Phinsider Radio: The Josh Rosen trade, Christian Wilkins, Michael Deiter and the rest of the 2019 Miami Dolphins draft class


Radio pogo dot com, any Espy nation network. And now your host at you cannot joined by komo's Josh outs. And Aaron inside. Hello everybody in vogue onto this back. Enjoying Narran to sunny Joshua house of your. After the two ninth nineteen NFL draft of the Miami. Dolphins made some headlines made some news. No, not because of their Christian Wilkins. Not because of the pickup. Michael eater. Not because of their pick of Andhra Vienne equal. Isaiah prince nor Chandler Cox, nor miles Gaskin. But instead it it was the bold faced trade or Joshua rose in Joshua the Hebrew hammer rose as he is called in NFL circles being the pick for the dolphins in the late second round as they traded down the New Orleans Saints picking up an extra second rounder on the way trading. The number sixty two pick to the cardinals as well as the twenty twenty fifth round pick to the cardinals for the rights to Josh Rosen. Josh Rosen now comes into Miami as the presumptive starting quarterback or the regular season. Of course, you have to beat out Ryan if it's Patrick in training camp, but all signs point to him being the start as dolphins need to figure out what they have in him as they. Head towards the twenty twenty regular season, and the twenty twenty will they tank for to chunk of or will they tank for Justin Herbert's or Jake from or others in the draft and twenty twenty that remains to be seen. But at the dolphins do get a new quarterback in Josh Rosen. In terms of is he a different personality was with Iran Carl's twenty nineteen it will exceleron his revolt process by at least one year possibly too when you figure in rookie quarterback's commented. Probably need a little bit time to sit and learn the ropes before making a true impact. Joshua outs, Aaron Sutton. I know we all like this trade we all like what's happening here. Son. We'll start with you. What are your thoughts on the trade? And then I wanna get into after house gets his lots. There's been a lot of debate outta what exactly were the trade terms? We'll talk about that. After you. Give your initial thoughts house inside it did you mean? Like two separate transactions. Or we'll talk about that after I just want your initial thoughts on the treat as a whole. So what if I told you that two of our division rivals traded up for a quarterback AM we spit and he's on the dollar on a quarterback and neither of those three quarterbacks have separated themselves. Would you not say that we have put ourselves in a favorable favorable position? Juts thinking on it on those terms outs. What? It's true that that doesn't happen to the dolphins. That sounds too good to be true. Okay. So at least done something there cannot go ahead. You're right because Sam darnold, right? He added. Okay. Here Josh Allen. And an okay year. You know, what I'm going to argue with on bigger Mayfield. I think that is special. I think he's wanted to be a star for years to come. I will argue Josh Allen darnold yet. Yeah. If I didn't make that clear, I think Baker was a kind of a class of his own and we had talked about that last year round this time. But anyway, when you're comparing Rosen darnold and Josh Allen. I don't see much separation from these guys on a per game basis they each had their they had their ups that had their downs. I think Rosen how it's your Twitter thread. I think he did the best you could put his best foot forward. I think there was some questionable things on tape. But when you get a guy for that type of. Value, and you bring them in to work with a guy like Jim Caldwell and have a backup quarter. Like like, Ryan Fitzpatrick. So the way I'm kinda sifting through this is at worst case scenario, we have a cheap young possibly really good backup quarterback. If we don't like what we see and two thousand nineteen. So I think there's I think this is a pretty risk averse move. I I really like it in. It's just crazy to think that this is the Miami Dolphins that we all grew up rooting for you know, I remember a moon with remember when the trade a second round pick for AJ feely. And you look at what happened on retrospect? I mean, you touched on best last year. They went up there they stayed put the making Fitzpatrick they didn't jump up for Josh Rosen and a year later. No, one could imagine him being available being able to be had for the sixty second overall pick on over talk about you know, what Miami did there to trade down in get the best of the value that they could. But for me. I see guy that last year was a top three quarterback. Daniel Jeremiah came out and said if those three quarterbacks were in this year's class. He would have all of those over Cuyler Mery. A I think a guy like Josh Rosen. This is he's going on his fifth coordinator for years or six corner. Five years. I mean, you got a guy here that is a blink palate. They can go out there, and do whatever they they need to do to make him into that quarterback that they desire. I think he's the perfect quarterback for this offense. I think he has all the skills that the dolphins are looking for just can't believe the twenty two year old six and a half million over the next three years fell into the Miami Dolphins lap and actually went out there. And did something about it. It's crazy to think that happened. I'm interested to see how this works out. We saw the press conference. He sounds like a new man, I'm