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From NPR WBZ CHICAGO. This is wait. Wait don't tell me the. Npr News Quiz. Hey mountain climbers summit this on Mount Billabong Jericho Bill Kurtis. Here's your host at the Chase Bank Auditorium Downtown Chicago. Peter Seagull everybody. We have got a fabulous show for you today. We are back refreshed and ready after a restful week that we spent googling. Can you live without inhaling later on we're GONNA be talking to actor will Arnett famous for being the Voice of Bo? Jack Horsemen and Lego Batman as well as a star of arrested development. But first we want to hear your voice over give us a call at one. Triple eight wait. That's one eight eight eight nine. Two four eight nine two four. Let's welcome our first listener contestant. Hi you're on wait wait. Don't tell me Randolph. Nickel John. From Brookline Massachusetts. How are things in Brooklyn? I know it well Randolph. They're they're pretty good. We're we're having early voting here. Statewide are you really. Yep and early voted I have not. You have not likely be my neighbors at the poll. That's nice well. Welcome to the show. Randolph let me introduce you to our panel. This week I up. She's a style reporter for the Washington. Post it's Roxanne Roberts alone. He's a writer for big mouth and stars in Sunnyside on who right now. Let's welcome back. Joel Kim booster finally. It's the host of the daily podcast. Tbt L. and the public radio variety show livewire which will be at the Alberta Rose Theater in Portland Oregon on March fast. That's Luke Burbank. Hey Randolph Joel's name also has an win. It share the love audience? They WanNa make sure that you know your special okay fills thank you arendal. You're going to play WHO's bill. This time Bill Curtis is going to read you three quotations from this week's news correctly identify explain. Just two of them. You'll win our prize. Any voice from our show. You might choose on your voicemail ready to play. Yup All right your first quote is from President Trump and he said it while he was pointing at Mike Pence on Wednesday. Evening wishing good luck. The president was generously giving Vice President Pence job of managing what the Corona Virus yes corona virus or as they call it cove in nineteen. Aol screen name like the idea that it went through eighteen tries. We've got it. The viral infection of course spread out of China infecting thousands with the disease and millions more with stupidity. There are people in America refusing to go to Chinese restaurants because the disease started in China. Guys calm down. Pf Chang is not a real person. You won't get the virus there. I L not that virus as a as an Asian person with a cold right now I have to say. I've never felt more powerful in an airport sneezing while making eye contact with white women. Getting road to myself fabulous whole planes evacuated now. You might be wondering how Mike Pence got this important responsibility. Well he the president gave it to them after telling people in the White House that the vice president quote didn't have anything to do that's true. Trump is such a bad parent. Daddy I'm bored. Fine here run this massively complex program for which you have expertise this is how barren ended up being in charge of the Coast Guard. Now as you know as you probably know I should say. The president held this press conference. Because he's really concerned about the stock market so he had this press conference which he wanted to project calm and control. The federal government is on top of it and the stock market responded by dropping the largest single-day drop in points in history on Thursday. Three more press conferences like that and we will be back to bartering with shells. Everybody in my generation like saw that and was like. Oh No our retirement funds. Actually I think at this point. Dying of Corona virus is a workable all right here and off his your next quote. Okay Oh so this is what Thanksgiving at White. People's houses light that was CNN. Legal analyst Elliot Williams talking about what argumentative shout fest on Tuesday evening? The Democratic debate. Yes indeed the Democratic Debate Randolph. Hurry up. Each democratic debate seems to be getting more and more combative and shout. He if they continue like this the final one next month will be held in the octagon. Amy Klobuchar will seize the nomination after she finally chokes out people to jail. But the best thing you can say about this particular disastrous debate. Was that for once. It wasn't primarily the candidates fault instead. People blame the moderators an all star group of CBS News reporters. And for some reason Joaquin Phoenix says. The joker the moderators lost control. Early on the refuse to rain in the candidates are keeping any water. They're like substitute teachers. Who didn't even have the foresight to bring a movie? There were some genuine dislike on that stage. There really was. I had the feeling for the first time it was kind of like the the only thing that was missing. Somebody just pitch slapping in great to see Your Elizabeth Warren. Give a strong backhand to Mike Bloomberg misjudging in her hand just goes right above his head. I I don't think that amy. Klobuchar would make an incredible