Hour 1: Saints fans will never forgive Goodell


Save spans are waiting. Saints. Players are waiting and Avello fans are waiting navy. The whole world is waiting for Roger Goodell to speak. The question is why it Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio the ESPN app series XM channel eighty Jason Fitz. Sarahspain Sarah, you have had a marathon day. And that only means because you've been everywhere. Like, you're already everywhere you already like the star in on like fifty thousand different shows. But today fifty thousand different shows hits you at once. So I am going to be the bundle of lightning enter DEM lightning in a bottle bring energy. I bring the brain farts that hopefully result in humorous mistakes. And not things that'll get me fired. You are I'm going to be lightning in a bottle, and you are going to you're going to you're going to bring back some reality because I'm gonna need it. All right. Okay. I promise for that. But also I would like everybody to have a close finger on the dump button. Okay. Perfect. When my brain is this tired, you never know you never know what's going to happen. Well, here's the thing. We do know unlike Roger. You're going to speak for the next thing. And then do my best at least. So this is what really hit me as I was hearing people today talk about Roger Goodell. And and as I read articles today about the fan base for the saints and Benjamin Watson saints player, obviously going to Twitter, and and making his plea of anyone in see it the quote Commissioner Goodell, we all realize that football is an imperfect game played coached and officiated by 'perfect people. What occurred last Sunday in New Orleans, though was outside of that expected and accepted. Norm. You can do your continued. Silence on this matter is unbecoming of the position you hold detrimental to the integrity of the game and disrespectful and dismissive to football fans everywhere from the locker room to Park Avenue accountability is what makes our Li great lead. By example. We are waiting. Why? Now, I mean that that's my first. I mean, there's no proof of concept here that Roger Goodell ever feels compelled to step up and stand up and speak out. I will go back to probably the biggest controversy. She around the NFL for the last several years, or at least one of there's been several was Ray rice. And let's remember that after the Ray rice video surface. It's Roger Goodell nine days to talk to anybody. Roger Goodell is not a man that comes out and speaks to anybody it because anybody compels him, Sarah. So I'm looking at this thing. What's gonna do? Come out and say, yeah, we blew it. What what why is there a benefit to him to do that? Why would that even be on his mind right now, it's a huge benefit? And here's why it's Friday after the game was played. We've had Monday Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday Friday already to talk about this and to put it to bed, and there are a couple of things that him talking about it would put to bed number one the conversations and the lawsuits surrounding the belief that there was some sort of article within the NFL rules that would allow the team to ask him to step in and replay the final minute forty nine you come out right away. And you say a hem there's an article right before that one that says I can't do this when it's related to an official call. So you put. Rest conversations that people are having all over television and radio about him being able to step in and do something about this. We already know that they admitted wrongdoing because our river on called Sean Payton moments after the game ended to say, so, but that's second hand of Sean Payton telling us that they admitted fault is not the same as coming out. In owning it he comes out and says this was a grave error. We regret it. There's plenty of human error in our game. But we won't we don't want it to be something. Agreed just like this with a Super Bowl berth on the line. We're going to do our best to make sure this doesn't happen again, which includes potential issues with the referees that were involved in this looking into the possibility of reviewing this, etc. Right. So he delineates all the ways in which they're going to react to this air and prevent it from happening in the future. It doesn't change who goes to the Super Bowl. It doesn't make saints fans feel less frustrated. But what it does do is it nipsy conversations in the bud before it ends up being something that he does at the state of the union as a reactive measure because enough people have dragged it out of him or because someone asked him a question there. Versus what it should be? Which is a proactive measure to say, we don't want you to doubt this game and our referees. And so we're going to come out and say something happened that was wrong, and we're going to do our best to fix it. But what if he doesn't have any of the solutions because Roger Goodell himself can't make the solutions? The owners have to decide on what the solutions are because then he says