excited to see. The Josh Rosen era beginning I am. I'm going back to your point sign about. Sam darnold and Josh Allen. Looking the pro football focus groups last year. Sam darnold overall rate of sixty four point seven Josh Allen, November all of sixty five point three Josh Rosen. Yes. In overall rate of forty nine point one, which is pretty bad. But when you look at their highest greats. See darnold had three will looks like league games against Indy. Eight seven point four against Houston ninety point three against Green Bay eighty eight point seven Josh Allen had one point eight Josh Rosen had one eighty seven point one. So when you're looking at even Josh Allen and Josh Rosen look at their cops. I mean, it all comes down to the situation that you're putting right. I think we all think we all know that Josh Rosen was put into just a terrible situation with the air is on cardinals. And for me, I'm not willing to judge Joshua's on anything happen. Last year. We saw off your new talked to people that said that the offense that Rosen was in was almost elementary school level. Totally agree in yet. You could probably see some similarities between the offense of lines that Josh had to work with last year compared to what he might be facing with Miami. In two thousand nineteen interesting stat Josh Rosen was the most that quarterback under two and a half seconds last year, so provided that our offense of lying can give a little bit more cushion than that. I think we're putting them in a better position to go through progressions house. I thought your thread did a pretty good job showing Josh going through those read. So I think compared to Ryan's Hannah hill, he's almost already Petr in that sense. I already fell that there were some snaps where he just looked. He looked sharp. And I don't know that there were as many snaps that I saw from Ryan and his rookie year comparatively. So. Perhaps. That's the wishful thinking in me. But I think when you when you break down the value you bring down what what what he brings to this team. I don't I don't think it does any disservice considering the draft capital that we have and the the money that we can move around next year the sky's the limit for whatever we wanna do next year. No matter what position. So I think this is all just kind of icing on the cake. Think it's funny because we thought when Ryan tannehill would leave, you know, the civil war between dolphins Twitter would end. And I think if anything it just got knighted even more with this Josh Rosen trae, there's some people that are hard on the it's terrible value. You know, they're better players there than there are others who just think that this is the best trade in great things could come of personally. I mean, it's I'm trying to sit back as a fan and not get too excited because if any of us, I think we were kind of all in agreeance last year. Josh Rosen was a franchise quarterback. Could be a franchise quarterback. We thought he was an option last season know, he wasn't. He liked the most pro ready quarterback. You know that the some of the terms I I was hearing before the draft and then Tony lane linked to us. And he was in. You said it you look at that film. And you do see a rookie. But you see a rookie that's making plays and doing things that I mean personally you haven't seen from Miami Dolphins quarterback in quite some time. So when you say that you see more refined player than ten hill his rookie season. I. Absolutely think. So I think that he's gonna come in here and compete, and I mean, it should be a quarterback competition. Everyone should have to compete. You. Brought Ryan Fitzpatrick in here because he is at mentor because he is a pretty damn good quarterback. It can do good things brought him in let them to compete. I think Josh Rosen a win out that quarterback competition. And I think you'll get a good evaluation in two thousand nineteen of what he is capable of. I think when all said and done, you know, best case scenario the Miami Dolphins have their franchise quarterback. They have a hundred twenty million dollars. And they have all those draft picks go out there and build around this guy built around the defense and build elite unit. You see these teams competing with those rookie contracts six and a half million over three years. You can't beat that. There's absolutely no risk. I see here. Because like I said you still have all amunition go up there and get a quarterback next year if you desire this is a win win situation for my own. You think though that Josh Rochas not start week one? Then the dolphins doing it all wrong. I yeah. I was just going to kinda third this out to you. Guys, is it a really true quarterback competition to you. I. I kind go back and forth to be honest with you because I do see the merits and if Ryan Fitzpatrick happens to the better than Josh Rosen. I think you as a rookie head coach if you've come in with your MO as being we're going to start the best player. No matter where he came from who you are. And all that kind of stuff then you have to start Ryan Fitzpatrick. But. Vits Patchett himself out of a job though. If it's equal then you have to go with Rosen and his ceiling, but I hope it's not too close. You know? I hope Josh Rosen. Wins this race because it makes it easier for us. Okay. Here's the worst case scenario from what I can tell is. Josh Rosen wins the competition, and I'm sorry for putting this out into the universe everybody. But we're