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Hello. And welcome back to English with Cullen. How is the weather where you are today? Is it warm or is it cold? In this. Listen, imagine, it's a school break urine ustralia and you want to visit another city. Which city is at the top of your list. Sydney. Melbourne. Purse brisbane. Adelaide? Already is it another city. Imagine you're in Sydney. And you want to hang out at the beach. Which the following is the most famous beach incid knee. Broad beach sin killed a beach bonded bake. Marimba beach. Please. Don't forget to download this. Listen onto your phone. So you can listen to it again. And soon I'll give you a link inside the lesson in listen coming up way, you can send me your onces and tell me what is the most famous speech in Sydney, and in the strata, and you can share with me which city you would like to visit the most cheese.

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