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Good evening welcome in to your favorite hour of the week. It's arid great pride radio presented by billions west discount liquors Pete Sweeney. The editor. In chief era had pride hanging out with the lead film and draft breath analysts his name. Is Ken Swanson. Cristiano Sarah Helping US out behind. Glass WanNa get involved talking to the chiefs with us. Please do approaching house. He purpose text text line six nine three zero six contact us on twitter at six tends towards Casey or at Arrowhead Pride will be doing a live mail bag toward toward the end of the show. So get your questions in. We are coming off the chiefs best defensive performance in recent memory. Mary Forty two nine victory over the Oakland Raiders. I like to do this whenever we start this show because I think I'll game day. You have ron motion like you. Don't really know what no you go. You got to watch it you gotTA replay it. You gotta look at the plays that you like you gotta edits sink in what it is all mean so can't sure you've done that a number of times Bhai now what did you take. Away from cheese raiders. I don't think the raiders are as good as Derek Carr thinks thinks they are. Did you hear him today. Making excuses basically explaining away the portable performance of the raiders. I think the turnovers over my gosh like he was he was ridiculous I thought I thought defense played phenomenally. I really do. I'm very optimistic about this group. And obviously the raiders didn't do much but you know the two the two plays at the chiefs made With the interceptions big plays that. Were studying preparation right. I mean that was those. Were those those were intimidating. Those looks anticipating those plays. I thought this group played a really well rounded game. I think you've got to be very optimistic about the defense the offense we'll get there. There's a lot to impact with that group. I think there's there's a long way to go for this team. And they just. They're just not clicking on all cylinders right now. Yeah the interception by tire. Matthew was really great because it gave me the sense of that rookie. Marcus Peters eaters feeling that nose for the football then. I just don't recall recently with chiefs defensive backs and then for almost immediately you know twenty thirty minutes after whatever it was in real time. His protege Brian Thornhill with the pick six it it was a glimpse of the now and and for me the future and man. How long has it been since you've been excited about the defense? They didn't have very many bowl skills in the secondary Kandara last year. I think he kind of saw that and I mean just even turning and locating the football out of the Times was a challenge. Still a challenge for some of the players on this roster right. You're seeing some impact plays from. I'm the safety positions. The safety group is is excellent. You've got to be really optimistic about that group in particular so I think you know up the middle in the secondary you've got you feel feel really good about that group. I still think there's some questions about the corners but the good thing is though safeties in the ball skills and in the playmaking ability that they've put on tape for this entire season. I think helps that cornerback. A little bit grew a quarterback group a little bit and they can kind of protect those corners a little bit. So I think it's they needed. They needed to make some employees. They need this show and put that on tape And I think you know moving forward that's really gonNA help this group to with the secondary playing so well makes you think of the off season how we were nearly crying for a cornerback or safety. Still need a quarterback. I I know I understood quarterbacks I listen I before I understand. I'm just saying I look at this moment right here so now we're we're getting ready for Patriots Week. It's week thirteen going into the season. A lot of the assumption was Tom Brady. And the Patriots Offense Pat Mahomes and the chiefs offense. This is going to be an absolute shootout just like last year thirty points reached team in the AFC title game and here. We are weak thirteen. And we're in the twilight. I liked Tom Brady and the Patriots offense stinks. Since Patrick Mahomes has gotten back it really hasn't been what we expected coming into the year note. The Patriots have one of the better defenses in the league and one of the strengths of this. This current chiefs team has is is a cornerback and safety play. And that's the game we're entering and I am excited added about chiefs patriots. I I really have. But this is not what we asked for or thought we'd get. You can't predict football. You can't exports I think here's the thing the quarterback group. I think there's still some concerns about it but here's the thing. We are three quarters through the regular season. And it's it's like you keep thinking it's going to come back to bite him and it just hasn't so I mean you've gotta it's an admirable. I think it's a great job by Steve Spagnolo schematically radically. I think they've done a phenomenal job of playing team defense. And maybe helping those quarterbacks a little bit I think they've done a good job. Upfront affecting the quarterback enough off and I think the safeties has made made some really good plays on the football so you put out altogether