Eddie Hearn ToWilder: Go Fight Fury,Joshua Not Falling For The Trap


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This time eddie hearn takes to sky sports and says that wilder should should go and fight fury the josh was not falling for the trap the trap being the fact that wilder saying he would like sidestep tyson fury and unify with the winner of december seventh. Andy ruiz versus anthony joshua. They're calling it a trat because that very same fight in the back of joshua's mind became an excuse for the loss versus andy ruiz so this there's going to be discussing the fact that while the wants to unify the fact that ed he doesn't believe him the fact that while there hasn't announced his fight and eddie believes he's cloud chasing the fact that wilder announced his fight fight week for anthony joshua andy ruiz and and we still have no fight and now while announcing before the announcement or the official press conference for the saudi arabia press press conference between andy ruiz and anthony joshua while again announces that he'd be willing to unify with the winner and eddie is taken it as the cloud chasing the public seems to be taking it as cloud chasing so this is what we're going to be discussing you know the number to call in one four to to five five six nine fifty to forty one press one one time to voice your opinion right here on the voice of the people hotline. Now don't forget you can add nestor gibbs on skype to be part of the conversation anywhere in the world. Just download the skype on your respected market at market on your phone at nestor. Stor gives any s. t. o. R. g. i. b. s. We must be friends in order to be part of the conversation. Let's get this thing started. Go ahead on out to indiana production spe- sparta's dot com dot com yoyo yo yo yo good morning good morning good morning to everybody out there t._b. Universe back with another one that yes he has came to the media candidates sports and let everybody know and while he's going to handle theory before you think about him and josh war or anything like that and <hes> in looks like the theory and water fight what happened before we get a undisputed by which i mean i thought that was the plan anyway but seeing as is there could be some opportunities for wilder to to to face the winter which i don't really see because you've got the commander tori y takeda hanging over a rematch so he's up next for the w._b._o. Title i don't know if anywhere would they bakos geico's. We see what the w._b._o. Title but i can no i could see what we'll we'll. Why does come in from about. I wanna be undisputed could see hearn is doing till i now you guys had to plan. We got our plan and we find. I be chilly. It won't be right after this any over we used to go in and take care of theory and then we'll get to you but before i get into anymore. Let's go. You should have two cats. Visiting champion never been ooh. I'm alexander heath no alexander. I'm not at the eh sensitive gap the yet good morning good morning hope you grab your cup of coffee. You're on your way to work. You're on your way out of work. Whatever it is thank you for joining us and we are on the ball right now with my man wada chasing greatness in what i'm saying ecorse of course i believe of of course he. I believe leave him. He's been wanting a unified. He's been one of those belts and the guy who got the belt is re so why would he curb tyson ago chase while he's been after all this time i i really believe that eddie. Hearn is kinda planet like oh not gonna fall for it or don't a._j. For fought for what you know are you want wants deontay while they got those belts and getting them back sounds a bit bias and in which way i mean your favorability to deonte what you do you think he's the he's he's scaring. Every sky in the division was scary is unbeatable. Though unbeatable i think any any man's beatable but nobody's found a chink in the anti while there's his armor so as of right now. I'm gonna say he's that guy. He's that guy. I mean people would say that fury found about an eight round chink i mean he pity padded man. He looked like his cousin he becca though herky-jerky pitty pat. I mean like he hurt his. His cousin. Never won a high level decision. He's lost all high level decisions whereas fury's definitely outside of the wild allowed gotten high level decisions. I don't think that's a fair comparison. I think that you know he we would love to be fury but i would rather be fury than you. Absolutely i mean the style styles are kind of a nobody would say the same but they're similar in their similar and you can see that if you if if you see both their styles in different fights you'll see that you know but <hes> i never saw him. I never really saw fury as somebody that would be able to hurt somebody. At the level of type of fighter our old anthony joshua's <unk> wilder is in any other the top guys ah. I don't see him hurting anybody. I mean i see him. Hurting guys like shorts so you don't you i mean 'cause i always feel like he heard him with. I love her. He pushed him back. He may while you know after the punchy immediately picked up his guard and block a few more had to take a few seconds <hes> <hes> i think he showed some power in that while defy that now i mean look you're dealing with the heavyweight division. You're you're gonna. You're gonna in a field the punches you know what i mean when you hit with clean shot. You're gonna fill him but he had cleaned shot. He didn't hurt him. Ortiz in my opinion hurt <hes> <hes> wilder you know he had him in trouble. I i never saw cherie had trouble even after he hit him with the hokey meeting. He didn't have trouble so right. Now you know wild coming out and saying hey you know what i want. Tyson the step to the side loudmouthed tyson fury step aside. Let me go get these boats. I mean that's that's been champion for about shifts to three months now. You've been saying fuck fuck. I know what theory i here doing. This guy demi emme row for doing his media press tour saying that he beats you he <hes> he's a lineal champion. He calling you a dollar saying they don't have any skills saying allow that shit so why not try to be become undisputed one reason. I don't like it because can let a fucking god. Just go around. Just keep on talking shit and trying to make us draw a win and just try to put yourself over you and like elevate you now nine now in the words of aging started slipping back down ten ton of bring it back down to size note. Let's say i understand he. He dangerous fight. I know if the bedrooms fight but from all intents and purposes tori he's chomping at the bit to get take out a title shot and these guys couldn't get a deal done before a._j. Laws to pay day wins and becomes a bigger name. We know sam because he is a big name now that it may be even harder to make the fucking deal so we'll see how that plays out but i do not expect a dispute between wilder in a._j. If a._j. is to win next now if if if it was andy probably raleigh expect any downside. You know what i'm saying. Give him a life homecoming knows he did a good job went over to saudi arabia out against him down and made geico. Maybe a gift ruth's chris. Although we scenario they'll have a great fight against my guy <hes> adam announced so i think that'd be a good homecoming fight for andy if he's successful and then possibly we have undisputed without the w._b._o. Sometime next year yeah. I don't i don't see res <hes> running sorted dante while the fight also so you know while i mean it's not what he's saying. I don't know why you guys keep acting like that like. We're going to believe anthony joshua when he said he was going to activate his immediate rematch before it. It actually came out. You know you might kill gad. No he's going to do it. Why would an empty go straight into it. You know a tune-up a homecoming those were my ideas because of the money involved in having a mexican champion but and these always made it clear you know maria she'll she didn't ask them. Do you want the best. He said. I'm missing one. I want that w._b._z. You know <hes>. I think that every time he's been axed. He says he wants that crack at wilder now. Have we heard some other things. He said you know before wilder. I could do fury before wilder you know. He said he'll do who say he would. He say it was one other guy. Besides fury right we i will bet you money anything of wins his fight. He wild allowed. I i bet you anything. You know what it is my i. It's not even a he wouldn't wanna fight him. I it's the management promotion. It's the money johny that's behind them chill-out marinate with this a little bit chase another fight even if it's fury some somebody that it's not listen listen. We all know the onset while the is the motherfucking grim reaper this division. Nobody wants that sauce so even though i know andy no got toconas to jump in. They're going to steer him away from that. Unless there's something crazy right just got we didn't ever expect we will be hearing about eighty four million dollars safey. We just don't know what to expect if two heavyweights are available for unification advocation. We don't know what mountains you know. What sees will part get that done. We never expected saudi arabia. We never were expected eighty four million the a._j. Protectors never expected andy to be able to finagle a better contract than the one that was initially signed so we continue to see that things aren't always as they seem or should be. I wouldn't and jump the gun and say they won't unify. We just don't know