Bartending for Cocaine Dealers (with Matt Dooyema)


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Where He he and his Co host and guests Talk about mostly jobs and experiences related to the service industry and there's all kinds of greed episodes out there Do not available label on pod being I tunes SPOTIFY and they're getting they're becoming available on more and more outlets are all the time so so Definitely searched for the awful service. PODCASTS find him on on facebook as a way to get in contact with them and find out what they're doing. Really good podcasts. You should check out if you're looking for another one to listen to Anyway the service industry is kind of what we're talking about in this episode specifically specifically his time working as a bartender now he has worked as a bartender multiple places. We focus on one specific bartending job. He had where he he was. Slinging drinks at underground parties. Put on by a group of cocaine dealers as right cocaine and booze two things go go together like peas and carrots or peanut butter and Jelly or Dixon vaginas and sometimes Dixon buttonholes. But I digress. Point is we talk about his bartending adventure learn about every detail of his unlicensed in legal enterprise but if that's not enough to grab your attention and make you wanNA listen to this episode. We also in this episode with another quick story for Matt's working history. I want to give out too much of a spoiler. But that story includes Kid Bop Tequila and pedophile. 's All three of those things are in the last part of the story at in this episode. So how's that for teas. All right real quick. Let me mention these sponsor of the filter free America podcast in that is simple website dot. US simple website dot US simple website dot us if you're unfamiliar with simple website. This is what they do okay. 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UNCURLING customer Polish people notice so it was this this yourself and killer in reading and while you wait story take me back to two thousand six and you you were working as this kind of underground bartender thing yet to talk about the bartending job. I explained to the listeners. What you were doing and how you were doing it well willing to put it in context? I was always worked in the service industry my whole life so I always had a fascination with alcohol. I'm very and I. I was learning how to make drinks. Thanks could actually was a bar an actual bartender as well but the place that closed down early and I wasn't getting a lot of bartending justice mercy waiting tables but I learned a lot of tricks on how to like make good tasting cocktails and everything like that So I got this reputation around singlet state Where I would show up at House parties and bartend for them and when I would do is mainly make jungle juice find a good way to like get people fucked up for cheap but also have a taste good like people knew what? If I was making the drinks it was gonNA taste good and for me. I knew how to do it so I could make money off of this so what I would do. Is I would go to these parties. I would go to the liquor store and I would find the cheapest deepest clear alcohol I could find be at rum ever clear not as often but more like rum and vodka especially I wouldn't use Jin because the pine needles needles but you know what is the absolute cheapest clerical isn't isn't it ever clear as I know only the absolute cheapest these at the time of vodka or something No vodka cigarette. Yes filtered once. It actually sat on. The bottle proudly barely filtered once surprise whether it was five dollars a handle back in two thousand and six maybe six is between five and six bucks depending if you bought it but I mine when the yellow more than clear clear though it was clear it was clear but mainly tasted like rubbing alcohol notion. Yeah I actually. I think it may have been classified as vodka flavored alcohol which is a real thing by the way is if you buy a very cheap bottle of alcohol look at it and sometimes it will say if it's a really cheap like if it's phillips or a cheaper level of of liquor sometimes that will actually say flavored alcohol. No Shit if you buy a bottle well A good example is Durango. Tequila is not really Tequila. It is to Keila flavored alcohol because it is actually cheaper for them to put the flavoring into it. It and just use a grain alcohol. Yes it's not real. It's not real Tequila all the fuck. You just broke a major fucking scandalous. Yeah thing in the jets. It's a Bart as a bartender. I I used to have to make no fucking clue. Yeah I used to have to make a long island. Mix Place that I worked at and we use silver wolf and on the bottle so on the bottles the Silver Wolf it was Jin Vodka and rum said Jin flavored alcohol rum flavored alcohol vodka flavored alcohol and bartenders do blind taste tests. And you couldn't taste the difference at all just tasted like hairspray only. Yeah so it takes a certain art to know how to take that cheap shit and make it taste good especially the I mean when I say good I say relatively good us as as adults now we get that fucking crap out of the year but when you're twenty twenty one twenty two if you can make cheap booze taste good. You're you're very useful and that's my first. Alcohol was mad dog twenty twenty. That tells you anything so. Yeah that's that's a whole other beast. That was you ride that night. Train over to Arbor mist. Okay Oh God that stuff is all heinous. Best about remissed was putting it in the freezer. I'm going to get cold anyway when you bring it out of the freezer and pop thing and it turns into slush instantly. Oh Yeah oh I know I used to use arbor mist as a mixer. Can with that fucking not not for that. But it's it's I did it for a party. Wants where they for some reason they had a bunch of Arbor mist. And I'm like we're making punch fuck. I