president but I do think she should be made secretary of spanking. Buddha jet no matter who wins. I think that's a new cabinet position that amy is uniquely qualified. Real it really is like real housewives of the Democratic Party expecting a full on full on hair. Poll it's although although I think that that. Amy's antipathy for Pete is now exceeded by Elizabeth Warren Hatred of Mike Bloomberg. She hates Mike Bloomberg. What did those Mike? Bloomberg ads are so lake. They're trying to make Mike Bloomberg seem relatable right so they're like oh what's happened to people. Oh financial insecurity at thirty nine. Mike Bloomberg was fired and then he started his own business. I was like what did they fire him for? Leahy he got. I will tell you exactly healing office supplies and you know. He got squeezed out in a Wall Street. Merger any walked away with ten million dollars. That's the fiery firing. That is very relatable. That is the fire. We'll say I do relate to Mike Bloomberg because I did spend outrageous amount of money to go to theater school where I was humiliated on stage. I can't all right here. Your last quote. Give us your grumpiest old. Then give us your golden girl. That was the head of reality. Tv AT ABC announcing a new version of what show but this time just for seniors hint for this well. If you get this question Right Randolph. I will give you a rose. It is the bachelor. Yes of course is the very popular show which handsome men and women are bred with each other to create a super race of beautiful shallow people. They will have a new edition for people. Sixty five and older this is. This is not a new concept. Just picture Tuesday's democratic debate but with more kissing. That's what that debate was missing. Honestly this week guessing zero make out session zero roses. Who who would you WanNa see me okay? So here's my question about this show since sex is such a huge part of the real bachelor all right if you sort of. Take away all the fake boobs and the and the fantasy suites. What do you got well? Let's just says you're taking away. I wasn't there like that outbreak of committee and a nursing home a couple of years. That's where they got the inspiration version older. The older contestants will have a fantasy suite. It'll just be to Barcalounger on. Hdtv in a phone on which their grandchildren call every day. I like how they haven't had a non white bachelor or Bachelorette yet but they're like what else can we do? I I know Easier didn't they already do this? Show and it was called Cocoon Bill. How did Randolph? Doing our quiz love came to play. He got him all right. Congratulations thank you so much. Take care and Too Five right panel. It is time for you to answer some questions about this week's News Joel. We learned something amazing about Hollywood this week that there is a new way to tell who the villain is in any movie. What is it They have the least amount of lines. No that's not true. I know I know a better clue. You'll never hear them say. Siri helped me bury the body. Oh the wait so the villain of every you can tell the villain of every Hollywood movie because they use or they don't use the virtual assistant not specifically virtual assistant an iphone. An iphone exactly right. That's IT villains. Never have iphones. Oh Director Ryan Johnson. Let slip what is. Apparently a deeply held secret among filmmakers that apple refuses to let their devices be used by bad guys in movies and TV. They don't want to associate the IPHONE with evil. I mean think of the innocent children that made them move. You're not allowed. If you're making a movie you are not allowed to show an iphone. Being used for something cruel or mean. Just nice things like ignoring your family. What are the villains? Have Blackberries Androids? Oh yeah the villains. All have androids. They deserve it. Of course they're usually has to be an in story reason why the villain won't use an IPHONE. This explains why. Thanos was always complaining about apple maps. He got into a contract. Like it's a big. I can't get out of it. I gotTA do two more years with this Google phone. I'm just GONNA destroy half of humanity and I'm still in the contract et Napoli. They want to get out of that contract coming up. Our panelists sellout the listener game. Call triple eight the play. We'll be back in a minute with more of don't tell me from. Npr support for this NPR podcast and the following message comes from Pinna. Pinna is the only audio streaming service for kids. Three to twelve with original podcasts. Music audiobooks and more all ad free and screen free. Engage your kids during car time bedtime or after school with entertaining and educational audio content from comedy to sci fi and mystery to adventure plus everything in between. Pinna is free to try for thirty days visit P. I. N. N. A. DOT FM SLASH NPR. To Start Your free trial today. Let's play some games. Everybody are you looking for the answer to life's funnier questions? There's naked and then there's Canadian naked every week. We BLEND COMEDY. Trivia and a special celebrity interview I'll ask me another from NPR from VR and WBZ. Chicago says wait wait don't tell me the NPR news quiz. I'm Bill Curtis where you're playing this week with Roxanne Roberts Look