what type of money will be offered for a unification because smarter people than us have to be in room sitting down saying. When will we get this opportunity again. When will we be able to unify again. Can we really wait on and your a._j. To do new mandatory should we wait for sanctioning bodies to strip or should we act now the way i'm employing you to act now. Don't forget the hit that thumbs comes up and it helps with the visibility of show you know and <hes> we really wanna get this show as big as it can be. <hes> we have three guys that desperately want to continue when you doing this day in and day out we bring you multiple shows a day. All we access that you share our show and hit that thumbs up but yeah man i. I believe it can totally happen because money talks. Where's eddie hearn's feelings on this in any of the slide dude man. He's usually you mean when he speaks to the media is not he's he's got. He's got an agenda behind everything. He says his feelings right. He's calling it attracted happy saying while does bluffing. They're calling it. Clouds as you don't really wanna unify you just want anthony joshua to lose focus not focus on andy ruiz. You know this is all part of the conspiracy so basically eddies eddies like at he's basically saying eh deontay wilder is able to get into a._j.'s head. He's able to make them uncomfortable just by saying that he's gonna fight him. I mean the j. admitted that already right he said that while there was on his mind during the fight while this performance having to outdo the performance you know wanting the wow defy not really wanting to anthony entity envy ruiz fight you know having is mine on unifying all that is what caused you know joshua kinda you know and who's more dangerous than any way because i know anthony jobs for even though he lost to andy still you know what i mean. Who's the more cutting into your exercise. 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This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease if a let's say a._j. Wins is eighty the more dangerous fight for for wilder if a._j. Wins i mean i don't know i let's be honest. I'm always going to go with the answer. No he's not more dangerous because is now what we thought about him in my opinion we know now we know now that he's chinni we. It's not a rumor in the gym. It's not a a gym sparring story. We watched it. He went down four times. We've seen that so. I don't know how many people out there are using using this as confirmation that he's ginny and are giving him zero shot at wilder now vice versa. Maybe people now at thinking that the combination punching style of into the inside punching of andy ruiz could cause while some problems because he's tall and long. Would you do on a tall and long fight or you get on the inside but before you guys give me your take but isn't it interesting that when on five week for joshua res at the end of my dionisi wada ota announced he was firing lewis altis on joshua league and my we all now the beginning of september there is no fire. There is no venue there is no date. He hasn't talked about ensign. Joshua probably since that moment joshua ruiz to media we weapons dealing say well the pops up and says oh i wanna find your show i wanna find your shula instead and unify why instead of tossing fury them watching you wanna do when joshua older belts so this may just another excuse to keep his name relevant but promoter because is a fighter shouldn't have to worry about this. A fighter shouldn't have to be out here trying to convince his own fans that a common opponent or a possible fight or fighter is making him fearful. It you need needs to have a guy like eddie. That can talk slick. Stay cool calm and collective and get the job done properly well. If you asked me is good old eddie again in a trend. I mean look if if if you don't want him a staying relevant the white talk about it. You know what i mean. Why talk about it. You know you know the onta- wild is a his clout skyrocketed. You know what i'm saying when he is soon as a._j. Loss especially all that if i if anything a the scales definitely definitely were outweighed in in cloud after a i'm not saying a._g. Loss you know following like that but definitely a lot of people probably saying like damn imagined the auntie would have got his hands on onum damned the on-scene probably would have done this the department within that shuttled thick and the other has been all over the media sound things any cloud chasing or staying relevant. I think it's the chance to be vocal. You know what i mean. I pick guard. He was asked a question in a pose answered that that that that he wanted to put <unk> out there and i think it was truthful but at the at the end of the day we got to look at the x. factor in this whole thing tyson fury. Don't they have a contract in place. I mean i'm this. Everybody said they sign. I'm signed author. February twenty-second doesn't three ahead to play ball in order for a wider to fight and joshua. I'm not saying that those guys are officially officially signed but from all intents and purposes it seems like they got a contract already in place while fighting ortiz and i'm fighting theory next bob graham says we have a tentative agreement in place for february twenty-second twenty around in there so doesn't theory at the play ball in order for the undisputed fight to happen. I'm just i question not said the facts about it. I don't know man. I'm not a contract lawyer. <hes> i'm assuming because the fight hasn't taken place and and <hes> it was an immediate rematch that he would he want you know. This is just another negotiation for another fight. Fury has has nobel even though the w._b._z.'s trying to my mind belt which means nothing so. I don't see where is the tie to him but it is a contract. I just think that because the fight hasn't taken place that might be a way out you you know it's not a rematch clause contract. There was no rematch because it was a draw. They had to renegotiate so this is kind of like an initial negotiation creation. I i just don't know if this is if this bounds any one of them but i'll be honest <hes>. I hope that it doesn't like you said i've been be in that jump for quite some time. I don't understand why it continues to even entertain. Fury fury's not out here in the level of opposition that the arrested heavyweight division is facing and fury's not out here acting like a man was given an opportunity <hes> instead. He's claiming to be king to division. That obviously has no king now looking at it right. It's a i don't blame wilder for trying to tell tyson step aside. I mean because in the event in the event that aig does get past <hes> ruis you know does his his due diligence and makes that makes that makes that happen he he's he's not gonna go to wild and he's gonna start running and while there as much as you can you are disrespectful and all levels a why would he jay run because i mean look it. They left sued bad taste in our mouth last time trying to make this happen there was some was they were on the other side and understand that his points and what he was trying to do to make the fight. There was others the word a._j. Side there were understanding positioning or whatnot. They dragged us along these long months of basically dangling bangel in the car in front of the donkey so to speak so now so now it's like okay. Are we going to go through that again. Is it going to happen again. Whereas all now we gotta how much bigger this defy gotta get now. You know what i mean so in wilders ed is see. I'm trying to get it to the man's mind into the champions. Mind can't think for him but i'm assuming that he's thinking like 'i. He's guys don't wanna fight me a._j. O._b. loss once he wins back. He's not gonna come at me. He's not gonna. I don't wanna come through and fight me now. He's gonna go like the mother. Guys don't want it. I think handlers probably be like we gotta find a little bit easier. No so let's go and get the mandatory i wait and then possibly come back with another little light touch up in twenty twenty and then we'll talk about wilder and twenty twenty only one. I play if you're a._j. Eddie earn discounts some similar minute like you've been through the gun twice no saying you you. It's about time for you to start calling the shots. Pull your own weight and doing what what the fuck you won't do. Why don't wanna <hes> undisputed. I look at the homecoming down in mexico all homecoming in l._a. Then we'll talk about them go to l._a. A nobody won't undisputed you but i'm gonna keep them kind of chips. I'm gonna need me still lopez. I'm gonna need me a many patio kind of check. I'm adrian brodie. You know what i'm saying amani mia light-touch before i never wild and i think that's what's going to happen when it comes to andy anywhere in josh josh we'll fight sick they probably before they paid wilder and i thank you guys thirty by have a rematch calls. You guys are crazy bro <hes> this a._j. While defy is just too much money. I don't think a._j. Is going to led his hand to sell them no because he already seen what happened. You know <hes> it's not inevitable that he could be undisputed or that anyone could it's a very difficult task due to sanctioning bodies in politics but just thinking moneywise a._j.'s estimated hundred in ten you know or what seventy you know 'cause i did hear out of that. Eighty four eddie's getting like forty but that is you know so either. You wanna give fifty fifty two a._j. Eddie or you want to give it all to a._j. At his u._s. thirty