put a bunch of Buchan that cheap vodka flavored alcohol Ann Arbor Mist and my mind is still blown to a fucking clue. That was a real thing Is that make it more unhealthy healthy for you. Did you drink in like a I think well alcohol is the thing about alcoholism i. It's just the same way no matter what okay so it's not like it's a ls all. It's all really is all alcohol is really going to do is a better quality alcohol. That means it's probably been purified more. You're not gonNA have like some of the other stuff with it but in terms of like the other way your body just as all the same God. Yeah Yeah so we would make I've known for doing this. Well I I would show showbiz parties. I would have this. I would go psycho by crates of this. Because you've got a friend of it They would take fifteen twenty some liquor stores through thirty percent off. It's already six bucks a handle retail for so I'm getting like these like four or five dollars a bottle and and that's One seven five you you know most drinks had about the way I would make drinks as I do about a half. Maybe two ounces of of that so you think so. You're paying pennies on the dollar. Because I would charge to an on. People thought they were getting a good deal because church two bucks a pop for some of these like slushy drinks. That'd make with that. Some cheap ass Margarita. Mix about seventy five percent return on investment. I WANNA leave pending some nights. It was closer to ninety. Oh because the mixer I was buying for it to that summer I would buy crates the mixer. The mixer would be cheaper because I buying crates the that they were selling they had it on sale all summer. Six bucks a bottle for this stuff to and it was about a man I want to say about a leader of. It's like a Margarita. Mix so by a case of the Green Margarita. Mix The lime and a case of the Strawberry Margarita Mix I would then Each bought what they don't unrealized each bottle. Also had a rebate coupon on it and they didn't have a limit on the rebates. I won't So this company was literally I think I was paying. You may be a dollar. Fifty a bottle after rebates and the discounts. I got for buying it in that. So dollar fifty per bottle that and I would use a couple of the mix is in there and then I I would go buy the cheapest gin and I'd always ginger ale that people use lemon lime soda. No use Ginger Ale. Ginger Ale covers a lot of sins. Real yeah and I was more potent flavor ever than it is okay yeah and like especially generic derails lot is like as a bunch of sugar in it okay. That's really a bunch of olive onto college. Kids want something secret ingredient is that Nah the secret ingredient was doing that. Yes Roger and then sometimes I you know every once again throw some other odds and ends of Shit and stuff but they make slushy drinks with this and then I'm charging two bucks and I think They would cost me about thirty five to forty five cents a pop so I'm making money hand over fist at these parties. Need I do it around town and people knew I was making a profit. aww It note was with Sir by knows. This is all underground. Shit you're doing. I was licensed to Cell and I was selling the miners on because I'm in college. I'm unscrupulous needed scraping by. I need to pay rent I need to go. I WANNA party myself and do other shit so I I'm like fuck it. Yeah why not. And here's here's another fun tip Underage and young college kids don't know the difference between booze so I would go buy a a of bottle Jim beam and then I would empty the Jim beam at my house until like water bottles and then fill it with early times bourbon. which was about ten dollars? Cheaper a bottle. I do the same thing with Jack Daniels Evan Williams. I do the same thing where I would filter that cheap cheap shit by those. I can't believe I got away with that. I I would filter it through a water filter. I learned on mythbusters which came out before. I don't think it was on mythbusters yet. But they did actually prove that as a real thing and I it was like I think at the time it was something you could find on college. Humor DOT COM or E. bombs world or. Some shit was talking about it and it did. It did help the flavor so I'd run that through and then I'd pour that shit into a bottle of sky I would pour and then I would have. I would have a bunch of these pho- booze things but I would charge five dollars. A shot ought right for like this fake ass booze but they people wanNA believe they want to believe it or how often 'cause I've worked at a Mexican restaurant. It was like an independent kind of mixed restaurant and they did that. Oh yeah the regular bottles they just fill it up with generic and no one ever said anything with those spots. They'll do that. They'll they'll they'll do it as a way to. I mean it's it's a little more unscrupulous. When you're a fucking business owner doing it and that you can get in a lot of trouble for But if you you think about it even if you just did like a fifty fifty mix diluted down a little bit the average I unless you get a real fucking SNOB. And they're not GonNa no that's bold though. Let's think about it. Because like Tequila specially has a lot of aficionados. You know these people who are like oh no I I only drink don. Julio and I know that this isn't quite this this doesn't taste right and actually I worked. I know people who've worked at places. Like Oh really and then they go get the real bottle a don. Julio and they pour another one forum for him not the fake the phone down and then sure and then the guy who owned no this one tastes better like oh maybe someone spilled something in your drink and all. We're so sorry glasses acid hundred percents. Oh dirty glass gets used a lot right. So I'm I'm twenty two years old. I'm working a regular job where I'm still making money in tips and then I'm also driving after work over these house parties. I started doing