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Now the lace welcome to first glass fatherhood. Welcome everybody to seventy nine in the podcast. I am happy as always to be here with you. Thank you for stopping by. If this is your first time listening to a podcast. Please get over there and not subscribe button. You do not want to miss all the action. That's coming your way right here. On first glance fatherhood all right. Dad's we are back on the gridiron today with the first pick of the two thousand three. NFL draft. He is also a heisman. Trophy winner who played at USC. Carson Palmer joins me today. He had just what was a tremendous tremendous. NFL career including three trips in a pro bowl. He was also the Eighteenth Arizona Cardinal to be inducted into their ring of honor. Carson Palmer will be here with me and just a few minutes so please stick stick around for the interview and Carson Palmer is the second heisman trophy winner. 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Seal Sean Mattison. strikeforce energy blows away the energy drink competition right now I play his father who listeners can save fifty percent off their purchase by visiting strikeforce energy dot com and using the Promo Code. Fatherhood strikeforce energy turns any beverage into an energy drink get yours today. STRIKEFORCE ENERGY DOT COM Promo Code. Fatherhood joining me now is a first-class father. He is a quarterback who played in his college football over at the University of Southern California where his number three was retired and he took home the heisman trophy he went on to be the number one pick of the two thousand three NFL draft and had what was just an incredible career in which he threw for over. Forty six thousand yards and almost three hundred touchdowns it is so cool for me to say Carson Palmer. Welcome to First-class Fatherhood. Thank you glad to be here. All right let's start here. How many kids do you have? And how old are they. I've got four. I've got Twins that are ten. I've got a AH eight year old little girl and a three year old little boy. Wow okay that's awesome. What type of sports activities into Just just about every activity I mean right. Now we're We're getting ready for ski season. My daughter is on the ski racing team As well as my son the twins are GonNa do ski racing. I've got a daughter that I just got back from a big ice skating. Competition in McCall Idaho that She did really well at and then I got a little three year old and my little boy is I think he might be. The athlete is a family 'cause he's into just about every single sport that you could possibly put in front of him right now okay very cool I carson. You could just take a minute here. Please they hit my listeners with a little bit about your background or what you do well I retired from the NFL. Well Two seasons ago. So this is my second second year in retirement from playing football I played for playing the NFL. For fifteen years. I played For the Cincinnati Cincinnati Bengals. For nine years I played for the Oakland Raiders for a year and a half and then finished my my career with five years playing for the Arizona cardinals and the desert absurd. Yeah obviously you've had a tremendous career heisman trophy winner and all that in college Had experienced. How old were you when you first became a father? Carson Senate had becoming a dad kind of change your perspective on my yes so my wife and I got married married now for She's seventeen going on seventeen years. Here's and we we always knew we wanted to be parents. And and had kind of planned on on the parents and obviously we were blessed with four beautiful children But we wanted to spend our first the first phase of our merits without kids. And so we KINDA had a five year plan after after we got married you wanted to spend the first five years really focused on each other and our relationship with each other without the distraction that that kids can be a great distraction but You know our our first five years. We traveled You know we we work on our marriage and kind of I guess it was research trying to figure figure out what kind of parents who wanted to be in and just being around kids and being around other parents and picked up a lot From from my older brother and my older sister who have older children older than we do and just friends and and friends of friends that we ended up hanging out with and being around Really kind of picked up and learned a lot in those first I five years and I think one of the best things we could have done for our own relationship and our marriage but more just kinda see What kind of parents? Who wanted to be what kind of kids we wanted to race? Yeah that's right cool Carson and what were some of the challenges eventually becoming a dad while playing in the NFL off well from from the jump having twins proposes a really really challenge But the great thing about having the twins I is you. Have you have one kid after that And it just seems like a breeze. It just seems easy but I think for you know the first I challenge was was you know being there for your wife You know especially in the first two years of of Having twins and just everything that comes with it and and the challenges that come with having two babies at once but also focused on on football and focusing on all the things I had to do obviously during the season but but more importantly during the offseason training or rehabbing from injuries or All the different things that come up Really just just you know trying to be there from my wife and be supportive and and as as every Every parent of young child knows those first couple of years crazy and it's really trying and testing on a relationship A lot of sleepless nights You know just the frustration that had a baby skin Kim bring And being supportive and being there for my wife and obviously being there for the kids to So I think those first couple of years being thrown in the fire like that with twins and and you know the the the blur that those first couple of years of having twins can be You know it was a huge challenge and something. That's really shaped myself and my wife and and It it really gave me a great appreciation for her and seeing her deal with you know the feedings to him and then you get sick thing and all those things that come come with that I really I really I thought I love my wife as much as I possibly could. But after seeing her go through that and going through