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BRAZIL: Ten Thing I Didnt Know


Hello this is me. Welcome to power principles. The podcast today is episode. Forty two ten things. I didn't know about Brazil. Hi Friends I just got home from a trip to Brazil and by just got home I mean I've been off the plane for less than twenty four hours. I tell you this to make you jealous. Which is strange? Because if I'm being completely honest which I usually am I did not want go on this trip. But that's actually the topic for next week's podcast episode. Because I didn't want to go and I ended up having this amazing in Ohio breakthrough experience in Brazil. And so next week I'm podcasting about recognizing and overcoming self sabotage. Tis Days episode is ten things. I learned about Brazil's specifically Sao Paulo that I didn't know before travelling. They're alert lert warning fun. Interesting stories ahead. If you are not in the mood to hear some entertaining and even educational stories you might want to click over to one of those depressing oppressing crime podcasts because fence stories ahead first before we dive in the review of the week comes from Hitman. Dan Ninety nine which sounds like the topic of one of those true crime. PODCASTS hitman ninety nine says I really recognize the gift that Malaysia has in speaking. She can articulate what she says really well all things are in order and she sounds calm but you can really hear passion in what is being spoken about. She is personable and comes across with a great feeling of empathy rather than sympathy. which in my opinion is more important important? The content is logical and make sense and she has personal anecdotes that allows listeners to relate really incredible thank thank you hitman ninety nine for taking the time to leave a review and for listening to the podcast. I'm glad you enjoy it. If you want to be the reviewer of the week leave me a five star review you and tell me something you've learned or your favorite episode reviews are what help this podcast to appear. When people are searching for inspirational content it grows because of you thank you and now the top ten things? I learned about Brazil that I did not know before I traveled there. Numero DEZ number. Ten Brazil is a country of immigrants so much like my home country. The United States of America there are true native Brazilians the native indigenous tribes such as the Guada- knee otherwise the citizens there have descended mostly mostly from immigrants and there is a spirit of building of enterprise and a work ethic and the people I met new the stories of their ancestors before I left on this trip. I knew really hardly anything about Brazil specifically about Sao Paulo. which is the city that we were? We're going to. I'd heard that it was crowded. One of the most crowded cities on the planet earth and that it wasn't really safe. I didn't South Paulo everyone. Here's Rio de Janeiro. It's not the capital Brasilia is and so I had an impression of Sao Paulo being grungy Asia and ghetto and high crime. And that I would be stuck in my hotel and I wouldn't feel safe to go explore on my own and also I had the impression that probably knowing there would know what gluten-free meant and that I wouldn't be able to communicate and so I would be stuck in my hotel room. Eating Lettuce Leaves for seven days. He's so that's the mindset that I had before going into the trip on the first day they're one of the business spouses arranged a personal torch for us and I would really recommend this when you travel. It's not something that I would have ever done. I'm such a do it yourself for that. I I think to pay someone to show me their country but today with Google reviews and tripadvisor. It's easier and it's safer to find a tour guide right. And this is how I met Doris Kertzman. who showed up in her car to show me around Sao Paulo? And after my time with Doris I was so in love with the city of Sao Paulo. I could hardly wait until Justin got back to the hotel and I could tell him everything that I learned and I couldn't wait for the next day to hit the city again and I think this is so true about most anything in life that in order to love something thank you just need to get to know it. I want to tell you a little bit Doris Story. She descends from immigrants. Her grandparents were Jews who escaped escaped Poland at some point during Hitler's regime and the outbreak of World War Two. They did not know where they were going. They got on a ship having no idea where the ship was headed. Only that it was taking them out of Poland and that is the true definition of fleeing or escaping. Isn't it taking the gamble that back in place you land will be better and safer than where you are. I would love to know the intricate details sales of their story. How they ended up on the ship who they were with what happened to their friends and family who decided not to go with them or who found a different way out of Poland? I only know what Doris told me that. Her grandparents arrived in Brazil with nothing and found a way to work and carve out a living so one of the very first people met in Brazil was a descendant of Polish Jews. A