it. And these guys I START II. These guys who started seeing I. I'd help them. Give them a recipe for a walk or a jungle juice or whatever you WANNA call it. And they're like hey. Hey do you want US helps. Run A wop twice a week and I'm like fuck. Yeah money baby like that's all I'm thinking right. Is that a Minnesota term. I've never heard that LOB. Yeah I mean I know it is as the racial term for talion. But we're we're we. They wanted me to run an Italian man out of town is his name was Dago. God that is the that's an old puck and rate that's the classic classic. That's old squad. Irish allowed sort of thing. You know what I mean Dan. That's hurtful anymore. Laugh at it. They're like the day go without passport. Yes but No it's just called the walk because it packed a Wop uh-huh okay There's also like you know it's colloquially known as jungle juice some spot Sir John Leguizamo called in southern Missouri was everywhere kind of has its own colloquial term for it but it's basically just a lot of clear booze usually ever clear or vodka and then you mix it with whatever juice and fruit you can get for dirt cheap yoursel. You'd be bigger than a big fucking trash can. Because that's you know we're smart. Yeah but we would make it in trash cans ends and we and then we would sell that for F- It was five bucks for all you could drink and if you wanNA think and but they wouldn't make that we would make that much and so we're we're doing this party and then I like well I'll bring my bar set up and I had a whole thing. I two blenders. I had a power strip. I had a guy. Hi who is actually like a DJ who would play music for me. And he was he would honestly just do it for like twenty bucks and Free Booze for the night to sound like sold old. Just wanted to party and fuck and I'm like I'm GONNA make some fucking cash off these kids I would. I would make stacks of money like legitimately at some of these parties. Hardy's I would walk out with four or five hundred selling you earlier. The most I walked out with one night was a thousand dollars after after all after process of alcohol hundred percent like I would sometimes sell out of all of the booze I had and I would bring a lot but in the kids are tipping to throwing. They're throwing you know they're not tipping a lot because they're a college kids but they'd still if you bucks and then I I would use that to like. Sometimes I'd use that to like grease the palms of like cute chicks two guys to come over and or I get most of the time my just give free alcohol like alcohol especially at that time I was like it was very powerful. They go oh you'll give me free drinks if I- cute by the bar and try to get guys to buy me drinks. Yeah Yeah I will not give you the free booze when they're here but after they leave ya I'll give you a free drink totally. And they'd there'd be they they got got to know me as the bartender. Azmat the bartender. So this House that was colloquially largely locally known as the blueberry to blueberry and and then it got painted so they turn it into the Roxbury because I don't know they really like that SNL Sketch They're like hey why don't you come and help us run the swamp and then linked bartend for US cool I'm like I'm just thinking. Hey this'll be fun. I'll make some more money any whatever and it was the these POWs parties were massive and this is back like it was almost like the old school like just people piling out of the House. There's music blaring. There's fucking black lights and lasers lights and lava lamps because it was the two thousands and we didn't know we were but it was. It was like that so and I got this. Dj Who's playing music in the background. And I'm fucking mixing drinks and everything's fine. But I always felt something kinda different was going on but even by different. Well what was your first sign. What was with what seemed I? This is probably my second or third night. I'd been doing it. This is so this is a early June. I'd started there in started working there in like May and in early June This guy comes up to me and offers me a bump of cocaine and granted. That's not not all that uncommon at a college party sounds kind of friendly. Yeah but I I to this day and I I swear hand hand to God. I don't believe in God but hand to whatever whatever Richard Dawkins on. I've never done cocaine in my life. I'm been very scared of it My three comedy. Idols all died Including Chris Farley who died on my birthday really fourteenth birthday because he was doing speed balls and so that's where for Shit really goes wrong right. I knew in my heart. I already had alcohol problem and I had an addictive personality these so I'm just like you know let's not let's not push that fucking thing and I know I would love it i. That's the problem I look back and I love energy drinks. I Love Caffeine. So I've never heard anybody told me they didn't like cocaine. I'm sure that no and that's the thing and I knew that I also had some friends who have problems with it so in my mind and I nod dude. But I'm like that guy the way he was so he was very cavalier about it like whereas in the past. When I've been offered coke it was always the whole of the side? Oh he was just out there in the open line here you go. He was at the so we we had A. We had a bar in this house. It was a mini bar area. Like it wasn't an actual bar but we turned it into a bar like a tall table and so we turn it so people couldn't go behind the bar to fucking try to steal my booze and should I actually had people at that. Party was so big we had security really. Yeah his. We'll see guys who lived in the house but they had to go under security shifts to help me and and then what I later found out was going on in that house and again another reminder. It's it's not illegal deal. Here is just a house party type situation not is just a house party ah on the surface of it. Just a bunch of