right and again these are all hypothetical numbers but we know what he's gotten in the past so it ain't that hard to piece together a couple of million dollars for this man. I'm <music>. I'm thinking this released by anywhere between seventy and more ease for age l. forget about the u._k. Pay-per-view exactly. I'm not even counting that i'm just counting now. I'm counting safety again in his his his his new york city guarantee and guesstimate the mating low. We know this is a rematch with more demand happier so he could easily be getting more gordon seventy to think that he's going to say i think the zone pay them less because the fight over in <hes> in saudi arabia no it was article but this they didn't pay him less than let's say hypothetically what he made in new york city. They're paying him less than what they would have paid them. Had this rematch took place in the u._s. Is what the article stated. He got eight million less less than what he would have gotten if despite was hosted in the u s so talk and and just curious breaking. I can't hear you just curious real quick on my <hes>. Is there any way that maybe is there. Reason what's the real rewrite the real reason but could add could have eddie hearn. Maybe gotten a kickback for maybe picking saudi arabia as lloyd <music> of course there's rumors he's getting like forty just for whom in also but what the what the has to do with anything as long as he's getting his fighter the most money he can get. That's all the matters. Absolutely absolutely i was just pointing that out you know 'cause i on top of the seventy midget so much much money in this fight and i think that the seventy includes forty million of the cipher ochre and then i'm just estimating guests that mating he made thirty million for the new york city fight and i don't think his minimum is going to go down. Don't even though he lost the is like mike said this fight and how i believe this fight reached more people had he won less people would a new what took place but because he lost a raise the visibility of not only himself but disown so yeh they're giving eight million dollars less but remember. They had a lot of competition so they're eight million dollars less. I just feel it could and this is what hypothetical but i just feel. The thirty million dollars less was just less than other offers. You not like eight million dollars. Was you know coming out of the thirty today. Already already gave joshua in new york meaning that he's only getting thirty for the rematch because i just can't see josh getting the same guarantee even though he lost which is more possible right. It's it's it's it's quite possible that he took a pay-cut for losing but i don't see that happening because of the magnitude of this fight so i see i believe he got you know he's getting that that thirty that he got or more plus half that site feet feet or more and if that for this i what could someone possibly offer for that wilder unification. That's my whole point like. If these making seventy five this is really gonna walk away from like a hundred and something in walked away for fifty. We've awarded theory <hes>. What about very tight security. Even if you wanna make this a big deal tyson fury like others have taken step aside money like we don't have to act like it's impossible you know and again. We just need to ask the right people the right questions because it's not a guarantee that he's got to fight this dude. I'm just here maybe geraldo all it was was epa side. I mean that kind of indicates to me. Three has some kind of say so in this matter you you you you. You don't use hopefully theory would step aside. If you know for a fact i can do whatever i wanna do on saying. I'm just re- maybe i'm reading redo far into his quote but i think i think that for a time it got to be a lot of money given to him because he's he's not gonna you know tyson. Fury has a plan to all. These guys gotta plan. Listen guys bro. Seeing this is is in all the time like if you're tyson fury imbaba baram you you there is a universe where you allow this to happen and nothing like the moon or the river or they don't have the part none of that like all you gotta do is the same thing in the richard komai fight or or which one did we just see the law chango right campbell fight before that someone went through an eliminator and it was written that they would have to fight the winner of loma chanko campbell same thing for we seen that with the i._b._f. Right now ruis after this fight. It's written that someone's got. It's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind. It's pain and it's getting in between you. In the life. You want to live cd medic. Target your pain at its source. It's fast-acting stacking relief with active o._t._c. Ingredients plus the added benefits of t._h._c. free hemp oil. Get back to your life with c._b. Medic available online and that c._b._s. These statements statements have not been evaluated by the f._d._a. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. It's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind. It's pain and it's getting in between you and the life you want to live cd medic targets your pain at its source. I it's fast acting relief with active o._t._c. Ingredients plus the added benefits of t._h._c. boil. Get back to your life with c._b._d. Medic available online and at c._v._s. Yes these statements have not been evaluated by the f._d._a. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. Fi pool live late. That's the way it goes. They agreed to that. That was what the i._b._m. Proposed in order to allow this to happen okay. You guys want this rematch fine but then whoever ever wins has to fight so it's no different if you're if you're fury and they present you with step aside money and they say look don't worry you get to fight the winner because now the wind has w._b._z. So that mandatory still there doesn't disappear for manitoba. I know but he's got a contract in place just just like the other gentleman. If you can get you can get the sanctioning body to say. You must fight him next just like they did. Wh what about if you come back clear either mandatory. We can't worry about a guy that hasn't spoke since he tested the positive like he literally hasn't spoken was so vocal you know so trying to bang the dealing and white drugs no sense every time you act go and like he he he's not a player for his <hes> promoter out here banging the drum for him so to act like a guy who drunk doc. This is no longer a player in the division kind of comical. I mean it's what's common goal. Is you trying to insinuate to the public that he is a player last. I check what is faxes. He's his status is suspended so he's not a mandatory. He's not a mandatory. He is in the interim title holder silverside woodside hold the status is null and void until we all excuse me. I let you speak until the investigation. We don't know when that investigations going to be done so why would wilder anybody worrying about him until the w._b._c. Come out and say that he's back. We'll have to worry about them as far as w._b._z. Rankings goes now if you're talking about w._b._z.'s ortiz got six months drill mitigate six months what makes makes you think that dealing why won't be six months like those guys if if we do six months then by the time may comes he will be the eligible to happen status back as i'm saying we've seen it would ortiz we seeing it now with another promoters out here banging the draw for him also very if he doesn't get despite in water jackson of each other what happens if they do a rematch what happens if they do a trilogy series out here in kofu for a year. You're come on man. That's not sitting around the fight wilder. That's not the way it works if you if you put in a contract in place that saws is no different than what is happening beninois pool lab and what the sanction body did for poulet and he still wants to he still tried to petition that he wasn't happy with that but they like yo. You are next no no matter what no matter who's the winner. We've seen that before. I don't know why what we haven't seen is what you're saying. We haven't seen someone on suspension. Hold their status. We we haven't seen two people cannot finish. We haven't seen to people not negotiate for five months right because hypothetically the fights happened in december seven between anthony anthony joshua and andy rees so from thence omay when you alleged at dealing white status could possibly be cleared. That's five months months so are the title holders supposed to wait until dylan. White gives us a d. Okay or the w._b. Sikh's billion whites okay no from december from december to whatever time they will be negotiating as soon as that fight is over they can call each other even before that fight is in in place or excuse me before that fight is done eddie could be talking to shelly and vice versa because we've seen that before real quick on the super the man andrei he says in the words of barry hearn what is the rush for wilder fight. We are making a lot of money already wembley joshua versus stick in the spring of twenty twenty. I'm talking about man gonna ease not chasing that while the fight man nairobi chasing that while the fight i think the acting jasser in order to get the power back and the credibility of the people he has to finish res yes to finish him knock amal t._k._o. Keio whatever in order for him to have that excuse to be able to say no well while they're you was talking match when i lost you know what he'll play that role again like