15 in 60 Mailbag! (Part 2, Eastern Conference 11.20.18)


We'll come on Monday edition of the pod gotta finish out. The fifty and sixty mailbag edition for the east last pod of the week with the thanksgiving holiday upon us. And let's get right to it with the Indiana Pacers. As of this recording. The Pacers are ten and six three and three since last time. We did this ninth and net rating and plus four point two nineteenth and offense third in defense and fivethirtyeight projects them to in forty six games would put them fifth in the Eastern Conference. Third full. We get into the question fence where the hell did that come from? I still don't know that'll be if it continued for another two weeks, I think that will be the focus of our of at least I'll do some research on that. 'cause I've been as you know, I've been very skeptical of their defense the last two years, so I want to really dig into that. I think the with Paul George no longer on the team that they're really gonna fall apart. And that is not really been the case of me one thing they've really improved a lot any is there defensive rebounding. They were a terrible defensive rebounding group a year. Ergo, the up to tenth in defensive rebounding. They're not the biggest thing they're doing is turning teams over this is just a Cisco analysis, obviously. And you know, I think that he is young as criminally underrated defensive player thought that for a long time. But when you look at the deepens of options that the SIEM has at the three you think like man, and obviously calls it as that, greedy. That I think court Joseph has been an underrated part of that. And they have some pretty good defensively. And maybe we'll have to start talking about miles Turner potentially being stepped forward defensively. But again, I haven't looked at at that closely at this point. But yeah, so after that reaction they're projected for Forty-six wins. Where did you wanna go to start with for these guys? We should talk a little bit about victory depot, he left the hawks game early due to Nissar nece, and he's just hasn't really looked like himself over the last little bit. I think it's good to to give them some time. If needs that the Pacers are pretty comfortable with where they are everything and on their own for the. Do you mean by that? Like, just well, I mean, do you think that pushing the depot we never do that actually an extra winter? But I was like, well, they're actually like trying really hard to get the four seat at least get home. Well, it'd be great to sure, but I think that considering the teams below fifth are not really strong right now. Like, I I don't think that they're giving him a couple of days just to a couple of games just to make sure that he's right there. I don't think there's much downward mobility, you could say there's a lack of upward you know, that if maybe those extra gamer to could matter because member the Pacers did not win a game last year when Victor depot did not pull. And then they they almost lost to the hawks in a game that he only played five minutes. They did win that game. And one other quick thing. Shooting numbers. This is the same knee knee soreness that he had issues with a season ago. And you know, you mentioned how bad they work without unless you knew got blown out and all those games as a recall, so the vet that they're able to come back talk to me, and they trailed by nine at halftime on Aaron holiday actually had a pretty nice game. With all the depot out the needs of more creation. I think a holiday maybe can provide that we'll see those first real meaningful action of the season. But yeah, what's their schedule? Look like full depot is going to miss time. Which you imagine he's probably going to cause he was really bad against Miami played twenty minutes, and then they brought him back for the back tobacco. King was able to go from within five minutes. So they host the jazz on Monday, then they around home and road, they play Charlotte in Charlotte than they host the Spurs. And then they have this five game. Sorry, four game Western Conference trip. Fortunately for them involves the sun. So it's Utah at Phoenix at the Lakers at Sacramento feels to me like the pictures of all set of pres schedule so far in terms of the offenses that they face of. But yes, so I mean, it's not a murderer's row coming up there. Right for them. No, no. I wouldn't say that. But I mean, they're teams that if Victor doesn't play they'll have a have a rough go of it to be very interested to see also they have evidence to which I think will really help them, and they had nobody. Oh, yeah. That that's that. Makes it much more survivable because he just gives them another another place to go are so now interrupted do ninety seven times. Let's get into the Meteo of our discussion here about the Pacers. Yeah. The only other thing I wanted to say on a depot before we get into. I've tracking his kind of the proportion of his stats for the year. The only thing that's really striking. So far. He's shooting way. More pull up threes this year and two percentage drop from a little bit below thirty six to thirty flat. And that's a big change in. That's part of why his efficiency is lower than you're also he's not getting to the line as much or getting to the rim as much hopefully, that's just related to this new thing. And once he feels right he'll get back into it. We'll have to see you can get into questions, and we'll start with one from any McClure do the Pacers need to make a move to have a chance to get out. The first round. My answer would be if the goal is to to get to have a chance. Yeah. The first time they have a chance to gallon. I Ron right now. I mean if it's a four or five series against Philly. Philly's I would say the favorites in that series. Especially now that they have Jimmy Butler. And we assume they'll get something on the buyout market. But they absolutely have chance. I