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Larry Magid: Online Hotel Booking Sites Could Be A Data Security Risk


Cybersecurity experts are issuing a warning about some hotel booking websites. Larry, this is pretty sobering. It is hotel booking sites have been hacked a numerous time than when they are hacked. There is the risk of data being leaked. But the other thing if apparently some of these hotels, actually, not apparently, I know this fact, some of the hotel sights will send confirmation emails to customers and those two could be compromised. So if they put information in the Email or a put a link in the Email, there have been cases where it's given. Your passport information other personal information your address, the core as well as when and where you're traveling all of which should be confidential unless you choose to share it Larry my question to you. We we do these data breach stories it seems like a lot. And my question is is what's going on in the hotel industry? Is it less secure? Is it your sense that there that that there just isn't enough security on those sites? Well, definitely there isn't enough security on the fights. I don't know what it is about the hotel industry specifically. That would make it more vulnerable. And I suspect if it's probably true in a lot of different sites. But the hotel industry is one of the industries that has to collect a lot of personal information in order to make a hotel reservation you have to give up some information. So there's more vulnerability, but you know, we've had breach of financial websites other travel websites just about anything. But you know, hotels are little, you know, it's interesting when I the story I was thinking I wonder is it safer to do your booking over the phone. And yet clearly even to do this over the phone, you're gonna get an Email with the receipt and some information on that, you know, at the end of the day, I'm not gonna stop making my hotel reservations online, I know that I'm taking a risk. But no matter what you do your taking your risk getting life with right need. You talk about the possibility of having your money stolen from an online source while your money could be stolen by somebody lifting your wallet. If once happened to me, so, you know, life had risks, and I'm not trying to downplay it, and I'm not trying to get any into three off the hook. But I am going to say that to convenience. In my personal opinion way out outweighs the risk. So my question to you. When consumers we all hear these different data breach stories. I wonder now there's so many of how to react, right? I think we're numb to that. And that's not good. We should react by insisting for better services. Maybe insisting on legislation and regulations that require if higher level of security, but often when we keep hearing these stories over and over again, which just getting onto them. And that's not a good thing.

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