they're discussing it, which is all that matters. Right is not to say, we're going to bury your head in the sand and say, well, it happens to say we're going to talk to the referees about accountability. And we're going to potentially look into rule changes. That's not to say they're going to happen. We're going to have a discussion about it. So that we can appease people who are saying, this is something that should be reviewed in my mind. If he comes out and says, you know, what we're going to look at things and try and get this better next time all that's going to do is create another fervor of conversation and on having it anyway. Yeah. But but at this point why why fuel that conversation when nothing's going to stop it from becoming part of the conversation at the state of the union address. He does next week 'cause you nip it in the bud, and you get people talking about the two teams that are actually in the game. Yeah. What I'm saying? In doing all week because we've been focused on the many different ways that people are trying to relitigate the end of this game. Whether it's through actual litigation or through please via social media through letters like Watson's to me the way that you take control of a situation is for you to actually speak on it and to control the narrative in a way that makes sense even while acknowledging that you're wrong, people respect acknowledging mistakes more than they respect running and hiding from them. I don't disagree with that sentiment. My problem with the concept of him coming out and speaking is that without any answers. I do believe that that's only gonna make him look ill prepared to do his job. It's only gonna create more questions for the owners because if he does come in and say, we're going to have a conversation about this. And we're gonna have a conversation about that. Now, every owner is going to have to be answering those questions how he's going to have to be answering those questions there's none of he says right now, there's nothing for us to talk about right now because this is in the early stages, but we want to keep you guys aware and be transparent about I mean, look. The only thing that's come from the league on this is a second hand account from Sean Payton, and now the fact that Nickell Robey Coleman has been has been fined for helmet-to-helmet on the very play that there was no call on on the field. So this is the worst possible scenario that you've not heard a peep yet from Roger Goodell or anyone at the NFL other than to slink out and say, not only did it not get called for PI put it was also helmet-to-helmet joint. See you guys later, but that happens every week, and we don't we don't ask questions about it. Guys, give fine for things that were not on these this game changing place to get to the Super Bowl. Of course, not a game changing place to to get to the Super Bowl, but he didn't speak after the fail. Mary. I mean like, and again that that impacted playoff seeding. So he's never spoken in the past on this. And even if he speaks now the follow up questions he has no answers for. So he can't there. I don't think there's anything he can do that will change or control the narrative, I agree with you in some instances coming out and being transparent about your process fixes or at least. Controls the conversation. I don't think that's the case because he won't have answers to any of the follow up questions. And until those agree on that. Because I don't think he needs answers right now people aren't asking for a definitive solution yet, they're saying we don't wanna be in this position again where we're not even asking the questions, and we're not even responding with accountability by saying, yeah, we should fix this. We should look into this. At least we don't need answers and solutions right now, we need them to be able to honestly inaccurately admit this, isn't it? We're going to figure something out. And I totally disagree. I mean, I think that if he comes out and speaks today and says, hey, we screwed this up. We blew the entire thing. It's only gonna make it louder for the lawsuits that are saying, hey, can't get any louder in my opinion. You I mean, you you really wanna fuel a court system with a why not go play the last minute forty-nine the commitment to the suing is about his ability to step in and do something. And there's no real claims there. Oh, that's a completely lawsuit. That's nothing's going to happen because of that. And you don't think a lawyer then stands on a pulpit and says the Commissioner just admitted this agreed. Error. It must be fixed. I mean that lawyer that that that part of it's only going to get louder and louder to me. Like, I I understand what you're saying that we're not suit is not about whether an official missed a call the difference. The answer is if you come out, and you speak specifically to the fact, hey, listen Goodell's not allowed to step in. This is not an emergency. This is about an era. We're going to try to make sure our referees. And our officials are