that with her A love for each other just grew from that. Yeah very well said I have four children myself like you. We went from Almost challenging was going from two to three just because our older ones wants weren't able capable yet of taking care of themselves at certain capacity so it really made that first year of having three Very challenging for us. But I mean you went from A two in one shot to adding a third so it's a different dynamic and What what was the transition like Carson then from finally you know playing in Cincinnati for such a long time and then moving with the family to Oakland win and eventually Arizona? How was that on the family? It was great you know. It's obviously difficult time. When when you traded it happens really fast and you gotta you know? PACK ACA move out and find school for kids and and you know get get accustomed to a new city and all that comes with that But it was it was It was really cool. You know it was cool to see different parts of the country and as a NFL player to be a part of different fan bases and play for different organizations and My my oldest. My twins are now in fifth grade and they've been to six schools you know and and you know. It's such a short time from from pre K. and kindergarten from Oakland in Ohio Northern California Southern California. And just we've bounced around so much It was hard and it was a challenge. And they're all those times. We you know the kids a crime. We don't want to move again. We don't want to leave our friends. We don't we don't want to do this But I really think it was a great thing for them to to experience having to say goodbye to friends you know meet new friends. New Teachers You know it it. It was really a blessing. I when I look back and think about you know the challenges of being a young kid and I did it myself as a youngster is is having a move a lot at a young age and new schools new friends new teachers. All those things So I I really think it was a blessing because it forced them to come out of their comfort zone and force them to kind of come out of their shell and have to make new friends and go through times without you know kids to eat with lunch or play with recess and and you know putting themselves out there and I really I think it was a great thing for them. Because it's made my kids for the most part really outgoing children and I don't know that they would have been as as outgoing as they are that we stayed in the same school rule for for five or six years. Yeah that's an awesome philosophy on that Carson. And how about as far as I know I see on instagram. Post a lot of the stuff with the kids outdoors fishing. I mean I'm more of uh-huh City Guy Myself and I'm definitely trying to get into more active with my kids and then outdoor activities. We always into the outdoors like the fishing stuff like that or did that come later in your life and career area. You know I didn't grow up doing a ton of hunting and fishing. It wasn't until I moved to Ohio. And and was really immersed in one of the best places to hunt fish on the planet in my opinion And I fell in love with it and and absolutely love being on the river in the woods or in a tree stand And I love it. Even more of my son is has been on. I don't know ten hunting trips with me. My my daughter's been four or five. All of my kids fish even my three year old. We we all fly fish together. And that's what I'm talking about. You WanNa talk about you know helping yourself and trying to trying to work on your patients taking taking a five year old. The eight year old fly fishing will test your patience. That's been awesome But it's just you know. I think there's something special about you. Know going into the woods leads with with my son at six in the morning. And you know going through the process and and working on your patients and you're sitting still and and all the things that come up and then harvesting listening deer and and You know and taking that deer back to camping and and eating it that night and packaging up making sausage and making hamburger patties and You know going out and hunting and eating what you kill has been a really cool lesson and and now my three year old. Is You know he's been on trips. And and and and you know stayed back at the hunting camp. We went in the woods. But you know I. I just think it's a really cool thing to to share with your kids and it's been awesome and my my son. That's all he talks about. He just wants to be in the backyard shooting his bow and he's not doing sports and talks about hunting. We talk about her upcoming upcoming trips. And all the things we're GonNa do and the things we might see and Just is being outside in nature with your kids or something that has been really really special for me to share with them. Yeah I think the most appealing thing about that is the fact that there's no technology involved enough becomes such a battle with so many parents myself included with competing with the technology. That's that's a an issue in your house. How do you kinda monitor a handle the technology and stuff like that where your kids? Yeah I mean that's that's the main reason we moved to Idaho where we're right in the middle of the state in Idaho and in the middle of nowhere and kids don't have cell phones out here. Kids don't have ipads my kids come home from school and we do. We'll be called training where we do some working out kind of stuff without lifting weights but working on a balanced and appropriate and and body weight lifting Things but my kids come home and and and we're outside you know right now. We had a recent snowstorm. So we'll be out. There will be outside sledding and snowball fighting and all that kind of stuff and and not inside playing video games we. We don't play video games. We don't We don't use IPADS and unless we're on a long road trip or an airplane flight somewhere So it's been really easy for me to in my wife's to help minimize that 'cause my kids really grew up when I was playing In big cities like Phoenix and in Oakland and They grew up around that. And now we don't have that that I've just seen them flourish in blossom and be creative and find things to do on their own and As opposed to sit in front of a TV playing video games. And that's one of the great things about hunting is You're in the three stand you know you're in the woods you can't move around a lot or else the animals to see you and they won't come around so there there are no cellphones. There's no we don't have you know we're not watching. TV watching DVD's or movies or net flicks any of that. That's been one of the best things about since since I've I've retired from playing football. Move into to really the middle of nowhere in the mountains We've completely eliminated really technology the other than what. They're using school learning at school when they get home. We're we're outside playing and training and and doing all the things that are you know we're doing everything but technology. Yeah yeah that's awesome and talking about your career. You were recently put into the cardinals ring of honor. 