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Jerry Morales on Permian Perspective- PP030


the Permian Basin is an abundant oil and gas producing area already one of the world's leading oil producing regions the area in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year. Twenty twenty three but who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse and what is their story. This is permian perspective. I'm your host Krista a skinny. Today's show is sponsored by Baker Hughes who recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes brand as an energy technology company they strive to make energy safer cleaner honor and more efficient for people and the planet. Hello everyone welcome to this week's episode so nice to be spending this time with you and it's so nice to welcome our guest today. I'm sitting here in Midland Texas Texas with the mayor of Midland Texas and business owner. Jerry Morales Jerry. Thanks so much for being here. Thank you Chris. Hello how're you doing. Hello out there. I'm doing great so nice to have view here and so fun. We've interviewed on TV for several years. Now this is our first podcast so excited technology. I know isn't it great twenty-first-century so it was great and I can't wait to hear your story. You have such an amazing story and so we're going to get into that in just a second. But first I want to thank everyone who has shared our podcast with friends family colleagues we have listeners listeners now all over the world and of course right here in the Permian Basin and I really appreciate each and every one of you. I also would like to ask everyone to help our show out by taking a few minutes to leave a review on I tunes. I cannot thank you enough for doing this. We're appreciative of the reviews that we've received so far like this five star review from Srinivas US in Austin Texas Service said each Monday. It's refreshing to await the permian perspective learning all about. Who's WHO and the details? I want to visit Midland one day. Krista is a pleasure to hear keep it going especially with new startups so thank you so much for Nevis for that kind kind review. We appreciate Shit you and it's so easy you just go to. itunes go to permit perspective and click the five star review to thank. You headed time okay. It's time to learn more about Jerry. Morales Jerry thanks again for joining us today. Usually always ask people how did they get to the Permian Basin but I think you were born and raised here so tell us a little bit about your your story. That's right Millan is my hometown and always say. It's been an honor to serve as mayor of my hometown but born and raised here. Mom and dad came. I mean I'm still trying to get the right answer for them. I have not been able to get a good story about how they ended up here. But Mom and dad or mom dad's from San Antonio Imams from the Valley Smith Bill in that area and then mom ended up in Chicago. Dad Kinda followed Chicago and then one of the sisters moved to Midland Texas and then mom came to visit her ended ended up staying. So that's how they made their roots here. I would say that was probably in the fifties and since then millon has been home to almost all of them as family and mom is of course Cillian Philippe. Ah Such beautiful. You have such a wonderful family everyone including your your siblings as well. Just great business people. How did they get started in business here? Here in the oil and gas epicenter of the world. So let's go back to mom and Dad Celje real quickly though the true entrepreneurs and that was kind of rags to through kind of riches story where he I mean self made entrepreneur. He was very good at marketing. And very good at selling he had visions and ideas and then mom was the penny pincher enger and she was very good about financials and always like tell the story. When we opened our restaurant cassette the head of the was the original name my first paycheck? She took took me down to the bank and got me a MISSA checking account and so I think I was fourteen years old and so but anyway Marchmont. I'm telling you smart. So good and tomatoes is read books you know and it was so big about education but financial was really important to her but mom and dad were just entrepreneurs and so I said data could have a vision. He could the market it. Mom You had to put the peels reports together. And they had several several businesses going on at one time dad got into the insurance business and became a health and life insurance salesman top agent for over forty years and together. He's been in that business for fifty years. He retired now and mom always was right there on his side. Just helping with that. MOM had a dream. She's like I want to own a Mexican restaurant. This was back in one thousand nine hundred. Seventy six thousand nine hundred seventy seven. They opened up the Cacique. The head Ardo. Which is our family Mexican restaurant? And I'm happy to say three generations later we're still operating Cossiga head though except I reverse the name and call it had articles casino. I see I did not know that. All these twenty one years. I've been going. They're getting the Best Chili Relleno. I'd never knew that it was originally was foot flopped because now everyone calls it. ANYTHING ANYTHING FROM HARARE'S TO GERARDUS TO JERRY. I've heard that one to Jerry's juries little house and that's what it means because seat that juries little house so and I was asking like what did you name it after me. And not after my brother overt or after Cindy and they're like I don't know God just gave was that name and we went with it and so our logo was the Saint Gerard and he's protected us all these years years so it's been nice he sure. Hasn't I bet your siblings of roused you to over the years to like. Yeah he's got. He's got the restaurant named after him. Favorite child there has been discussing is as you. Well you have you. Do you have a fantastic family and fantastic business here in town. But it's not just one business you have now grown through the years. Let's talk a little bit about how you took. That family owned restaurant and then expanded. So what happened is after I went to Texas Tech and I was studying restaurant management while I was there there was a concept that opened up call heretics and actually they had been in position already but they had a harrison midland came to work one summer and fell in love with their concept and so immediately I went to work for