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A Risky Game


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Gilbert Melendez what's going on in not the end just hanging out here with you can ready to do the pre post fide this coming Saturday, but join Australia a disclosure. Yes. Please never been so high in my life. I went downstairs right going forward with I went downstairs to that restaurant. Yet. The waiter talked me into a double shot of a spread show, and I'm not an Espresso drinker, but coffee every day Gill. It's I think it's rocket fuel. Have you tried the coffee? I did this morning. The buffet. It was fantastic. I took a sip of it. It was like sipping some liquor, man. It was so strong. So it's not just I I drink that it was cold by the time. I was done. It was so strong. I couldn't get it down. I must've been there. Twenty five minutes, just drinking this thing. And I can feel it. I. Could feel it in my talk. I could tell you can tell. Took start chatting. Let's get into this you missed breakfast, by the way. Yes. We all sat down there at six thirty waiting. That's the classic Gilmartin. We're all waiting swear to. In Brittany cracks, and like I'm going well in my defense, we had a four forty five wakeup call to go fishing, which is cancelled. And then we had a six thirty AM breakfast. I'm sorry slipped through it and woke up at seven thirty and had a solo breakfast. Are you Fisher I fish maybe like a handful of times once once on a boat in the delta, San Francisco and like three times off the pier. So I've been one time in my life. It was exactly like what today was supposed to be wearing. It was chartered. You know, you don't have to worry about putting the worm on the hook a great. I had an absolutely great. I never going to get even own a pulse. So I was so excited for this morning. Wake up at four fifteen. I'm put my fishing close on a group. Text comes through two windy trip is off what a bummer I'm a little bummed out the audience we're talking about. That's why we're bringing it up. So here we are in Melbourne. That's what we're supposed to be doing today. That would have been we have great caught a shark something going to cook it up on the boat. It was really neat. Yeah. I was looking forward to it still. We're still doing the cookout. Yes. Still doing the Kuka cookout. But. I may not make it tonight. Because I think I might go visit a friend John will he's actually an hour away here in Australia who, friends and Australia. Yes, I do. He's actually a black belt from John jock Machado or one of the Machado's Sanjak who's the other one. Will you have Jean Jacques Machado and Higa n-? He can think it might be Higa Machado. Here's in part of the dhoti dozen which were the first twelve black belts in the US or something. He's one of them a friend of mine. Dave Meyers introduced me to him. And he's come and taught at my Jimmy four. And you know, he's just been a his traveled all through the world and learning different martial arts. So I want to go check out his his home out here. You know, I haven't been here before and and see his dough. Joe his class and go train with some of the students. I'm gonna head out there and catch a train after this. Good for you and a little venture, by the way. What happened happened Machado brothers? They ruined gyms account. Yeah. They're round man there around. I mean, I mean when I did Abu Dhabi back in two thousand three things John jock was still doing it and and competing, but I think they have students, you know. I think isn't any Bravo. Student of them as well. I don't know. I mean Eddie started doing the rubber guard. I can't recall because they were named when I first started to Abu Dhabi two thousand one right Jean Jacques Machado made the finals. And I remember that 'cause he beat Matt Sarah to get there is a big beat somebody else really big wins. And he made the head some monster. I remember like Ricardo a Rona. Right, right. He's never bit. Yes. He wasn't. Yeah. And he won't like the absolute or something as well. Something ridiculous or a weight class, and they need the absolute afterwards. And that wasn't that nuts. When that first came out when I saw that Abu Dhabi. Emerson Maitland against jock array, you know. I was like, oh man had usual. Okay. So you were at that one. We're Linlin had jock right now. I was that. I was at the next one after where where we saw like on. I was in the finals think and this is like after this after like, Eddie Bravo. Tap toilet Gracie out the next one, and and like Marcello Garcia when Marcelo Garcia wanna and Jake took third that year, and he lost to Pol Paulos something politics. I don't know who doesn't five public Popovich two thousand five because I was there in two thousand and three and I still remember that when Eddie bro, beat oiler in the very next day was the absolute Jeff, months and lost and impr-. He was protesting. He was throwing a fit. He was arguing he was yelling in some way wasn't getting this point across so for reasons unknown still to this day, he just took all of his clothes off. And Gil, I mean, all of his clothes. Oh my goodness. He streaked Abu Dhabi. That was in Abu Dhabi, and you know, what they moved it to Brazil of so lucky imagine if you did that Dhabi who to prison for maybe for life nose into their rules in actual, but yes, but you cannot fight, by example. Like, let's say we're in Abu Dhabi, and I come up, and I punched I sucker punch you right? You go to jail too because you were the fight. It's that sensitive that sensitive just Munson an I again two thousand and one we're teammates. And we're both at Abu Dhabi, and we needed a workout, and there was no workout room. So we just went outside. And there was like an alley between the hotel. We were just pummel and get a sweat going share. And they came up and warned us and they said, hey, if the police come. Yeah, this is how we found out the hotel can't get inside. You cannot how we're just warming up team. It will friends. No get inside and shut the doors. You know, really? And then that actually happened at Abu Dhabi the princes personal trainer that you might. Remember the story so Russian guy he was the personal trainer of the prince. He entered Abu Dhabi. He smacked somebody who's a samba Gotti like smack open hand smack them in Abu Dhabi, and he they took him to jail. No jail. They've got all of his belongings in the deported him ham, and some countries they are different. They don't mess around. They'll get you like that. But to your point, you're right. If just once would have streaked Albie who. Who might still beating might be there. He wants to. Yeah. I love that though. I'll be w was great. I mean that was like when used to be like just jitsu wrestling. And that's what I was like, okay. It's the sport of grappling just grappling. That's how we consolidate everything in one and Mark Lehman made that cool market women remixed. I think he got in trouble for that to him not to share. But I loved it so much jitsu from those guys and the X car and everything it was was it was great Lehman. Inter I don't think he was in it. He just like made these like Mark Lehman remix of Abu Dhabi, and he would like breakdown the moves like someone did a move and he'd like replay at eight times if it was an eight step move over as a five step move replay five times. Now, it's been years since I've seen it. But I've pretty sure that's why when I broke down like, oh, it was pretty neat away. He ran the moves Lehman credible reputation, but I've never seen him compete. I don't know if you did I. Through. I'm not too. Sure. I have like all these stories I'm gonna Sam. But I know we're on camera. So I'm not too sure if he was like, I think he was like a hen or heat on training partner with them rigidly, and then kind of branched out, and it made US Cobra KAI in Las Vegas, but I'm not positive, but I think he did a little bit of competition. Hinders another one speaking of his reputation precedes him, but I've never got to see him compete, right? I actually got a roll of heat Online's. Right. And when I wrote heat on like, I've Jake shields jock array, and and a lot of other great guys. But I just mentioned knows to and he'd on grappling. Those guys all three of those guys while those they're definitely on another level, and I've did other black belts before and other great guys with big names and everything. But when I those three guys, okay? They know what they're doing. They're especially when they're on top. You're like there's this incredible reputation in our sport. And it's deserved. Like this really killer guys will bounce for these guys. But then they just didn't want to compete for whatever reason. And I feel like Henry is one of those guys people that will vote for him and say, he's amazing. I'd love to sit Mark Mark. Yeah. Dancer Alshammar guys to Dave Terrell. I mean, he find the you've seen there as well. But I feel like he still has the potential if you wanted to come out and just like, you know, getting shape and do it that that's all good. He was I think still to this day, and you termines he hasn't had a point scored on him. And he took an Abu Dhabi's, but he lost off breath freeze decision to that year. He lost referee's decision to hens. Oh gracie. You know, how they just kind of raise your hand if there's no points, and then he did a did a jumping leg lock to Ricardo Alameda. So he's another guy for the world title panel of intent. Yeah, he did. And you know, just didn't goes way, you know, didn't didn't work out for a, but he knocked out Linlin. That's right knocked ballot. Real quick. Yeah. He's he's just you know, guys just don't wanna compete. You know, they don't they don't wanna do it. You know, speaking of competing. Did you see the last gypsy Josie Aldo? Yes, I did see that fight. What the he went into