and I mean they've really done a great job and playing this complementary every defense. They're protecting some of the guys that maybe You know maybe aren't aren't up to snuff necessarily but they're hiding them. Well I think that's that's that's something to be optimistic about moving forward and hopefully that can sustain through the playoffs win. The game changes a little bit and in the in the challenges. It is become a little bit more daunting. I think it's fun where the season stands. I love that the AFC west is over with four games to play. I love that the AFC he is wide open and anything can happen here. I I'd like the chiefs have one less loss and you could have gotten one of those games. Kazan you'd be a little bit more in the mix but few in four in a row. I think you've got a pretty good chance of at least playing yourself into a buy in. It starts with Sunday against the New England Patriots and I talked about this on the drive in Carrington kind of lead me into it to be fair and they need this game I think for their own self confidence. Because you're not gonNA have a chance to do that again against the bears the broncos in the charges. What is she should win all those games? This is a game that and the last one that is in question and so I think that's why it's so big so we're going to get into some chiefs news. We're going to welcome on Craig. Take a little bit later to talk about what he saw on film with defense. Kent a dove into Mahomes. So we're going to talk about that. Derek Nadi talked to us in in the locker room will of course go around the nation and will close this thing with the mail bag. But let's start with the chiefs news from today in the injury report again injuries with this team. We thought they were healthy. Not so fast. Four players did not practice to start Kansas City chiefs patriots. Atri it's week Clayborn Rashad Fenton two quarterbacks than two running backs Damian Williams and Daryl Williams they all did not practice but to me it's still oh bearing the lead for Frank Clark being limited another issue for Frank Clark and it's not the next this time it's the shoulder when you look at all these injuries can't how concerned are you. I mean I. I think you've got to be a little bit concerned about the cornerbacks potentially because I believe they only have three others on the roster The shod Berlin Kendall Fuller who is not looked good in was actually playing a little bit of safety last week and then drivers word so that's something that definitely concerned about. The running backs obviously brought Spencer wearing. I think we'll get into that in a little bit but Those are concerned. But I obviously Frank Clark if if the chiefs are going to do something against the New England the Patriots. I think you gotTa Have Frank Clark on the field. I think you know He. He has been able to impact plenty of games this year Especially recently I wasn't really able to affect it all that much. I think he had one big tackle for loss during that game last week. But if you're going to try to beat the Patriots in New England I think you need to have you know your highest paid defensive player on the field. I get the Patriots. Didn't look it against the Houston Texans. I'm in this mindset that the chiefs can't make a mistake. They need everything in their power to beat this Patriots Team Absolutely Ryan Clark Clark not to be healthy. I mean this guy who stood there in the locker room and said I can't perform if I'm not healthy and here we go again with this limited practice like if he can't be one hundred percent then he shouldn't go this weekend so remains to be seen. What happens with that the other news here? We mentioned the two running backs and Miss Practices. Start the week Damien Williams and Daryl Williams and so the chiefs bring back a familiar face in Spencer. Wear when you heard this news Kent. What'd you think Well I was a little bit worried about About the running back health. Obviously I mean that. Just Kinda indicates a Daryl Williams is probably GonNa miss some time and Damian probably. He's out to I I yeah on you. I was Kinda swimming honestly but you know we're Spencer. Where like I think the important thing for Spencer where and I am very relieved that he's here because one of the things that he is very very good at is pass protection and the chiefs? Need to protect Patrick mahomes today or on Sunday but just moving forward as well not as a steady presence a guy that they can entrust to to stay in protect the quarterback Darwin. It's up and down. It's pretty shaky. You can't just cut players like he does like that's basically the only thing he doesn't pass protection. Section is go at the knees lesean McCoy they've had issues with him already. This season about knowing the protections that's one of the reasons earlier in the season he kinda got in the Doghouse. How's little bit the dispute on the protections they need? They need this They needed Spencer where he's not dynamic potential really anymore but past protections are gonna be so important the last quarter of the regular season into the playoffs. I love our head pride polls. We get so many votes every time. Polled our audience earlier this week. More than three three thousand votes. Should Darwin Thomson beat this team starter. Sixty seven percent two thirds of chief's Fan already to give the starting