doing the best job. They can't. And maybe this is something you review, that's very different than fueling lawsuit. The lawsuit is not about go back and litigated game because of official missed a call. That was based on the idea that he would be allowed to within the rules of the game. Go back and replay it which he's not it's already a lawsuit of no substance, and he continues. So to me giving it any additional information. That's that's just one part of it. The last of my worries fan base, I'm orientalist lawsuit. I mean, it's coming out and saying we're going to take control this narrative instead of letting it run away because we haven't spoken in my mind, anything he says is only gonna make the narrative that he should find a way to go back and fix it. Loud. Her and louder there's nothing he can do that will take it off the plate at the league the league meeting next week when he does his state of the union address if he came out today or if he doesn't come out today. He's still going to get peppered with the same hundred questions on it. So why give any sort of fuel to two extra days of any of it? That's that's my thought we'll see you guys can chime in on the one eight hundred flowers dot com Twitter feed at sarahspain that Jason Fitz at Spain fits ESPN radio presented by progressive insurance. We'll continue to break it out down through the course of the night. But straight ahead. We'll head to New Orleans a player sent a message to Roger Goodell. How does the team move on? We'll find out next pain and Fitz on ESPN radio. We're going to head to the shell Pennzoil performance line. We're Mike Attilio joins us from saints report dot com. You can hear them on WWL radio. Mike, we're having a discussion tonight on Roger Goodell. And the fact that he hasn't spoken. So I would ask you if somebody that's in the heart of of the saints fan of in the heart of that that fan base if Roger Goodell comes out and speaks what does that fan base really expect to get at? Well, listen, they won't they've never forgiven him for bountygate. So now, you know, it's almost like playing blackjack with somebody, and they slip you to tens and he slipped the one car on you. He slipped as down. They're gonna hate him until he leaves the commissionership. And that's one thing people down here on the buy a saints fan and everything else they gonna take this with them till they're dying breath that that they would have hoped that. He would have come out and said something at this point in time. It goes to show his lack of leadership and one thing. I was correct on. I knew when I left that Superdome that day that this is basically what was going to end it that you know, he wasn't gonna say anything until his state of the union football address at the Super Bowl. And so so far I've been right about that part. But he's the most hated man. It is not even close down here. Not just about the missed call. But also, you gotta remember you peel back of years about what I think everybody here perceives as a trumped up charge against the saints on bountygate. I'm of the opinion that he would save himself. A lot of trouble. He had already spoken about this. Because now I agree on Friday, and his only hope left is that no one will wanna talk about it next week because they'll find only wanna talk about the two teams that are actually playing in the Super Bowl. Do do. You think it matters to saints fans or really to anybody watching if it ends up being in the state of the union because of a question that he's asked therefore being reactive instead of proactive in terms of addressing it. I think the saints fan now they could care less. You know, it is what it is. And I think the reality has finally sit sat in on saints fans that you know, it ended Sunday, but you know, in doing sports talk, you know, as you guys do with. Sorta vent pipe fourth. And it's it's unbelievable to hear it. And and at highest level of disdain for Roger Goodell who didn't have anything to do with the play. That's the thing. You know? It's not so much about the officiating. It's it turns very quickly toward Goodell. And again a lot of that has to do with with past issues on this team. But again, if you followed this league is thirty four years from me covering it. He's never come out and made any quick statement about anything that's happened in the league. He's the keeper of the NFL volt that that's his job to make sure thirty two owners are getting their money for league matters and things of this sort it takes them forever to come out with a statement and one thing in we've had the really good fortune of having been watching on our program numerous times, and Ben is such a great guy and one of the things him doing a little bit about my background me. Knowing him is he's always said this, you know, let's do the right thing. Because don't what we try. To do as parents or as grandparents to teach our kids to do the right thing and to be stand up people. And when we make a mistake to admit it 'cause that's part of leadership that that, you