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You're listening to off the vine race therapy celebrity-obsessed friends and business partners who social media accounts and podcasts are either your current or soon to be obsessions started in two thousand seventeen comments by celebs captures the funniest most awkward and even romantic comments made on celebrities instagram accounts by both celebrities and trolls followers of the celebs their tagline because even famous people love famous people is obviously true since some of the biggest celebs follow. CB's instagram account which has over one point two million followers not a big deal including Joe Jonas on a Ferris Chrissy Teigen Chrissy teigen falls you guys using huge Kelly Ripa and Andy Cohen Their podcasts also titled Comments By celebs Ebbs Dives into the real life drama and deeper into these comments. We all love to read please welcome to the podcast Emma Diamond Jewelry Kramer. I'm sorry no no I was going to say that. It just sounds like Bossi like I'm into it. Thank you okay so welcome to the podcast. Thank thank you for being here. Your guys account is just so funny. How did you guys start this? Just start from the beginning yeah so we started in April two thousand seventeen when instagram change their algorithm to kind of highlight celebrity comments so what wait it change Dal Rhythm to highlight celebrity comments people with blue check marks so remember back in the day. If you're or scrolling down instagram solitaire compassion instagram there was fifty thousand comments scrolling the bottom two that you would see were just the most recent they were random people oh and now they are so they made two changes who I change they made was that those people were celebrities. That you followed or other people you followed in your orbit and then the second change was all of the verify verify people with blue checks. Go to the top when you cook the comments section so all of a sudden we were seeing the stuff that we'd never seen before and I was like we have to do something with this. I mean media count and I asked really she wanted to run it with me and we are like I've just I've just so fascinated that you look turn this into a business. It's you it's so are we honest like when when was the moment that you were like all right this like like did you have jobs and you're like I get to quit my job and run this instagram account. What what happened there? Yeah it's crazy so I I was after Syracuse. I took a year off and I started Columbia Grad School. It's GonNa Master's in social work and we you know we're doing the account but it wasn't until until February of last year when it really started to take off what happened was Kelly. RIPA started talking about us on live. Oh yes like our numbers skyrocketed from like one hundred thousand to two hundred thousand yeah like twelve days holy from then on and that's what I said I think I have to defer my second semester really do this. FULLTIME and Julie decided to put off even applying to Grad School. Wow yeah I kept putting it off like I should have applied to guards. We didn't decide to like probably April. I should've applied to Grad School in January and I was like yeah you know. I think that one day she just GonNa tax we should do this full time and I can and I knew it. I had a feeling since the I just felt like it was a really good idea. It's a great idea. Thank you obviously it's worth guys and he started out anonymously yeah and then. When did you decide to be like no? We are the boss ass bitches behind this shit well so we decided eight thousand followers when we were going to like tell people meeting people in our own circle like nobody knew that so funny our friends that no gosh no way yeah and even telling me if you see like the account we have our names we never posts us ourselves like our personal counselor that private note desire to be influencers right any means. It's really fun to be like the voices and kind of businesswoman but that's just not our vibe really to you yeah well. You have a guest totally but that's like. I don't know it's it's still just the voice right exactly lupone away yeah yeah okay I get I I I would actually love to be what you guys are doing like. It's people I think before before I went on the show I was like I would love to be like a instagram famous miss person and then I came up and down like overwhelming I would love to run an account that was just like memes or something or like the controversy loves is just so Oh cool like what is the best comment by Celeb- you've ever seen what's your favorite meal. You know my mind okay you go first mine is there's a picture of Quavo like the migos at Madonna's house in in Miami and she just combinations like that's my house but you're doing their quayle response just like trapping and I just thought it was the funniest thing the two of them interacting was just it was gold yeah yeah I think mine was a Julia Roberts clapback. She's someone commented like something her ugly Navy Nail Polish and she was like it's actually black now Polish college. If you wanted to just be clear in your insult it was just like so I was like in what world is Julia Roberts Klag on social media. This is crazy. That's and so what's the craziest celebrity lever ever had interaction with. I have to tell you the day that we met Chrissy going on live with Kelly and Kelly like Texans like you guys should come Kelly. It's also created Kelly just texted us and like Kelly Ripa a third of their no way it sounds so I I sound like so bad when I say that but that's what happened she was she's coming tomorrow. I didn't put the two together like worlds collide and it was the night before and we go and it was just. I don't know like an out of body experience not that we were starting. We don't really get like that Paja getting her and her being like Oh my God I loved the account where like Holy Shit. You are the account you yeah okay. She probably like inspired the account totally yeah yeah. She's a huge part of it. That's amazing. That's probably the moment that you were like okay. We've made it was a big moment yeah so you guys went to the show. Oh Yeah Oh and then just hung out with Kelly backstage like a little kid. I don't know I don't it. They always say in the beginning because what happened when she's when Kelly I started talking about on the show it was like this crazy thing oh my God and then we actually got to know her and she is the most doubter like they always say. Don't meet your heroes. Maybe maybe disappointed. It's could not be more with her. She is the kindest most downtown person we did our podcast. She was our first guest way yeah this past summer. Her daughter are in turn. They I consider them like I don't know I. They're unbelievable. People wow that's so cool there I find the relationship so inspiring to like they just seem like like she just