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Michael Hunter vs Sergey Kuzmin OfficialSeptember Date Likely


Intended for mature audiences the views and opinions expressed are those of the panelists and do not reflect in any way those are the podcast partners worse or affiliates enjoy Dot com production dedication. It starts out by the field. We did a little bit. I think we gotta deal with five shots. I don't think he's talked about. Are you ready for the requirement it. Doesn't we live. We Drive Yeah Good Morning T._B._B.. Welcome Welcome Back Ladies and gentlemen to another discipline the box of voice radio. I'm your host nest. Two Games joined alongside Michael Gross back to talk some heavyweight breaking news the Michael The bounty hunter hunter on the hunt for his next victim Sergei Coups Mon the undefeated Russian it goes down on zone likely September said to be the Devon Haney undercard for the title eliminator for the W._B._Z.. We see we'll wait and see canals not taking that day so everybody's jumping at it. This is what we're here to discuss. Sergei Coups Mont Michael Hunter disowned heavyweight division hit that thumbs up on as you're jumping into the show. Don't forget you could add nestor gives on skype to be part of the program from anywhere in the world. I'll just add nestor gibbs. Make sure you send a friend request. Be Part of the conversation voice your opinion right here. Let me head on out some co host Michael Gross in Indiana C._B._S.. The BACHELOR DOT COM. It was dot com Yoyogi morning good morning good morning everybody out there the T._B._b.. Universe backward another Michael Hunter we're turning to the rain out to Michael. Hunter made really really I don't want and say turn his career around the only laws to Osa him out of the laws. He's been on a roll moved up to heavyweight guy some big wins and now he's taking on another guy who <hes> who was highly touted had some good fights victories but it last night with Joey Dwell Co why wasn't overly impressed with him but <hes> maybe just a one time thing and <hes> he's back he'd be fired. Mike one hundred and that's cool man <hes> so I think that's a good fight. Hopefully it's on on on the car. Would it be what about that and we'll break it down and we'll get into Tokyo metro headaches where I would go so I mean I I basically know from obviously we being your co host. You're not so high on coups mine. I don't think you've ever been high on coups mind. I was fooled I was I believe he somebody Eddie over over there in the U._k.. Beat them. I think David Price David price they had to retire at a corner evolve somebody it wasn't that impressed by yet man. So you know I woke up up the topic decided to do some research. I went and watched a couple of you know Michael Hunter heavyweight fights and I was able to watch <hes> highlights of the coups mind dwelt go fight <hes> obviously everything that I read as well pointed in similar fashion as you that <hes> dwelled deserve the win and coups mine did not get it. <hes> research proved that <hes> Kunsman or Kouzmin is with the dim who used to be the manager of rozan providing a coffin just numerous other <hes> Russians Russians and Ukrainians. He's got bill. He's guide <hes> Kudasov that lost Tumaco Boo <hes> he's got Alex speech or something like that or penile something another Russian. That's going to be fighting. mackel born is move up to heavyweight so <hes> definitely a lot of talent coming out of the box promotions coups mom being one of those guys you know. I wish there was more time before the show right like I woke up like four in the morning and I just didn't get around to this or deciding on the topic too late so there wasn't any time to watch more Kouzmin fights but men everything that I've seen from hunter got me sold the way that he stays low. <hes> always comes up sneaky from the inside like he gets in on his men and he's face them toll dude. He's face seuss than I've <hes>. He's faced <hes> e- that guy collided the the <hes> Freddie Roach heavyweight he it does well. I thought he was going to be undersized. When I checked the box he's only six to you know he's coming in at two thirteen and I'm like man he's probably small but uses his job well up and down he paints defense with the Jab and he kinda bends to the right to get out of the way of the Income Jab? <hes> I'm interested not only that but he knocked out Fabio Milano whose nothing to write home about but no one else's stop them. I mean obviously caught him at the end of his career is the last time my Leonardo has four but you know Oscar. Ribas didn't stop them right and others were not able to stop them. Hunter was able to stop stop them in and just his style if you go and watch for heavyweight I guess it's the size Mike because at two thirteen he's pretty