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#B62 (bath salts to bat out)


Hello words welcome to another episode of the dictionary. Podcast the only podcast where somebody is stupid enough to read the entire dictionary but you people. You're not stupid. You're the smart ones who have tuned in. I don't know what that means exactly but I said it So I'll give you more information when we get to this point but I found something very weird I think I found a glaring mistake In this book in this last column or the last section of the this column on page one Oh three. It's the last part of this page. Wow I could have said that way. More simply Okay the first word for this episode is Bath Salts. B A T H. Second Word S. A. L. T. S. it is a noun from eighteen. Ninety nine one a usually colored crystalline compound for perfuming and softening bathwater number to any of various synthetic illicit drugs with stimulant and sometimes hallucinogenic properties. That are used. Typically in the form of a white or brown crystalline powder and then there was a part in parentheses that I skipped It said sometimes Luna Genyk properties that are used as by being injected or snorted. So that's a way that somebody could use those drugs but From what I've heard I would not I would suggest not using these. I have never tried bath salts and I never will I wouldn't even know what they were If I saw them Sounds like it's something that probably should not be ingested now we have bathtub it is a noun from eighteen twenty one a. usually fixed tub for bathing now. We have bathtub. Gin BATHTUB IS ONE WORD. Jin is another word it's a noun from nineteen twenty-three a homemade spirit concocted from raw alcohol water essences and oils next. We have bathwater one word. Noun from the fourteenth century. Water for a bath now. We HAVE THE PREFIX BATH. E. B. A. T. H. Y. It is It's a prefix like I said. Number one doesn't give me a year number one deep or depth As in bath he'll which is our next word but we'll get there in a minute. Number two is deep sea as in bath sphere and will be get into that later in this episode to So this is just a Greek word from Or the the word baths Which means it deep so next like I said Bath. He'll is our next word. It is an adjective from nineteen o seven of or relating to the ocean depths or floor usually from six hundred to six thousand feet which is the equivalent of one hundred and eighty to eighteen hundred meters. That's pretty far now. We have Beth imagery B. A. T. H. Y. M. E. T. R. Y. It is a noun from circa eighteen fifty-five the measurement of water depth at various places in a body of water. Also. The information derived from such measurements. Bathymetric is Oh bathymetric or bathymetric. Coal are adjectives and bath. A metrically is an adverb. Next is bath. I tried to save his word before and I'm still having trouble. Bath Alagic B. A. T. What beat what B. A. T. H. Y. P. E. L. A. G. I. C. Beth apologetic? It is an adjective from eighteen. Ninety one of relating to or living in the ocean depths especially between approximately two thousand and twelve thousand feet which is the equivalent of six hundred. Thirty six hundred meters bath alagic. I love that word now. We have Baathist skaff or bath escape. B. H. Y. S. C. A. P. h. e. so anytime you see that prefix bath e It is most likely talking about something. Deep down in the water All right bath escape or bath. Skaff is a noun from nineteen forty seven a navigable submersible for deep sea exploration having a spherical watertight cabin attached to its underside So this is from the Prefix Baffi. Plus the Greek word Skaff or ski or stay for Sqi Which means light boat now. We have Baathists fear. It is a noun from nineteen thirty. A strongly built steel diving severe for deep-sea observation so is the baths fear. Attached to the bath escape. Now we have bath the bat. Oh Boy Bathour mcgraff multiple. I sounds It is a noun from nineteen thirty eight. An instrument designed to record water temperature as a function of depth next we have boutique or batic be a TI K. It is a noun from eighteen. Thirty one a fabric printed by an Indonesian method of hand printing textiles by coating with wax. The parts not to be died. Also the method itself number to a design executed in Boutique. I've heard of this from Art Class or people talking about art. this word is from. I think it said Java word. I'm just double checking yet Javanese That's that would be the proper word for that it is a Giannis word Botic looks like there might be a dot under the t of some kind. It's hard to tell all right next. We have baiting So this this is where the mistake has come in. There's the word baiting and then there's two more words and then there's batting again So I