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Good morning everyone. good evening. good afternoon wherever you are. And welcome to this week's weekly energy boost. My name is ellie. Chevelle and i am joined today by both david and bhatia. Who is definitely one of our number one guests and we are here to talk about soul food. This is the second episode in our series on eating nutrition and nourishment. And if you didn't get a chance to hear last week's episode Go back and listen to it. It was it was phenomenal. We keep getting messages about how enlightening it was perfectly timed. It was and as we came to even understand between the three of us last week. Everybody is reactive around food and we want to do what we can to create the best odds in our own lives to be less reactive. And we're gonna talk about what that means. Today specifically focusing on the different energies that foods can give us an how our relationship with food affects the energy that we receive from it. One of the things we talk about in the show in different ways is how we get to decide the narrative we get to we determine whether something is good or bad and food is not outside of that Reality the weekly energy boost is a spiritual seventy seven day spiritual energy forecast. What we've been doing these last. Few months is focusing on the energy of the month. And what's interesting. is that we. The three of us are actually coming out of a fast which is perfectly timed. One of the things that we spoke about was we touched on. We didn't really talk about it in depth last week. Is that Fasting capitalistically has different intentions. And you can actually be nourished by a fast in terms of spiritual energy. So that's one of the things that we were doing last yesterday is we were Abstaining from food and drink for the sake of being nourished from the right place and not the wrong place. And i think that that right and wrong that You know labeling this is good and this is bad is a great place for us to start and then we can get into the different kinds of food groups and what we get from them. You touched on elevating sparks last week. I think we need to talk more about that. And of course having not here is a gift because not only is bipasha Amazing teacher and friend. She is also a fellow human being and has a lot of experience so they tell me with food audit experience. Fortunately i'm too much. Well we're all here to share our different perspectives and of course You know the root of what we're sharing. That's one of the things. I love about having Someone to talk to about this live with with all of you. Listening is that we all have different perspectives and were all basing those perspectives in the same route. Which is the wisdom of kabala the teachings of the zohar the wisdom of the cabalists. But when we hear we hear the same teaching we take three different things from it. And that's one of the things. I love about these conversations. We do not plan it. This is not a scripted. Podcast where genuinely coming to the table literally and figuratively to share. What's worked for us. And what we've learned as a means to help elevate and support everyone who's listening to elevate their consciousness one topic we can start with to kick it off. Is this idea that feelings of anxiety and guilt feelings of anxiety guilt and fear. If any of us feel those feelings can come from our relationship with food and a lot of times. We don't make that association. How i what. I eat my belief system about eating my belief system about good food. Bad food can contribute feed exasperate. The the the feeling zaidi guilt and worry. If you're feeling any of those emotions one thing to to one area one rock to look under is what is my relationship with. And the first thing i'll say and then we can discuss. It is a lot of times. People think that eating a bad food makes me a bad person. That's wrong eating bad food. Does it make you about person when you say bad food. You mean like junk food. Whatever the perceive right so some sometimes people think that's a whole other discussion people have perceptions. Some people might say eating meat is a bad thing so if i eat it i'm about person and some people say no eating meat is a wonderful thing so it all depends on how you define a bad food. Some people call it junk food junk food french fries. What junk food gluten. So however you define bad food and good food. You should know that eating bad food doesn't make you about person nor does eating a good food make you a good person. A good person and that sounds so basic but believe it or not. If i eat like this morning. I know i something i shouldn't have eaten but i go to. I go to. I get my coffee. And there's this healthy food and when that healthy food isn't there. I opt for the unhealthy cookie and i soon as i ate it and it was delicious. I thought to myself just eight about eight about food. And whether i realized it or not something about that makes me feel like why started my day off wrong. I must be a bad person. So all of us have it. And it's a very subconscious. It's very it's very you. Don't notice it but it's there that's one let's start with well. What the thing that came to mind when you were saying that about you know you look at somebody who eats unhealthy and david is saying you know you. You say they're bad or you judge them. Some of us are actually jealous of them jealous of anyone who can eat anything and not gain weight. That's that's i point. Is that we we bring into. I think one of the things we talked about last week is how similar eating a meal is to prayer. And and i think what's interesting about that and bringing it into what we're saying now is that we don't judge people or hopefully we don't judge people for how they pray and we don't judge ourselves. I actually saw the funniest thing