i had to a fight you are at the fight you shade probably see tyson fury as an easier fight than a than while the who knows the wild is he possesses that punching power the everybody steering away from <hes> not saying that the security can't punch heart but he just doesn't have that one punch power k._o. In the heavyweight division <hes> i'm man. I don't know i could never agree that tyson. Fears the easier easier fight or the any heavyweight is going to believe. He's the easier fight. He less risk. I'm not not not necessarily easier less risk. You know you you you can still you know box on a ton of risk. Cannella got shamed for not being knocked out. He was shame aim for for losing twelve straight rams. There is shame in being outclassed and furious capable class in quite a few heavyweights. Do we wanna see <hes>. We wanna see the i'd say while the versus a._j. Without without the <hes> the fury fight you think the fans the fans wouldn't wanna the seat the onset wilder fury rematch. I i mean. I think it could be two ways but i'm pretty sure there's going to be a demographic that wants that rematch. Imagine going to be people like me that you know feel that he should just move on because there's plenty that i go around with them. You know dangling the carrot. I i know i left the bad taste in people's mile. Would you know like you know like whatever people ended up to say. Whatever man is just move on. You know how much i mean unifying of course i. It's gonna get the people going but i just the unification is more difficult. More more of a difficult task of the opportunities is around. You gotta take it. You know <hes> even fury would know that that's what i'm saying. Promoters will know that so if you can lock in in a unification and fury can get step aside money and contract stating that he fights the winner he would be more than happy more than happy and rooms fury once a third fight in december like in i mean there's still those rumors we don't. We don't know what's going on and we we hear new shit every day. Especially when it comes to this wilder fury stuff fall you out there. Please uppercut that thumbs up for us. You help us with the visibility of the show. We'll get our reach out there to more people all our boxing family out there. We wanna make this community. A lot bigger help us out only takes a click baby. Y'all yeah you guys think that the ortiz fight is dead because i mean i think it was cop injured a tweeted that they had to take place by november twenty third due due to the contract with fury and wilder and if it did end and it couldn't happen and i mean it's a fifth right so we're talking tober. Fifth november. Fifth is two months. I guess there's still a couple of days left right. He's still got a couple of weeks before it starts getting too close. I mean there's there's things dip. They're probably just waiting out trying to see what what what what's going on. I mean and you who knows who knows what what they're waiting for. What what what exactly what information they want to solidify these things. I would know mike busy. Mikey mike the equal opportunity to talk without being interrupted <hes> with the <hes> ortiz fight rather than me mad. If it happens with don't happen <hes> ebbing really been pushing this so in here's what i really wasn't a fan of it when i got a announced and then the rumors about it being pay per view really really really <hes> didn't didn't make me want to go with it at all but if it happens you know what i'm saying. We're checking watching. We'll see ortiz knocked out again and hopefully we can get that fight with in a wider cracking and wh what was that <hes> fight supposed to happen ortiz which is wild roamers nov november twenty sometime in november was i've ever night but <hes> the can't i logo paul <hes> to go with the that that date and venue for step of center so <hes> it might be in las vegas <hes> that was the last the last <hes> name being you've left night but like any hundred said no day no then you get and uh it's kinda crazy saying he announced it on june first when not on june first the that we can't of joe version come to september. We'll have a in indication of when it's going to happen so oh no man i just know ortiz six months retroactive suspension for his involvement in this p._d.'s <music> i know drill miller got the same thing so and i know cannella six months retroactive suspension to so to thank dealing white won't won't walk get designed thing. He's kinda preposterous about it is what it is yeah man. I hear you. I hear you yeah. No looks like history shows us that a strong possibility. He could get a something like that but <hes> has been back. Gotta fight schedule. We all know about i'm seeing <hes> the matrix leader <hes> in interviews on the posters that he made and the milas poli be back sometime in october so if these beating the drum light there then. I think you guys ready to come back for a return. I thought i'd seen that article. I could've sworn says something unlike <hes> as long as he could get a license. I could be wrong. I'm sure i'm sure they can find somewhere. Kansas got five right was what was it <hes>. Thank call the star in kansas. He thought i last night we felt bogged down to remember remember champ that was dissolved money zoning fucking with him no more he's out here on social media begging zona take them back and say eddie call all me i mean a and edie edie is a bit unfair right like with dilly and why he has a different attitude. Maybe it's something we don't know that he he knows right but <hes> with big babies now. I'm done with big baby if people ask them about big baby i actually was president. The last time i interviewed eddie couple of weeks ago someone asked him about baby and you know defaced that he made. It was just like whoa so. I don't know you know we see carlos stockham on on starbucks and he's going to be fighting in <hes>. What is it catskill new york casino <hes> you know and that's because he chose to go his own route instead of sticking with eddie so he'll be off tv on joe di guardia show in catskill so i mean i don't know man. I don't know what salaam you can really do for big baby. <hes> remember selita had big baby for quite some time and it it wasn't until eddie hearn got involved in big babies career that it it it it. It's a cough now. He did have some sort of <hes> esteem would is one or two fights on showtime and obviously <hes> because the onset wilder being on showtime the possibility of him staying there and fighting <hes> was on fight fans mines <hes> but as soon as he got off the atom of knocking he. Did you know he felt like you know. You're trying to make me fight. My boy roy innis too soon me adam both could be champs in no so he left one network then he got with design and now that relationship is a little bit damaged so and another rumors of <hes> bob right bob said a few things seem interested in big baby baby. It's funny because <hes> mike say retroactive and i i guess when exactly are they. <hes> counting mike because damn wouldn't six month's be december but they're saying october. They're saying he i guess is when they first took his peice six weeks before the flight from ah jun i gotta get pop right so june june so by april twentieth maybe around but when boy on four twenty so what was the time of his suspension they gave well. I mean i mean i guess is april of because they're saying he could. They're saying that he could possibly fight again in october october so that's when his suspension would be up and you know he could apply for a license so it was a six month suspension years. What did they give six months six months but it's it's been six months with the sanction body. He hasn't been suspended with the commission because he hasn't gotten a license yet so when he was about to fight a._j. He never had a license so when he applied then he tested positive so he's only been suspended by ah the sanctioning body not by the commission so like mike said yeah maybe he can get a license in new york and vitamin kansas texas the something like that and i just wanna remind you know when he was fighting in chicago one in kansas and all those locations. It was the zone money in it. I mean i. I don't think that i mean you see where selita fighters fight they fight wha- show box or some shit coming up i mean in the in the event the the wilder listless say the onto while it does in occur tyson furio step aside money. Whatever if you step aside money tyson fury we still fight someone else absolute and we're durell miller. Maybe that be an option depending on how the new york athletic commission handles licensing. I mean i doubt it. Doubt it like <hes> we've had this. It's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of of mind. It's pain and it's getting in between you and a life. You want to live c._b._c. Medic targets your pain at its source. It's fast acting relief with active o._t._c. Ingredients ingredients plus the added benefits of t._h._c. free hemp oil. Get back to your life with c._b._d. Medic available online at c._v._s. These statements have not been evaluated by the f._d._a. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. It's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind. It's pain and it's getting in between you in the life. You want to live cd medic. Target your pain at its source. It's fast acting relief with active o._t._c. Ingredients plus the added benefits of t._h._c. free hemp oil. Get back to your life with c._b._d. Medic available online and that c._b._s. These statements have not been evaluated evaluated by the f._d._a. