CNN Exclusive Poll: 87% say Mueller's findings should be made public while Trump says he doesn't mind if public sees report; CNN Exclusive Poll: Mueller's approval ratings rebound as 48% now favor his handling of Russia investigation; Trump calls Kellyann


Hi, everyone. It's poppy Harlow on this week's episode of boss files. Jamie diamond he guided J P Morgan Chase through the financial crisis building based on market cap. The most valuable Bank in the world. But he's worried very worried not about the state of his Bank, but about the state of America, plus where he puts the risk of near-term recession. What keeps him up at night? How critical he thinks it is we see a US China trade deal and the politics of it all as we head toward twenty twenty. Listen to my full conversation with Jason Morgan. Chase CEO Jamie diamond on boss files. Subscribe on I tunes. Happening now breaking news. Let people see it. President Trump slams the special counsel Robert Muller, but says he wants to see Muller's report and says he wants the public to see it too. And breaking our exclusive new CNN poll shows that a huge majority agrees wants Muller's findings to be made public. Can't stop won't stop President Trump launches another scathing attack on the late. Senator John McCain, even as Republicans, call the president's words deplorable why can't why won't the president stop whacking away, President Trump trades insults? With conservative lawyer, George Conway calling the husband of one of his top advisors. Quote, wack job. His Kellyanne Conway now signing with the president against her husband and her roic pilot disturbing new details about what happened aboard one of the Boeing seven thirty-seven max airline. Liners that crash and how her roic pilot of verdict disaster just the date before the fatal flight, I'm wolf Blitzer? You're in the situation. This is CNN. Breaking news. Breaking news CNN's exclusive new poll shows support for impeaching president. Trump has dropped thirty six percent largely due to a decline among Democrats, but approval ratings for special counsel, Robert Muller have rebounded and Americans are evenly divided on whether it's investigations likely to personally implicate the president and an overwhelming majority eighty seven percent same Muller's findings should be made public. President Trump says he doesn't mind if the public sees the mullahs report, but he renewed his attacks on the special counsel today and just now in his speech at a military manufacturing plant. He stepped up as unrelenting assault on the late. Senator John McCain insulting him repeatedly. Once again, even as key members of his own party are saying the president should simply stopped off speak with democratic congressman came Jeffries of the judiciary committee and our correspondents analysts. They will have full coverage of the day's top stories. Let's begin with our White House. Correspondent abbie. Philip she's on the road with the president in Ohio, Abby, the president is still still attacking special counsel, Robert Muller. And you just heard him deliver yet another rant aimed at the late. Senator John McCain update us. That's right. Well, this was supposed to be event about investments in the military and manufacturing and those tanks sanding right behind me. But it instead was about the president's diatribe against the late. Senator John McCain who he's been attacking on Twitter all week. The president started his morning actually, attacking to other individuals special counsel, Robert Muller and the husband of one of his top aides Kellyanne Conway, let it come out. Let people see it a change of tune from President Trump who now says he wants the public to see the Muller report. I think it's ridiculous. But I want to see the report, and you know, who want to say it, the tens of millions of people that love the fact that we have the greatest economy we've ever had this coming weeks after the president suggested his willingness for transparency depend on what's in it. You wouldn't have a problem came public excuse me. It's up to the attorney general. I don't know. It depends. I have no idea what it's going to say. But Trump isn't giving up his. Attacks on Robert Muller. But it's sort of interesting that a man out of the blue just right to report, I know that he's conflicted. And I know that his best friend is call me who's a bad cop. And I know that there are other things the president insisted this afternoon that he has no inside information about the timing of the report, but he expressed confidence in his new attorney general William bar to make the final call. I have no idea what it's going to be really now at the same time. Let it come out. Let people see it that's up to the attorney general Eva, very good attorney general of very highly respected. And and we'll see what happens. Trump's attack on the Muller probe comes as he launched into an unprompted rant against the late. Senator John McCain at a tank factory in Lima Ohio today. I have to be honest. I've never liked him much hasn't been for me. I've really probably never will blaming McCain for his handling of the dossier. John