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Thanks for listening to the atom. Dr Drew Show on podcast one. Podcast one presents a collect call from sing-sing name is John Lennon. I'm locked up for selling drugs and committing murder. Also Brash Choir magazines project so I'm a writer and I'm prisoner. Imagine trying to stay focused and talk about issues of substance pizza slamming prisoners screaming and blaring in the background. Get new episodes every Wednesday on spotify. Podcast one and apple podcasts. Well we roll out a theory. Coalmine my magic spackle theory which you guys should take and run with. I think it's more than a theory. I think it's a it's a metaphor for reality. Yes so you're welcome America. I I'll tell you about lifelock corona virus it is upon us and CYBERCRIME is kicking into overdrive lot of complaints to the FBI like Scams promising a government checks and Faye. Cova charities. Boy. You guys know what we're doing with boy it's like here's what it is. It's two thousand twenty. 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Promo Code Atom Call One eight hundred lifelock or lifelock dot com use Promo Code Adam for twenty five percent off recorded live at Corolla one studios with Adam Corolla and board certified physician and addiction medicine specialist. Dr Drew Pinski. You're listening to the atom and Dr Drew Show. Yeah I get it on. Got To get it on. Church vindicated on. Thanks tune in front of that about with also an match Mexican. Oh I am also that it's interesting. Did Not know. Impressive material drew a theory based on a conversation. I had Nine minutes ago with the Jose other shop which is communication difficulty. I know you're texting now. No I'm not I'm trying something that's driving me and say let me try one more time. Go ahead what are you doing stuff? My phone's about don't ask I get it done really quick. Well I'll let you all talk about something. No done good all right now hold on. Where's my phone? That's right not in the studio number in the studio all right now. Listen you're your doctor? But I'm a sought after carpenter's I don't think there's emergency there are. I'm sure somebody's wife has called you on an emergency several times. Yes yeah all right so communication. Yeah I believe that. Our phones and other distract distractions are hurting us from communicating correctly. An immediate demonstration. Exactly that hurting our ability to communicate interpret. You're not talking about this. Just distracting us from personal communication. You mean it's impairing communication by virtue of how we're always using the phone know what I'm saying is is Constan pure weakens your immune system right having every number on your phone and never having to memorize anyone's number probably probably weakens that part of your brain memorize people's phone numbers like we used to do back in the day and it is generally compromised are sort of ability to communicate and to also sort of infer things used deductive reasoning and logic and stuff like that. Yeah I just had this situation where I was working on my Warehouse and told Jose he's going to be at home depot. Grab a bucket. Grab a gallon of Swiss coffee which is like off white and get it in interior semigloss. Give it to the boys and have them Put it up on in the bathroom. Paint the bathroom so okay and then the next day I walked in the bathroom was Brown through and it was I looked at the can in the can was brown and it said It said Exterior. Which is weird. Like right on the top of the CAN and and it said Satin just the sheen where I I wanted interior and semigloss and was not Swiss coffee. So it'd been vexing me for a while and I finally ran down Jose at the other shop and I was like. What is this story behind this? How does it work because forcing you get as he sort of Vega toots all the times I thought I told the guy you know? He said I said okay. I told US coffee. Yeah Yeah I should to Swiss coffee. He said okay. Okay so my next on your mind. I'm talking. I'm talking to Jose and I'm like they have aisles of Swiss coffee in its INA. Can that the reason I ordered Swiss coffee is you don't have to have it mixed up. It's just there. Yeah so I don't know why Jose didn't just walk down the aisle and get a cannabis with coffee. But he didn't. He said to the Guy. Behind the counter. I want Swiss coffee and there is A. There's an entire wall of swatches of color swatches with paint code so you go pick the color then you give the guy the card. Yeah and he looks at they color code and he goes. Okay mixes into shots at this? Who Shot to that. I don't know that there's anything where you talked to a guy. `bout a color if the hand him there's kind of two choices you want Swiss coffee. Yeah you want me to Mitch Color. Where's the swatch or bringing your daughter's Cardigan and hold it up and we can try to do a match or whatever but yes yes. Okay so I just said Jose what what happened. How how did this go down? Said to the Guy Swiss coffee and he said okay. Let me mix up a random brown. That's what he gave me. I said okay. You said Swiss coffee and the Guy Works there with the aisles of Swiss coffee. He just said Okay and he just said I'll make I'll make brown color. I Yeah I said okay. Go Talk to the guy at the store. Now you'll never find that guy committed suicide. I said I said to him but but semigloss I told him semigloss in Interior. You Got Teary. I told him so coffee. Semigloss INTERIOR PUT THE KANSAS EXTERIOR. Sat in on it. I don't know I said okay. Well then why I took it to the shop and I told Roberto Alvarez like I'm not sure about this this looks seems weird to me talk to Adam first before you put it up and I'm like okay. What HAPPENED THEY PAINTED? Like is any of this happening. Is this really happening or is this what we're talking about? Is