the I like the narrative around I guess is what I'm trying to say. I like the narrative there's people saying, you know, he's not what it used to be. Or he's washed up. I'm looking going Josie. All the was a top ten pound for pound fighter right now. He used to be maybe the top pit right now. The only giving sort of got over on our max who's getting over on everybody. And look at all of as last Connor beats him. That was a hard fight cities have an in between fight with the Jeremy Stevens, Jeremy Stevens, Frankie. Looking at schedule and go, what are you talk? What are you talking about calling him washed up or some off sorry that he lost to to the champ max Holloway, and then and then wants to Connor, you know, but he's been looking good. He's looking good underdog going into this fight what short term memories, do we have. Yeah. It used to be like that in the sport. I remember when guys used to give beat once or twice, and they were call for their retirement and things like we talked about. Guy can't kick it beat. He used that to go get better like these are competitors. Use some of these things I was just watching Joe Zeh. And then it was almost like the surprise like this celebration that cyber relief from from the although fans when he wanted like, of course, it's gonna win. He's a it's shows, although he's lost two fights and thirteen years. Exactly. Exactly. I thought he was the favorite in that as well. But it's it's it's rough. You know, when you're the champ or something you lose you can happen two or three in a row like you guys. Go back to back against the chant. They lose twice in a row. So that's two in a row right there. And then you find another top guy you lose. And then you come back about s- back, but he looked fantastic and their walked his opponent down showed some great boxing did that left, but left body left hook to the body again like Jeremy Stevens, we came back with another left hook and just went Josie Aldo on man, it was it was a beautiful thing. What he does that left head of the body, and he usually finishes it with an outside lake kick. I can't remember the sequence as he did. But he's got a combination where it looks like somebody's doing on a heavy bag perfect. I mean, there's a lot of competition and he just looked so durable. I know how Holloway Ghana, but like he just looked so much more durable than his opponent. Like the other guy was kicking him. And it seemed like a bounce off of it when Josie kicks, and when he throws just as explosive and then he could just absorb the punishment of the other guys. It's pretty impressive. Did you sleep before that fight? They tried to make him the main event. And there was some pushback from team Joe's, whether it was hammers management. But in he was not want to be the main event because I don't want to fight five rounds. Why would I five runs and I'm such an industry guy wherever the industry goes? I tend to always think it's ready to go along with it. That's one that. I'd never really been able to argue in favor of the because I don't understand it myself. Why our main events having to be seventy percent more time. That's I struggle with that one one hand said that even on the title fights. I halfway don't get that. Why go? Hey, I just saw the Super Bowl a few days ago. Just because it's for the championship. Didn't play five quarters. True. I almost don't let me get it on a championship level. But I'll just concede to it. Because history says in this for we go fiber. Why are the main of I? If we thought Josie made a fair point. Yeah. No, I think he made a great point. And I'm so many fought I believe on schedule like ten five minute round fights and maybe seven of them. They've gone the distance imagine for every two title fights. You have that's an extra four rounds. That's essentially an extra fight plus around out there. So you know, I understand where he's coming from. And and also it kinda like compromises the tactics of the fight. If I know finding twenty five minutes, I can't really sprint. There's a lot more filling. Now, you kind of pace yourself knowing that, and I think their intention was to know these fights aren't concluded in three rounds. So we need to Moore's, but all of a sudden a fighter has to put it in third gear instead of fourth right outright at the beginning to turn it up to fifth later on you know, I think it changes the whole dynamic of the fight. You know, fifteen minutes you can kinda sprint and you can go at it. Right there. I prefer fifteen I guess, I don't mind twenty five minutes for a title fight. But for a main event of a car I'd opt out of that too. If I could I would just love to be able to explain it to people, I'm not even pushing back on it. I would just like to be able to explain to people who will ask why is the? Or even the telephone for them. Why is it a different timeframe? As like, I don't know. History of our sports says for the title, we go five, I don't know what. But I don't know why the main of take a lot for boxing. Sometimes how we score it. In title fights, have two more rounds opposed to the ten. I'm not too. Sure why it is. I think maybe more action. I think there's a lot of times you see three Brown fights. And you're like if we needed to more on that we need to more. I think it was a Jake Allen burger versus debut Santa's this sound familiar. Yeah. I think a long time ago it was like a three or and then after that the every everything's going to be five five minute rounds after there was a a main event that was three rows. And I said Almeida will be that just so it can be concluded a little bit more. It has worked out those out of Baltimore vent in Hawaii, which you are calling. And I believe it was Ed Ruth versus Neiman Gracie. Yes. Right. And since it's one hundred seventy pound tournament for the title or the champions in their Royal McDonald's. So he has to fight for his title every round of the tournament. So his matches are five five minute rounds. So everybody in the tournament has to do five five minute rounds because the champ is doing it to make a fair in that case fight was really close at route kind of ended up on the top and even had some near submissions and three rounds or over and went to the fourth. I think Neiman Gracie got the submission in the fourth round. It was concluded then, but it was so close to being concluded in the first three rounds. But we went to the scorecards it maybe could have went either way maybe hadn't even just because he had this emission tests. But someone could've seen differently. But in that case, I'm kind of happy it concluded, you know, kind of happy that went to the fourth round to see it conclude, by the way, did you name? It was that good. My goodness. I didn't respect. Oh my gosh. Transitions were amazing and the transition. I mean, the sport has comes full circle every time, I did you jitsu guy, then as the wrestler, and then as a striker learns the sprawl and brawl, and then there's guys everything but certain strengths come back. We see wrestling coming back again, you know, with with the meal church taking that and gone to call me back in there could be right now getting the down. But now we're seeing the come back to the jitsu guy. Someone who is taken down knows how to fight off his back and some of those. We're seeing now were amazing and the late locks are back in the sport as well. And Honey, y'all fighting on the card is S three submissions and three fights. Yeah. I did not. I look at Neiman differently. I you know, he was Gracie. And he was this. Okay. There's something special. I didn't know about about him. I didn't know he was that durable. Our minds of that fight of reminiscent to take downs on Ruth as well. Yes, you see the technique where Neiman was on his back so ED's in his car in Neiman took both of ED's legs. And then figure for them and use that to sweep. Yes. Never seen that in my life. Yeah. Do you know that I feel like I've seen some of the sore? You know, but I can't, you know, Jake's maybe done it to me that way where I felt trapped, but I've seen something like that. But it's one of those news words, you know, you're trapped in it. And you have your balance it's like a slow tip over. But you have no no base. You have no kick stand to help you out right there. I was watching from the outside going. Okay. I never thought to do that. Oh my gosh. Why would you not do that? And he turned him over. Like a child like you said nice and slow was just nothing. Ed could do in Nepal. Yes. Legs away. Trap. Is our incredible fight though into was. Yes, the sport. Continually changes you like saving cash, right? You know, what's even better saving hundreds of dollars on car insurance? Well, if you dig that then get ready for this cause you can do it right from your living room. All you have to do is go to Geico dot com and in fifteen minutes, you could be saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance. Extra money in your pocket. It just might be the most rewarding thing you do today. Then I bring up Josie Aldo isn't just because he finally stood up to it. And it wasn't fair question that he has to why do I want to do this for an extra seventy percent of the time? If I don't if I can walk out there to songs earlier and not have to go an extra seventy percent. But the reason I bring up to kill one is because I did think it was a fair point by him. But Secondly, I do predict for you. Maybe I fear it. But I. At least predict that he's gonna start something. Because I think that Joe Zeh finally stepped up publicly and said something that I've heard the guys in the locker room talk about from two thousand twelve when this rule got changed, which is why am I fighting five fives. If my contra if nothing changed become the number one contender if it's not for the titles. If there's not something on