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Welcome to the murder minute podcast. Your daily dose of true crime on today's episode the story of Marcus Wesson, but I your true crime headlines. A Texas bartender was arrested and charged last week a year and a half after a patron. She served left her establishment and committed eight murders. Twenty-seven-year-old Lindsey glass was working at local public house in plano, Texas. When thirty two year old Spencer height walked into the bar one afternoon in September of twenty seventeen. She served him to drinks, and then he left, he returned about four hours later, and she served him to beers, and a shot during that second visit he seemed agitated and drunk and surveillance video from the bar that day showed him bumping into tables, and brandishing a knife and a gun concerned about his behavior, the bartender texted, a co worker, Timothy banks asking him to come and talk to height in her text messages to banks. She described height as drunk and acting weird, and she said that she thought he may have been drinking somewhere else during the time between his first visit and his second. When banks arrived at the bar and spoke to height he urged him, not to drive and asked him to leave his weapons behind height ignored both requests and instead drove to the home of his estranged wife Meredith who was hosting a gathering of friends and coworkers to watch football that evening at their home, height opened fire on the party shooting. Nine people eight of them died among the dead were several of Spencer, heights friends, including two groomsmen from his wedding Spencer height was shot by police officers responding to the incident and died on the scene. Lindsey glass was charged under a seldom enforced statute forbidding service of alcohol to an intoxicated, person while it is not in dispute that she did serve alcohol to Mr. height, her attorneys, assert that she went above and beyond to try to prevent the tragedy. That day by calling nine one one herself to report. Heights troubling behavior. She was friends with Meredith height, and would have been in attendance at the party had she not been working Spencer, heights blood alcohol content. At the time of his death was point three three more than four times. The legal limit in the state of Texas. An airline pilot was arrested at Louisville international airport last week and charged with three counts of murder for the twenty fifteen deaths of his neighbors as passengers waited to board a flight to North Carolina. They're pilot Christian Martin was taken into custody and later indicted on three counts of murder, as well as arson burglary and tampering with evidence. He is accused of killing Calvin and Pamela Phillips and Edward, Dan. Sarah, in the small, Kentucky town of Pembroke Christian Martin. A former military officer was court martialled in twenty fifteen on charges of abuse and mishandling of classified documents his neighbor Calvin Phillips was listed as a potential witness in the case, but was murdered along with his wife and his brand, before he had a chance to testify in military court, a thirty year old man from Massachusetts is under arrest charged with stabbing to hikers one of them. Fatally along a stretch of the Appalachian trail in southern Virginia less. Tweak, the trail, which stretches for more than twenty one hundred miles from Georgia to Maine, draws millions of visitors annually, including thousands of hikers, who attempt to traverse the entire path in a single year, the accused attacker, who was already known to thorns for harassing hikers along the trail has been identified as James L Jordan, Jordan countered, a group of four hikers, who had set up a camp along the trail, he spoke to them through their tents threatening to pour gasoline on them and set them on fire. The hikers started to pack up and leave and Jordan attacked them with a knife, two of them were able to flee, but Jordan stabbed the other two fatally injuring one man and leaving one woman. Seriously injured a hand held GPS device carried by one of the hikers sent an SOS signal to thirties, who used it to find the victims and their attacker, the killing is the tenth along the trail in the forty five years since recordkeeping began. A jury has found eighteen year old Matthew Borjas guilty of first degree murder in the beheading death of his high school classmate leave the Loria Paolina. Oh in twenty sixteen. It is believed that Borjas who was fifteen at the time killed sixteen year old Paulino because of jealousy over a girl and then cut off his head and hands and an attempt to make his body more difficult to identify Borjas, who was tried as an adult for the crime did not take the stand at his trial. And the defense did not call any witnesses the prosecution called dozens of witnesses and presented. An abundance of evidence over the course of the two week long trial, including text messages and journal entries outlining his plans for the crime. The jury deliberated for four hours before