some yeoman's this job. So busy day here in salaries. They share some your months, and it's been Powell hound got a difficult thing I, but he's phenomenal. Second half of the season. These been cleaned, sweeping all the way a now he's going to sweep to the championship Samuel Munson on nice law slap tight can the championship ain't fine style? Well, done. Samuel Munson as he comes across the lawn. Charlie Huntingford takes his first podium of the Solomon tavern is I that congratulated son the battle for fourth and fifth price across the line. We are expecting, yes, McCartney they will coming. So now only seems eilly Horner. Should be neck. Somebody Jones just come across the line. He's not ready. All the whole body was the championship rival to Samuel months and whole, and a sake hadn't McCartney. We are awaiting Henry McCartney. He's just trundling around seven splice. Dyal stream for come across the line. He knew Connie's and only I only just five at ten and a half and max where it will be nine ten by shoot Goto Blake Wilson via white room to come across lot to the guy who's the one light. Wilson completes talked ten Samuel Munson Eyo AC faulty rookies champion in six thousand nineteen of the cool five rising British mini-van jumped ship wanna today. What a fantastic win. Fantastic win. Anna fantastic. Champange victory for Samuel Monson and the two thousand eighteen AC forty rookies champion was such a fight throughout the cost of the two thousand eighteen campaign mile. That was really a fine wine which you could settle h on ships such as team overseas for them in Tema butts lettuce, who you supposing over the vest. All of the, how much do you think deserve thought championship fix, getting on social media where live on motorsport radio and on the co fab racing pages, Gladys, as leave us oil comments, please polite, but many GP fifties had outs onto second now, and this is live coverage of round eight of the two thousand eighteen cool five racing British many championships. This is the final weekend from Tatchell circuit. And while Samuel Munson winner of the forty keys, do you think he deserves to be the young writer of the in motorsport awards head over to multiple awards and go and nominates also different categories got wide ranging from the rest of the industry wide, but the full them ATP fifty race able be wine Hitchcock and Eddie shy. On the fund with the grits. Harrison Crosby and Mason Johnson on vite to three will be dinner matter and manual Brinson, Lucas Brown only war, Kath Kyle pain and Alfie Davidson. That's up said nine eight will be very violence. I had of house MCI James coke on John Taylor to Campbell. Thomas Gomez, Cameron SU and Banjul fans. You're eighteen strong old at now just making now now down. So woods, the grit before stars device. Connor, I will point out those watching on the livestream at home that I'm signed to say the sun has gone, and we did have a slight bit of sunshine come through the clouds, but unfortunately that has now dissipated. The sauce mysteries that moving the trunk also been been cooler than it was in the previous race, and it could be very interesting for these riders as the engine and ties to try to warm up while Levinas said they got the. Blood pumping, three veins Drennan starting to pick out now the mini g. p. fifties. This was also claimed any on in the season. Now case Goeman it's just a case of, well, hey, can take victory in places place. They're all lining up in the correct positions marshals just by showing up. And once they are satisfied that the greatest full on the everyone is why they should be, they will give them the green flag which will come in just a few moments time, new listening to live coverage of round eight of the two thousand eighteen co, five racing British many bike championships. The final weekend of the season, the fest, race, all three forty, many GP fifties. They official policy is to the best bay own. The tomato t pay for Lincolnshire Tatan will many of them make the journey. The green flag goes down now, the fun by make. Good. Start a second, get better. Start very tight. Going into turn one. For the first time. Mine hates coconut shy shea trying to fight side by side vine, Hitchcock full of ice laid vine. Coke take sets going through left. Android turns to in three for the first time out of twelve then and full price also being trying speak assessed it for the moment being Eddie shy had some great pace in both qualifying sessions earlier on this morning, but vine hedge coke just has the age and taste race late. As a result, Ron Hitchcock late in the Cheyenne is a Damon, these weather conditions. So keep an eye out four at your. He's in second place. Third place to me looks like looks didn't Meta's actually comes through. I think he's got into place then may well be harassing Crosby will get a run as I come across the line now. So he takes. Outside Dell harassing makes him on his Brown on your Winston housing. Nice Johnson, all the out of giants. Cook the top ten, and we have a passive going down the fest corner