on on social media last week somebody Put me said. I really regret that meditation said no one ever right like we don't we. Don't we make these efforts to connect. And i think we judge those efforts much less than we judge our efforts in the material world not realizing that through that judgment were diminishing the light we can reveal. And maybe that's the starting point of today is we're actually meant to reveal light through our food yes well. I'm so glad. I'm on this podcast today as i volunteer to represent all the people who are listening and watching this podcast who have dysfunctional relationship with food. Im your poster child for this episode. I just want to say that. I mean it's so really loaded topic. It's many many layers. I have to be. I wanna really be transparent here. I'm no expert at mastering this at all. So learn from my mistakes or relate to them but my dysfunction with foot it's actually a karmic karmic relationship with food. For example my parents were in the holocaust and my mother practically starve to death when she was a teenager in the holocaust ended actually did exist for those people who ever doubted. Same maniacs but yes it existed. And because of that. She was so scarred that she passed down to us. I believe i we marine coordination of somebody has to in the holocaust myself so so that whole. My mother always walked around with food in her bag. So what do you mean by passed down. How are you. i think. I know what you're talking about when our listeners know how do you pass something. How does a parent pass let you know. Parenting is what am i. Also my side coaching gigs. That but you know parents when a child comes into the world yet. We all have our baggage. And i'm going to dress cabalistic a little later in in in this podcast but we have our we have we come in. We have our own baggage and in one sense and the other sense. We're we're a slate where like a blank slate. And you know how a child when a child falls down the first thing child will do would look at their mother usually. It's the mother and if the mother's freaking out than the child starts crying but if the mother like very calm it's okay. You know kiss. The boob will go get it and they okay. This must this is what it's supposed to look like. I'll do that in my house. Food was a very big issue. We could not leave the table unless we filled our bellies up till we couldn't breathe through. That's a belief system our way of life that your parents educated you on and you're in for example you know. Oh you're said let me make you something to eat or you. Crying eat something. You don't wanna finish the food while you know how many kids are starving in some other part of the world which i could never figure out why my over stuffing myself somehow is helping some child and the starving country but somehow it was that you have to eat it. You can't live of course we can't waste it either. Can't waste it you. Can't you know it's a big deal. I don't And a lot of people just use food objectify food as a short cut or short circuit instead of dealing with what's really going on emotional eating guilty as charged you know just learned a have to unlearn. I'm still learning that. And you know what's even in my chart. Isn't that interesting astrological. In my astrological chart the astrologists said you know you have a little too kunia with food correction direction with food. Yeah sorry about that. Correction with food So correction with food and then later the you know the astrology was saying to be you know What are things to work on is to say no and i said i don't have a problem saying no as anybody who knows me knows i have no problem saying no no no not not with people with food. You have to say no to food which you know restriction which is the name of the game right so restriction with food is actually a karmic Issue that a lot of people don't even realize you don't realize you inherit a we inherit these issues. It's not just that just showed up. You know mcdonalds opened up or some you know fast. Food play Became so popular or you know. Instant meals became so popular. All of these is like no restriction restriction equals a lot of ill health and a lot of other issues where with food you know is really our opportunity to practice restriction i want i want to clarify couple that you just said when we say the word restriction. I'm going to say we're going to go on to tell me what you're such a powerful word. Yeah unhappy used it. And if you're listening for the first time when we say restriction sometimes people confuse it with suppression right. we're talking about overcoming my need for instant gratification. Right by the simplest way to put it. Here's how i would. I how. I explained restriction i can afford restrictions. I can afford to wait. I can afford to share. I can afford not to react in this moment. I can afford because the opposite of restriction is of. I don't have this energy right now. I'm gonna die if i don't eat that cookie right now. I'm going to die. Either by boyfriend broke up with me. I'm gonna sit there and binge watch on you know something. And i'm gonna eat my bonbons and i'm gonna like that like that's how i'm going to get through the night the opposite of as i can afford not to. I can afford to breathe through it. I can afford to meditate. I can afford to ask myself questions like what what's going on with me and you know it's been very helpful if you one of those people you know i've i have found in the past Like i'll be eleven o'clock at night. I'm eating potato chips. Wait a second. I didn't come home and plan to eat potato chips. Why am i suddenly eating potato chips. Eleven o'clock at night. And if i stop and again. I can afford to check in with myself restrict. Oh wait a minute. I got triggered emotionally about fifteen minutes ago in. It didn't