kids getting drunk. But here's our parties that we go to like three four in the morning and people would still still like look where we after partying chases and again. I'm just thinking You know they're just they got a and I had a high tolerance for just being able to stay up late and drink and party in on fucking young and invincible. But I always thought that McMahon. That's Kinda weird. They're not passing out. But I never thought on anything being artificially stimulated kind of weird way I had no idea so I'm so this guy like I said and I I hear dumb I was. I tried to have our security guy kick them out and the security guy. You're fucking with no he's like Oh okay okay. And he and he thought he didn't realize what it was that I wanted to kick for where he thought the guy was trying to steal from me. Oh good and I and later. He's like yeah that that asshole and again I I didn't realize it. And he goes. Yeah so he won't be trying to steal from you again and I'm like but you know what we got the asshole Outta here out here. Whatever and like I remember the guy goes I remember? What's the problem so the cocaine stuff started kind of becoming more regular so I started noticing A? Let's everyone really. He liked smoking. Parliament's what is the it's the F- The filter one that has like the little like there's a little dip in the filter very popular with cocaine users because then they can fill the top of that cigarette it's like it's like literally like like two or three millimeters round. I liked him when I was a smoker. Because I actually just like to chew so you could chew on it. They were originally were Parliaments were originally developed So that like British pilots during World War One ensued could bite onto a cigarette and still keep their hands on on the controls really could smoke. That's part of it as part of the lower of it anyway. I one hundred percent. You might have to wake you that. But that was I liked him because he could chew and but but then are also very popular cocaine users because then you can hide your coke and your cigarette pack and then a lot of people would do as you take a cigarette out. You take a bump and can you smoke your cigarette. Your cigarette has a little bit a little bit of cocaine laced in it. Oh yeah so I notice. A lot of people were smoking. Parliament's I'm noticing a lot. Audited they still sell those like that. They still still still that. That's part of the appeal of those parliament. Parliament Lights P funk's baby funk lights that's what that was my brand when I was a smoker her again. I didn't smoke them for that reason. I did it because I like to chew on things but I know there's a lot of parliament smokers and I all of a sudden you start noticing shit like bloody noses and you start noticing things like again people partying till four in the morning and still being able to party. And that's what I'm like. Okay so these guy that was was. Is there any ever any like dysfunction happening here i-is drugs was there ever overdose situations. Not that I see. Here's the the thing I think they knew to keep that away from me right. I think they're just like this guy is good at what he does with the booze. So he's just going to do his thing and we're going to do hours and I was a grand distractions so that people weren't fucking with them while they were doing business Again this is a college house. College Party mid-2000s. So they needed that distraction and they also need to provide entertainment payment hence the DJ and they needed the drinks to provide entertainment. Were you the only one who wasn't aware like the DJ was he was sure there were people the DJ they didn't know either but the DJ again. He was a buddy of mine. who was there for Pussy? And Friedrich Drinks Okay and he was in there every time either he was there some other times. I would just fucking bring mix CDs and we'd just pump out whatever makes bullshit you know we've made an MP three CD players can play like two hundred CDs. Yeah remember that kids remembered. MP Three CDs CDs. I do so we would or we'd hook up. I think the early early ipod on to like worthy tape. Remember the old CDs where the TRAE would come out and hold five I. I had one of those. I was the show people. I know a three disc the three of nineties technology it was but but this was a they actually had an MP three and then they also had a tape deck that we put an ipod on so they took play into the old fucking stereo system. So again I I had this. I always had a weird feeling but I'm just like I didn't even pay many mine. I'm making money baby right making them fat stacks and you're in your again from the. I'm from a tiny rural type area. I grew up north of brainerd. An talents like mayberry. You know now. It's like mayberry with meth right right or opium your choice Little gummy little actually. It's gotten a lot better. They did have a big math problem for a while though So so to me I never I was never really exposed to like partying up there. Smoking some ditch weed and drinking beers and then in college. It was still like you know you get a you. You might get some weed. Maybe somebody will maybe offer you adderall. which I never took again because I just wasn't my thing? I was never a never into that shit so I'm just like whatever you know home but again I'm not paying attention. I'm I of course at the time I had. I adjust I was I was in the process of breaking up with my ex. which was a whole mess? and A ex-fiancee by the way ex ex. Yeah so I'm trying to make money back from a wedding thing and it was just a it was a bad place. It was not a good it was not a good spot in my life so I'm not really I don't really care at a certain point. You know what was the. What was the final thing? When did you discover what was actually going on? I tell people what what all this cover was for what they were actually doing into what