don't know if they just misspelled that second baiting and it was supposed to be something else or if they just screwed up the order but yet bathing is in here twice They don't even say I formed second form and they're not next to each other very strange. Okay the first one of Baiting B. A. I N G is a position Oh well this is getting even more interesting we'll get to that in a minute It is a preposition from fifteen. Sixty eight is and it means with the exception of and the reason it got more interesting is because the second definition of bathing is exactly the same the same pronunciation preposition. Fifteen sixty eight or keg with the exception of so somebody screwed up all right. Now we have the word Batiste It is a noun from sixteen ninety seven a fine soft sheer fabric of plane. We've made a various fibers. Next is Batman none and on and on and on and on and on a Batman. Sorry it is a noun from seventeen fifty five and orderly of a British military officer. This is French bought. Bat with a little hat over the and that means pack saddle. And I am super confused. Why is it an orderly of a British military officer? Why do they call it a Batman? I don't know what's Pack Saddle. How does that related to this British military officer white? Isn't it have to do with bats in a man with a belt of fancy toys and stuff. I don't know so Batman all right. We're skipping the second baiting because we already about that now we have bought Mitzvah. I form first word is bought. Not that it's bought a second word is M. I t. z. the h Could also be boss Mitzvah which we talked about before it is a ruby renown from nineteen ten one a Jewish girl who at twelve or more years of age assumes religious responsibilities number two the inititally ceremony recognizing a girl as a Bat Mitzvah. This is often capitalized as B. And M which I think We had the same information for the male version of that which was bar Mitzvah. So this is a Hebrew word Baath MS MS Wa. It's just spelled different Which literally means daughter of the divine law or daughter of the law and then divine is in parentheses. Now we have the second form of Bat Mitzvah it is a verb a transitive verb from nineteen seventy-six. Why so late to administer. The ceremony of Bat Mitzvah to now we have the Word Baton B. A. T. O. N. It is a noun from fifteen twenty number one we have these synonyms cudgel and truncheon two words that sound like they're made up but they're not but they should be Well I GUESS. All words are made up And then specifically the Synonym Billy Club Number two a staff born as a symbol of office and born is the version that has an e at the end number. Three a narrow heraldic bend number four a slender Rod. With which a leader directs a band or orchestra I actually Conducted a small orchestra for a short amount of time I don't know fifteen people maybe And I actually got a ton I must have it somewhere. number five a hollow cylinder carried by each member of a relay team and passed to the succeeding runner Number six a hollow metal rod with a weighted bulb at one or both ends that is flourished by a drum major or drum majorette. And this is French. Bye Tone from old French batstone ultimately from Latin Boston which means stick next and last word for this episode is a bat out. Two words spelled the normal way transitive verb from nineteen forty one to compose especially in a casual careless or hurried manner. As in batted out a first draft of the memo. There were a lot of fun words in this one There was one that sort of jumped out at me. I think. Let me just do a quick little scan Yes definitely a lot of good ones. But I think I'm going to pick bath ALAGIC As the word of the episode. Because a I saying that word but also there are creatures that are bath pelagics and they live very deep in the water. And I think that's pretty amazing and interesting So that is all the words If I wanted to tell you about another podcast that I'm listening to I would tell you about curiosity daily Think they've actually one at least one award for best podcast daily podcast or something. Yeah they have episodes every day. Just like this podcast very similar. There's better I will tell you that. lots more better information But yeah we're we're doing real good work both both of us Yeah go check them out. Each episode is Super Short Ten minutes or less usually and they talk about three or four topics usually pretty science related. And it's super fascinating. I've learned a lot from listening to them. I've got a two years to catch up on almost and a half maybe All right that's it. I'M GONNA end this episode. Thank you for listening This has been spencer dispensing information. Thank you and goodbye.

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