register. But i'm on automatic pilot. So i just grabbed the bag of potato chips to to shift being out of that that mood and and so it acted as a an addiction. That's like that's like the what addiction looks like. I don't wanna deal. I can't deal i need. I can deal. But i don't wanna deal and i have to have this energy right now some other form and then you know not realizing the long term damage of it. I don't hog the no. This is good. This is good. I want to elaborate on the word of ford. I love this word and the reason why people are writing in the chance that they love. This word is because it's very spiritual you're seeing afford means. I'm letting go of something now but i'm getting something bigger exact suppression means. I'm just letting go of something. And i have to punish myself suppression is not letting go of anything. It just looked like it had a smile on my face. But i wanna rip you throw suppression. That's not afford means. I am living. I'm paying something now. But i'm getting something of higher value and cabalistic we. What we're always saying is don't suffer. The name of the game is not the punish not to suffer. Re religion has flipped out on its head and made it made it about that but in kabbalah everything that we do is to receive more nevertheless exactly and if everything see everything. Receive everything right. So is that just more of what you have. But if you're not getting everything if you're these meditating on everything you are settling for less And that's sin is thinking. You can't have everything so so i wanna share with you something that i learned that i thought was really profound and then you can go back to doing whatever i feel like i'm sitting. I'm a listener today. I love this. The one of the things one of the questions that the capitalist ask appropriate the word the word sin made me think of it is that we we all are familiar with the original sin right. What adam and eve when Experienced and the capitalist ask the question why is it centered around food. Think about that for a second. Why what was it the first bite we talk about the first by and there's a whole discussion also among the cabalists of what kind of fruit was it. I think art has has Corrupted corrupted it into we just assume it was an apple. There's a whole discussion about what it really was. But everybody agrees it was around food. And what uproxx okay. But that's and they're related. They're related right but we're here to talk to them all the food. That's another episode. That didn't sound right invading another episode for sex. That's not what you meant but the point is within our spiritual dna. There is a struggle to accept a balanced relationship with food. Our first capella teaches that we were all one. So we were all a part of that. that intelligence called adam and eve and therefore we are all programmed with their spiritual dna so the creator told us not to eat from that. The original parent told the original child. Don't touch the cookies in the cookie jar essentially and we didn't listen so in a way where we're created with a challenging relationship with food in the same way that being to reference. What about you said. We're also we also have a challenging relationship with our bodies and sexuality and healthy desire but it goes both ways. It's both with food and physicality in our bodies and therefore one of the most powerful ways. We've been empowered with to connect with spiritual energy is through eating and that's why it's so challenging for us to have a healthy mindful I might even use the word peaceful peaceful meaning the opposite of struggle right. Most people have a struggle with food. Whether it's this doesn't agree with me. And i want to share one more quick thing about it and i'm thinking about it. Would you know most people have things. They can't eat most things they wished they could eat. There's things they're not allowed to eat. There's the food that they save for. When they're being bad right. I remember in the eighties. Art teacher rothberg gave a lecture and said that He read it in a magazine earlier in the week that they finally discovered a A way to keep cows lactating without them getting pregnant again so before in the olden days in order for a cow to milk they needed to have babies which is the natural way that milk is produced in the eighties. They discovered a way to not need the cows to get pregnant just to keep them lactating infinitely so the rub said. Wow it's amazing you know. Think about how much more money and how much more efficient. And but nobody's asking the question. What twenty years from now. What's the quality of that milkin abi and think about it. Who isn't lactose intolerant. Now right what happened to the milk. So part of the the reason. I'm bringing this up is first of all. Our teacher was a visionary and had the foresight to ask those kind of long term questions where there was no restriction there in in creating that. I don't know if it was a medication or some sort of system that allowed the in enabled the cows to not need to conceive to lactate but the bigger picture is. What kind of damage are we doing. We're interfering with nature and you can say that about the vegetables the grains that we eat now you can say that about the the meat you know so much done to animals to fatten them up to keep them Unhealthily robust for four than the slaughter and bringing it into the supermarkets and whatnot. But we're not really thinking about the consequences and think one of the things that's also important is to realize that if we go back to the original use of food which was to connect with spiritual energy to elevate sparks one of the things that we have to do and i think that's one of the reasons why people have gone back to gardening and and using local farms and things like that because that's