gets up and works out and goes to job and they have these kids and they're so in love and they just seem like such salt. I've always loved her because I used to watch soap operas all my children and I used to record days of our lives and all my children and I would just fast forward through all the parts to get to like Kelly and and what was his name on the show. Her name was Haley Matteo Tale Matteo. I loved them so much there. That's so cool thank you. You're so cute okay so you also also started comments by Bravo comments by athletes and comments by bachelor. Yes amazing so tell me about the decision to make those into separate accounts so oh and you have a personal favorite okay yes. I'll answer also started. We decided to start athletes because there's just so much that goes on in the world of Sports Terry and initially we were super naive like yeah we we can around we can do it and I quickly realized we know nothing about this. We know celebrities like the back of our hand right. Sports stuff is just not so much not so we hired someone kind I'm just to run that solely and she's amazing and the Bravo one like there is such a you know. Bravo fanatics are really bravo fanatic. Oh yes and people seem a trend that we saw in the beginning was that people get really upset when you claim like Bravo liberties are quote reality stars in the category of like celebrity which is why they wanted us to put them kind of in their own category which sounds kind of bizarre but it actually made sense via than those people are so fascinated and that's why we did Bravo and and bachelor most recently Julian. I are not bachelor watchers at all like I didn't see any of anything I never watched it. This season. I started watching Bachelor in Paradise Oh and I he was like this is riveting. She Literally Watch one episode and text me and she's like relaunching comments by that story tonight and I was like did you turn on your TV for the first time and that's exactly what happened. Oh my gosh that's so funny. I feel like I I used to watch the show but paradise. I'd never watched because I was like too much like too much bachelor in one the Bachelor Bachelorette Bachelor in paradise and then I started watching. I think two summers ago and I was like Dang. This is good yeah. Oh my God I was living for. I know Oh yeah. It's very so what's your favorite bachelor comment. I favored bachelor first off. Yes I think it was yesterday posted you with the thing with the with the with the yeah I loved that someone commented on on Caitlyn's picture like over hands in the pocket like guess she's engaging. She's like listen like I have addressed with pockets. I'M GONNA put my hands Don. Yeah there are some good back and forth between Derek and wells always very funny yeah wells. I feel like I love him but I feel like he goes out out of his way to try and get on comments by like I feel like he's always because he's so funny and witty and they're always so funny but it's like every post like the the same of they'd be now. He's funny yeah. We try to cherry pick like decide which ones are the best of everyone but I think yeah here's good content yeah. He is really good content and I just love him and Sarah and now that you guys have so many followers them more than just the one initial count and do you guys have certain shifts like how do you do this between the two of you like you have so many accounts run but you said you had an intern okay so the team team is really just the three of us right now. Kelly's Auto Lola was working with us over the summer and she was helping more so like without some of our patriots off so it's me Julian. It's about you guys I can't hear but she's off to the side and we brought her on board in January. She's also like our best friend only God yeah. That's a fun that you work together as a so crazy yeah the meeting. It'll be like who led us even do this yeah. How is this real like a job? I feel that way sometimes too right yeah. It's it's wild but you've he said look you guys just sit and search for comments or do people just send them to you. At this point Ronn explain yeah so it's both so what we definitely have unmasks this amazing following of people who like to feel like they're involved so they'll send us comments when they see one so if something big happens we'll get that comment like a hundred times yes but if they're like little ones that that maybe aren't as obvious aren't as big of a deal they'll get some tests maybe once if at all and then that's when we start to kind of hunt for them a little bit but we'll scroll through our feet all day and come across things we do is when we get one. We'll we'll send it to each other and we'll decide whether it's a solo you WanNa do it as just one poster if we want to put in a roundup and if it's around up we added to share it album that we have and then when we hit ten on their we'll post it as a round up yes. It was kind of just like an on flowing in the beginning. It was a lot more of us like scrolling content forgot totally now that it's become so much more of a business yeah we can't do that all day much more the podcasters right and stuff going on constantly That's why we're so lucky to have these followers that totally involved. It's like do your job for you. It's amazing visionaries. 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A US dot com enjoy fifteen percent off your first purchase when you use Promo code off the vine fifteen. I'm one of those people to first of all. I've been wearing their sunglasses around and my instagram stories race. I'm sure you've seen but I wear glasses that don't have prescription. I just like wearing glasses 'cause he makes me feel like a boss Keiko. How much time do you think you invest a week on finding content content a lot? Yeah I turn by springtime off I was I was like I know it's my job though I don't know if it's because I feel like any the other person's job with the amount of time they spend at work I just like didn't like seeing the number so glaringly in my face but also when I was looking there's something that did a breakdown of time spent on instagram between your accounts and between like my personal and the comments it was like one percent of my personal ninety nine percent comments really yeah we net. It's it's really true or not but that's I think that's why like our personalities are very conducive to this in the sense that it would be really hard if we were trying to build a personal brand as well right then you have to keep up with two feeds and a curated raided feed whereas like our accounts are on privately whatever we want like private yeah that's amazing. They love it. Yeah Oh my God. It's the best yeah that is oh I kind of want to be. We've seen lately to all these accounts. Go private to get more followers. What is what so when you so? Let's say you're looking at Adam. You want to send it to one of