it. Why am I doing it? I think it's a fair question. I just don't have the answer to it. Yeah. I halfway get that why I'm predicting for that Josie is going to have started something because I hear these rumblings, but you'll never heard publicly. Right. So when you say starts, something what do you mean? Like as in like he now if he is going to do five rounds going to renegotiate his contract type deal or something like that. What I specifically met by. It was the next guys that are called to be the main event, and there's no title line are going to go. No, no, I'm not going to do it. And I'll fight in the main of it. But make it three five. That's it. Or we need to relook. The contract. But I can't just go out there and extra seventy percent of the time, which is seventy percent of the I've always pushed back on it too. And I don't I don't wanna wanna dig my feet in on this as though five should go with. It's really not my message to you. But there does appear to be some evidence for why they should. And it's as recent as this weekend, by example, guild the last fight that I can remember going the full five fives. Nobody fact checkmate could be wrong. But that I remember was you'll remember versus Robert Whitaker. Neither of them has fought sense. They were Hertzel, but one of them broke their hand, one of them broke, their neither of them has fought sense. And I would just suggest for you that if we're hanging our hat on the side of fighter safety, which is what the Commission's. I get the commissions are after money, but they're saying they're after the safety of the fighter. Okay. Great. Well, I have a really good suggestion to make it safer, which is don't leave him in there for twenty five minutes time, you did neither fighters able to compete again and tell Robert Whitaker and his greatest that fight was with the oil Romero. I do think they could have proved their point and gotten out of there after three rounds and both of them probably could have gone back to work. I just think there's a dialogue. I'm not being a real advocate and digging my heels, and I just think that Josie may have started a very fair conversation. Which is what's in it for me? Yes, why am I doing this guests to sit down, and it's a numbers thing because I got to work harder tonight. But I'm probably not going to be able to go back to work quite as Quinton. Yes. Even predict for you without knowing, but I will predict that Korean samba versus your ear. You'll recall that was I remember that elbows. All right one second prior to five five. So let's call it five I'll predict neither one of them goes back to work for a period of time. And I think we could have solved that problem by taking them out in a more reasonable here, which was three five I agree. And I'm not a scientist or nothing, but I'm sure there's some sort of science or data behind those last two rounds causing extra damage or unnecessary damage taken. Right. That were at that fifteen minute Mark or your body starts giving out a little bit more. So I agree. Jose. Although a man who's fought numerous five minute round fights. I can understand why he's like forget it. You know, maybe some youngsters though they're eager to jump on that. Yeah. I'll do twenty five minutes. But once you have that mileage on you, you know, what those two extra rounds do like Joe's as dead. How many five has he fought, you know, how many extra fights are those how many fussy Evan is record. Well, let's add those extra rounds up and see how much he's done in those are fights. You got paid misconception fight, right? People. Always talk about what this guy's experience. Or you know, he's not there. He's getting better the dirty secret. And you know, it, and I know you leave a piece of yourself in the ring each time, you go in the you don't actually get tougher and better you leave a little bit of so many miles on the car. And if you use those bullets up the chambers empty, that's the dirty secret that it's the truth. That's right. You know, the truth stri hit a great hard fight. And now, I'm better for it. That's a nice thing to say. But I'm not worse for it. Exactly. It's the truth yet. And that's what your career is. And you're just firing however, many bullets. You happen to have. But when they're gone, they're gone. They're gone. And I do you know because those guys that are in the fiber club like yourself. It's very rare a lot of fans don't really realize how few guys are in the five round clip. Lot of fighters scheduled for five rounds not very many of them make it name meaningful fighters. I mean, I could go through some of my head people go, you gotta be kidding me. Vitor Belfort, just by example, there meaningfully skier a world champion a future hall of Famer just by example name that people recognized. He's not actually in the five hundred club. He's never done it. But there's a lot of guys like that. It's a very rare and unique Ruth, and I have often questioned what? And you want to speak about this. I didn't mean to make this a piece on this. I'm really not an advocate against it. But it's relevant because Joe's agents went through it. Sure. Would I bring this up? I will get pushback from fans going. What are you talking about five? Brown's is perfect. And I always push back on them to go. If you want to tell me it needs to be seven rounds. I'll listen to you. If you want to tell me it needs to be four roads don't tell me five rounds per five rounds was in abstract number pick. The night that you may recall this kin shamrock vs hoist Gracie. And this is where there was no rules. Right. Right. Right. In the guy. That's filming it is going. Hey, I get a wrap this in at some point. You know, we only got a TV by thirty minutes in. He just stops the fight yells to big John at thirty minutes. We're stopping it's been twenty eight let the guys know big John's a gun you two more minutes. So that's where they kind of go. Okay. That's the right frame. Let's do five five the minute residents about a half hour. So if you're a fan of your push back on what I am saying don't just tell me five ounces perfect. You wanna tell me, we should do more? Okay. I'll listen to I'll disagree with you. But I listened to share tell what we should do less than that. I'm wrong that threes. Nothing of eliciting. Don't tell me that five is perfect. We have done this sport deal. More rules have changed. We've added divisions. We met engenders we've had a weight classes, we've manipulated the unified rules. We've changed the wake every single piece of this sport. We have revisited in fix overtime, except that that one seems to just be left alone. And sitting there it comes. Back to my one question get I'm not I'm not a. Not on a crusade here. But I think I asked fair question ago. Why is that the one thing we've never revisited as the athletes have got we got away from the tournament format. Not because it's work. Great and fans loved three fights in one night because the athletes got so good. They could not give you three fights in one. Why have we not relooked at the structure of the time of the sport? I think brings up a fair question. And I think that perhaps it isn't my question. I think it's perhaps Josie who gets credit for this. But I haven't predict for you that he's going to start something there. And I think they are going to have to relook at that. Or redo a guy's contract. I just don't think that you can take a guy under contract and go. Okay. You're giving me seventy percent more. I don't think I agree perfectly. What is going to happen? Speaking of Robert Whitaker with Kelvin GATT, slim is going to be tough one. This is a very tough. I think Whitaker is probably the favorite. You know? I think. You know, I just did that break down with him. And I see him as a an elusive fighter. You know? He's very smart. He's calculated really good movement. We seen him beat. You all Romero? I think he's going to have to try to chop down Calvin, you know, trying to chop them down and then longer combinations later and try to win on points, organic knockout happens or organic. Bigshot happens play in the pocket a bit more. But he can't get greedy with Calvin Kaz Calvin is just something about that guy. He knows how to fight, you know. He's definitely a buxom. He knows how to fight. I keep derives in the pocket, you know. And and I'm not saying he's in better shape, but people, but he knows how to manage his energy in that chaos more than others. You know, and and I think against jock. Ray he he may Dockery. Stan toe to toe with them, and they were banging it out. But I can see jock was exerting more energy in the composure of Calvin in the pocket is great. And if he can get you swinging. He can stay compose. Eat a punch take a punch like no other and come back and pull back and county like he did a Michael Bispinck. So I'm really interested. I'm really interested in you know, I think there's going to be a moment where Whitaker's not going to be moving. He's gonna have to stay and hold his ground a little bit. And we're going to see some exchanges in the pocket, and and see how Calvin can take his power and see hall. A Robert Whitaker dozen the pocket right there, but I'm leaning towards Whitaker. I really am leaning towards way to grow. I think it's a safer bet. But again, you can't count Kelvin off. Okay. I think that's very fair unbiased from this when I'm with kalpa, but I think that's a really fair assessment. I mean, if the put put martial arts in the built system of traditional Gilbert, I would not put Kelvin is a black belt big. I don't think he's as polished. I would definitely put Whittaker as a plaque. However, however with Kelvin, he's got that grit. He can make he can make up the hump. I mean in every possible thing he's a guy that could go into a grappling competition as a purple belt in beat black belts. He