the closest that we can get now to the original way that food and agriculture was meant to be handled with that continuity with that Respect for the respects. That's the word. Respect even goes deeper than that you know in the time of the temple when the when the world was in balance when the temples were a functioning the way they meant to explain richmond by the temple in the two thousands of years ago educate the crowd. There was a there was a communication system and there was a system of receiving and sharing energy and a very balanced way through the use of what's called the temple. I'm sure you've heard of the temple in jerusalem my talking about it from a religious point of view. I'm talking about it. From an energetic point of view there would be people call the priests than they would end the levi's and they would receive people's sacrifices and offerings and they would come for redemption of their soul redemption if they had a short circuit if there was an imbalance and they would create a balanced against something. This world is very out of is ballots. And it's funny because it was all around food so they would bring. Let's say barley cakes with salt or they would bring You know a a an animal for sacrifice etcetera and so forth. But what's really interesting about all of that if you don't really have you don't study kabbalah. You couldn't miss the whole thing first of all it. Sounds like it's so irrelevant and so barbaric in today's times. Although what we do animals. I'd say today is extremely barbaric. But it's another compensation for another time anyway. Going back to the time of the temple where the whole purpose was restoring balance. Is that what. If you paid attention they would bring a sacrifice in offering of some sort of food salt grains animals for the purpose of consumption. And the reason why the cabalists say they did. That is because what we went haven't introduced yet into this. Subject is the fact that everything has spirit everything has energy in it souls incarnate into the vegetable kingdom into the mineral kingdom into the animal kingdom and the purpose of eating food with consciousness is all about elevating those sparks of those souls because and then when we consume them and we're making a blessing. We're preparing ourselves energetically spiritually to release if there is a soul to release that soul to its next kingdom to its next level so eating is actually an act of sharing and in that sharing because it's always the healing always is through sharing in that action of sharing is how we we create a win win scenario for us and whoever we have a karmic relationship with that comes to our table to our lips were drinking water where we're putting some salt on our food. We're having a You know an impossible burger whatever it is or or or salad or a beautiful steak and we don't think about wait a minute. That could be my uncle bob. They're saying now bob's your uncle. Bob might even be your kidney for everyone's on calls bob everybody's uncle buck but as seriously so it's this beautiful action of sharing and together and creating that balance something we've really lost along the way and then because we lost that connection people feel free to play with the food genetically modified. You know weet isn't what it used to be. Now you know you can't even get real wheat anymore Such corruption hopefully one day. Very soon we're going to go back to this state of balance with food with with this and with his podcast you know feel freely. Share it with your friends. It's such an important subject because it really just takes a second like this. Just make a new decision from this moment forward. I'm going to establish a more spiritual connection we even with my ice cream. Oh bonbons whatever. It is your pizza. Whatever you're having to look at it from the cliche thing you eat when you're sad that we used to say about twenty five years ago people sell bon-bons anymore. Yes of course they do. Well you don't go to that section. Obviously you're saying it's not a whole. Yes i'm in along the airline my apologies. I don't want anybody over there bigger than the size too. But i'm talking about my crowd here. My peeps we still you know you know what i'm getting interrupted. My i thought. Did they know you though not suppress okay anyway. What i was saying is that It's about reestablishing our connection and restriction. Right we would talk about research. I can afford. You know if you this is something. I haven't mastered yet so wouldn't be really transparent about it but i have read in so many sources when it comes to relationship with food that people david. I'm sure you could be around in this. You probably chew your food very slowly and you chew it a lot don't you. This is what. I've been reminded of doing every moment of my day. Yes yes and i keep forgetting. Every moment of my day. I think riding on my palm. Chew your food because it's so important. The chewing of the food is the restriction when just chewing food till it becomes liquid is the restriction. Something that if you really want to shift your It's you have to chew. And i constantly forget because this is through facebook threat. I was in a group yesterday. And uh someone posted about their children and constipation and why this child like how to become a regular and is there a vitamin use this to us that and then some one of the moms put up What really helps. My child is teaching. Choose food more and more because your your stomach doesn't have teeth and mom's on crazy over this because they said oh my god you know. We're thinking i gotta give him this. I don't know what's called. Miramax mir mocks some some kind of some kind of pharmaceutical thing give laxative or more fiber or more this and it's a great point. Someone just said institute a little bit more restriction which is