it all made up? I don't know I don't. I don't know what Roberto I don't know what said to Roberto under the Guy Behind counter. I don't know what it Jose's saying he's like I checked it on my phone and it looked like this. I don't know what's actually happening anymore. Do you know how did this happen and did he seem confused by your perplexed this no he was just like. I went and told the Guy Swiss coughing this game me but how would a guy who works in that department with really Swiss coffee only stock color? This may be another point. This may be another. Seminal moment like when your daughter said your wife said your daughter's feelings are hurt feelings therefore that's fact. This may be another moment like that where we're crossing over. We're whatever you say well what comes back. Here's here's what we're able to achieve now. What we're able to achieve is a kind of time machine logic that somehow transcends everything so you say hey man what happened. And he goes. I told him exactly. What and then if I went to Roberto Alvarez said. Why'd you paint it when Jose said don't do they go? He never said that. And if I talked to the guy behind the counter he'd go that guy came up and he said he wanted Oyster Brown. And I'd be like one at someone's lying. You can't just do this. We can all just live in this world. We're going to COM CA concoct leading. We want your zeroing in on something else which memories are terribly inaccurate extremely inaccurate and I feel like that's been getting worse to all my God so so people feel in their memories however they please yet but let me get limited. Here's the yeah. Of course how the memory feeling. Here's how that magical spackle works. It goes over all the Shit you did wrong. You just smack like Jose he's like. Hey Man I just went in and did that. And then he'd probably sit around thinking what would make this even better. I told Roberto not to paint until they talk to you you did. Why DIDN'T REPORT WIDER ROBERTA? Put it up that afternoon so you told the guy behind the counter. I want Swiss coffee. That guy has an aisle of cans and say Swiss coffee on eight feet behind him. He didn't point at those cans he went. I'll make you a magical brown color and then you told Roberto who's dutiful guy. I don't know about this paint. Don't paint it until you talk to the FA and he went fuck that I'm going rogue or he's got a thousand things to do. It could just put the talk that him. That's what you did or is that magical. Spackle the magical spackle that cleans wonder where our justice system is such a mess. It's relying on reporting and people remembering and being honest so everyone gets their own can of magical spackle and we get to just go over all the fissures and cracks and imperfections in our stories. And it's it looks like a skating rink with a fresh Zamboni run. When you're done with the magical spackle so now I'm talking to Jose this whole fiascos five hundred bucks out the window for me. But how can I blame him? He told the guy this is what the guy game. Now he had pick hiccup a little. When I said it says in big print on the can exterior satin we said interior semigloss. Why didn't you look at that? That was that was. That was the other guys. I didn't have my jewelers. Yes Gary Sorry Magical spackle listen magical spackle. This glorious term. I like that a lot. The one thing I did when I was listening to the telling of this story the first time the one thing that made me perk up a little and it does not fix the nine subsequent failures but somebody posited that maybe the gentleman at the home goods store hiccuped over the word Swiss and just coffee or something like that but that was intriguing but but why go to the guy at the counter because the take longer and they don't want to actually work now now. Don't go to the guy to count. Wow unless you WANNA mic something. Did he not know that? Swiss coffees available. Evidently he wasn't aware that. But here's the thing. Is he a painter. How far off? Here's market was. He's a poet. Here's here's depart. Well in certain surely card only yes. Actually he know. Here's the part. That's mind numbing if you go guy the counter at the home depot and you go. I went coffee Swiss Coffee Navajo White. Whatever you say to him he's GonNa Point at the Swatch Wall and go. I don't take requests. Go get the thing. I'll have the number on the number will be on the hand or beyond the swatch will mix it up. You can't just shout out names. That doesn't mean anything. They don't have a mem- memory. You could say coffee there. Probably five different manufacturers that have a version of coffee. You know what I'm saying. So that's that also I've screamed about my entire working life. Which is Swiss. Coffee IS LIGHTER THAN NOVEL WHITE. Perfect of the word that one that has a word coffee in it is lighter than the has white in the winter has award coughing. You get it kind of looks like coffee. You go there you go right. And that's part of the problem with labeling yes if it was called Arctic wife and you turned and looked at it it was fucking Brown. You'd go whoa wait a minute. But it says coffee. Yeah that's the problem. Get people to fucking label things correctly. Get Magical spackle. Thinking what's going on drew is. Is this the computers that are doing? This is is it. I let me let me tell you something about me. I work with a guy. You guys should try this you have. I work with a guy and he'll tell me story who go. I got an idea. I'm a D. about a script that when a ride about this guy's from my hometown he's a biker. But he ran drugs too but he was a black bell taught kids but he also hooked up with the Mafia and then when I see that guy week later or more I go let me see if I can tell you. That story told me I do it to him all the time and I just close my eyes and I go see the guy