can go into to boxing rules with no previous boxing experiences starting knocking guys out. And he's been in there with so many world chip is. I mean veto org. Incomes to my Chris wideman comes to mind. Jacques Ray who wasn't a world chippy. But should have been. I think we can agree comes to mind. I feel like I could go through the list in he'd beats it. Michael biz things you mentioned Woodley, beating all of these Woodley is the single worst performance I've ever seen Kelvin have and one judge study one yet, by the way, one that was a split decision to remind you he was in the hospital the day before you recall that fight. That's where he missed weight by several. Yes, I do remember that wasn't upset with him because he got to the hospital, and they I beat him. And Woodley didn't even take his money. Right. Take your money. No. It's like a young guy. But one judge thought he beat team would that's the worst of ever seen him. Look tremendous compliment Taiwan's. Another time of would be a black belt fighter tyrod's as polished as you get Kelvin's. Got that Johny Hendricks. He stopped Johnny hidden. Right. And that he this guy's beating more world champions and not become one himself of anybody that I can think of off the top of my head. And if I was look at his career on on a curve like in school where you throw it the top scoring throughout the bottom line. I have the throat the Wiedeman fight widening. Ran through him. I've never seen. No one's ever. Ran through them Whiteman. Hurt him on his feet out. Wrestled him out position. If I throw that one out I don't know that he's had a bad night. In one judge Saudi team would share and this is coming out of the hospital share share. That's a remarkable talent for the kid that was fifth in the AirAsia state wrestling tournament eighteen years, that's all these guys how to fight he knows. And I'll go by an uncle back. I thought the white men fight, and yes, he did lose. He got some. He had some great moments there too. I really feel like it was I even on his bad fights. He had some good moments. I mean, respectfully disagree on that when he got taken down armed her. But he put Whiteman on his, but at the end of the round two, and he had some really good moments in there. He's always winning the striking battle in my opinion. You know, like he knows how to win that striking battle when he gets in the in the chaos right there, but he's had problems with that takedown against Wiedeman. And but I think it's going to be a great match up. I just I just hope he gets in toe to toe action. You know, there's a problem that athletes have sure you can relate. But we if we over think things there's something called paralysis by analysis where we sit and focus too much who just frees up. He doesn't have that ability. He does not know anything that. We're talking about the well Whitaker's more polished, he won't even know what that term means. You got a black belt? I got a purple. He won't even know what that means. There's something to that naive nece that is the real charm when it's time to actually walk out there in front of the people. Same thing was not gray. Everybody shock rated. We find in Brazil whole arena, watch Dockery there. He wrote a win. They wanna see Kelvin. You know, damn thing about it. He doesn't hear the cheers. He doesn't just doesn't know anything about. It is not the way his mind processes in. It's what allows him to go out and compete at such a high level yet. I I guess I want to offer that because I do understand that he should in many ways lose this fight. He's likely to win this fight in many ways exactly is very possible to get out of there early tonight. Even go all five rounds. But he just has that ability. He went out there and box with veto or one of the scariest boxer them amaze over the knocked him out Yeltsin two or three times before he put him out. Yeah. Kelvin do you not watch tape? You don't box with Vito Belleville? Everybody knows you know, box with Victoria bell for everybody would Kelvin. Did not know that nobody told him. Yeah. That's so interesting that mindset to be able to be three like exactly, you know, in, you know, especially as you get better in these moments like you tend to start thinking of that with your young years. You seem to have that, you know, I remember, you know, as it gets bigger and bigger the bigger stage it starts settling in but not for him. He's just out there doing his job and enjoying it. And not scared of anybody. No. It's great. Love it. It's such a one. Yes. All right. Let's talk about you. Gotta fight can move. I have nothing the books, but I've been silently working, really hard, and who could shape Bank you. Thank you. I've been working hard under the radar letting my body heal up waiting for the right time to strike, and I'm looking back. I'm looking to get back in there. Yes. That's right summertime. You're the year that I would like to. Yes, I liked him looking to maybe get something in the works. They want get back home started talking to the boss is out there and try to put something in March, April major. Okay. So you five months. Yeah. All right. Yeah. The training case how to get your. Prepping under prep and under for awhile. You know, but yes, it is about that time here. Yes. She's nothing coming up. I know there's a, you know, some something local in San Jose. I think in April some time, and they do want her as well. It's a challenge, you know, having, you know, a wife that competes and everything and I support her quite a bit. Of course, they get my training in we run a gym together. We got a business. But I know she did two fights last year. She kind of pushed pretty hard. And I think she she's gonna wait till after I fight in tough to do it. So she's going to support me at the support each other. It'd be it'd be tough to fight, you know, within the same week or the same month or something like that. So we always at the balance that out and in talk it over and go back and forth and see see what's best. So I think I'm gonna fight first. And then make her knock a couple out at the at the end of the year. They call it an offer her fights. Or when she's ready to she called them. We got a we got a great relationship with Scott Coker. You know, even even before I knew Carey, she was fighting for Scott Coker in the kickboxing, and she was a champ for him. So he's always, you know, he's always been a fan of her and support her. So I got a great relationship with him. And they're always reaching out. You know, they love her to fight on the hometown. And we like to be hometown as well. It's it's great sleeping in your own bed. Only an hour way from San Jose. It's cheap to fly people out all your corners and travel becomes expensive. So yeah, usually they like to fight it. Home. You know, that's our house right there, the HP sap center. Whatever is now. Yeah. The RAs out there as well as her. So so it's always fun fighting out there. And I think that able show would be in San Jose. So they like her to fight there. But they're open. They're open to let letter fight wherever they do the kick boxing to and you've been out there you cornered an early Italy. Or they've had the fight this and don't give me a reason to go out there. So I might you know, kick butter my fight in Booker and some kickboxing fight out there and just to travel a little bit. How have you been in the arena when they have converted it from the cage to the ring. No haven't seen. You really do this no house ago? This should be the highlight of the show. I mean, they should they should have be roles in packages. It's the most amazing thing. So all they do. I mean from a structural engineer standpoint. Here's what happens you walk in. There's the rain the cages overhead like Helena cell. It's McManus Hellas. And when it's time they start like a light show, and there's music, and it just like slowly comes down, and it just happens to so it lowers down. And they just go bolt the things real. I mean, it's five minutes, and you go from a ring to a cage or vice versa. Oh, that's six and what's incredible? So the the brain becomes the cage. The ring is that big on giving is that big. They take the ropes down. And there's just like these metal posts that are already built. And it lowers perfectly like lowers right onto it. They put the bolts in. There's no it's like the best part of the whole show. Belter doesn't know how cool the reconstruction to go from MMA to kick boxing or vice versa. It. No, oh, you got to see ever go. Make sure you're in the arena when they actually make the five minutes five minutes on love to see that. I been there where they have like side by side, the cage in the ring. And that's just neat to see you know, as a spectator. There's a there's a cage in a ring right here. I'm seeing some kickboxing fights. And then, oh, let's take a break decent Emma may and some of the undercard will do too at the same time. I thought that was a neat experience. But if I can see them do the kick boxing that'd be nuts. I'd go crazy go crazy random. You're listening to your welcome with jail Sunan. Napa know right now, you can get a twenty dollars prepaid visa gift card by mail with the purchase of a Napa legend premium battery. It's durability and power make it the obvious choice for people who hate getting stranded by dead car battery so pretty much everyone the Napa legend premium battery and twenty dollars back quality parts, helpful people. That's Napa know. How know how that participating Napa auto parts stores and Napa auto care centers. Limit two per household while supplies last offer ends two twenty eight nineteen isn't the only one we'd breaking news. 