Burbank and Joel Kim. Booster and here again is your host at the Chase Bank auditorium in downtown Chicago. Peter Sago thank you bill right now. It's time for the wait. Wait don't tell me bluff the listener game. Call one triple eight. Wait wait to play our game on the air. Hi you're on wait wait. Don't tell me Andrew from Rock Hill South Carolina so South Carolina. So you I imagine have been inundated with candidates right. We have interesting they're popping. I've looked right. There was actually. I think one several this week in the past five hours. Have you run into any of them? If you're diners or wherever you simple folk like to hang out. I have not run into them in any coffee shops yet but yes it's not over. It's not over yet. Well welcome to the show Andrew. You're going to play the game. You must try to tell truth from fiction bill. What's Andrews Topic? You're such a sellout. No one likes a sellout but integrity won't buy you that. Beach House will it this week? We heard about someone who really traded their principles in for cold hard cash. Our panelists are going to tell you about it. Picks the one you'll win our prize. The waiter of your choice on your voicemail ready to black I am I. Let's hear from Joel Kim Booster. There's an old saying in show business. You either die a hero or you live long enough to become a spokesperson for major corporate entity. The next in a long line of big name sellouts might shock some fans. As sinead O'Connor the singer many will remember ripping apart a picture of pope. John Paul the second in her now infamous one thousand nine hundred Saturday night live performance can be seen in an ad for staples office supplies in the AD. The irish-born Singer holds up a picture of the pope but no longer has the finger strength. Tear it instead. She feeds it into a handhold paper. Shredder while singing a version of her hit. Nothing compares to you but the you you it's the handheld paper shredder the response has been decidedly mixed with some older viewers unable to let go of their vision of O'Connor as a sacrilegious fire starter while many more are too young to even understand why the video has gone viral in the first place. Who's that Lady One? Youtuber commented is joke that her hair got caught in the shredder. The controversy or mystery hasn't seem to bother the office supply retailer when pressed for comment Michael Her wit senior. Vp of marketing and merchandising for the company stated simply where a fan of Miss O'Connor's music and we're thrilled that there has been so much interest around hand. How document shredders the pope however just said again? Sinead O'Connor appears in a commercial staples using a paper shredder. Tear up a picture of the pope. Your next story of someone cashing in comes from Roxanne Roberts if you walked into Bloomingdale's lingerie department in the last few days you might have seen a sexy push-up bra. Called the Gloria named for feminist icon. Gloria Steinem a woman better known for Burning Bras than selling them but yes the eighty five year old legend has teamed up with AARP and maiden form to launch her first brassiere specifically designed for red. Hot GRANDMA'S I used to say that a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. She told The New York Times at my advanced age. I've come to realize that a sexy fish sometimes wants a sexy bicycle. Steinem who famously went undercover as a playboy bunny in nineteen sixty three explained. She's never been against bras per se. Just the boring ones. That look like straitjackets. The Gloria comes in three colors nude red and black and two styles a sports bra and push up which says steinem lifts my breasts back to where I can see them all proceeds for the BRA which sells for fifty dollars go to free mammograms for elderly women. Gloria Steinem endorsing a push up Bra. Your last story of soul selling comes from Luke Burbank. Bone bone bone bone bone bone bone bone bone bone. Not Tell me what you GonNa do when judgment comes for you if you've got two years in a heart you know that's the opening line from the song crossroads by ninety s hip hop sensation bone thugs and harmony. But IT TURNS OUT. The band recently faced a different version of that question. Tell me what you're GonNa do when Buffalo Wild Wings comes for you. The answer was announced this week. They're officially changing their name from bone thugs and harmony to boneless thugs in harmony as part of a marketing stunt four buffalo wild wings. Or just be dubs. If you're my friend Camaro Kev. And that's not all the individual band members are changing. Their names to crazy bone will become crazy. Boneless flesh and bone will become flesh in boneless and wishbone will become Brian. Just kidding. He'll be wished boneless. The only holdout is member. Lazy Bone is quoted as saying I ain't changing changing our name to boneless is preposterous and quote. Despite the holdout boneless thugs in harmony. Merch will be going on sale soon at the restaurant. Chain including t shirts hats and gold chain with a boneless chicken on them. No word yet on if the partnership will seep into the music of boneless thugs but if they put a song called why did. I order these wings so hot God. I'm sweating can I please have some more