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Watch watch Monday night football tonight tonight and You know he'll he'll he'll he'll be intrigued by it for a quarter or two and then he'll figure out something else to do And they don't they. They were there when I was playing but they were really young especially my my two oldest ten now. They remember some of the Games but they love going to the Games and seeing the mascots and the cheerleaders leaders and things like that So when when a couple of weekends ago when I was putting into the ring of honor Zona they were down there on the field. With me. you you know they. They got they got to be part of it and they got the experience You got to experience something that you know. They'll never forget and I hope they always remember at that. Moment of being down down the field and the speech I gave and you know all the Nice things that were said about be buyer owner. Michael Bidwell and just It was really a cool family the opportunity to share and they may not remember the games they might may not remember you know wins and losses or touchdown passes and all that but I I think that opportunity. He was something that that they'll hold their hearts and hopefully remember their entire lives young very cool. And what was it like for you to spend some time in the same team I had your brother Jordan on on the PODCAST Quite a while back. What was it like for you to be on the same team with your brother? Jordan was great it was great it was only a couple of years And and we were always four and a half years apart growing up so we were never in high school at the same time never in college the same time but to play on the same. NFL team together for a couple of years Just rare you know I. I don't off the top of my head. I can't think of too many guys mccurdy brothers in New England that have had that opportunity to be teammates but It was a really really cool opportunity for both of us means just to get to work together on a daily basis and trained together and study film together and there was something and That was really special very unique. 'cause there are a handful of guys like the manning brothers and there's a handful of guys that play against each other and are in the NFL that overlap a couple years together but to get to play in the same team is something that's really unique and special. Yeah I thought that was awesome to and how about as far as being a disciplinarian Carson what type of disciplinary. and Are you as a father who spanker timeout guy. How did you handle disciplining your house a little? Bit of both You you know we kind of grown out of with my oldest. The spanking that the The timeout deals really. Don't work now. It's more about taking with my oldest son. I'll take away his boat. He doesn't get to shoot his bow or I've I've had to tell him he. He doesn't get going up coming Hunting trip with me so each kid What I've noticed is They all react differently to different punishments. My daughter loves RC CAR IF I take her RC car away. It's like like the worst thing in the world that could ever happen to her so You know it it. I think you just Kinda have to custom and fine tune them to each individual child because they're all so different My little three year old. You know we are. He's almost four now Just have to threaten him with the wooden spoon the little the little cooking spoon that that you you know. I might spank you with this if you don't do this or do that or you do that again. You don't even have to use it on it and you just have to threaten you. Know the object of the spoon potential but and hurt my little bottom. You know those kind of things You know you just gotTa find what what works in and How how to discipline My kids you know I have to do it differently. you know I wouldn't I wouldn't threaten my two girls with the wooden spoon. Because that would just be to ended their their their day would just ruined. You know the thought of dad my spank me with a spoon So I've gotta take different things away and and and Really just Kinda fine-tune disciplined each kid. You know it's it's Like I said each kid is so different and and as badly as they wanna be like the older ones and be like their brother sister They're also different. You gotta find what makes each kid thick and what scares each kid from doing something wrong long or doing that. You know doing something that gets them in trouble. And and that's what I found a work with my kids. Yeah I'm in the same boat where you Carson. My four kids couldn't respond differently to discipline five one. Can you could spank them all day. Long Ain't GonNa make a difference on them you know so it's like trying to find that that that You know that new way to discipline them as part of the challenge that I enjoy Roy as being a dad and how about I know you had you know some some pretty bad injuries during football. Where have you been holding up or any of the injuries? Make it difficult for you to keep up as a father with the kids. Oh sure yeah I mean I. I've I've had multiple knee replacements or not replacements but knee reconstructive surgeries Elbow thumbs. I've got plates and forearms from breaks Yeah I've had There's been a lot that slow me down You know my my one of my. My kids wants to be a pitcher actually to my kids going to be a pitcher so getting down in a catcher stances not easy My kids I'd love skiing like I said earlier so skiing's not easy So yeah I mean I've had a lot of A lot of issues just wanting to go out and chase them around and it just aches and pains and something that I've been using. This helped me tremendously as is CD. you know. Just a rub on lotion. I've got an an application. There's like a role on from my knee that really sues my knees called Level select you can buy it online at select my level