hurricanes and the head about eight concepts at that time. Good Steak House. You know but the training was phenomenal. Their culture as far as yes you know teamwork recipes were homegrown and so everything had to be meticulous. Owners were just very meticulous. Then they decided to get into the tex-mex craze and the open when Lubbock on Fiftieth Street. It was at that time called La Plaza. They're Julio's in a year later because it did so well. tex-mex craze was really exploding. We switched it to Don Pablo's so I stayed with Don Pablo's ten years my family we moved up to Dallas then we moved to Columbus Ohio. In that ten years I grew up the corporate ladder. We took it from one concept of two hundred concepts when I left so I got to learn how to grow a franchise. I learned how to go on the stock market. We got to go to the corona fields. Tomato Goldfield's all of that so at one point they got sold out and said you know it's time to come back home. I got in the Insurance Business With my dad. Said this is not me. I cannot do this dads so. The restaurant was actually empty for a few years. I cashed in my stock and we bought Cacique the head of those from my mom and dad in one thousand nine hundred seventy one thousand nine hundred seven and good for you for knowing what you did not want to do. Because I think that's just as important knowing what you do want to do it because a lot of time you might be in a job and you you think something just doesn't fit here beget we. Don't listen to that voice. So what was it that made you go. Yeah so as I was sitting in that insurance desk and the window was facing the restaurant and as I was looking at the restaurants in Midland I my heart. You're my heart just kept saying you. Will you belong in the restaurant as you liked it. Inter mingle with people every every day you like the challenges you like the ownership and so I think my heart just said we're GONNA do this. We're going to get back into now. I had just got back into Millan and and didn't realize the cyclical environment of the oil and gas in. Everybody remembers eighty eight dollars. A barrel oil in the nineties wasn't much better right. What year was that that you decided added to open ninety seven ninety six ninety seven elsa the late night it was a little rough? It was a little rough KAZAA. Now I see I got here. Ninety eight oil was eight dollars. A Barrel Yup. Yeah so I I think given my heart and my passion was just so strong that it wasn't paying attention to the economic environment but regardless we we established it and I have to admit it with far family was a tough five years. I mean getting back up even though we have been established since one thousand nine hundred. That doesn't mean anything. You're starting fresh fresh and it was a little well you know. They were a few different recipes now. I was able to hire the original cook. My Mom and dad had which was nice and we changed. You know of course a new generation so I took away the four or white walls that they had and I brought in you know back then it was murals and a lot of color festive atmosphere loud music. No carpets you remember they started everything carpets out and he started going to tile floor so we kind of brought this new change in the midland in. It was good but it was not busy busy. So I'm telling you five years we really. We went through that challenge. What was the biggest challenge in? And what did you learn the most during that time. Yes so trying to afford the Labor in a good thing that was a labor market but China Ford it it taxes taxes and then because we had an alcohol permit right from the get go back then it was about two thousand to get started than another two thousand inventory Tori for alcohol. Ten thousand food and supplies so you know after you already spent one hundred thousand trying to get the restaurant ready. Then you had another forty thousand inventory Roy then you had to set another side for payroll taxes and alcohol taxes and you're just going home my goodness what did I get myself into as an entrepreneur but the the smart thing is being able to work in the corporate world we knew how to Penny Pinch. We knew how to do things on our own when you had to go get out there and go hustle for the business and that's what we had to do is just hustle. We catered catered. I remember taking my first catering a year after we opened for five hundred and we were like. Oh my gosh we can do this. We can do this and sure enough. We pulled it off and it was great money and after that we really really just started catering a lot to bring extra income. And you're always there. I I mean I can remember working at the the whole family was always in there working. It's not like you. You just opened the doors and then said all right employees. Good luck. Yes oh I'll tell you so. My wife Meredith she was doing the payroll in. If I wouldn't work shift she was. WE'RE GONNA shift in the oldest son Chris. was there helping bus and we always had them there. But yeah you went on a skeleton crew and we worked seven days a week two shifts a week or all day a so it was tough and I think that's that's living the American dream though it's right and we know that wasn't my first time my first role as far as being in business but cause working for the corporal starting from scratch with that company. It was very interesting when you watch those guys work and so you know it's teamwork but I had a lot of fun by one restaurant that's awesome and you mentioned Chen Chris you now of course work hand in hand with Chris you've expanded. Your restaurant is a little bit about what that was like going from one to three. Yep So one time we actually had Gazeta had articles. We had another head-on Odessa. We had at the call center. The eighteen t colston were feeding seven hundred people a day. We were doing breakfast for some lunch and snacks. We were operating seventeen bendy machines we had the catering company. We opened another concept downtown so we had about five or six concepts going at one time and do this again one of the employees of the building. They took it away from me. Tuesday WanNa Know Desa. They sold the building on me so I lost that one but every time I lost when we would move into something else and I just could never stop and I always had this energy of doing more exciting and then Chris my oldest in chase my middle both fell in love with the industry and they love going on catering's they would be right there