running back position Darwin Thompson and I don't blame him. I think he looked the best as far as running backs go in a long time for the chiefs. I understand that is a raw reaction. I still still similar to the way I did on Sunday. But you can understand why the chiefs go inside Spencer. Where Andy Andy Redid? Make a point of it today to say he'll be involved won't be in starter. won't be starting snaps but he'll be involved on Sunday. Let's say for argument's sake. The chiefs have Napa Koi. Darwin Tom Spencer Ware Now wearing number thirty nine by the way and the sausage Anthony Sherman on Sunday. What do you think the carry split? Is there as far as carries her concerned concern. I think it's GonNa be Leshan mcquaid leading the way. Darwin Thomson in spells. I actually I think Anthony. Sherman will Out Carrie Spencer ware on Sunday. Well I don't know of and not even asking for bold predictions here. I know I. I don't know Spencer Spencer where he spencer where my out snap Sherman. Though I don't know how many carry Spencer where he's actually going to get. I think he'll be kind of utilized some some some you know third-down work. They want to keep the back in and stuff like that. So but I think Sean McCoy is GONNA wind up getting the majority of the load and good on Indie read. I guess for the load management thing because turns out they kind of needless Shawn McCoy. Now they kinda need him to kind of step in in a very hostile environment. I don't think you want Darwin Thomson Having to lead the way in such a Insane Sane Environment to start off his career with that. The ball is your baby. The ball is your baby. The baller baby. Don't drop the Football Sean. Hold it in and I'll feel a little bit better about it. I think there's a reason to put Darwin Thomson in the game and get him some more steps toward the ended the game I understand it was garbage time it was it felt like the chiefs needed yardage and for the first time they could get it while the opposing team knew exactly what they were doing like. When is the last time we felt that when Kareem Hunt was here? Okay I'm I'm as big of a Darwin Thomson Fan. I was early on Dr with Harrison with the with the K.. C. Draft Guide. We had high regards him. We liked him better than where he was drafted. We thought he was a better player within where he was taken. I'm a Darwin Thompson Fan. I just WanNa pump the brakes a little bit. It was it. The the game was out of hand. The raiders quit they. They ran the football. Well don't get me wrong. Darwin Thompson had some very splashy plays. Okay here's four yards a carry. Sure I just I don't I don't want to I understand and I'm just telling you don't be left at the station when the D train blows the final list. A lot of offensive talk to get into his defense. which was the star of the show on Sunday after the break? We'll talk defensive film analyst Craig Style. You're not going to miss it. It's Arrowhead Pride Radio Arrowhead. Oh had pride radio. Welcome back into Arrowhead Fried Radio Big night Wednesday of Patriots Week. Pete sweeny Chris who knows Sarah Kent Swanson. We're excited can you tell yet can hear it in your no. I'm I'm irrationally excited for this football game. Have to be the proven. Yeah I mean. It's the last big test for this football team and it's probably I mean let's be honest. Patrick Edging Mahomes didn't play against the Vikings of the packers so they really haven't had a big test like this since the Ravens and this is a road game in a long road test real excited with that in mind. Let's welcome on our defensive film analysts Craig Stout the best defensive performance in a while I want to open it up. What did you see just in general out there here on Sunday? Boy I really love with these did take away the horizontal passing game that the Oakland raiders brought to the table last weekend. They knew that their car was going to be a serious vertical threat to us a little bit more manage coverages from Cohn techniques to Kinda the help against them convince splits. It was just great. It was a great game plan by him. They didn't get much help from the pass. Rush the run defense was pretty poor and it didn't really matter honor because the game plan. What solid out his bag? Nola and Derek Carr just frankly wasn't very good despite what he said in his press coming. You got a good. Hi For this and one thing I remember during the training camp aspect of this Steve Spagnolo time. This is going to take the players years who've never played before playing with each other adapting to a new scheme. You're a guy who's focused on this since week one. What have you seen when it comes to the progress week? One week thirteen. Oh there's definitely been progress. It may not be in the run defense although it seems thanks guys understand generally where they're supposed to be there. Just maybe not winning their one on one battles or you know getting quickly enough to the gaps but especially on the back end weak one. They were still sorting out. The Communication Tire Matthew is playing a deep safety role and was trying to get those guys a little more organized organized on the back end. Now as he's kind of transition to this lot corner role for the chiefs after Kim Fuller's You know injury. It's turned turned into Tire Matthew direct traffic from the slot and it took him a little bit to even get that down this