Trial by Media: the case of Millionaire Bob Ward


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But it's really, really hard to see summer take your data way. And there's nothing you can do about it. Hey guys, welcome to the first degree the true crime podcast that you might end up on. My name is Jack Vanak. I'm sitting across from Alexis linkletter and next to Billy Johnson, who has a son fancy pair of socks on because it's not. No socks day anymore. It socks day, but you know what it is? What is that is that it's happy nylon? Stockings day, do with that. That's just like a sock. Thinner sock. It's just an extremely shittier locks for your whole lower, happier body. Yes. Of course I was going to bring up. He wanted to connect it to something related to that. Yeah. The Boston strangler who used nylon stockings to strangle most, if not all of his thirteen victims Alpert to salvo was convicted of this case, there is some controversy as to whether he was actually the, the Boston strangler or not. He never killed in prison. He did then he didn't. I don't know if he actually confessed or not. Yeah he did. And he also made like he was a weird guy. He actually made chokers. He did. Merch. He did his own Marci. He made chokers in jail. Now. Did he sell them to the outsiders? Can you do that? I don't know. I don't know how he did it. Maybe somebody. Yeah. Hey, you know what? If we ever get merged. She's very busy. You make the merch I'll make barely come. We didn't even know if it was gonna make you. We were like planning the day. We're like, oh, you bring this, this is the time, and he just doesn't respond where like I hope he's coming, and then he's just like I'm here, but he wasn't okay? That's enough of the banter, let's get into our case. Alexei elects asks pass not going on a shirt. Today, we're going to examine a concept that everybody's familiar with whether they know it or not, it's a phenomenon that has become so normalized to everybody. A term. We all know this concept of trial by media and generally, when cases fall into this category, we have opinions on the defendant's guilt, despite the fact that each defendant, has the right to a presumption of innocence, and we make opinions on these people's guilt, based on very little information based on very skewed information. Exactly, you basically have nothing about the investigation about the jurisdiction handling of the investigation about this person at all. But based on how the media feeds you the information you make a determination on, on almost nothing, right. And we see it all the time, we see it with Michael Jackson OJ, Casey, Anthony. And it's problematic for a lot of reasons. Media attention to a certain degree. Can make guilty people go free innocent people? Be convicted. You know, it's, it's just very problematic, and we're gonna just go over the implications of these trial by media situations using a specific case as our kind of case study. Right. And Billy wanting you explain how we got today's kit. Okay. So today's case came to be, I'm in the, the group drinker Reno's, which are murdering knows from by favorite murder. This woman wrote to me and the drinker, Reno's Griffin the trigger and his group is all people that talk about drinking, and it's, it's actually a really really great group of people very supportive of each other, and I gave somebody who had their first hangover, she's like, what do I do? And I, I my, my advice on how to cure a hangover I said, greasy food, etc. Pedialyte or Gatorade, ice, Gatorade and. I hope it worked. I don't know. I don't know. But anyway. Calibrating. So those are the drink arenas. Okay. This woman, contacted me within the drink around a group and said, can you cover this case, I felt it was perfect for our podcast here. So let's dive into it. Okay. Anyways. So. Sara is he reached out to us, and we are designing this episode with her experience in mind? It's going to be different than the others. But I think it'll be one of our most compelling because this case is stranger than fiction, so on the evening of September twenty first two thousand nine at eight pm Orlando police dispatcher received disturbing nine one one call. So police were dispatched immediately to the scene in question. The pulled up to a five point two million dollar seven bedroom nine bathroom home in Isleworth subdivision near Orlando, the same community where Tiger Woods Shaquille O'Neal in Arnold Palmer live. This is like a really upper yet very rich neighborhood. Obviously a five point two million dollar mansion. So when they get there they discovered a millionaire named Bob ward, standing outside on his phone, and he was the one who had made that schilling nine one one call. He advised the officers that his wife Diane was in their master bedroom. And no one else was inside the house. So at the scene, the police are observing things they see broken glass red stains on the patio the house, and the also notice red stains spattered on the back of Bob ward shirt upstairs near the north wall of the master bedroom, laying on her right? Outside was the dead body of his wife Diane ward, and she had a pool of blood around her head. She had a visible at hall on her forehead, and there was a gun that was found in a drawer of a bedside table. Bob was very calm. He explained to the police what happened. He told them that he walked into his room to go to bed for the night. Emma meshach to find his wife. Diane holding his three fifty seven magnum and she was threatening to kill herself. And then he said the gun accidentally went off when he was struggling to get it away from her. So as Bob was being questioned prese believed when they listen back to the nine one, one call and they listen to his account of events. I mean he said, one thing when he was at the house, and then he said, another thing at the police station. They believe his story was changing. But if you listen to nine one one call. He says, like I shot my wife, but if he thinks he wrestles it out of their her hand like I understand, you can't really take that as super literal necessarily takes up as, as a midst of guilt fashion. Right. And so, I think that's what