helping making tease or or minute tortillas and of course everybody loves the money so they bind and making a few dollars here on the side it was it was always been a family operation and now you have the Mulberry Cafe so today as we have so three years ago there was a concept called the harvest cafe and it was a priscilla and had been in there for a restaurant event and it's a great location for anyone who's not from midland. I mean just a perfect locations there next to Joe James Salon and also Carter's furniture exactly and so the lady that owned it. She did a phenomenal. Job is on when you walked in there. You'd like if like you're in tech an in midland you feel like you're in Dallas or Austin. It's true and I told her I said I don't know what it's telling me this but if you ever decide that you want to get out please call me I because I'm very interested in this this concept and so sure enough about a year later got a call from. I'm I think I'm ready to get out. And so my son Chris my oldest son he has joined the business and and we looked at it. And we said we're investing in this. We bought it and we kind of made some changes. We made it more full skill breakfast. And then we're kind of an American bistro with the salads the burgers the flat breads and so we're so good and the tomato. Basil Soup is amazing and it was scary. Was it scary making a switch though because you had been in the Mexican food restaurant space for so long. Yes how is that switch for great great question so never doing breakfast and breakfast is hard and and we were very scared and I let my son go to research how to do breakfast. And he's such a smart and technologies is passion so he he went to one of our provide food providers Cisco in Lubbock and he sat with a chef for a couple of days and they work on them some recipes and he brought back home in. He's the one that created the menu in kind of got all all of that going. So I'm more of the enhance on. I'm like my dad. I love to welcome people. Shake their hands. Make him feel at home. I can pour that coffee. But I'm also the kitchen operated. I love the kitchen so we make a good team and we went through trial and they were just like everybody else. After the first month we had it down and we were ready to go so that mulberry is a great concert when what we loves everything is made from scratch everything. Fresh is always cacique. The head articles. Everything's made from scratch but the more You can really tell you. It doesn't taste like anything you've you taste at what you would consider a chain i. It definitely does have that frontal with them over. It's kind of like a Mexican restaurant. People sit now go like I wanNA taste the chips and salsa to see. This is going to be any good right so ours was coffee. We had to make sure we brought in a very good coffee in hit home so when they took that tastes like all right. We're we're hooked and so it's been fun so today we own to Mowbray's we opened a second mobile location downtown which serves the oil and gas industry there. I mean you're right. That's a great location. That's right we wanted to get all that walking traffic. So you mentioned the only gas so I bought the mulberry in Two Thousand Sixteen when oil had dropped down from hundred dollar oil l.. To thirty the economy got flat and nobody was doing anything I mean it was US opening rig. Id work where they're like. Are you nuts. And so I remember report UH reporters are coming from all over going. Did you just buy this concept when the oil was down. Are you telling US something. Unlike as mayor in when I'm telling you is just like the oil industry. I'm I'm taking a lesson from the bay by they do mergers acquisitions and they buy buy when oil is down because you can get a better price. And that's what happened with us and so we just just kind of wait it out a year and sure enough it came back and here we are Goodbye Goodbye lets you mentioned that. First of all congratulations on on Your Business and being successful and congratulations on being the mayor and City Council for twelve years you've served our communities and you've done an excellent job. Let's let's talk a little bit about some of the highlights that you're the most proud of through those years so again it's how did you. How did you fall into it? That's all we always love to hear up. I think business into politics will had no inclination to be in policy. I didn't know I had a passion for it. So in the drama get so head. artless gets opened up breath. And we're only open a few years and then I had served on at least a dozen nonprofits in the next two or three years. I mean I could never say no and I just I love giving back. I love serving so get call one Christmas party from a good friend of mine. And gra furniture you just had Jose Crevice yes gem Burrito in he calls me goes the jury you are going to run for city council. I go on on that. He goes your way for city. Council building has has just announced. He's not gonNA run. He's GONNA run against Tom Craddock speaker and I said I have. No clue have no clue. I don't know what you're taught me he goes. I'm GONNA help you want to coach you and mentor you. I'm GonNa send you a speech and you're going to announce tomorrow and this is how you're going to do it. So we announced we ran for at large. This was back in two thousand two and we went up against eight major heavyweight city leaders. At that time. We didn't win that election but we were the top money receiver which was something big back then and then we came in third out of two seat feet so we were very proud of our so. We went back to work but what happened was. There's this New Young Hispanic entrepreneur in midland whose aggressive and we need to tap into him so I started to get into some of the bigger things So there was a what they call a type attacks which is our Melinda Vilma Corporation economic tax. Today AAC the city leaders then said we need you to go out there and get us a thousand signatures to put on the ballot on that way we can put it on the ballot so I put a team together and we click that thousand signatures and that's how we type tax today. That was probably my first step into politics so after that I served on that. MDC Board that First Board learned a a lot about the economy of midland ups and downs of the oil and gas industry. What do we need Midlan the small business everything and then my job on? MDC was to do international work. So I got to work with Mexico