McCain received the. Fake and phony dossier, and what did he do didn't call me? He turned it over to the FBI hoping to put me in jeopardy as the crowd. Listen, silently, Trump evoked McCain's funeral last summer in Washington. And I gave them the kind of funeral that he wanted which has president I had to approve I don't care about this. I didn't get thank you. That's okay. Trump also feuding with the husband of his top aide Kellyanne Conway after her husband, George question. Trump's mental stability is a whack job. There's no question about it. But I really don't know. He I think he's doing a tremendous service to a wonderful wife, Kellyanne is a wonderful woman. And I call him Mr. Kellyanne the fact is that he's doing it. Tremendous service to a wife and family. She's a wonderful woman on the White House lawn and again at the tank factory in Ohio Trump paused for some show. Oh, Intel brought this out view because this is a map of everything to read. This was on election night. In twenty sixteen. Months after he declared ISIS defeated and ordered his generals to withdraw US troops from Syria. The president acknowledged of some four hundred troops would remain. But today, he insisted that ISIS is nearly gone everything read as ISIS what I took it over with a mess now on the bottom. That's exact same. There is no red. Fact is actually a tiny spot which will be gone by tonight. Well in this room during President Trump's attack on McCain. It was almost silent as he went on and on. There were many members of the military in the audience one within eyeshot of me, and I could see him standing stoically as the president attacked a war hero now while this is all been going on for several days. We've heard so little from Republican senators, but one of them Senator Johnny Isakson did speak out today calling the president's comments deplorable will now the thanks very much Phillip in Ohio for us. Let's bring in our political director, David Shelley, David. We talk about this new job. Let me get your quick reaction to this really continued stunning round of attacks by the president of the United States on the late. Senator John McCain is that I gave him the funeral. He wanted. He said, and I never got a thank you. Yeah. When when President Trump obsesses on something like this. It's a clear indication to me will he understands he's on the losing end of this political argument. He. Knew that last August when Senator John McCain was laid to rest, and he had this inexplicable flap over whether or not the flag should be lowered. Now, of course, he's trying to take credit for the way in which John McCain was laid to rest, but it is so clear that this sort of American hero is so under this president skin. Who knows he's losing by comparison to John McCain, and he can't seem to let it go. He he is completely in the last week or so just continuing this attack on a record that is so clearly above and beyond when it comes to service to this country, and the president seems incapable of acknowledging even fellow Republicans like Senator Johnny Isakson of Georgia Mitt Romney of Utah and a whole bunch of others. They can't believe that this president is continuing this rant against the Senator McCain, let's get to this new CNN poll. Give us the the major headlines if you will well wolf you want at the top of the show, which is that Republicans. Mccracken independence agree on almost nothing. These days in American politics. But this they agree on in your hurt. President Trump talk about it that the Mola report should indeed be made public. You're the president said it'd be fine. Look at this. It's eighty seven percent overall. But eighty percent of Republicans think the report should be public. Eight percent of independence ninety five percent of Democrats. There is complete consensus by the American people that they wanna see what's in this report. And if they don't get to see I think those numbers are going to be real political pressure points for attorney general bar for President Trump. How about just the approval ratings both for Muller and Trump on this issue? First molar, you said his numbers of rebounded. And they have look at that. He's at forty eight percent approval. Now of how he's handling the rush investigation that's up from where he was in December and February effect it's back to a near high from Muller in our polling throughout this entire process. And Donald Trump does not compare well to that forty eight percent. He's down at thirty two percent approval on this issue. It's one of his worst issues that we test his handling of the rush investigation. Fifty. Seven percent of Americans in this poll disapprove of the way, the president handles. Now, remember the other day the hospital Nancy Pelosi said she opposes going through with impeachment at this time. She said at one point she said the president's quote, not worth it. What is our new poll reveal about the appetite for impeachment? Well that appetite is a lot less than it was. And then we've seen you mentioned at the top thirty six percent in this poll say they would be in favor of impeachment. That's that's just a very small