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Hey, I'm Brad milkey from ABC news. And if you like world news tonight, I wanna let you know about another podcast that I host called start here. Every morning in twenty minutes. We'll give you a whip around the biggest stories driving the day with context from the people who are covering them up close that includes David Muir, Tom yomas, the whole world news tonight team so start smart and subscribe to start here brought to you by indeed used by over three million businesses for hiring where business owners and HR professionals can post job openings with screener questions, than sort review and communicate with candidates from an online dashboard. Learn more at indeed dot com slash tonight. Tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air and breaking news right now, in the attempted assassination of David Ortiz. What thorns have just revealed. Big Papi, wasn't the target after all. We're live deadly highway crash tractor trailer going off the highway bursting into flames multiple car set on fire to dead. Several others race to the hawk. Hospital with severe burns where on the scene tonight. Also, the train derailment several cars off the tracks that train carrying explosives and munitions the highway shutdown. The tornado watches as we come on the air tonight, several states concern in Dallas and the tornado warning in Orlando for a time, the state of emergency in a high tonight and this major storm all the way to the east coast, Joe by facing backlash tonight, after what he said about working with others, citing segregationist senators as examples, his opponents housing tonight in all of this comes just as the debate over reparations takes center stage picks, real today, Democrats furious over what she would not answer. The dramatic testimony today, the navy seal and the war crimes trial accused of killing a prisoner. Members of his own seal team, turning him in captain silly celebrator on the hill today at what he said about those Boeing max jets. He's warning tonight at the role of a little league field. The parents behind it. The children were just seven and who they're looking for tonight. This is ABC news tonight, with David Muir, good evening, and it's great to have you with us here in a very busy Wednesday night. And we begin with the headline that broke right before we came on tonight involving the shooting of former Red Sox star David Ortiz. Just moments ago, the attorney general in the Dominican Republic revealing that Ortiz was not the intended target or tee shot in the back more than a week ago rushed back to Boston for emergency surgery. The bullet going through him and hitting someone else you'll remember the surveillance showing the moment that gunman opened fire shooting point blank. And tonight. Was this, a case of mistaken identity ABC's Victor KENDALL in the Dominican Republic leading us off tonight, dramatic new developments in the attempted murder of former Boston. Red Sox slugger. David Ortiz, big Bobby the Dominican Republic attorney general and the head of the national police revealing. They believe David Ortiz was not intended target of the attack. Investigators say the real target was his friend who was sitting at the same table and was dressed. Tour TS eleven suspects have been arrested so far, including this man, twenty five year olds rule for crews who police say old the trigger. Last week, the chief of police held up the gun. He says crews use in the alleged ambush had a nightclub. Authorities say this surveillance video shows the suspects riding a motorcycle to the scene. The hitman in baseball cap walks right up toward teas and fires into his back club-goers run from their seats as big Papi falls to the floor. Some of the suspects, including crews also face possible criminal charges in unrelated cases in the US. Cruise wanted for on robberies in New Jersey and Louisville. Frito Rivas, also known as the surgeon wanted for conspiracy to commit attempted homicide in Pennsylvania, this as we learn the ten time all star is still in intensive care at a Massachusetts hospital. His wife releasing a statement through the Red Sox saying he's been upgraded to good condition and thanking fans. Writing your support has lifted his spirits, tremendously. Of course, all of this unfolding at this hour victim kendo with us live from the Dominican Republican Victor, prosecutors say this was a case of mistaken, identity, and that the hitman we're going off of a photo that they did not know. They were told to assassinate until just minutes before the attack. That's right. David prosecutors say the alleged their SaaS in was basing his target off of a photo. They took it just minutes before the attack with very poor lighting that he hit, or tease by mistake that suspect's name Victor Hugo Gomez. They believe he's part of a drug cartel. His last known location, New York, David Victor KENDALL leading us off tonight Victor, thank you back you at home tonight and a thirties or on the scene of a horrific accident. A deadly highway inferno in Wisconsin. A tractor trailer tumbling off interstate forty one in ninety four. The truck exploding into a fireball multiple vehicles, catching fire at least two people killed. And at least two victims are in serious condition. Tonight, the highway shutdown traffic at one point backed up for miles ABC's Alex Perez at the scene tonight tonight, a horrifying deadly crash bringing traffic on this busy Wisconsin