scale so well. I didn't learn the scale until way later. Okay but I I found out that I was entertainment for cocaine front. They were selling blow in the back room in. The basement is in the basement. So as you understand that this whole Party and everything was just really just a cover just a front for that too. And I'm and I again I. I thought that there's maybe someone selling little like eight balls. I'm thinking okay. Well whatever it's just not my thing but people can do what they want. Whatever I'm not GonNa do it then I still didn't and I never have but in my mind I'm just like I justified at like well? They're paying for the booze and the and the people who are running the party in the house where you know they're just whatever they had to pay the cost of business and give them some free drinks. There's always this older guy there too and you and I just thought he was creepy. You know in college there was sometimes the older dudes would just show up because they want young pussy. They want young chicks. You know and with older dude. He's just older held. We'll get most of us are in our early twenty s at the time. Or even there's there's a couple of guys who were like twenty and then the People party. There is people as young as I found out way later like seventeen. Okay I wish I do. I do Kinda feel bad about serving having a seventeen year old alcohol. It's whatever you live you learn. An alcohol wasn't the worst thing they were doing anyway. Clearly what's so. This guy was in his mid thirties. And give me a description of why do white Dude well-to-do well. No no you would not suspect Pale really gone really thin real skinny and tall had this long straggly. Blonde hair the local GAM wealth. or No. Or no you wouldn't you wouldn't have picked it. This guy was actually I think in the long run was actually pretty smart of his appearance because he wasn't trying to. It'd be flashy I. I do know that he drove a nice car. But I'm just thinking you're thirty you know I'm fucking dumb twenty something I'm like. Oh Your your thirties. You can have a nice car or whatever ever and I never paid any mind. I just thought he was the creepy dude at the party. Turns out no he was the guy who was the dealer around. Yeah he was pushing it on the house he and these kids were helping him sell. They were they were helping it. So those guys who are doing security there there they were actually having fun with me out in the bar they were actually doing real security by the other door right was dope was. Yeah so yeah and I and I didn't fuck unknown. They're drinking of course they're drinking. It was never. It was never anything serious or isn't really guns or anything or knives that I could see any way. No one openly carrying weapons but there were times where people were forcibly kicked the fuck out and I mean like kicking and screaming and I again. I was a bartender at the time as well and I'd been I worked in bars ars and restaurants. Of course you know you're just not controlled person you know. They did a little too much drinking. Maybe that'll bump and he's just fucking being an asshole. We need to kick him out now. Maybe there with some other shit going on. I'm not that I'm not. I've never been one hundred percent clear out of of the people who were you assume. We're we're making purchases there. What what was that? Demographic was all young all young people they were selling all too young people. At least that I could see but again I'm stuck behind trying to figure out where they bind for just for a personal user whereas they were they buying bulk to sell it somewhere else and as I found out later there were a couple different levels of purchaser. Okay there there were people who were just there just to buy an eight ball or to buy a few eight balls or whatever. They're here to buy a small amount just to party for the night or unites or whatever but what I found out later is this guy was dealing to dealers and that I found out later Up into an including pounds Jason. Not a lot of pounds. I'm not not saying he was moving. He's not like fucking moving like bricks but there were times where yet they probably were probably probably sold a pound or two in the house while I was there. I fought You said there was a A You told me that there was a costume night there. Yes what happened the constant. I was around Halloween or no. It wasn't it was just a mid. They just decided to can like July costume. Hardy let's go controls up. Okay yeah so. That was the night that I really figured out that there was more to it than just a little bit of blow because so I thought there was people wearing Zombie costumes. No they were bleeding out. There knows right into custody right I just thought I again. Then you realize no. That's real blood and I. That's the night that it really dawned on me. Oh no there's something more going on here but I'm just going like an I'm I'm fucking just. It was so bad and that was one of those parties that it was just off the chain guys and fucking blow up costumes and everything everything else you know like that. Do they charge people to come in the door on. No Okay sloughs. Don't okay but we did have a cap at a certain point like when you couldn't walk up can't can't can't let you in the they had a guy at outside and that guy I found out later was also like himself. The cops come things we did get busted. That's the craziest part heart of everything we got busted but it was the front of a House Party so the cops just thought it's just a bunch of dumb drunk. Kids go home go home take your keys. And they didn't even ask that they're they're drinking. Whatever so when those when that would happen I would I would dip out because I You know I I knew I could. I would literally just walk out with the rest of the crew. That would leave my ships. I know no one would take it known. They knew better than to mess