the mouth pausing chewing actually made their child more regular. Yes really powerful. anybody here. Who has constipation issue any kind of digested any kind of digestive issues. And you're looking for that amazing probiotic before you even get their realized that there is a spiritual tool which is a physical tool which is chewing also time to things chewing time. I- scarfed my food down. Today we're all encouraged to scarf our food down while the fast food. you know. Drive by have burger while you're driving and a shake whatever going through a busy day we don't have time to eat and truly if we want to create a healthy relationship with food just like any healthy relationship with someone you care about. You have to make the time. Set the time aside to really give yourself a chance to eat slowly and shoe and you realize wow i just scarf down three burgers with I was really full on the half of the first burger but we didn't take the digestive system like twenty minutes to catch up So i like. I say i am not an expert at this is certainly have not mastered this cher. This journey with me. Hi invite you on. Let's let's cheer each other on help each other to chew our food take our time. Here's an interesting thought. I was gonna say food for thought on the to cliche. What th there. It's understood that when you combine different types of foods. So let's say some meat carved some fruit. You create a traffic jam in the stomach and the colon is. This is the whole premise. Behind food combining because it takes. Let's say a meet six hours to digest. It takes carbs two to four and it takes i fifteen minutes jam altogether together. You got traffic jam. Some cars moving faster than others. Now i just thought about something powerful. You talk about the kingdom's you talk about. You realize when you combining different kingdoms and your colon you're creating some kind of a spiritual mishmash of sparks being elevated one kingdom to another. Because if i eat a piece of fruit which is An inanimate objects veg the second kingdom vegetable kingdom the purpose of eating that apple. Is you elevate the spark of light or even the sole. That's in that. Our souls trapped in these in these fruits to the next kingdom which would be logically the animal kingdom. But if i'm eating let's say a piece of steak with tomato sauce. I'm not combined two kingdoms. So you got these elevation souls happening. And i'm curious i don't. I don't think campus wrote about this. But i'm curious if that is why there is indigestion because this is all me just opining upon this spiritual concept and. I'm not basing this on anything i've read in the zohar. It's just an interesting thought that when you eat food kingdoms by itself you feel better. It's easy exit goes in now. Doesn't create the all this gas pressure in all this mess in your stomach when you don't combine kingdoms. I think that's pretty fascinating low. You don't combine meat and dairy a whole nother. That's a whole another topic of energies. I'm just saying kingdoms digest differently in your stomach. But i think it's important to you. Know everybody is is empowered to make their own choices. But i think it is important to explore that for example when when you eat an animal product not dairy. But meet whether it's doesn't really the only animal i think that's exempt from this category as fish. But what it does is it that even the spiritual energy in those poultry beef etcetera. That's feeding the what we call the animalistic self so some people need that right. That's one of the things that we were talking about. How the cabalists knew how to balance their energy with food is that if a person was too passive to Not able to speak for themselves not desiring to anything for that matter to succeed to move forward to to achieve accomplish eating more of those things might support them to have more zest for life to have more energy of life because they're ingesting things that live that lived when a person has a for example dairy products rate the think about even the colors rave flesh. I'm sorry from grossing anybody out. Fleshes red milk products. Dairy products are white and capitalistically. The white represents sharing the originally. I should go back to what i said before. Originally milk was created from childbirth. I mean giving fourth life so being able to lactate was a result of creating life so there was an energy of continuity of sharing of caring. And so that's the energy that originally dairy products ad and then you have the the greens the the vegetable kingdom things that grow from the ground that have completely different energy. that's much more balanced. And that's actually going to the food combining theory. You can combine vegetables with either proteins or or carbs and it works but when you bring in sugars rate the fruits like you said it digest so quickly. It's like fermenting the food. The food doesn't actually get to digest so there is that balancing that idea of distinguishing well. When i'm combining different foods on my plate i'm actually combining different energies. And are these the energies that i want i did. The food combining for very long time and felt great. It just requires a lot of discipline. A lot of restriction and a lot of forethought into what i'm doing now and what. I'm what i'm going to do later planning ahead. So i guess in Somewhere in the mix. I lost a little bit of that Control in me. But i can tell you. There were catalysts for example. And we david. I really wanted you to talk about elevating sparks because we talk about it. It's it's captivating and compelling but they're capitalists that for example didn't eat Meat on any day wasn't a spiritually elevated day. Choose the most elevated day of the week and that would be the day that they would eat meat because they knew that then they could. They