your friends. If you inbox to them in their private they won't be able to see it unless they fall out account so a lot of me. mccown will go private so that when somebody sends it they have to fallen on they'll just accept everybody at once. Oh you can hit like except all will you go public. Everybody gets accepted and then you go back on private. Oh we don't do that on comments. Dot Com other counts other accounts will be like should we go right now. No move yeah and it would scare me to do that because I would have. I don't know yeah I don't know. It just seems so crazy to go private. I know I guess. I don't know what it works for. Some you totally it's a yeah it's a tactic. That's true and what does it like working as all like best friends like what happens when you have a disagreement you guys communicate well with each other. If you do or do you just because you guys see both really sweet I mean I don't know I don't know you that well but you just seem like really easy going sweet people so disagreements and how do you get through those. It sounds crazy. I we really. There's not anything that we've had a major disagree. Not I mean I think it's amazing Julius Nyerere so incredibly open with each other. There's no like passive aggressiveness. There's bullshit of course okay uh-huh Okay Great Yeah Yeah. There's just no bullshit and I'm also just like. I don't know we're we're not we're not like that. It just easy. We're also so on the same page wjr that it's rare that one of us would have something where the other feel so strongly against it right if you look at are there like the dumbest arguments in the entire world today we were formatting a picture and it was like crissy's sees tweet and it was it was like in the box on twitter and I was like no it looks better out eventually. Can you just let me do it and I was like. Can you just listen to what it's the dumbest. You wouldn't believe that those are real. You'll fights. It's and people always ask us like businesswise what happens and I think what we were really smart about was in the very beginning before this even took off like my family's very as much as business lawyer type and they were like this has all been writing and handled yeah so that was out of the way right. There's none of that like weirdness. Yeah got that settled. That's true. It doesn't mean has your candidate got any backlash like I don't know but I was just wondering if you like because you always pick up on the trolls. Do you guys ever get trolled rarely yeah I can't imagine usually when people comment comment negative things on the account. It's about the coup were posting or about like the comment but not about us or count yeah I mean I don't we try to say pretty like lighthearted in our content also try to like for example if there's something that we think one would make even if it's funny but we know that it would make a celebrity look really that we don't post it yeah because like just there's no need for like we don't need them getting all this press and if it's like a sensitive issue like someone's kid will ask the person like GM the celebrity like. I wanted to post this totally. Don't want you to feel like just give us your okay no problem either way and there seemed to be super receptive to that so really so they see your messages like given they don't follow you then they respond. That's cool some of them. Yeah not always but definitely a decent money especially. If I think that one celebrities if it goes their message said requests and they see our account which they recognize the name and it's like they opened the message knowing it something like asking US permission right. They're usually pretty receptive to that. Yeah that's cool and then and win the idea for the podcast start so that was in July of last year we were approached by veterans at the time with different network cadence thirteen but they approached us and and they were like we were expanding our podcast and we'd love you guys to come on board and like it's something we'd always thought of it. We didn't really I don't know think about how it was gonNA actually happen so I remember Julius. Let's go I wanted for the meeting by myself and I called her. I think we're going to do a podcast like what the last day of my my senior year. I like grabbed. We stayed over the extra night after graduation and I everyone else was like going to spend the whole day in Syracuse and I left on like a train at six o'clock in the morning to come home. We had are like meeting to finalize everything day after I'd graduated really crazy and I remember I was originally going to come home the night before. This is a really funny story. I was Gonna come home the night before that we city no problem ready to go and I like called because I wanted to say. Actually I call them was it could you. Do you think they'd be like I could just stay. Take like a really. I promise I'll be there. She's like yeah. Of course I was so nervous. Ken Doll of course as long as you're there. I don't care what time you leave. It was so funny it's cute and then what is the podcast called. Is it celebrities or celebrity comments Komo's by slow yeah okay yeah. It's not celebrities yeah shorter yeah so we you guys talk talk about pop culture and is that the main topic pick of conversation on the phone basically breakdown whatever happened that we we do like an award ceremony where we give the funniest common in the best class of the week we do like a crashing recap where we talk about about all things Kardashian junior and then it's really just like I don't know kind of a more intense analysis on things about culture. 'cause I think we take a little bit of we try. Try to give the facts but then we also take like a psychological approach of what we think going on and then we do a second show which like I crashing bonus show so in season we just recap Sunday night's it's episode which will do today but in the off time we were doing. We did a series of like fifteen deep dive because we had to kill time but yeah she sees it yeah so we did like a Christian or do you have a connie. I need deep diving houses also have you ever interacted with any of them know except for the one best the thing that ever happened we had Brad Gretzky on our podcast and he's like a big kind of crashing enthusiast and we were talking about Kim and and I asked him like what about her. Do you find so fascinating. I've never he's telling us so I posted on our stories like an audio Graham and he reposted it and then she reposted historian Lori and Isabel is she's texting. You can't understand what she's saying. It's an all capitals like Kim Guys Kim Emma. I'm like what am I your voice son Kim Him story what the Audio Julia was no. My Dad is crying like that of a fucking movie. That's so oh funny yeah it was it was beyond yeah. That's I mean that's when you know he made it. I don't know for us. We