couple of the other people that I met Roggio one of my husband's has been business partners. His great grandparents fled from Syria due to a war in their homeland over one hundred years ago. And that is how he ended up coming to would be a Brazilian. What is interesting as that? In the past ten years as civil war once again has broken out in Syria ever. Since the Arab spring arrived in Syria in two thousand eleven another wave of refugees has fled to Brazil. The U N Refugee Fugit Agency actually reports that Brazil has made it easier by issuing an open door policy their consulates in the Middle East East issue special visas with simplified procedures to help the survivors of the war in Syria to travel to Brazil where they can can present an asylum clean and have a chance to start over in a place away from the war. That's been going on over eight years now and has driven something like five five million people into exile. I also met have not whose ancestors were immigrants from Russia and another man whose grandparents immigrated from Lebanon there is a large population of Lebanese immigrants in Brazil. The largest population of Lebanese knees outside of Lebanon is in Brazil and that is true for a lot of countries which will talk about in a minute and I could feel a kinship to and at home home in Brazil because like the United States. It's such a melting pot of cultures and countries and ethnicities. It is a country like the United States that has been and built by Immigrants Numero Novi number nine about the city of south hollow. I learned so so much about Sao Paulo even to the point that I learned that Sao Paulo means Saint Paul which I could figure that out if I would have just thought through it a little little bit. South Paulo is the largest city in Latin America larger than Mexico City it has eighteen to nineteen million residents. I can't even describe that as we were flying over Sao Paulo to the airport the massive city the miles titles and miles of skyscrapers and huge apartment. Buildings just kept going on and and on and on with no end in sight and it's not just one city centre. It's not like flying being over New York and seeing all the tall buildings concentrated into one space and you can still see the rivers and you can still see open open space. You know you can see an end to the massive skyscrapers sell Paulo. Went on for ever and you try to comprehend comprehend to wrap your brain around the number of people in that space so to try to put it into perspective perspective. The population of Manhattan is one point. Six million people the entire state of New York is nineteen. Eighteen million people and the entire state of New York is like fifty four thousand square miles or the population of Las Angeles is four million people in five hundred square miles. This is more comparable so and five hundred square miles. Los Angeles has four four million people. It's crowded Los Angeles's crowded you go. There you fill out the traffic. It's it's a busy crowded place so Sao Paulo in five hundred square miles has nineteen million people. So it's a little bit more square miles than Lost Angeles and almost five times as many people. And yes just as you imagine. Traffic is an issue issue. So that being said it didn't feel horribly crowded to me. We were out walking on the streets. We went to when open market. It felt very similar to walking down. The streets of New York. Driving around in the city. Traffic was crazy very few accidents. The way they drive. You would think that there would be accidents every minute of every day and we did not. I think we saw one accident in the week that we were there. We were almost in one accident but because they have to drive slow enough to get around the driver's somehow how make room and and avoid most of the accidents so definitely traffic is an issue but I did not feel crowded by nine hundred million people. It's it's still hard for me to wrap my brain around that. So Sao Paulo was founded January twenty fifth fifteen fifty four and the reason. It was January twenty fifth and not January twenty four th or January twenty. Sixth is because January. Twenty fifth is the day that Paul had his change of heart and became an apostle of Jesus Christ so from the New Testament. If you remember that Paul had gone around Paul had been Saul and he'd gone around Attacking the Church and attacking the Christians at the time and January twenty fifth marks his conversion. I don't know how we know that I didn't know that. I don't know how they know it. It's not listed in the New Testament anywhere. But that's why the first official the mass was held at the top of a hill of Sao Paulo by Catholic Jesuit missionaries and officially started Sao Apollo so from the fifteen fifty s to about the seventeen hundred Sao Paulo. The population of Sao Paulo consisted of Portuguese immigrants. who were escaping the poverty of Portugal and the indigenous people of Brazil and then in the seventeen hundreds towards the eighteen hundreds? They discovered scuppered that Brazil was a good place to grow sugar cane and that they needed more Labor to make these sugar cane plantations nations profitable which brings