were guaranteed to elevate the spark inside these. It's harder to elevate a spark from an animal than it is from the vegetable kingdom or the mental right. It's harder it's like. It's a heavier piece of soul. So it's harder to elevate and they would. They would reserve eating those kinds of meals for days. That were more spiritually elevated so that they would be able to more easily. Elevate those sparks and this is so powerful. Because when you hear this you're like wait. That's what they're thinking about. When i'm going to eat piece of steak. I'm not thinking about all right. I wanna make sure it's eaten at the right time in the right data. Elevate that spark. Because that's what's good for the spiritual framework of the world and again my soul people. Don't think that way. And that's why they don't elevate the sparks that's elevate the spark and what we're teaching with. Kabbalah is there's a whole new way of living your life that is not about just feeding my desires there's a whole nother world. That's happening that we don't realize and when we are living by the rules of that world and were conscious of that world gates open fulfillment comes and miracles occur in ways that that that we've never experienced before when people come to kabbalah one that i just learning life hacks of how to make more money or life. Hacks have how to find their soulmate. Initially that's why they think they're there and they do get those they do get those hacks so to speak but ultimately realize wait a minute. There's a whole new way of living life. Which is much bigger than anything i've experienced so far in my life and and this is along that topic of what we're talking about which is learning these rules a whole nother spiritual world and to become familiar with it the same way that you're subject to gravity whether you believe in it or not we understand that were subject to these rules whether or not we know them or not and i think what a lotta people find they learn. These rules is than they understand why things played out the way they did in the past. Because we didn't know xyz happened and now that we know we can work harder and be more mindful of the choices that were making something practical to pivot for most of the practice that i share with students. When they are looking for more fulfillment or to remove a blockage in their lives. You you brought up the sin of adam that had to do with food and why didn't have with food and the zohar teaches that area. That's hardest for person to correct always is to areas. It's anything that has to do with the mouth and anything that has to with the sexual oregon so the mouth is food and speech. So it's very hard. It's very hard to control. We say and to control what we eaten. Even if i know what i need to do is very hard and then the sexual energy even though a person knows what's right and what's wrong. Let's say sometimes that the urges and desires caused them to be impulsive and ruined their lives. So why is it so hard in these two areas so those are explained that these are the two areas that create and sustain life right elbow. What is your elbow doesn't do. Any elbow doesn't create or sustain life. It's an elbow but the sexual organ in the mouth are both responsible for keeping you alive or creating new life so there's so much energy that's actually where you become god. So it's like atomic its atomic energy in your mouth and your sexual oregon. So the negative side is very strong in those two areas and constantly trying to get people to be reactive and impulsive in those two areas. And when i talked to two men or women and looking for a breakthrough. I say well. Let's just focus on these two areas. The people asking for business advice. I'm like well tell me what's going on in the sex life and in the food and if we can bring that into kabala about the money oh teach me how to how to create a product. Line all right well. Here's what you do high using your mouth eating your food. Wait what did i gotta do. Anything control these two areas and you control the world not repress these two areas. That's i think that people diets don't work right there. The that the the awareness that we're to bring is that by knowing that there is a tendency to do this or that right right you can have. It can be either extreme. I talked too much. I don't talk enough. I use my words to build. I use my words to destroy i. There's so many people think. Well i'm celebrate so i'm okay. That's not necessarily the answer. Either the point is balanced and part of our relationship with food and we use. I actually one of the things. I wanted to talk about today. If not we'll save it for next week is actually using food as a tool to reveal spiritual light. It's not just. I need it. Therefore i consume it and hopefully i'm consuming the right stuff. It's there are certain opportunities that food acts as a vehicle and if we don't eat it in that particular window in time where that moment we're missing an opportunity to reveal the light it's beautiful. It's beautiful one of the questions we have cut. We didn't talk about the fish. So fisher in a different category. That's why i didn't. I didn't pile it with The poultry and the meat and other animals Fisher of in a very special category according to kabbalah there it's more related to dairy products. Because it's it has fisher constantly surrounded by water. So they're almost in a merciful. It's it's like they're between the physical reality in the spiritual reality right. So they're they're here. They're alive but they're not really subject to gravity the way we are they're not really subject to Even whether the way that they're they're they're in the land so fish Obviously biologically considered a protein but the energy that it has is much more elevated light spiritual. Right you're going to be hungry