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Now back to your welcome with jailed Sunan refocus on this court. Anderson Silva is taken on oughta Sonya Anderson got a shot Anderson is has a shot. But I mean to fight, you know, the younger version of yourself someone who's just such a tactical striker whose elusive with a three inch reach vantage. I think it's it's amazing things. Courage for Anderson to step up and do that, you know, Anderson's then so much you could pick some picky easier fight than this. So for him to step in there and do that I think is advantages are is he may be a better box. You know, he may need to close distance and try to get those in the pocket exchanges. He has that could head movement and keeps his hands tight while. He's in the pocket. Also, maybe he tries to pull guard maybe tries to do a little bit of submission out there, but it may be a big challenge. If he tries to to strike with this young striker, you know, but he can pull it off. There's always the chance of there. But you know, it's going to be a tough task ahead of them, especially with you know, how pissed off this crowd is going to be Anderson. Civil comes out of gone. I'm gonna. I mean, if there's one thing everybody feels their promise it is a movie tie fight between two kilter share some pull me so happy. So happy just because the arena won't be so mad. Yeah. We'll take an evil pleasure McGuinness. I don't think that's going to happen. Now my mind he comes out pulls Dr. Oh my God. You're gonna have forty thousand pissed off. All right. That's great. But you know, you know, if you think about it like, I mean, put your ego side, you think about okay, what am I strengths set? You know? I don't know if this kid can you handle a guard. You know, he's really good at spallina Brolin show, some athleticism and good striking. You know? But maybe I do close that distance. And and try to baulk some little, and if I'm in there, I jumped garden and try to put some weight on his arms, and and try to be a little more tactical. I do see most likely trying to strike with the striker. And this is the first time oughta science fought like a pure striker. I mean, he's fought Brad Varas a good strike abuse. MMA guy. Anderson Silva's, a straight striker so striking for striker. And then it's different the kickboxing. So, you know, it's always it's always tricky to see how does approach it. You know? But I wonder if Anderson's gonna respect perspective as well. As you're going to lean back in Taunton with his hands is he gonna play that kind of game. Yeah. He he may do it, you know, and that might be a bad idea against the long long eighty inch reaches someone like gotta sign you and his long legs. But he's so creative. I've never seen people switch from conventional the Paul, but. Not as much as him with his long stance in his faint suspense are incredibly just how to find you. Now, I'm talking about assigning, I'm jumping back and forth. But, but yeah, I mean, he's just he's so create about their love to jump in his mind one of these days, but it's a great matchup. We'll see I hope hope Anderson comes out and puts on a great show. Autosan son is very likely to be the face at least the top three face of the company for the next half a decade. He's a star. He got star written all over. I think. So I think so I mean, I've seen his followers. He's over half a million ready. I believe in his a cool little gimmick. You know? And I think he's a younger guy to some some cool dances afterwards. And he just related to some animation video games in. And he's definitely has a huge culture. Not just in the maze into a bunch of other things. And and I do see him. He's he's excellent. He seems to get it. Give them a microphone. He's ready to talk. Yes, they give them a mouthpiece. He's ready to fight. I mean, he seems to get it. Yes. He's got a little bit of a chip on his shoulder that he doesn't think he needs to cover up for the world. He exposes it to this seems to be a real this. I think I'm a bit of a fan. But that's why. Why I feel like he's letting us in on the journey that it's a real guy. There's no fakeness. I that's what I feel at least. He makes me believe it. Absolutely. I think there's people who are trying to be more outspoken, but aren't as a fantastic, you know, because everyone knows that. Hey, you have to be outspoken. You know, it's not just the fight businesses their entertainment business, you know. And and some people don't know that, you know, but some people are trying to to copy someone else, but the main thing is to, you know, be authentic at the same time. And that's what he's doing. You know, he knows he has a plan, but it's still himself. You know? And I think some people are trying to be outspoken, but they're just not themselves, and it doesn't work out. So I think he is something special. I'm on board to I'm looking forward to this match up. It's an uphill battle for Anderson, and he should get a lot of credit for showing the courage to do it. I do think there's another side of the coin though, which is just enter guilt, as you know, it is so hard to fight somebody in a way, they don't wanna fight if you want to wrestle, but he doesn't want to wrestle you. It's very hard to rushland. And if you want to strike, but he doesn't want. A strike with. It's very hard to strike with them. Nobody's ever wanted to strike with Anderson. They're all trying to avoid it. So as hard as it still makes for him to go out and force his game on somebody. That's not playing along. He still knocks guys out. He still finds a way to do. It just would seem to me without asking or. But it would seem to me as an outsider looking at it that Anna surprised looks at this fighting wait a minute for the first time in my career. You're gonna give me a guy who's guaranteed to fight the way I like to fight. Yes. The fans can step in and go what you're wrong, and you're not as they can do all that. I'm just saying Anderson for his mindset as to why did he agree to this and go. Yeah. I'll be there. No problem, send me a plane ticket. I think that's what it is. I think for the first time in his career. He goes, okay. You're guaranteeing me, essentially, this guy's not gonna try to wrestle me. Tell me when. Yeah. And there's something about that that can Pels me to watch and think there could be something special going to have. That's a great point. I mean, imagine his striking with the freedom of not worried to be taken down the first time ever the first time. Ever. You know, like there's something to keep your hands down your os aware, the takedown. I'm you've seen so many great strikers not be able to make the transition me because they get taken down every time. So they have to you know. But if they didn't have to me is great strikers that are not an MA, you know, if they can do it without worrying about getting taken down, it'd be a different story. And and you're right. This is we're going to see Anderson so tactical I'm not counting amount. I'm just you know, the odds are against somebody so tactical. He's so smart in striker restrictor. Hopefully, we get that. Hopefully, we get it. He's gonna poke go. Oh my God. Something that would be really. So I'll tell you one of the most fun times. I had an all two thousand eighteen Washington fight. I was live at T mobile when Derek Lewis, and and Donald fought and seventeen thousand fans booed for fifteen straight. I took such an evil player in that killing. I wonder they were so mad so upset they were doing like this MRs gr rate. I enjoyed it a little bit as well. I was still at the edge of my seat for some reason it sometimes. And he's gone on. You say he's gonna fight Kane. Mike goodness. I'm so excited for that fight. It's a huge one. I feel like this is the same fight thing came being a little bit more scope, but the same at least that he has been fighting all of your and how about in Ghana steep day. Very good wrestler, who's a very good boxer. I think you could pass to Curtis blades in many ways. Very good wrestler. Who's got you know, solid hands. I think Derek Lewis in some ways fits the Bill people don't know that he's a good wrestler that use it a lot. But it feel like it is the same guy that he's been preparing for for a little bit came who's got a higher output at a little bit better resume. But I have we inspected respected in Ghana for continuing to go to the well that had he'd already fell in at once known as the steep Amyot just sharing fell, but he didn't shy away from that same style of fighter. And if you look at Curtis blit, he's finally figured it out whether he caught him and he finally figured out. And there was there was a part of me that really did respect that as well. But one of year he. I had the way they built him up that wasn't his fault. He was built to be the next coming through in world title fight with on paper the grits heavyweight to have ever done it stubs his toe. It's totally embarrassed and rebounded. And that's what fighting's about some of the punches in the kicks. It's about getting up and not staying down. And I think that in Gado deserves a Pat on the back. I agree. I agree in in Ghana's just the specimen out there. And he's he's definitely deadly at any moment. And he's and you can make big jumps in big leaps. When you fight someone like me. Oh mean you learn so much when you find somebody Kerr's blades he fought him twice correctly. The first time was really close and second time he finished them right there. So I mean, yes, it's very impressive in and I feel like canes the favourite. Of course, you know. But I'm excited to see if he can weather the storm 'cause in Ghana is a storm. And if he gets his hands on you without power immediate could change things up. And I feel like me Oto was very smart and conservative and could've stayed in Bangladesh them a little bit more. But it just made sure he played very smart. I think Keynes a little bit more risky. Feels like he's going to trade with him. He'll play a little. A bit