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Amelia Earhart Pt. 1


UNWAVERING DEDICATION and support we've released our entire back catalogue of shows and they're already in your feed that's fifty five intriguing hi it's molly and Carter we have great news for all our incredible conspiracy theories listeners to thank you for your three of open water maybe no one found a body because there wasn't one to find according to the navy that was because she crashed to the ocean floor but anything can happen out on the wild unobserved territory right now plus will still be releasing new episodes of conspiracy theories every Wednesday get caught up on conspiracy theories for free is becoming increasingly evident that Amelia earhart world famous aviator tricks still couldn't hear a single word from them she was lost somewhere out there above the endless stretch of water Amelia's plane and body were never found on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts remember the truth is always the best story and the official story isn't always the truth he paced up and down the ship's cabin waiting for a sign his radio operators were glued to their headphones furiously welcome to conspiracy theories apar- cast original every Wednesday we did broadcasting onto every frequency they could think of at nine thousand nine hundred hours Greenwich Meantime they heard a distinctive mid Atlantic administrator of the territory's usually appreciated but on July second nineteen thirty seven his attention was elsewhere I really liked our episode on Princess Diana was her death really an accident similarly I like our episode and Marilyn Monroe in the circumstance native the task as deck with Glorious Bursts of color dawn in the equatorial islands was a beautiful sight one that Richard Black the American begin to the complicated stories behind the world's most controversial events and search for the truth I'm Carter Roy and I'm only Brandenburg and neither of us are conspiracy theory dances around her with suspicious death whether you're reliving some of your favorite episodes or hearing these theories for the first time these fifty five episodes are available twenty seven minutes later the voice came in once again we're circling but candidacy island can't hear you go ahead on seventy five hundred kills those with long count either now or unscheduled time on half hour they could hear her clear as day now finally but world we must be on you but cannot see you but gases running low have been unable to reach you by radio we are flying at one thousand feet and whether Lee Harvey Oswald worked alone I also liked our episode on fifty one where we discussed the possible secrets the government is hiding what about you in the early morning light slowly filtered down through the mist and penetrated the gusty winds it alumi- blood we are open minded skeptical and curious don't get us wrong sometimes the official version is the truth sometimes it it's not you can find episodes of conspiracy theories and all other podcast originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts stream conspiracy theories for free on spotify just open the APP tap browse and type conspiracy theories in the search bar at parkhead venture innovation and feminism born in eighteen ninety seven she said flight record after record at a time when women were forecast and twitter at podcast network and if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help us to leave a five star review wherever you're listening it really does asked were grateful for you our listeners you allow us to do what we love let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at bill this is our first episode on Amelia earhart the iconic record-breaking Aviatronics who became a symbol of American and widely considered best suited for life in the home and then used her platform to advocate for other women that is until time next week will look into some of the most likely theories these skeptics have proposed explaining the disappearance of Amelia earhart Amelia earhart was born in Atchison Kansas on July twenty fourth eighteen Dan bishops record-setting global circumnavigation Amelia and her navigator fell prey to technical difficulties and crashed into the ocean. Well she disappeared on July second 1937 though this week will be covering the official story behind that disappearance during an his plane was never found and not everyone is so convinced that simple technical issues could lead to the death of the greatest pilot of her ninety seven and spent her early years hopping around towns in the mid West throughout many of those years her family was in deep financial straights decades of the twentieth century when she was growing up but thanks to those clippings she could remind herself they were out there she wasn't afraid she kept a scrapbook of magazine clippings that depicted successful inspiring women in professional fields they were a relative rarity in the early Melia found herself working in traditionally feminine fields she worked as a nurse during World War One briefly took paramedic courses and eventually but neither those difficult conditions nor the sexist prejudices of her time stopped young Amelia from dreaming big about her future eight of the scrapes and bruises it might take achieve those dreams always a tomboy Amelia preferred to climb trees or explore issuing traditionally a two or three hundred feet off the ground I knew I had to fly. She dedicated herself to pursuing that dream activities for outdoor play but foraging your own way against cultural norms is no easy path and in the early years of her adulthood found employment as a social worker none of these jobs ignited her passion however then undescended Twenty Eighth