with my stuff. Because I knew I wouldn't come back if they stole my my booze for that was like one of the things like if you fuck with my stuff. I just won't come back and then you won't have anyone to do this. And they're like okay then. That was really the weird part to they. Were very for for for a coke front. They are actually quite respectful of my things was nice. They're they're in for selling the coke. They again I was the entertainment I was just like I was a fucking party clown as far as they were concerned. They didn't care They knew I didn't do it. They knew I didn't do cocaine so I think after that said that one of those first nights where I kicked that guy kicked out in their dislike. Oh this is a fucking yachts over here like he's just say he's just slinging drinks kool while he gives us free booze to do it right as far as I was like basically I was a booze caterer Israeli kind if you really need to put negative perspective but was a core group. I mean there had to be. There is the main do the older dude. He'd in there. Okay did they. Whose place was it was these other? So's the guy the guys who recruited me okay Got Their names kind of escaped me. But they all had like like Phil and Tam like they were just normal. Graying all white guys you know unassuming early white dudes which actually is a really great front. If you're trying to do that so yeah again. They just look like the guys who are like they they go to the park and play football and then go drink beer like they just they look like all American Amer Crombie model sort of mother fuckers. You know what I mean. Unlike the date that they looked like they had money. Do they care any different than he did. One little bit he they were actually a little bit more brazen about the away. They spent cash but I just thought they all driving nicer. Cars go nuts. Not Quite that not to that point. They weren't like at that point would they were doing. They were the guys who would go to the bar like the real. He'll bars like downtown saint cloud and they will drop ship Tana cash on leg and by people rounds they were the guys who we come up to me at the bar at the party would throw money at me and just take bottles of booze. They were guys. We don't wearing really night. They're wearing nice clothes and they're starting were jewelry. Not like the like what early. So we've got to put in context so the two thousand six like what they thought was. You know there weren't a little bling chains shit. I'm just like these are just douche bags. Whatever I'll make I'll take their money any that's all I kept thinking I'll take their money? You know I'm I'm in my own head space volume you know I'm I'm just here to do my own grind. Whatever and I use I use my money to pay bills and taper some of my school like honestly I paid for? I probably paid for textbooks with money that was used to start blow. Wow I mean if you went to a good place right yeah my my higher education. That's why I'm still a bartender. Thirty five so how did this all end. You're only did this for like four four months right yeah Elliot for four months and it would part of it because it was just the summer thing and I'm like I'm I didn't I wasn't taking summer classes or anything and I I needed an extra gig needed some extra money and they were supposed to be one more party before school. lets out her school. That's the school Starts again all of a sudden I get taxed saying like did you hear what happened at the Roxbury and I'm like what now like they got busted and I'm just thinking like again at the time am I wasn't quite sure what the scale was. But somebody had snitched on them. They were her like doing again. That's how I found out they'd done a couple pounds and it had to have happened when I was there. I'm sure they also deals when I wasn't but it was a it was a again. It was kind of a brilliant idea. You throw this House party. It's just a guy at saint cloud state to. That's all those Party college you know. And in the meantime yeah they were. Yeah they and I think that I think if I remember well those guys all got vic dead so that they got from the house Because they were renting of course never ever and And I think they all the guys from the House snitched on the the main guy or I I know he went to prison because he he had like a felony amounts of cocaine. Well Yeah you don't think any amount. Okay yeah but I mean I'm talking like me me. He probably got a federal case like a kilo. It's I mean well actually anything over a few ounces and yet My name stayed out of everything they I I again. I as far as they're gonNa do to you anyway. Ed guys selling drinks. Yeah the where we thought you were. The bad is due to the for a for a for legitimately half of that summer. I thought I was like the guy was the criminal king again. You know I'm going to myself. I'm selling selling booze and fucking make money in doing this. Like a completely unregulated truly I was also committing crimes but the drop in the hands of. Yeah really going on did you. Did you ever learn about where it was coming from or I would assume duluth probably came in on a boat I I. It wouldn't surprise me if it was duluth as a big importing place for all kinds of fun stuff legitimately. I couldn't tell you where it came from. I don't know it was I. I don't know where the guy got it and that that's actually. I think what's kept me safe as I didn't interact with the big guy. He would occasionally throw money at me and take a bottle of booze and walk away. We I don't think we exchanged more than maybe fucking forty words with each other. Just Iowa fucking clown dancing thing on the bar with hot chicks trying to get them to get guys to buy drinks and stuff so he's just like yeah. This guy's a good distraction guarantee. I was just a to them. I was just Eh people knew what was going on with the better for them. Yeah a hundred