they're doing in this case. Right. So the police didn't believe that Bob seemed upset enough about the death of his wife and. He seemed most concerned with damage control with his two daughters. Mallory and Sarah in, they were both away at college. And this is like the middle of the night. So when the police then asked about the stains in the back of his shirt, Bob asked is it blood? Or is it wine? And I think that's interesting because you would if it was want, you know, I think that says innocence to me, I don't know what do you how do you interpret that? Not knowing what it is, is kind of interesting. But anyways, it's neither here nor there. He then asked to speak to his attorney in the number wasn't a cell phone. They gave him his blackberry, and he called Liz green, but she's not a criminal attorney, but his bankruptcy attorney the integrity of this investigation. Bob's subsequent trial was really just hijacked by the media, and we're going to give Bob's daughter Sara, the platform that she's needed for a really long time to share this experience from her perspective, because I think what a lot of people don't realize in Casey, Anthony's a great example, these media firestorms don't just affect the defendant, think about what happened to Casey Anthony's parents. Oh my God. I believe Casey's Anthony's guilty, but her parents didn't necessarily deserve what they have ABS. Absolutely definitely. Exactly, so guilty or not. I mean other people get dragged through the mud and it's a it's a problematic kind of thing that occurs. My name is Darah wardrobe. I am Bob ward youngest daughter. I really want to be able to tell my dad story because I think for the past ten years, it's not Ben told appropriately. The media has turned him into some kind of monster has tranged this story into something that it's not. And we've never really gotten our fair shot to tell our side was somebody who will actually listen and take the time to understand who we are. Instead, it's just. Bob word kid, then there, mashed, and he has all this money. And it's not. That's not who we are as a people at certain who we are now or share and it's not who we were then. And my dad is an amazing person, and I want to be able to tell our story. So we're giving, Sarah, the pot form to address not only the media coverage. But also some of the circumstantial evidence that the prosecution was completely fixated on that they built their case on and ended up convicting their father on the murder of her mother. Diane and some defendants in cases that become this crazy media firestorm are undeniably guilty and some of them are innocent, but there is always damage that this kind of coverage can result in and, you know, we've seen it with Jayne Casey, Anthony, but also happens with innocent people, when it totally sabotages people's ability to get any sort of fair trial. Oh, yeah. Like you're never gonna find a juror. Or that's like I'm bias. Yeah. And so imagine Cirrus position this, too. It's like this is her mother and father what an impossible thing. So, of course, the first thing we asked her is how she heard about this. She was asleep at college when this happened. Her dad was terrified upset over the idea of telling her how did she find out? And what did she think? On September twenty second really early in the morning. I got a call from my sister. It was maybe six thirty my sister and I were both on athletic teams in college I was on a writing team. I saw Carolina and my sister was on the squash team. I Washington, and she had called me in a panic saying that I had to call caller auntie policy airy. She is my mom's sister. So I called her, and I was just told there's been an accident. I wasn't told any specifics, I was told the pack a bag and I had to get down to Jacksonville. And then they had a house in St Mary's Georgia, which is really dealt, Georgia. Honestly we just bounce around phone calls for a while. And I had no idea. Then it was we can't find your parents. We don't know what's happening. I was not told what had happened and I was told don't look at the media, which was super weird. Because in my mind. Just my parents are missing, which is also super strange. The whole thing, honestly, was such a nightmare and made it so much more. But it needed to be. But. Finally, my aunt told me that my mother had been shot, but didn't tell me she had passed. And I have not heard from my dad. I kept trying to call both my parents and finally, my sister called me, and I just asked her we'll is she dead. And my sister to be the one that said, yes, she was dead. And at that point, I still had no clue what had happened. I didn't even know. My dad was in custody until about ten AM, and that was when they had finally arrested him. I believe they just kept him in custody for a while. So they made a huge deal about the way my dad presented it to us. And in his defense, he wanted to do it the right way to kids me our world was about turned upside down, completely, and he wanted us to be told in as general as possible, and I am incredibly grateful for that, and it was my sister. I mean it didn't work out that way. But the fact that he wanted it to was really important to vote about. One of the most annoying nerve wracking and frustrating things is looking for new apartment or new home, and I actually used this tool website when I was looking for my new apartment. 