that between what looks like fifth-place between three riders manual Brinson housing, Crosby Mason Johnson Mazen Johnson's benefi- acetate full in niche Trumpian ship all close again in in in the mix as well. So good stuff, Molly wall, but I don't front as Ryan Hitchcock ahead of addio shy on just pulling away one point, three, second down. It's going to menu. Brinson turn them again at turn five. And again, I'm on your Brinton has been Coulter five. Everyone just void in the stricken machine side of the circuit woj close that bike to even from the marshalls at run onto the sector tree that fall by Benton is remounted and he's back on his way across the line. It's vary, vary traveling. Good. Look in on hits, go. Katie has been sleep perp. In the west on in the mixed in dickens. He's looking very good at the moment. Ron hates about much point face seconds off the just two laps shy in second Dillard rela end blood. I mean, as you said is definitely watch these conditions, but I think he's coke knew that. And he's just sort of fill the gap in these first few laps show there is that safety buffer, especially later in the race where the gap Kohl's close up and the minute Hitchcock does look fairly comfortable, but it will be a case of keeping the bike on the track on making show. He does maintain advantage over his rival Hitchcock covetously season so side while the winner later on in dia by twenty three seconds, he's Laden comfortably at the mine vibe out three seconds, thickness sparring him out for two thousand nineteen. The best possible. While Ryan, as you say a was two point three now, two point three Cy has changed dramatically that same line Eshkol Canetti that is the gap in seconds to Mana. Third for Chris Brown v is ours. Crosby house doesn't run the place. Hey, won't full place trying to make a move up inside at time. One couldn't make it through Mason Johnson, however, joined to a couple of seconds behind starting to up to this, try late move, live Browning housing, be close, led the brakes. Choice to make you the inside couldn't make. You can turn full as gonna make you work into five divided on down. The wanted on HBO vice leader on Hitchcock has gone down the XM turn six KANU believe on another down. Who is that? We can't quite see your as may well be James. Cookie was bustling. Wait only of get confirmation that, but Ryan, hey, Chaka starring two point three second and addio. The way swin from red lodge is leading yet again, Dylan, nanosecond. And in third place, we are expecting Lucas Brown, the rice winner from red blood, his during marvelously at the front during Vishwa the my date, say three point. One second head of meta Mason. Johnson has snuck into that place fantasies scrap for Mason Harrison, Lucas Brown and nice rate for seeing noise detail entertains three and four again. As we said, hitch coal, it's such a disappointment to see him down. Now runs in ninth place off to that. Oh, so it really was not just starring the two second lead, but during away what could have been a potential podium quite salsa points in this championship? Oh, down surf in the biker has gone down. There was absent Crosby. I have a it walls. Iverson. Cosby. Just slid out to turn sakes. Yes, it was. Harrison cults is out of the running for that results as we as we just come through another ride stuff to the fos- other cost keys. One of you leaders change things at the front of the pushed back and fall everywhere. Such stopping, you might say that just turned three. Three heads off Dillon Mela Mela having a great rod ole someone down in the middle of the second. The accent, six yet get our day at six catches being not main Welby. Sue the number one hundred Shane side. We shall say idea of shy as your Rysley two so far. The number one, one, four doing marvelously I can't even. We don't even have distance at the moment. Eight lobster, Gary. We were not number five at say with a three point, five second advantage Mason Johnson with Mason Johnson in Lucas Brian into fourth place, t point, seven seconds behind Mason only woke in into faith at the moment only point one to blink, but Luke is bronze in front affidavits is six at campaign finance coke into right place. Just punish the ninth ahead of Thomas guy, amazing, ten hours McKay and housing close bait to Harrison's eleventh and twelve with the mining Brinson and banjo the. Team, fourteen term in Seoul in the things it's not by lot, but magic Manton Mason. Geologic Mason's made an eight, nine, four. Matt, Matt and Mason Jolson doesn't pay its closing slightly on Dila insect that isn't violence. I say there is still enough laps to go seven laps to go in fact him to close that gap down on meta own for great results. But it would be interesting to see if Jolson can indeed had got second place in the closing laps. Well, the last fifty dollars air. I was opposed to Fifty-nine six, six. Second on that last lap, the gap between the two is six, six seconds full. So that might take a bit of doing your top distance. It's not insurmountable. We must stress Eddie leader of