mean, they had a chance last year they've got to game seven against Cleveland. But it it would help to have. I would say like another creator that could play minute that could play crunch time minutes may lead. Maybe Tyree can do that. But like having another option would be useful. And but this is a pretty deep team. I mean, it's hard to really think of what they would add unless they gave up some real assets that would be a part of their like best eight. Yeah, they're gonna very interesting off season. Obviously, they have a lot of capsize, but they would need to to recite young so much. It depends on the ups. I think if they match up against philli that's team that they can be fine against a think if they match up against the team that has a little bit more shooting that can stretch out their centers. They'll. This is a team that never switches and help. But I'm not sure that there is a team in the east that is just so nasty offensively that you just can't guard them conventionally, you I think we the Celtics we thought might be that team. But they're not there yet, you know, now trying to defend Kyrie Irving and a pick and roll late in games. I'm not sure how good their centers are going to be at that. So bonus German this geyser conventional pickerel defense all the way Toronto. I think they can match up against a a little bit better. Maybe a Bacher could give them a few problems of. But you know, I think the they're bigger problem might be scoring. I think they can defend not at an elite level, but at a very solid level in the playoffs. But I think they're offenses a low predictable. They really only have one premium talent. They don't space the floor or not. They're extremely reliant on mid-range jumpers. You know, they've got the nineteen th ranked offense now. And if you look at their talent, I think they could be a little bit better than that. Like, the McMillan's comments. He deserves a grant for getting as much out of them as he has defensively. But so of his. What all we don't shoot threes. I mean, you know, the smile Turner in particular, he could really be such a force offense. We, but he's just not shooting threes. And he's not hitting the very few that he is taking. So I don't like them as favorites. I think they absolutely. And we'll see also the Butler trade. Ultimately, probably what's good for them. We'll see what Philly does to build out around. The, you know, the the end his bench units could be very successful against philli but affiliate can fill out their bench. You know, you can make the argument that Phileas the two best players in that series, and certainly three out of the best four with Simmons. Although though are those guys going to all be maximized. We'll see a lot of that's gonna depend other alert. So they would have a chance, you know. I don't think they're beating the box or the Celtics or Toronto. That's why getting into that fifth seed or if fourth see to me, if they you know, so guarantee that Phileas gonna have a better record than them, especially if they could get home Gordon that series. I might give them a shot if they don't have home court. I think it'd be a substantial underdogs in particularly because I'm not getting home court. In theory means that they were playing that. Well, or Billy was playing route. And that ties in with the other question, which is from Steve song, which is a basically I would all phrase it a little bit differently, which is of the let's call them the top four teams out other than Indiana, Boston Toronto, Milwaukee and Philly who do you think Indiana matches up best against? Yeah. You know, I would have said they match up worst against Boston. But Boston's offense just has been so weirdly bad this year because Horford as as a stretch center Correa's a pick and roll guard against their conventional pickerel defense and average at best pick and roll defence centers. You thought those guys could really eat there. And then you guys like Tatum Brown Hayward. If you're actually being himself. You know, they have a lot of guys who could be attacked in theory one on one. But you know, Boston's does in this weird funk. Dude have to say Boston just because I think they you know, they just don't look as good as Milwaukee your Toronto right now. But I would say probably Toronto, I guess see I just didn't Kurai Rex Indiana's offense in that series. You just put him on. Fell and say, what are you waiting? Toronto's probably to me that maybe maybe they match up best against mythic, the bucks or the worst defensive team of those four teams probably well that that's actually where I wanted to go with this. I think there there is a conception of this Pacers roster. That would actually be really good against the bucks because they can run all this high pick and roll stuff. If Boone Jose's gonna try net series. You just use miles Turner to exploit it, and you go to that opposite corner opposite side for threes. They have a lot of capable shooters, even though they don't take time to threes. Like, I could see them winning the series. But it's just not the way they play they play a different style of offense. And so that would be a little bit challenging and then defensively it's inch that would be a fascinating series. Because Yoenis I mean, basically, it would probably fall on. Thaddeus, young I'm assuming with the way they would handle that. And then you have Bogdanovich on Chris Middleton. And then you have all basically all their guards trying to slow down blood. So and everybody else, and you know, I especially because Turner is a different kind of you know, defensive big if they try to use brook Lopez's in that series. That might actually you know, that might end up helping the Pacers to degree. But yeah, I I could see that being a fun series. The problem is it's just not what these Pacers are. Instead of me to difference between me and Nate McMillan and Nate McMillan has done amazing work