dolphins fans were program to do this. Josh Rosen goes right to three three and two with some really good tape. And then Ryan Fitzpatrick comes in and goes five and six the rest of the year. And we end up eight not knowing what the hell to do again. Why would you say that? Why would you think that's? Right. Yeah. I guess he could play some said, that's that's said. That was like red, weddings. The hell is wrong with you. I put it out there. Just because you couldn't couldn't you. See it happen. Yeah. It's going to come back and be exactly how everything goes, exactly. This is the quickest story of how we know what we're gonna do for quarterback next year. I will say I don't know if it's necessarily terrible thing. I tweeted out at that by week is I think we finally come back from that. And that would be ample time to get him out there. But I think it's a real competition. He needs to go in there and beat Ryan Fitzpatrick. I don't see how a twenty two year old that seems to be pretty damn good. Can't go out there and beat a thirty six year old that enjoys eating cake. You hope they're Josh Rosen. A guy just invested two picks in can go out there and and get the job done. I love cake, by the way. Well, yeah. You like to wear TR's it. Some of those parties to which one's the Princess parties specifically thinking about six or ten of his per year. Don't. Nice. I love to yards Frances. Anyway. So let's get back to my question that my previous question was one of the follow up with kinda talk to Josh Rosen trade, we're all in agreement with will like there is I think very little risks for the dolphins lead. There are some people who think the dolphins give too much for Josh Rosen. Now, here's where I want to make my stance. Clear the dolphins treated down from forty eight. Or is it was forty forty two forty eight forty forty eight dollars traded forty eight to sixty two with Josh Rosen and mild, so yes, while the trades were not. In combination with each other. The trades are related. I don't think there's any way the dolphins gonna give it up forty eight. Josh rosen. They had no issue giving up sixty two for Josh Rosen when they saw it could get an extra second pick twenty twenty four that which they want to do all along then they felt a lot better selecting Josh Rosen at the end of the second round for Munit anada. Do you know anything if the patriots were interested in using their last pick in the second round to go after him? I don't know because that would be the only definitive evidence that we would have to kinda separate these interesting thing was Josh Rosen said in his press conference that you never met with the patriots last year but days supposedly loved him. You would have to think, but you'd have to let me finish this all you have to think that had Shane Briant floor is the other from the patriots knew about the interest there. But I don't think the dolphins wanted dropped down. What was it twelve spots? Fourteen smiles or whatever it was fourteen think in New England might jump up ahead of the wall could easily jump with right, right? So I don't know the new endless going to pick him there. But I do know that when you think you have a quarterback, I'm sorry. I know people are mad at me for saying quarterback. Say to feel more times quarterback quarterback quarterback lost twenty five listeners wall. When you think you have your QB, I think that you take a chance, and I think that you look at things differently when it's QB draft picks or the little more. We hear all the time. If a team coming up for QB the other team is going to hold out for more picks the teams coming up for QB if they're coming up for let's say cornerback or address your linebacker receive a running back or whatever the prices going to be a little bit lower. So for people saying that though too much I think that is an absolute lie. I think they gave up what they should have given up for Josh Rosen. I think the first one event heavy for him. But I think late round second aim early second with forty eight would've been a little too much. But I think a sixty two right at the bottom of around which almost third Vic is absolutely perfect brigada was top ten pick last year. How your thoughts on that? Yeah. Definitely think the moves are related. I think there's absolutely no way that the dolphins straight down there. You know, I think all along once they saw the way the board fell. They saw they were the team left in the Rosen sweepstakes. I think they realized that that was their guy. You know, why not use a second round pick on guy who just a year ago was taken tenth over all you had to feel good about him. I think the two moves are definitely related, and you got to be be happy with the way things played out because the Miami Dolphins. Normally don't make moves like this to see go down the way it did. I mean it. It's awesome. Hopefully, it often got a franchise quarterback. I'm not sure at forty eight. I would jump, but I think by trading down using your boy, Jeff Ireland. You know, maybe didn't really have a good stint here. Miami people feel one way or the other about him. But he helped the Miami Dolphins out twenty twenty second round pick. And you've got potentially a franchise quarterback you guys out to Chris Greer in those guys in that front office. And I think this whole we could have waited on. Josh rosen. On thing assumes competition. And that's why it kinda ask about the patriots. Because obviously they drafted one in the