percent and like I think I ran into someone else who used to go to that party like about a couple of months later and they're just like do you know how lucky you are that you weren't there that day they got busted and I never really hung out at that place other than the party nights which is funding again. Lucky me. Oh yeah and I think about that a lot like I. There's a legit chance I could have been an accessory to to this. This is massive. Cry On you know. It wasn't us. It was the guy behind the bar. He's the guy he's bringing it all in with fake alcohol right and here. I thought I was the one ripping them off by cutting that litter. Well if anybody's listening who is a part of this crime syndicate of of cocaine Please contact me get the rest of the story on that please. Don't I don't need you went on a podcast and talked about about this shit now. I mean I left names out the ones that and also just I didn't they are listening. I didn't snitch right. They were already there then. Nothing to do with you So to finish off the time on our on this podcast you had another story. That's completely unrelated. Oh yeah and now for something directly different but but also kind of similar apparently a little bit. There's some there's there's some striking thirty so a couple of years ago this is going to be So it's thirty two. I'm going to be thirty thirty six's here so surrogate but the little over almost four years ago now a buddy of mine. was an event coordinator in Saint Cloud and he calls me up one day and he knew that I would. I would come and help him with events. I helped him uncle beer. Festivals and CIDER fast couple CIDER festivals is well on Bartender Ilya so whatever but he knew like I lived close to to the civic center where they were holding this event and he comes. He's like hey man I need. I need hand on this. I'll pay you cash under the table. Just come and help me out. I'm like cool. Oh I had no idea at this point. What what he wants but is a good buddy of mine and he never would really? He's not anyone I'd ever have to worry about like leading me astray. Okay what ever and I've oh I've done. I did other stuff. I'm like you know like ducks unlimited. And these these are the really stupid little events I walk in on my oh. There's a concert going going on cool immediately. Put me to work. This concert. Plays right still what it is yet and not quite. They're like Oh you're here to work. I didn't even see my boss yet. I was dude walking off the street and they immediately put me to putting electronics together for a laser as our light show. I have no experience doing this. I'm thinking I'm just GonNa do General Labor. I walk up after half an hour of me trying trying to do this. The kind of goes with the fucker you doing. Are you trying to get somebody killed. Yeah apparently I what I was doing. It could have caused a fire. Oh Nice Nice. And that's when I found out I was rotating for kids BOP. Now explain to people who don't know what kids poppies kids. Bob is a popular group that covers pop songs and makes them more kid friendly and they're sung by children. They've been around for over twenty years like preteen annoying. Yeah eleven twelve thirteen probably yes. I think they like a tween group sort of thing and it's always a change in cast a kids kids. Every CD I think is different kids all and they tour with each age out. Yeah Yeah it's probably like menudo sort of thing you know it's only the More annoying Rightish Inman UTO right gross. So Oh and by the by the magic of of editing if you want to know what it sounds like it sounds is like this the road. I'M GONNA here DOC is Mattie buddhist-backed. Imagine your Porsche. Anna Valley poor. That's that's disgust. It's not it's not good right but this is music to kill yourself to hunter. I kind of wanted to. I hate children a hate singing children even horse so it's and especially special level of health. Shing the lyrics of songs you know right to be more child-friendly only way I would enjoy. Gioia is if they sang like Gangsta. Rap Music on edited police. Fuckin- Kitty chipmunk voice. That's beautiful I like that right. So we're we're I'm setting up this this whole so. They take me off the electronics. Thank God and I'm like kids Bob. And that's when my I say that. And that's when my buddy buddy comes out he's like yeah. You know I run this thing and I'm like I'm like kids Bob. And he's like and then immediately the the guy who's like the tour manager walk so yeah. Yeah Kids Bob. Ah Cool and also for the listeners. Just know this is is huge yes financially wise like I remember when we start talking about uh-huh remembering those commercials. 'cause you could buy a CD or they're all singing. All the top forty songs have whatever whatever and then we went to go to youtube to look at subscribe. They got a one point five something million subscribers on their goddamn YouTube channel and that's just on Youtube they're exploiting the fuck out of these children they're probably are we getting a hundred dollar check here and there and some fucking assholes making a stage show where they're doing costume changes dancing choreographed dancing to laser lights and other shit right so he puts me back to work. But it's like something a little bit more. My speed he goes. Hey I need you to set this energy. Go onto the side of the stage and set a privacy curtains. And I'm like privacy curtains. Why would you need privacy curtains? Oh and he goes. Oh because the pederasts sit on the corners and look over to watch the kids changing unbelievable one of those things you don't think about if you're not a pedophile. For where anything something yeah legitimately. He's like yeah. We have to put these up because we noticed that single men were buying the very in the front row. were buying the edge seats. It's so that the diagonally could look at kids changing holy fuck