with the steamiest taken them to a place that I genuinely did not see. And as you said, there's a lot of credit for that. And I would say that's true on both ends of the floor. But I wonder about whether that approach will work against vastly superior talent. Yeah, I think they could score against Milwaukee. Like there is a past scoring against Milwaukee. Although get your the way to beat Milwaukee's defense is by shooting a lot of threes taking advantage of their aggressive help. Because the way in large part that Milwaukee makes up for the fact that maybe Lopez is a little bit slower and out, you know, Thon maker starts playing more. They if you honestly start plates more Yazd at center stuff as well than the, you know, the business through. But I think the the Pacers matchup beluga better against Milwaukee's offense in the rest of the L think Boston Philly at Toronto. I mean, those are just three awesome defenses. I mean, there's. Actually now that Phileas Butler. I don't see how the peace was score. Well enough to win series against those scenes what maybe they could slow down Philly enough. So I mean, Philly I think is just not gonna be as good as the literature teams. Again, we'll see how they fill out the roster. But a lot of I think the Pacers are what they are at a lot of it just depends on where those teams are are it will move onto the Miami Heat here for we actually have a dearth of questions the heater one of the more uninteresting teams in the NBA at this point. But of course, we go into a read right before I t's it that way that the that's always out happens. I does have impeccable timing to schedule these reeds before like the more uninteresting teams. But by the time, you listen to this actually at the time this podcast is going to be released. I will actually be watching nuggets at box as a fan. That's really interesting one. Usually when I go back to go to a bull's game. But the local team is not very good. So we're gonna drive up to Milwaukee, my wife, and I and got a great deal on tickets again was seek it took me almost time. I just looked for that big dark green dot that. Ranks the tickets Bessette, but he's invited looked in the general vicinity that I wanted to sit in is able to trust that the ticket selling sites were created together. They have to go to a bunch of different other sites and got a really good deal on tickets in the lower bowl for the two of us are really looking forward to go into that game. Thanks to see key. And if you haven't used seek, yuck, which they're the inaugural sponsor of the pod over three years ago now. So it's crazy if you haven't tried them yet. But if you haven't you can get twenty dollars off your first seatgeek purchase download the Scekic Evan enter promo code cap space today. He's a runner castrates talk about all the time here on the program. That's promo code cap space for twenty dollars off your first seeking purchase seek license event. We have the tickets and don't forget that cap space code another came from us. All right. The Miami Heat six and nine disappointingly so three and four in their last seven negative zero point four net rating is seventeenth in the league. They ranked twentieth. Offense twelfth on defense. And we noted a lot of things about the team that they seemed coward of the board. Average teams at every way there. Are flying a little bit off of that. But he'll the seems like basically a five hundred team so far and they are projected to be out of the playoffs at the moment. But it's crazy to think that is terrible is the wizards of been the heater only a game ahead of them right now on the wizards of already had a western swing which the heat have not. So it words like to start with them. Why should I want to start with them before again the questions with a brief walkthrough of their schedule for the next little bit? Because I think it's really going to be clarifying. So they play Brooklyn Chicago Toronto Atlanta as a kind of a fourteen and to me, they should definitely win are being if they're going to be getting right? Even with their absences getting three of those four losing at Toronto. Obviously. No shame in that. No back to back. Those games are spread over the course of a full week. So you could go through that. And then after those games they have this long homestand starting with the Atlanta game in New Orleans, Utah Orlando before they then do their aforementioned west coast road trip. And so they have time to he'd have time to get this. Together. But I think that's really the window. Is that to Tuesday December fourth they play Orlando. They don't and that's right before they go out on this road trip. If they're three or four games below five hundred still at that point. Then I'm going to start to worry. Yeah. And I think really what needs to get better for them as the defense you I think if you look at this team's offense of talent twentieth. Is right about where they should be. I know Josh Richardson is playing well, but we haven't seen as much from drudge maybe James Johnson who by the way buzzy revealed why it was that he hasn't debuted. He said basically has to get back in shape, which debts that great. Because a you remember he had ballooned to like two seventy five is last year Toronto, then he comes to the heat. He waiters both get into awesome shape. He gets that contract to that. I think just do the activity. Now, he deserves blamed for that. Obviously, there's nothing that says that when you're inactive you have to continue eating as much as you would when you're active so you don't have to balloon up when you get surgery. But he apparently did. So he's got to get back to his playing with. That's why has an debuted yet. So maybe he'll get a little more playmaking. But they have a lot of guys. That the floor at the four pretty amazing to me that Hassan Whiteside is only fifty four percent shooting below the league average intruding. That's