Nineteen Twenty organized the first transatlantic flight by a female pilot in nineteen twenty eight they'd had trouble finding an eager contender three of their previous chameleon was twenty three years old she got the opportunity to ride in an airplane this is how she explained the experience by the time I had Amelia earhart a famous name especially after one of the backers of the flight publisher George Putnam through his considerable weight behind the call I she screamed and saved to take flying lessons in July of nineteen twenty one she bought her very own plane a second hand kiner air stirred two seater plane that she broke her first women's Aeronautic Record on October Twenty Second Nineteen twenty two by rising to Ford and as she used her growing platform to advocate for women in the workforce and increased gender equality on by nineteen thirty seven she in by Amelia about flying just a few months after her transatlantic voyage but he quickly had another reason to become Amelia's biggest fan he fell in love eighteen thousand feet on that was just the first of many more to come her early success as a pilot drew the attention of a small group of backers try and Ause Putnam was a savvy businessman in publicist and he knew that an intrepid flying girl was a highly marketable image he published a book circumnavigation around the world she and Fred Noonan her navigator had tried to start this trip in March three months before and candidates had died that year while attempting to set the record but Amelia jumped at the opportunity the flight was a grand success and it isn't just one of the most accomplished record-breaking female pilots in the world she was one of the most accomplished pilots in history of any gender her fain us but this was a fresh start they were taking off from Miami just as summer started to pour down her happy raise take off had effort had been definitively botched and they'd only made it from Oakland California to their first Stop Hawaii before encountering technical difficulties that stymied there working order she'd already broken record after record and this would be yet another she would be the first woman to accomplish a circumnavigation is on May thirty first nineteen thirty seven Amelia prepared to embark on her most ambitious flight yet author the couple married in nineteen thirty one Amelia now had Georgia support as she went on to record after record in the following years you trust him to keep it together she knew he was an ace at his work his celestial navigation skills were legendary Amelia felt the stirrings and she couldn't be more confident about her partner in the effort Fred Noonan the former chief navigator of pan-am the largest international airline her second takeoff to Howland island and not only had they failed to make it out of Hawaii they'd also severely damaged her Lockheed Electra plane in the process Amelia Fred and a small entourage of their friends and family woke at three am long before Sunrise Amelia jammed the last of her personal the excitement that always affected her before a flight in her own words I have a feeling that there's just about one more good flight left in my system Gatien instrument an accident and a machete in case they were forced to land in the jungle the party wove its way through the hotel lobby got her invitations to lecture to write for magazines design clothes she even joined the staff at Purdue University as a career adviser to female students and I hope this trip is it she'd be more right than she could have ever imagined on the morning of June first allied items into a small suitcase a few shirts coveralls two pairs of pants nothing much mainly what they were trucking out to the car were finally set for early the next day on June first nineteen thirty seven the electric twin engines had been repaired and Amelia was confident they were in solid bacon and potatoes streamed out of the kitchen onto their table for Amelia to thermoses were filled with hot tomato juice something to keep her warm on the it's of gear large to court thermoses pith helmets lightweight cloth covered headgear off worn by explorers Fred's portable packed with journalists even at this ungodly hour the clamored for a statement from Amelia but the time for statements in chatter was over L. to be swept up in the whirlwind excitement adventure and female empowerment but there was some anxiety pepper folks the excitement George Putnam Amelia's husband and the publisher of her autobiographies grasped his wife's hand tightly she was one flight fred shaking his head and laughing at his partners strange tastes asked for his therapist be filled with coffee the meal was jittery of the era though there's a lack of contemporary evidence to support it rumor was that Fred had something of a drinking problem either way Amelie the party pushed its way out the door it was still before four. Am when they arrived at a local Greek joint for breakfast a hearty meal of eggs this was no small Endeavour Amelia was glowing with excitement and anticipation as Fred in their entire party was just as ASP but Amelia wouldn't stay on the ground because of fear not now not ever in fact she couldn't help but feel the draw of that fear the thrill of danger had its own special appeal they arrived at the airport just after breakfast it was still but always her heart was an aviation and in nineteen thirty seven at almost forty years old she set her sights back towards the sky her face on his mind he knew Amelia's skill better than anyone but he knew this was a dangerous flight anything could happen pair pre dawn light started to glow as he finished up his task finally there was nothing left to prepare Amelia and fred smile waved and then closed the hatch it was six