a lot and his. Oh back then. There was a lot of trade or ports to plains but from there I started to get recruited to more nonprofits but little more heavier foundations bank boards and really got vested into the community very quickly then. I chose to run for city council on my own under again again. My Mentor Jose. So we won that election at large and that was in two thousand eight and that okay and so that's what then began see. I didn't realize there was that big of a year difference between the first time. You're right but obviously that helped you to get you to where you were supposed to go. which was to be here? So so. Then you served on City Council and so two thousand eight to for the next six years served. As an at large the second term went unopposed and it was just a great great. Oh my God just a great feeling to be able to help so during that term the my problem a biggest compliment was helping million Christian expand their campus into the neighborhood it was very controversial because homeowners protect their neighborhoods. I remember that the school needed and they wanna move anywhere else and they were vested in there and put a lot of money so we were able to after after about a long year. Get that program established until that was a big one for the next one was the oil and Gas Ordinance. And that's when we were going to start drilling in the city limits. Let's let's talk a little bit about that. Yeah so mayor boys. Perry was the mayor that time and again I was at large and then Scott Deford believes the at large at that time so we you were very involved in helping to put that ordinance together. We had several large town hall meetings. Who they were so big that we had to move him to at that time? The Milliken Bitch and center hurt and we had public meetings of course with surface owners homebuilders realtors and then of course the hall of the oil industry then came in the State Railroad Commission and so there was just a lot of discussion about setbacks in radiuses in for those that maybe are not familiar with the battle it was because there were oil and gas companies that wanted to drill real within a certain amount of feet correct. Let's grab at the homes. Yeah try and those homeowners were not happy with it. That's right and so so. How did you bring the community together and pass this will again? It was you had to really be passionate to both sides the understand what you were getting ready to create there was an ordinance but he was very old and outdated and not up to the new technology which is not even knew the technology today but we just environmental was probably the issue. You protected no water protecting the air protecting my my neighborhood and wanted to make sure children weren't gonNA get hurt. Then the next part of that was the fencing and landscaping in. But all I can tell you we had to have meetings after meetings and there was a lot of yelling a lot of crying I mean man crying because they will they have been business partners for so long and they were getting mad at each other. Realtors said I've got to build my homes. I gotta make a living but how do we protect the density in you know pipeline. Glad you're going this way and pipelines are going that way. How are you going to allow me to build on the and so you know it was a lot of the emotions involved in but we ended up working it out we we created the first ordinance template? We put it to to test at that time. We city hired an oil and gas coordinator Ron Jenkins. He did a phenomenal job of being able to communicate in making sure you know bring the both groups together and listen to everybody and several years after that as we started to use the ordinance me tell you it was very oh my gosh I was always felt like my watch my back. They're gonNA come after me. Because there were some passionate residents when you started stacking rigs and two neighborhoods leads That became scary. So Oh and then fracking the pits. I'll never get some of those look like big warzone some of those so we started learning how to clean those up. But I'm GonNa tell you one thing. Throughout the years is the oil companies did a phenomenal job of trying to protect. Take care of Midland so if we mentioned something they would correct it lighting the fracking. The drilling I mean it was amazing their technology and how well they improved it and when one thing that I see visually as a community member is the big. I'm I'm all set to sound walls. That are now there that really do make different than those weren't there years ago and so I'm sure you had a role in that too. You mean like compressors were allowed in their diesel. Today they're getting electric. There's soundless generators in fracking. So the Water Aro systems that are portable portable. Now everything has just changed tremendously and again. I applaud the oil and gas industry because everything that we mentioned to him or through Adam Bay worked to improve to protect the citizens and protect our our community in so now so over the last six years tons of cities have asked for our template. And we're very proud of it that they've been able to utilize utilize it. And then the other part is you got to work with the Railroad Commission on the state level. There's a lot of interaction with the railroad. So there's there's a set of policies that the railroad the state level and then at the local level. Let's talk about as mayor so we we talked about some of your highlights a on city council. What are you most proud of as serving for mayor of Midland so in addition to those two things but so last six years I can tell you one thing is getting all of our masterplans updated? Every match plan is updated so we knew that we were going to be a fast fast. Growing city. Never knew that we'd be one of the fastest growing cities in the nation for the last six years so we we created a true comprehensive plan that the city and developer Chris could use used to to really grow midland properly. We always said as a city council. We wanted to make sure that city councils thirty years down the road said that group did a phenomenal job of planning midland. Roads are planned the right way neighborhood. Your plan the right way. The densities plan the right way so I think in the last six years we've done a great job of building out midland roads. There was no reason to invest in roads prior to two thousand eight because there was no activity right so between two thousand eight and