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What have you after he was brought down to the police station? What? Okay. I have two kids in college. But we probably need to go away right here. It was an accident. And. Tell you more about it later. But, you know it was a very tragic accident. So this is the kind of case that newspapers and local media dream of it's, it's, it's rich people and murder, if it is murder, if her as an accident, but still, they're just like we're all about this. That's why Jon Benet is one of the biggest cases we've ever seen Menendez Menendez when they are rich. It's something that particularly it's there, there's a voyeuristic aspect. That's a lot more interesting for the media than if it's somebody that is even even just middle class normal per. So Bob ward. He's a wealthy commercial real estate developer, and they had homes in multiple states. They had two beautiful daughters, Sarah and Mallory. So this development where this occurred is the same one where the notorious tiger. Woods. Elon car crash slashed golf club incident incident occurred. Yeah. So the big four ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox News and CNN, and they are Landau sentinel, who did a series on the saga Atlanta Constitution, Florida TV stations, even the UK mirror as their want to do, they're going to jump all over this tragedy. And they did. They were expecting this to be like, vinick, st-, Jon Benet pretty much made it. So right now, one report stated for. Begum quote ward was an upbeat mood and very relaxed when detectives talked to him at the Orange County sheriff's office headquarters on the night. His wife, Diane was shot and killed even though ward had blood on his shoes. He smiled when he was told his wife had pronounced had been pronounced dead. He side, how irresponsible is this? Never. Really, that's why we put that excerpt in there just to show like this is that is not straightforward report. It and know that is that's like a nice fictional. Who's to say? What a smile is like, you know, people smile when they're uncomfortable people smile when they're like, oh, my life. Like I just think it's so you know, you don't look at this until you're presented with somebody's actual experience. Because you hear this reporting and people just believe it, and then you're like, oh, what a purely Cal callous asshole. Yeah. So it seems that the police had essentially arrested Bob because they said the facts were lining up in a story. Like I said that a story change multiple times. And but really the primary reason they believed he was guilty was due to how his behavior was calm collected and really not being concerned, much with other than how children react to the news. And that is odd to people. I mean he didn't seem distraught over his wife other than. It was a horrible accident and kind of mortified over it. But he it is strange. No. And I had asked you this question earlier, because I was listening to the nine one one call. And I'm like it was weird. But then, again, you have to think about how everybody handles grief shock and loss. So different about things about the biggest cases are, but thing, but the biggest cases that we've seen Amanda Knox. She was doing cartwheels she's being weird. Grabbed boyfriend kissing her boyfriend. She was innocent. Yeah. Damien echols. Basically, just kind of like giving the finger to authorities in being all kind of like metal and punk rock and he was innocent. It's just the like you don't know how you're going to react to this stuff. And those are those are people that weren't actually there. This guy was right there when it happened. What this is that if he did it, don't you think he'd be trying to act sad to put on an act like oh shit. I need to cover up what I've done better, at least, like surp- service, freaking out. I think he was just being authentic. Yeah. Like, otherwise, if he was calculated if he was a psychopath, who killed his wife, he'd be like got to play the part got beat sad husband. A tear feel like he's just like a type a brain where he's the children fares in I gotta do that, like need to call off, like his grief. I don't know because I think if he had done it, he would have been trying to act either way, again it's like you just don't know how your brain is going to react to things that are very. Very like overwhelming like that. For example, it hap- I was listening to a podcast yesterday and this woman walked in on her children dead. Her husband, killed them, and she was on the phone line, one in did not know her address it had lived there forever. And it's like when you're rain shuts off when you're in a status shock, you stop being aware of how you're being perceived. I think you're kind of like when you're. Oh, I'm assuming your emotions either, get skewed or dwindled or whatever because it's a fight or flight kind of thing with Shaq. Absolutely your goes into this shut down. So I think, yeah, judging somebody on how they are dealing with an immediate. Like like with a traumatic thing. Yeah. On fair. So I heard the nine one one call pretty thing after I found out that my dad had been arrested and even I had no idea what was happening, honestly. My dad is having issues at the company at the time I thought that someone had come in and shot my mom from my dad's competitors. I did not think anything like this time. So when I found out he was arrested in the fourth after everyone don't look at the news. The first thing I went was looked at the news. And I think the first article that I saw with titled Bob ward, and then quoted I just shot my wife this was after I had spoken to my coach and had left, my dorm, my team, I was given a lot of Vanak to calm down, which wasn't great. I wasn't. Thinking straight by that point. So this is the first time I've ever admitted that to anyone other than my family. But when I saw that I thought he was guilty. And I know that and I know how much he loved my mom to this day and loved her. She was an is his soulmate. And I know you didn't do it, but you're reading in the news something he struck and it just as I just dropped my wife and then talked about how he's built being a terrible person. And there's pictures of him in handcuffs thought you'd think about and I may maybe ten minutes later, I was like, wait a second. This is completely insane. There's no what he would do this. And he didn't we jumped on that, quote, I my wife and I don't blame them. I mean don't guilty to me for sure. But the phone call actually about ten minutes long and they didn't talk about how my dad had in a panic accidentally dial four one one instead of nine one one and he said, there's been a horrible accident, something happened. I then shot. I mean he went through everything before he said that finally they transferred him over to the number one operators, and still, I mean, it's been a few minutes at that time until no one was coming. He was not getting any answers to win help would