oh four a m the sun was just picking up onto the horizon doc but the journalists were waiting they watched the flashes of their bulbs and the beams of their headlights as Amelia Fred George and their friends and Family Amelia climbed onto the plane she slowly warmed up the engines then jumped back out to consult with the attending engineer about one last small the best pilots alive he knew that and he trusted her. In Amelia's words their marriage was a partnership with dual control a number of challenges in the open skies weather mechanical issues and even human error the couple's fingers grew sweaty in there vice like there are fifty five episodes of conspiracy theories from early two thousand eighteen through early two thousand nineteen that are available to you right now part how that was a rare thing in the nineteen thirties but George like Amelia herself knew that even the best pilot could fall prey to any coming up the journey continues smoothly until problems start to arise remember miles down the coast there last stop before heading across the Atlantic they took the most direct rather than the most had made I contact nodded and gave a round of tight hugs then they clambered into the hold George climbed up after them and leaned his head into give Amelia one final lingering kiss he was looking increasingly anxious staring at her intently as if to impress and Amelia earhart and Fred Noonan were off on their journey the skies were clear it was the auspicious beginning of what would amy for the start of their global circumnavigation at forty Amelia was already a world famous pilot thanks to a record breaking flights across the Atlantic four and you can listen to all of these episodes right now for free on spotify and anywhere you listen to podcasts now back to the store Dan Pacific she saw this trip has one last opportunity to have the adventure of a lifetime and break a record while she was at it and his heart was beating as fast as drum and his eyes were starting to water as he reluctantly stepped down from the plane Amelia offered a confidence push the small Lockheed Electra out of the hangar police arrived and cordoned off the area Mr the crowd swelled to five hundred and the equipment was loaded up the support and excitement didn't diminish as they travelled onwards Fortaleza in northeast Brazil then tall two hundred seventy five three at dawn on June first nineteen thirty seven Amelia earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan flew out of turn thirty six degrees south but she doubted his instructions and instead veered north as they emerged from the fog and past has actually released over seven hundred episodes from the back catalogue of Sixteen Different shows including serial killers unsolved murders colts and many for a time as they approached the African continent a thick fog rose up obscuring their view Fred instructed Ameliorate Areco from there they flew to Cari pto Venezuela then another one thousand three hundred thirty miles to Paramaribo in what is now Ernie Amelia and Fred encountered welcoming faces and urgent requests that they accept local hospitality in all its forms well sometimes that meant they felt confident when in the pitch black early hours of June seventh they touched off from Natale Brazil for their transatlantic flight at the beginning of the journey that seemed to be the likely outcome the first leg of the journey was in easy eight hour one thousand mile flight to San Juan Suriname Amelia as always was exhilerated to be in the air and the public was just as excited to see her there at every step of the established roots on each leg that meant they were often flying over dense an often uninhabited jungle with not a soul in reached by radio few heavy tropical downpours but we're able to circumvent them Amelia and Fred trip was going well despite the risky routes they chose could this little glitch they'd be able to solve them all and come out the other side on top their next destination was cow on the a place to stay in a good home cooked meal sometimes free gear often it meant a welcome from a local governor and Bassett or or another prominent local figure on the other side of the journey was car the capital of what was then French west Africa the weather was fair the air was clear they shook off the previous day's error that was flying problems arose and mistakes happened there would be more but Amelia and Fred felt sure that just like Herman their location it became clear that Fred had been right and Amelia had been wrong ho luckily this combination on route Amelia encountered a technical difficulty the manual Mixture Control Lever for the starboard engine jammed she bits of treetops with frequent wide winding rivers cutting through them the weather was uniformly good over the Orinoco River we encountered or even if they were to land by foot Fred wrote home to a friend Helen Day about the sites nothing was visible but solid car the results all around were positive Amelia and Fred were in robust healthfulness beyond question and the plane Emilia explained in a phone eat Amelia lying beneath the enormous open sky with its glittering cast of stars filled almost as close to the heavens as she did airplane it was as exhilarating as it was beautiful next stop was for Lemay in French Equatorial Africa which is today Chad Sniff natural obstacles in human air didn't result in disaster the elector landed in Saint Louis Senegal and the next day Fred and a control Dan six hundred ninety miles and a three hour flight away then further and further east Khartoum still in the Sudan across the Red Sea further still to Assab in what's now Eritrea from there they commenced the long one thousand nine hundred twenty mile journey to Karachi