fourth round jeered system from Auburn. So I mean, how long could we wait? So I think that was my initial reservation as well was could we have waited to the third round there. Still some good prospects on the board there when we could have drafted at that at New Orleans pick that we ended up getting in the second round. But hey, we we turns. We turn the twenty twenty draft pool. Into a pretty interesting thing we have what two picks in every round except the first next year. So the fact that we were able to do something kind of weird like that. But awesome. We have so many directions we could go at it puts us in a really unique position. I'm not sure. If I felt the same way about the team. And like I always felt like we're we would be low at this time of year when we're looking at next year's draft capital or looking at. We're looking at aria starter here. I know you have no idea what I meant just their math unites set on purpose. All I heard was aria. And I just know what you're talking about. I'm not gonna talk about Dima thrones Kazan Ranchi not to be. I don't like it. You're not gonna Beijing into it. Right. America's got talent comes on pretty soon. Few weeks fat guide story or thank God. Some real programming's coming back on those juggling seriously biscuits. Dog eat the biscuit off its knows. I'm not sure what you guys hate on it so much. I think it's just because we spite you, and that's just one convenient avenue to do that. Have you ever watched mega talent toback? Yes. We all watched at least episode. Okay. And how are not inspired and moves by the golden buzzer. When the effective falls from the sky. I don't know about the golden buzzer turned what is going. Other is John. Jordan is Josh ragging shower. But it's the golden buzzer is Josh, wait. Let. So is this is this what you like shower beers so much because you're doing golden showers is Josh Rosen or golden it's a whole new territory for us, bro. Montrose, and is Lindley from enhanced like a really moving performance or a really knock your socks off performance each show each audition show, the one of the judges has the golden buzzer in her hints. If that participant that contest it really moves that judge or whoever it is usually one golden buzzer per show that judge can hit the buzzer and on manically that contestant goes straight through to the live show. The effect is dramatic like they hit the golden star playing music software is gonna Akron building-up prerecorded for addition. So you kinda get sensitive coming bills up in the goose slow interesting about the I'm John this can't you're building so much nut. Nut grow, the stop it. No pause it. And then all of a sudden though, I would later go boom Golan. Buzzer comes flying old and shower over place, golden show, shower everything. The person may get rain person golden buzzers crying on the state. That is what happened when the dolphins traded for Josh Rosen is so really moving moments. That's what Christian Wilkin stood in the Roger Goodell on stage. Speaking of Christian Wilkens. The renault. Josh rosen. Clearly, goodness, save this French. It doesn't take much to quarterback. The statements franchise QB inside Christian Wilkins who in their right mind. Let me just back up a step. What did we San Francisco radio draft the episode for the drought? I think it was a day or two before what we say. Remind me Matthew. I think you said that we were gonna draft Christian Wilkins in repeat that for the people in the MAC. Well, let me see a flak and use my Boston court back in act a little bit. It's australian. Oh, man. Hey. That reminds me your accent there like when you get drunk. You're acting. It's really thick Angie. Cincinnati out Rennick. You just have talking. I was wanting to tweet you Saturday 'cause the Bengals stick was at Paul stadium. But you could see Bridget you walked over and evacuate. And I wish I got three shot, but I couldn't. But the bridge was there lay should have my picture up on that bridge right now to be honest with the Kambli wash that bridge. It was ten a hill. Made you do those devastating game. Ryan tannehill. Remember that? There's no there's no way. Josh Rosen loses. I game. No, no, shoes the trails. Not even not long never loses. Fascinates, chris. I don't think many people expected to be there thirteen the dolphins had designs on trading down the first round if the guy was gone at Christian Wilkins was one of their guys at the top of their board at Oliver and other guy that they launched its top of the board. But he got scooped up by the Buffalo Bills before that sucks in. He's going to be a monster for them. But anyways, Christian Wilkins's in play over lines. The great addition for the dolphins we covered him on the episode of few weeks back and just a dominant force right in the middle that Lyon, again all over the line is a really great face. When we agreed for the locker room. I'm excited to see. We do want to be a day one. Starve course, according to my big word that put together pro football network. He had a. Average grade. Of let's see here. Is great was a one point seven seven and in my grading the closer zero. You are the better off you are the higher. You are the worse off you are so be at one seven seven is pretty good wellpoint seven seven and the pick differential, which is basically the your total grade. And or the pick where you where you got selected the numbers the number thirteen. It's basically the average of your overall rank which had