slice third of Americans. That is not a certainly not a majority position. Obviously, it's a weakened position for those supporting impeachment look at this. It is mostly coming from movement. Among Democrats just in December eighty percent of Democrats said they were in favor of impeachment. Now, it's only sixty eight percent, that's twelve point drop. It's gone down a little bit with independence down a little bit with Republicans. But you point into Nancy Pelosi. I think that is one of the big reasons that we're seeing that twelve point drop that end the democratic race for twenty twenty started. I think the you are seeing Democrats aware there. Just your way year and a half away from a presidential election. They're starting to choose who they want to defeat Donald Trump. I think they're thinking less about trying to remove him from office speakers where it's clearly at an impact on her fellow Democrats. Thanks, very very much David chalian for that. While congressional Democrats pursue a number of queries into the Trump administration. The powerful house oversight committee chairman is not complaining that the White House is rejecting all of his efforts to obtain information. Let's go to our senior congressional correspondent mono Raja these up on Capitol Hill amount of your learning. What another house committee expects a former top Trump eight though to cooperate? Yeah. That's right. How she sure committee is expecting to get documents from hope Hicks, who's the president's former communications director has longtime confidante who has informed the committee that she does. In fact, plan to provide documents to the house to dish in committee as part of its investigation democratic investigation into potential, obstruction of Justice and Democrats. I believe are abuses of power in this office. Now, Jerry, Nadler, the chairman of this committee had sent takes a letter earlier this month asking her to respond to new Ray of questions about the president's knowledge Volvo, those false statements that Michael Flynn, then national security adviser had made to the FBI about the firing of former FBI director James Comey about that false misleading statement that was initially given to the media after it was revealed that Donald Trump junior had a meeting in Trump Tower back in twenty sixteen with Russians among other issues, including they ask for diaries and other documents that she has taken while she was in the White House. Now, we are told by spokesman for Nadler that in fact, she has agreed to turn over these documents attorney has declined to comment now the question of how much information she does plan to provide when she met with the house intelligence committee last year. She would not talk about her communications when she was in the White House. Democrats demanded that information when she was never the White House. She. Would only talk about things that happened during the campaign will that change? Now, the Democrats are in the majority one of the big questions, but at least one key witness coming very close to the present plans to signaling to the committee that she at least plans to cooperate. Well, armato. Thanks very much entourage up on Capitol Hill. Let's stay up on Capitol Hill congressman came Jeffries of the orcas joining us. He's actually joining us from his hometown of New York City right now, he's not only a member of the judiciary committee is also the chairman of the House Democratic caucus. Thanks so much congressman for joining us. Thanks for having me wolf, right? Let's begin with the breaking news. Tell us more about the specific information your committee is seeking from former White House communications director hope Hicks. Well, as I understand it. The committee is seeking information relative to what exactly took place in connection with the ultimate termination of Michael Flynn, and the violations of law that he clearly committed the committee would also like to know what exactly was Donald Trump's involvement in the false and misleading statement. That was issued from the White House involving hope Hicks and others in connection with that infamous Trump Tower meeting that took place in two thousand sixteen that would tell us something about whether there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian spies is a release the selling out democracy. We'd also like to know what information she has relative to the termination of James Komi, which appears to many to have involved an effort to obstruct Justice and the ongoing counterintelligence investigation that James Komi was leading at the time. You're a lot of questions for her. We'll see if she answers those questions this afternoon as you heard the president said he was fine with Robert Muller's Russia report being made public are you encouraged by the president's endorsing the release of the report all the president is sort of a hair today gone tomorrow type guy, so who knows whether this will be his position tomorrow. Let alone an hour from now what I am incur. Orage by the fact that the overwhelming majority of the American people, Democrats, Republicans and independence agree that