arrive. And finally, he just blurt out. I just shot my wife next. And you know you can. I mean. Styron's Brin driveway. He said that everyone's oh, shit sorry they're like, well, oh my God. He's got something serious here. But I mean that minute and you never, ever know you're going to react in any kind of situation. So soon as I heard the entire call takes threats to my family and there's no way he would ever do that. He was in shock, so finish she was shot, obviously, he knew she was dead because of that. But there's no way you can survive dot and he wasn't getting any kind of help, and he's sitting there it happened in the master bedroom. She invited the foot of at their bed, and the love this life. He just wanted help and no one was giving it to them. So to the shock of everyone who knew the couple Bob was indicted for secondary murder, everyone was horrified. The cops roped off the word home to search for physical evidence. Okay. I was told about just how savy the house was after my dad was released on bond. So when he was combined, I actually dropped out of school, but at the master to spend time within the house that we lived in Isleworth big house that used to be on Arnold Palmer's house. It's in a really beautiful nice neighborhood in Windham here, which is in Orlando though when the cops. Heard, you know all there's a murder, and I'll work it was a big thing, so after they, they take in, they put him in the cop car. They went through the house, and they start finally analyzing the scene. Well. You know, a month or two later, we're going through all of our bills, and stuff when we were finally allowed back in the house. They had rented porn on our TV, and we haven't times damned in it was after my dad had already been in custody. The only people that could have done it were crime facts was there, and they stole thousands of dollars in cash for my mom's purse, they still thousands of dollars in jewelry. The health had an elevator in it, which they busted up. They took a hammer to are really nice grill outside ruined bat. I mean, they trashed this house, and there was no reason for it. They also missed evidence. There was another one glass that they did not find that I found later from that night that matched the y you acid, they said my mom's through my dad, which didn't have, then she trip it was another bushes on next to the girl that they broke. I mean they just went out. I mean they still purses tool ratios sunglasses cash. They just trashed it. I don't care about the cash unfair about the house. I care about my mom's belongings with important to me. But the fact that they went in our watching porn is insane. I don't know why they would do it. I mean, I'm sure. As the point. I mean who knows? But that's probably they were there late at night had nothing else to do as tracking. Now they claim they were looking for drugs. My parents have never been involved in drugs ever. I mean, there was no proof of that at all also. Why would that buzzy? Just, hey, hammers to stuff. I don't get that first dealing things. I mean, they could get away with it, it was cashing my mom's purse, you know, we can't prove the cash was there. You know it was there 'cause she kept about ten thousand dollars in cash, who needs that much on them, as I don't understand it, but she did? And we all knew it. So, you know, there's no way for us to prove that. And the jewelry do have like a list, and everything that was insured. So we know that the jewelry was stolen, but we couldn't do anything about it because the copper after after the body was removed we had a parrot cat one cat and four dogs. They would not allow us to remove the animals from the residents. We had a friend in Orlando maller, and I hadn't gotten there yet that was willing to take them all in, and they let them in the house. They wouldn't let us come get them. They did let our friend go in and feed them through the garage, but they wouldn't let us take them out of the house and not just screams contamination. To me. I mean they're running all over the place running through the crime scene. Wow. Right. And I think what's interesting in, in so frustrating, probably for Sarah in Mallory is that they're finding out about things like this. Their dad is in custody. Their college age kids like they have no one to advocate for this investigation into help. Draw attention to this, these mishaps in this investigation. 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If you like the first degree you're going to love creating confidence with Heather Monaghan on podcast, one each week, the bestselling author and entrepreneurs is down to help you create your confidence pursue your dreams and leapfrog, the villains, you'll meet along the way download new episodes of creating confidence with Heather Monaghan every week on apple podcasts and podcast. One. So the evidence that they did end up having was not that much. There was no trace of gunshot residue on. Bob's. Hands only Diane's prints were on the trigger. Bob San was on the barrel, which supported his story that he took the gun out of her hands after she fired the shot. And it was later placed on the nightstand. Which is where it was found. And a lot of this evidence was circumstantial, and they were fixated on Bob's demeanor. In what he said in that nine one, one call. So the police start to dig into the lives of Diana, and Bob ward, and they learned that he was being sued by insurance company, that accused him of taking more than twenty million dollars from the sale of lots and subdivisions. He was building in Tennessee in two thousand seven now this insurance company, which had issued these bonds for the subdivisions said ward was supposed to use the money to improve the subdivisions. But instead, he used it to pay off debts and actually went on a spending spree, including using the money to buy that eight thousand eight hundred square foot mansion and I'll worth, but something caught their attention. Diane was slated to be deposed in those lawsuits three days after the incident occurred. So they immediately pinned on that. And I said, wow, this could be motive for murder. Listen, they're searching