blue cheese or something to dip them in? It's probably a marketing thing. Somebody Somebody Andrews sold out. Was it from Joel. Kim Booster Sinead O'connor who now tears up her picture of the pope with a handy hand held paper shredder from staples from Roxanne. Roberts was Gloria Steinem. Who's now endorsed her own branded? Push up bra or from Luke Burbank. The hip hop group bone thugs and harmony is now boneless thugs in harmony to promote buffalo wild wings. Which of these are the real story of a sellout in the news or having. Just come from a chicken restaurant. It wasn't buffalo wild wings. I'm going to go see the wild wings bone bone. But you're going to go for the bone thugs and harmony story from Burbank. Well we spoke to somebody who is involved with the real story bone bugging me changed their name to bone thugs and harmony. Because I've only swings are so good that was set freeman. He's the chief marketing officer at Buffalo Wild Wings. Congratulations Andrew you got it right. You're earned a point for Lewke. One are prize. The Voice of your choice in your voicemail. Congratulations thank you thank you. Thanks for the candidate. I'll see you at the crossroads. Sandra bye bye and now the game where we ask People. We admire to do something. They don't understand it's called. Not My job will. Arnett specializes in playing rather unpleasant people but in a way that makes them adorable. He was job on arrested development. He's the voice of Lego Batman and he just finished the sixth and final season of playing the lead role on Bo. Jack Horseman on Netflix. We hope he's actually pleasant. In Real Life Will Arnett. Welcome to wait wait. Don't tell me no. I cannot count all the things that you've done that I've so much loved going back to thirty rock and a lot of other things. But let me ask you. Do you think that my characterization of your typical role was correct? You tend to play people who are not that pleasant. Well Yeah you know. It's it's a lot better than than some people describe it as That I play holes and I I tend to see them as just broken people. I find characters who are a quite stupid and be quite confident to be really funny to me and then they have some at usually like to. I like to think that they have some underlying major sort of psychosis happening something. That's deriving them to be this way. That's that's how I kind of justify it right. So they're they're mean and sometimes abusive the people around him but they're they're hurting inside your way to hell with that anyway. I once read that. You didn't intend to end up comedy as much as you have that you were going to be a serious actor. Yeah I that was. That was my hope That I would end up as I wanted people to take me really seriously and anyway. That didn't happen but still to this day. But you know it's fine Fine I also say that like people say. Did you do sketch or stand up? I said no no no. I was too dumb to think of that as an option. I didn't even I was like. Oh Yeah I should have done sketch. Yeah but now here you are just very successful. You poor guy. You just finished a season six of Bodak which is about a washed up Hollywood actor who's also a horse when you first got this script where you would all. Did you have to be convinced or did you love it right away? You know it was one of those who remember when I was first sent to me. They didn't really say anything they just said. Read this really funny script and the first page I remember thinking what and then but then it was so funny you know we. We made this It was something. He was undeniably. Funny in great and of course as you remember that first season especially the first episode wasn't as heavy but you could see that there were kind of undertones there something else going on this guy who had a of self loathing etc etc. And I'm like Oh yeah was my kind of Guy. I just saw terrific. It's it was really. It's been quite a journey because this very broad comedy as you say ended up this very dark and sometimes very serious and moving exploration of this guy's serious problems which is weird because he's still a horse I would say it four considering that it's that he's a horse it's one of the most human story I got a part of. It is kind of weird. Are you going to Miss Beau Jack? Now that you're done with him Yes and no In that yes it was. It's been such a great thing to be a part of no in the sense that You know it's quite heavy and kind of often quite depressing the most depressing cartoon ever made. I will be wanted people to take you seriously. I know well I got it and then many times. We've finished recording. I look through the across. You know through the glass at Raphael Abubakar. I'd say you are going to pay for all my therapy. This might be the show. Was You therapy? I want to ask you about a couple more things. I discovered just this week something that I should have figured out because I've seen them dozens and dozens of times. Yeah yeah no we did. Have that kind of trained connection know that you are the voice of GMC trucks. And I don't think I recognized it because in those ads. You're so sincere. About how great a truck it is when I would expect you to say something like forty thousand dollars for a pickup come on. I mean that's what I'd