know, that makes you a leader for you to say, you know, what I take blame for this. It's my fault. I take blame for it. And yet, I think here you have a Commissioner who says nothing in essence, he doesn't wanna take blame for anything at any level. As far as the NFL is concerned. But bins absolutely right in his comments about the fact that this is part of you being a leader. And isn't this what we strive to do with our children or grandchildren to to have them be stand up people, and this is the role model come on. So he should have done that the Monday come out make that statement publicly. And I wouldn't have finished it for saints fans because they'll never get over it not until their dying day. They will never get over this. But at least that would have been something that he would have handled before him having to address those questions next week. I'm sure you'll be peppered about it. Does thing too is if you think they bring out all these old sages that have covered the league fall? These years about how this will dramatically change, the NFL NFL and dramatically change in for this. We've already heard from John Elway from Stephen Jones from Mitch rich McKay. Head of the competition committee, saying, you know, basically, you know, it was a mistake on referees sport that you know, they like instant replay the way they have it and they don't wanna lengthen the game. So if you think anything dramatically will change because it is not gonna happen. We're talking to Mike to tell ya on the shell Pennzoil performance line up. Now, he has five rightfully so. I think we expected that. That's why we call them. You get a follow him on Twitter at Mike deteriora-. So I I want to go back to what you're saying. Because if Roger comes out on Monday the day after the game and says, all right? You know, what we blew it? But we're not going to replay the end of the game. The game is with the game is is is this roar really over at this point. Nobody down here me. I it wouldn't have it wouldn't have settled that part. But I think what it would have shown at least he's sort of is is reaching out and saying, hey, it was a mistake we admit it. And that's that. And we just have accept accepted. It's human error is like a guy throwing a miss passed. A fumble an interception a penalty on you know, play. Like we saw in Kansas City. You know, d Ford lines up offsides on a play and how crucial that was to admit that you made a mistake here. Again. This is part of you being a leader. And I think people down here would've accepted that part, but they would never forgive the play. But I think the furrow as the week has grown on has turned away from officiating and turn more towards the Commissioner for not addressing this at all. And he can call the the head coach and he can call MRs Benson. But that's not really addressing the NFL nation that really should have been addressed on this the Monday right afterwards. Because that's what a leader does. In essence, he has shown in the past. He kinda tipped his hand. I knew it right off the bat. He was never going to do that. That's not what he's done in the past. And that's not what he's going to do in the future. He Mike here in Chicago. I'm actually not in Chicago right now. But my hometown of Chicago, we reacted to Cody Parke's rice, the double d link with a little Cody parkey challenge that a beer company through on. I did see some saints fans. Bought some billboards in Atlanta, and I'm wondering if there was anything else going on around New Orleans that. You know, was kind of a reaction to this any contests then he'd drink deals anything else like that. So I want to be in the billboard business anything that happens negative down here man, people by billboards all if it's in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Atlanta, you name it. I want to be in that business 'cause I'm gonna tell you one thing we make a heck of a lot of money doing that one of the things that has spurred on 'cause I've talked to a number of people involved with different Mardi Gra Cruz that you will see the outrage camonte grow time as they are fixing floats, and that sense to try to you know, just trying to human things and the one thing about down here is they never forget. But they sort of sort of move on because that's another party down the road. And I think it'll be heavily themed Tamada grow on referees. And Roger Goodell that moment changed mardi gras twenty nineteen for everyone. And I've talked to enough crew members at tell me man, we had floats arranged one way we redoing it now. So that's probably the biggest thing you'll see so far they've talked about boycotting not watching the game. But you know, my thing is this is a heavy football area. This, you know, Super Bowl is sort of our national sports holiday, and for a lot of people that say, I'm not gonna watch it come on. They're gonna turn that game on they're gonna watch that football game. So, but I do think it it will affect more to grow more than anything. But I wanna be in that billboard business. I