week. We got to see a lot more understanding standing on Thornhill Bruins able to talk to each other sort things out quickly and on thornhill interception. They did that and he was able to drive downhill on that play. It just seems like things are coming a little more second nature and you're seeing that on the back end guys are in the right. Spots guys are in positions. You're not seeing as many blow coverages but if they continue growing like this this is this is fantastic. We saw last year under Bob Sutton that they didn't really get it at. Aw throughout the entire season this year on a completely new defense these guys have picked it up really really quickly. It's great to see Craig. We are seventy I five percent done with the regular season. You and me Matt Matt Lane. We've all been talking about the need for the cornerback position but or twelve twelve games in. They haven't been burned massively. By the quarterbacks they gave up four catches for thirty eight yards last week at. How sustainable is this quarterback group and is it going to come back to bite? Yes probably GONNA come back to the point I. I don't think it'll happen throughout the rest of the season though honestly if you look at ah types of offenses that they're playing the Patriots the broncos although it remains to be seen what drew lock is going to be over the next couple of weeks but Mitchell trubisky Fifty Philip rivers. None of these quarterback are really going to test Berkeley the cornerbacks. It's Kinda get to fit on the shallow rap a little more that's that's their forte. We will see once we get to the play offs that they just see Lamar Jackson again. If they get to see Shawn Watson and the Houston Texans again a little. Is it more of a vertical threat. The last time the chief play the tech than they were a bunch of dropped balls away from that being an awful performance by the cornerback. So Woolsey if they've gotten together a little bit more that's really going to be. The True Test is how they perform in the playoffs. Because it's going to be a lot different than what they're seeing here in the year. Craig Stout Defensive Film analysts at Arrowhead Pride DOT COM has a new article up early this morning. Today you can find it on the website. You scroll down a little bit against the raiders. Chiefs made bad defense. Look or I'm sorry. Bad offense look worse. You mentioned Kendall Fuller in the article and he drew through a lot of attention because he was getting getting some different looks in his return to the lineup. What did you make of the way spagnolo utilized fuller this week? They really Kinda dues their safety a lot more for you know. And they quarter scheme where they had this safeties playing a lot. Closer to the line of scrimmage to help with run defense and the rob some of those intermediate routes like I said the vertical routes weren't necessarily as important to cover this week and win kindle fuller came into the game in Madine defense. That's when these numbers actually been bringing in his third corner. Not In the nickel usually goes three safeties is there. But the dime Defense Winn- they brought in kindle fuller kindle fuller played a lot of blet safety looks deep next along thornhill and a rep for sure of Kendall Fuller playing a single high safety with both thornhill and Matthew up in the box. It's it's just different. It's more things that he's put on tape. I'd be very curious to see if that sort of stuff continues because the chief think group is definitely their strength and so. I think that they're leaning on it a lot. More putting playmakers in good positions to disrupt the tiny disrupt the routes and. It's working WPRO far. Craig I'll get you out with this As you look toward Patriots Week what type of strategy do you envision. We'll do more of what you saw last week. Raiders or you think this is a whole new ballgame for the two. I do think that it's a little bit different of a ballgame. You can't count out now bill belichick and Tom Brady at any point. The executions going to be significantly better than we thought against the raiders. And I just think that James James White and Julian Edelman our worst matchup for Steve Than Darren Waller Josh Jacob that group of guys. It's good but it's not necessarily that's a -sarily the same sort of threat. That are I think they're gonNA put a safety on white all day long wall. They remains to be seen whether whether or not that safety blanket because they're also probably going to need a double element in the middle of the field. Really Lean on those cornerbacks to have to do their business out wide wide against some receivers. That maybe aren't the best in the league but can create a little bit at the catch. Boy It's Craig Stout you can catch his fine work at our head. BRIDES DOT COM against the raiders. Chiefs made a bad offense look whereas thanks correct all right. Let's turn the page now to What was Patrick? Mahomes this week You dove into this the offense as a whole even with the poison we now put and it's weird to say to get forty points. Right was not what we continue to expect from the chiefs offense when you watch the the film were some of the things you noticed or nine points defensively but I mean thirty one points. I still light right. I'm I'm stunned that this group was able to do that. I it it did. There's there's no rhythm right now for this