two thousand fourteen we did just very little roadwork. We just did the general straight maintenance. There was less than a million dollars invested in our roads per year out of our city budget. I'm leaving office this year. We're now going to put twelve point. Three million gist in our street maintenance budgets as a record history so we have shown that rose who are passionate or air important and the citizens of milk past one hundred million dollar road Bonn under my leadership. I am very proud of that. So we've been addressing almost two hundred million dollars the roads in the last six years and then which I think that people that don't have here don't understand understand right. It's hard to because we've talked about the four key issues that that midlanders are really an ended. Ns all of us the Permian Basin and have been focusing on which of course the roads education healthcare and housing. But if you don't live here I don't know if you quite get Wyatt such a problem that's right it's like like you mentioned in two thousand and eight. We didn't need roads as you know to be. Worked on as much as we do today. We'll to number two. In two thousand fourteen. We added thirteen thousand cars arch to our roadways and then last year we had thirty three thousand more cars to our roadway. That's a lot of cars a lot of cars and then the last five years on our highways around us we've had the highest is talent so that kind of gives you an idea of how busy it is on the roads. The next one is water. You Know Mayor Berry Scott suffered and myself we were the group that worked on the agreement to bring the t bar ranch in and that t bar was bought back in the nineteen. Sixty s under mcgruder. So we put in a four eight mile L. pipeline waterline and are able to bring thirty million gallons of water because we were in drought three restrictions. If you remember so it was coming out of a seven year drought so under my leadership. We bought another ranch called clearwater ranch which gave us another twenty five percent more water about sixty five years of water. So we're leaving midland in good shape with with water and what we need to do next under. The new leadership is go after long long term water supply which is out there and so by that. So what is if you live in the desert waters press and that's probably the one thing you probably get thanked the least four water. I mean just thinking about it I was like wow. I never really thought about that. So thank you for bringing us water. Where do you see in the next ten to fifteen years because I? I know that that Midland is so important to you and I know that you're you're not gonNA stop volunteering. It'll be in a different capacity. Where where do you hope that our community goes well because we know that the per Michelle is one of the most productive sales in the top one or two in the world and keep mentioning technology? Analogy is so advanced with our old companies in just even here locally now a million will continue to be a top producer. I think that the Shell is strong. There's one hundred billion gallons of oil under here. They say there's still much more to be tapped. There's no reason to go all after at one time. So I think you're GONNA see millenial. Desa become the West Texas Metro. Strong Metro like you see in the in the METROPLEX or in Austin or Houston. We're going to be that big. We've seen data tell you that our population in the neck by twenty thirty could hit eight. Eight hundred thousand people between the two cities and then we know we have about twenty counties around us that could get us to that million easily so millan will will be a metropolis. It'll be exciting to watch it grow. The industry is on gas. Industry will always be there. But I think you'll see several different industries coming in so I was so important mixture roads. Water how zing. We've built more houses the medical and education as you alluded to worship that new bond coming play battle playoff yeah. What do you think's going to happen there? I know they're still well there. There there are still some some numbers that are still out there but it has for those of you have been following it. It had passed. It had not passed out his past again. Yeah so why do you think that is so important. And why. Why do you think it's important for the community to come together for? I can just tell you as the leader for the last six years as I talked to these. CEO's the all companies in any new industry moving in or or major business is we talk about education and they bring it up they they know about our education and you know it's not where the level it should be and so it's good to see this bond moving forward but I think what this bomb more than anything is more community unity in communication than ever ever so. Everybody knows the situation with our education. We know about Robin Hood that we're in. We know about the facilities the shape. They're in teacher shortage and everything. That's involved with academics. So I think you're going to start seeing more parents. More people get involved with education because it's such a high ticket item and and you've got so many different parties that are invested in. They care that they're going to start working together. Now that leads me to priority midland. So party millin was an initiative initiative. I started last year and that became because once every few months all of the five tax leaders would meet. We'd have lunch and we would talk about our issue. She so I've come to table and I'd say guys got roads. We got a labor shortage got housing water and I would just talk about it and the school system saying we need teachers but we don't have housing affordable housing the healthcare the hospital say are merging busting at the seams. We need more nurses. We can't do it because we can't get housing. So that host stage would go on and finally the Superintendent said. I wish you guys would have done something two years ago. And that was the final bottom line for me. And I said we're going to do something. And I called my chairman of the Millen Development. Twelve Inc Been Brent Hilliard Brent. We have got to go find fifteen hundred acres two thousand acres and put in housing. We got to put it in a small fire department apartments and it's got to be affordable housing so for example in in the in the city doesn't get into housing or none of the tax. Do but I said we've got to put the five tax. We've got to build houses and