DOT com. It's just a CBD creamer appointment. That really helps me especially when I get up in the morning after. I feel a lot of my injuries the next morning. From the previous day whether it's getting down to the Catcher Nance over and over again and catching fifty pitches from from my kids or Skiing with them or just chasing them that their loved playing tag and things like that and I feel a lot of a lot of my issues the next day when I wake up so it's just I found that the C- BDO ain't -ment and lotion that that you just rub on really suits and and and helps calm down any aches and pains but I have. That can get me going into the next day but Yeah there's no doubt I mean there's there's some collateral damage after playing for fifteen years and playing on ASTROTURF ASTROTURF and practicing on astroturf and all those things It's it's definitely slow me down and and something that You know I I've really got to work on and take good care of myself now. Also that when my my almost four year olds ten and twelve and wants to Piss but I can still go out and catch you know get down to the catcher standing catch his pitches. Yeah very well said well. Yeah well you've had an amazing career. What kind of plans or goals you have here for yourself but if you're carson yeah I'm You know everybody asked how retirement is and and and you know. I retired from football but I haven't retired from From working I've got a hammer things I'm doing I've always been really interested in developments developmental developmental side of of commercial and residential real estate. So last couple of years. I've been taking a lot of classes and reading books and and started a couple of really small all projects. They're Kinda they're Kinda. Get my feet wet and see if it's something that that I like something that challenges me or see if it's something that I don't WanNa do But I've really loved doing doing that. And I'd love to Really broaden those rises and get into some bigger projects and some bigger deals but right now really just trying to be smart and not over over commit myself to too much where it takes away time from from you know. I don't WanNa Miss Practices and and kids games anymore like I did for so many years when I was playing So really just trying to find enough things that keep me busy but but still Leave enough holes in my schedule where I'm not missing out on on kids activities and and after school stuff But also at the same time being challenged and funny thing I enjoy doing and and the challenge and make me want to get better at improve that and learn more and Really that's kind of where I'm at with that. Yeah very cool right last thing. I wanted to ask all the data get on the podcast. What type of advice? A half of that new father or for that about the dads out there listening. Well I just think those those first couple of years of being a dad or so oh challenging the. There's the they worked for me. I if you're a guy that needs eight hours sleep like I am. Those first couple of years can be so difficult and stressful festival From a financial standpoint from you know just you know the issues that come up with you and your wife trying to you know trying to nurture this kid raise this new child and be be a good parent be a positive influence on this kid. You know all the things that come up. It's just get so much better and and those first couple years can be. They're amazing. There's no doubt as we all know that there's a lot of challenges. There's a lot of things that are difficult. There's a lot of times you're just tired and done and you just want to get the kids to bed and go go to bed But it's just it just gets better and better each each year each month You know from feeding baby bottles to the you know the first time you can pick up a spoon feed himself. And then you know put on his underwear and and get dressed for the day and walking and running and it just so much better and you know my my my you know my opportunity to be a dad is only getting better with my my. My ten year olds are going to be club and then fourteen and sixteen and you know just all the hurdles and milestones that you cross And all the struggles you have early with with having a baby tapers and just all the stuff that comes up they all make it so much better And they all enrich the opportunity being fatherhood so greatly as as your kids get older and older and then you start realizing wow they think you're really cool and they wanna be like you and they want to do what you do and then you know they want to hear your old football stories and stories from growing up and all the things that come up The excitement of being a parent is unlike anything else. It's so challenging early on so hard but it's so well worth it In so enriching as as as you get older and your kids get older You know you just gotTa power through those first especially if you have twins off the jump I mean that that's that's testing and trying but They just get so much better and it's so worth it so exciting to see them. Start to play. Sports works and you know all the things that come up and do doing well in school and go into your parent teacher conferences and hearing you know positive things from your kids and the things that they need to work on and then the challenges of working on those things that that you know the teachers may recommend and just all the little things that come with it. It's so great and you just got a power through those first couple of years and try to remember him as long as you can hardly remember because they fly by and you're sleep deprived and you're tired and all those things that come up but it just it gets better and better each year. Yeah very well said I love the message there's been an honor for me I gotTa Say Carson Palmer Your First Class father thank you so much time on first class. Thanks for having me on Alec Appreciate Good Day Back to wrap things up here. I last fatherhood I gotta give a special thank you once again to Carson Palmer for giving me a few minutes of his time here. That was so cool. Please send me up on twitter. The guys dropped me on instagram. Let me know about today's episode. I've always loved to read you feedback. Lock it in small return off the layoff to our frogman Friday edition of first place. By the year retired appeared navy seal and dog Musher up in Alaska. Jeff Reed will be joining me here on the podcast. 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