intense it felt like a physical object a wall between them and their destination but they pushed on after Fort Lamy was l Fisher in the in a twenty nine thousand mile journey but it wouldn't work out quite as expected did you river a one thousand one hundred forty mile flight which they made in just under eight hours they spent the night in the open desert to mitigate the journey took a little over thirteen hours a long trip but it came smoothly to close the gentle pace got them to Karachi with a bit of on she r-responded it's a grand trip will do it again together sometime all it seemed as well as Amelia and Fred took off from Karachi flow of fuel to the engine manually she reduced speed to economize flying at an average of one hundred forty seven miles an hour at that speed I two million flew the one hundred and sixty three miles south to their original destination to car this time they arrived without difficulty Paul degeorge was doing all right to its hiccups were all getting fixed without issue there's actually a recording of this phone call because George placed it out rule to spare in Karachi both Amelia and Fred were checked out by British doctors while the planes health was tended to and they flew low over the Niger River to get there the steam from swampy forest rising up in -veloping them as they went the heat was so hogged the lever but it wouldn't move there was nothing to do but compensate however she could and hope for the best since she couldn't regulate the of the offices of the Herald Tribune the transcript shows that Amelia was swell never better and replying to Georgia's query if she was having besides of conspiracy theories that are available to listen to right now do you have a favorite from these episodes card I'll always love her episode on the K. assassination for Calcutta on one thousand three hundred ninety mile trip but a second phone call between Amelia and her husband after their arrival six just something may have started to go wrong this call unlike the I wasn't recorded but this time I am six minutes of going nowhere on the eighteenth they tried again this time they made it to Rangoon Twentieth Amelia received a call from George they chatted about the arrangements he was making was the navy and Coast Guard for her next flights all uh-huh the Lockheed Electra took off from Calcutta on June seventeenth straight into monsoon season double George immediately assumed Fred was drinking he urged Amelia to stop the trip and not take any unnecessary risks they took off at dawn the rain was battering the small Lockheed Electra like a toy but Amelia in the cockpit was as calm and the rain had already started in Calcutta the storm was projected to get worse so if they wanted to go they had to go right then enjoyments he knew nothing about the technical details of radio frequencies and other direction finders small plane needed on daring over water flights they even Amelia's determination however could not force the plane through this storm they grounded after in Fred's words to the navy and Coast Guard personnel he was liaising with did understand those details of course and it's likely he and Amelia assumed focused as ever still they were forced to land after a mere three hundred and thirty five miles in Burma now sit way Myanmar was George simply assumed she was hinting at Fred's drinking what we know for sure is that true to Amelia's words despite the problem it wasn't only nature's fury that could get in the way of this trip soon after the electrodes arrival in band doom on June she brushed him off I have only one bad hop left and I'm pretty sure I can handle the situation not everyone is convinced that the trouble she was and bang boom in what is now Indonesia they were out of the monsoon seasons path but as that jammed lever on the trip to Karachi had indicated data was perfectly clear they knew Amelia was saying or rather they inferred she never did clarify exactly what the problem was all over water from lay New Guinea to Howland island and from Howland to Honolulu. It's a bit odd that it was George who was attending to these ping was personnel trouble personnel after all sounds a lot like personnel george and his companions however all reported the line to Calcutta the downpour only got more intense paint started chipping off the electrodes wings but Amelia was recklessly deter her regular procedure seems to have been practical her habitual contact wasn't available for the job anymore and George would do in a pinch and their expertise would be enough to ensure appropriate plans were laid part this was a risk and not a risk that Amelia had ever taken before wish was glimmering with evening Sun as they touchdown on the next few flights went smoothly I quit cop to Bangkok and then to Singapore one last telephone call she assured him the plane was in good working order he told her he'd be waiting for in Oakland California finally as Fred reported in a letter home the plane was functioning perfectly now thank goodness for the Dutch mechanics Amelia gave George Emilian Fred touristed around bang boom and the surrounding areas until Saturday June twenty sixth waiting for the issues to be resolved mm-hmm into speed ahead of the storms perhaps she was anxious to keep the trip moving in the face of her personnel problems or perhaps her taste for risks it was time to recommence journey the Electra took off early in the morning on June twenty seventh they spent the night on Kupang or so it seemed meanwhile the plane was stuck in the repair shop some of its long distance flying mechanisms were acting up in the past she'd had a fellow pilot who is familiar with the intricacies of radio communication make these arrangements her reasons for changing tim calculate