more in there, and that could make for an exciting match of you know. Live by the sword die by the sort in this game. But that's just Cain style. He's not going to shy away and be conservative and try to outpoint. This guy's going to try to take into he does to everybody. So that's the big. What it? Yes. Is king go up and just bought. Yes. Yes. I'll tell you right now. Yes. Oh, yeah. So now the question is can he avoid the power and for most of his career the answer? Just but not all of his career. I mean, go see UFC on FOX part one, though, scientists versus kmph Alaska. He does he he makes that I don't know if I would call a mistake it took him to world championships. But he does leave himself on his feet when he doesn't need to be because he's a two time. All American recipe. I forget that about he wants that take them to take your down. He just doesn't want it. Yep. Yep. He's. Risky game risky game. But that's the style. He goes in there and puts on that show. Right there back to that Faulk show, isn't that it wasn't that crazy. That was the only fight they should offer at this show. Klay greet AFA Benson Henderson a fantastic fight right before would have been beautiful for everyone to see prime time TV, but they just put that one of the main a bit less than a minute rice. Oh, oh. The party. I went over to a party for that food. Friends out Ted. I guess we gotta go home. Yes. Had two great fights afterwards. It would fives both of them after three times they did or twice the thought process on that. I don't know than have a long fine. To the world a little bit. I cast. But I mean, they should anticipate that they know MMA they know so should've told now let's put one warm-up here. Then we'll do it. And it was that was nuts. But yes, back to the point. I'm excited for that fight. That's. For the fight because of kings recklessness. Yes. If it wasn't for Kane being reckless. It's came all day put the house on Kane. Quesnel go make it interesting. He will he's not gonna play guard ankle pick. Now, he's going to go out there and fight. He'll he'll look for the town. But he's going to definitely mix it up. He waits for you to swing before. He starts shooting out. There got an in Ghana knows that it's getting you hear the story of Kane's first aid. I do not okay now, I have to preface with the store. I don't know if this is true, but this has been around forever and nobody's disputed it. So Cain shows up at aka and goes up to two coach hop year in hobbies worked with some it doesn't. They haven't met yet. You know, obvious work with somebody in Kane comes up and wants to introduce himself and get some training, and he's going to be the next great fire. And. Blows them off and goes back to what he's doing and can comes back a few minutes later and blows them off and tries to cages annoying. So the third time it comes up hobby finally tells us this this young heavy kid Gohmert kick that bag a thousand times. Then come see me. So Kane did this is how the story goes. Nobody's as he wouldn't kick that bag one two three guilt. Two thousand dollars over the story. Go took him hours. So can covered in sweat came up and hobbies leg. Hello. Who are you? And they they went from there. That's the story doesn't surprise me. This doesn't surprise me. I would believe it. I believe it too. And those are the champs the coach -able people the people who are soldiers who listen, you know, they go kicked. Okay. Whatever you say. I'm gonna do whatever it takes to be the best coach said coach set. So I'm going questions asked almost do it came back reintroduced himself. He went onto world championships. -actly my buddy chrome gracie's on that card as well. He's making his debut in the UC. Okay. Okay. And where's fight this in New York? That's in Arizona Osias on a yet because that's chrome fighting krona's fighting. I believe Alex care Lexus. Bruce leeway that. That's what his name is. Right. There you go. Fighting right there. She's making these debut so shout out to him. He's been Hicks and son, the great Hickson Gracie, son. He's been training. I know he's he did his thing and rising out there. You know, the Japanese fans loved them, but he's making the transition to the UCLA so cross stranded. Yeah. He he is been cross training has been doing everything. And he's helped me out for my camps back in the days. Great jujitsu wizard has been really working as boxing MMA game Nate's helping him out there right now and obese UCD byu. So keeping out from Shannon. I will keep my out for it's going to have a great back, quite frankly. I'll hook you grab the torch around with a built or but it is going to see a Gracie knew who was the last one. I think it was Hajer. Ron right? A Hajer was fighting. I believe in strikeforce. Okay. Well, he did he for sure gonna you'll see did Kennedy. Oh, he did this last attempt kidding was cut. Oh, my two year point he came over on a strikeforce contract that apparently was quite. Am I su-? You got to do something about this. Are you surprised about that? Like if I had the last name Gracie like I would just I just build the guy up. Right. Let him beat whoever he wants. And just, you know, bring voice out there bring everybody out there again, and just you know, and not feed them the sharks right out the gate someone like Tim Kennedy. Just let it keep on winning having that last name. I think is is huge. I miss it. If somebody's named Gracie that used to be your ticketed any show, we struggle with the dog park. I figure how to get attention. If your last name was great, boom. You're in the show. I mean be tour for it used to fight his veto Belfort Gracie someone in the show it works, man. But yet to your point it is very nice to see this new generation. That's why I asked about chrome because we have seen a couple of gracie's come through that are still just really locked into that jujitsu share. I think neiman's break in the mold. I look forward to to seeing Krahn when we have you say cross train. Yeah. He doing he's doing. Yeah. He's teased deftly stepping up right away. I think you'll like four pro fights five pro fights now. So he's he's jumping up, but he's he's working hard. And you know, like, we said at that mental toughness goes a long way in that belief, you know, in that work ethic and Nekia works hard. So I'm looking forward to it to the boys. What's these boys? A great, you know, Nate's training all the time too bad as fight fell through turned out, Dustin got injured, right? Yep. Where you pulled out of the way. Are you pulled out of the out of that one? So, you know. You know it worked out right because there's a lot of stuff going on during that time. Right. Who's going to be the main way co main event, the ladies fighting this and that turn out. Turn out to be Derek Lewis. And and do see. All right. That's right. You know what I didn't find it? Interesting though. And I think it might have been missed by Portia is win that fight fell through sort of the talk of that fight. And I thought that was in coming on Pouria who I thought was you know? Get in a good opportunity to get some real attention with the dust deserves quite frankly. But I thought that he really should've kept that Chatto. Yeah. With that almost is die. That's almost. Yeah. They could both be revoked against different opponents. I don't know that anybody would push back very chew. And I thought no he does. And this is your job keep this one. But I also don't know the extent of his injury. He pulled out with an injury. And I ain't never heard what it was. I think he's backed. I think it was a quick I think he's go. I think he's looking for fights as well. I think it was on him to keep that going. But back to Nate. Yeah. He's training hard. You always doing great. You know, his brand is huge. She's so dang famous. I mean, the guys is the Illustre. Now, everyone knows where he goes. Everyone knows them where I go. And and he's doing good. He's big in the cannabis game out there and hanging out with celebrities so doing appearances and being a real businessman out there. You know, he has his specialties in he's doing good, and he's training all the time. He lives he was a good style goulash style. And then and our boy, Nick, man, he's you know, he's been he's been retired. I would love to see him come back. But last time I checked he's retired. I know he could if anyone could come back and do it and stay on track. And everything is is him. And I love to see him one day. If I think the fight is right. He'll come come back out. And if the contracts, right he'll come back out. But you know, as a last I've heard, you know, he's he's hung it up. Is he will though? Like if he wanted to come out. He's eligible I believe so. Yeah. I don't think he's suspended or nothing. I don't think there's anything holding him back except just his decision. Whether he wants to come back. What what about the triumph is? He's still. Doing those. I don't know. You know, I really don't know. I'm not too. Sure. I know he's been running around and enjoying life a little bit more, you know, and he's moved to bagels and doing this thing. But I don't know if he's doing, but he's you know, I see him. He's in shape. He's. Gained a penny gain a panel. I assumed he was doing the triathlons. But I think so I think he's always running and overstaying ready. You know, he's he's he's he's a ninja. He's always ready. Speaking to me, I was so that beltway show when you guys were out, and we are on Hawaii together. I was sitting by John Thompson. And we just started talking about Nate. And I said to he would you and Nate's relationship is that all good now that you guys are are done. And he goes, you know, what he's very nice to me. But for the most part, he just doesn't acknowledge me like he doesn't really say. Hi. But he's also not a jerk tomato in right after Josh