explosive. They might be two to four punch combinations but they're still explosive enemies rip into the body with left and right hooks then he'll come up top but his one onto is nice. He's got a good solid right hand when I first started watching fights of them. I said you know guys. Power might not carry you yeah no because he was taking a little bit long with this Guy Killer D.'s Eagle Eagle Killer D.'s ego. It was a P._B._C. Card. It's on Youtube on. I've heard about Oh years. He was told it was a good match up. You know it's going to serve him well for the future. Did you watch the O._J.. I didn't I'm telling you listen. I went to dissolve input Michael Hunter. They ain't even have nothing then. It's like when you the Chemo H._B._O.. Dissolve fighter and they got a tab called fighters but he's not there so I'm like what the fuck definitely take. That was definitely <hes> so things don't send Working with him so hunter now get that rematch heavyweight. Maybe in the future if he you know he's got to earn it obviously because you've got the rematch lined up. Excuse me not rematch rematch but the mandatory lined up with the W._B._Z.. Champion heavyweight division whoever that is after the win but at least you boy got different options right like in the interim he could get a book holy rematch of MacAulay builds himself back up and if he does the building he could get an use agree match. Yes I like both okay. Those are the remains got a lot of people saying but coli <hes> was under estimating a micro Honda and it really wasn't taking series his shape without a shape put it pie look Kinda Chubby. A lot of a lot of little things have been said but they were to fight again. I'd probably still pick Mike one hundred that'd be coding and they came up and found a guy name Outta vendor novel. He was really really smaller day like six seven bro to eighty one pound away from two eighty but like I'm GonNa keep a G Ustinov is a street bum and he was forty two years old at the time when he affordable forty one years old when he fordham so he was that Oh and keep it real. I ain't giving up my age but Ustinov off. Don't look like me that nigger look like Oh forty something. He looked. He looked beat up them. Vodka shots in Russia guy. I'm fucked up but let me wrong. I mean it was still a difficult fight. I watched that I was still difficult for hunter but he made it look easy. You know he's good at staying low. Brady was able to stay low almost <music> all his opponents and then just pop up on inside with this massive levels did he puts everything into and those that CA- take it still get hurt those that can't get drop drop so I'm liking what I see you know and look he was he was at cruiserweight 198 his first fight a heavyweight was to twenty seven so that tells me it was hard to make that weight it was hard in every fight after that he's had was Spanish. People like to call Chico's so it's like the the blubber around the waistline. I kinda overflows. Oh you know what you chose his eye so they kind of overflow over his shorts like none of he needs to. They need to make him wad waistbands shorts. I promise you every fight he guy got these low as title shorts with the skinny waistband so the blubber just hangs over on the left and the right not in the front so it's like you just Shit Tuck them with a nice havoc. tollways bandwith REF got about a Yoda's good here. They're saying good here. You know what I'm saying fan but other than that he looks good. You know what I'm saying. You got a nice while back like he used to do pull ups. He's got a decent jab. I'm sorry I'm excited excited actually because I know the Kouzmin has been there with amendments saw you know he's been in with Joey de Welco and that's off the top Bob. I gotTa Google to see who else but I'm interested. Baby prices no name. He's he's been there with whose name Joey Welcome. I'm excited forty five to mention. I'm sorry to cut you off. <hes> this fight was originally announced ounce July twenty seventh by vodka then they're tweet was deleted and now Eddie announced it yesterday so it feels like vodka. We'll be doing testing which which is necessary because hunter utter is right in the W._B._Z.. Type of things so he definitely will be on the on the you clean boxing program so yes it will be having body tested all right well good because I know that there was a failed drug test for Mirman soaring WanNa Kouzmin fight switched to a no contest and if your you know who's manure mad because I mean you stop them so I don't even know what's going on on like it wasn't like Mayor Stop Kouzmin Switzer nuke so it kind of sucks if you're Kouzmin but just not the go booed again you need to make sure that your body so I'll say moving from that no contests right or or or basing it on years right if we just go back