for a motive they were watching this guy. They saw the blood on him. They saw what his demeanor, they heard the nine one one. Call. So they're going in saying this guy did it. Yeah. So now they're trying to prove they're looking for something. And where can we find we find motive and then they say, bingo, it's like you can get case around anybody for anything in the polices defense. It's usually the husband, it will usually is in. That's the thing it's in you can't you can't fault police for not having an open mind, but nine times out of ten to odds in their favor that it is the husband one, it's not. Yeah. Sure, but this seems obvious. And that's the problem with that, like this seems like an obvious like open shut thing, but it's clearly much more convoluted than what the media has portrayed it to be. And that's really the point here. Then the police interviewed Bob boards. Brother-in-law Glenn stare. And Glenn was married to Paula who's Diane's sister. So Glenn told investigators that Bob had not received a paycheck in more than a year his in-laws lived in. One of his developments in Georgia and ran the homo homeowners association there. And he also told the investigators that Bob had repeatedly said that he should put a gun to his own head to get the family out of the financial difficulties that he created. But told investigators he didn't believe Bob or his wife, Diane would ever do anything to hurt themselves in Bob never said anything about wanting to hurt his wife or showed any aggression or anything like that towards his wife in this is technically the wife's family. Yeah. So if anyone was gonna throw under the bus, it would be them. He also said that ward, Bob ward, put it with things from his wife that Sarah would not have put up with. But he didn't really elaborate on what that meant. Guess what? My dad was. I mean he was worried. He was concerned scary things changing. But it wasn't the end of the world. There was definitely more stress, but my mom walked it. I mean, she was I see her for weeks at a time fell into this crazy depression. She was drinking, and she always drank, but I mean this was. I didn't want her coming to show that it will my friends, it was embarrassing. And I didn't realize. She was on area presence. I knew she was on medication because I had to remind her like take your pills, but I know what she was on. And I knew she would take magic and forget, he took them into them again, or just take them again for fun. I, I don't know. But I mean, I'm nineteen in my world, I'm like, well, parents know, best, though, she's doing whatever invest for her, and she was devastated about this happening. And she from nothing to the fact that. I think having money was the big thing for her. She was very. And my mom was a lovely woman. I'm grateful. I love her miss her. She was my best friend, but dictator hard, this was rough and developed its lifestyle around Shelvin workers. Go and. Golf blacks and wine and drink, and watch, and everyone wanted to hang out, Diane, I mean, it was it was fun, my style. And I don't think she wanted to leave that. So here's some info about how Bob had made his millions. He was the CEO of Landry sources in managed to hundred fifty employees. Oversaw the development of thirty five subdivisions in nineteen resort style communities, including the one near the Cumberland island national seashore. The thousand acre Cumberland, harbour marina complex is built after years of legal battles between developers and environmentalists in Georgia. And they moved from Atlanta where they had met years before in two thousand seven and Bob's company land resources relocated there. And the company eventually was forced into chapter eleven bankruptcy protection and this actually plays into the motive for the media as well. And how how you can paint this guy's available. Yeah, let's remember when, when this was going on. What was going on at this time we're seeing the financial downturn because of the housing crisis. Yeah. And everybody was looking for a villain for this to two months later. He switched that filing to chapter seven. Which also led to all liquidation of all the company act assets. And then during that time of the filing he told the Atlanta Journal constitution that it was because of the real estate downturn. He said he wasn't making enough money on sales to complete promise projects, and, and he was selling the assets, which is, which were valued at one hundred fifteen point two million dollars, according to the bankruptcy records and the Atlanta Braves actually were were one of the company's creditors. So you're seeing this as a potential perfect villain for the media. You're we're, we're in this in this, the awful recession one of the worst that we've seen in our lifetimes. And let's let's get one. One of these guys exactly in so throughout all of this throughout the scrutiny, he was facing and after his arrest, he maintained that his wife was trying to kill herself. He would not bend on that he was he conviction in, in this story in the reason cited for the depression in subsequent suicide attempt that Diane was experiencing was this financial instability that they were facing. And although they were still living in their five point two million dollar home. They were bankrupt they hadn't made a mortgage payment in almost a year in their mortgages, seventeen thousand per month. Oh, gosh. So, you know, like Billy said, made his, he made his riches near the height of this real estate, boom. And it was there was a massive quick downturn and some people take that kind of stuff harder than others. In the reporting, I saw which I'm not sure we can trust. But a lot of. Bob supporters said he was just totally upbeat about it. And that's I n was not taking it. Well. And you know everyone handles differently. My dad worked really hard to take care of family. I didn't really know much of this is happening because she was away at college and to this day. It's like I didn't even know any of this, but I remember one time it was around thanksgiving. My dad was living in Florida. Because the company had moved to Florida my sister was at school. So it was just me and