just crazy to me given what his role is and should be. Let's get into the questions here. Will you got two of them? But maybe if we run out of time, or if we run out of instinct, saying these questions all to come up with another one to ask you. So the first one is we can do this baby more quickly from Sebastian, which is should the heat. Make a play for Marquel Foltz. And I get the idea behind this. I've gotten a few fake trades. We did that whole Markelle full podcast involving Miami. Because they do need more shock Gration at least in their current integration. Getting waiters back will help but full specific limitations. I think would be hard for Miami to overcome just because he's such a limited shooter. They're playing traditional fives a lot, you know, basically all the time, and you know, bam has a little bit more range on his jump shot. But here. I think that though actually be a pretty useful. Sure. Yeah. There are there are roster constructions where I think folks could help them but the other big problem for Miami. Is that Fulton's owed nine point seven million for next season? And that's going to be a very expensive year for Miami. Assuming Whiteside Tyler Johnson and drag I'll pick up their lucrative player options. And if dragged doesn't pick his up, then either you're replacing him or you're paying drudge himself. So that's a lot to take on. And presumably, you know, maybe Philly would take on one of their players. But if they're if they're committing to multi your salary, it's going to be for somebody. They really like so and I don't I bit. I mean would that be Rodney, but Grueter put a low do they even have tennis ring money to send back with mcgruder to make the salaries match. We'll only has a no trade you also an implicit one because of the one year deal so that sort of circumstance now anybody wanna I mean, he's from Phillies. We might want to go back there. He'd be a wonderful fit for that team. Oh, man. I'd love to see when Ellington on the voice of here sham with him. The glue would be a nice upgrade. But other than that. I mean, they don't really have like Elliott walls have to me or you could say like, you know, maybe you could call together enough salary with like Derek Jones. And I mean, they're not going treat you done as Heslin, obviously. And he could actually block a trade as well hilariously enough. So yeah, it's tough construction. And then do you wanna trade, but you'll mcgruder you could make the argument that us fallen off a little bit after a hot start. But you can make the argument that he's more valuable than volts at this point. So is well, I mean, I'll pivot another way is there any construction that Philly could do to try to get Josh Richardson, because I don't I don't think that there is unless you involve their best players, which presumably they wouldn't because Josh Richardson would be a nasty nasty fit with a stamp. I mean, they wouldn't include him in the Jimmy Butler talks. Now part of that is that they haven't they didn't look that good to begin with and toes like what is adding Butler really gonna guess in addition to the pet that Richardson as been better. Now, let's not go crazy on Richardson. You know if. If you're talking about him like an every down feature guy. I'm not convinced that that's him yet amuse twenty five zero concert get better, very solid defensive player solid shooter for from three. So what would that have to be though to be you consider how favorable his contract is if Miami said, hey, we wrecks we're going to treat this guy. And I don't think they're they're mentally yet to 'cause. Yeah, I mean, the argument for trading him to say they got it just to a total rebuild here. I mean, that's the only way you trade. Josh Richardson is we're going to do a total rebuild and yet. He's a solid player, but we want to get bad here. And you know, he can get us a lot of assets. And we're just kinda punting into the future, and we can get our twenty twenty one draft pick back which is out unprotected, you know, that might be maybe you could say if they ever wanted to that strategy trading impact affiliate for that pick would actually make a ton of sense of. But not I don't think that there there yet. I'm not sure what Philly could offer that could just bowl them over at this point. So I just don't really see a Foltz could be a part of the future. If they wanted to totally go that rebuild route. Maybe. You know, they're headed for thirty wins around the trade deadline that some in that might be considered a little more. But it just you know, that we haven't seen Pat Riley herbs pulse. Wrote this heat front office. Even consider that. That's why they're in the predicament that they're gonna beginning bright and Miami, if they really opened up Richardson, I think they could go in a lot of other directions in one of the big weaknesses of Sixers conceptual offers that they don't really have that premium asset other than maybe Miami's picking suddenly in that route because I zero Smith is interesting. He's hurt right now. We haven't really gotten to see much from him and their own picks. Are, you know, find maybe they could it would be kind of ballsy to trade away that chance of the number one pick for Sacramento, it'd be kind of hilarious if they did. But yeah, I think that's really I don't I it's it's a fun thought experiment for me mostly because I would love to see Josh Richardson fit with the Sixers team. But from Miami's perspective, I think you're right on the money there. And then that can get into Steve songs question, which is most improved player he options, he gave were Josh Richardson. Zach LeVine and care. Sliver for me. Levine is below the other two because. Really what he's doing is maintaining and this is still praiseworthy. Obviously, he's maintaining similar efficiency with a higher usage and the team is not going improving to the same degree with Richardson. It's it's a greater