ranked number twenty four overall in your position rank which Adam number four those two combines along with the pick gets your minus one so zero is neutral zeros where they should have been drafted minus one is basically right there anything in the minus at in a negative is anything in the positive is obviously good value. So I think Richard Wilkins was great pick their thirteen thoughts outside. We'll start with you, son. While it might defense. I thought we go clean feral because the whole Clemson defensive line coach connections Marian, AVI. So gotta give you kudos that Matthew. He was you gotta you gotta think that he was the best player on the board somebody that they really didn't even have to look into to be honest with you. Okay. Look. At the combine he had one of the top three interviews of any player that I saw. And I think the reason he's such a good pick for the dolphins. Zadie check so many different boxes. Not just, you know, the football player, and the, you know, he so smart, okay? This is a guy that got his undergraduate degree and has master's degree while playing division one football, Clemson and three and a half years. Okay. This dude could sell you anything. He just has that type of magnetism you saw how he interacted with Roger Goodell on the stage. This is going to be a guy that scoring to have an my opinion as shack like and fluence on our club. Now shack maybe not as dominant of a player shack was and basketball. But in terms of personality, that's where I see him. And I think he's going to give some versatility on the defensive line, first and foremost because we are going to be alternating between three and four defensive of the defensive line fronts. So I think he's going to give us some technique for civilities gonna give us some scheme versatility. But when you look at this defense last year. Yes, you can argue that we don't have the pass rush there. Yes. You can argue that we don't have the. Pass coverage there. But this was the thirty first ranked run defense last year. And I don't know that there's anything more demoralizing and more devastating to a football game plan than to just get ran on at five six seven yards at a time. So I think this was an important pick for club. And he checks so many different things that you want out of a first round investment that we couldn't pass it up. You know, son. I think he tweeted it out, you know, that a new coach, you know, they come in and they bring in their own little Chesapeake. And this is kind of Brian floors, Chesapeake. We missed out his boy, Trey flowers, he ended up in Detroit. But what you get with Christy Wilkins guy. I mean, you see the character. I mean, this is a guy that is a franchise player is going to be the cornerstone on the front of that defense. You know, can do a little bit of everything front compla- over the nose can move to defensive uncomplaining on the outside can play. He can do everything. And I mean, he does it. Well, he he's a stout against Iran and get to the quarterback. He is a a he is a hormone pick. And the dolphins went out there. It's just like Fitzpatrick last season you see elite defensive player phone your let you go out and get him. I think that's what they saw Wilkins cannot. You nailed it up to the draft. I'm in your own quicker than anyone. I mean, you said that name from day one. You said that day that night you knew that was coming. But I mean on on paper that is a homeroom pick, and I expect him to and Brian floors get along very well into. Huge huge part of that defense. One thing. I just want out there. I mean you saw he can play quarterback. He can he can run the football. Who knows what kind of different things Brian floors could give opportunities to do. But this is a great pick. I think he's going to be a building block for this defense for many many years. Criminal was not a top thirty. Visit either Michael leader Dieter you offense lineman from Wisconsin who was drafted in the second round by the dolphins. Sorry. Third round. Josh Rosen was the second round pick. Unique laid off guard complained the left our position the right guard position center position can also play tackle absolutely needed prefers the right side of the line as what she played her left cert- side, as well what I wanted to what these last five picks son houses home to throw one of you to each wants to sign that the next one house in the next one. I saw next on house now undo the seventh round pick. But I wanna get one opinion on both the essence of time, and what we have left so sign we'll start with you with Michael from Wisconsin Eyadema's overall grade is three point three which is basically a third round rate early around grade Miami got it right in the middle of round there. Pick differential plus forty one point five which is pretty good there. That's really good value as according to my draft rate and everything else to come to socio with as I said he is projected to be kind of a day one starter there just because of the state of the offense of in Miami. You will like to see Isaac us yada one of the guards. Spots, and or film one of the other spot side the anything extra add about him. Yeah. I just I typically like big ten offense of linemen. Not only do they play an harsher elements compared to some other teams in college football. When you look at it from a weather standpoint. And when you play for the Miami Dolphins, you're gonna have to play in Buffalo, New York and Foxborough every year. And it