returning the guilty verdict. According to sentencing guidelines mortgages is now facing twenty five years to life in prison. Those are your true crime headlines for true crime, anytime. Download the murder minute app or follow us on Instagram at murder minute. Welcome to the murder minute podcast today, the story of a man who turned his family into an incestuous Colt. Marcus Wesson was born in Kansas, in nineteen forty six the eldest of four children of Benjamin and Carrie Wesson and raised as a member of the Seventh Day Adventist church. His mother was a religious fanatic, his father, an alcoholic and an abuser who abandoned the family when Marcus was a child in the early nineteen sixties his family moved to California where former classmates recall that the young, Marcus Wesson had close cropped hair, liked model in electric, trains and wore slacks, a white shirt jacket and often tie to Fremont junior, high school, while the other kids wore jeans, and t-shirts, Marcus seem studious and sang in the junior, high choir, but later dropped out of high school when he didn't have enough credits to graduate and soon enlisted in the army army records show that Wesson received medical Cormon training for ten weeks in nineteen sixty six at fort Sam Houston, Texas, following his training. He was shipped overseas. Spending nearly two years. As an army ambulance driver in Europe, during the Vietnam, conflict, Marcus Wessons military service would prove the only stable job, he would ever have Marcus moved back to the United States on June second nineteen sixty eight shortly thereafter. He began a relationship with an older. Married woman named Rosemary solo Rio and convinced her to leave her allegedly abusive husband, western soon, moved in with Rosemary, and her children into her three bedroom house in San Jose. The pair had a son in nineteen seventy-one. But at the same time, Marcus Wesson was grooming Rosemary's eight year old daughter Elizabeth, he told the girl that God had chosen her to be his bride. And in nineteen seventy four Wesson, married, Elizabeth, staging a wedding ceremony in their home, by the time she was twelve Wesson was sexually abusing the girl when she was fifty. Eighteen Marcus, and Elizabeth legally married after Elizabeth became pregnant, he was twenty seven by the end of the nineteen seventies Marcus, and Elizabeth Wesson had four children Dorian, Adrian Kiani and Sabrina all born in Santa Clara county. They would go on to have six more in the nineteen eighties mourn, and Santa Clara county, Donovan, Marcus junior, Elizabeth and Serafino born in Santa Cruz county and gypsy born in Fresno county, Donovan, sadly, died, only six months old from spinal meningitis, the birthplaces reflect a nomadic lifestyle despite his growing family Wesson, did not have a stable job, he lived on welfare and when his children grew old enough. He sent them out to work, and collected their wages for himself, while the family scavenged for food wherever they could find it in nineteen eighty one, according to court da. Occupant's Wesson applied to transfer welfare benefits to Santa Cruz county and claimed a bus as his home in the fall of nineteen eighty six western arranged to buy a twenty six foot boat. He told the seller that he liked to sail and wanted to modify the vote to accommodate his wife and nine children paying with traveler's checks and money. Orders Wesson bought the fourteen thousand dollar boat in nineteen eighty seven soon after the Santa Cruz county taxes, Esser was asking about the boat's value. And the welfare department wanted to explore its ownership several times western called the county using the name of the actor Richard with Mark to report that the boat belonged to someone else. He told his welfare caseworker that he needed the boat to qualify as a live aboard so that he could gain access to the harbour bathroom and shower for his family at the same time he was resisting efforts to terminate his. Villages, at the harbour the master and Santa Cruz called it preposterous that the entire western clan could sleep on the boat. Ultimately harbor officials passed a law limiting the number of people who could live on a boat to the number of beds, provided by the manufacturer in one court letter addressed to servants of the law Wesson wrote, a man is within the jurisdiction of equity ethics and legality when he takes advantage of loopholes in the law for the betterment of his family in nineteen eighty nine Weston was criminally charged with perjury and welfare fraud related to the boat and thority said that he was overpaid by more than twenty thousand dollars in benefits and food stamps Wesson, then with shoulder-length dreadlocks decided to file a series of motions in zone, case, which were dismissed by the trial, judge as gibberish. He was convicted of welfare fraud and perjury in nineteen ninety and sentenced to five. Ears probation, one hundred eighty days in jail and several fines he was ordered to find a job and sell his boat to pay. Overdue bills at the harbour