upon the conclusion of Muller's investigation. The American people deserve to see this report that is the position that we as House Democrats have taken in the interest of transparency and a majority of Republicans have also taken that position in the house of representatives. That's the right thing to do. The taxpayers have paid for the Muller investigation. We all deserve to know. Whether there was a conspiracy between the Trump campaign, Russian spies and possibly involving WikiLeaks to sell out, democracy and offficially place. Donald Trump at sixteen hundred Pennsylvania Avenue, should the attorney general Bill bar take that public sentiment. The overwhelming majority of Americans. They wanna see this report. Should he take this public sentiment into consideration? As he weighs how much of the eventual report to make public absolute. Really he should take that public sentiment into account, particularly because it is so strongly held amongst the wide ideological spectrum of the American people, and this is a great issue of national importance to the extent that the attorney general decides not to release the report, which would be unfortunate. The American people have voted for transparency and giving Democrats control of the house of representatives and chairman shift chairman Nadler, and chairman Cummings have all made clear that if we need to subpoena that report we will. So that the American people can be presented with the information. Good, bad or indifferent. They should see the report wolf whether the report exonerates the president or implicates the president and the most of the American people agree with you CNN poll. Same CNN poll just out shows a significant decline in the presentative Americans who wanna see impeachment proceedings begin against the president that he should be removed. From office following impeachment. It's gone down. You can see from forty seven percents of timber forty-three percent, December thirty six percent now from your perspective. And I know you don't wanna see impeachment proceedings begin right now as the speaker Nancy Pelosi has also said why why do fewer Americans though, do you believe support impeachment? Off an interesting question, and I'll have to look deeply into those numbers. I do know that House Democrats are continuing to focus on for the people agenda, and we've made that clear from the very beginning that we were elected to try to lower the high cost of lifesaving prescription drugs. Lower healthcare costs in general, protect people with preexisting conditions, increase pay for everyday Americans, and the real infrastructure plan and also will clean up corruption and bring the moxie to life. That's where I focus is. And we believe that that's where the American people would like us to focus on kitchen table pocketbook issues at the same time. We'll do our constitutional responsibility. As of serving as a check and balance on out of control executive branch. We'll see what happens does it were you though that many of your fellow Democrats in the caucus. They're still advocating for impeachment despite declining public support despite what you say despite what Nancy Pelosi. The speaker says well, the overwhelming majority of the House Democratic caucus believes that we should. Continue to focus on making life benefit everyday Americans until we see what the Muller report has to show as well. As the conclusion of the southern district of New York. We'll see what happens at that point in time. I think what the speaker did was lay out a clear standard where the case should be compelling evidence must be overwhelming and public sentiments should be bipartisan in order to even consider going down the impeachment road, and we're a long way from that. All right. Congressman thanks so much for joining us. I came Jeffries of New York joining us appreciate it. Thanks. We'll up next the president attacks special counsel, Robert Muller. 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We're following multiple breaking stories, President Trump is heading to a fundraiser in Ohio this hour earlier told reporters, he doesn't mind if the public sees the special counsel Robert Muller's report, but then question why the report is being done in the first place. Let's ask our political and legal experts about what the president is saying today, Pamela, let's see the president said stance on Muller is this a major shift when the president United States says he has a problem releasing it to the American public Shepton changing his tune previously. He said it's up to the attorney general I defer to him now he saying put it out there. And but it reminds me of when the president said, look, I sit down with Robert Muller sitting this message out I have nothing to hide, but the report up there, I would sit down with Muller. We know that that never happened. And that privately the president really didn't want to. And so I think that that's what this is. I don't know how much we should really be reading into the president saying this from a practical standpoint this report could have grand jury in for. Mation classified information. You can't