highway to a standstill plumes of black smoke filling the sky vehicles on fire up on hearsay tractor trailer trying to avoid the. Mile up losing control going off the road bursting into flames. Caitlyn plank was driving on the frontage road with suddenly there was a thick dark cloud of smoke in front of her. I was kind of scared that it was going to blow up or something. And there is a lot of debris flying everywhere. Multiple nine one one calls a streaming in around eleven AM after another tractor trailer hit a construction barrier here along I forty one I ninety four in racing Coney the truck crashing into the concrete median pushing it into oncoming traffic as a result. Three passenger vehicles also collided with one another within the barriers within the walled self to drivers of the two semis were killed two others taken to the hospital with critical injuries. David, this is one of the busiest highways in the entire state, and it remains closed tonight. You can see those emergency crews. Still working to clear the scene here. Thirties are hoping they can have all of this back open by late tonight, David, Alex Perez, Wisconsin. Thank you, L IX, and now to another scare today. A train derailment shutting down a highway in northern Nevada. Look at this Union Pacific says, twenty two cars jumped the tracks. The company saying several cars were carrying explosive munitions including hand grenades. Luckily those cars did not derail the highway wish down for some time. We're also watching severe storms at this hour tornado watches up in several states, flooding concerns from Missouri all the way to the east coast tonight. And this evening, Ohio now declaring a state of emergency. They're flooding forcing dozens of people from homes and Clinton and other communities tonight. So let's get right to be urologist. Rob marciano? He's live in Denver tracking this all for us, rob. David culprit, again, this front that just won't move and it stretches all the way here at the high plains with now a tornado watch up just to our south and east in Dallas and includes Shreveport as well. There you see it, but the flood watches remain up, alone, the I seventy corridor, Ohio river valley as well all the way into New Jersey, we're going to get a low that develops along this frontal drag it across the Mississippi tomorrow. We'll see storms fire Memphis, Birmingham, Atlanta and the by this time tomorrow night. The I ninety five cities all the big ones will you be at risk for damaging winds? And yes more in the way of heavy rain. David a long week of severe weather. Rob. Thank you tonight. Former vice president, Joe Biden is facing backlash tonight after what he said congress needing to work together the ability to work with others, but Biden, citing segregationist senators as examples of people he's worked with in the past calling the mean but then he worked with them. His opponents pouncing tonight in all of this comes just as the debate over reparations takes center stage on the hill. Terry Moran in Washington in a packed hearing room and emotional debate should the federal. Government pay billions of dollars in reparations to African Americans were descended from slaves as a way to make amends for the atrocity of American slavery. Slavery is the original sin. Slavery has never received an apology. This hearing, the first on the issue in a decade actor, Danny Glover, and democratic Senator and presidential candidate Cory Booker making the case for reparations. But even before this hearing began Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell wing in and sparking controversy. I don't think reparations for something that happened a hundred and fifty years ago for whom none of us currently living or responsible is a good idea. We've tried to deal with our original San of slavery by fighting a civil war by passing a landmark civil rights legislation. We've elected an African American president that touched a nerve writer, ton DC coats, firing back for century after the civil war, black people. Was subjected to a relentless campaign of terror campaign that extended well into the lifetime of majority leader McConnell, this debate coming on the same day. Vice president Joe Biden, drew fire from fellow Democrats for his comments at a fundraiser last night. We're calling a by gone era of civility in Washington Biden spoke of two segregationists, senators, saying of one Herman Talmadge of Georgia, one of the meanest guys, I ever knew you go down the list of all these guys. Well, guess what? At least there was some civility, we got things done and Biden recalling the white supremacists. Senator James o Eastland of Mississippi. He never called me. Boy, he always called me son. Several of Biden's rivals in the campaign stunned by his comments, including Senator Kamala, Harris said, coddle, the reputations of segregationists of people who, if they had their way, I would literally not be standing here. Is. I think it's just it's misinformed. And it's Terry Moran with us live in Washington tonight, and Terry to Biden campaign now responding to this controversy. That's right. David Biden campaign advisor at need a done saying he wasn't praising those men, quote the port of the story is that you have to be able to work with people, even if they hold positions repugnant to you in order to make some progress. David Terry, thank you. Also on the hill today, hope Hicks, one of President Trump's most trusted confidants testifying for hours