tells me that may come to say, it's just the two of may comes up says hi to miss do quick. Hi, Hello, turns and walks away. Josh looks amigos like that. Got it. He just like, no, no nothing. Unlike that, that's cool. Hey, man. I I'd take that. I'll take that for me. I'll take that better than a middle finger at a slap in right? They're doing pretty good. Pretty pretty nice and Nate nice may help on my boys. Shields. However wish what's up with him. You know, what I you know, he he's doing a lot of grappling lately. And he had a big win. He did a grappling match the fight to win. He's been doing that. He became the champ at the fight to win. You just determine you win against the AK guy in aka headed jitsu instructor out there. So, you know, I'm not too big of a rivalry. Bo. You know, we're in San Francisco, and he came away from New York to to represent he came down. And we're definitely in Santa Clara and our south. I believe the home field for AK out there. And he went to get your head coach, and they had some guys in the corner over there and their students, and it was it was fun to see deuce thing. And we call them Lionheart because he's still still got it all the time and was able to was able to win under decision out there. But. Bush in grappling is knows position. He has hard the whole time. Yeah. Those what he's looking for. And if he finds that you're done exact, and he's not going to get some yet. What are you going to do? He was at Abu Dhabi this this year. It needs to Jake shields. It's are grappling tournaments like there's one of the metals right there. Yep. He'll he entered it two hundred eighteen pounds. He was fighting in the in the World Series term at one seven simultaneously. He's in a one hundred seventy pound tournament and the two hundred eighteen Pounder, what are you in a two eighteen and he's like this is where the spot was for Jake shields. What do you mean? Couldn't get a spot. He was fine with it though. Yeah. He doesn't say no to nothing. I admire him for that. And I'm like man, you know, just still going at it still being competitive and just he just loves to compete, and he just puts himself out there. And does I admire that, I think it's pretty neat. What's going to happen with I call the World Series? It's inappropriate, but international fight league professional. Finally, thank you. PF L, but what happens now, so they've got all these guys contract to do the tournament tournaments now done. So do those guys come back next year? And just try to get each other. They bring a new guys do they stick with the term it format? I think that's what they plan on doing. I think every year they're going to have what one show a month. And it's all you know, working the way to the tournament to win that tournament. I mean, if you did to way classes per show, I think that's what they do like to I like to weight classes and get some of the bracket done, and they took about a year to complete. I think they might stick with that format. But if you have those guys on our contract that largely next year's tournament is the same competition. Maybe a couple of new faces. Maybe not a good thing or bad thing because I'm saying it out loud. Maybe that's a good thing. If you're comparing it to the NBA in the NFL, which is what they're modeling next year. The Lakers aren't gone Lakers back the Sonics repack. So maybe you do bring the get saying guys a little bit different up till you get to. I don't know. Yeah. I know what I'm saying right now. But now that we've sent it out loud. Yeah. That might be what it is just bringing all new guy. Right, right. Yeah. I think you may be you know, who the top eight was at sixteen brackets there were sixteen bracket. So you maybe keep the top eight, you know, you replace some if you keep the top four and and put some new faces in there. But yeah, I think you're right. I think it'd be fun to see some of the same faces and get some of the rematches and and ensue pops up and wins the next year. You know, I think it's a pretty cool it won't be over. But at one me over a little bit slow when I first heard about it in there was points. And there was a system, and you advance I got lost port way through Ricky story. My teammate was in. We're shower one day, and he explained it to my, oh, wait a minute. This is really simple. You get a knockout you get this. This is really simple for some reason when I was told about the points. I thought it was more sophisticated. I liked their product when it was done. Now, they got that Kayla Harrison. That's right. Something to watch. I don't know what she's going to be calm or where she's going to go. But there's something there, and you know, and Chris cyborg don't forget. Is essentially a free agent. Very true. I don't I don't think they're going to get her. But I would think if anybody's going to make a play for her it would have to be them because of Harrison. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. And they also saw Ray Cooper recoup. It was in. I know he took second place. I can't believe it. I mean, I think there's. Who's going to win it? I thought he was too. There was some cool stars stars born in Vinnie Vinnie Matt murders last night. It's not. Yeah. He's great. You know, he took second place as well. He had a great tournament. SO I want so people I wanna see back out there. But I would love to see cyborg verse that lady and that was what's her name Kayla Hera Kayla Harrison, she's a she's a judo silver gold medal medalist, and I wanna say to time. Wow. In the reason, she really got her run judo's never really had a level of success in. There's never been a champion or even a contender that was judo except for Rhonda rouser. So when Rhonda star really took off, and she was doing this off LeBron's metal. There was just an expectation in an opportunity given to Kayla who was undefeated. But at the same time eventually you're going to need an opponent share. And when you're talking women's fighting there is no name bigger than cyborg that would be a huge move for PF L. That's Amanda, quite frankly, cyborg is still the biggest name. Yeah. Sure. Sure. Excellent. Yeah. Yeah. Totally. I would love to see that match up. I can make that happen. That'd be a big move for PF L. I'd be intrigued for that. Yeah. And I don't really know. What else? I don't really know where else she would go cyborgs available. I think you at least need to talk to her with that goes. I don't know. But I think that's maybe she's in a good position. I think she is. I don't know maybe ballots were one forty fives. There's the Julia Budd. I think is a champion there too. I mean, there's there's some options for her. I mean subway, you know, beat it would have been way better. She won that fight against an enemy, but to treat free-agent see what happened is mean. Ooh, that was great. It was great. I mean in terms of fiber met her outside. I haven't I'm not a one time. Couldn't have been nicer what I say. I offer you that. Because I just called her mean, I'm talking in the complementary term you like to be called me nasty, and those are complements to us. But right, right. When they say go without reference looks at her says, are you ready? She says, yes Gill. She means it. I mean, if anybody means it's a MandA alright face first minute pays is there. Another fighter that goes out. She she really goes at it. And you lose that fight. Like, I don't know if I was chained for anyone or just, you know, see cyborg I was excited for the fight. But I was so happy for Ben news for some reason when she wants she was like January happy, and it was really it was really cool moment for Wednesday may of Sportiva may just to see something like that happen and beat the unbeatable person, you know, knock her out of it was it was a cool moment. It was really cool MMA moment. Let's take a moment here to give a big shout out to our friends at truecar. With truecar sixty seconds is all you will need to get an offer on your vehicle in the amount of time. It takes you to flush your teeth pet your dog or do a few of those sit-ups. You can get a true cash offer. Best of all you can do it right from your smartphone. Even from home, just go to truecar simply enter your license plate number and watch. How your car's details? Pop-up incher few questions and you'll get an accurate true cash offer from a local truecar certified dealer, it is that easy after that. You can. In your vehicle. They'll check it out with you. 