were just like this is the coolest thing ever that is so cool cool so you have two podcasts a week to get okay. What's the most fascinating thing about the Kardashians to you guys? Oh Wow you got it. I mean I don't know I think for me. At least it's like the way that they have built this into when you really think about where they started from not that they listen they always wear like a privilege family and stuff right always in the limelight because of rubber and all that stuff but look at what they have built to become the most recognizable family in America to build a brand that hopefully they're great grandchildren in far and have to work He's unbelievable the marketing genius of this family whether or not it's great. It's Oh my God yeah it. Did you watch them or hate them so you have to admit that I have to yeah. Let's just love them. Well my God I do too. I think it's more of like an admiration yes. That's how I that's. How I I feel like? I'm just impressed by all yeah yeah exactly. It's not we obviously we're fans but it's not like this diehard phantom kind of thing yeah yeah yeah I mean yeah. I'm Mike trying to think of other like what's in. What's the hottest topic in this week right now like what in pop culture? What did you say? I mean Britney Spears. Update is Kinda crazy great with that so her she's under the conservative by her father. Yeah so her father just stepping down from the conservative ship among claims that he abused her thirteen year old son and there was some physical alteration between them yeah and in in conjunction with her Kevin Federal in her acts now requesting at he got at seventy eight and they used to have a fifty fifty custody now. It's seventy thirty Kevin FEDOR line. What if you would've told me that her live would have seventy percent custody of those kids? Wait what so what is happening with her our yeah I mean who knows it's really it's really just like sad. No it's heartbreak yeah no it is I follow her and I just I. I've always been such a Brittany Fan and I just every time she posts another hug you happening. You just want to give her hugs. Obviously something wrong. There's just no way that it's not the the posts are too. I don't know something I don't. I don't know what it is and I would not feel comfortable like making an assessment really does but something's not right no and then. I wonder if it's always been that way. They know where to see orange. I don't know it's so sad because you think about the way she grew up. It's Kinda like a Michael Jackson situation. You know like it's just the way she was brought up and being in the public her public meltdowns and everything she's gone through like God. We talk all the time with Justin Bieber for example yeah. It's like you have to give these people a little bit of slack in the Senate Roy Imagine if you're thirteen and all of a sudden your entire world kind of blows close up and you become like the most famous person going from nothing that fucks with you yeah oh absolutely it takes a lot of therapy and a lot of grounding to not be fucked up. Yeah absolutely have a lot of empathy for those people yeah. Oh that's sweet. I like that you think that way because I do too I there. There's just something about Brady too but the thing is with Justin Bieber to me. He seems like angry and upset where Brittany seems still so happy and like like that she does allies yes like she doesn't even realize what she's going through she does. She seems like a child dialled. Gosh I'm worried about her us to every day every day I wake up and I'm like it's better today today. Oh okay well. Let's get into confessions because this happened. I give it to me. What's good one okay? I did off your chest. I told the story on our podcast and we had the fosters on fit is just so funny and I have no shame Tell you long story short. I was in a relationship with someone for forever and he sells my best friend to this day. Oh Nice truly for a while he when we broke up whatever he started dating someone else and this girl was a ballerina yeah and she opened instagram account. I was like we were totally broken out there. No jealousy there it was it was a conscious decision to do not be together but I was still so curious as to what was going on and her cows open but I obviously didn't want to look at her stories because I didn't want her to see that it was me so so I like any other curious ex girlfriend would do yeah created hit. y'All daily Valerie INFO okay. Just let's get it was like a private account but like I post like I don't know twenty pictures or something that looks kind of legitimate like an icon whatever and the only thing I use it for was just to watch her stories. I've never like troll her anything literally just curious yeah and I'm in. La with my friend Rachel and I thought this was like the most genius plan is like this is the best thing ever like I if I was giving all my friends hazards that they could look at whoever they wanted without Oh yeah and I'm in. La with my friend Rachel all of a sudden I get a notification on my phone and she gets one. We all get one yeah. Oh boy I got one. Oh no the notification heard round the world your facebook friend Medina's on Instagram is daily Ballerina Info no no no I know I know I don't know so. I am like what the fuck I'm literally sitting here. I'm shaking Rachel Rachel. She's it's fine. It's not a big deal. No one else got. It's I start texting my friends and they're like yeah we did but like probably not a lot of other people did and then I'm like tell me right now and every single person got it. No I you truly in my life. I'm a very calm level-headed. 'cause I typically situations like that but not like crazy stuff. Let me tell you something I lost it. I immediately on instagram like trying to change the whole thing deleting the account trying to change the email is just trying to like delete my face. I literally deactivated my facebook. Yeah I was having an out of body experience. It was sheer panic. It was a question I forgot the answer to in this whole story which is truly one of my favorite stories of all time is did Thomas. No I know then or he found out after when you told the story he didn't know that he found that after because he had nothing to do with him like he's got an act of guys a Dick on there or anything that that would've been. I would obviously obviously whenever they knew but oh my now would have been some shit yeah it was and feeling like embarrassed that she I don't give a shit about her. It was the fact that everyone else knew anybody who knew anything about the situation new always ever forget getting that notification your friend of John. I was like it's over now. It's over. We had a good run and they like in the next after your life. Julia was like you know what if I can get through this I can get through fucking any like this is the most mortifying situations so I