sooner after you eat fish than you are after you eat mistake. Because it also is lighter in the body and has a lighter energy in it and it's often More elevated with the capitalist teaches that those souls that are just at the end of their correction process so maybe that only has one more thing to correct before they no longer needs incarnate again. They'll they'll incarnate. In a fish and live their life as opposed to coming back in form have to go through a whole life cycle. Exactly exactly so the fish. I it is in its own. Weird limbo category capitalistically and energetically speaking. But there's no You know not the same restroom. Not the same impact. Let's say as the steak or the Turkey we should know that if the fish is appearing in front of us to eat right. If i'm meant to eat and it's on my plate. We can meditate that. There is a powerful spark of or power for soul that through conscious eating we elevate that soul and it becomes almost like a guardian angel to us. Well that's that's an important thing did mention in general. What can we do. What can our what should our. I don't like the word should. What can our consciousness be when we eat so that we get the maximum spiritual benefit from. What's on the so what is conscious eating. Essentially we say one two or three things that people can keep in mind for conscious eating. What would it be. We already said sure that. Chew it and meditate on elevating the sparks of light through the teeth grinding. Actually elevating the spark of light. So you know capitalistically we know. This is the purpose of blessings when we bless our food. We're injecting gratitude in gratitude is one of the highest consciousness. You could have so by injecting this a There's a story of a cabinet in the student than the both eating an apple and the cabalists that to the student. You know the difference between you and i You're saying blessing so you could eat the apple. I'm eating the apple. So i could say the blessing and other i wanna connect to that higher energy So before you eat tuna sandwich stop for moment. Be grateful have gratitude if there is a sole whatever souls whatever sparks of souls or light or in this food may i have the mirror to elevate that if you know the blessings you know the blessings but if not it's not about the Learning suddenly learning Particular language it's about and more importantly the concept behind it. Somebody could just mumble a few words because they know what wrote but that doesn't have the consciousness behind it so the conscious behind it. The gratefulness of being a co-creator is you are about to become one. With whatever you're ingesting and to elevate those those sparks so when we take the time to do that food becomes our servant. Food becomes our support system. When we don't do that the food actually can attack us and it says in zoar by the way food is medicine for the body until a person overeats then the food attacks the body. So it's everything we know. It always comes back to the same thing everything in balance. If you want to have a prosperous relationship with your food it begins with first of all gratitude that it's showing of you. There is no accidents in the universe. If there's a spark of light in that food it's meant for you and only you to be the one to have the opportunity to activate your own level your consciousness through gratitude as you meditate on elevating those sparks chewing slowly adding restriction around. Like i could afford to wait. I could afford to take twenty five to twenty five more times before. I swallow it. I i think you know if anything just today. Start practicing and see the difference. And i'm sure you know as you notice the difference. Please make sure that you you let us know And send an email or To the weekly energy boosts people people to shove they For me because i'm merely that salman kabbalah dot com and to hear from you appreciation regardless of what your language is just saying. Thank you is a great start to elevate the spark of life by the way i think david even before the thank. You is what you said before that the way. It doesn't matter if it's a fish or chicken or a cow or an apple. What the food that you're about to eat is in your hand or on your plate for reason. It chose you so connecting with food. We talked about that last week. You know recognizing we're ordering off the menu manuals ordering wide you. Suddenly caesar salad. Whoever says that the truth. I actually do i love. I love salads but most people they have such a craving for a burger right now. We're a pizza right now. and yes. it may be consciously driven by a sensation. You feel in your body or you think you feel in your body but know that the pizza that gets delivered to you or the chicken nuggets that your e whatever it is right the granola bar revealing our diets. I don't eat chicken either so it's totally fabricated okay. But actually. That's a really great example. I am allergic to chicken. Why am i allergic to chicken. I don't know but what i know. Is that there are some thing in the energy around that particular food. I cannot eat it. And i have. I crave it. Sometimes i miss it. But i know in that moment that i eat it. I'm going to deeply regret it and so for the last. It's been twenty years. I have not eaten chicken now. What i can learn from that on a spiritual level is that whatever energy intelligence that product has. And i'm using the word product but i mean it's an energy intelligence. It's not going to serve me. The fact that my body has an adverse reaction to it also tells me that there is a spiritually adverse reaction taking place in it and before we go. We have to talk about drinking by the way we didn't talk about drinking. And we're not gonna have a separate episode about drinking so we need to talk about that in the last thirty seconds that we