Introducing Ellen on the Go


My whole adult life. I used to feel like I had to have a man and I want every woman out here to. No, you absolutely don't. I want women to know also you don't need a man. Hi, it's Ellen. Welcome to my podcast. We're gonna listen to some of the best moments from the show. One hundred thousand dollars. I wanna see y'all or twelve days. It's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love. I'm Ed glass. I'm Mary Conley. I'm Kevin Leman. I'm Andy last ner. We're the executive producers of the own degener- with me from every every single show the very beginning. So they know allies is really the first time. Anyone has wanted to hear what we've had to say. I'm not sure if they've been want to marry. Oh, well, that's very say anything that I wouldn't like. Please tweet me often news turn on. Never been so. You can subscribe today on apple podcasts or whatever. You're listening to us right now listening.

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