just put the whole report out depending on what Muller put in it. Now, the question is does this somehow put more pressure on Bill bar, the attorney general who is the one that would actually provide the report because the president is boss. See it struck me that the president was just kind of riffing and talking about the top of his head. I don't think what he said binds, the attorney general at all the attorney general is going to do this methodical way. He is going to let the White House counsel way in. There will be lots of pressure from within the administration to keep the disclosures to a minimum. Just because the president said something today, as we often point out doesn't mean he's going to say the same thing tomorrow, or you know, that's going to bind the administration at all. This is the bottom line right now. Absolutely. That's what we heard from congressman came Jeffries. You want to say in my reporting is that the White House lawyers are preparing to possibly assert executive privilege over some of the information. The report whatever bar wants to share. So that contradicts this idea. Put the full report salute our new poll, Rebecca the the poll shows that Robert Muller's approval rating for handling the Russian investigation has rebounded. You can see it was December was forty three percent. It's now gone up to forty eight percent. So a few takeaways from this poll, it's really interesting. First of all, this seems to be clear evidence that the president's campaign against Robert Mueller witch-hunt all capital letters is don't working. In fact, this is the highest approval that Moeller has had of handling this investigation since October of last year. So if anything his approval is standing strong in the face of these attacks, but I also want to compare the approval of molar to the approval of Trump in terms. Of this investigation specifically and how he's handled it his approval in the same polls only thirty two percent for his handling of the investigation versus fifty seven percent who disapproved so that's a net. Disapproval for Trump in handling this investigation and Annette approval for Robert Muller and handling this investigation. It shows public opinion is on Muller sign. That's a big deal. When this report actually comes out. There was an interesting line in this do. A statement that was filed in the US district court by Robert Muller today and a separate case asking for an extension the council responsible for preparing the response face, the press of other work and require additional time to consult within the government's what does that say to you? Because a lot of speculation that means we're not going to get the Muller report necessarily in the next day or two well, the line immediately got a lot of people talking in part because there are no significant deadlines in the Miller investigation that are imminent that are publicly known we've seen increasing signs that the investigation is coming to a close such as the departure of Miller's top agent. There are several top attorneys on the special counsel team who are also soon departing. But again, we don't actually know we've talked about time. And again when Muller is ultimately going to deliver his report to congress. Some interpreted that line though, is maybe being directly related to the preparing of that report, especially as we contend with some of these legal and constitutional questions. How the special counsel is going to handle the fact that this investigation involves a stating precedent president as well. As the fact that there is this debate over the extent to which some of the information in the report will be released to the public. We can conclude. I think with certainty that the Mahler report will be released tomorrow or won't be. I just you know. Hard more viewers in this in this statement that he issued he's there's an effort by the Washington Post among other news organizations to get information. Release a private information and they asked for an extension at least through April. I I don't know what that means. You know, we're all just reading between the lines how to use it again. All of our reporting indicates that it's going to happen soon with Robert Muller, delivering his confidential report to the attorney general. But of course, when you see something like this where they say, we have oppressive other work. It does make you wonder, but I think we should be cautioned not reading too much into that that could mean impressive. Either work compiling this report to be delivered to the attorney general everybody stick around. There's more news. We're following continue our coverage right after this. Tired of spending hundreds of dollars for prescription glasses. Our friends at Xeni optical, operate huge variety of high quality stylish frames state of the art optics starting at just six ninety five. You can get multiple frames with this great pricing for less than one pair. Elsewhere start building your eyewear wardrobe from the comfort of your own home, Xeni dot com with the latest trends in eyewear available in hundreds of frame styles and materials there isn't a better