friends and acquaintances who knew him at the time, said that Marcus Wesson, just seemed like a counterculture guy who was eccentric, but fairly intelligent and trying to work all the angles. But while some certainly noticed the poverty that the western family was living in and they're unconventional lifestyle. No one suspected, the dark reality going on behind closed doors strict and controlling Marcus Wesson home schooled, the children himself. He used a handwritten version of the King James bible in which he portrayed. Jesus Christ as a vampire, gradually he taught the children that he was an incarnation of God. He even claimed to be telepathic and said that God spoke through him. The Lord has me mentally hooked up to you guys twenty four hours a day. Told them whatever I think goes to you spiritually. They were forced to refer to him as Lord or master. The kids were raised in an abusive cult with western at its head telling his daughters that they were destined to be his wives. Meanwhile, Marcus Wesson continued to manage an add to his unorthodox collection of property in the nineteen nineties Wesson bought, two more boats, one was a decaying, sixty three foot tugboat where the family occasionally lived Wesson said he intended to fix up the boat and journey around the world with his children, extended family had no idea what Marcus was doing his brothers and sisters, even entrusted him to look after their children, Marcus, nieces and nephews while they went through their own struggles. Marcus took care to separate the girls from the boys worrying that his incestuous lust might transmit to the next generation. The boys stay. Didn't run down shack in the woods while the girls were hidden away on the boat when Marcus's daughters, or nieces reached age, seven, there would be another wedding ceremony. All five of these wives would go onto become pregnant with incestuous children by Marcus. He repeatedly told them God's people are becoming extinct. We need to preserve God's children. We need to have more children for the Lord to hide the incestuous relationships Wesson told the girls to tell relatives that they were artificially inseminated Wesson began to prepare the children for the apocalypse. If the time came are you ready? He would ask as they understood it detective say Wesson was asking whether they were ready to kill themselves and others. If the government tried to split up the family police officers, he taught them were demons coming to hurt them, Marcus Wesson, said that he was Christ and referred to. Law enforcement authorities as Satan, he was fascinated with Branch Davidian leader, David Koresh, a charismatic man with multiple wives who commanded nearly eighty Branch Davidians killed in nineteen ninety three when they're Waco, Texas compound exploded and fire. While watching television news accounts of the siege, western told his children, this is how the world is attacking God's people. This man is just like me. He is making children for the Lord. That's what we should be doing making children for the Lord. If the police ever broke into the home he had taught the children what to do they would fight back. They would defend the family, they would protect their God. Anyone who disobeyed Wesson or talk to a person outside of the family was beaten even for misdeeds trivial has taken a teaspoon of peanut butter when the family went out the children walked in a single file line behind Wesson, all dressed in black robes. They were told to look at the ground and avoid making eye contact with anyone by the late nineties, the children of Marcus in Elizabeth, where teenagers and becoming young adults. Most were working often start. At McDonald's and later waitresses at the Radisson hotel in downtown Fresno with Marcus Wesson, of course, managing their money in two thousand the family bought a badly fire damaged historic two story, Tudor home built in nineteen thirty five that was near Fresno City College. It was sold by a lawyer. Frank Muda to Kiani Wesson, Sabrina Wesson, so FIA, Sola Rio, and ruby. Sanchez immune were called meeting with several young women and Wesson, who talked about the repairs. He thought were needed to make the home livable originally. Western said he wasn't related to the women later, he said that he was an uncle of two of them, Marcus wasn't wasn't listed on the title at the Cambridge avenue house. There were problems documented in an inches. Thick code enforcement file the city complained about the lack of progress in refurbishing the home, and that someone was living in an old shed behind the main house. The women handled the code enforcement complaints and city officials who saw western at the house believed that he was a workman in may of two thousand one unit sued the women for failing to pay him for the full price of the damaged home. He says that he noticed a relationship between western and the women once he saw one woman, sitting next to us in with her hand in his back pocket another time. He saw one give west kiss goodbye on the lips