longitude all necessary for accurate navigation. It's not entirely clear what this radio issue was but it seems likely that baking was simply showing it's full face either way the same day as it landed in occupied the Lockheed Electra took off into the storm actually have equipment calibrated to that frequency this was a major communication problem one that there's little evidence was resolved the journey deposited them in lae New Guinea lay the headquarters of Guinea Airlines proved as welcome guardless of that risk at dawn on the twenty ninth Amelia and Fred continued on the twelve hundred mile seven hour and forty three months other locals including the Superintendent of Civil Aviation but once again the pair weren't able to leave on schedule the following day personnel unfitness meanwhile as on the phone is a bit more mysterious it could be a misspelling of personal but the fact that the on team or island then on the twenty eighth continued to Port Darwin Australia there the blown fuse of Amelia's radio receiver was replaced they were once again having radio issues which impaired Fred's ability to set his chronometers the chronometers told him the time and helped personnel just like on the telephone call it seems most likely that it is a reference to Fred's drinking all that makes sense considering the fact that he an important fix since a radio receiver needs to be in good working order for a pilot to receive messages and direction finding radio signals it's worth pointing out here that blown fuse is often the result of a deeper mechanical issue so while the Australian mechanics fixed the receiver allegation comes to a tragic abrupt halt now back to the story Amelia earhart and her navigator Fred and Fred took off for Howland island anyway coming up Amelia's historic global circuit consistently seems to be personnel across the phone call and telegram only increases the likelihood that Amelia did after all mean ship which was meant to help guide her and Fred to Howland Island Amelia had thought that the Tasca would take radio bearings on her on three thousand radio misunderstanding here likely refers to the News Emilia received from the Coast Guard about the radio frequency capabilities of the Tasca a US one hundred five kilocycles kilocycles being an old fashioned measure of frequency or essentially a radio channel but the ship did there's immediate problem there may have been an underlying issue that was still unresolved in cuddly the fuse blowing once again Newnan we're experiencing some technical difficulties in lae New Guinea there were communication issues with ship meant to guide them through radio signals been out drinking the night before the telegram was sent but Emilian Fred's activities around laid during the delay don't suggest that Fred was severely hung over and there was some kind of so-called personnel unfitness at play they stayed in port next day as they tried to sort these issues out but on July second nineteen that involve the same radio receiver that was repaired in Australia without that receiver Fred certainly would have had trouble setting his chronometers either lay time they ascended thanks to the headwinds or winds blowing directly at the head of the plane it was slow going after seven the ascent George the telegram reads radio misunderstanding and personnel unfitness probably will hold one day the pair repacked the plane and then Fred drove them around in a truck to sight see all we know for sure is that something was wrong and that Amelia thirty seven they prepare to take off for their next destination the tiny howland island one tiny speck of land in the vast expanse apparently abating the US Ontario was positioned halfway between lay and Howland Island and the US Tasca was located on the shores a it needed fixing before they could leave but there were a few other things holding them back in addition to the radio according to a telegram a meal at least so they look in the smiling photos taken in front of their plane the now infamous Lockheed Electra the plane was that meant more than twenty one hours in the air but it wasn't as if there were plenty of alternative landing points in the Pacific Ocean they'd have to soldier on and they had the fuel to make it with just a bit to spare in case navigation didn't go smoothly as the flight of Howland these ships would help guide them on the two thousand five hundred fifty six mile trip at Precisely Zero Greenwich Meantime Ten am hours and twenty minutes of flight. Fred calculated that going at their current speed they had another thirteen hours before they'd reach Howland Ming as every city Fred in a million stopped and before Amelia was invited to dinner by the manager of the airline while Fred went out for night on the town was its destination her voice signals were unreadable on the Tasca as she drew closer however her signal got clearer and five kilocycles on the hour and half hour about an hour later she broadcast once more but this message only barely reached with gasoline and their radios apparently in good working order the wind was high but nowhere near the levels of the monsoons they'd already flown through and it was dance of the Pacific Ocean it was just two miles long by half a mile wide both had an early night and woke up healthy and fit Steve Transmissions from their five hundred kilo cycle direction finder a half hour later seventeen hours and fifteen minutes in sixteen hours and forty four minutes into the flight the Tasca received her transmission she wanted Barings or directions on three thousand the first of a series of messages from Amelia cloudy weather cloudy one hour later fifteen hours and fifteen minutes into the flight direction finder only worked on five hundred kilocycles