combination. You know, this is also his most effective true shooting season. As of now and usage has gone up has highs assist rate of his career part of that is that he's making forty five percent of his threes. If he makes forty five percent of his threes. He'll be a really good player. And so for Richardson versus Laverne. It's it's interesting basing guy was probably basing it just soul in what they've done to this point. Because obviously to win it at the LA Britain's going to be out now. Correct. Yes. So as basically pretending I was giving out the award today and between those two means interesting because they're element of their profiles that were kind of similar. I would actually probably think it make with the Vert just because to me he's I don't maybe it's the three point shooting part of it. I because it it's not necessarily that. It's more sustainable, but that also Richardson was so much better of a player. At the start. And so while I think Richardson has been probably better than care silver. It's he has been better than livered Safar Laverne going from where he was to where he is feels more significant than Josh Richardson. I actually think that Levin has made it the most impressive subs- for if we're just learning. The I looked at the holy granting who I'd picked. But what Levinas added as far as getting to the foul line and getting to the basket compared to where he was in Minnesota his last year, and how do you throw in the AL as far as at his performance last year? I'm kind of more comparing in most improved compared to where it wasn't Minnesota before the injury, but certainly deserve credit for coming back from an injury like that to be so much more improved. So I think Levinas added sewing news game Richardson. Yes used to just higher this year. But almost all what he's doing that high usage. All almost all of what's making him officiant right now is forty five percent three point shooting. And that's not going to continue even if you get down to forty percent, which would be awesome based on the type of looks that he's getting you know, he's still closer league average. You can't finish around. In the room right now. You know, he's not really inefficient two point shooter. He has curbed his turnovers. But does it doesn't get a ton of assist? Doesn't put a ton of pressure on the defense other than bombing those three pointers. So I think Richardson, we'll see where he's at the end of the year. But I I don't know if he's going to end up in the same category. As Levin wants the season is over a just because Inc. Levin is added more sustained sustainable stuff, really change. What I talk about most improved. I kinda like it to focus on guys who. Okay, didn't just get incrementally better in every area. But you really added something to your game that I didn't think you could add an egg Levin falls in that category for me, and I will take care of silver. It probably does for me as well with maybe up, and it's really too bad. We're not going to get to see what he was able to to over the course. But we'll be back in playing this. Well, at the end of the year another heat stat for you. You dot us has has a forty one percent usage and a negative twenty six point two PR. But he's he's only played six Milwaukee Bucks. Eleven and four three and three in their last six a. A little disappointing. They had that first game back from the road trip. Hangover lawsuit against Memphis, but then proceeded to blow out the bulls who also helped Toronto end their mini losing skid and the buffs have had verger schedule. So far important. Remember about them that basically is may have been before they played the bulls. But they have the easiest schedule a going forward when you look at what a opponents records are because they've played so many good teams already. They already had a west coast swing in which they played all good teams, essentially, so they are I in the NBA in net rating, we've in a couple of pieces come out recently. A the the second ranked offense eighth ranked defense. Now the predicted for fifty five wins a couple of pieces. Have come out recently. One was capeeze. Another was Ben Taylor's most recent podcasts, the thinking basketball podcast subscribe to that. It's great pod. But both of them did research showing that based on the profile. They've had so far. It would be a historical oddity for team that has. Started as well as they have KP focused on blowout wins. Ben Taylor focused on healthy starts, essentially how good teams have been when healthy and for them not to win over fifty five games with this kind of start would be a historical anomaly, basically is what both of them were came up with. So that's that's great news for bucks fans. It really is. And they are going to be dealing with more injuries over the next near term. I mean, whether those injuries are impactful will have to see so John Henson has a torn ligament in his left wrist. He was going to be out probably until after the all star break, and he does plan to return the season. But that's a long time, and that might open the door for a Maury honest at the five just depending on how they wanna do it. And also more Thon maker at the five which is exciting as a kind of a test case because you and I both feel that defensively he's a much better fit for where this team wants to go in April may and hopefully June than brook Lopez's just because though Pez can be. Employed by the best teams that Lopez clearly is a far superior offense blurred at thought I mean thought is maybe supported a little bit with the shooting so far but Lopez of in the way, he's Bye-bye me a second quite continue like this. But you know, he's on pace for the most threes ever by seven footer as bacon, some real deep attempts. Like we saw in that game in Denver. But I think even Ilyasova who's kind of been the guy that they've gone to at center rather than Lopez at the end against this kind of