expect pure let me first of all say pay our great trucks their professional grade yeah. I've heard that I've heard that. Hey will this is Luke Burbank? I'm a huge fan. I'm just wondering like if I were to see you on the street I would. I would have to really stifle the urge to come up and sort of like yell. Some Job Luth. Line at you is there. Is there a particular line from that? Show that you are okay with people saying to you in the one you like less. I just want to know what to do when I meet you. Well just first of all. I did not to frighten me but I do. Get a lot of people coming up In in yelling things People coming up and they'll say come on of course Pep people either asked me to do the chicken dance ward. Do the chicken Dance Street I have people come up to me and look at me and kind of take a pause. Look at me and then just go Michael. I once read that. Actual Magicians got mad at you for depicting magician as such a doofus. Heard we One time we worked at this With this magician he was helping us out great guy and he and he was the one who alerted me to that he said. Yeah a Lotta guys up at the at the Magic Castle you know they. They're all ruffling. Because you're making us look bad well Can Use Magic to get out of it. Well we'll learn that it is an absolute joy to talk to you. We can do it all day. But we've asked you here to play a game we're calling Beau Jack. Meet Boats Jack. So as we've established you've played a horseman which made us wonder. What do you know about vote? Jacks that is people named Jack who hang around boats to answer two out of three questions about Bo Jackson when our prize for one of our listeners. Bill who are playing for Tom Marino of New York City aright ready to do this. I sure boy. That's a great announcer. Select way built since then I liked. Gmc Drugs Am Bill. Quit talking about the bridge. All right here is your first question. Captain Jack Sparrow was the mentally popular hero of the pirates of the Caribbean movies. But Johnny Depp also played that character in another vehicle. What was it a in a direct to video spin off called captain. Jack will get you high tonight. Be He replaced the animatronic Jack Sparrow in the actual pirates of the Caribbean ride holding. Perfectly still do. The boat came by then. He freaked out. The writers or see appeared in commercials for the failed Vegan. Dessert bars called pirates of the CARIB. Eating okay I'M GONNA say be into it for very long but I'm GonNa say you're right. That's what he did. You can find video. Did it. Back on two thousand seventeen. There are captain. Jack's all over the ride in a one point. One of them started waving talking to the tourists. And it was in fact Johnny Depp. All right another famous boat. Jack is sailor Jack. He is the cartoon Mascot on boxes of Cracker Jack but has an only pushed that classic snack also once tried to get people to eat. What a crack. Jack Poorly thought version. That was advertised as addictive as the real thing. Be Cracker jacked up performance enhancing version of the snack or see Cracker Jackson. Pollock's which you eat after sprinkling them at random on the floor. Oh Man Matt say again. You're right Jack Pad. Caffeine didn't do well all right last question. Maybe the most famous boat Jack was the character. Jack Dawson played by Leonardo Di Caprio. In titanic now the cast of that movie endured a lot of hardships on the set but maybe the worst was when what happened. A as practice for pivotal scene to Caprio insisted on painting every member the crew like one of his quote. French girls be an extra trying to impress. James Cameron actually drowned himself to show his commitment or see the entire cast and crew was dosed with. Pcp which somebody put into the chowder. During a lunch onset. Leading to among many other things a spontaneous Conga line led down a hospital Carter by the cinematographer who was as high as a kite. I'm GONNA say see you're right exactly what happened three in a row will. That's very good to this day. Nobody knows who spiked the chatter. But that is a true story. Well Bill how did will Arnett doing our quiz score the TRIBECA. Congratulations will will Arnett. Is Bo Jack Horseman on Netflix is Bo Jack Horsemen? The final season is out now on. Netflix will Arnett. Thank you so much for joining us. An absolute joy to thank you so much. Thank you just a minute bill. Rides a bucking Bronco. Our listener limerick challenge. Call One. Triple eight wait. Wait to join us in the air. We'll be back in a minute with more of wait wait. Don't tell me from NPR. This message comes from. Npr Sponsor Virgo finding the perfect vacation. Home for the whole family is hard you start looking for a beach house big enough for sex and WIND UP WATCHING VIDEOS OF SURFING. Dogs Virgo. Does the hard work for you. Whatever your budget or whatever your family is looking for a yard grill even a pool. Virgos got you covered. Download the verb. Oh APP THAT'S VR B. O. To discover everything from condos and cabins. Villas and castles let verb. Oh find a home that matches your family a new reason to get up on Saturdays because now up. I gives you the biggest news of the day on Saturdays to NPR's morning news. Podcasts expands. Tear weekend every Saturday at eight. Am