offense. There is a lot of inconsistencies. The play calling does not look like we're used to seeing when it comes comes to this football team I think Patrick mahomes since he's got back. Looks a little bit skittish I really do. I think you know there's a little bit of a lack of a trust with the interior offensive line. There's there's a lot of little things that are going on with this protein offensively and it's contributing to a lack of rhythm a lack of I'm fluidity to this offense. And you're not seeing as many explosive plays. Because there's there's a lot of moving pieces parts here. Be You know the lack of continuity with all the injuries be it mahomes maybe a little bit timid in the pocket with the Interior offensive line. Not Trusting them You know be tyreek Hill not being able to use him as chesapeake shifts and motions because the hamstring. There's all these little things that are going on with this group. That if they get figured out they're going to be the same group. Were expecting waiting to see but I mean thirty one points. It's hard to be too negative about it but at the same time. That didn't look good. There's like they had like two hundred and fifty yards of offense. There's a lot to little things to be concerned earn. And they got a huge test this week the big test of the season. If they don't get it right it could. It could get ugly. I think one thing that was noticeable. Was You saw a few times where you're right right. Instead of stepping up in the pocket mahomes was choosing. It seemed almost to throw these. Kobe Bryant Kilby. Falling back passes and so it was worth asking mahomes. Is he feeling a little bit uncomfortable. Stepping up into the bucket. Yeah definitely fleet confident. I mean we've kind of gotten our whole along group back now and so I feel like I'm gotten better and better stepping up. I think as seasons go on Kind of mentioned during on the Bali I feel like there's sometimes I drift back and keep working on keeping hitching and hitching in the pocket. Whatever have a clean pocket so I can make those downfield seven's good answer slot confidence but he did say it is something they noticed but boy? Yeah but like. I don't think the tape necessarily matches that like I. I didn't see him stepping up in the pocket a lot. I didn't see him. You know hanging in there. I think he was early to exit the pocket several times this week So I mean I I. Obviously he's not gonNA put it off of line of glass even Never Ed. I don't WanNa get too far down the line of criticizing mahomes because his poorer performance armaments is still very very good. And he's one of the best. I think he's the best quarterback in the national football league but even kind of when you heard him talking about when he came back from his injuries talking about so How he's wearing a little bit of a knee brace mostly for his own confidence right? I wonder if there's just a little bit of of of often often lacking in you know the there has there has to be. He's a human like we forget right located his name right. There has to these some thought in his mind. This could happen. There's a lot of the injuries that he sustained in the re aggravations of his ankle. Camera being You know they've come from from pressure up front front. He's gotten his legs caught on his offense of Liming because they're getting walked back into him and all that stuff so I don't think I I don't think the statement today necessarily mashes everything we've seen on tape. The problem is the interior offensive. Line isn't playing good like it's not like he doesn't have any reason not to be nervous about them and they're they're going up against the team that is going to do everything they can to attack the interior offensive line with twists and stunts. Upfront Front. It's going to be aggressive in. Its they've gotta figure some things out this week. The defense needs to keep it up and the offense needs to clean it up and we'll see if that happens on Sunday against the New England patriots when we come back. We'll talk about Brendan Daily Week and Brady versus mahomes three. That's next on Arrowhead. Pride Radio Arrowhead Pride Radio so I gotta go. What did you make? Am I looking at the new starting point guard. I got cut all my friends. 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Splitter now only fifty nine ninety nine while supplies last gets in northern tool for gifts that keep on building northern tool and equipment quality tools for serious work Welcome back into Arrowhead. Pride radio presented by village. West discount liquors tall building up to chiefs and Patriots. This so this is the game. Can't win the schedule comes out. I mean everyone is circling this one. So the weakest finally here but there's one person in Kansas City who probably circled it in a highlighter in bold faced print in different colors maybe a rainbow and it's a man named Brendan Daily. Oh you don't remember me. Refresh Brendan Daly was a defensive assistant for the Patriots in twenty fourteen then the Patriots Defensive Line coach from two thousand fifteen to two thousand eighteen this past year when the Patriots Defensive Coordinator Role opened up Florida. Miami Bell check originally went Graciano So daily whose his wife happens to have roots in Kansas City left For Steve Spagnolo and the chiefs szanto eventually resigned and some thought maybe