and so as soon as he signed automatic room he had a good fight and P._b._c. gave him that <hes> you know to to heavyweight fights as soon as he lost to to use <hes> but the opposition obviously got better or more recognizable overall matchroom for for instance <hes> Li- go Khalili's I only known because of Roach trained never seen never seen him. Try Never Messina fight until he got beat up by Hunter Martin Kohli I only known because A._J.. Spa Partner never seen him fight to. He got beat up by Hunter Houston. The knob you know our we already told you he's faced a few people in the past not many though not many he's only got like three names like that. The Hunter Charles and Joyce obviously lost Poulenc in the past but that's it everything else is like friends level contender but that's a good win. That's it's a two hundred and eighty pounds my two hundred and eighty pound fighter very so you know success or something like that but I've seen pictures next next hunter next to Brazil. He's small bro. His two is small but he's still doing well in the heavyweight division so interested now the Fabio Maldonado fi come on my man was just like come on. He looked worse than my garden. Literally literally my Garner's in better shape than this do. He was so fat fat and Bald Bald is hail like he wasn't a fighter he wasn't I mean don't get me wrong. Obviously got numerous fights and hasn't been stopped until hunter but they got him at the right time he I mean his weight was insane. It was huge he was to forty but he looked so much. It's bigger than that especially you know for his height because he's like <hes> whereas this highway thirty nine years old they don't even have is high here. This is bullshit really know hi. How does not have your height? That's strange would yeah but he's still look fat to forty looking fat like think about it. Dylan White was to fifty nine. He looked out of shape. Knock fat like forty to forty to fifty for heavyweight. You Ain't supposed to be out. You Ain't supposed to be fucking a blubber ball like this do Maldonado need to get check but whatever he's Brazilian and Astor's Day at a month so I guess it can't always fall on the twenty fourth but that's damn near close to Thanksgiving as an American icon I I commend him for being able to. I put up with a fight camp through one of the fattest holidays of American history absolutely turn to the door Thanksgiving but you gotta pick up the shields had the same thing on says she was trying to doing thanksgiving. She was like I need that that played a partner on San Oughta fighters who fight in November got some got some different things about him because I will be eating my Yemen so he's ranked thirty nine on box wreck in the world and that's not too far off Leyden names for him to mix it up with you know it's shocking. That hunter is thirty nine on box where it can Lucas Brown thirty eight and that's that's how you know the boxer you gotta be careful because they go with the popularity of the fight. It gives you a hundred thirty nine thirty one. Excuse me one hundred thirty nine yeah. He's done thirty nine Michael Hunter Michael Hunters number thirty nine in the world okay okay his ranking age. Yeah knows ranking. He is thirty you too if I'm not mistaken. Thirty two or thirty one is so again if you're hunter. He's in a good place Mike like he's got so many match ups on that whole zone side right he could get the Lucas Brown fight. He obviously got the Kunsman fight. Maybe there's a spilka fight a Derek Zora fight a dare David Allen fight a Carlos tackling fight. I mean you do a lot of names on that side lot of names nothing in I mean if he gets up there. He got the Joseph Parker Possibility dillion white possibility you know David prices up that nineteen. That's a possibility is match room as well twenty one. I don't want that for you as a mover. Even though hunter does good cutting ground sometimes it gets complacent with JAB and you'll get a whole fucking around and just left Hand Jab. It was crazy but he's got names to climb the rankings over there in his side of the world. You Know Helen is even they're just coming off a knockout to <hes> Joe Washington so you know because let's be real I mean hundreds only seventeen and one like he don't gotta go that fast <hes> any is we have four five six more fights before he even thinking about step into the Parker or a <hes> a <hes> dealing wider. It's time to grow still only at heavyweight for like three or four fight so you can't forget Murad Garcia right. He's still on that side to zoo. Animals seek is on their side and that's a lot of heavyweights on matchroom Holy Shit. They don't clean up clean up so so. I don't know man good fight. I guess I mean you know we'll see we'll see Kazman. Deli meats to impress after the welcome fight and