way to change it up for every season. Plus is any offers prescription sunglasses at incredible prices. Visit any today at Xeni dot com slash CNN. That's Z E N I dot com slash CNN. With our political and legal analysts Sabrina, the president took his attack against Senator John McCain to a new level today. Let me play some clips of what he said just today. What do you think of McCain? What do you think not my kind of guy? I've never liked them much hasn't been from me. Mccain didn't get the job done went down badly hurting, the Republican party badly hurting our nation. I gave them the kind of funeral that he wanted which has president. I had to approve I don't care about this. I didn't get thank you. That's okay. We sent him on the way. But I wasn't a fan of John McCain. Why is the president do it? I mean, it's one thing as he doesn't private conversations really goes out. But so publicly going after the late Senator enforces the extent to which the president holds eight Greig his willingness to continuously engage in attacks that are petty. He is being condemned by members of his own party. But part of why he does this because he gets away with it his attacks on Serna McCain date back to the twenty sixteen campaign when he said he preferred prisoners who were not captured, of course, invoking. The fact that Senator McCain was a prisoner of war. It didn't affect his pathway to the public and nomination in the time that he was president. He continued to attack Senator McCain for his vote against repealing Obama's healthcare law, and for the most part what you have are condemnations from Republicans who often don't even directly invoke the president's name. They just praise McCain for his service. And so as long as the press is not going to face actual consequences. He knows that. He. Can continue to engage in this kind of behavior because it's not really going to affect him. Personally. Rabuka Republican Senator Johnny Isakson of Georgia. Georgia says the president's repeated attacks McCain are deplorable cetera. Mitt Romney of Utah issued a very strong statement condemning with the president of sending about the late Senator. But by and large most Republicans in congress have been pretty silent. That's right. Well, they were they exception. Not the rule. The rule was Republicans came out and praise John McCain defended John McCain, but didn't condemn President Trump or what he said you actually saw today. More Democrats condemning the president for going after the late John McCain, then you saw Republicans stepping up to defend John McCain and condemning the president. But look the reason is simple. This is Donald Trump's Republican party. This is not John McCain's Republican party anymore. Party has moved on Donald Trump as we often discuss has a very high approval rating among Republicans, and so he just feel like he can say and do whatever he wants. Republicans are fearful of condemning I'm not a psychiatrist like George Conway is but the the the projection of his own draft dodger status onto the undisputable war. Heroism of McCain is just extraordinarily like out of the thing. He keeps talking about McCain. And you know, the one thing everybody knows about McCain is that he had this extraordinary war record and Trump has the opposite of that. And I think there's some psychological thing going on that that he hates the fact that McCain is such a hero. And he was such a weasel during Vietnam at the speed, she'd delivered military at a manufacturing attack manufacturing in Ohio. He spent several minutes railing against John McCain. It was so off and it didn't say it didn't get a thank you. What was that about? First of all John McCain was dead and not in a position to say. Thank you. But also like, so what are they supposed to do? I mean, anyway, I amidst all of this. He's also the president going on the offensive attacking George. Conway Kellyanne Conway's husband calling him a wack job. This feud is escalating by the hour. And it's not going anywhere. Good. I think we can all agree with that. I mean, just take a step back just how unprecedented. This is. You have the president of the United States going after the husband of one of his top aides. And then you have this husband, George Conway going after the president publicly on Twitter saying that he has mental mental health issues and personality disorders, it's really extrordinary. And then on top of that, you have Kellyanne Conway siding with the president over her own husband on all of this saying what I think she's told politico today, what did you expect the president to do? Someone's question is meant allow who's on a medical professional? What you expect to do just that there and take it? So it's really just remarkable to look at this back and forth. That's happening. And. It doesn't seem to be de-escalating anytime soon. The president's tweet today about George Conway, stole cold loser. All caps loser. And husband from hell. The president got nothing better to rail against Kellyanne Conway's husband amidst all of the democratic candidates, they're they're working fulltime right now. They're getting ready for