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I prefer to see that fight. I think that would give TJ, you know, different mindset. You know? Okay. Come my muscle back on this is where I want to be at least for my perspective. If I was him. I'd like to see it at one thirty five. I think it'd be more interesting at twenty five's it could happen again. You know, I think TJ says he wants that to happen. I don't know if it will what do you think about? Well. It's interesting the sport changes so fast. And all of a sudden, you got you know, Marlin just wins over the weekend. It went to a little harder to ignore. He was easier to a week ago then coming out over sunset like that. So I guess it would say this. I think if they rematch, you know, have to do it Henry's way. Which is it's not my Belinda fit for your from my belt. I get the chance to co after your belt, if you're the one that wants to rematch would think do it at one thirty five, but I'm a buyer of that they do it. I'm they're getting my money. I'm into that. I like the Bill up to that. I thought it was fun. I liked the contra. Versi at the end. I thought it was stopped a little bit early. Right. I'm into that. Yeah. That's tough one analyze right because it happened so quick. So I wish I could have seen that play out more and see ten twelve fifteen minutes of this. Okay. Where someone wrong or someone make improvements or someone just you'll never win the rematch? You'll just know sometimes, you know, so I'm definitely into it. And I say who does a beast to see him lucid Dimitrius Johnson and comeback and then beat him. And and now he's on a roll in a tear right now. It's and he believes in himself. He believes himself. You know, what's a little bit unfair is whenever there's a controversial ending. There seems to be psychologically fans. Just forget everything that happened before it and just go there's conference let me give you an example with Chris wideman knocked out Anderson Silva, the first time Anderson was like kind of in the middle of doing something where people said he was showboating or being cocky, but because he had done whatever that gesture was. And then got caught the fans all said, no, we need to see a rematch and Anderson can beat him. In fact, when they rematch Anderson off as a two one favorite, but I will remind you that was. Seven and a half minute, fight and Anderson had a single one of those seconds. But there was something about the fan psychology that because it ended in a less than above board way. Everything else was forgotten where I tie this in is it seems as though all we can talk about. And I happen to be a believer in it too. That the fight was stopped early in TJ got screwed. We're forgetting how TJ ended up down there in the first place though. Right. Which is a very fast catching myself doing TJ. Got screw give me a rematch way. This isn't fair to Henry whether it was stopped earlier. Not you go into TJ ended up down there. Yes. In less than twenty five seconds. Yes. Because of Henry, we leashed. Oh, it to Henry to say good. Good punch. Right. At least. He's not be given it. That's very true. I never thought of it that way. But no, that's that's totally. But you know, the ref did stop it early. And there's there's something to say about that. You know, you never will know if TJ will recovered or not. So therefore, we get to see it again. You know, we want to see it again. Because of that, you know, if you did K on maybe the ref didn't jump in early. Will we see that rematch? Again, if he did finish him. Do you think we see that again, probably not probably not Monday. Thank the referee that probably not sometimes it was really fast fights that in like that though. Do do demand a rematch and we've seen it as recently as two thousand eighteen thought rose versus Jonah not champion comes to mind when thug rose stopped her the first time, it just looked as a fluke. We've got grappler against the mashed strike, the grappler, catches her everyone that one sometimes there's like a calling for that. But so I don't know. And we're even seeing more recently with Amanda versus cyborg. You know, it was so fast by MandA that they went to Dana said he wanted to the rematch, and he's going we I think we do. Good business there. But this was very decisive. What is it? What is it? We're arguing about shirt, and that's a fair point too. So sometimes when they're really quick like that. But I think I really liked this new champ champ thing, I just like the guys are being given the opportunity that true can pass that wanna go out in a mass as many as they can if they got the skills to do it. You only got one life, and you get one crack at it. Let's give them the opportunity. There's something special there. So I do think that I think that I think they'll redo it. I think they'll do it at one thirty five. I think they have to. I think they should. Yeah. I would love to see it. Yeah. Champions champa. There's so many matches that we got it. We missed back in the day, you know, because of the timing and everything George Saint Pierre verse Anderson, maybe Anderson John Jones these distant happened. And now we're seeing that unlikely boxing does it all the time machine. The way classes every six weights guys have five six titles in different weight classes or four different way classes, and you get these better matches. It's all about matchups. Now, we just wanna see some damn good matchup. Sometimes there's doesn't make sense that title fight, you know, but I just wanna see. Good match ups. And that's what makes that's what we want to side agree. If you got the guys under contract, and they wanna fight put them in there to see it with all versus till by Pettus Pettus to students in wonders wonderboy. Yeah. Hard night out right there that that is tough hard enough. I mean, if you're going to give up the way you really want to do it. And boy he says, yes. Yeah. But I'll watch it. I will watch excited about like, I don't know who else to see, you know, those guys fight, you know, but different weight classes, all of a sudden you have different people to fight especially when he fought everyone in the weight class refund. So many people. Hey, change up a weight class gets a new faces just for for a little bit. You brought up Jewish saint-pierre Ramona. Go by yourself does he fight again? Does he fight again? Yeah. Only a few fights Connor. That's the only reason he come back. That's the only we come back. I don't think he fights could be by know at first they said, he would would do that. But he won't I think he'd only fight Conor McGregor. That's how I interpreted that to when they should Georgia's gonna fight the winner Connor could be it's like. If it's if it's he'll find the winter because if it's calling and I happen to think he would do just fine with could be my own personal opinion. That isn't why say he George wanna do it. I just think you've got to have that draw. You're gonna have something special for Jordan. Absolutely. He's been there done that he's brilliant. He's brilliant brilliant, not only as a fighter as a businessman, and you know, and he's he was on shell for a long time. And he came out in a perfect timing to to fight bist being you know, in bisbee was a champion. And you know, he won he left, and he didn't have to fight you, well or Robert Whitaker, and those are the those are the real guys I really wanted him to see. So I think though, he's amazing though. He's great. He's very tactical and picking his fights right now. Right. Let's let's call it what it is. And and I respect them. I think that was amazing that he was able to do that. And when in different weight classes at one eighty five, but it'd be more impressed if he defended against someone like you well Whitaker. So, you know, he's great. But he's he's picking fights right now. So many people were mad at him for coming in grabbing the strap gives bist ping and walking away. They were they were maybe that was. Unsportsmanlike I'm going. I'm seeing something different here. He could have held that belt for close to a year gotten the meaning got in this morning's IRS as talk about this fight. I hurt my shoulder. I mean, he could have strung that only most guys would have done. He'll that belt for nine days. Just to remind you and gave it back and said, hey, I'm not definitive get on with it. I thought that that was the honorable thing to nobody else would have done that everyone else would have drawn that out as long as they could. And to great point. Yeah. I never thought of that. That's cool. That's cool about it was he was got a bad rap for right? Right fair. Yeah. You know? We'll fans didn't really, you know, they thought it was we turn of George saint-pierre thought. Gee, gees P was going to win and defend the title over and over and be back. You know? But we knew that. I think he was going to fight the one fight win and and leave and should should should there's nothing wrong with that. You know? But you're right. You know, he could have dragged long. He could have maybe booked to fight pulled. Dow got injured could it just kept his name in there at the many people would have done that nine days. He gave it back and say get on with it. I thought he deserved credit. I thought that his name cut it. I thought this'll people miss the messaging editor at I'm looking at the clock. You've got a train to catch. You can find thoughts. Final thoughts right now. Had a great time hanging out with you brother, actually, give them final. I try thrown the Berge of should I give him what? But I I think I'm gonna hold it. Hold it for you know, for something else. I'll send you a text. You'll tell me when you're ready. I appreciate you Gil thank you for being here. We're going to have a fun week, even without the fishing. We're going to have a fun week and for the rest of you. We've had it with you all until Friday when we'll be back. Same time same channel Sunday channel and for that. Thanks for listening to your welcome with jail it. Download new episodes every week at odd. Cast one dot com. That's podcast. Oh, any dot com. As you read up your engines with the start of NASCAR racing season podcast. One is your pitstop for the best car podcasting around team up with Adam Corolla and friends on car cast as they explore all aspects of the automative space then drive into the pit stop to talk motor sports with shifting steer. Then speed to the finish line and spikes car radio as comedy writer. 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Open the speech with a call for cooperation by both political party tonight at a moment of unlimited potential. As we begin a new congress. I stand here ready to work with you to achieve historic breakthroughs for all Americans. House speaker Nancy Pelosi, dozens of other women Democrats are wearing white to that speech. It's a color favored by Suffragettes and the president's opponents who want him to see them from the day after the president speaks Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams who narrowly lost her bid to become the nation's first black female governor will deliver her party's response. I'm Tim Maguire.

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