tell you that. Well, I can tell you guys one thing if you want to see the floats follow him on Twitter at Meiktila, Mike. We appreciate your time. As always we're here for you. When you need a hug, my friend. Thanks. Thanks for joining us. I appreciate it guys. You'll take care. Thank you so much conversation about Cam and Andrew luck. And the comparisons. Obviously is you just heard he's had surgery on his shoulder. And what that means first recovery. We'll get into that in just a minute. Spain Vince on ESPN radio the ESPN app. Siriusxm channel eighty Sarah. Spain Jason Fitz presented by progressive insurance. Comparing rates to help you save call or click today and find out how much progressive could save you before we get to the important news of Cam, Sarah. You know, my Finnity for mascots. I I have a love like I kind of think rethinking some things in life share it kinda wondering if I should go like there's a few minor league teams here. Maybe I could try out somewhere get a little side hustle going as a mascot. I'm obsessed with a Netflix series. Go behind the mask that followed a a UNLV guy for that was like going into year seven UNLV had a hard time getting his degree. He was a little focused on the mascot. I love the art form. So we got a little taste of the art form when it hits the form of I don't know like real NFL players at the Pro Bowl skills challenge. We told everybody yet yesterday to watch. I just didn't know it was also going to be because Jamal Adams was going to take out the patriots mascot. If you haven't seen the video, it's pretty awesome. It's it's obviously set up like he's joking with them. I can attest to having been like the the scrawny non athletic dude that was joked around with with the outlet guy in somehow went flying to the ground. That's what it felt like to me when I watched it here. But it was still awesome to see mascot, just go flying. Yes. So I'll say this much. I thought this was staged. Okay. So because ESPN posted something Tamala Adams in front of the camera, and he says to the camera there's other players around him. But he turns and looks the cameras says man, this patriots mascot, people been booing them all day everyone sick of him. I'm gonna take care of that. And then it says two hours later, and you see them signing fans stuff. He turned spots the mascot lays him out. But in a way that to me almost looked like they'd planned it, right? So then when I start hearing that the guy actually had to receive medical treatment didn't have to go to the hospital that wasn't erroneous report, but did have to receive medical treatment and then saw Jamal Adams in an interview with Diana Rossini, basically make fun of the idea that he would apologize. I thought to myself this is all still staged right? I have been assured that. It is not. So with that in mind, I will say that it's funny as this is they might need to give a little PSA about our mascot, friends based on my experience with mascots, which is not very big. But you know, a couple they are not usually large people in there. Most of these mascots when they include their giant head are still shorter than me and their eyes are usually coming out the chest or the next somewhere. Not where the head is. Right. So you might think that they are some sort of infallible or strong thing because the outfit that they have on the costume. But it's usually like a five foot four buck twenty-five dude in there, and sometimes very gymnastically talented athletic but small right? So like, maybe consider that when you're a giant NFL player who wants to make people laugh by laying out that is a heck of a you're right. That's making the world a better place. But it was still kind of funny. I I wondered and we haven't seen these injury. I'm hoping it's not. Not serious. And I did all joking aside. Like, I do wonder there times where I joked yesterday. You know, my goal junior came flying up the stairs and slapped me for a bit. We were doing. I just started to bleed everywhere. Well, Mike hand, I'm still confused at how you bleed from a slap. He had like a late hit me hard enough that it cut like you cut my lip against my teeth. So yeah. But there's also this note when you think about size matters onto stuff like Mike's hand that a lot Mike's hand is as big as my face. So when he comes to slap me like us covering a lot. I got tiny hands. If I go to slap, Mike, I'm like, I'm scratching his chin, right? Usually like is just a big do a big light on a little dude as this is not gonna work out. Well, right. And even if he is, you know, slightly protected a little bit by the costume. I have to say, you know, it's funny until you're like that would stink to get laid out by in Pro Bowl or. Yeah. No doubt. I do want to give shout out to Kevin Vander coke. I don't know how to say his last name, but it sticks out my mind behind the mask, the the mascot TV show. I think it was on Hulu. He was Bengal the book. I don't know if he's still is but back, then he was Bengal the buck man that guy was I one of those