the more mobile option still is just I mean Ilyasova slow for four he's more mobile than Lopez. But he's not really a guy who can move his feet that while a excellent help defender, but he's he's not a switch guy. You're still going to be playing conventional pick and roll defence. You know, we saw the Celtics, for example, it up a result more switching with on it. And so I think while you never wanna say this. I I'm very impressed with what Henson has done adding the three ball to his game this year that I think it is a good thing for the bucks to kind of be forced to play on. And just either develop ensuite they have with him try to find. Another way to be adaptable defensively because they need some different ways to go here. A against some of the best teams. Now, you might say, hey, you know, what in the Easter aren't like unbelievable offense of teams of the Boston. Just lit them up. You had to breads even just understands how to attack this team. We maybe we won't see that all the time from Boston. But it's it'll be interesting to see maybe thought just won't play. I mean, we've we've we saw last year in the playoffs. He came alive is horrendous during the regular season despite plenty of opportunity being gifted to him the other injury, they have done to even Chun's, oh who has not been shooting it well from three we've seen Pat Coniston move into a more prominent role constant has been very effective for them. Devon shanzer will miss at least three games with a left quadriceps strain, the first of which was Friday against Chicago. So he'll be reevaluated after that. So let's start with a Hiba Osas ZOA Sousa also Osas zoo. Yeah. Also, I think is. A should the bucks offer Middleton the max XM? So I'll take the max as five year contract hundred ninety million th the full boat here just to give you the relevant information on Middleton. His cap will be a little bit less than that. But if they hold on his capital, even if they move everyone else, they're not gonna have space. So the the idea of gotta retaining him with the small capital doesn't really make a ton of size. And then he is twenty seven right now he turns twenty eight in August God. That's it's a lot. Because basically the commitment for Milwaukee. If they if they give Chris Middleton the full boat is basically this is our team for the remainder of this contract for us. And then, you know, depend on the next one whether that's with with them or with someone else and Middleton is probably the best that they can do. And it's not like they can pivot from Middleton to someone else. Like, oh, we can give somebody else. The max, I've probably got I think I probably would just because the idea present value versus feature value, and I'm. Sure. Other people will be knocking at his door just because of the scarcity of of wings in this market. But I feel uncomfortable about it just because he is a good complimentary player. And maybe there is a little bit more room for him to grow. But I mean, you're basically saying, okay, we need Thon to improve Miana's can have to take another step. But basically that we are. I mean, even tens of I guess as well like, that's it's a big. It's a big bet to make much depends a at how things end up, right? I mean, if if Middleton continues to play this, well, if the bucks make it to the east finals, how competitive are they there? But remember course so much of this is about getting Yoenis to sign on for a more. He's gonna almost certainly be eligible in the twenty twenty off season for that designated player veteran extension. So that of course, is the crossroads for him and the franchise so they basically got two more years to impress them. And if they lose Middleton next year, I see the way in which they could replace him and be as good and while you might say. Hey, you know, what the honest is pretty young in theory. If you could just rely on the honest being on the team forever. You might say, hey, we're let Chris go this year. But then we can have bigtime counts space in twenty twenty. We might be able to build around you a little bit more. But that's the time when he's gonna be making the decision, and so they can't it's not really an option to take a step back next year. And so if the only way that I could retain him is to bite the bullet and say at five years hundred ninety million. Okay. I mean, I think you know, assuming that they end this year playing pretty well, you probably gotta just do it even though that obviously is you know, it's probably at overpay for even at the start. And you know, when you do it by your contract to a twenty seven year old that you're overpaying at the start. You don't want to think about what the bachelor even though I do expect him to age a little bit better due to size a and shooting ability. You'll maybe there's room for kind of the DeRosa in the five year deal at a little bit less of the max, you know, ten million less than the max over five years, but still way more than you could get over four years know, there might be room for someone like that or, you know, slightly smaller raises or something along those lines. But. I mean, I think you assuming that they're pretty good. Like what else? Can you do? I mean, the alternative yet paying him as may not be great. But the alternative is even less palatable. I was more other kind of like we do quickly. So one from erotica. How would you evaluate their free agency additions? I think done really well overall being Brooke for the he got the biannual, right? Yes. He's making three point three point four is great one of the best free agent contracts, especially of the short-term variety. I mean, he's really helped them Ilyasova. I still, you know, it still seems like a lot to give Ilyasova. But having that third year be non-guaranteed is really helpful because then they can kind of get out of it if they need they need to. But then they don't have to seven million freely. So