the rice off around this right now. And it's five point four seconds or so from della Mana makes Johnson. Did I fifty eight eight as opposed to fifteen hundred six. Got some points full seconds. What are we say? They do. Eight is now Lucas Brian into full place. All he will canary fit two tenths of a second behind Lucas Brown on very, very close idea, getting stuck behind a few of the vied is this race, just catching them just the point. That's only at least another second out of vase Bosso, but Lucas Brown only walkman Alfie Davidson, very close full fifth and sixth into number by the Grammy wide in Lucas Brian. It's fun. Just couldn't get any traction. Any drip it. Oh, and his understanding badly only woke and not having such poems into turn seven. Now, the second of the left time it happens all your stall can the spent on this Brown of other side get get a. A way that you think he's gonna have a little go somewhere. Our any is what a classy move is far to call Holly Walker more like all these stole has done. Say laid Lucas Brown. Look, it's a five partner down into turn. One here is no right now all the Walker being pushed back yet. Again, Lucas Brown and of the Nevada giving him one gesture, I, it was polite, call a yellow flag at seven cinema, sixty nine. Listen, Crosby going down. Again, the LA flank now say entering yellow flags zone. The Paso full fourth place. Also starting to only have had Lucas Brown, as you mentioned, he carried out Davidson once bit of bites on the old cherry e count do not sunshine on the flight. Don't make it to Ophiuchus and in Feis only walk has been passed. So Lucas Brown thing is managed to make his posit yet that was time model, lots guy. Now three stick hours cross the line non awfully long time, and it's raised after to Macon folks ago at Yoshii leading comfortably went six seconds, but. Gammon between Dylan and make some Johnson's come down again, just three point, two seconds they stop. So Mason Johnson's got the bit between states that he's gonna choice off to mala songs. I keep out right in mellow limit wide to turn three and four downside to turn five. The gap is visually closing his closing up on that about two full. It's tile pain, easier Vinnie maybe in rose as the lead as the Lucas Brown have been traffic on. It could be a full five fol look for today says, sorry, much traffic outlet. You've just died in the eye of a needle through shafts. Shafts gonna keep any and Saudi tight Campbell about. We are Lucas brownies doing any favors unless all name is only walk recycling to make out of government gets him so on wall against no such problems by now, he start by telling you combine all non all Casaus underneath Titus Djuric gets down, but now tied strict Kumble as about to be left by the rest of the big has Brown. A ninth sows Davidson Davidson on the inside Lucas Brown down into the first time. Does he get the job done? Alfie Davidson moving, and that's all because of a little bit of traffic at your shy, still leading out front, we should site. I Mason Johnson Dylan, mellow house, ate dinner, mellows journal, ran the outside this six. On at seven makes Johnson. He's going around in the man is gonna cut back neck and neck out the strike on manna. Just up outside ten. I'm not a back into second water adult. Well, these ready with the last one. Basically, it's one thing to pass. We've just had that, of course, telematic coming over the line in second place, makes Johnson a great type manner. Going to look at the inside on writers and side gets the apex. I baked puddle takes takes the second place. Great. For Mason Jones Banaras gonna maintain advantage will be able to hold the position down. It's going another oughta who is out of turn. Six don't show who that was told as we look towards one of them they're up. Okay. Just a very, very unhappy idea coming to that point now gets through safety to lapsed guy more one of the half. Let's idea. Shy. He's don't enough Gaffey still as laughing, quick enough to hold onto that lady's going to be caught. I do not think unless he makes a stake through nine short burst down. So old turn, ten idea, got warm lap between him and yet another many fifty. When I incredible performance and a woman full. You mentioned Eddie. I say he's been having fun SaaS take season. It's full point, seven seconds between Idei Mason Johnson. He's gonna worry about team much. He doesn't need the couch. Come down, doesn't mind. He's gonna long between the PanAm Mason Johnson second place. Still matter that Davidson still only just ahead of only worker. I'm Lucas Brown that as going to the very end of this rice, half a lot left to go eighty eight the memorial on cost for another victory in the Mainichi p fifties out of turn them a seven footer final tie one in England conditions before. These today. Again, brilliant ride from addio shy, just into turned nine. Now he's going to get through then which he does now. It's only going down towards Ton-ton. Addy are shy. Mazda cloth performance in the wet. Why? The he has done it again. So shy, yo rice, win