bell check would did reach back out to daily and say. I'm be my defensive coordinator. Didn't didn't wind up happening. And so you had a situation where daily daily just as now continued to be what is called the run game coordinator which I usually just a title and Defensive Line Coach for the Kansas City chiefs so today in the locker occur. We asked Derek Naughty about what has become Renton daily. This is what I'll think about this Monday morning. I woke awesome. Is this game this week. Are you walked in say. Let's let's who knows backstory. I'll they could you tell us every week so I feel you really WanNa tell him knowing the atmosphere inside and now he knows he has good detail do. Here's a good idea what to expect from offices opposite side and no one being around often live for a long time you know the take so he knows some things that obviously we don't know being around those I feel like this week is a great week feeling amongst our ozzy. I wanted to win win but at the same time in their buy in in that room is is our segment so we were really trying to fight for each other. We'll win for each other. He's part of the room. He's probably win. If I'm understanding this correctly reckless Brennan daily as walked in every week and asked the line as a joke. It sounds like do you. Guys want to know the backstory of the New England patriots. So if you don't think he's not thinking about at this game this is going to be one that he's GonNa WanNa get and good luck. Tom Brady well especially if he got turned down for. Potentially a Aja promotion there. I'm sure Brindell is GONNA WANNA show them what's up and grand in daily. I mean you know. We're talking about chiefs defensive coaches so not everyone is familiar with all the is under spags. But he's an intense yet human being I mean he looks like a man that wants to eat you. And here's a quote. I pulled this quote from Steve Spagnolo Solo from back in May when the staff was coming together the year was coming together. Brennan went up there and learn from one of the best if not the best coach in football coach. Spell checks said SPAGNOLO. He's brought a lot of that here. I pick his brain. You know what would have done here. So it's nice to have a good resource to go to so really fun. Storyline underlying all the players. And radium home so yeah no no doubt about it. And I'm kind of curious to see how valuable some of that information mation winds up being to this football team. I think one of the things I was curious about curious about when he first got here in during the offseason during the summer is you know not just on the gnarliest on the you know the defensive side of things but like I'm curious if him and Patrick mahomes sat down or him in Patch Adams andrine say. Hey look this is what we wanted to do against you that these are the things that we saw from you that we were going to try to take away. These are the pressure looks that we thought we could get you on. These are the the things that were worried about so I just wonder if some of that stuff in some of those things that they can lean on from him in this situation actually wind up helping them today and and in maybe even in January if they have to play again so that is interesting to me. What's fun is I believe? We're getting brandon. Daily Tamar Thursday we will get get daily and a couple of assistant coaches so look for that on Arrowhead Pride Dot com some other news along the defensive line and we missed this because we're beginning the show but the chiefs have designated Xavier Williams to return potentially. That's Kinda surprising. I personally thought that he was one of the players players that was done for the season. Yeah I mean I it might just be partially that. They don't really have a ton of people that they feel. Great about bringing back either like I. I don't think this moves the needle for either. Maybe what you're saying 'cause now so if he starts practicing the chiefs have three week activate them or season right and I don't know how many other sounds like Emanuel business is not coming back and a lot of the guys outside of him or guys that were put on the I. R. Before the season started so I mean he he he there's no point not bringing him back at this point point potentially what you got and see what you got for three weeks. See what's going on. He's an experienced guy. He's been part of the system for a long time. And you never know like that's the so. You don't know what's going to happen in the next two or three weeks. If one of their other another lineman goes down. You've seen how these teams had to kind of piecemeal things together along the interior anyway. So there you have it. That's our defensive line talk I just want to get into quickly mahomes versus Brady three. This is something we've been waiting for for a long time. One of the questions I had ad for Patrick mahomes today was Brady's not playing the bass. He's what forty three forty four years old. Now this could be the last chance that you have to go against him is that may be motivating motivating you could be mahomes. Brady Brady three your last shot. I mean I've known for a while that it's not going to be the last year anytime soon. I mean he's still playing at a high level and the I mean unless he just doesn't WanNa play which I don't see I expect to see him for a at least a couple more years. I mean