is not bad contin has done. Well, and remember they had on guaranteed season on him to. Yes. So Coniston's and other success. I like Christian would I think Christian would can be a part of their options now which on heads out. So I think I think they've done really well, and when you consider that they had the with leading Jafari Parker go they had the mid level the bi-annual and minimums base. Basically, it would be hard under realistic circumstances to expect much more production than they've gotten out of that ground. It'd be both gave them a poor grade part of my reason, which I already acknowledged on yesterday show is that you know, we thought, hey, for who you got you might as well kept her on Parker, and then yeah, you would ahead to pay the tax potentially. But so be it. A Parker has looked good as a bowl. And I thought that part of the idea for keeping around Parker. Was you got to get some kind of an upside on this team to play incredible. They're already playing credible. There'd been even better than we thought. They buy improved to under bud. Now, we'll see how they end the season up, and we'll see how much Ilyasova hurts them next year. We'll see whether Ersan Ilyasova even helps them in the playoffs that much I think he's helped them so far in the regular season. But you know to say that they've got just so much more from him. They made they could've gotten. It's like thought at the back of four or whoever else that Cobra you'll baby Anthony tall verse of like that that they may be brought in as the backup four instead of Ilyasova who will they would have been a one year contract. Instead it to you know, if you. If they could assign news over for one year or seven million that I would I would have felt much better about it. You know? So we'll see if they there is also a thought to that they might Middleton and Bledsoe could leave and then they would have to reload and that seven million freely. So it wouldn't help them that much. They're either, you know, the way everyone is playing right now is seems more likely that they'll come back. But you know, remember could change a ton even between the start of the playoffs. And would you get knocked up says Portland about that last year? So my objection. There was always the second year. The who else is bidding this much forum aspects, I it's the same thing as like, you know, with the shooter contract to it. Okay. See or the straight for Blaker from. It's like we didn't object because of like how he was gonna play in the first month of the season that was that wasn't the objection to that signing, but certainly their off-season looks far better now than it did at the time with Parker playing poorly with them playing so well and Lopez lost one quickly. Yeah. Absolutely. Last one quickly from polls that me sex, and this will tie in with Lopez is the buck success more about how good Boone Holzer is. Or how bad Jay? Kid was. So I think there was a lot of low hanging fruit that any reasonable coach would have been able to tie in defensively, especially like there was just a lot that they could do. But what booed and holes are has really added is this going really forward with force basing centers and advancing the advancing the offense. And so I would say under a different coach. Maybe they're defensive rating could be similar in that range, but offensively be lower. And I have my qualms Boone holder as a playoff coach. But I I would say this is more kid being bad. But it's closer than I would've expected. Yeah. Looking forward to a just going to schedule my tweet now for like, you know, the first Saturday of the play offs of like Mike booed knows? We're going for quick to. But yeah, it's not for them. And the fact that they're bombing forty three's a game. I mean, that's just fantastic. Let's move now to the next one of their fundamentals. The Knicks are four and twelve one in five since the last fifteen in sixty day are twenty six the net rating negative seven point four twenty four in offense. Twenty six defense and five thirty projects them to win twenty two games which would put them fourteenth in the Eastern Conference. And yeah, I mean, so I think we'll start. I like that the the action started a different question because this is the most interesting to me, I will not I will not butcher the last name. So I will not say it's only now Omnitracs Kia banshee in and said, basically the question is what would your he said offensive plan. But I'm gonna just say plan. What was your plan for the Knicks beat if they do not end up getting Kevin Durant chill, which is part of why the Noah's stretched didn't make much sense as you've written and talked about in particular. You've been a thought leader on that one. But yeah, there are many who agree with you, including me. Yeah. I mean, I think I think it's Eglin wake briefly as a point of clarification, let's expand this to drink and other max players because it's not like, oh, if you can't get rid get, Kyrie Irving. Okay. It's the same basic approach light. So if they don't get any sample plan. Oh, hey, let's offer. This max player Amax contract. Oh that doesn't take a ton of incredible foresight there. Yeah. I think it's just take bad bunny and tried to get another good traffic made part of it probably depends on who they dropped a lot of it depends on how porzingas looks you know, they are going to lose a little bit accounts face, if they give porzingas the max contract, and you know, rather than relying on his capital. But there are a lot of the bad when he'll come off the books. I mean, I guess there's who else is left with there's not really anyone left other than Hardaway won't come off the books in twenty twenty Lee is really the only one and a lot of that gets eaten up in the difference between porzingas cap hold and what he would be making a on a max contract in two thousand twenty. So they really aren't going to have much more space. I