bouts of a second should be nice Johnson as ahead of the mala good result from those two droid Pohjamo's around not. I'll be popular in the paddock. Full vice should be out. David said, all the war will be based on my expect, say, I guess the guys can six place. We should have Lucas Brown areas, seven call pine. I play Ceron Haycock he will come around very soon. Nine place will be just honest. Then som- aski- mass. But Eddie. Oh shy. You'll rice a win. One, small, inclement conditions. Friday shy. Do. ASA pilots at times, but on the starting line. Got a good sauce. Gustaf in the front. My bet starting from the second might challenging side-by-side shea joins get heads going into the first corner, didn't quite make it. I, I had to contend with Ryan hates, did so well, yellow flags as down wins the vice later time at air shea then had to hold his hat to hold the position for so many laps and laugh after pounded around very difficult for Mason Johnson yacht, a sign struggling qualifying, but made a great though in second place coming by after a big crash row a few months ago, some joy for the end of season Aniko to mores is con- Mason Johnson walnut better over Dylan Mana. Hold out for another great podium find outs late. So tomorrow I for the second. And third survey says touch. So you're listening to live cover. Ridge of around seven of the around eight of the two thousand eighteen co fabry's ING, British mini-bike championships. Is bracing, British mini bikes championship, what the official partner Aries to be s. Thank you. The original and best Aparicio's championships amoebae. Move fabrics. And we're live back here at to show with sport radio, only five racing series. See extreme to hundreds are now out on track. Stay to that woma plot of the for the current race is Shelly Nesbitt on pole position dominated qualifying almost second half ahead of his nearest rival. Richard Holmes Williams who lines of empty to joining them on the second row, be bronze and peril, and bouncing after a stunning second qualifying for him. Fifth willy, Elliot stuffed under a head of Phoenix, Hon and Harvey Claridge. Kia Armstrong will be head of Asha bonds and Josh Ingram in tenth place behind the will be Callum. Weived will be Calloway, bro, Josh Whiteley flex Valla, Tom Weeden, Jamie king add rowdy out. The good will be like hanso. As we prepare for the good. Now, it's very obvious. The slight sunshine from has clearly gone. Now, as it looks, it looks like the trunk is starting to cool down guts as we prepare for the race. The green flag is being shown all the riders off repairing revving their engines on the grades. Mike is rates where away jolly gets a way while downing to term on gets to into the league. I, that's a good stuff from charleena's bay any is or why in running navy cleaning thing through turn, three at Narendra turn few wide lines being taken there to try and take advantage of people quite up to speed on these first and Rhonda's having to come to run impel already up into fifth bicyc- Kryzstof from Brandon peril south already. We've got a in foment charleena's that head all times Williams. We're going to ride it down, sees very happy about that. Drop him down to tell Saimaa, but he is up and he's okay. And I think he's trying to restart the bike. Oh, and there's another one off. Another writer out of the quite star starts run the prevalence gunned down, right? Like two wanted to sign up this year with a gym while he's now gone long again. So run the action, hey, up. There is a big strap out fund Charlie Nesbitt versus Richard Himes Williams is it gonna pay come through downfalls five foot down for next bit. Doctors dangles over Elliott down has gone tonight. Trillion times don't outs which times says, might a whole, etc. So out front. Now all on these taught charleena's Billy's Elliott often. Then it's the six of mine Glossop care Armstrong. As next then rich, Jillian, Alex valid, Josh Wortley as well and ask bond number right machine until you until you Tony has been needs to do now is just keep it consistent as he through the. Meet him to nine. Nine. Everyone set himself in qualifying. Has an out that full by one second. Got does donate money Rhys here. That's hope he's doesn't sees did loss amounts of Wilton male. As you say, it'd be interesting to see what Richard Holmes Williams could too. If he was actually at the front porch that small mistake home. The second lap really did cost him massive, small stike, big penalty. Sometimes the penalty doesn't fit the crime, but it's the same end result eighty the y out front charleena's Elliott after second amounting loss of that be a welcome sight on the by Graham saying is out there before. Accent. He's. Gullible. I said, I think I think it was just to change position there is become over the start line now charleena's. But actually I think that was just back, not my apologies, but it is case of Nesbitt pulling away now from duffed and six. For the real battle I think is going to be over second with tufted just about holding off Martin. Absolutely. Just