us to number eight new metal. We to what I learned about. Brazil is that like the United States dates. It was built by immigrants and slaves. The sugarcane plantation owners enslaved the indigenous natives lives and then still needed more labor and so they brought captured slaves from Africa. Four million slaves were obtained Bri Brazil will one point five million more than any other country. This is interesting to me because in my mind slavery and the a civil war and the abolitionist era was something unique to United States history when Brazil was going through something. Thanks very similar right about the same time. Slavery in Brazil was legally ended in eighteen. Eighty eight and then Brazil began to rely upon European Immigration Labor so Brazil went to countries especially like Italy where there was a war going on between the North and south of Italy and they advertise that they would pay for Italians voyage and their food for them to come and work in Brazil so today Brazil has the largest Italian population outside of Rome however once the Italians arrived in Brazil the the immigrants received very low salaries they were expected to pay back their voyage and their food and found. That was very hard to pay off those debts. They worked in poor conditions. Long working hours were frequently ill-treated by their bosses amd because of this in nineteen zero to Italy Italy enacted a decree prohibiting subsidized immigration to Brazil. So once again Brazil found itself in a struggle to find cheap the Labor to support its main economic crop which had involved from sugarcane to now coffee and coffee plantations and some other interesting things are happening all around the world which are going to have an impact on what is today's population of Brazil. At about this time the end feudalism in Japan was generating great poverty in the rural populations so Japanese were looking for other places to go for better living conditions ends but prospects for Japanese people to migrate to other countries were limited. The United States had banned non white immigration from some parts of the world in an exclusion clause of the Immigration Act which was specifically targeted at the Japanese but Brazil was looking for workers and Japan had workers that needed a place to work and so in one thousand nine hundred seven the Brazilian governments and the Japanese government side a treaty permitting Japanese migration into Brazil between nineteen seventeen and nineteen forty over one hundred sixty four thousand Japanese migrated to Brazil. Seventy five percent of them going join to sell Paulo where most of the coffee plantations were located. Now at this point I have to read this paragraph directly from wikipedia. I think it is so fascinating when I see real life examples from the words of Wikipedia. Quoting wikipedia here quote. Brazil is home to the largest Japanese population outside of Japan Unquote. I saw that there were Japanese looking the people speaking Portuguese everywhere back to wikipedia quote since the nineteen eighties a return migration has emerged emerged of Japanese Brazilians returning to Japan Unquote. I have a real life. Example of this might children's Japanese Japanese teacher sense. A bully was born in Brazil then as a teenager. She moved back to Japan and learn to speak Japanese so she is a beautiful Asian looking woman from Brazil whose native language is Portuguese who learned to speak Japanese as a teenager and now lives in Utah County and teaches in English since he bellini is spear header of of Japanese Education in the State of Utah she is doing really cool things with Japanese classes here and lastly back to a Kapadia quote and more recently a trend of interracial marriage has taken hold among Brazilians of Japanese descent with the racial intermarriage rate approximated at fifty eighty percent and increasing unquote. Yes I saw that too everywhere. We went Japanese married to Brazilian. And I tell you. Those children are gorgeous so the number eight thing about Brazil. I learned that I didn't know before was the the slavery history of Brazil and how the abolishment of slavery in Brazil resulted in the immigration of so many different cultures and populations nations to Brazil onto number seven metro set. J. Number seven is a story about about the meeting of language. Did you know that English is not taught in school in Brazil so if anyone is going to learn English English in Brazil they pretty much learn it on their own they figure out a way to take classes or they learn it from TV. Our tour guide. Dora spoke such good English that we had a really fun language encounter. Here's the story. I asked Doris if she also spoke Polish if she learned to speak Polish from her grandparents appearance remember. They escaped Poland at the time of World War Two and she shook her head and explained to me that she never learned Polish and that it wasn't until later in life that she even asked her grandmother to speak to her and Polish and at that time she realized how easy it would have been for her to learn Polish as a child and how much she regretted not learning it and then we commiserated about the follies of youth. How