who was from your own hometown right. Sometimes it'd be little things I keep come to he come out to la or San Diego La Okay so you come out here from Sterling Illinois to come out right and then he he he he does score over these drug dealers right and I. I'm checking how much of his story that I can regurgitate. We're doing it to test your memory. Yeah WanNa know. If I'm listening I WANNA know how I'm listening and what I'm screwing up and what the way to hear stories when somebody's talking and telling the story after picture him. I've told you this. Dunning Kruger problem is massive and it applies to memory to people grossly overestimate their memory. Well let Rotel Ball Ball all right. We'll get into that second. I WanNa tell you about liquid ivy easy health healthy solution for dehydration. One stick of Liquid Ivy. One stick is good. Put that sixteen ounces of water shake it up real good much. Hydration as two to three bottles water proper. 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Get better hydration today at liquid. Iv Dot Com Promo Code Atom. So done in Kruger. Yeah the people have. It's a cognitive distortion. That people believe they know more than they do. They they overestimate their sort of understanding of something because they a little bit. They assume they know a lot. Say and they have a grotesque distortion of how memory works people tend to think memory is like a video like a screen that you're watching something recur. It is a highly redacted reconstructed phenomenon that gets re reconstructed over time no member. That's that's why witnesses are one of the gear goes will tell you one of the least reliable forms of evidence witness. I have had conversations with my wife that were three days old where Shogo wife standing in the kitchen. I was telling you the story and Natalia with standing next to me and Blah Blah Blah time wasn't in the kitchen. Listen I go. I'll take exactly what you were standing by the fridge. Start TELLING THE STORE. Then you walk over to the coffee new continuous. During the Italian it was not in the room. Sonny was sitting next to me at the table. Tally was in her room. The wow they can actually make Dr Bombay a physically making people present in the room. That weren't even there again. I don't here's the deal. It's it's like I don't blame them. But you must be cognizant of this You must be aware that this is something you're able to do. You have to look at yourself like the Wolfman on a full moon like lock me in this closet. I don't blame nobody. I don't care that your memory's not that great but you have to understand that you have a propensity to do this and that Europe to my wife fills in elaborately war. No it's it's a whole and I've got a son I've got screwball. Memory that when I was young particularly I and it's not like it was and I'm aware of it but I kind of had a screen memory when I was a kid. I've got a son that's got that you have a what memory screen like like. I can play it back like in my son's got that memory. I see him doing all the time. We just played back the tape and so when something had happened where he was around of tell them the storm. I will just go to the tape him. Yeah yeah I know that so because I kind of had the same thing and now I don't anymore. Well here. Here's the here's the insidious nature of what we're talking about. If the person you're dealing with could be micro macro could wife in the kitchen could be political story whatever. It is something big something small if that person just has a bad memory. Then there's no problem right. It's going to be sure but if that person has a narrative and a bad memory and an agenda now work going down a fucking rabbit hole. Because now they're explaining what happened with an agenda with momentum with certitude and none of it happened. That's an issue so if there's somebody saying I don't you know I can't remember if I was touched by this judge or Joe Biden who caviar. Whoever it if they just go I really don't remember whatever but if they know what happened and they're telling you what happened and it may or may not have happened now we're getting some pretty scary territory as a society who very scared. Who Will I do think now? Listen I'm not taking this position. Nobody attacked me for this one. But do you think the metoo movement in their attempt to support women saying like all women have to be believed no matter what no matter what victims have after be believed have put a little juice behind this idea that all memories are valid. Oh Yeah I was thinking about it. The other day I looked it up when I was born in. Nineteen sixty four six point seven or something percent of women had college degrees. I'm in well under ten percent now and men were like eleven point seven eleven eight or something like that now. Women have surpassed men and they're hovering just little under forty percent. The guys are thirty six percent or something they they're a little bit higher but the point is is. I've started really I e. Everyone thinks I'm a Douche I get it. I wrote a book called in fifty years. All be chicks because I'm studying the male mind in the female mind and they're very different. Anybody who's had that conversation with their fucking wife in the kitchen where they explain exactly what happened. That never happened. There's there's there's going to be an issue a different if that person's in charge of the neighborhood there's some issues there's GonNa be some issues and the more we can get the more women who go through college who essentially indoctrinated and then hold positions of power in the more men who hold positions of power. Who went through that feminization process? We're going to get things that aren't necessarily based on a hard science or hard facts. We're GONNA get feelings. We will be more feelings based