the the Iowa caucuses getting ready for the primaries. What does a candidate democratic candidate right now need to do to stand out? Amidst growing growing field, that's really the million dollar question for so many of these candidates wolf because it is so competitive so crowded there's some like better work as we've seen who have the star power. Get a lot of attention. Someone like Bernie Sanders Joe Biden, if he indeed runs to are well-known, but for candidates with lower name ID, it's really tough challenge. And so you either have to have a very unique platform Jay Inslee from Washington running on climate change specifically or someone like people to judge from south bend. Seizing the moment. In recently, the CNN townhall, a really getting a lot of positive attention. And of course, tonight, we're going to have another town hall, but John Hickenlooper tiller alert our viewers if they don't know this programming note. Join us later tonight for CNN presidential town hall with twenty twenty candidate former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper down abashed moderates live from the C N N center in Atlanta tonight. Ten ten pm eastern only here on CNN coming up new reports reveal disturbing details about what happened of one of two Boeing airliners that crashed recently, including how I hero pilot save the plane only one day before it crashed and later the feud between President Trump the husband of one of his closest advisors gets uglier and more personal. Remember to create an ad like this one visit pure winning dot com slash CNN. Rigging. Just now. Senate Republicans have announced a hearing next week on the state of commercial aviation safety. This comes as we're learning. Very disturbing. New details about what happened aboard one of the two Boeing airliners that crashed recently both crashes killed everyone onboard. Let's get the latest from N's Tom foreman. Tell us more about these late developments wolf tonight. They're moving much more quickly toward these hearings simply because we're being hit with a torrent of stories that seem every day more astonishing. For nine. Terrifying. Minutes the cockpit. Recorder captures accrue, fighting to pull up a plane that is repeatedly diving toward the sea scouring the operations manual for any explanation, apparently unaware they are battling an onboard computer that is forcing those dives. This is what Reuters is reporting tonight from sources familiar with the lion air crash off Indonesia last fall. Reuters has the crew seemed oblivious to the fact the tail was automatically tilting. They didn't seem to know the trim was moving down. They thought only about airspeed and altitude in the final moments. Reuters says one pilot issued a short prayer before the crash killed all one hundred eighty nine people aboard Boeing and Indonesia authorities are not commenting but analysts say the training was insufficient. Well, it must have been just horrifying in the cockpit for these professionals. I mean, it's been sated. Well, it should have been a memory item. Well, clearly it wasn't. What's more Bloomberg reports that same lion? Air jet had the same problem one day before and received because an off duty pilot in the cockpit told the crew to cut power to that automatic system. Still the plane took off again, this is what I call the flight and watch it kind of attitude, but that should not have occurred here. This was replicated, and I can't understand why at least it wasn't test flown or brought out on the rampant tested. Again. It all raises troubling questions about the fatal Ethiopian jet crash, which thorny say looks a lot like the lion air disaster. Why did Boeing design that anti stole software to rely on only one sensor, why were pilots not giving more pointed warnings and more extensive training. And where was the Federal Aviation Administration? What happens in fact is at a miserable taken by Boeing after. I actually then well not to avoid next. Boeing says. It is fixing the problem soon will release a software update for the seven thirty seven max that will address concerns discovered in the aftermath of the lion air flight six ten accident. But lion air went down almost five months ago. Indefensible some analysts point out that these seven thirty seven max jets have taken off and landed safely. Tens of thousands of times since the lion air crash, but with orgies worldwide or saying that is simply not enough Boeing must now prove the planes are fully safe before any will be allowed to take passengers and fly again, that's not forget three hundred forty six people three hundred forty six people men women and children were killed in those two crashes involving that aircraft aren't thanks very much. Tom foreman coming up the athlete feud between President Trump and the husband of one of his closest advisors. I'm Biagio Messina, and I'm jokin seen. We are the producers behind the HSEN television documentary series unmasking killer. Join us as we explored the identification capture and arrest of Joseph James, the Angelo the alleged Golden State killer in a special ten part podcast series unmasking killer, all new