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease here before why fight a dangerous foe before for you know a a title opportunity there probably desktop <hes> another year while lean on dance swertz power or i'll take tyson fury he's back. He's back enough he would he would jump in there with girono problem. I i mean if you're university where he can. Outbox gerard. I still think is a dangerous fight but then again. I don't even know derail anymore man. After this scandal we have all we have everything that was good about. Derail is in question now. What what i liked about jerome was his you know how big was so. He could absorb punches and dan. I liked that he was super active. I like to call them the sean porter of the heavyweight division but now that's a good now we don't know is he going to have that tank. Thank you stab isn't gonna throw those punches that he used to throw as he still going to be going down as the heavyweight those the most punches probably not which sucks but this is the life that we live in and those are my anyway man. I'm gonna open up the phone lines. If you guys don't have any final thoughts i was going to say quick saw bar. <hes> on lina frazier won last night. <hes> fifteen rounds a major fight. Eilly got motherfucking chain in a fucking hab until you are right fucking inverse also i i. I'm i'm watching our series and i went in the second and third one. The first one was what was amazing. <hes> joe frazier left foot. I mean atlanta almost a wheel that site in the way dropped mohammed ali around sixteen he got up and was able to the can keep his head in fucking composure the rest of the round and around living on my own around the living golly falling talk like we're almost out stumbling so much that he almost falling down but does not go down any lasted another thirty seconds after joe frazier just catching with how'd you like frazier style man i would love to go look look arche jerky. Jeremy gat is is something that was just random aaliyah's back so the second fight later on tonight or tomorrow so i'm gonna try to start giving you better like references. I wanna talk about heavyweight. Fights and people people having good genes news so that more overnight you learn a lot from those young watched ali and frazier fi. Don't you respect anthony sims boxing ability more like bro. He really got that in my opinion. This is my opinion. He really got that mohammed. Ali style down footwork the mannerisms. It's crazy spooky. Actually i leading last night. Fergie was on his chest and then he had allie was a we had i two or three rows where he would just on the roadside. Come on man fucking me. I can go into the middle. Come come back onto the bed and he he was spent a little bit. I i remember he invented the rope a dope man you know we give a lot of credit but he loves those ropes and that's why a lot the people feel like you know. He took some unnecessary damage <hes> but he loved those rows man. Remember i mean that form fibro and that's what i'm saying and that's why i say our generation versus generation because even the referees were less educated referees with letting so much go back then the punishment was insane like ali or anybody would be taken so much punishment on a road chasma hired stumbling which now you'll be given an account or you'll be waved off so you know it is what go last take both for now monastic on this is just i dunno scheduled. It looks like everybody has an agenda. Everybody's trying trying to figure out the best pathway managers in promotions or try to figure out the best pathways for this but in the end a._j. A._j. I just don't see him running towards the fight. All those little variables come into play. I'm sorry i'm sorry apology not i don't. I don't think it matters who feel fury doesn't matter who he finds you think fury cares who he fights while while the goes do battle crazy he's strategic egypt bro look at his resume. The do got three names on his resume wilder vlad and fucking derek zora. That's i'm telling you and and it's it's not funny because i keep telling you that is my theory without doing any facts without googling a bunch of names and then writing it down putting in a spreadsheet bro. It's very hard to find any one active fighter. The got three solid wins like three elite level wins one and a half one and a half two ooh yeah one in a bunch of secondary's year but like three that's jackpot do threes or mayweather's people. They got three solid elite. Level wins like mayweather's co not even code oh man. I don't think i i gotta think about her but may okay nello allo akio. Those are like people with three and maybe maybe a._j. Colby argued three level. I don't even know three because he lost he lost that right coletta mirror parker who white vladimir parker but at that time bro prospect beck prosperity they fall fourteen no that's not that's a different white the white now which again even this white house in question what he was taking you know <hes> it helps would endurance you know hops building and fucking strength all that so like i don't know with father fights ortiz while the fights were teased right. Let's say this goes down like this. He fights ortiz in the fall. I don't see wilder in the running to a rematch with fury right after you know what i mean so. I think that if the wild inside <unk> fight doesn't happen i it's it's going to get stressed out because you know we all know ortiz's tough opponent in unless while able to knock him out you know quick like did brazil. I don't see why in running over a to a tyson fury five which he had a twelve round flight with already so he knows too tough fights back to back chan. I don't think that's in his best interest. Ortiz won't last but he he gave or not. You gave while the problems any any hurdle yemen again. History shows us the rematch. Is you know they will. He's going to brazil like you do better in the rematch. You know the guy always does better than the rim. It's quite possible because remember his remains. The verne look like that. I mean he's it's more probable from what from wilder than anyone else yeah. Fury fans could get hung up on the fact that we got up but the question that they all have in the back of their mind is kenny. Get up again kenny. I think she's too much of a shark man he's to is he. He's he's not in two hundred resort city who more like a sitting duck. Why a sitting duck. He was how he was jabeen furious. He was jabbing wilder go. I hear you furious the one with the better legs in my opinion i think that while they would have a more difficult style with fury than we did in my opinion now ortiz got the he was jabbing wilder in that fight for all right he was getting on the inside he was catching them with shots shots but usually the case with south porn orthodox movement and you don't know like amateur amateur. Would you talk about. I mean by that. Is that your professional fighter like. You're preparing for a south by you got eight weeks southbound so don't give me that all happens. No you prepare. I south pole and the sapa was still getting there. So what are you saying so. What are you saying because you prepare for someone. One of your tools can't be taken away. That'll be the other guys doing it better and that's my point is without you. That's what i'm telling you naturally doggy. Naturally the south pole takes away the gap from the orthodox fighter that is natural and you automatically takes. You're supposed to be the fight ahead while i don't know what i'm talking about so don't don't get it twisted. We don't keep talking about your age is gonna run all right. What what i'll do is go to the callers we got j._d. Who's a south pole professional fighter. How about that. I go ahead go ahead. Let me see what you say about yeah. Let's see these calls are brought to you by el camino electrical services experts and electric vehicle charging stations for consultations and turnkey installation installation visit us at el camino electrical services dot com. We also could get the opinion of c._y._p. Who is a self proclaimed named. I mean i'd say self proclaimed by no disrespect because i don't know right. I haven't checked them out. I don't know his bio but he says he's a he says he's a strength and conditioning coach. I'm sure so he's worked with fighters as well and he could give us his opinion of that orthodox style and mike. I'm sorry i wasn't expecting that. I've seen yeah he the real deal remember to rate his five stars on itunes. Go out to texas j._d. Are boomerang as well as the south pole and a former professional boxer sold joe. I'm with those with those. They one hundred percent <hes>. I'm hearing a lot of things about like he's not a top tap five heavyweight <hes> listen man. <hes> mike you you down on the town like he's not better editing. You gotta white you know what i'm saying. I'm not understanding this man. You mean the coughing yeah okay <hes> we. We're going to disagree right there all day. What i think <hes> who is where where does he rank that he starts laying hammering companies happening right now eight come off a big win over and he's got a big fight coming up with <hes> joseph parker ortiz our here. The question is and i to be honest with you. If if wild is the only one that's going to give then yeah. I do wanna see it again. You know what i'm saying but i would much rather see him picked it up with all of the heavyweight but they won't give them a chance for some guys down reading. Why won't give them a chance. If