think for me. That's up there with probably the most embarrassing who has ever happened to the story that like when your kid comes home from school and they had like a really embarrassing like wait. Wait till you hear their Oh my goodness gracious. That's funny yeah that was how long does that two thousand seventeen so that's your like two thousand seventeen April two. Oh two hour and that's that's thank you for Sharing Cherry nut that's thoughts and prayers and my confession while we were talking about this before and I was like I I have nothing that comes even close that but a funny story of like me confessing something to mo which I think is a good story is a little bit of background before I tell is I promise it's a funny story from it's salvo start is that Eva's mom passed away last year and a couple story a couple months after I was in Emma's apartment alone and ed I was smoking in her apartment by myself. Whatever and there was an ashtray that I had dropped and it's spilt all over the carpet like the Nice expensive wrong and I'm like fuck? Fuck doc fuck. I'm like freaking and the back side of this. Is that my mom before. She died like decorate it wasn't she redecorated the whole thing before she died like it was like her like that was like her thing so just so fuck out. There's black ash this gorgeous like Purple Grey White ragging on my I'm never going to recover whatever I'm like. facetime Isabel and I'm like what the she's like. Get the vacuum out like it's going to get a document up. You can't see anything I'm like is about. We are never telling him but we are taking this. No no one will ever know a week later walks in the apartment again and I was like reading with a medium and she's a Oh my God Julie. My mom spoke about you I go. She is about to right now. The carpets something cupid like what do you mean spilling as the garbage and I was like wait a second. Did MOM like from heaven. Make you tell me like it was funny. I could've sworn I heard my mom. Told me what you did that that that woulda been incredible. If that happens talk about proof Gosh okay. What was it like a famous medium or was it to someone found no now I'm actually she may be famous? I mean her name's Malan CAF- my whole family is really pretty spiritual and done that for years. I love amazing. Yes women's I'll give in for me. I spoken to a lot in my life yeah and literally literally. The first thing she said to me on the phone was okay. You're MOM's saying that your dad has cardiac issues and he's not taking care of himself. My my dad had two heart attacks like we just had the conversation yesterday. Should I mean that was the first thing she said no way the tea she nailed everything. There's stuff that like I mean I'm not a skeptic in general so I guess skeptic may be harder because you know but for me I felt I walked out of there and I was like it was my house on the I was like wow this is the most validation I could ever need really yeah totally beyond just and it was over the phone over a lot of them are really yeah all right. Let's talk about saving money. 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It's just I'm just GonNa talk to your dog for a second silence for ten ten minutes and I was like and his his ears relate perking up see it was crazy and then she told me stuff like about the kind of dog he was she was right and she doesn't follow follow social media. She was like an older lady like crazy. I think about it like this. How narcissistic would we have to be to think that we are like the greatest power right? That's absurd yeah. You know what I mean. Of course there are few like in our souls transcend this. I don't know I've so many thoughts on it. Please go on. I love listening to the no maybe just because I've had a lot of loss in my life and so I mean for and for being twenty four I feel like I've experienced a lot of death and maybe he's just come from a place of it helping me get through it but I really genuinely believed that Mike always says to me and it's so true for so many different reasons like we're not bodies with souls or souls with bodies in the sense that like our bodies are kind of just this in my view. At least it's a carrying case and I think that when our time on earth ends it doesn't mean that our soul ends. I know I know for a fact certain things about my mom. It's just not a coincidence certain certain and again. If you're a skeptic you think it is but I just think that there's something really comforting to that. I agree with you and if you're a skeptic skeptic it's because you've kind of got got it that shut off that idea like you're not open to it totally so you don't feel I've had so many experiences with with that kind of thing like and I I agree with you. I think your souls like live on for example in my last relationship he spoke out and he didn't believe in this stuff and I said you have to ask for signs or you have to like ask for someone I'm going to come through and he was like so I can just ask like my grandpa to like give me a sinus and so he did and that night at two in the morning the TV turned on and just went full blast late all the volume just turned up and it's never happened before that and it's never happened since that see and he was like holy at first we thought somebody had broken to our house and they're trying to lure downstairs and we were so scared. We call my mom one but then after I was like it's because you asked for sign and he was like holy. Holy Shit like that's crazy. It's so real that's their way of communicating we had I'll just give you one example that to me was very telling back. In February we had our first ever live events. You don't really like I said we don't really do that and it was it was just like a really a really cool experience for us. Because it was the first time in person we're connecting with the followers and it was like such a milestone also in terms of our business and it was an amazing that my whole family was there and I got back to my apartment. I was alone and I was hysterical like I just in that moment. I just wanted my mom. They're more than anything one because I wanted her to see which she did from above and to because my mom was like the most engaging enthusiastic gorgeous woman I wanted to. I love showing her off Avenue Anyway. I get hysterical out of nowhere. The light start going fucking crazy done that before truly flickering like crazy and I was like there you are yeah. You're right here with me. What am I calling about right and she was saying I was there yeah yeah ever since then though the lights will do this? Sometimes we'll always always Karen like whatever so I was in the apartment and Emma wasn't there and I had a friend there and I'm turning the lights on. It's like not working with Taryn. Can you make the lights work. Like what are you. I was like Oh sorry I was talking to him as as mom I love that yeah that