Eastern. I'm Scott Simon and Lulu Garcia Navarro? Start Your Day informed six days a week now from NPR news from NPR WBZ Chicago. This is wait wait. Don't tell me the NPR news quiz. I'm Bill Curtis where playing this week with Luke Burbank. Joel Kim Booster and Roxanne Roberts Adhering Evans your host at the chase. Bank cut a terrarium in downtown Chicago. Peter Segali bill takes a stand and says Ryan Spartacus. Will you be brave enough to join him in the listener? Limerick challenge if you'd like to play gets a call at one. Triple eight wait wait. That's one eight eight eight nine two four eight nine two four right now panel some more questions for you from the week's News Joel. According to The New York Times the latest beauty trend is getting your what's Moose smashed and manipulated here but no that was last year's trend. Can I get a quadrant uppermost? Your nose wider your mouth. I'll give it to you your whole face. Oh that's all. We wanted quadrant. He said traffic. If you hate how relaxing traditional facials are in which they felt more like someone kneading bread dough then sign up for a sculptural facelift to start an esthetician jams. Their thumbs into your mouth. This is true and then four simply pay extra for that. Well that's also a really good way to get corona by the way that's what they do is they then sort of distorting stretch your face with their hands and all these directions. Think of it as like one of those extreme home makeovers. But this time the drywall smashing is your Septum. The time says that the face slushing make your face look quote imperceptibly more attractive unquote which means you can look forward to compliments like. Oh did you get your haircut or something because you look imperceptibly more attractive? Look if you work in an office you'll know you'll do anything to make it more. Exciting steel pens eat free old crackers study shows that one in three people have done what to jazz up their workday taking drugs. No more than one in three. Can I get a hint This is called. The Jim and Pam effect developed a crush pursued relationship. Looked into the camera when someone said something awkward you gotTa Number. Two had an office romance one in three people apparently have had a relationship with a coworker. Which means if you get four of your co workers in a room one person will admit to it and another one will look anywhere but at anyone's face. This feels like a high number. Considering how unromantic most workplaces are. Oh hello is that a lean cuisine your heating up that sounds low to me honestly because like where are you going to meet somebody and you work you work together? You see them a lot. I would assume that it would be like ninety percent. I also used to work at the Bunny ranch in so maybe my you didn't really work at the Bunny ranch you Roxanne. We've known each other for so many years and you don't know this part of my life. I don't think I do. Yeah I was the least successful bunny. They had Joel Zoo in Sydney Australia. Arranged for one of its babboons to get a sesame but when he got to the hospital the the baboon did what he escaped with two wives. You're right. He grabbed two female baboon and made a break for it. Talk about it workplace romance. I know there's one thing I keep an eye on. Its baboon activity in Australia to the vets. The female monkeys who aided in the breakout with the babboons to wind so the whole thing was caught on security camera. It's shocking to see not the escape. Just a functional polly relations. Ethically non monogamous is what we call it. These days local zookeepers managed to find the throttle after only a few hours and the baboon is now back in the hospital awaiting his reschedule. The secretary dammit. His monkey wives meanwhile have formed an inseparable bond which frankly makes the Mobutu little uneasy. You guys you guys talking about me coming up. It's lightning fill in the blank. But I it's the game where you have to listen for the rhyme. If you like a play on air caller leave a message at one. Triple eight wait. That's one eight eight nine. Two four eight nine two four or click the contact US link on our website wait wait. Npr Dot Org there. You can find out about attending our weekly live shows here at the Chase Bank Auditorium in Chicago and our first ever show in Buffalo New York on April thirtieth at Shays Performing Arts Center. And if you want more wait wait in your week. Check out the wait. Wait quiz for your smart speaker. It's out every Wednesday with me and bill asking you questions all in the comfort of your home or wherever you have your smart speaker. It's just like this radio show. Only now you have to work for it higher. Wait wait. Don't tell me array calling from Berkeley California. Our beautiful Berkeley. I'm glad to hear it do you. Are you at the university? There already. Do THEIR PLANTS INTERACT? Don't they don't they just sort of sit there and look at each other? Sometimes they can be competitive and sometimes who can help each other out how to how to plants compete. They might take all the resources shade each other out or just not let East Germany. We consider naming the most competitive. Plant the Roxanne Roberts. You should walk Courtney. Welcome to the show. Bill Curtis is GonNa