might be at a time where doesn't Ceuta season too. Well for us. So you have to play in those types of environments, and the big ten just seems to produce better NFL quality offense of Wyman. I don't know if as based on any science or not, but that's my take on that as give me those Cornfed midwestern boys on the offensive line. We're going to be in good shape. So I think with Michael deeter we can kinda cross out one of those guard positions right away. Moving onto the next thought it was a little bit of a region, the fifth round here with Andrew van gingko from Wisconsin other Wisconsin guy there so back to back Wisconsin picks. I had him ranked in this is kind of sad laugh at this is related fifty ninth. Overall, forty third in his position Adam as undrafted free agents. Here's why. This board is only based on twenty eighteen and not the year before the all the other years in college football been Inca played elites almost elites in twenty eighteen. Twenty seventeen sorry about that. And then he got hurt and twenty eight so he wasn't able to play to his full potential people. I've talked to trust say that he was a monster around the all over the place. Vic diffrential minus fifty what shows it was a reach outs. Did you have anything to add based on your studies of the Inca on what you've read along the way young saying pretend Noah banking collision new the player of leading up to the draft. Would it seems like the dolphins? God here's a player that can add depth to vision that desperately need, you know, the the requires the drone Baker Kiko Alonzo for a little bit longer. But you got a guy here. Like, you said he plays this heroine. Fire had a pretty good year last year. It looks like in two seasons in Wisconsin twelve total sacks. I mean when you book prime Flora's defense on tape when you look at that New England style defense you need a linebacker that can blitz. I'm not quite sure the dolphins have that currently on the roster C C guy like. Of gingko seed in the tape. You see him being pretty darn good again to the quarterback. I think he's going to be peace. I think he's going to have a chance to you know, go out there and make an impact. I don't think he's going to be a starter. He definitely won't be start right away. But I think it's added death. I think he goes out there. And does what he needs to do special teams. This is a guy that could cover over the next few years in NBN asset, especially in those blitzing situations. I don't know if this is an unpopular opinion. But I think his closest competition on the team Quinton polling someone that we got to interview last year for a stash on the practice squad. But van Kinkel's a little bit Toller, but in terms of measurable at the combine. Production and college and kind of skill set wise while we're looking for I think those are the two kind of comparable pieces there. So I don't know if both players making the Rosser or competing for the same type of niche spot on the roster will find that out. Someone he could possibly replace in the near future Kiko Alonso any kind of defenses dolphins team place on. That's another discussion for another day. Once we find out what loving and kind of how skewing these guys over the field. I would think we're going to be playing two linebackers Mosa time ky-ko's going to have a contract we can get out of next year. So right anyway from Joyce's Ahah prince house, the offense attack from Ohio State and other power conference near another team has played on a big stage. I had him as a late fifth round grade. Miami got him in the mid six rounds. So that is a good pick their ninety four point five of wrench. That's positive ninety four point five had one ninety seven overall was picked to June eighteenth, his position your thoughts on is Ahah prince helps you think he can be a starter on day one. They won't don't think. So. But I do see guy that has potential, you know, with the right coaching started forty one consecutive games air at Ohio State, you know, played in all fifty four. So I mean, this is a guy that has experienced the highest level one of the ice levels in college football. I think he's got it can definitely be groomed. Into a, you know, one of those book ends opposite of Larry Tunsil. But they won't start. Absolutely not. I liked the value that the dolphins got there with that pick. They definitely definitely offense of line. So it's a solid pick for the Miami. Dolphins. Jump over now to the seventh rounds. Chandler, Cox and miles gasket. I'm really excited about these two picks. I think they're good value picks usually look at the bus jury of fullbacks running Nexen, you know, different positions offense lineman. The risk is a lot lower and to spend your seven around fix on basically two running backs. I think is very very smart dolphins rather than a cornerback relied Vacher edge rusher. Bezos, guys bust out more than the others. So. I know you're excited about Chandler Cox in everything he can into the dolphin your thoughts on him. Yeah. I mean, we have to stare at the fact that the NFL has devalued all running back position. So you have to look at that in terms of the dolphins invested in the seventh round, which is where you might see the most type of value if you buy into that theory. But if you're looking at Cox, just from a fullback standpoint, I don't even know if dolphins remember how fullbacks do things. I mean, we we've been looking that Lusaka polite, and rob Konrad to the best fullbacks that