is comforting isn't it for me. It is absolutely okay love that story. Thank you for sharing that with. We'll be right back with more off the wraiths therapy now to off divide great there okay we're GONNA play a game and it's called celebrity scenarios and you just tell me what celebrity you would choose for the following scenarios but you can't use the the same celebrity twice okay so celebrity. You'd WANNA get high with Seth Rogan. Oh Really Chelsea Yeah Chelsea handler. I guess that's a good one. That's a really good one. I WOULD WANNA smoke with her or snoop I or I've smoked with snoop. Shell All Land God underage. Oh my God he obviously didn't know that but yeah so I was at a concert and it was an underage concert which is this is very concerning earning when I look back at it now because his. Dj pointed out to me in the crowd and was like your comeback stage with us after me and my girlfriend and so we we went back and we're all sitting in this room. I have a picture somewhere like I wish it was on instagram but it's like like an actual photo that I developed Oh my God yeah and it was so it was me snoop his uncle and his Dj at my girlfriend and we're all sitting around and it was in the time where snoop said he didn't smoke weed anymore and and we were all senior and he put it in these blunt wraps and I was like I didn't even smoke weed at that time I was like seventeen and I was like snoop. Dogg offers me. We'd I'M GONNA smoke the story and so I did and it was at an age. Also I had a diamond in my tooth. Oh that was a trend back in the day and he was like you diamond and I was like yeah and he goes shit. She's got the blink amazing yeah. Oh how good I smoked weed with sleep. How that's how it list of wow? I didn't even think of that until right now like when when I was reading these I didn't even think about that story until you said Snoop Dogg. I was like wait. I have smoked with snoop Dogg fucking cool thanks. I wish it was back in the day like I was back in the day. There was instagram so I could had that up on my story okay celebrity. You'd want to be best friends with you know. This is the answer that everyone gives everyone says gee. I don't know from following her. I get it she really is that type of a person and friend but my answer would be Kim Kardashian. I might still be Chrissy which can say because she didn't forgive it as her answer. Now you can say that mind's totally Kim Yup Chrissy. That's that would probably be my yeah. Okay celebrity that you'd want to be neighbors with. I mean magin having Kylie's closet. I was GONNA say Conway. Oh because the South Rogan story let's Seth Rogan told the story which is probably one of the funnier stories ever heard that he had he was in his house and he was in his front yard and Connie Rann by with his trainer. One time and stopped in front of his house was like hey man you're fucking funny. I kept going yeah and the next day and said he was like I was out like whatever I was so hung over in in bed and somebody rings the doorbell and it's like our doorbell is hooked up to an intercom and my wife is like comes into the room and she's like Connie's outside wants to know if you WANNA to play basketball and it was just kinda standing at his front door of the basketball Arizona ever since I was like I would do anything to be neighbors. I mean he's one of my favorite people the entire world but that's being on the like it's insane well. That's so funny. It's like so normal but you're like what Connie with just it's not so no because right right bringing their neighbors doorbell and that's kind of old school I it's like Seth Rogan does he wanNA play basketball. Can I borrow a cup of sugar. Yeah that's true Oh that's funny. Connie is a good one. Who did you say Oh Kylie? I said I think I mean there's so many access the closet one. That's a good one okay celebrity. You'd want to vacation agent with. I know it's a good question I have so I feel like I can answer all these just with Kardashians China's going to I could totally say courtney because nobody vacations like Corny in my opinion yeah those those boats in Italy and L. It's amazing the way she does. It is just like to meet. I feel like that resonates with me more than even if there were more luxuries ones I just I don't know I appreciate appreciate those yeah but I have to say recently. You know who else does a really good vacation who Bethany Frankel Oh really yes. She was posted a couple of weeks ago and those those stories were like I gotta go there. It's my favorite place on Earth Yeah. It's the best oh she wait. I need to follow her. She could follow amazing stories really just they were hilarious. It'll be good stories okay. That's so good to know yeah. You'll be hooked so who would you. This is sidetracking but who's your favorite celebrity counterfoil. Who's WHO's your favorite person to follow on? Social Media. I think will Smith is an amazing follow really yeah yes. He has some of the best content instagram because he basically has videography with him twenty four seven yeah that's an that's an exaggeration obviously for small things that nobody would think to hire one and he's just so funny and like he makes Monday and activities so fun in so lively okay yes. I'm GonNa Follow Bethany Frankel and will Smith Yeah. That's mine. I've been so into the BIEBER. Follow lately has been giving us. It's like it's I can't look away yeah. It's the stories though yeah held Oh my God destroys Haley Hill destroys what the dog and the new cat like together like amazing content. Oh Okay I already follow him him but I feel that okay. He's been doing the singer he likes shows the inside of the house randomly. You're like Holy Shit. That's like their living room and I know it's so stupid. These people are just like us but there is something cool. That's living or whatever it is. I agree with you with you. Okay celebrity from well. I don't WanNA use the term slowly but celebrity from from the bachelor franchise. You'd most like to meet. It's hard if you don't really watch so you're probably gonNA say someone from the season Paradise for sure yeah I I think I know you really have no idea you know I was GonNa. I was GONNA say Sean. Lowe kids are adorable He's funny. I think the kids are so adorable that whole family is actually hilarious like even their kids. Samuel is funny. I know funny. I mean probably the most cliche answers tyler. I don't think that's mine trying to think of who you know I. I really would love to have a sit down conversation with Dean Dean Calin like together. I was all I had. I had a dream last night. That Dean didn't like me so Zainy we go on. No I just interested by their dynamic and I still have to catch up a little bit. I would love to just kind of talk to them and soon I don't know I wanna know what life is like living out of a van. I was just with him. I don't know why didn't ask him