my mom, and it had been week since I had seen her, and I'd taken that your office school. And I didn't hear for weeks and called my dad, she'd to be a mom. I don't know what's going on. But I haven't seen her and he didn't know she was gone. It was weird because she was still answering the phone for him. So he didn't know anything was up. And then we had a really hard time. And then by the summer, she kind of calm down a little bit. She backed off drinking red wine. And then the week before she died. I saw her drinking red wine again. And when she didn't grow wine, she got nuts, like I mean, she was in four bottles easy. It was crazy. And. I just remember her checking red wine at that horse show. I saw her before she died in my best. Not right. Like she's doing that. An autopsy was conducted on Diane, and they determined that. There are two kinds of antidepressants and wine in her system. And these were drugs that you weren't supposed to be drinking on the gunshot wound was essentially between her eyes on her forehead area. They opted to not conduct tests like taking samples from under her fingernails, but they said this decision was made because there didn't appear to be a struggle. But the crime scene analyst did say that there was a struggle on the patio the home so there there is a contradiction there. The medical examiner classified the death is murder thinking that would it would have been difficult for Diane ward to have shot herself, citing that the gunshot was said to be fired from eighteen inches away. What's another interesting thing, just on the heels of that is that what I read a lot too, was, they were so fixated on the fact that women do not shoot themselves, and they were like women. Don't shoot themselves and they definitely don't do it in the head or in the face. Ace wrote, but they're not taking into account his story where it's like made on this. It was a struggle in the gun went off in. Of course, she idiot wasn't. She wasn't pointing the gun to our forehead like on purpose. Kind it was. Oh my God. She killed herself. It wasn't. When it first happened. All of this has been an accident. There's just there's just been a non Senate for some reason she was playing with gun. My mom did not like guns. She, she likes having them for my dad to have protection, but she didn't like the handle them. So I was like, well, that's weird. But and then it started to kinda dawn on me. She was really angry at my dad. She was really angry. She blames the company taking on him and everything that was happening on him and really nothing that bad happening to us. We were going to be fine. But she's angry at him. And I remember seeing, I remember. You know that. Like I said that summer, she is genuine red line, but I remember coming home one time, and she slammed the door in his face blue passing on the car and drove off. I mean she's just been screaming how to she was really angry. So. Honestly, what I think happened is. I know happened, this part is she got drink way too much took way too many bills, then know what she was doing. And I think she tried to kill my dad and then try to tell herself. And then. And. My dad is we all. Are we all handled done marrying her whole life? And when you are someone facing with the gun, you know, you grab the wrist and twists. So in my dad's mind, you probably thought that he did something wrong at first, but he was. Holding a gun to his face his DNA's triggers, if you didn't pull the trigger they didn't have gunshot residue on him. There wasn't right behind where the gunshot is kinda blows back. And we're not have it didn't the prize the other time I guess is what I'm trying to say that this is something she could do after the behavior is seen fast year. Her disappearing her screaming her meltdown. And then I found out how many till she taken if she hasn't been shot in the face, she would have died that night, regardless. We were told that and down, she would have died of an overdose. Every car comes with its share of stories but ding on your bumper. When you nervously picked up a first date the luxury package. You got off to a big promotion or the mal that you save reading your bike all summer. I've never done that. But whatever while you can't put a price on your story is now with truecar you can at least find out what your car is worth when it's time to sell or trade it in just go to truecar and simply enter your license plate number in, watch hire. Cars details. Pop-up then answer a few questions to have navigated and moon roof watches, they bump up your value. If you have high mileage, you already know that's gonna cost you. But, you know just how much at dings your wallet? So you can plan ahead. Once you're finished you'll get a true cash offer in minutes that you can take to a local certified dealer to cash out or trade in. So when you're ready to experience better way to sell or trade in your car, check out truecar today and truecar cash offer is not available in all areas. So Bob was in jail waiting for his bail hearing to approach and his daughter. Mallory in Diane sister, Paula visited him and this particular jail. They record the calls in video visits, and it's kinda like they record both ways really strange. But the media started pumping out in running probably minutes of this recorded visit print news described it like this in a video released by the jail. The sixty one year old modeled his blue jail jumpsuit, danced started to unbutton his shirt, he chatted about, who would make a good character witness, whether we could buy anti-dam shampoo at the jail connoisseur, and even where the family should celebrate thanksgiving, his daughter, and sister-in-law giggled blind the seriousness of the accusation against him, so they basically describing this interaction, they're just having one minute of it. Yeah. In this jailhouse meeting with his daughter and wife sister. He can be seen laughing and dancing in the hour and a half of video three joke around nearly the entire time. There's money in the account for you to get stuff. There's all sorts of goodies you can buy a bra. So I was thinking that, you know you'd enjoy that and. Right cream. The lifestyle