you don't speak english do you go through the puck down with that movers in there but anyway <hes> yeah whoever whoever foot on outside <hes> at florence south for ourselves who get they put on out as a fan in algebra even though the guy ooh a two way street control that it's a two way street for both fighters whoever whoever has the it doesn't just automatically make the south pole the one that nullifies just because he's a southpaw free figured <hes> see why beat where i thought you were finished. I cut you off at that you were we're finishing some <hes> something on ortiz now i was. I'm sure triggered some people <hes> from the fan on the colorado at amazon the white man yeah. I guess i chose the wrong person a goto the yesterday he was the one beating the drum that ortiz. I was ahead of four no listen. He was the one that yesterday. Ortiz was ahead on the scorecards at the time of the stoppage. Yeah a lot of people get credit chance you know you know you know he was doing instead doing i gave him credit for the seven frown to you know what i mean like. It's all good you know. He did what he he did. We're going to go out to boomerang c._y._p. You're yo- you're happy which i wanna ask me but let me say this. I know i i think it's funny that we ignore patterns right but we listen to words tyson fury after the fight everything a fighter who gets his ass knocked out. Does he avoids the rematch. He goes and fights tune-ups fainting. They do to build their confidence back up work on some things. Get themselves ready again. He did the the same exact thing we will hear the big offer with their contract regardless of contract. He still did the same things fighting low level opponents that could not hurt. You have a contract say. Let's give him a contract but you'll have to fight those booms which is equivalent to you. Getting go ask knocked out any more time to recover so audit u._k. Fans wanna keep running around with his narrative that he's won. He's better if he wanted with better. He took their pattern sickly. There were eight close rounds in that fight aac close rounds meaning to two plus discrepancy discrepancy in eight rounds and there was a discrepancy and three rounds. If you believe that ties the theory or any boxer on this planet should get awarded all eight close rounds. You are the most biased retour ever seen. I'm not by as much as all my thing but those are so close. I'm splitting them sheets that you split them. Do a whole different scorecard record. You give them to hold if escort. Y'all got to stop this bullshit. They got the casual fan. Go listen to whatever sound the best but they're not gonna pay check into patterns. They knock command. How can you afford gas big s._u._v. I pay less guessing everyone else. I got the free get upside. Gas at twenty five cents a gallon cash back every resigned. I buy gas hora home. 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It's pain and it's getting getting in between you and the life you want to live cd medic targets your pain at its source. It's fast acting relief with active ingredients plus. The added benefits of t._h._c. see free soil. Get back to your life c._d. Medic available online at c._b._s. These statements have not been evaluated by the f._d._a. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. How judges score thing y'all got to stop being so emotional when you watch things and say you know what i know how they do things so let me study how they do. I've been justified from there anyway. You're going about the south. Paul versus orthodox and my opinion is that when orthodox fighter faces the south pole <hes> he loses the job. You know am am. My argument. Argument was that i am argument was that the southpaw doesn't necessarily nullify north doctors. Jeb is what j. d. Referring to whoever has the foot on the outside has the better footing you right you right next nurses hypothetically right but technically you definitely right when you when you're you're you're right but at some from outside and it looks like nestle be telling the truth and that's that's due necessarily good and make an obvious seemed like it's the hundred truth my buddy. Hey guys on e._s._p._n. Too much for that because he tried he tried problem if you've got a boxer near and he got traded on the line and i would appreciate that proclaims shit just leave uh-huh trickle creek don i don't talk. I got a super bowl champion. My guy. I got a super bowl champion of major league baseball pitcher. I gotta will a checking account collegiate clearing right now. This is what i do everyday item or the job my man because this is what i do. I will check it out see what he asked me the the athletics mike bra ov c._y._p. Athletes and i i remember i said after no disrespect. I just check you but had i mentioned. Has anybody checks up. I would say that he did and he believes that <hes> official tissue so that's he's friends with a guy <hes> say yesterday. When he put joe and way he he c- he told her name's out day those a._o. First name basis i'm like i think you mean coach joey. Smith you know spencer that that deals with <hes> wilder coach wade reporter sara yes. They're gonna show but i wasn't sure because he went first name basis on us. You know playing bigwig but i hear you going on to our next bouma ranga in seattle ragging out with his early in the morning mr t. c. Maybe the best role good morning i last time i say good morning. Good morning mike one in this and the last time i take somebody's wouldn't pay homage to serve as force t._v. Because this topic is about eighty hearn tomlinson on the comics the comments and say wow that said this to the seventy s t._v. And <hes> we already know eddie. Hiring is the voice box of anthony. Josh will anthony. I watched a <hes> fucking purse conference. Anthony joshua scared. I've never seen someone so tall. Look so scared. The dude look like like a created character sucking some video games and <hes> when someone tries to you know paint a narrative on there so i notice is it always changes the topic of discussion but <hes> let's keep it real a w._c._w. And <hes> you can't really take that back and you do a rematch so if you think you're ortiz won a bet on bet that would mean man two hundred bucks if you he's gonna win the rematch if not instead of so that's almost one call man and i'm calling back and <hes> people need to keep the narrative the same judy about tech and bad bits. He put on jacobs. Put it thousand put it thousand dollar tease girl boy boy. I'm gonna take your money and you'll girls <hes> both spend the money j. they did. Dan show me that she has bet that. I'll say also i. I watched her lennox lewis razor ruddock last night. It was very very very very very short fight but then it was was a nice little spring. Chemo focused becca the dating. We you know who else you should watch riddick bowe man. I i was gonna watch both fight. Here's a savage. The lennox legs got with emmanuel. See everybody got what immanuel font to the ship they find that jab learn how to use the reach and then the right hand but bo it was a month ago they say yeah i remember who remembers the famous <hes> press conference the faceoff he had with a a anna may hook them like three. I grew riddick. Bowe is no joke yemen. That's when press conferences with fun and when tyson bowe vanda labor larry larry larry larry was job but <hes> let me see what we got. We were going to go out to that one white boy john what's going on so in boxes what you think about <hes> orthodox facing softball in sucks because i'm a beginner in there always hit me straighten much in down the pipe with the straight left really but yet nullifies you gotta keep that foot on the outside man whoever wins that battle wins the fight really i mean unless you're pak yong can get on inside. Do some crazy ninja shit but other than that you'd better keep that foot on the outside. You're gonna you keep foot good on you. Keep that from the outside. You got you got you right down to pipe. You can catch him win. Got is that and i hear nobody says when you find in the south pole and you shoot an jab the orthodox fighters more prone to the hook and that's why they throw that jab less than what they would versus orthodox fighter so that's what i mean by like they lose the job. Obviously they going to throw jazz but they i'll bet you we check punch stats. They thought less jobs than they did offer docs fighter. I mean probably but i i wouldn't i would much rather the season ortiz fight than the than the wilder fury because ortiz did hurt wilder. I'd much rather see that in the fury but the net yet but keep that on the outside if you're on the spot a whole lot of southpaws so maybe one or two but it's yet suck for sure it's it's different ballgame. It'll make you wanna switch. That's what i kept trying. You make you wanna try to go with them because it's just so it's so weird to me. Cutty stand listen and what happens is. It may not though to jab so now what you're doing. Mike is this look you just pull on the jab. So you see southpaw audits. They keep searching each other gloves tap tat. They ain't jab jab assuming the fucking jazz they they touch torture as mine. Why should call stevens evens. He posted his sparring oppose spun on our on our youtube. I mean on our on a is exactly i. I watch what he's doing. He watch what he's doing. Tat tap tap bloop shooting to the bottom but that's what you do you find. I just told you that you taught me how to do it. You're gonna tell me the we ain't been seeing fucking southpaws north. I do