that. We yeah it's interesting. That was very interesting. Totally Yeah Yeah Okay Celebrity from Bravo that you'd most like to meet. I would say Bethany Okay Yeah. She's she's a she. She just retired. Oh okay if you can news ord retired. Oh Hey resides I resigned took sabbaticals a- okay favorite favorite celebrity that you'd WanNa go on a date with mine's Justin Bieber minds drake okay yeah okay. I'm just GONNA say like a one that we've been talking a lot recently. I have no idea if he's not married. Uh No I have been so into John Him recently. Oh I love him. Just I don't know who someone is on our pockets and they were talking about him and I was like he's unbelievably handsome he has he's got a big lean. Yes those those years when hold on who was it Nope do Paul visit is he's he's with Barstool sports and and he does podcast but they had Jon Hamm on their podcast and I guess they were told like he hates. When you bring up the the penis conversation yeah like Paul was I wanted to ask them yeah because there's a picture that got out of outline of it? That's the gym shorts. If you like have big you don't want people to know ask. He wants people the New Year that's like Orlando will those pictures of him on the paddleboard he just recently came. It was like it was like I swear my Dick isn't that big like censor was just really generous by the way I saw it without the sensor and it is is the WHO's this Orlando Bloom the paddleboard the picture. Oh have used you saw his act they have it. They haven't non censored. Let me find it for you. Hold on you have it. I have the beaver one Julie Literally have you. I know my God. I could find one second. That is hilarious. I I'm surprised that you haven't seen Oh. My God. I want is like like a classic. I didn't even know bieber showed his hammer on a was a Paparazzi shot. I think shit up pretty large the funniest thing is that this this actually happened right or not making this up that when it happened his his dad was that's my boy yeah yeah. I remember that but I didn't know there was actual footage. Yeah I can't stop looking. First of all. Wieners are so gross but like we isn't that like really not okay for a photographer to put that photo no not at all. It's it's not at all if it's out there listen. I can't even tell you it's not even that I often look at this picture. Oh my God this shadow kind of cut cut it off at first and I thought it was really small. Oh that's unfortunate. I assumed I assumed I'm zooming okay. Wow that is just is too funny. Here's the thing here's the thing I am a thousand percent four like the fact that it's a privacy protections but you're listening to this immune. Can you genuinely straight and you saw this. Tell me that you have the moral Thomasson Outlook. I myself incredibly Morley just in front of me. I'm going to look yeah absolutely well. That's I mean the same thing with if who's WHO's newbies was she released them our baller fucking move yes sir Sir all our move. She just put somebody else did it to James Charles. I thank you did one people done it. Oh Whitney Cummings. I just did the same thing. She just put it out. She's like I'm like if you're going to try and do this to me. I might as well do it to myself like here. The photos yeah Bella Thorne to that too so I think it's such a baller move. It is absolutely and I feel like I would do the same because it's like at the same time. You're not put out a bad nude. He's like if you're that's exactly what we are doing. Oh He's talking about that we are it's like it's if it's only going to be embarrassed if it's one I didn't like it if I didn't like it. It's not it doesn't exist exactly deleted only take nudes when you're feeling real good about yourself. Okay you know that like those prank tax go around so there was that one frank tax that went around and it was like Oh my God you're news. It is on your story your story. If you scroll down. It's like like ha ha just getting people literally someone said that to be immediately without anything to look good without even the holy fuck I post nude. That's so it's like my biggest fear because I have been known to. I spoiled my whole season of the Bachelorette on snapchat by accident and snapchat in bed with the guy and I just thought it was going to one of the producers and I didn't rise to put it to my story and and I've done stupid shit like like that all the time where I'm like I ruined things for people and they accidentally on snapchat and so that has been a fear of mine that I would accidentally put a nude out in on snapper INSTA- it listen if it happens it happens right well. I did have a NIP slip. Hey We all do it was it was out there and so many people message at least it looks good exactly exactly the same way. Oh that's so funny okay wait. Do we have time to hell. Have we been doing this. I have no idea what happens though okay yeah we'll just do just do the rapid fire round and then and then call it a day. Okay okay so biggest instagram pet peeve. Oh my God I mean there's probably so stupid but the fucking spam comments about the graphic artists don't look at my store. If you don't WanNa Masturbate what you've never seen those so out of the loop you guys. I didn't know just to be on the Internet. I don't know but let's US kid no kidding. We need to tune into the POD. Okay wh Whoa tell me about this. It's just these boxers neutron of these boats in the second you posting they automatically comment on a picture like don't look at my store if you don't WanNa Masturbate and it's like these. I don't know really know what they are. These like Russia. It's very it's like a porn site that they comment on your story. They comment on your on your posts saying don't look at my story. If you don't WanNa Masturbate I've never seen that Oh it if you will panic to your comments within like the first three seconds and they ended up getting done and getting it no way yeah you incredibly okay see. I won't then throw. That's funny. What the heck that's funny that he responded? That's so weird. I've never seen that is we're going to be peeled. The pet peeve would we mind honestly the private mean pages. Oh Yeah I WANNA. I WANNA laugh with everybody. That's I've never go for that. Yeah added deprive anybody from seeing a celebrity. You know you're right yeah right but you are right. I liked my favorite thing about social media the ability to connect with people I believe would never have been able to mediums God. I love means God. I love me best. What's your favorite fall grape juice boys? Oh David who was also we are not going to be David. David Hughes is he is so fucking funny. He's his beams are mostly tweets. Why wouldn't I originally said I said grape juice choice because the memes David Hughes just has like the funniest tweets that he puts on Instagram as mediums that you'll like? Let me think we die guys like let's say thirty thousand followers