towards rest. He's had two visits from his sister-in-law and one of his daughters. Way should turn out. Wants to five. I'm really not worried about our big story coverage of this continues with west who's Amanda over. And Amanda the behavior in these tapes, just seem so out of place when jail visit videos released earlier showed Bob ward pretending to do a strip dance and his daughter dancing for him as well. What do we find on the latest video more strange antics? My dad my mom died on a Monday. My dad was arrested Tuesday morning. We finally able to see them on Wednesday. By that weekend. I had left Orlando. I'm the kind of person when things go wrong. I need to just move by needs to be on the move. I need to go somewhere, my sister and my aunt went to visit. They were able to go. Visit my dad that weekend are only told us on the phone in visit don't talk about your mom. You can't talk about Kate. All about any of that. China beat that it's gonna make it worse for him. You know, he's already in a horrible situation. That's what we were cold. So my sister goes in and all they wanna do cry. Everything's awful. And the visitors forty five minutes long visit is hard enough as it is. You know, you're, it's the first time they had seen him and I can't say in person, because it running, but we're able to communicate and see other visually since our live returned up down. And they were having a really hard time with it. They laugh. For two minutes, the rest of the time they were crying, well as my aunt and my sister, walks out of the jail. They were pounded with media, and they walk the cops come out and hand CD's or DVD's every reporter, they had already burned DVD's of the visit and hit the mountain, by the time I hit my sister left. So it was, of course, on the news that night, and of course, they ignored the forty four minutes, forty three minutes. They were crying. And they played the two minutes where they had two minutes to try to be a family and try to be normal, and they played that my sister was devastated. I mean she still has a hard time with it today. He got hounded by crazy people online at school. I mean they were calling her awful person, and that she's having some weird relationship with our dad, my aunt devastated. Because we're sisters on, and now they're things he's horrible. And so they funded as well. They all wanted Diane dead so that they have all the money. It was nuts. It was completely made up not they said we had fifty million dollars life insurance on her. So we all wanted her dead. We had no insurance on her not. And even if we did. You can put a fight on your mother. So what I think is really crazy. Is that the media was kind of dragging? Sarah's aunt Paula Diane sister into all of this, too. And. One of the detectives on the case detective Brian cross so that he spoke with Paula Diane sister in that. When he told Paul that her sister was dead in that, Bob ward, we charged with her death. Paula apparently said just make it an accident. She said that, Bob ward had been under a lot of stress and the -tective cross explained the Diane, did not die as a result of an accident. And according to the investigation report. Seir policier asked if cross could make it an accident. If you talked to war just one more time. And they ran this in reporting. And it's like she believes he's innocent. It's not like make an accident like corrup- win wink. She's like it's an accident. And she was just pleading in. I hate how they manipulate us. And again, we're not experts, we don't know who's guilty or innocent, but next time you read an article look at this verbiage, and just really try to decide whether or not it's unbiased, another thing that was really interesting is then also this is all imprint cracked print. Yes, what this is all imprint. So that's the thing that's the inflection of how she was saying. It could have been a million different ways. But when you're reading something and print, you're only hearing at the way that you want to hear it, so exactly. But then they started to run information that was really just further trying to discredit Paula. And I'm not really sure where they're going with this because it's like she's obviously not a suspect. So are you trying to make the whole family look like no malicious? I what do you think she's getting out of defense? Her brother-in-law? Right. So then they started to run how she had once worked for Bob's company and was making five hundred thousand dollars a year, which just makes her look like she wants something which what motive what she had for this doesn't make any sense to me. But this is what they're doing. This is more information than feeding into this narrative. Employed by my dad, and she did make a ton of money. She worked her ass off. My aunt was the top failed for my dad down in Cumberland island or come Lynn harbor. I mean she was your ass off. He didn't make what she made because she worked for my dad, she made what you made because she worked hard and I'm really proud of my aunt for that. Again though. It goes along with their narrative of a lot of people that you have an economic downturn and then you have rich people. And then here's this other rich person part of this. That was making five hundred thousand dollars back guy. But I just don't understand. It's like if you're trying to make it seem like Bob did it what they're just trying to discredit the sister. The news, the news isn't necessarily trying to make it seem like Bob did it. But they're just they are. But they're throwing what they're what they're doing is, they're painting pictures, and the pictures that they're painting. Here are rich people, and it's not just this one person. It's also her sister was was getting money off of this guy to me. It's like the idea that this sister is in angry at him just. They believe him. They believe in him like you wouldn't enlists. You're just derail, unless they're trying to paint that the sister had to do with it still. I mean that's crazy that we don't even know what picture, they're trying to paint grasping at straws throwing throwing a bunch of stuff against the wall, and hoping the readers will will will