Redo three news related limericks with the last word or phrase missing from each if you can fill in that last word or phrase correctly in two of the limericks you'll be a winner ready to go all right. Here is your first Limerick as Golly. I'M NOT A SHAM. Phony that ICE CLEANING TRUCK. There can't own me. The rink looked okay so I went into play. Though most days I drive the Zamboni when both goalies for the Carolina Hurricanes Hockey Team were injured this week before game. Somebody else's their doctor in the house and when nobody said anything they yelled okay. Is there another goalie in the House and Zamboni driver said right here he throw on a Jersey with his name glued on the back got out there and ended up winning the game for the hurricanes? Of course he did well. Though have you ever tried to shoot a hockey puck through Zamboni Machine Legal Sarah? Nothing in the rule book that says Zamboni can't play hockey for his efforts David eyres got five hundred dollars his game worn shirt and a severe concussion. He'll treasure for the rest of his. Here's your next limit with no bumgarner name. They won't know me know and this wide Brim won't let my face show below when I don't have to pitch for calf roping inch in my spare time I ride in a yes. Very good. All Star Pitcher Madison. Bumgarner got some trouble this week. When the athletic reported that he moonlighted as a professional Rodeo cattle roper under the name Mason Saunders now professional baseball players are not allowed to do anything even remotely dangerous even using a remote is too much but bumgarner says the Rodeo was necessary preparation for when he needs to lasso all the astros hitters and then drive them to the slaughterhouse. Do He made twenty six thousand dollars. A Madison Bumgarner did writing Rodeo under an assumed name. It's crazy he's the Madison. Baumgartner of Rodeo. What was the name that he used the name Mason Saunder? Wow it's shocking. He found an even gay or porn. I suppose if you had a cowboy hat on and people occasionally might say you know you look like that kid and he would say yeah. I get that a lot. Well there's no word yet and if he will receive any disciplinary action however when asked for comment professional Skydiver Madison. Bumgarner guys seem like a really cool dude and he shouldn't get in trouble. Here is your last lyric courtney four. Mcdonald'S I burn with hot fervor six candles make one divine merger some pickle some cheese and extra VIF please. Together they spell like one burger. Yes very good move over Yankee candles. There's a new bad smell down MC DONALD's has released a set of six candles that when burned together smell like a quarter pounder with cheese that is on fire to cover up a fart. You just make your house smell like six. They could use those candles. The McDonald's bathroom battles not great each candle in the set emits a different scent of the quarter pounder beef bun cheese pickle trans fat acid reflux. Onion is one of the isolated sense in the set so when used alone. It's a great way to set the mood. If the mood is no sex tonight. Bill how did Courtney do on our Quiz Courtney? We thought nobody was going to get these three. But with your soft little voice you nailed every one. Congratulations Courtney thank you so much support for this podcast. And the following message come from K. Buxbaum in support of the David Gilkey in Zombie. Ulitsa Mono- Memorial Fund established to strengthen NPR's commitment to training and protecting journalists in high risk environments. Now onto our final game lightning. Fill in the blank. Each of our players have sixty seconds in which to answer as many fill in the blank questions as they can. Each correct answer is worth two points bill. Can you give us the scores? Joel and Luke. Each have three Roxanne has to all right. Roxanne your in second place. That means that you will go first. The clock will start winning beginning. First question fill in the blanks on Tuesday. President trump called for justice is sort of your and blank to recuse themselves from cases involving him. Ginsburg right on Wednesday. Barack Obama called a networks in South Carolina to pull misleading ad targeting blanks presidential run. Joe Biden this week. An appeals court ruled. The trump administration could freeze funding for so-called blank cities sanctuary this week a private video of an NYPD. Police chief warning has officers against leaking information to the media. Blanked went viral. It was leaked to the media according to a new government study around forty percent of adults in the US are now blank obese on Tuesday the FCC reported that hid it had received over a thousand complaints about blanks halftime show Jennifer Lopez and Shakira Super Bowl despite giving a fake name during a traffic stop. A Texas woman with five. Outstanding warrants was still arrested because blank because she gave her real name no because the fake name she gave also had a warrant out for a strong was pulled over for routine traffic violation. She knew her five. Outstanding warrants would probably get her in trouble so she thought quickly and gave the police a fake name. Unfortunately that name also had a warrant on it. The odds for that seem pretty low but it's her fault for saying that