hours. His humor is so specific. Nobody knows of him and Julian I if we are. He's the only person I'd be star struck by. I swear to God the really take yeah. Thanks Kate. Can you please remember these three accounts. I need to follow at the end of this. Yes rankle Bethany Frankel and David David Hughes sounds sounds good. David Hughes knows how often shouted obviously. Doesn't you know he just he liked. I don't even think followers I don't. I think he's like aware of how off. I don't think he would be aware of the fact that like we think he is the funniest person to know who you are you he might I mean maybe starstruck yeah. We'll see a lot of people know who you are with that. You wouldn't think maybe I don't know favorite thing to do when you unplug smoke weed. I don't necessarily unplug for that at though you definitely don't definitely I'm always on my phone if that is that what you mean I just maybe like unwind. Yeah smoke weed yeah that also we're not productive sooner so like we can't do shit. I'm using award system. Oh after a long day. What is your thoughts on edibles love? Oh my God her biggest fan okay yeah I you'd have just recently started like edible. Oh I'll warn you be careful because I love edibles and now nothing else. Does it for me. Really don't do anything I just take like I by one half of a little gummy and I am good I if I smoked my panel like if I smoke a joint like it doesn't it doesn't like Gimme high anymore only really yeah and also I love the so oh he's which is one bite I know I would I pass along around forty minutes. I can take one bite of something we enter delicious. Oh it's beyond yes and welcome to the good life good life biggest piece of advice for someone who wants to follow in your footsteps. Oh my God they say a lot and I think this is really true. We obviously are all about viral content and you know gaining followers and stuff but something that we've always made sure of is we never sacrifice ace like our morals or ethics in the sake of viral content so we have this term that we always use called like a viral content funeral so meaning like we'll see something like this would would be amazing but we know that it's just not right. It's not a good look for the celebrity like kind of nasty. Stay Way and someone else will pick it up and I think that maintaining like really staying grounded in fact like yeah. This is an account that your people are still human. That's nice that you guys do that because you really could. You know trust me. There's so much I yeah yeah. That's a good piece of advice those Q. 'cause I think anything in life. It's good to say like to stay true to yeah not only yourself but what you're doing and like be consistent with that totally mine would be like just go with your gut on certain posts. There's certain times where either it's like. You're saying like just like don't say I stay out of it or like. If you think something is really funny. There's going to be somebody else and maybe it won't do amazing what the likes but there's going to be other people who appreciated just as much as you do in that will get them. I'm on board so yeah yeah definitely go with your gut. When you're posting okay that's good favorite APP other than instagram mines twitter Eddie Graham after we used to like crossing the pictures in my life on a daily basis layout layout Fox me up the Athol use across four matter pictures that are just as the best so user friendly when you glide that so user ship it gets us off? I swear to God it's a five second time stamping. We didn't like so turned honoring both most common question you get asked. WHO's your favorite everydollar celebrities mines? Mine's do you get sick your phone I'm like do you get sick of your phone. Oh yeah yeah no never never ever never sick. I miss it when I put it down so I was at the dentist the other day I was like okay. Sorry this no. I'm on my phone of the dentist Yeah Yeah Oh yes that's great when you can be yeah. I thought he was when I don't at one hour two hours a week that yeah it's tough. We are pathetic most most embarrassing celebrity encounter like even if it's in person or on instagram. I don't think we've really had I mean I look in retrospect. It's embarrassing what had happened years ago before. Any of this happened was and I told him when he came the pockets garage and Eddie well. He's the one that does prince. George seems like the the he'll you have default. He's really funny okay. He was a producer of Grayson he is he's married to Brad rescue silence anyway years ago inside harbor and he was with Andy Cohen Brag risky and I stopped them and asked him take a picture of me with Andy investigator who years ago was fifteen when he came on the podcast. I was like this one time inside carver. I asked you to take the picture and I'm so sorry that's not a huge fan. If you're just did not remember that he didn't remember he's like it's okay honey. That's amazing. Who's been your favorite guests? You've had on your podcast. They've all been incredible but I think probably the most like Oh. My God moment was Katy Kirk. Oh Wow yeah special really special. That's cool. It went for two hours. It was so deep it was the first time I ever publicly talk about my mom down. it just I it legitimized us at a different way right. He's having someone who has such a profound journalistic history coming on and feeling like we were worthy of her our time yeah you know what I mean. That's incredible is really cool. Wow yeah that's amazing at least just killing it. Thanks we're just GONNA. I know I'm just like I don't even care if I wouldn't be I do but I can't believe I've been nominated because I remember last year. I saw some podcasts Cassatt were nominated. I'm like yeah and here you are. It's amazing how sick I am. Thank you. Thank you guys for coming here. Grabber you in New York or did I make who is your Sunday through. Thank you so much and then tell everybody where they can find obviously at commonplace love at the Commissary Bachelor comments by Bravo comes athletes and our podcast is common spice loves and then we Tehran that we just started if you want bonus content oh bone everybody loves bonus good and where can people find the podcast anywheres online anywhere on. I tunes spotify awesome all places last summer. Thank you so much for coming awesome okay. Your session is now ending sponsors for this week's group therapy are Privee revoked P. The R. I. E. R. E. A. Dot Com and enjoy fifteen percent off your first purchase. When you use Promo code off the vine fifteen juvie Durham text vine bind to six one five nine zero for fifty dollars off your next botox cosmetic treatment and honey honey for free at joint honey dot com slash fine thanks for listening to off the vine rape therapy tune in to hear new Minnesota every Thursday and check out new episodes every

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