I can remember in recent history. But the patriots used a lot of twenty one running back personnel. So you're looking at two running back serves the same time. And the patriots are probably one of the better teams at fig. Out how to use fullbacks, and that's just going to add new wrinkle to this offense. Okay. So we're going to be able to do more creative things from offense standpoint. We're going to be able to block better from the interior. If you're doing so much three wide receiver one running back personnel. Like he saw outta gays. You're only backfield protection as from your running back when you have a full back-back there. You are able to do some more creative things from passing standpoint too. So not only are you able to get some better pot pass blocking out there with twenty one personnel. But you can also just by virtue of the fact that it's such a niche thing, you can run it with the fullback and get some production out of it. And from what I can tell we got the best fullback out of the draft. So just adds a new wrinkle to the offense some. For Chechen shade a play with and miles gas. Give the other seventh round pick from Washington. I had actually a mid fifth wrong. Read on miles. Gaskin you pick number seven some round over to thirty four item item. One six overall fourteen that is physician hick diffrential, plus one forty seven one of the best argon in the draft. Your thoughts on him house. I really really liked this pick. And I mean, I know much as we complain last year that Kenyan Drake Dink at the workload. Daddy, you know that we'd expected UC New England what they do with their running backs. They bring them in and out of very very often. See got Kenyan Drake got killing Balaj, you bring Gog miles gas. I mean, he can do it all for point five eight speed. I mean, he's Washington's all time leading rusher. I mean five thousand three hundred twenty three yards throughout four years. Fifty seven touchdowns. He's an asset in the passing game. I think this is a guy that is going to make an impact of assume specialties as returner goners things like that. But I think at the end of the day is gonna get some carries. I see him as kind of James white type running back. And I think this is a hell of a pick for the dolphins where they got him. Absolutely true committee. You're going to see. You're gonna see three different running backs doing different things all across the year. So I think you're gonna see production and different terms from all these guys. And if anything it just buys us a little insurance if Adam gates happen to be right at playing Frank gore. Number one in front of Kenyan Drake, and Kenyan Drake is strictly more of a pass catching variety, at least buys us a little bit of a cushion there. Should we not pursue that any further? Disclaimer do not draft Miami dolphin running backs and fans now while the patriots version two you have no idea was doing the mall. Absolutely. No question about it. I love it. The monthly Vienna's you this year. Yeah. You'll probably have a teams by the time record our first preseason bar on money on it right now. Five teams at least five really try not to stresses me out too much. Yeah. I doubt that very much. Anyways idea the Miami Dolphins and overall grade of forty five point six best relent in the NFL. I thought by team Irizawa was seventy three point four one by New Orleans, Tennessee, Minnesota in Cincinnati bangles, my word strive drafts with a three point six seven again lowered the number on the overall grades the worse. It is higher. The number. The veteran is Zimmerman school forty three point six seven followed by the Felker near Seahawks in eagles. I know some people might be asking the raiders item. Number twenty second overall, relax on the patriots ranked twenty first over on people were saying, well, the patriots got non yes, they did the value. But they also reached I think what the punter. I think you can never really guest that with the puncher. And I think that kinda you know, brought through gray down a little bit overall. Yes, they had a decent drafts. But. You know, I don't I don't see the impact players that they had. It's it's so natural. Bus macular late round picks. It's and it's so natural to just assume the patriots slay the draft every year, and they're honestly, they're not any better than drafting at any other team in the last ten years. Go ahead, go through it. Tell me yet. They're just not the draft is as equally crap shoot for everybody had the rents over fourteen overall Nelson might have some disagreements with these grades these are based on the formula together. And I'm confident in it, and obviously time will tell we're one lies. But I wish I wish you're wrong about AirAsia because I do agree that they had a really good draft. I just hope that they are wrong. So I could continue to be salty about them moving on from Rosen and going from of may or the bit factor and listen to this. If Josh Rosen lights up this year collar Murray mites up. Miami travels the air is on next year. That would be a Sunday four we're going. We're going to you. And how to having our PM. They can also plan the Super Bowl this year to right? Yes. Yup. The dolphins are gonna make the Super Bowl is not kid ourselves. Definitely. Any last thoughts before route snow side? No, you'll hear how much draft capital we have gone into twenty twenty you'll hear about how much money we have left to spend. We have even more money that we could spend