that all that life different. You're you're you're. You're arguing a certain scenario where fighters do that but like that's not the the whole story though when you got unorthodox in the softball fighting each other. It's who's gonna who's gonna shoot. I who's gonna attack more violently. I who's gonna take what those measures to get on the outside of the foot. It's just doesn't there is no oh. This is what happens. It depends on the fighters aggression. Who's who's has the power jab who's actually taken the initiative to push forward. If you're talking about your core stevenson the guys that he's fought a lot of the times he's actually also longer fighter and when you're the locker fighter in your softball if you're unorthodox fighter if you're not working the embassy gernot work in the right side. You're not going over to the right side and you're just like you just did if you're just pawing at each other. You're gonna get hit. I mean you you know what you did in the gym. You went right over with the hook doc so there's no light and you still with that jab. You still get hit with that job from the south. I'm telling you man listen listen. If you believe do me a man all i know is boxing. History teaches us orthodox fighters. They probably fought three south pause in their career career. Okay it's not because there's a little bit of south poles. It's because the traditional. It's not a traditional fight so you lose everything that you do. They don't do it man. They don't do it. That's what i look at it to people's resume. How how many softballs updates for that's why you'll find more than you do. South pole fighters naked they stay away from them. They stay away from him. It's preparation preparation. Man floyd mayweather pack you out and he's a southpaw. You just gotta you just gotta know how to work with. All game plan in preparation in the as you said i said most fighters have about three three on the resume. I'm not talking about them talking about if you had had none and you were fighting. A south part is preparation for southpaw you know there is of course you like any fight you can get prepared for donnie aww shit though don't mean shit i just i just excuse for wow there. Is this why you're fighting this so hard absolutely cheeses catchy while jazz is that is that what this is absolutely not. This has nothing to do with while the. I don't even want those ceasefire. I've been adamant about that. You know he had his shot. I don't think there was enough controversy. I don't think he won enough rounds like this is just while they're doing exactly what he said. He's doing which is giving ortiz a shot because no one else wooded. He's got a daughter and they share that that bond <hes> this is not the that i want. No it's not it might be a pay per view. I ah the reason it grew september twenty if not too far like around the corner so you have a roll out with him announcing in the you rehab tolbert november twenty seven is about seventy eight weeks right there so still have enough time and we all know before we know about it. These guys know about it or weeks in advance that is you made some great points. You're right about announcing on the earl. Pay per view they could be waiting for that and wilder could already started. Can't that was an excellent fucking point i didn't i didn't think about that <hes> but i know you said in the past like an i agree with you on that and i'm hoping it was you like why that long long you know that long law that dip that that the dead the dead in the dead momentum is they should have been doing something if they knew like if he's really fighting ortiz nex. If it's really november there should have been at least some sort of social media media campaigns promos interviews not this hush-hush mums word this. This is only kilted. If you kept putting it in my face then it would you know meet continuously saying one it. It just becomes dumb because we're getting it but like by me saying hang on one and there's no notice of it. It's like yeah we ain't getting dangerously is something's wrong. Everyone is assuming and speculating at this point right now. We don't think happened while i still you know are just wanna fight to be announced. Shit yeah man. They got me in the air. Man five fans hate when they're in the air has been more the plan where we don't know they plan absolutely. I you know what if he gets down to it man. I i would really really want even the wild. It's gonna go. He's gonna go chase. Greatness once unify are really want him to a fight fury man because you know he's he's avenged his loss again. He's advantaged a something's in <unk> remain he <hes> he iced brazil and you know he got <hes>. He got ortiz to that. He might want like ice so he got ortiz while the right now where he could just like you know solidify that knockout streak in also i would like him in there. Wit fury fury talked a lot fury was almost out of there. Man jury almost added it. So how much more four could we see from sherry. How much how many more angles i mean he's probably in better shape bright <hes>. But how much more could we see from him. I know that wilder. He comes back and he comes back harder. <hes> like you said nazi. No guys do better on a on a rematch and while there's one of those guys where he he adapts. What's he fights. You knows he got to the next time around. What's over the weekend so let me get out to some calls. We're gonna take a long break and go straight to a bunch of calls because these phone lines are jam packed plus. I gotta hit the road going to a._j. Ruiz <hes> i think is at one fifteen so i gotta be out in the next couple of minutes to be. It's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind. It's pain and it's getting in between you and the life you want to live c._b._c. Dematic targets your pain at its source. It's fast acting relief with active o._t._c. Ingredients plus the added benefits of t._h._c. free heme boil. Get back to your life with c._b._d. Medic attic available online at c._b._s. These statements have not been evaluated by the f._d._a. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. It's cutting going into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind. It's pain and it's getting in between you. In the life. You want to live live cd medic. Targets your pain at its source. It's fast acting relief with active o._t._c. Ingredients plus the added benefits of t._h._c. free hemp oil. Get back to your life with c._b._d. Medic available online at c._b._s. These statements have not been evaluated by the f._d._a. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease so we're switching everybody. Drive by mode on bbc says he wants them interview so this is a part of that so we've got to cut the show show little sooner to get to those interviews going out to southside ducey talk to me. I just caught in a comment on orthodox south side. <hes> was the name from our perspective. You know what i mean like because both of y'all kinda right. You know what i mean but for me it's the south position more or less frustration orthodox fighter especially if you can put pressure on. You don't got to commit to the ray tom you can you can apologize because it set up nice body touches and you don't always come over to talk. What do you can shoot. He's straight down the pipe after you down orthodox fighter jabs so you know there's a lot of things you can do outside proposition <hes> super taking the communist. Make sure you get some bomb. Ass interviews press the naked man. That's my comments you going out to dance. Roy wrote up dodge way yeah yeah. I just wanted to say the only rea the reason i think come to asto by joshua now obviously because he's seen a weakness in joshua and the reason is often to kind of make way for two to make way for him to fight joshua is because you the weakness scared of tyson thirty when passing period faith wound up he was rusty and the more oil you put in something corruptly the eager backing when they could cut it. Thanks for calling him. Remember drive by mo. We gotta go. We you gotta go the words. I don't what up what up what's going on conserve man. I cool stuff so listen. I honestly think that what's going on with wild there. Is you know he keeps saying that <hes> he's gonna retire soon gonna spots and i think he's ridden with injuries and that's why i thought i know bill. Conspiracy theory honestly think nothing much left. He's been breaking his right hand. Probably has an injury and you just want. The last fight against agent wants to unify you know. Initially you said eddie has his own plan. So why does the planet anymore. Right situation might cut it. Joshua new orleans quick with the southpaw in a wichita. What's it called you kind of touched. The point is more about the experience of how many times you fight a southpaw fighter and like doom trying out getting had left foot and the foot and positioning easy 'cause you don't get the <hes> fight muscle preparation. It doesn't matter it's just about a skill thin. How'd in the <hes> in my opinion. <hes> ortiz was beaten wilder up into the nocco and might. I don't know joe within the white van but you need to kill action. That's when every other drug user that i've been a part of the sports for the past year two years north everybody gets six months. I'm not saying anything different than than what dealing why is doing. Everybody gets six months bro so for you to come on a good. I have a love or finish or fucking passion for white. It's not true. I i wanna see him. Fight wilder of course being that. I