Lenovo Smart Display 7 Hands-On


In this episode of hands on tech is brought to you by plex plex is offering ten dollars off the lifetime. PLEX pass subscription for new subscribers only at plex dot TV slash twit code twit ten Lenovo. Smart display this is a seven inch one. It is much smaller than the eight and ten inch. Ones that were announced slash launch slash share. This one does not flip over this way the way the last you did. It only works this way and It's about the size of the nest. Hub If you're familiar with it Same screen size around seven inches. I guess display but the thing about this is that it has a camera right here Thankfully there is a little CIDER. If you don't want the camera to be on because I can understand why now this is not the kind of thing that you're gonNA put your bedside because of that camera thing is what I say. If you want something that goes by your bedside you want to get the Lenovo smart clock. That's that's the thing that goes by your bedside this one Right now this hanging out in my office and it's become my My periphery nine hundred. Who knows streaming device? So when I do my fifth rewatch of season five. I'm doing on this thing and it's great because the sound owned there's two one point. Five inch five watt speakers and a passive radiator which pointed directly out you here at the bottom so the sounders just pointed out you so I can hear all the dialogue perfectly of the seventieth time that Kelly chooses herself Thank you ron forgetting that This is going to go ahead and put on a little low fi hip hop recasting it through spotify right now now. This thing is bay see see the thing is really basing and I like it It sounds really nice. I have it actually paired as a home group in my office with the new second second Gen nest many and this many as you may know when you put it up against the wall it Kinda uses the wall to reverberate base and it sounds great in conjunction with this. I kinda love this little like Stereo pairing that I put in the room and then okay burqas time you turn all the way up so I'm GonNa go ahead and do that. It's all about at that base. All right let's see if you can feel this on the table. Can you feel that folks being now. It's it's basically It's shaken okay. Burke wants to hold it up to the Mike it. It's it's low hip hop right. I'm not GonNa put put something to get us in trouble with rates So the Nice thing about this has really nice viewing angles as you can see like from either side You're getting Khris clear vision The the camera resolution on this thing. It's two mega pixels instead of five like on the other Lenovo smart displays There is also a hardware mute button on the on the top skews me Kinda like in the other Smart Displays Yup. I know it also has okay. I Heard Jeff It also has bluetooth five point zero rather than four point two like only older displays and it does have the ability to adjust automatically But I am not using it. That way because amusing it has color sensor as kind of like it knows how to adjust. Adjust the picture based on the lighting your room. But I haven't been using that just because you know it's just been sitting in my office but it is you know it's it's a nice little if you're thinking about getting a smart display you don't Wanna get the tub necessarily it's MS RPM one hundred thirty dollars but exclusively actively you can get it for one hundred bucks at H.. If you order it through being h they're thirty percent off for the holiday so if you're interested in in maybe you want to check this out instead of the nest hub. Maybe because maybe you do wanNA camera and you WanNa stick with the seven inch size something worth considering Lenovo. They've done really good job drop with smart displays. I'm still using the tension the kitchen. It's still our kitchen display Were we clean it off with a little bit of The method purple stuff. That's what I call it. Because can get greasy in the kitchen. This one I think is better in the bedroom. If you're getting I'm going to. I'm going to avoid that and I'm GonNa ask you the question. I was Gonna ask what you kind of answered but it seems like this would be a great like alarm clock device. No I really like Lenovo Vo Smart Clock for that. Yeah because I don't want something super complicated. I actually have the nest hub in my bedroom because it doesn't have the camera so I'm not like I'm not as weird it out and that's my little like you know what I'm playing podcasts. Or watching something while doing where makeup this one. It's I think it's a good idea if you maybe have a smaller family room when you don't want to have such a big display because you have tv that kind of thing it's a good smart home controller and then just very quickly. Actually Victor Mind the overhead. Just very quickly. I'm just going to show sure you remember that. These are kind of the new. This is the new way to do everything. So Jesus Kinda brave so you can't really see that well which I got him it ultimately really like this is less about the device more about the Google home interface. I am liking the new interfaces the rollout but I will say the swipe up menu that you do to get volume and everything when you have player like if you're watching video and you have player controls and getting that to swipe up on top of player control gets very frustrating and confusing. Yeah so there you go whenever smart. Play a hundred bucks. H hundred thirty. If you find it anywhere else Danzon Tech brought to you by Lex with flex you can organize stream your a personal collection of movies. TV shows music and photos anywhere on any device. Give your media the royal treatment it deserves with the plex pass and and get premium features including pre music mobile sink trailers parental controls and more plex is offering ten dollars right now off the lifetime pass subscription for new subscribers. Only here's what you do. PLEX DOT TV slash twit and use offer code twit ten. That's plex dot TV slash twit coat. TWIG ten hip up with all the hottest Tech News and gadgets visit twit DOT TV there. You'll be able to find subscribe to all our tech show's. Thanks for watching hands on contact.

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