in fact in their messages to her they were asking her to tune into that five hundred or on scheduled time on half hour finally at nineteen hours thirty three minutes into the night for the first and only time learned they were radioing her on the three thousand one hundred five frequency every half hour as she had requested about an hour and a half earlier although there miles out then gave her whistle this is when Richard Black the American administrator of the Equatorial Islands started to get concerned moron. Amelia sent out radio broadcast to the I. Tasca which was waiting for her at Howland island the ship was communicating with her on three right she sent another message again reporting that it was overcast she asked the I. Tasca to broadcast on three thousand one hundred five Amelia received a transmission she replied to the I. Tasca Earhart calling I- Tasca we received your signals but unable we are circling but cannot see island cannot hear you go ahead on seventy five hundred kilocycles with long count either now nine seventeen hours and forty five minutes into the flight another message came in this one tinged with an air of desperation phone about one hundred miles out something was wrong she clearly wasn't receiving their messages even though they could hear her just fine thousand one hundred five kilocycles the frequency she had anticipated an fourteen hours and fifteen minutes into the flight the task received will repeat this message on sixty two hundred ten kilocycles we are now running north and south then I tasked as radio's ocean could have gotten to them as night fell the search continued hope sinking with every hour that passed meanwhile a navy one hundred five frequency and said she would whistle into the microphone a few minutes later she called again and dancing that she was about two hundred when silent an hour and a half after Amelia's last transmission the task reported Amelia's area near the island with some clouds it seemed the most likely place for Amelia and Fred to have gotten lost the search parties were tense but not hope to get minimum please take bearing on us an answer on three thousand one hundred five kilocycles twenty four hours and fourteen minutes into the flight ended them from making it onto the raft on this was the mid Pacific after all or even worse the sharks and barracudas swarming these parts of the during their aborted flight however the pilots continually sent out radio requests that Amelia sent her so called carrier wave which men to the flight Amelia radio to ask her bearings a third time please take bearing on us and report in half hour I will make noise in Mike Hello Cycle Direction finder but she wasn't receiving those messages and little to the task and know that her plane didn't even have proper equipment to rec- and devolving into a mess of snow sleet and lightning the task a radio that a tropical front had moved in causing ten foot waves one more message made it from a million to the task we are on the line of position one five seven dash three three seven visible for miles out they should have at least seen that the i. task started a search immediately I north west the only non-arrival to fleet headquarters along with a weather report of just how clear skies around them were if Amelia and Fred had been close to Howland the plane did receive an answer a series of dashes the response was hopeful but it wasn't conclusive it could have been even if they were a bit off course they should have seen the island if not the I.. Tasca was releasing a long plume of smoke into the air they wanted her to press her microphone such a signal would indicate that she was still out there still alive if nothing more and finally Louis if Amelia and Fred had run out of gas and been forced to land in the ocean they had a raft stocked with food and water and it's likely the it would become the most extensive air and sea search in naval history at the time by Tuesday July the task had searched Amelia and Fred had crashed into the water and never even made it onto their lifeboat if they had there would have been some sign of it the plane was starting the flight out from Hawaii to join the search it left Honolulu at seven PM planning to arrive at Howland around dawn three thousand miles in daylight and fifteen hundred miles at night planes searched the Phoenix island region to the southeast of Howland the and everyone came back and two handed on July nineteenth nineteen thirty-seven after deploying ten vessels four thousand had several more apparent radio signals from different areas were detected but they all turned out to be false alarms as far as the search parties could deter ages despite the fact that the ship transmitted on every radio frequency they could the plane almost certainly ran out of gas before it could locate but like Amelia and Fred before them this flight did not go to plan the weather started to deteriorate as the plane made its way to how and then spend the following day searching for the plane by the following evening it planned to land in the sea and tie onto the Tasca from someone other than Amelia anywhere out there in the Pacific regardless the plane had to turn around and the I. Tasca flashing its floodlights across you life as Irene boom our third theory which eventually gain traction with illustrious folks like Hillary Clinton argues that a million it's only fitting that her departure was just as extraordinary as everything else about her next week we'll explore three main alternative theories about what exactly happened to the intrepid era nuts are first theory is that Amelia so what happened in terms of the crash almost everybody agrees that it was a technical

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