so. They knew that they could improve that. They couldn't prove it but in the I. I think that there's probably as my guess is. There's a precedent for this right so now now you gotta get wonder are the kids Bob. Do they know that can't do anything about Out It or do they look at it as well. That's another ticket sold. I don't know mostly I will say that. They were really promoting it for families thing. I will legitimately say that they were it was supposed. I like a family show the churches. Also you know Oh. I have enough stories but I grew up Catholic. That's a whole other podcast right like I was part of the Saint Paul Archdiocese. And that's all leave it. Did you got kidnapped. I did not. I didn't get kicked up but my priest who gave me my first communion did oh he was one of those you as a guy who gave me my first communion was it. I just was not his flavor. Okay and the body. Dismore Viet is giving me Myers. I feel kind of bad luck. You didn't cute my battle. Tangible cheeks both kinds but back up. Yeah because it gets beside I forget about it gets worse from here is a little bit. Yeah it's not worth. It just gets weirder okay weird so after. I'm putting that up. Then they had me doing like the set up chairs shares and. That's the usual concerts so I'm like okay. Whatever this I know? I'm going to get some money and then I'll hey. Do you WANNA help set up craft services cool and it's all the stuff you I think you're gonNA see kids kids services. There's oreo cookies. There's gushers there's cheese nips. There's three handles of patrol on there. There were three handles of patrolling Joey. That's in the writer to the edge off. Those kids then tried to go on stage without a little bit of a bus. Turns is out. The tour manager also worked with groups such as Motley crue and whitesnake and Bon Jovi in the eighties right. So somebody didn't want to give up the lifestyle. Put My boozer next big pile of pudding POPs that's gone. It was actually next to the Capri Suns make sense good mixer that's Because that was the last thing I did the tour manager then POPs open one of the bottles search drinking from directly and then hands ends a to me and we started drinking thrown out of the bottle chasing it with packets of Capri Sun Solaris backstage to and and their defense I couldn't go to one of those shows without having to be fucking trunk or hammered or Hawaii. I probably. You're probably not wrong all fuck so we're board so we're drinking and I'm like this and that's when the but here's the thing were drinking it and as were drinking the kids start coming in and I say this is a hundred percents true story I go. Do you really think we should be drinking around the kids and the kids without ago almost does this all the time like they were. They were so they were they were. The kids were numb to it. What are their? What's the handler situation? Like is their parents there. Nope real they were just like tour manager people really so people kids days Jones may have been parents. I didn't stick around for that long because I I. I'm I was like I had had a bunch of Tequila Kielland. I'm like I'm not GonNa stay for the concert. I already knew what was coming and also it just felt weird drinking tequila behind the stage as kids. We're getting makeup and stares ready it was just one of the things I my buddy goes and he hands me like fifty bucks and only a couple of hours of work. So I'm like whatever and I'm just sitting. Ah I leave just with that wide eyed look of the fuck just happened like. That's that's a weird resume builder and if you are if you're a member of Kids Bob and you're listening to this. This story. One hundred percent happened Saint Cloud Minnesota three years ago. Almost four Holy Shit. I almost want to go now. I want to go to a show in like go find the pedophile corner. Just start asking those guys. What's going on are you you guys just really big fan of Synchronize back there. What's going on only legitimately the the other roadies are like? Yeah no because a pedophile. And it's just like a pedophile. They're just like the but that makes perfect serves does but it was one of those things you just you. Don't you don't think about it. You know what other shows have like Kid Kassim. Isn't that other kinds of shows. I'm sure there are and I'm sure this is a problem at like like I. Prince theaters shed or something. The little girl that got killed the princess princess dress up called deter Thira show only tier toddlers and here. What are we talking to like the little mini mini pageants dudes? Go their lousy with fucking like kid fuckers. You know what I mean like hall footing. It was one of those things. You just you don't you you. Why would you set up these privacy? Curtains US thinking well first of all. I didn't realize how many outfit changes were included in it so that that's on on me for not being that naive and not realizing that they need to do plenty of outfit changes but also the fact that they had to put up the curtains because people were peaking backstage while Oh kids changing is just removing the people. Well they I don't I can't say specifically that there were but that that's what the crew crew were like yeah like pedophile. 's Holy Fuck down. And you're just like a kid's Bob Show and they're all show as we're trinket fucking Tequila backstage. So how. How did that influence was that basically it? I just got paid and walked out of there. And they're like do you want tickets to the show and I'm like no I could. I could have watched. I could've hung backstage and drank with them too and I was just like I. I need to get out of here. This is this is not where I wanNA be right now. OCTA DOC de Crazy thank you thank you for for both stories. That was Interesting and now. I'm terrified of kids Bob now. Two kids bop up and cocaine. Ah the.

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