how dos the dos which is really drill. Should like slapping quick at both of them ahead of him. Now he's on the face, which is what he's on the quick enough. And if he's gone time to close the gap down to lead to second Charlie out, having fun pulling these, he's had a run them private, not in this race. Really. He's already been lots laptop to hate first lap disaster from fifth position. So already second-place after by smiling gloss up, but Chung bitch. Yes. Well. For the back. It should be noted. Believe Felix hood has pulled himself into the pit lane. Is a case of, I don't think it was going to well for the number twenty two and the down to eleven run as in the rice. She dated quicken shopping. Three twenty. Vice. Wait. Seven. Essay was disappointing, Richard hubs will without failure, especially now that he's showing laptops under the fifty second mall, which is sesame what he wanted to do if he wants to take its as. But here is Williams taking the move into the almost outbreaks himself as he got it stopped t hat. I can't believe he actually got that salt into the Kona, but house Williams takes the amounting loss of will now go off to Elliott often in seconds. Swearing. Said long now. Get the failing. It's a matter of when no, I have ever. That was the biggest understatement of the which times. I'm loving this. It's fun. Yes, absolutely. Discover type his time. He's still laughing off to do this. Does charleena's biggest already crossed the line them today, still laps today. Don't don't to rush as they come across the line chimes Williams, not quite able to make all dive bums on shoves Elliott after now almost to the cop in the wades into the rubbish. My goodness may jet Himes Williams. Move on dot net? Well, these every disappointing, the facts. He's not up front chasing nets bit because my God that was a fantastic mood. That Williams who will really be ruing that mistake earlier in the rice. He really well Richard Williams paints eight small. What could have been think that's harrys story of Saturday at touch show will eleven. Starchy charleena's is lead. Elliott often has been down to that. It's gone. It's gone down his hash bonds, it may well be on the number eighty. Shane this down and the and I think also have Josh Ingram who stopped on the far side of the tracks published by believe, and I don't think he's going to much joshing has stocks charleena's basically, nose stopping him. No, he as leading this rice charleena's bit thirty. Six just gonna come serve. Turn seven hours. Joshing just won't back to the hits area up to turn. Final time final Kona. And the final round of the China's may is going to be a winner. Again, the extreme Xuan voted on a lively Waleed dot as give it some of that jolly spot that's takes away in which Williams is gonna be second watch could've been Richard. I take second third places after four by we've all gloss up, not the podium. We hope for here. Kia Armstrong should be next up and beat faith. Six widely sevens should be Alex. Rela, welcome attorney Cova racing. Pam eight. Splice will be bonds because just Ingram is a lap down. But what about that? What great rice and just gonna come to the final few going, Blake. And so as coastline, he is in place demotes actually sponsor, Alex Valla. Hoti gutsy ride from Alex, but no stopping your rice when Charlene as over ten seconds, domination again. Indeed, fantastic. Run there from Nesbitt. He'll be very pleased with that result. Notably the Richard hones Williams date actually set the faucets, Latin second faucets that was quicker the Nesbitt bits pole time as can really, really is a case of what could have been for the right of that in what was again another frantic and exciting race here at tasha show charleena's bit. Then back on top, some people say, I'll give me where we belongs and I'm sure he will. He will go on concrete world championships. He's already doing in junior world championship. So back to his Co. fabric charleena has a winner. Again. Charleena's base in the extremes. You hundreds just remove ace to come here on Sunday nights of the two thousand eighteen co Fabri seeing message made by championships. Just a moment. Heading out. For the final time own socity. We already full of a start, and it will be ready for this is cool says starting on popish in in many Ephron cycles make Williams only in second place, ill-timed lead, but well, we will see in say, make Lee and Richard Davies. Your second, the great ahead of agent m.'s and Simon some clouds and Jason green streets, Joan husker, Scott Jewish, and was mocking rounding out the eleven strong grades. Thanks seem to be all that at the moment that just nine up in the position. Russ mall, just pulling up bass, becoming enjoying the company bucks. They tell him because he's is a sod cockeyed. Of course. He's always well compared to come join us. And yeah, if any, anyone. Wishes to come in quick on a conversation with place had I've it to the coach just in the phrase control Saif for have a enjoy a way. It's with you guys lakes butts. There is a quick moment