apartments for this group only where we can put nurses and teachers and first responders so that was kind of how that whole story started okay and then from there British. I've got a group that we need to talk to was McChrystal group. The macos group is the one that helped win the Iraqi war under General McChrystal. And that's where we are today so today priority Millan addresses. This is the five tax entities in their priorities And how are we going to find solutions to those issues and strategically plan. So that Millon doesn't suffer right and that's the goal. We we know that oil and gas companies are moving here and bringing their their their team members here. We want to give them the best community possible. Because I know no you love Midlands I love Midland. What is it that you love most about it? All the people people are amazing. Even the new people are moving in but growing up here. You know when we're eighty thousand people people you just played in your streets. Everybody did everything together with your neighbor. The churches were strong strong. And I'm a comeback on the churches and strong during this campaign season. There's more churches there's more denomination which is great because out care what it is. Long as you're going and working on your faith with another person and that makes our community stronger so we see so many different nationalities now and they're bringing different cultures but they're amazing people. We we have a Nigerian. We have the Burmese we have Puerto Ricans and I mean they all are amazing cultures until we're all starting to come together and fit in here but we need that workforce force man. We need experience but people making Midland the giving back our nonprofit are foundations mazing again. They'd never seen it like this in any other community community and and of course I might be a little biased but I really have never seen such a philanthropic community that if there is a need and we just saw that not that long ago will the unfortunate tragedy happened with the shooting the giving and just the outpouring of support when when a tragedy hits they come together when we had a teacher shortage problem. This was about three years ago. You saw the nonprofits. The I'm sorry. The foundations come together and put six million dollars to give teachers raises breath breath. I mean that was amazing story. I can tell you being the mayor the fire and police all these oil companies are buying them a best. Buy them the tools they need to protect our community in just to make sure that they're protected and they're safe so it's just examples like that the county has bought firetrucks and ambulances for the city and it goes on and on so this is a very very giving community. People were very giving we take care of each other the entrepreneur spirit. Here's amazing so mill is a land of opportunities. What advice would you give to an entrepreneur coming into our community and with your experience with the number one thing today? I will tell you that there are so many resources out there that you don't have to do it on your your own and because we've seen the oil and gas industry what I love about the oil and gas industry is you'll see these service workers and they've worked for that company companies that Service Company for five years and they've they've grasp it and they read on their own and they can go to the banks and the banks believe in them and support them then they can go to a Millan college cocktail and guilty small business training or the SBC and but there's just a resource everywhere to help you get on your feet and then before you know within two years. They're doing amazing with their company. So Millan is just again i. I've never seen so many opportunities come alive through midland in it's Resources what is the number one business told that has helped you as a business owner and also as mayor through the year so for me in my industry. The restaurants were very sorry. Whether whether it's a large corporation franchise or mom and pop like me. We work together and so like our Permutation Restaurant Association. It's amazing to to help each other. Pick up the phone. Saint you understand this new babies Texas alcohol Beverage Commission Law. You understand this new employment law and so I think for me within your own own industry making sure that you have that culture established and that you rely on help each other in lift each other up so get called all time. I'm out of this shortening or Org can I borrow one of your catering. 'cause we want each other to succeed and we want to protect our industry and be known as friendly restaurant industry. So you know helping each other out one and then in two again. I can't tell you. Within the city of Midland we have formed a collaboration of all the departments. So if Chris asked me a wants to take hate this podcast on another level and get your own standalone building downtown. We want you to come downtown and meet with all of our different departments to figure out the best way that you makes your business fit into that downtown business and how we can save you money. So why would you spend money on this when you could go. This way is what we would offer you. So maybe you suggest if someone is coming into town on an entrepreneur they come in and actually meet with the city. That's right and I that's your eye for any reach out to a city council member or the Planning Department and let us help you get on your on your feet. And then after that after they talked to me and we've gone through their blueprint. I'll say go to college. Go Talk to them about financing or planning business planning or maybe. Odessa has something and so we just have the resources and you know what we have to do it. We have to be sustainable on here. Because we're on our own right and and that is another good point point that a lot of people don't realize how far far away we are from big cities five and a half hours to every major city in Texas. So I'm looking forward as you keep mentioning these things as I go forward into my new chapter just being from behind the scenes and be able to like Jose Cuevas did for me get me in politics. I can't wait to take that new twenty five thirty year old. Who wants take steps into city government or a nonprofit or their own business? It's going to be exciting to help people that really is. That is going to be exciting. What do you want your legacy to be? You know that one is that gave