which isn't all that but it's not great like during a pandemic. Well it's it's good if you know that's what's happening so you can move back and forth. I know it's happening right and other people don't know and speaking of hard scientists. I've been thinking a lot lately about epidemiology and all that and Models those not hard sciences. And we've been treating them for the last two months like they are. We say well. There's highly speculative mathematical modeling based on kind of spur. Some of its on spurrier. What is so? I'm starting over in certain about it. Drew Yeah I'm GONNA tease this. But what is the difference between the epidemiologist models for disease per se and Environmentalists environmental scientists models. The let me let me even use a less charged notion models of where. The market's going right. Those are accurate. Those are expert expert Models Bhai Brilliant Computer Sciences. Many Times. They right I was I was. There is a tape tape a guy like very much and I think a guy who I who most people respect a lot I do. Mark Cuban ECK guys being interviewed. I mean arguably the guys on Shark tank. You're seventeen. He's a wildly successful financially wildly successful guy. He's wildly successful by all measures and the guy was sitting around talking and he goes. If trump gets elected Economy stock market could drop by half by half. But it's going to be real bad times. That was his prediction. Now we we had some of the best times financially before the crow virus. Obviously but I mean he was very wrong wrong and that's a guy who if he was a family member of yours. You would be seeking financial advice from him and rightfully so. But I'm saying that's how wrong people can be the one thing that Foul she always says though that is correct and much the way economic models are financial model with will say the same thing which is. Hey Hey man the viruses in charge. We don't know the virus in charge and the financial guys will say it's Mr Market. Mr Market goes up mark down. We we know weak predictor right. But what I'm saying is these models have been from age seven to my age now I have heard one hundred and fifty thousand proclamations about where we were heading environmental a. We've had gary read the stuff about the ice ages coming in the seventies and eighties and none of them. They factor in cars more cars more people driving. They didn't factor in catalytic converters in nineteen seventy-three. No one knew what a catalytic converter was invented. Right see they're not factoring that not only that but the phenomenon that really catch humans is when something happens. They don't anticipate right so they know this change. We got to come up with something like Catholic converted. They come up at the catalytic converter. Things are bad same thing with I knew with this outbreak. I knew we'd start to have treatments and we'd start to have this. We start to have that and it would that the original models out of the imperial college were assuming that humans did nothing except continued their behavior like kissing each other. I'm going to give a break to be fair. That guy was balls deep in Cooma when he was coming up with some of those calculations safely distancing with Dick cry. You guys know this story about Ferguson. It's great bright. You Brooke you save at minute second. Let me tell you about Tommy. John Working from home all that sitting around answering emails standing up picking up the toy days filling the dog ball up man takes its toll on your layers man. Tommy John. Those life has its ups and downs. They've at noon improved underwear. I. You can't improve it. How do they improve it either? Old Stuff is the stuff I'm wearing right. Now is the best even better making more resilient and two times more durable. 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It's just you guys haven't been around long enough but if you hang around long enough you just see that. Most these proclamations are all. These are not hard science. The they are attempts to predict the future which nobody can do. Well let me let me say this drew ready. Yeah I had this chapter. You rely rely on you so you kind of know what you know like He. You know there's more sense. You need sense horse sense pragmatism. A sort of a thing that people are starting to lose. They're losing that certain to lose basic sense. It's gone The what. I was thinking about earlier today. Was this and I. I want to see this resonates with you. I've always said that if you go to a doctor as it pertains to the pandemic if but I. I've said this in the past if you go to a doctor and you say I hurt my ankle and he goes. Oh your your ankles broken. And then he'd he goes. Did you do it? You go skiing and he goes okay. No more skiing for you. But what if your professional skier and so what we're saying is what happened corona virus. Lock it down man. Go stay in your apartment. That's good if the guy is in a professional skier you know what I mean like visit a weekend warrior having some fun and you go man. Stay off the slopes fine. But if you do it for a living. The answer needs to be different. The answer needs to be. I'M GONNA put a couple titanium screws and a plate in here and I think we can get it out about five weeks and whence when's the next race not no more of that that that is not we don't need? I don't need a doctor to tell me no more of that. And if and what we're doing is we're treating it like lockdown weekend warrior. No more skiing now. We're professional skiers. We have to go out and compete with now. Nobody said we. We have to stay off our ankle. Fine but for how long? It's not just go home and forget convalesced the rest of Your Life. We gotta get you back on the circuit. We gotTa Rehab and get you back out there. And then there's this notion now. And this is the insidious