her name was the Zodiac killer. Bill how to Roxanne doing our quiz six right twelve more points. Total fourteen comfortable lead all right. We flipped a coin. Joel has elected to go second here. We go fill in the blank during his first official trip to the country. President trump failed to secure a new trade deal with blank China. No India this time after a week of volatility the blank Fella historic one thousand one hundred and ninety one points on Thursday dow Jo-. Yes this week. The FDA accused Jimmy Johns of serving vegetables linked to an outbreak of blank because right the La County sheriff's Office is asking whoever stole a Black Lincoln navigator to please return the blank that was inside the gasket. Very good the casket with a dead person. Inside on Tuesday electronics giant blank revealed. It had over two hundred billion dollars of cash on hand apple. Yes on Wednesday. Tennis Great Blank announced. She was retiring from the sport. Maria Shove Cova. Yes this week. A BACHELORETTE PARTY CELEBRATING. Strip club in the UK ended abruptly when blank. The stripper died. No nothing that serious strippers pole came loose bunk to the bride's grandmother in the head and the stripper broke both his legs while it's true most. Bachelorette parties would end the moment. Someone said we can't go to the Strip club without grandma. This one was actually going great before the Strippers Pole ripped out of the ceiling taking the stripper along with it at the broadcast on the head before landing in the strippers legs. Thankfully everyone is fine because for some reason the Strip was filled with a bunch of super buff. Police officers. Billy Joel really well. What did he did very well? Five right ten more points. Thirteen year one short. So how many does Luke needs to take it away from rock six to okay? Look this is for the game. Fill in the blank on Monday. A jury found disgraced producer blank. Guilty of two of the five charges. He was charged with Harvey Weinstein. Tuesday Bob Iger announced. He was immediately stepping down as CEO of blank. Disney right this. The trump campaign announced it was filing a libel suit against the blank over an opinion piece connecting the campaign with Russia New York Times during an event in Scotland this week Prince. Harry told everyone to call him blank from now on cool. Rick no Harry Not Prince Harry. This week. Heathrow airport in London vowed to become a zero carbon emission airport with the exception of blank the BANGERS and Mash restaurant no with the exception of the emissions from airplanes on Wednesday scientists announced they had discovered a new mini blank orbiting the Earth Moon. Yes many moon multiple NFL reporters say it's unlikely blank returns quarterback to the New England patriots. Tom Brady yes. Woman in Massachusetts said she had the worst I ate ever when she picked him in his parents house and then blanked realized it was also her parents house. That would be a terrible day but in fact what happened to this woman is that she was tricked into being her dates getaway driver after he robbed a bank as if picking up the man at his parents wasn't enough of a red flag on the way to dinner. He asked her to stop by a bank and then a few minutes later ran back into the car with thousand dollars of stolen cash and told her to step on it. The woman who admits she should have expected this. They originally matched on tinder because they shared similar interests. Fine dining long walks on the beach waving a gun in the air while shouting everyone get on the ground now bill. Did Luke do well enough to win? Well he did well. He got five right ten more points total of thirteen but that means rocks. Is this week's Winter. We are not a comeback story in just a minute. We'll ask our panelists to predict after the new golden years edition of the Bachelor. What will be next show to get a senior version? Wait don't tell me is their production of NPR WBZ Chicago and association with Urgent Haircut. Productions Doug Berman Benevolent overlord. Philip Goad lyrics public address announcer is Paul Freedman. Our House manages Janika donor in his day. Our web guru is Beth Novi. Bj Liederman composed our theme. Our Program is produced by Jennifer Mills Miles during boss Lillian technical directions and Lorna white special. Thanks this week to Gary Yet. Our Business and ops manager is Colin Miller our corona virus czar. Peter Gwynne a production manager. Is Robert Newhouse? Our senior producer is in big daddy Chile and the executive producer of wait. Wait dummy is Michael. You can hold it. Danforth now panel. What will be the next show for seniors? Joel Kim Booster Rupa's drag race for Seniors Sissy that Walker Roxanne Roberts senior jeopardy where the categories always include when I was your age kids these days and the value of a dollar and look for bank American Ninja Warrior Seniors addition the obstacle courses. Just trying to properly use emojis on an IPHONE. Well if we see any of these shows we'll ask you about it on wait wait Doug Tummy Ache your belt. Curtis thanks Roxanne Roberts Luke Burbank and Joel Kim Booster. Thanks to all of you for listening. We're so grateful. Peter say we'll see you next week this is NPR.

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