to welcome me so he so like not doing enough man. It's like Yo- is he. He got got a nice girl. I think he just cool with like being a sparring partner and having a decent chick like what the fuck because he could beat this. Do he could beat this do bra I mean I don't know what's going on. Kouzmin also be Freddie Freddie. I keep kind of the main Freddy Hernandez Name Again Pretty Rodney Rodney he'd be into that's the one that had the loss robbery to fuck into welcome. Yeah no WHO's Maher's been busy for you know he started torrential dizin fourteen got five years somewhere he must have took some time off off or they're just being no actually he had a slow two thousand fourteen. You only have one fi to but that was the end and he was very hot for two thousand fifteen that about four bullfights onto three four and and what we got for sixteen to three three seventy one two three four for eighteen three I mean he busy. He Ain't planning got him busy. The thing is his last four dwell. Co We think he lost Leron Mitchell. Ain't nobody even my man Rodney beat Laurent. You know <hes> Lebron is like if I decided added a term pro ten years ago. You know what I'm saying no seriously it's not a do we know amateur background just big and it's like fuck it. Let's let's take a crack at it. Gotcha excuse me Lucas Brown was the average salary he physical fucker yeah. That's another one look how high he made it. At the end of the day he won the world title whether or not they took it the next day 'cause he. He won the world title. I May know insurer my regular regular time. He'd be <hes> who'd he regular same bill. Will you funny state when he call remark move. I hear you man. Let's go out to these callers man if you I won't call it you know the number one to five five six nine fifty to forty one press one one time voice your opinion my here voice of the people long these calls are brought to you by El Camino electrical services experts in electric vehicle charging stations for consultations ends and turnkey installation visit us at El Camino electrical services dot com going out to he say maybe based on the discreet Yoyo was good. This is a good topic <hes> <hes> I do remember Michael Hunters name coming up multiple times in the past because I have so much he was supposed to be fighting. He was eyeballs for Anthony. Josh I really was hey that choice. Because <hes> I watched Michael. Hunter fight was not impressed at all aw he's cool but I didn't think he'll be no Anthony Joshua and <hes> you know I wanted to challenge Mr <hes> awesome to see who has top five is in the zone stable and when I'm eating top five top five with a belt you know 'cause I got me onto wild ill-spent fucking Devante Dave is I've got him one of the fucking Jamila Schaal the hitman not the iron man fucking. 'cause you know many gotta go. I Don let me let me take recovery. Did y'all see earl spinach chain. He'd be loss enough. There's Kane now what he got it. I G I paying so now as as Jebron thanking his page the G._O._P.. else basis lawson on email quite making Omar Nino looking on one warm tomorrow. That's the true quiet. No more I sit out the wind no more but yeah that's my <hes> <hes> challenge the mystery zone so that's my call Mr Dead Zone you find out of the altogether. They got that Bitch Demo Angle that bitch is choke key. I was like Dale somewhere might have started saying man down and well. He put it on G. O. T._M._Z.. I think I knew that but <hes> let me go to Bouma Boomerang Thanks for coming with Danny. What you need to know about me? Upcoming Yeo T._V. was good. I know and I just woke up and I was like let me get on T._V.. And see what we talking about today. So you know what I'm saying I appreciate all he's coming with some kind of information before aerosmith Chang. Let's talk about fifty acres and he bought over engine. Make you know what I'm saying talking about changing cars. Let's let's talk about getting some land. You know what I'm saying to make some real impressed but <hes> yeah that's a good fight air man I say I I really ain't seen Michael hundred on a televised <hes> broadcast with despite since they play six Oh is good to hear he actually gets out there. <hes> is all BBC Adele Matters Llamas and fighting and make AAC watched. <hes> Bush gave a run down to them heavyweights. I didn't realize B._B._C. has so many heavyweights. It's built you I mean does he got the bills. You know in osita promoter Iona osita. Is it a promoter. They've they wasn't going to lose the Ruiz fi so they going to get it back in a rematch and then they got the plan if we can't get it back in a rematch sick USA on the W._b.. L. A. Yeah but can they released the question like I mean obviously yeah I think USA could stay away from Louise and outbox him. Yeah that's his game. His whole game is be