behind closed doors, grilled by the House Judiciary committee, over examples of possible, obstruction of Justice listed in the mullahs report. Democrats furious tonight. At what she would not answer ABC's Mary, Bruce on the hill. The president's former top aide and confidant hope Hicks, not commenting as she arrived on Capitol Hill today. Mythic you going to answer questions about your time, at the White House, it'd you discussed today's testimony with the president at all and inside the hearing room. She didn't have many answers either a White House lawyer blocking her from answering any. Questions about her time in the administration, claiming she has what they describe as immunity be as simple as where is your office located objection? Ridiculous often seen, but rarely heard Donald Trump. Hicks was by the president's side throughout the campaign and during his first year in office communications director. She was one of Trump's most trusted advisers and one of the most frequently named people in the Muller report now hope Hicks is a tremendously talented person shoe started off with us right from day one. They are for so many key moments Hicks was on Air Force One. When the president crafted that misleading statement for his son down junior about that Trump Tower meeting with the Russian lawyer today Democrats who hoped to grill Hicks about the president's alleged obstruction exasperated, this is an ongoing effort by the president, I say it's to obstruct Justice to prevent congress from finding the facts and behaving as if he's above the law, and of course, knocking out, so let's get to Mary Bruce with us live up on the hill tonight and Mary Democrats clearly unhappy for much of the day. But then late today committee chairman Jerry Nadler, saying that they did learn what he said, was quote considerable information from hope Hicks yet, David. Will asked if he was satisfied with today's testimony Nadler said, in some ways, yes, but he also made clear that the White House's claim of absolute immunity here will not stand while President Trump tonight is blasting Democrats tweeting that they are quote, putting wonderful hope Hicks through hell David Bruce with us again tonight. Thank you, very dramatic day in the military court. Martial of a former navy seal a decorated American navy seal accused of crimes, including killing a captured ISIS fighter members of his own seal team turning him in. Here's ABC's wheel car decorated navy seal Edward Gallagher in that Storch white uniform with his wife by his side is fighting for his freedom, the platoon leader of an elite special operations unit is accused of war crimes by some of his own. Former team members though seals alleged during their 2017, Tournai rock Gallagher's shot at unarmed, civilians and killed an ISIS fighter after he was captured in court today, one seal testify chief got on the radio when this teen scene. Wounded on Iraqi television was taken into custody and said, no one touch him. He's all mine. Prosecutors say Gallagher a sniper in a medic was supposed to treat the prisoner. Instead, they say he killed him imposed for pictures with his body, a second seal testifying. I saw him stab him in the neck. But the defense is painting, a different picture saying, there's no physical evidence Gallagher. Kill the teen this not a murder. There's a mutiny. This is a group of young, disgruntled sailors, that didn't like being told that they were cowards. And so they decided the conspire to take down the chain. President Trump is weighed in saying he might part in service members accused of war crimes, but only after their trials if convicted Galvan Gallagher faces life in prison. David, we'll clar following the case force. Thank you will not of the verdict tonight in the case getting national attention, the leader of a secret society prosecutor describing it as a cult like operation in upstate New York, the founder of Nexium accused of sex trafficking racketeering, starving and branding women with his initials. He attracted high profile followers, including an actress. Well, the jury today, taking just four hours ABC's Linsey Davis tonight with the verdict. Keith rainier the mastermind of the secrets, so-called self-help group Nexium, which some have called a sex cold found guilty today on all counts including forced labor conspiracy, and sex trafficking master manipulator. Conman? In the crime boss of a cult like organization involved, sex trafficking child pornography, extortion, compelled abortions, brand Dane degradation and humiliation renew your claim the women were never abused. I'm an interesting person. I'm a controversial person, but most importantly, I'm an unconventional person, but prosecutors say inside cookie cutter homes on. Manicured tree lined streets in upstate New York was abuse straight out of a horror movie. They say rainier preyed on women, including actresses and heiresses blackmailing them into a secret sisterhood, even branding, some of them with his initials was worse than shell birth. The imagine a hot laser dragged across your flesh for thirty minutes without anesthetic Catherine area. Now faces life in prison. His lawyer says it, he maintains he did not do anything wrong David. He plans to. Appeal. Loser Davis with us as well. Thank you, Lindsey. There is still much more head on world news. Tonight this Wednesday the brawl on the little league field, take a look at this. It was led by parents. The kids were just seven years old and