want to see him fight ortiz too. I wanna see dealing whiteside a lotta guys. I i don't want him to get in trouble and we'd just wait wait. Let him play his time. Let it do come back. If you gotta start up from the bottom the answers to start back from the bottom but i don't want us to throw them away all right all right going out to mike on. Hey guys guys <hes> look. You know we already know the plan with wowed already so it's no point last talking about him. Maybe fighting a._j. Or not because we all know is not going to happen and is all tees on the twentieth of november and then he's gonna fight tyson fury next vessels going to happen. They're going to announce it on the pay per view or showroom for our and l. dispense the same way they did with many key firm and we all know this. There's no point is no point. Thank you very much goodbye. All i gotta check coming from andre the new pop powerful porter and the words of barry hearn. What is the rush for water fight. We are making a lot of money already wimbley. Josh burks in the spring of twenty twenty d. h. In the bay the he has to say thank you wake up in the morning six a._m. Californian boom to she has on sunday. Son's asthma say nasty things. Might you doing. Thank you doing in <hes> after the topic. I'll get eight hundred talking about. I don't trust them. That site watershed the happened. <hes> an esa timber vacuum it got his weight and stuck in years and years and years and years for this shit i don't i hate that boxes. It'd be like if if if you know what i'm saying is you know what i'm saying. I hate that shit gonna say d. h. And obey thanks for calling on an e black in texas good man <hes>. I want to talk about that south fault with rac staying <hes> see i. I like most black fighters. I grew up at southpaw. Once i went to the gym they turned me around. Show me that short instills shield and sword so pretty much easy work unless unless you have a arthur <hes> southpaw fighter who has a good right hook <hes>. It's really easy where you'd use that jab step to the left if they got a good left hand step to the right make him square up shoot that pipe. Hey i mean it's just like but it is experiencing. It is different styles but other than the right hook if they ain't got no right hook than you you you southpaws trash. Josh cutting walter guy spider boomerang j._d. Real quick <hes> i how do i do the amu purchased the film study of the ortiz's swath fight. Do you want justice for you. Okay okay cool cool. Can we get a phone up while the i mean not not wilder <hes> or not purchase white. Who wins. Can we came. We put a photo sure so mike anyhow ninety percent of the world. Thank people beat why mickey gain so you gross you white white their cousin suppose could it could it. I am new jersey. Mike match you so check this out white stu- offer stunning. I wanna start stunning knows there might so what can you can. Can you name one to two things that white possesses ortiz <hes> take <hes> his book is better than i think his reaches better. I mean it's not a when you're talking about retail either. It's a longer with shorts on. The matter of it being better but i need is longer reach. Here's the here's what we know. We know that ortiz amateur record is three times that of indie the releases we know more we each one knockouts. We know that his pro record holds more knockouts dylan white. We also know that in this pro record that luiz ortiz that's been dumped by the way better victories please. Let's see why the rich are not. I don't think i'll let you know but anybody come on call disrespect while there are team being bomb squad. I'm a student each yo ass ombudsman janos watch what he classic. I don't wanna pick york disrespect. I'm just white does seem seem a little longer his arms little in our they they hang a little little lower but same reach is. That looks like we got a new caller. No i'm fucking wrong about that. What's wrong with me all right g._t. Yes i i did eight yeah. This is really quick. Loud is done for the rematch or he's. He's pushing for the unification. Now hoping that read wins it ruins loses joshua's <hes> not gonna fight fight at all. I'm out kevin kogyo when okay we care new words. Campion wadded paper camp in his head of ten rounds at two so don't really matter what day does everyone knows very champ. He completely made him look like a fool with this wild sloppy when mill punches <hes> not only tell. Do you guys the paper champ. Karabelas is a chance my karavas the champ he made jamaal charles look like sloppy piece up and jesus cannella paper champ <hes> who else other out there have never say hey guys all bush and everybody when you guys go do interviews. You have a blessed day every box that you interview. Becomes rich has a needle and bliss mike and the nice thing. I miss beauty. Thank you for the kind words aaron california yeah yeah mike you're. You're wrong on a couple of things first of all. You're talking about a six month ban well. This is the second offense by second offense. That's and then the second thing is where is everyone wants us to make sure that he's guilty. That's going to change his perspective. As far as the water ortiz fight the first night was great and it's it's gonna be the best fight. Last thing is that's within the narrative eighty hernan u._k. Fans i mean unification unified fighters but everyone wants who they are gonna fight cooler and lucic people want eight-day wild and that's it so no other twisting the narrative. That's that's my call. When when has boxes showed you thank you a damn about about what you want. The business side always interrupts their the home. I ain't got to go to. I hate going to new york. I'm telling you right now. I hate going new york. Drought talk to me traffic killing we'd take care of business and all take care of their food and then whoever after that it'd be noticed one one fight all built in clear unified everybody the reason i don't get it. How how are we so close when we in the same position that we'd be in one guy got three built by guy went bill same position that we being people say we so close because they understand that ruis haymond so if he could win we could get it. That's how they look at it now. Get it. Get it because we know with w._b._z. Oh we'll see i mean you know money talks and according to p._b._c. They might still will do it right because what they do. They like ruis might dumped if he wins. Mike tell he might dump the w._b. Are it's grown briscoe that being said i'm your host. Mr gibbs formulas to grandma agnes g._t._o. I have post <hes> acts the onta- wilder questions questions in the comments section. I said that we're talking about wild. I meant to say i post it on page ads anthony anthony joshua questions so you can ask the chip or the former champ whatever you want and if i'm allowed the time to talk to him which i'm usually not. They keep me away from him. I will ask it's your question. I won't even ask minds. <hes> same goes for eddie <hes> andy and whoever else in the building i did it by any robe lifts known johnson rob mccracken of the the song guy with the long haired fluffy creighton looking here for my good friend manny as well. You're right about about that. I did so far. I did a._j. One for a._j. One for men one for andy one for one four a._j. Wanted of rob mccracken right yes so i'll do one for mccracken and one for us as well so if you guys wanna ask them questions you gotta do is head on over to our patriot and drop that question there. I'll do my best to try and get that answered for you. Remember your patronage goes to support both mike and doomsday so we can keep these two guys here full time with me. Do this daily seven fucking days a week right so yeah out cross lighten living algae. We grow two-three on twitter. If you wanna go to my page and support the calls <hes> gopher me trying to get a wheelchair accessible vehicle on saying i'm i i <hes> changed the it's an ago been talking to the people off of lining guessing things working out so <hes> yeah yeah yeah so hopefully for the same thing emmanuel catch me on i g alex underscored doomsday underscored l. i. n. ez on twitter oh as well alex linas t._b._b. Make sure to check out our paycheck on page. We are going to be more consistent on it. Gonna be some new things <hes> reaching out more to so more people hopefully and keeping our current supporters very happy. We appreciate you much me and mike and that's what we do live. This is how we get the get a cup of coffee in the morning so we appreciate all your support thank you. It's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind. It's pain and it's getting in between you and a life. You want to live cd medic targets. Your pain added source. It's fast acting relief with active o._t._c. The ingredients plus the added benefits of t._h._c. free hemp oil. Get back to your life with c._b._d. Medic available online and c._b._s. These statements have not been evaluated by the f._d._a. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. It's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind. It's pain and it's getting in between you and the life you want to live cd medic. Target your pain at its source. It's fast acting relief if with active o._t._c. ingredients plus the added benefits of t._h._c. free hemp oil. Get back to your life with c._b._d. Medic available online and at c._b._s. These statements have not been but evaluated by the f._d._a. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease.

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