a bunny hop around the ring and he's got phenomenal stamina he the ain't A._J.. Now don't get me wrong. I know migrants release can also move through each release as I say every five I love fucking g overnight overnight. He was being counted out left and right now saying his hand speed craziest footwork crazy crazy watch out for is hurts everybody Oh we got to see him. Do it again knock it. I can only say based on a toothpaste not saying which three fights which which is <hes> the Parker fight to molasses. He wasn't off the ring slow slow in the second part. He got out yeah yeah well but Royce himself said that he pretty eighty much trained himself for that fight again. I'll say he's got whose fault is that you a professional whose fault is that nothing to do with that shit but now he build a salvage trainer who speaks with manny roller blades so you know what I'm saying that so my man is actually active and constantly training so Hussein Inglewood all know is Z.. Bond Bentley's phantoms and new dogs and new chains and on a lot of shows as in you know during the media run I mean he's got some. He's got some. That's what you gotta go to get your profile up pseudo. You know what I'm saying otherwise we still you never know who Andrew is is so he's doing what he's doing this profile but <hes> p._v._c. they only got a handsome Belsen litigation right now so I mean <hes> dissolved so will see you know what I'm saying this as we as we both know we this is yet to be saying the white man. I'm I'm good. I'm happy to hear this. You know saying that is a Joe alluded to on Sunday. I'm just happy to see that we get fights every weekend at this point <hes> as always say please my show you push the thumbs up and share this every episode of the blocks Voice Podcast 'cause T._v.. Light and if you ain't no patriarch you stupid he's already things night from carbonate NBA's crazy beat Parker. He did not be park man. We re watch that fight man. He got out jabber like I wouldn't. I wouldn't mind giving a ruis if if he did it but he got he was not just Al Jabal he lost the fight because he couldn't get past that jab right man. I don't know maybe he didn't have the a stamina determination. This was a lot of belts and and he fell once we probably told himself I'm not about the failed again you know and he bit down this time around but <hes> that I I can me lost Shit but we talk on what you're talking about and park is trying to get a rematch based off that like come. It's so aside a get back relevant trying to get a rematch of that. I like Oh. I got that win so you know I'll give him a fight whenever you want I like tell you mean. You'll take a fight whenever he wants boxing. What's dot com you're done? I I was going. Oh is show boy AIDS money. Mr Does all the voices choice two thousand nine hundred ninety rookie year a year. We talked about the Devon Haney undercard David Haney having a main event already taking over the weekend taking over Canal Weekend Devon Amy the biggest name in American boxing after Diaz. Hey welder the talking about the outside wilder say that with the G. for motion having a million Kengo boxing and Mr P._p._c.. You still haven't having match my super challenge commissioned me the L. D. Basie Massimo superjet money where you conversation. Is it fucking politician you G._M._G.. Took over is ice money the outside wilder it's he we I wish it but now I'm the king they may hear me. Hey we doing this ship. It's we hear why he got beef with a abide by new bids a call Dale Render Randy Status Laszlo Decatur Georgia talk to me including half sleeve instead. I'm Listening Day my I <hes> Rob. Nobody talked to me Robert. Just listening yeah just missing about that. What is it my we got through early one any final thoughts my my my sleight is breaking like onto come through victorious about the bag on the tree this yeah man I spent one hundred? I think he's being covered dishes. I how old are you seeing what he did and that's I don't saying as a as a late going so so I just think they'd probably get past that could have with Joey to make ready for natural the <hes> we got a last-minute take from southside website talk to me a bit says Boy Keith D._O._D.. Beg My blue tears pushing us the most Bitch Tasmania college to the show Ho Folk Nick Asylum can break your fucking jaw. Thank fucking Maserati back to this astrophysics you pussy mega. You're Steve Kerr. We went to a show like a bitch. I'm a killed is due to my hair's. All you bitch jazz as seems to be for each money. <hes> Eh sub age man got a lot of beef. I'll be while you know watch from Mary. Hey we will take <hes> we got super chat real quick T- plums ness get your boy H. money any making a fool of himself. That's the only <hes> supercharge on that

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