have you guys want to forty second version. That i'm any any twenty-second consciousness. You wanna throw in before we do the drinking a so many ways to put it. I i came to my mind. Is zara talks about wine. Alcohol falls into that is a intended to draw energy. And so if it's used in it can be used in a destructive way or it can be used in a in a way that brings joy and happiness and practically. I'll say there's that moment where we cross that line and we drink to the point. That creates silliness. Come a clown. We lose control now. We've invited the dark side. The negative forces start to cling to a person who crosses that barrier and a person who stays right under that barrier. And it's more about joy being open being social while still having my boundaries in my sanity that person draws the positive forces into their life and enhance their life. I think in general whether you're looking at wine or any alcohol. The capitalists use it again for elevating not worth in moderation right. I think it's it's. It's a big anything that's going to reveal a tremendous amount of light and light when it's revealed in an unbridled way can be destruct destructive so the glass of wine or the we you know the i i don't wanna say shot. You know the the cavaliers were they would do a shot and they would leave it at that. That's my point that it's it's more about bringing a little levity getting a little light and then being able to say i'm doing it only for that sake and not because i'm running away. I'm escaping. i need to disconnect or any of the other reasons that someone might drink. I want to point something out though you know that okay. I'm sure the listeners. Do not know me do not know me that. Well but i'm i i have a. I'm learning about wine tasting right the whole wine thing and you know that you have before you drink the wine you have to look at it then you have to smell it then you have to drink it but you can only take a tiny sip. There's a limit in order for you to get the real whatever the winemaker wanted you to get. That's how you're supposed to drink the wine. You're not supposed to have two glasses or bottles you're supposed to have. It's really like less than an ounce in order to get what you're what the intention of the artist was. And i think that that's something like going back to what you've both of you have been sharing is that it's really the the first of all the entire body eats and back when adam and eve were roaming wherever they were roaming they would eat. There is right. that's another i think. Another one of the limitations that we have in this physical realm is that our senses are limited and they limit us and at the same time we can use our senses to have a more powerful connection with our food can make one point please so the word alcohol actually comes from the arabic word algal which means spirits. When a person over indulges in the alcohol all these negative entities will come and they will. It's like the if they put a neon sign on their body that says open house. Come on in. And when a person has too much alcohol spirits come and take over and actually kicked the soul out of the body which is white people have blackouts so you study so really when you drop in some knowledge. Plenty more where that came from. Sun served there for the last twenty seconds. I show so be careful when you do in Drink some alcohol. You know that when a person starts to get drunk. That's too much you're out of balance if you take a shot and you feel good and you feel relaxed great and you're doing it for the sake of elevating for happiness for whatever sharing this way in the kabbalah center we we drink. When we drink alcohol we always share. We say the high meat we give a injecting sharing energy into it have a little bit relaxing. It's good you hit the mark but when it's used some any other purpose just remember it comes with a whole other box of side effects there that you just don't really wanna get instant. I think it goes back to batches original point and maybe we'll end it there and continue the conversation next week. Is that like like a child who who is not allowed to have any sugar. The moment they leave the house they're gonna live on a vending machine right right. That's that i. I know kids like that when we were younger. And the the abstinence right. The extreme repression is exactly that it's repression. The cab enforced that idea of balance. Nobody's saying don't have drink. Nobody's saying don't have a piece of cake what we're saying. Is that the the drink or the cake can't control. You can't take over you because there's ramifications to his point we don't even see we don't we don't realize what we're exposing ourselves to or what we're what we're canceling out in the way that we're consuming and what we're consuming. There was a lot there. You may have to listen to this episode a couple times to get all of those juicy nuggets. Thank you both for being here all my pleasure. We're we're both. We're all very serious about food and drink and as you can see now it's more than just for nutrition it's for elevation. it's for energy spiritual energy and also for allocation of consciousness. So hopefully you guys got a lot out of it next week. We're gonna talk about spiritual weight loss where we're going to have marcus west and on the show. I feel that having to extremely skinny people on either side of me is going to help. Bring out the best of the knowledge that i have about the subject Thank you guys for joining us. Please continue to send in your questions to share to rate and review and if you have any questions that that you don't feel comfortable putting out there on social media you can always email us at energy boost at cabal dot com. We'll see you next week on the weekly energy boost drink.

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