back to my community and really took care. The people that people saw that I did this for our hometown for the people I did. I'm passionate about people succeeding and get. I know the trial and errors that I went through and I don't want people to have to suffer that much. I can help him succeed a little faster. That's what I WANNA WANNA do and and not to be fearful you know like no that there's through prayer and integrity communication and unity that you can succeed seed and that millions a great place to raise a family to do business. I always don't ever stop saying we'RE LIVING THE AMERICAN DREAM OUT HERE and a lot of people whenever I get to the interview worldwide reporters. I tell you wouldn't believe the American dreams out here. They're coming alive so true. You mentioned trials and errors and I think it's important. I think we all learn from from our mistakes or failures. I hate to call them that because I really feel like they really just push us forward to be better. Is there one instance that you could. Maybe maybe talk about that. Really kind of helped you may be shaped where you are today so I may get a little personal here but I'm going Barry. Let's get personal. Aw I'm not running for office more so in the last twelve years this politics and I never thought I was in politics but it is politics and it does it. It's it's hard on your family family. And so as I was talking to you now you know like my father going through dementia. Who would ever thought he would have gone through dementia and the impact? That your leader in your family can can no longer walk and talk in his losing his memory and has to go to assisted living. So That's tough on your family and you then you start to worry about your mother and and let me say well. I'm saying all these things you this is while you're trying to be mayor and run your restaurants or Your Business and then NBA Dad and GRANDPA. That's it and so then. Then there comes your son then getting married or goes grandkids. And then there's a son that gets in trouble and you have to go through that trial and error. And then as I mentioned I went through a divorce in in your like. Is God really really. You mean you hear that all the time God is really challenging me. Because you're the face of Midland you're the leader of Midland and one thing that I've never wanted to do was let me Lindau Mike. The citizens of Millen did not ask for this and so it was always important to me that I maintain a very professional image with integrity. That Karima restaurants that had to be run professionally. Because that was a vase midland reporters. Everybody came through our restaurants and then the city council is looking up to you and needed your guidance and so is important. Even though they knew that my trials that I was going through tribulations that they knew that you know what he's still being a leader and he's leading us and so in the hundred and fifty thousand people in Mellon did not it. Just I didn't want to get a black eye ever so in the back of mind I'd just praying and Frayne and even though it was hard sometimes in you're like buckling at the knees. You got to keep moving forward. You can't you can't break now. And so my bill was to be strong to be a leader and represent million because America Erica. The world was watching this because of the permian shell so it was tough. It's been tough like you've done a beautiful job and I think a lot of people would not know that you went through all that if they didn't know you personally personally that you have persevered and all those things just make you stronger and to that to that next phase of life they just you become more mature. You definitely definitely are more understanding of people situations. You're able to give better advice. And so as I go into this nick chapter everything that I've learned in the last twenty years especially in the last twelve. I know I'm going to be able to touch people's lives even more so and that's through the grace of God so what is next. What is the next chapter? Yeah I thought about that. You know I said I'm going to get through the rest of this year and enjoy family enjoy myself and then twenty twenty. I don't I think the first six months focus on the restaurants and no my son so excited to have me back in my daughter-in-law failed a mansion. Ashley is my Donald. She's also in the business. And so I'm I'm excited to work with those two and see how we grow our concept's US make him better. I have employees. have been with me. Twenty Five Twenty fifteen years and I mean a dozen of them fans so it's important that I give back to them so I would say I'm going to focus on that. I do WANNA serve on a state commission. That's one of my big goals. I WANNA get on state commission and then after that probably just take care of my industry and take jerry fantastic antastic. And we haven't even mentioned her and she's so amazing your sister so the I know that she was instrumental and always has been in supporting you. And when you've run for office and and she is just an amazing woman and so I just did not want to go this whole podcast. and not mentioned Cindy because I know she is so important in your life because you are your your your family owned business you also are if anyone has been to your business. They know that Cindy's is right next to yours. All right there together in real quick. So Cindy's a firebaugh. Aw cynicism fireball and you talk about the glue the glue our family and so for her for this mayorship. She knew really. She didn't know where I was going to but she didn't care. She stepped in. Dan took a leadership role and assist or to make sure everything was okay and then my brother-in-law Greg was my treasurer. He works with Sydney. So sending Greg work together and they took Over MOM and dad's insurance company and then no raise my brother. WHO's an attorney in Austin and those are the siblings and then but as a family we we also all support each other? We don't we had this meeting the other day. Our family family means all time and Cindy mom in our talking about my dad and his dementia situation but but what we what what we mentioned is we never fight. We never argue. We never put each other down. We never curse and for each other. It's an amazing relationship. And so when when whenever we do get to a point we just make sure that we picked each other up and Cindy is definitely our glue. And I'm glad you brought her. Okay she deserves all the credit