we didn't appreciate what our grandparents could teach us us when they were live but Doris said that she did learn Hebrew because as a youth she attended synagogue and studied the Torah in Hebrew Hebrew and has largely forgotten it today? She said I hated those classes. They were so boring. It was always something that I had to do that. I had to go pass off my assignments in Hebrew today. She says the only fraiche she can really remember in Hebrew is to say in Hebrew that I cannot speak Hebrew so when she hasn't Isreaeli tour group she knows enough to tell them that she can't speak Hebrew so in Hebrew she tells them I can't speak Hebrew and they love it. They love the in Hebrew. She can say I can't speak Hebrew so Doris told me so. She can't remember Hebrew anymore anymore. She told me that she can't really consider herself. Jewish she married a Catholic and even though her sons did their bar mitzvahs. She hasn't attended synagogue synagogue in years so then I taught Doris a cool little English expression. I taught her the suffix Ish. You you know when you add ish to the end of the word it means you are so so at something gets not exact for example. If I'll be there five ish I'm not going to be there exactly five. It might be before five. It might be after five it will be five ish or if you say that a woman is tall ish. She isn't exactly tall she's just close to or somewhat tall. If I'm hungry ish then I'm not exactly starving but I could eat so I'm explaining this handy civics x two doors and she says Oh there's a TV show called black ish. And I never understood what it meant and I was like yeah. That's what it meant so. I told told her that she could call herself Jew Ish. She's not exactly practice scene. But she's definitely culturally the and ethnically a Jew so therefore she's Jew ish and she loved that I got this awesome colloquialism through my daughter who has college roommate. Who is a non actively practicing Jew and she calls herself? Cheer First Herself as Jew. Ish I just love clever. People I love plays on language plays on words so number. Seven may be isn't something that I learned so much in Brazil but now something that Doris has learned about English that you can add ish to something okay. Number six numero safes. I learned that the word for flag is Ben data which is similar to Spanish vendetta. So you know the actor. Antonio Banderas is how we say. The English Antonio Banderas who was born in Spain his name translates slates as Antonio flags number six. Now you know you'll never forget it number five Numero Cinco all the mountains. Oh I have learned what it is like to travel through huge mountains. Yes I live in the heart of the rocky mountains. Let me finish to travel through huge mountains. One hundred percent covered covered in tropical green trees and foilage and tunnels we drove through mountain tin tunnels. To the extent I have never seen before when my family drives up Provo canyon towards Deer Creek. And there's that little all tunnel and we hold our breath through that tunnel and it's hardly holding your breath for anything. If we held our breath driving through those tunnels we would be dead. And I would not be here telling you that number five is that I've learned the experience of driving through mountain tunnels that go on for five five minutes. Tunnels dug straight through huge mountains. That are carpeted in rainforest and my perception perception of the word breath taking has taken on a completely new meaning number four numeral quattro. I learned that the number one religion in Brazil is not Catholicism. It is soccer and what team you cheer for matters. I A lot so Brazil having won five World Cup trophies more than any other country in the world is the soccer capital of the globe there are basically four means soccer clubs in Brazil. And which one oh you cheer for really determines who you associate with and what fights you're gonNA end up with at the dinner table so team number one and I'm I'm not listing these in any particular order other than the order that I I learned about them team number one is coordination and you would never be able to tell from the pronunciation Gatien. But couldn't John Is Corinthians they're named after Corinthians like in the New Testament they are the most popular soccer team in in south hollow the second most popular soccer team in Brazil. The cutting Chea regards itself as being the team of the people bull and it gathers its supporters from the city's working class suburbs and their soccer jerseys are white and black second is team. PA- mayoress mayoress with is far as I can tell is translated as palm trees. They are current. John's biggest rival. The club is traditionally linked with the city's these Italian community having been founded by a group of Italian laborers in the early twentieth century. They play in Green and white jerseys and their nickname the Dow means big greens. The third team is sell Paulo. They're known as the tri-color team for or they're white red and Black Jerseys Sao Paulo is the city second most supported club and it is one of Brazilians. Most successful number. Four is Santos and the team sunk. Toasts is not technically