aerial people that can do all the jumps in twirls and twists and everything super epic, dude. But even as I think about it now when you mention it super tiny super tiny Jamal Adams, not super tiny. So we've learned something here. I wonder to patriots. Good eight is does he get a shot back Jamal? Does he get to like retaliate? You think he wants to you think he thinks that's going to go. Well, no. But I just kind of wanted that that. In my merica. We do have some Cam Newton news and insight to get into. We'll get into that. In just a couple of minutes. We'll get to some of the breaking news on what's going on with Cam. Also, there's a breaking news in the world of tennis. And it's important for the conversation that we wanna be having for the future at tennis. We'll tell you about it. Next pain and Fitz on ESPN radio. Sarahspain Jason Fitz. Cam Newton as put the organization the Panthers in a bit of a pickle. It's of gherkins. It's a tiny pickle. Then is it a small small situation here? I know that shoulder surgery. It's funny. Because if if you were listening earlier, you're at some of the great minds talking about, hey, a shoulder surgery for Cam Newton for anyone that hasn't heard. It's a second shoulder surgery on his throwing arm and you hear this. Well, it could be three months. It could be six months it could be longer. But but don't worry about it. They can just look at Andrew lucked situation and see how it's gonna play out. And then they know that hey, there's reasonably patient. We almost forget that in order to be patient enough for Andrew luck to come back and be who he is. They had to fire every. Then to fire GM they had to fire coach. So if you're Ron Rivera, are you really taking the message of, hey, don't worry. This could be Angela partout. What do you do with that? I mean, this is a really difficult situation. Because even if it is Angela part to it could take a year and a half or two years to find that out. You don't know what the franchise is gonna look like in that situation in until then, and you really don't know what to do with your quarterback position until that. Well, not to mention that. You've got him for two more years. You lose them for a whole year. And then what happens you know in that contract season? And how much are you willing to wait? How much you willing to put your future into the sky? Now, there's one positive you can look at from the fact that it's just sort of Arthur Scott pick clear out clean out procedure. The last time this happened. He played all sixteen games the next season. But that being said, he's getting another surgery. So that didn't solve the problem. It was sort of it was a stopgap and the larger issue remains. And so whether or not this is going to result in an Andrew. Luck like comeback. That's an aberration. That's not. That's not the norm. When you are a quarterback in Yuma, massive shoulder surgery. The likes of which he would need presumably if the 'nother clean out like this doesn't work. There's no guarantees. And so this is going to be something that they need to worry about. And so as whatever the the next heir apparent is at the quarterback position. The only thing I'll say this is not the year for them to try to shore it up via the draft. It's a really thin class. If anything they've got to find out who they have enough money to go try to get whether it's a Fitzpatrick, or a Bridgewater a guy who's a veteran who can compete and can can step in if he can't go, and that's really what it comes down to him. And I think if I'm a franchise right now that like the Panthers I just send out a letter to my season ticket holders. It says. Sorry, that's all it says the top not a great year for quarterbacks. We wanna see how this camping works out. So might be a rough year, but it could work out. Really well in the end sorry. I mean, there's just no easy way to handle it. And you're right. I think they're going to. End up being in the market for somebody that after the free agency period is cool. They're going to be looking for somebody. They can get on a one plus one sort of deal one year, plus an option that they'll pay a ton of money to and and unfortunately, I just don't think they have any other way around it there just isn't an easy solution. So I if the best case scenario here is that cams healthy. And if that happens, then it doesn't really matter how they handle this right now, it's preparing for the worst case that they have no idea how to handle it this point. They can't know because it's such a valuable piece he's going to cost so much and he's still just entering the prime of his career Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio the ESPN app. Siriusxm channel eighty Sarah. Spain Jason Fitz, Sarah, you pointed out something really brilliant as we were sitting down putting the show together. And you know, of the many things I said of the many things so there's this moment where you say. Okay. We're about to hit the Australian Open finals, and I say, you know, audibly, where's my level? Okay. Fine. Australia