she. I just wanted to give her a shot. I think I think thinks she's just such a lovely lady so I also want to ask you before because we're running out of time. I know it's gone quick. Is there anything coming into this interview that you were like. ooh I hope that the listeners get to know this about me or anything important that you feel you wanNA share. Yeah you know I I think this is probably the most personal I've ever been in six years on a conversation I had reshaped what say reporter and the only reason is is now I know that I don't have a leadership role in even though I I think from behind the scenes all have a strong leadership ship role but I think it's now it's time to get personal until people what I went through and how hard we had to work for six years because we were one of the fastest growing cities in the nation and I mean fast and with that going on there was family challenges. There was restaurant challenge business challenges. And it's not an easy role but you know what we can and do it. We can help each other so for me to be able to share. That feels good and exciting. Because I know there's people out there that are struggling. I know people out there that on top of the world and doing great but sometimes they just need to know that there's somebody else out there going through the same issues in challenges in so we just got to have support each other even help each other out again. That's the community that we live in. Do you have a favorite quote or Bible verse that maybe got you through this time. I probably do but I don't know what it is. No going to answer that. That's okay that's all right. I know I was your personal. I thought okay. Let's just keep going. Well I really appreciate you sharing this time with us. It has been so wonderful hurtful to hear more about how you got to where you are. And just and I think it's always important to know that you're not alone and with struggles in the up and down in the gas business and and just life and family in general because it's not easy but if you just you know just hold on and keep keep going keep on keeping on just believe I believe and believe that it's all it's all going to work out. It's right and on behalf of the community. I want to thank you for your service because I know the last twelve years you've put your heart and soul into midland and I think a lot of people don't realize what really goes into that and so thank you on behalf of sand you and all of Y'all there's so many servants out here in your one example. Your husband is a great example but to the leadership council and all the tech. There's you're right when you put your face on that leadership it's tough and Kudos goes to them absolutely if anyone wants to reach out to you or find you. I know you're on social media. Let's let everybody know where the restaurants are and also that way we can support you as you go for the commit. The commission you said we'll see I'm going to try to look for a state commission. I talked to Tom Credits Bureaucratic and I said I'm like didn't he sent me a list. So I'm going to go through it and see what I do. They're very good. Yeah so head of this Cossiga where twenty four o seven North Bickering Street and again. We're on facebook so definitely go to facebook facebook find us and then there's the Mulberry Cafe on one Lee Street twenty-one westwardly street and then we have the downtown location in the best way to found the Mulberry Downtown Location is inside the Frost Bank building on Wall Street. So please check out one of our locations as I mentioned earlier in the discussion. And everything's fresh we're family owned and we really work on that you know service it's GonNa get better now that I'm back Jerry. Thank you so much. We appreciate you spending this time with us. And of course all you've done for the permanent base and so they do honor thank you. It's now time to announce today's community. MVP and our community MVP is three eleven ministries industries under the direction of the Amazing Stephanie. Will banks and hundreds of volunteers. Three eleven helps children and families by making their Christmas brighter last year. Three eleven eleven provided a full Christmas package to one thousand eight hundred twenty seven children. But it's more than that. Three eleven a nonprofit with a total of six programs that help children children in our community. They couldn't do without volunteers. So few would like to volunteer. Or more information on how you can donate go to three eleven ministries dot org a special thanks to Baker Hughes for Sponsoring Permian Perspective Baker Hughes as you know recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes Brand as an energy technology company company. They are striving to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient for people in the planet. And that's it another special. Thank you to mayor. Jerry Morales for sharing with us today. Today we really appreciate his time and his knowledge and just his honesty and openness with us today and this concludes our episode of Permian Perspective. The story behind behind the oil and gas leaders in the Permian Basin so just remember my motto dream. Big believe in yourself and never give up you make it a great day. Hey guys here with the events on December we'll be having to OBGYN happy hours to kick off. Twenty twenty one will be in January in Houston we have not announce a date yet. But we'll get back with you guys soon on that and we will be having our first happy hour in Pittsburgh in February twenty twenty also with the date coming soon so stay tuned on those upcoming events include the bells of Houston a masquerade unmasking the stigma of PTSD this will take place on December fifth in Houston the Latin America oil and gas summit is December fifth and six in Uruguay the API energy. Houston Houston chapter. General Meeting will be held on December eleventh. Two Thousand Nineteen in Huston. The wildcatters ball is taking place on February seventh twenty twenty twenty in Houston and lastly the IP A leaders industry luncheon will be held on December eleventh in Houston. That's all the events events for this month. Guys be sure to tune in at the beginning of January to see what's happening Ben tune in next week for another episode of Permian Perspective breath production of the oil and gas global network learn more at W._W._W.. Dot O._B._G._Y._N. DOT COM.

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