part of Sao Paulo's iron trio because Santos is A city outside of Sao Paulo however slant is one of the most famous soccer clubs in the world not just in Brazil zillow but in the World Team Santos has a great nickname their pay sheet. which means fish fantastic? And they're all white jerseys Are recognized around the world. The Santos Club is famous largely to pay late. Who is the greatest soccer walker player of all time who played for Santos eighteen years? He first arrived as an unknown sixteen year old and left when he was thirty. Four years old as a global superstar. Pay One three World Cups as a Santos Player and took his club too an astonishing twenty six trophies including two South American championships and two World Championships. So so my tour guide Doris. She was a fan of Sao Paulo. She called herself a police because she supported the Sao Paulo soccer team. Her husband and sons sons are die. Hard chimeras because chimeras were founded by Italian Catholic laborers and she married Italian Catholic dors. I told me that she's pretty much given up soccer because her family gets so crazy about the games that they pretty much ruined it for her man I relate I feel that way about. Byu Football oops. Did I just say that. In any case in Sao Paulo an olive Brazil soccer or Futsi bull is a big deal bill and you can guess what souvenir my husband brought home for our teenage boys. You got it soccer jerseys. So number four in my trip to Brazil I learned learned a lot more about soccer than I ever expected and he wasn't even really trying number three Nemoto Tarez. I learned and I thought this was so so interesting. That gambling in Brazil in the whole country is illegal it has been illegal since nineteen forty six so the hotel we stayed in had a game night basically a casino night like they do on college campuses. We each got a hundred dollars one hundred amount of fake money. Now I do not play Casino Games. I don't know how to play poker and the employee's didn't speak English so I was trying to learn how to play poker for the first time ever and I was trying to learn it with the help of Portuguese explanations. Somehow it worked and it was so much fun fortunately before we went my husband and I studied up on Portuguese numbers and plain black. Jack is a great rate Portuguese number practice so from quote unquote gambling in Brazil. I learned Portuguese numbers. And my favorite numbers are nine Navy Twenty Vinci Fifteen Kimsey and fourteen catastophe and my hotel room number which I had to say over and over. Every time I checked out towel or went to the breakfast. Buffet was is fourteen twenty nine and it sounds so cool cat. Tour's even she Nabi and they'll add here along with learning favorite numbers that I really fell in love with the Portuguese language which I thought that Portuguese was just kind of a knockoff of Spanish. And it really is a mix of the words are a mix of the French and Spanish but the pronunciation is so different and the pronunciation to me. Sounds quite Italian. Everything's very exaggerated saturated and lots of Chee Yard. I just that seeing soggy Italian and so of course. I came home absolutely convinced that I'm going to practice Portuguese everyday and learn to speak the language fluently. I'm already off to such a great start right because I can say Qatar Stephen KNOB heavy number two Numero dos. I learned that sell Paulo. Basically has a central park like New York which which is so unexpected in the middle of that hugely populated city to have this enormous park and and it's especially unusual because with the massive growth of population over the last hundred years. Most old buildings or historic sites have have not been preserved out of necessity. They were torn down and replaced with bigger buildings except in the city. There is is this huge park and the story is that it was such swampland that nothing could be built there and then in about the nineteen fifties as the president decided to bring in some foreign trees like eucalyptus that drink a lot of water and now it is a tree park with trees from all over the world. And if you know me you know I love trees so the day after my tour tour with Doris when I fell in love with the city of Sao Paulo. I couldn't wait to take Justin to the Parkway imbed Pereira and we. We walked half the park that night. And guess what we felt perfectly safe. There were so many people jogging sprinting. biking seen walking with their families pushing babies in strollers and the park had the coolest thing adult exercise playgrounds. I've I've never seen this anywhere else. They had like par core equipment like Ninja Warrior equipment. There were Chin up bars and these kind of league press machines and rowing machines and adults exercise playground area. I think it's a phenomenal idea. And many buildings in and around around the park are painted by the Brazilian Artists Cobra K. O. B. R. A.. Like the snake but with a K.. Who does is this really cubic colorful geometric style of art and you can see his art many places as you travel around Sao Paulo? Follow so number two. I learned this. How hollow has a central park and that it has a really lively culture for