episodes premiering Tuesday. February twelve subscribe today at apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. It's Conway versus Conway and Trump that's conservative lawyer, George Conway trades insults. With President Trump top white. House adviser Kellyanne Conway is signing with the president against her husband. Brian Todd has been looking into this forest. Brian. This is getting uglier it's getting uglier and more public by the day. Wolf tonight. The president is squarely in the middle of this feud between his high profile adviser and her husband and Trump seems to relish exploiting the tension in their marriage. For a man who values loyalty above all? It is the ultimate loyalty test for Donald Trump choosing him over a husband. He's wack job. There's no price about it. But I really don't know. I think he's doing a tremendous service to a wonderful wife. Tonight's Donald Trump has injected himself right into the middle of one of Washington's most public power couples. Trump's top adviser Kellyanne Conway and her husband, George a prominent conservative lawyer and Trump critic escalating a simmering spat into an open and bitter battle it all began this weekend. When George Conway responded to a Trump Twitter tirade by posting these pages from a psychological manual suggesting the president was suffering from north assistant personality disorder. Trump responded calling Conway a total loser up until then the Conway's had rarely allowed the public to get a glimpse into how their disagreements over President Trump had affected the dynamic in their marriage. But in the past twenty four hours it blew up George Conway telling the Washington Post, Tuesday, he sent his tweets questioning the president's mental health quote. So I can get it off my chest. Frankly, it's so I don't end up screaming at her about it even. Town where power couples come under a lot of scrutiny. There's no precedent for anything like this. And when you inject the president of the United States right in the middle of a power couple marriage. You know? It's off the charts. Trump responded today weeding, George Conway is a quote stone cold loser and husband from hell saying George was quote, very jealous of his wife success and angry that I with her help didn't give him the job. He so desperately wanted. The Washington Post reports that Kellyanne Conway herself had recently told people at a party that she and Trump think her husband is jealous of her. The crescendo has been building since Trump took office, George Conway, a staunch conservative who says he turned down a job in the administration started with vague tweets before eventually vis rating, the president accusing Trump of ceaseless shameless and witless prevarication then in November he delivered his most colorful broadside on the news podcast skulduggery. You know, it's like the administration is like a shit show. In dumpster, fire observers, say Kellyanne Conway a survivor in an administration, which doesn't have many has gotten where she is by voiding talking about her husband's views and by under. Standing one fundamental truth about Donald Trump. This is a man who measures everything with the metric that is about loyalty about devotion to Donald Trump tonight. Washington insiders say Kellyanne may have answered just where her loyalties lie suggesting to politico late today that her boss hitting back at her husband was fair game. Quote, you think Trump shouldn't respond when somebody non medical professional accuses him of having a mental disorder. You think he should just take that sitting down? Adding clear jab at her husband quote yesterday, George spent the day tweeting about the president. I spent my day doing to one hour briefings with press and intergovernmental affairs. People those who know Trump best say the president is setting up an impossible choice for his top advisory one. She will ultimately be forced to make he understands very much. How to hurt people? He knows how to hurt families. You know, think about Mike Cohen and what his family has. Jured because he stood up. And there's no threat that he won't make he'll threaten to dismiss you hill. Pillory you online hill call you names, or in the case of the Conway's he'll try and get in the middle of your marriage. Meanwhile, Michael de Antonio says he strongly believes the president has at least in private pressured Kellyanne Conway to try to make her husband's stop attacking him publicly analysts. They don't think George Conway is gonna stop his attacks. Even under pressure from his wife. One analyst says at this point George Conway might see himself as something of a hero doing the public bidding for all of those who oppose Donald Trump, especially those in the Republican party wolf, Brian Todd reporting, Brian thank you very much coming up. Breaking news, President Trump attacks, the special counsel, Robert Muller. But now says he wants to see Moller's report and wants the American public to see it as well. And our exclusive new CNN poll shows that a huge majority agrees and wants Muller's findings made. Public.

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