whenever you play play guy like this who won all these championships. You want to go out there and give your best effort of obviously and you want to try to find a way to win but at the same time Thomas of team. It's a team game and we're GONNA go out there and they're trying to do whatever we can to come out with a win. Can't we'll dig deeper into this. The Arrowhead Pride Tailgate one twenty five on Sunday two hours before the game right here here in six tenths sports radio but as we look at this matchup from Wednesday four. What do you expect? I think I think Tom Brady is going to bounce back. Pretty good here I really you do and I think this is a good week for him because I think that she's will struggle to deal with James White and deal with. Julian Edelman his to bed most reliable target so. I think this is a get right game for Tom. Brady I like hell. I like how you know pads just like he's never going to die. It kind of felt like that just kind of ended the back of his mind. He knows like Toms GonNA blatantly. Sixty mahomes is a big challenge for him He kind of talked a little bit today about kind of trying to manage. The you know the excitement. The energy All that kind of stuff. Because he's a little bit excitable the first couple of times and maybe Kinda felt pressure. A little bit but I think I think the Patriots are going to bring Adam and I think they're going to challenge the interior of that offensive line. He better be ready if he if he was skipping. The pocket last week is not going to work this week. Buddy I think I look at this matchup and if you can I take your chiefs phantom out of it and even if you're a patriots fan you're patriots fan mounted it. These are just to uber competitive guys who right now for the past week or so. So with Lamar Jackson and Pat Mahomes and Tom Brady struggling a little bit have been doubted. I could see them both coming into this game. And saying you forget about us Let's have a shootout on national television almost national television because of the late game that CBS protected but still everyone's is like last week with forty niners. Ravens will be on this football game. So here's what's happening COMING UP NEXT WE'RE GONNA do the around the nation and after that we'll do a live mailbag. We'll see where Kenton I will take. Your comments comments your questions if you want to. One protein house eat with the purpose text. Line six nine three zero six or tweet us at Arrowhead pride but before but I like. I said we'll go around the nation that's next on Arrowhead. Pride Radio Arrowhead Pride Radio. I found him. It's rant our friend ranches here. I don't think it counts ten and two on the year for the Patriots. Their two losses are against deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson so they need mouse to complete the trio mahomes will be aided by the defense is playing. Well here's NFL networks. Charley casserly on the chiefs defense. Hey here's what they have. They've got a chance because you don't have to shut people out. If they hold people at Twenty points probably win every game but but hey here's where they've gotten better communication Steve. SPAG knowle's does defense is built on pressure packages but it's also built on the communication to make sure people are covered up so they've gotten better in that area they've gotten more healthier the defensive line now they've got Frank Clark back now. They have Chris Jones now. They have Alex before back. That's to their best players and they've got them together gather and they didn't have them before. Charlie feels good about the chiefs defense. I mean I feel better about that. She's I don't know if I feel good yet. I mean we'll see I I. There's a lot to be excited about this. This group like this is a really bad match for the chiefs defense just flat out. Even though the Patriots haven't been playing well James White and Julian Edelman can wreck this football team. Well even in last week's game even though the defense played really well. Josh Jacobs still had his numbers. I mean he's still over a hundred hundred yards. Of course James White is completely different. I mean it's a passing threat more show James Wise. The guy you worried about out of the backfield your in about one of the linebackers having to cover hover James White run on route out of the backfield. The Patriots are one of the worst rushing football teams in the national football league. So even the inept At times times rush defense of the of the chiefs may not matter all that much because this team's not real good at running the football either You know even like the I just don't want to get to beat up about the defense because the choose just one forty nine. They dominated that football. Game and the raiders ran the football. Like wh the. What's the big deal? Can I tell you something I asked. It's Wednesday. I'm only imagine my energy when twenty-five Sunday the Arrowhead Pride Tailgate as driven by aristocrat motors. I'm excited for it. So we'll be back with them but before we close up shop it's time for the. AP Live Mail bag. How much sure of a swing do you think the spread will go up and down from plus three for the chiefs? I don't think it's GonNa Change all that much. I think it's going to stay pretty steady And I think the chiefs will be underdogs bold prediction chiefs win thirty one. Seventeen with a pick six