foam, the number forty, six of Simon Emmerson, a pushing the cow to the side of the Tri. They can't get that going. The race out does get a new way up to the line for the first time and say, he cares why make millions insulate by turn. Number one, eight ounce running, very white. Second place goes to Davies. It seems at the moment. A great starts. Cool says in third place on make lay challenging full that third position. They final spots on the bus gem up towards turns phone, five for the first time out of six vary side race moments for today. His position loses to positions no anymore into ten, six and seven. You go left right and left. Oh, happens. All extremely ties underneath extremely slippery conditions where grip valleys as a premium, it's no good saw full. Definitely not a good thoughts. Full Simon Emmerson out of this writes in retirement, full Shanley due to problems. Lewin cuts mic winners at your hundreds problems as second place. Ahead of make which Davies in full place moments agent ends in fed ahead of John Hoskins, Jason rain, son, Kyle's schedule at Simon Emmerson, and Russ Morgan in need rise to deem it seems to be taken the start. It is a good song. As you say, full, make Lee healed low. He did start in thirty was pushed back in the first Kona, and he has over this first lap to Vinnie be pressuring drank quotas now full that second place. And it is a case of when rather than if because I think he is just all over him make lays down the inside lots of curb down inside did he might get. He's. What now we as he's gone. And will come Jack Cole to those off scrapping tooth and nail Lustig and power out that non side-by-side Mickley is push out. Jack faulted ain't gonna be neck and neck. As I come over the line. Mickley didn't coin gay junk. That's already on the brakes that see down at turn one. No McWilliams has two point six seconds. So it's gone up from one point free. Pulling away to the normal amount normally routes this group, but he's it's not far off here. The moment. Then we to tear the moment then make Williams leading by corner significant margin, two point, six seconds. John causes in second place. Still pink incentive. Make lay is in the place, trying to attack owns, has county make it to seventy not quite time for they discover the cousin of it too wet to Ailey might a late move on them. It's really rotating. The psycho is trouble. They were having out of ten, nine, two wills, stop and showing the own my side com kits, again growth his good straight line speed, Drake's exits, shin full, make lay that I'm fully nibbling the pack into turn one and two concord. Make it through again, Mickley sizing up Jack colts if he can. They want to finish second. He's been. A regular on the podium in second place. Old year. Willie look on inside they storm its own five, Jack Coulter's drive very, very defensively. Outsold turned six six-week Williams Moldovan and get sued -ly McClellan, looking at the inside of Jack colts, seven out of that food turn eights, which is the left-hander flicks into turn nine, ROY the way around the haven't arm lease spin and make lease just about kept on the on thought he'd lost that McLeans going to shed load time, but either white Mickens still aided polcy. Second Mickley is third. This does now is the behind to really look at them and think about closing the gap in the back of sick with John Hoste leading Sam clouds. Certainly halting off has both of them are within a few seconds. Postcode decimates have the advantage coming down the street, but it's really in the infield section. Rick Williams Laden by three point three seconds. So he's pulling away relatively well fifty seven, three star around fifty seven thirty for coal to make Williams not dominates the as actually. Well, she go that he's being cool survive is. Knox pointing other thing that's going to influence the results of this rice mic liaised carrying to try and push John colts off to track him. And if he doesn't always on with side by side, they will go down. They strike. Whole foresee make late to the outside. They on that on that that was contacted ice that down. It's on. Kohl is pushing make leeward mcclain's on the cross. Oh, my goodness may close up three times. The left hand, the unfolds on free on fall Mickley jackal arrive is absolutely alive. Mick Williams got traffic and if tunnels that we might have well, have this big ball friendly, tanglewood it. 