art and for music the this brings us to number one metal? Ma I saved the best for last. This was was mind. Blowing life-changing deep. Are you ready. Why this is number one on has to do with a lot of things coming together kind of full circle so if you remember from Episode Nineteen and Twenty I talked about not limitation limitation summer screen time and instead of focusing on a limited screen mindset that my family was going to focus on learning things practicing in things and then at the end of the summer we were going to have a family shine time when everyone could share what they've learned and practiced over the summer and then in episode thirty four? I talked about how after our shine time. We took everyone out to eat at Rhodesia grill which is a Brazilian restaurant. The plot thickening this is before school starts. And I'm watching my family and they keep coming back to the table with these little round cheesy bread rolls and the look so delicious and I can't eat them. They're not gluten free but I'm just salivating debating over them so lo and behold I arrive in Brazil and our hotel has a continental breakfast. This is not a US American continental dental breakfast with some dried out muffins in a bowl of overripe bananas and mushy apples and some orange juice from concentrate. This is a spread bread of sliced melon passion. Fruit Pineapple key week WADA. I could go on and on a rainbow assortment of freshly disclose in juice plus a spread of cheeses sausages eggs bacon and real European pastries and a tray of hot from the oven. Brazillian cheese bread. which I won't eat neither? Will I eat the pastries because I don't WanNa be sick to my stomach the whole time that I am there then after our breakfast I leave for my tour with Doris and part of the tour. Are We stop at an open market and other spouse with me wants to order a freshly sequels in juice. Because they're juice there is so amazing so we're in the market sitting on Barstool sipping our juices at a counter with a display of traditional Brazilian on the go foods for sale most of which are breaded and fried and also include powder or Brazilian cheese bread. So duris duris points out. Each of the things explains which is her favourite the breaded chicken an icee albeit for since it's her favorite and she politely declines but says that no I I should buy it and try it for myself and so then. I started explaining about being gluten free and the woes of the Brazilian cheese bread and Dora's US tells me the most life changing information of our entire tore Brazilian cheese rolls are gluten free. They are made with tapioca flour. Doris knows this because even though she is Jew you one time. She was fasting for and I thought she said Ramadan. But that's a Muslim holiday. Maybe she said rush hushand but it was a fast during which she didn't eat flour and her brother who is not Jew Ish but is exactly Jew and Orthodox Jew informed her that she could eat. Bow Decay Zhou or Brazilian cheese bread. Because it didn't have flour then. Doris asked the man behind the counter to confirm if indeed these particular cheese breads had any flour and he said no and I bought one and eight it on the spot. This marvellous thing happened on my first full day in Brazil which means that for six days after I bow every day. What would my trip have been like? If we hadn't stopped for juice at that cafe or started talking breaded and fried foods and Jewish fast and flower. Free bread options. It would still have been a marvelous trip trip but not nearly as tasty. This makes me wonder what other Yemi morsels of life. I miss out on because I don't know about them or because I didn't ask months ago when I was deliberating about whether or not to get an airplane ticket and company my husband on his business trip to Brazil my my daughter said of course. You're going to Brazil with dad because it would be ridiculous if you missed the opportunity. What if I hadn't listened to my daughter when she said that I kind of think this is the summary of what life is all about? If I had to summarize the meaning of life I I would say it is this. Life is about getting an education about gathering experiences and to find the love in the midst of all all of it. I loved this lesson learned from my Jew. Ish Polish Brazilian tour guide now friend during a trip that they didn't want to take that life has all kinds of delicious Bites Bermuda partake of if I open myself to the possibility and my friends. That is what I learned traveling to Brazil. This is me order. Thank you for listening. I don't know what you are up to today me piles of post trip laundry and trying to remember how to prepare food for myself and on cleanup dishes. Whatever you're doing today will you remember to go to apple podcasts? Leave me a five star review and share why you like listening to power principles. podcast most most of all today. I'm going to be looking at baking instructions for Brazilian cheesy bread which I think gluten free sister gave me a recipe for a while ago and told me it would change my life and I filed it somewhere on the office desk and didn't listen now I know

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