an terms of the contracts that we could get out of going into twenty twenty. Whether you're looking at Reshad Jones, TJ McDonald our Wilson Kenny stills, he go laws. Devante parker. So there are so many different directions that seem can go in that you just hope that the roots replanted this year. We're gonna build a sang. I just wanted to my head to Chris Greer because what he's done. I mean, I know we kind of thought this was going to be trust the process saying there's such a long way to go. But what he's done in a short matter time. I mean, some touched on all those picks next year. I mean that is a New England thing that the Miami Dolphins absolutely have not done in decades. And they go out there, and they they acquire all these picks. They go out there and get a quarterback who was highly touted the the year before you know, they got twenty two year old franchise potential game changing quarterback out of this draft. You gotta take out to Chris Greer. It's another solid Dr Christian Wilkins. I mean, that's a home pick, Michael. And Josh Rosen if those guys pan out, I mean, this franchise could be a contender for many many years. The next of free. This for the dogs will begin may eighth. Just went at the free agency. Sign will no longer comes against compensate, Tori formula, accumbens remain intact. So please keep your eyes on that. Dolphins are expected to be players in that second wave of regency. They a lot of interesting names out there to some bigger names that you wouldn't think would be available to points. Yeah. We'll definitely get that next week's on Vince radio which will be right before the start of that period. And again, the dolphins are expected to be active as look too short up their debts and get some bodies into camp and make sure the roster is sets as we head into the regular season. Would you like to brag will more time about getting Christian Wilkens, correct? Yeah. Here's told me. One story. Modern tax message to. Yeah. I really did. Because I was sitting there getting pretty anxious. I think I just got off work, and I'm sitting there. I'm like, yo I wonder if the dolphins are really going to get Josh Rosen. I thought to myself there's only one person that I know that may know the answer to this text group chat, we asked cannot I think he said my guy thinks the thing is getting done. I think within an hour. The deal was official cannot all over that. He was holdover Brown. Whereas you at text me like nine seven us, basically said is this going to happen? I said my guy expects it to happen. Thirteen minutes later Schefter reported is going down. So yeah, I was pretty that was when I could not put out there to the universe. I know people. It before the draft. I said buckle up keep your eyes on Josh Rosen. Keep your eyes on the situation a mentioned it again a little bit into the rounds. Now to that kind of went silent. Something's just can't put out there quickly enough or at all until it actually happens per my sources direction. So that was one of into the universe Republican sumptious. But with inside info people can doubt you at their own peril. Flora's rosen. Will you hit on all three of them trifecta dog? Dominic bitch had tricked Duncan to all forget comments. Don't forget, Julius Thomas. You're texas. You guys I said Julius Thomas literally two minutes later, Julius Streep comes through the actually knew him because he knew about Danny amendola, but you didn't pull the trigger quicken full to running things regrets. Nobody else have anyways enough spiking my own football. But then again, who's going to spike defines, but us, that's right. Son announced my boys, we are hitting the golden button for you. The golden buzzer. All right. That is it for. We hope you enjoyed the show with you next week. We'll talk the next regency. We'll talk about the draft regent class a little bit. Some decent names kinda gotta they're kind of go through those kind of look ahead towards mini camps and training camp. And all that other good stuff for Joshua how scenario and I cannot make you listening. We will talk to you next time. Radio quarter of the fit cider dot com. It's at the SP nation were. The ball for gold. I know. In the on the ground. Always in control. When you think you're. Oh. Any as liberators wealthy Bill? From boulder goal ever. On the ground. Anyone using your? Because we're the. Any? Bye. My name is Spencer hall by name is Jason Kurt. My name is Ryan nanny, we combined. We form the shutdown full Castrejon keep telling you the forecast is technically college football podcast. But it's also a show about care disaster regional grocery stores. We love Tennessee Batman, homeowners associations bears in video games. Pittsburgh Batman, the hell of being trapped at a group, text unreliable legal advice. I mean, there's also some actual football discussion about coaches, having used contracts or coaches making terrible decisions or coaches, saying really stupid things or the NC double A's saying released. Yeah, there's lots of stupid things in this big dome. Beautiful sport like time Arkansas decided to use a captured feral hog as a mascot and it escaped and wound up killing seven rattlesnakes a pig and a Coyote, sometimes we talk about okay allegedly. If you wanna take football exactly as seriously as it deserves to be taken come find us on apple podcasts Spotify or wherever else you listen to podcasts like this one Devo focused. 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