Byun also saw two coffins on the property, one contained betting. He says, and may have been being used as a crib Wesson had apparently bought seven to ten caskets from an antique store for between four hundred and five hundred dollars a piece he claimed to make furniture in December of two thousand two Marcus Wesson attempted to sell a manuscript about his life, titled in the night of the light for the dark to the New York publishing company vantage press. The company rejected it saying it didn't make sense. Meanwhile, code enforcement battles continued at city hall, and the family began dodging inspections of the home by saying that they were working in the bay area and couldn't arrange to be at the house inspectors also noticed their large school bus and a utility trailer parked in the driveway in July of two thousand three the city began issuing citations for illegal storage of the vehicles. Marcus Wesson was losing control, and his grip on some of his adult children soon began to weaken when nineteen year old daughter, gypsy was the first western girl to escape though. She did not report her father to the authorities, the legal and city battles over the house, soon evaporated when the family quickly sold the house realizing that they had dangerously attracted the attention of authorities and Marcus Wesson, risked exposure. But the western family, which now included several. More children didn't move far in September of two thousand three roses solo Rio purchased a new property near roading park. But the family ran into trouble again, with city authorities at their new Fresno home, authorities say the family violated city codes by living in the building, which was owned for commercial rather than residential. Use officials also said that the west converted school bus shouldn't be parked in a residential area. They were issued a citation and ordered to leave or obtain a special permit, to stay the deadline was March twelve two thousand four Wesson was now saying that he wished to relocate his daughters, and their children to Washington state, where west parents lived, but some family members had had enough when March twelve arrived Marcus wasn't nieces. So FINA Sola Rio and ruby. Sanchez went to the property to take their children by western who were being. Held inside western refused. And the police were called the officers ordered him out Fresno police believed that they were responding to what was described as a child custody issue during the course of the standoff Wesson, who first appeared cooperative to the police was permitted to step away. And go back into the house. Fresno police testified that they did not hear gunshots being fired shortly thereafter, though. Other witnesses presence at the standoff, testified that they did hear gunshots fired at the time. The police had no legal right to enter even after talking with the city attorney to family members burst out of the building shouting that wasn't had a gun, a swat team was called just as they arrived western stepped out of the house. He was drenched in blood and stood with his hands in the air calmly surrendering the police arrested lesson. And finally entered the house inside. They found nine dead bodies their ages ranging from just one year old to twenty five Sabrina Wesson, twenty five Elizabeth Wesson, seventeen Ila, bell Wesson. Eight Aviv Wesson, seven Jonathan Wesson, seven Ethan Wesson, four. Sedona Wesson to Marsh a wasn to and Jada Wesson one each had been shot through the eye. The bodies were slumped on the ground in the bedroom. And the walls were lined with ten antique coffins after three decades of rape, and incest, Marcus wasn't rain, as a cult leader was over the murder was described by the mayor of Fresno as the worst mass killing in the city's history at trial, Marcus west public defenders presented the defense that his twenty five year old daughter Sabrina, who's one year old son. Marsha, who was lessons own son, and grandson was killed as well had herself committed the murders. And then subsequently committed suicide, the murder weapon a twenty two caliber handgun was found with her body and Sabrina DNA was also found on the weapon, while it was plausible that wasn't himself did not fire the fatal shots. The jury. Found him guilty. Presumably concluding that he was responsible for the deaths having brainwashed his family into entering into a suicide pact. Marcus Wesson was convicted of nine counts of first degree murder on June. Seventeenth two thousand five and fourteen counts of forcible rape, and the sexual molestation of seven of his daughters, and nieces and was sentenced to death. However, in March of twenty nineteen governor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order, halting executions in California, while he is in office. So for now Marcus Wesson remain safe in San Quentin prison. This has been murder minute for true crime, anytime. Download the murder minute app or follow us on Instagram at murder minute.

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