part is all the fucking postseason standing by the doctor. He said go home forever. It's like hey my livelihood is skiing I have to do now. I'm not saying I can ski this weekend but I am saying. We've got to come up with the plan. No shot it down that you're putting his leg his financial gain ahead of his leg. Oh my God if I hear another fucking newscaster going we're GONNA put a people of Color in danger so you can get a haircut. You can go out and have a Martini now. Not For me for the restaurant. You fucking assholes you sanctimonious pricks Jesus Christ is that. We lost the ability to think. What would we are you in front of a camera if those are your opinions so sad? It is a weird sad state. I had a weird moment or not weird but like a sad moment I was like I know it's just going through my tweets and it was Susan Collins who with Parkinson's disease and I don't. I don't know her Maine Senator. I do not know her but it was a thing of her going. Hey you know. A lot of people that needed to get filling. It's now turning into root canal. So we need to figure this out and I went. I don't know who she is but she's a Republican. That's what I that's what I I didn't know it said Republican. Okay Republican I such Democrat but look now now we got a well sometimes sometimes our EP. Well whatever she is. I'm a fan of her. I liked her. She always reminds me of Republican. Okay now here. Thank you drew. Here's what I always thought you were wrong. I said I always saw a democrat. Well if I said she was a Republican and he said I always thought she was a democrat. That's a form of saying. I'm around as represented has represented Maine in the Senate since one thousand nine hundred seven all right so it's only been twenty seven years you know here's I just think about may part of his. I don't think Maine is now that that's that's my point here. Here's here's here's the scary part. I'm saying I looked at this person. She's a woman and she from Maine and it's a very liberal state and I thought that's a Democrat and then I thought now Shang something sort of normal you know what I mean like. You have to call sharing a practical thing you say. We got the dental care which lock it down. No not don't pay rent then forget about going back to work like she was sick. She said something sensible. Yeah and I was like I thought she was a democrat. But I was like now. I'm gonNA check because she seems she saying something sensible and that's kind of what we that's where we're at now by. Here's something sensible. I know they're not Democrats which is weird to me. Like whatever can be sensible with dental care right to normal fall. We don't get sensible with this whole thing. God knows what catastrophes people are going to bring down you know. It just requires critical thinking and decision. Making I've said unintended consequences. There's might new bumper stickers unintended consequences and all roads lead to narcissism are my two things. Yeah those are my two things and and watch out what you pray for there is there is something is created by you creating something if you say everyone locked down in perpetuity. Fine that is safe. There will be a whole bunch of negative residue that comes off not safe by the way the the actual residue from that will be social unrest people force into poverty. Massive medical problems and people have no access to care or finance or a way to make a living. I mean it's just what and what the governor just goes on pretty money here that the state of California wants to trillion dollars. Just neutrally book all right. Let me hit It goes at your think about money not having any more meetings invisible. The Governor Governor ideas dollars. I can't put money. You can print it a trillion. Wait a minute. We're this stop. I am so confused by that when he asked for that. I was like really has at work. Why waste beaches don't like it's like you can go on the beach but you gotta you gotta run the whole time in screen. F- with the Basque. You have to light on fire and run. I don't go in the ocean but you can't put a towel down and lay down even if someone is six feet away. There's no sunning yourself because that's hard. That's a hard science and then every time you walk past a lifeguard station you have to circle it twice and yell. Ollie Ollie Oxen free. Okay done done. Jesus Christ all right. Lifelock corona virus sparked an increase in cybercrime complaints the F. b. i. like domain names and spoofing vendors and scams promising government checks and fake covering charities. Please people these. Hackers are out there. They're working from home and they want to capitalize on you working from home. Hack into all your stuff and take all your money. Cybercriminals keep finding new ways to steal identities. It could miss certain threats. 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Going out there and doing standup Drew Dan. Crenshaw to right. Yeah we're going to do a live pod out there and I'm also GONNA do a couple IPODS and stand up show or two and then we're going to donate all the money to the Houston Food Bank so so in Texas. You're allowed to go out as long as you distance. Is that how it works? It's like the club can be half capacity. Yeah right yeah. They're wild people over there. They're saying everything everyone's going to get infected. It's awesome all right so we got that coming up and also you can go to my youtube channel. Youtube dot com slash Adam Karol and watch our stand up there and I'm your emotional support. Animal is available for preorder right now on Amazon and click through our link. It just helps drew go to Dr Dot Com gold. Find all the pods air. We're still doing regular stream so livestream look for those them today. So they'll next time for your Sane Mahala.

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