open, and we get it all in joke of it. All right. Yeah. It's a, but you made a great point not in the Australian. But not on the men's side. But on the women's side of how important the AUSSIE final actually could be because you have no Naomi Osaka against Petric. Almost almost did it I almost made it through against a bit of a in. What is really a key matchup for Asaka? Because a lot of us have sort of a memory of her last big final that is by no fault of her own semi tainted. Yeah, it's actually huge for both of them. Naomi? Osaka is exciting for a number of reasons. You know, she burst onto the scene with that victory over Serena which tainted though, it might have been certainly got her a lot of attention, and right really opened up people's eyes to this possible new superstar, and she's been excellent sense, then, but she's still searching for that title without the drama without the question marks without the breakdowns about whether or not Serena was wronged by cherub. So that's huge. We get this story line of Naomi Osaka who will probably be competitive for years to come. Petra Vivus story is also fascinating because a couple years ago twenty sixteen she suffered a intruder situation at her apartment where she literally had to fight the guy off using her hands and suffered massive damage to her hands from a knife. So this this knife-wielding guy breaks into her home, and she has to undergo all of this rehab and surgery on her hand. And now she's trying to become this woman who's fought back from this to win. She hasn't lost a single set the entitled entire tournament. She's played two hours less of tennis than Osaka has needed to get to this point. So she's on a tear. So kind of either way you look at it. You're looking at a woman who has a ton to gain beyond the fact that whoever wins is also number one in the world that well, and I think that's the huge part of it right there. Not just for these two women, but also for women's tennis because what we're looking at for tennis in general or for young superstars to start to emerge, and that has to happen at some point. There has to be. Passing of the guard the worst possible situation for tennis is to end up in a Gulf situation where tiger has been so dominant for so long, and we just haven't latched onto any of the young personalities the way we want to or we wish we could or the way anybody. That's just casual cares about these sorts of matchups when when you're looking at these sorts of matchups you're looking at the opportunity for a baton baton passing of some sort. And I think that's important for women's tennis. Not just for these women. But for the sport is a whole and to be fair. We are not allowing Serena to pass the baton just yet. No, right. We're we're in we're in practices. She she's allowed to relay the baton to Asaka in practices, and we are not willing yet for the race to occur. Wherein? She fully gives it up because she has been really close in every pretty almost every effort. She has had post pregnancy almost every tournament. She has been very close. So I'm not ready to say that Serena's done. But I do think we want these challengers to be concurrently competing. We don't want to have to wait after Serena's done and be waiting around for another big name. Another name that we are drawn to Sloan Stevens is somebody that I think we all would love to see kind of pick up some of the slack. She's got a ton of the likeable qualities and is an amazing tennis player to watch. But Asaka similar to that. Right. You've got someone that I think could be a big star. If she manages to, you know, loop together a couple of successes and stay in the forefront of people's minds in terms of tennis. And with that being said, sir. I think the best way for the baton to pass win passes. And I'm with you. I don't think we need to rush that process. But the best way for it to pass is a sort of a back and forth wrestling between right exactly because what we want. You want this moment? Whereas like Serena's a little better now, maybe Asakusa a little better. Now, maybe Serena's a little better, and it goes back and forth so much that it helps rises star. And it's I know this is cheesy analogy, but they talk. About an a wrestling. Like at some point a one generation has to intentionally give in to the next generation to create a star. No, that's manufactured, but it's manufactured because it works like, my they're not gonna do it. No tend to know. But you're right. That would be the way we would want to see this all go down. Right. That's the way that it captures the world with a winning her last one. And then being like, all right. I'm good. Yeah. Yeah. Well and some acknowledgement that it's like this epic matchup that goes, you know, makes history. Then we've got the the star we need straight ahead. James harden, seems to be doing everything on the court right now. But I'll tell you something he shouldn't do. We'll talk about an ex pain and Fitz on ESPN radio.

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