tonight who police are now looking for captain, sully sullen burger on Capitol Hill today. What the miracle on the Hudson pilots said a warning about those new max jets, and it got a lot of attention today and the couple and the lottery dispute one says she bought the ticket, and that her partner then tried to cash in a half a million dollar jackpot at stake. And so, which the relationship now lot more news ahead tonight. When you're hiring, you don't wanna waste time sorting through dozens of irrelevant resumes. You want an efficient way to get to shortlist of qualified candidates. That's why you need indeed dot com post a job in minutes. Set up screener questions, based on your job requirements, then zero in on qualified candidates using an intuitive online dashboard. Discover why three million businesses use indeed for hiring post a job today at indeed dot com slash ABC. Search regret nece search indeed better help offers licensed professional counselors specialized in a wide array of issues, like depression, anxiety, and grief. Connect with your professional counselor in a safe, private online environment. It's a truly affordable option and listeners can get ten percent off your first month by going to better help dot com slash tonight. Fill out a questionnaire to help them assess your needs and get matched with a counselor. You'll love authorities in Colorado tonight or sharing dister. Irving video of parents brawling at a little league baseball game several punches thrown and now they're trying to identify some of those involved. And by the way, all of this, in front of the children who are just seven here's even pilgrim. Parents brawling at a seven year old little league game in Colorado. Police releasing this video trying to identify those involved, one man seen grabbing another from behind, as a horde of people rushed to the fence throwing punches. Police now looking for this man in a white shirt until shorts he then appears to sucker punch, another man. We're talking about a seven year old baseball game. You seven-year-olds it's the parents who need to grow up the fight and west gate elementary school sparked after the empire just thirteen years old made an unpopular call. Jesus. Several parents were hurt. One seriously police say some were cited but no arrests have been made yet to you, my kid, does, if you don't need by example. What do you expect the future, the David the call that started this whole thing? One of the players allegedly batted out of order David or you. But thank you to be index of other news tonight in international thorns charging, four people with murder for shooting down a Malaysia Airlines flight over Ukraine. Two hundred ninety eight people were killed when m h seventeen was down that was back in twenty fourteen. Investigators say three Russians with military ties and Ukrainian obtain that surface to air missile. They are still looking for the ones who fired it Russia tonight calling the allegations, quote, absolutely unfounded. One of America's most famous pilots weighing in tonight on Boeing's grounded max jets retired. Captain, sully sullen burger telling lawmakers pilots need new simulator training before those planes return to service saying, Boeing's recommended our long, computer. Course is not enough. We should all want pilots to experience these challenging situations for the first time in a simulator and not in flight with passengers and crew on board and reading about it on an ipad is not even close to sufficient, captain sullen burger, of course known for his miracle on the Hudson, landing a Charlotte couple headed for court over a disputed lottery ticket worth a half a million a woman who claims she bought the winning lucky for life ticket on her own says her girlfriend who according to the suit was also in the store, took the ticket and tried to cash it in without her North Carolina. Lottery officials tonight, say they'll allow the ports to decide who gets the prize and whether it's shared finding tonight here, America strong, there is a hurricane coming. But in this case, everyone is cheering and you will be too. We I do student, Julia Hawkins, when she became the oldest woman to compete in the USA track and field championships at one hundred two setting the world record in the sixty meter dash twenty four point seven nine seconds. Julia, graduated from LSU in nineteen thirty eight she didn't even start winning until she was one hundred. Started writing. It'd be neat to run out a hundred and do the hundred yard. Super-quick. They call her hurricane Hawkins. The hurricane is in the house. And tonight hurricane Hawkins is back at it. Breaking another record this week. Wanting to fifty meter dash in twenty one point. Oh, five seconds. And by the way, she's now, one hundred three and she's checking in with us. It's been wonderful to be here racing and glamour, one to go metals it's on sparring to me to be able to do this. Julia. It is all inspiring to us to and tonight, what is her advice for others realize you can still be doing it at this kind of. Rickie hawkins. Julia, we love you. I'll see you right here tomorrow. Good night. Brought to you by indeed used by over three million businesses for hiring, where business owners in HR professionals can post job openings with screener questions, then soared review and communicate with candidates from an online dashboard. Learn more at indeed dot com slash tonight.

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