by Charteris war that would be kind of poetic since he had an interception taken away from him in the AFC championship. It gave thanks to Ford even though we couldn't beat Tennessee on the road. Do you think we can beat New England on the road. Yeah they can beat New England on the road they should have beat the titans. Titans Bhai thirty points so yes they can do it and they gotta play their best football and I hope they titans was anything that can go wrong. We'll go at the in our friend Nick. Envy panel will steal Brady sold this weekend. He's GonNa come screaming through the PAT. So line like grease lightning. The dude is is a cheap code. The dude is a game-breaker Tony Michelle James White Straight. GonNa either pants. When they see his game and the panel come I think this is a Mike? Pinault L.. Revenge game to this is former new. England Patriot might panel. I got released this year by them. So I mean don't sleep on the on the Mike Panel Revenge Game Hear Me Out McColl Hartman will explode in the playoffs. When everyone is getting double team they will leave single coverage on mahomes? I'm sorry McColl is my theory crazy. I just feel like he's been underutilized. I'm waiting for the next time. Call Hartman does good against press coverage will be the first time. So let's just see if he can go. If you can get uncovered this week. This is a big test for him against a tough physical man coverage if he can get free from that yeah he could be an explosive awesome player in really scare. Some defense is a new dimension loves the nickname jet right now. He's a little bit more inspector gadget when you say absolutely and that's a really good transition. Their cook go vertical threat down the field in place. Behind the line of scrimmage. That's what he's good at right. Now as Stacee says why have the chiefs play calls been so blandly I I think it's a little bit of everything I think they were a little bit Timid to try to do too much in establish ticket with the field. I think they're trying to keep you know tyreek hill fresh but some of the shifts chiefs emotions because he's a guy that they move around a lot and they have a lot of success with him around I don't think Andy's been on his game. I I kind of wonder if some of that is maybe a little bit of timidity from the homes the cast should I care about Xavier Williams possible return at the answers now era to kind of answered that what can mahomes due to get back to envy Deepak for him I think if he just gets a little bit more of a rhythm a little bit more confidence in what. He's seeing front little bit more trust in his offensive line. Things are going to be turned around really quickly. They're going to be just fine. Andy Indy will help them eventually. Here's from captain. Corbin Richard The ten yard. Lob Pass to Travis Kelsey was terrible throw the ten yard lob pass was one. I don't know as you think of the Sammy. Watkins Pass where he can't be talking about the one where he was fallen back and hit him right in the middle of the field. Oh maybe maybe that was. Is it as a fine play. That was that was a calculated risk. Mahomes is capable of executing it and most other quarterbacks in the world cares a good question that I like is signing Spencer. This or we're just going to be. Cj Speller two point zero. He just keeps getting put on that you know. I wouldn't be surprised if it's kind of like hey spencer come here to help us in pass protection for for a couple of weeks. But if Spencer where proves himself capable in pass protection they are going to be just fine and he'll he'll have a job for the remainder of the season. These show the whole playbook this weekend in New England or you just take a road lawson save for the playoffs. This was something I asked Andy Reid and he basically was like. There's enough variety to try to win this football game. I do think you save. Probably some of your best stuff if the Games in hand their pace Jason themselves they're gonNa hold some stuff back during the postseason or during the regular season but they'll they'll they'll do enough and they'll have enough creativity out there that you know they'll they'll be fine. They'll we'll be able to do it. Ban asked the DT gets up from the NFL. One hundred list absolutely yeah. That's that's ridiculous. Now that's ridiculous and I agree an egregious mistake by the NFL. I'm a little salted about that. One on bureau the more questions about Xavier Williams very quickly as we close down the show Dusty like it's coming up next how much Williams helped the run defense. If he returns I mean he he's not been like an overly impressive players two years here he knows the system. I think that's valuable so if something happens they need they need some. You'll depth. He'll he'll be there. Don Julio asked when's anti-gay released plays he's been holding. I'm ready for the PAT lane. Where's the index of Pat Pat? Plagues haven't seen him yet. Want to want to thank Chris Out For joining US Chris Bruno. Sarah always does a good job. She and Patriots Week. We'll have you covered at arrowhead. Pride Dot Com all week again. The Arrowhead Pride Tailgate starts at one twenty five on Sunday dusty lichens coming up filling in for pink. He's up next against once an Pete. Sweeney we thank you very much for listening to Arrowhead Pride Radio.

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