'cause he's the champion. Well as the champion, any guess? Three but still comes between jonquils McClay a lap and a half left to. That's still a good ole select in the number two to Jack, has an passenger coast make die way through on the number three of Scott ju. It's my mic. Lee is make coincide going into to number eight, just cuts across the three. It was ROY. A big piece laugh. No believe on he lit. She just took it on three outside soon. Fall on, got onto the wet track any spun it. All right. K. my apologies. The pair of them for lying. Did they did butts heading through the final few corners? And it is awful up to make Williams once again on cost for vice victory, not settled the ODA fail some all between John. Paul's lay some clouds. I China fight on Skype, but no quite close enough. Go thing Jack colts as they got polls. Fantas got Sola Colin side, six, they must know now that he's not going to be at frightened now for weekly, but make Williams out front, the other mic and this rice through ton line. He comes, it's going to be yet another win, higher money, more money. Now fingers and toes to count on them, but make Williams is gonna again across the lawn eight win for McWilliams guy needs citing not now Jack pulses, hard ride in second. MacLay insert Pike's false place. We should have Richard Davies atriums, and then we got a big bow with some clouds and we'll get in a moment. Salon, stats, Richard Davies aid, you shoot be next. We will white that has come through now to is it going to be as John agent your names? We are expects expecting. Yes, gems comes line, then we'll be John husky should be. We just the white. The final feuds come across the line. John Hall stay date days. Then it is some clouds on his baby with an eighteen seven Jackson Green's tights, splice Don stone. Jerry Russ Malkin will. I was no Simon Edson in that writing fail to even start well, neither smoke will smoke and did have a couple of laps in the end had a few troubles trying to get running Simon Emmerson. I didn't get away from the line. Oh, a warm about. And that was about eight Mick Williams. I had a bit more success and well victory won't see gang. To the tune of three seconds by no means the largest of gaps. He's had befall butts gave it a good guy over the course of the grace while it was a great brothels hijack Kohl's is in Mickley some of the bottling we've had all season from those expecting more of the same foments my but not brings us city end of Saturday's running. Can you believe that is just one more day of racing, fourteen thousand and eighteen for the coup Fabri seeing British many championship. First of all, a big. Thank you to old of you for tuning in and sending comments who will be reading if you tomorrow. I have them in our show tomorrow. No doubts. First of all key this pulling him icing the course of today. Well, it's been your particular highlights since big memory. Psycho from today, there's pay, no law must admit Mason foster wrapping up the championship in that was a real highlight. Likewise, some you'll months people forget someone since I championships help at a year. Is you gotta. It is very, very impressive them Simon clauses win in the pit. Bart one four rice definitely goes down as my highlight of the obviously is that winning in the metre team ice as well. So the class funding have a few drinks tonight I fail. Well, not too much co-ceo facing some. I gotta very busy devising Zimmer Siwa do take sensibly. We hope but Khanna Jackson your first opportunity to see cool five racing live well, have you enjoyed it? How he found the thing always been fantastic. Dan, absolutely experience, but it's as you say, the weather today has just made it so much more interesting. The the writers have obviously had serious issues when it comes to keeping the vikes on trial, but it's that level of experience. That, of course, really separates a lot of the writers, and it's great to see the fantastic racing from the front runners in all of the classes about who can really take advantage of this track. Well, we've had a few championships to. Decided over the course of today. A thing you wanted vicwith want something in date. I was going to ask on a million dollar question. Is it bad and calls when we don't do those comparison? Yes, we do this event, yes. Brilliant. That's all we need to know down more. You're gonna side. So I was gonna say, if you've got any particular inkling upon which poses favorite head over to the sport awards, why you can go at your favorite ships, your favorite drivers, your favorite teams riders may maybe the best master. The someone goes above and beyond for the sport is also definite, was head over to the multiple war. G can go and follow us on social media as well, scour and sign up on the website where Coney in the lone less nominations that you can put in who you feel deserves. Walser name will can catch on all that down soon until you can quickly choose who will be. They also win all these awards. So there is plenty of action sales come. Hey, this weekend. The final day of the final round of the two thousand eighteen co Fabri saying British many by championships. Thank you very much to order the marshalls antenna medics and for all of ice organization without you guys and goes, we just couldn't go. I sing. So an extremely thank you for all of your help today in very, very difficult conditions. And I think well about from from myself 'time Kiko Charles Anthon, Khanna Jackson, thank you very much for joining us tonight and we'll see bright and early tomorrow morning. The original and best Aparicio's championships mini bikes. This pace cool fabric saying.

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