figure out what sticks that's often very right, dress to totally. So Bob, eventually, did get to his bail hearing and he was he was allowed out on bail for a hundred grand. And, you know, if you look at the footage of his release, it's like Princess Diana, like being swarmed by 'paparazzi issue. He was required to wear an ankle monitor and stay within three hundred feet of his home, but truly just watching them swarm this car in, then he was he went to seven eleven to get like some drinks to take back to his house because he's on house arrest. Because somebody drove him they were like following on with a helicopter. It's just like you guys are just adding fuel to this this beast. But all the while while this was happening. The family is still. Porting that even even mums family supporting today, three weeks after his arrest ward posted its one hundred thousand dollar bond and walked out of the Orange County jail into a throng of reporters west us over joins us live at Amanda. You spoke to ward after he was fitted with a GPS monitor. Well, I tried to speak to Bob board. But he said, absolutely nothing to reporters as we shouted questions at him. Now tonight he is back in his Isleworth mansion. But with one big difference, he has a monitoring bracelet slapped around his ankle. Sarah and her family, and Diane's family. And Bob's family would continue to support him throughout this entire process. And if you think things are crazy, and you're looking kind of at reporting in general under a new in a new light based on what you've heard it only gets crazier at the trial phase, and it is that trial phase, the subsequent, aftermath that we will be covering. In part to in just Sarah's going to be with us every step share her experience, and really sharing the injustice that at the very least occurred due to the treatment of her dad, her mom story and her story, by the media, and I've found a thousand examples, proving this point improving what Sarah's saying that, you know, at the very least this is not an equation for a fair trial. And the judicial process is, is very affected by this kind of sensationalism in media coverage, and, Sarah, you are, like I am ever since I've been thinking about this. I've been like on the brink of tears. I think you're so strong amazing. And we feel honored to be able to share your story because obviously, nobody has been able to share it correctly. And he did say Crimewatch daily was the best did the best job. Out of all ability. And this was when you were still there belly. And we talked to people Alexis talks to people the time and. Especially since we're talking about the media and we are part of the media. Yeah. And you, you don't see the devastation that has left. Yeah. You don't you don't destruction. Also, not the media, that's controlled by the higher ethers. Like we are other media, that's controlled by the government, that is I gotta say, in like, that is the beauty of the new media in hot casting, and YouTube and things like that in that we're not incentivized by politics or higher ups or whatever, like we say, what we want and it is an incredible platform. And that's why I haven't said, I was like all help you. I'll put you in touch with book, people like I will help you. I mean, I can't imagine living so much of your life being like so absolutely. Like, not only did you experience the biggest tragedy in the world and lose both your parents. But then, to have everybody that you love vilified like that, and have nobody here, your story out, only that, just a confusion of being angry at your mom. When you just lost our because you feel like your dad's being railroaded, and it's not even your mom who wanted that to happen. It's the police who did it. The mom, just was in pain in was suffering from depression, wanted to enter life, which is horrible and tragic. But, like then you lose your dad and then you've got this anger at your mom when it's like she was, she was in pain, you know, and just reconciled that Sarah is incredibly inspiring person. Yeah. To mallory. We didn't interview you, but you did not get a fair shake in the media will, Sarah. Thank you so much for reaching out to Billy. And if anybody else. Listening, the house like a similar story or was connected to a story that you do not think was shown correctly, in the media or was never told fully we would love to share your story and that platform for you to speak freely. So please reach out to us on Instagram at the first degree adults linkletter at Jak Vanik, or Email, people still emailing us not as much. Unless actually you check it. I, I never because you it's the only one of my inboxes that gives me a notification deleted off your. He don't respond. You read it. You don't respond in that. I never know what. What? I just wanna get that, like, whatever so reach out to us we'd love to tell your story and. Come to crime us our code degree. Nineteen for ten percent off your badges coming out with us, say, hi have drinks and until next week keep your friends close, but not that close. Trump and trade. I'm Tim Maguire the AP newsman at the Trump administration was draws terrorists and steel aluminum from Canada Mexico, both countries say, they'll lift retaliatory tariffs on US goods clearing a hurdle for new trade agreement between the three nations. President Trump says the end of the terrace is good for all three countries, spin, charging us extremely high tariffs as much as two hundred eighty five percent or more for our agricultural products. The Missouri house passes a ban on abortions. Eight weeks of pregnancy. Governor Mike Parsons, I've been pretty clear where I've been from day, one on right to life. Several other states have also passed so called fetal heartbeat laws. Today's action follows Alabama's passage of a Bill making performing an abortion felony in nearly all cases. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has defied a subpoena from House Ways and means committee chairman. Demanding six years of President Trump's tax returns committee, chairman Richard Neal says they're likely to go to court next week. I'm Tim Maguire.

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