don't think in twenty twenty and let's just forgetting somebody here that's gonna be coming off the books. Now, they won't they'll be right about the same same level, again kind of one or the other guy. You might have been thinking about is Noah. But now that's not. I mean, he is because he got strut. So he's six million the next three years after this one. So, but I think if there's what you really want to. Void doing is kind of the short term. Let's throw our money at the best guy we can find. And because they're just they're so far away. It just I mean there other than, you know, maybe a porzingus they're still in the same areas locks when they all these young guys Robinson Knox who's really struggling by the ways since he came back from that ankle injury Robinson is looked pretty good and his cancer is complaining about that playing enough down the end of games, but he's also and his canter, and it doesn't matter. But you know, nil king they want to develop question about him in a second. So you know, it doesn't make sense to sign ill. You might try to say, hey, you know, will sign like a Trevor REEs type guy just to sort of help these guys move along here. Get some veteran leadership and someone who actually plays or you take on the money and try Gannett in twenty twenty in hope that these young guys can develop more than you get obviously another hydrophobic which they are quite untracked for the season. But yeah, I mean, that's not a sexy plan. But anything else is the worst one to me? Yeah. I mean, it would be great. Assuming porzingas is the foundational piece that we're. Kind of building these logic. This piece around is getting a pick and roll. I mean, if you get a maestro. Great if you can get you like the term operator, forget somebody like that would be great. And generally speaking, it's really hard to get those players through the draft. Just because it takes some time and everything else and is Bob Coble. He's a maestro. I don't think enter that reference sun-filled up. So Elaine once the guy or dates, the guy who demands be called mice rope like his actual name is oh, that's. There's nothing for sale and Tuscany or nothing for rent in Tuscany. Silly. You're looking at the point guards of this class. This is a very deep point guard class, but I don't know how many of the guys fit that description main campus wonderful, but he's also twenty nine I believe so that you that you restart to run into the age curve issues Rubio's shooting, especially if they're going to keep Frank on the floor creates problems, I mean, Ed, so and then you get into young guys. I mean, like, I think Dinwiddie actually pretty fascinating there. Maybe they could get him at a reasonable enough price where it's not prohibitive on the other moves they wanna make so, but that's that's the challenge. So if you can't really get in that group, and then you also don't want to if the next especially if they're going to be bad for another year, you don't necessarily want to commit to a single player because you don't know what you're going to need. Like, let's say you drafted like all of a sudden the guys that are available your pick our that position or the develop -bility. And are maybe the guy that you drafted in the second round this, you know, in two thousand nineteen works out. So I wouldn't tie tie yourself to it unless you know, this is a guy we can slot in some. Somewhere with where this team is going David Lee at the great greats. I would if that's Israel Dame readies just calling himself that as 'cause he's the Knicks fan and hearkening back to the days of David -ly. Howdy, Mitchell Robinson, and Chris zingers coexist. If their best position is at centre while I mean, I think Brazilians has got to be played at the four. He wants we played it the four the fact that he tours ACL beans is much more likely to get played at the four because of the nebulous wear and tear, supposedly, I know of no actual evidence. That would indicate that you're more likely to get injured or terriers yell again if you play center as opposed power forward, but I'm sure as the perception for bolt player and team you Robertson as a traditional center is probably not gonna play more than twenty five minutes a game. Maybe he can get to be mobile enough that he can play more than that. But while he looks like a real nice player. And I think he could be a future starter someday in the right to be excited about him. I think you could certainly start both those guys I mean having that type of shop lock. At length. I mean, even if you're a little slower against most teams, I mean still having that type height on the floor is a massive impediment. If you want to get into the playoffs against best shooting teams, yet might be difficult, but they're so far away from that. Anyway, I think they could make a very good defense round those two guys in time. And then you could always close games Kristaps at center or play him at center on the second unit. If you needed to an offense way, I think those guys work fun together crusade space in the floor Robinson as a big gravity guy rolling to the rim. My one concern is what you do with ridge Mitchell Robinson when you're running the picket role with porzingas because then if his guy that might make life a lot harder on the point guard, just they can't get all the way to investigate 'cause there'll be somebody. Maybe they can do about passes and things of that nature. Young. This is he's the pick and pop guy. He's not actually going to catch the ball. Right. That's what I was talking about what the point guard what the point guard can do because that's the person who I think would be more impacted by Robinson porzingas because he's just go. But I mean, I think Robinson with his gravity as alleyoop guy is probably a better fit than most centers. Because you know, if you come if you're you think about it, you're that point guard coming off the screen. They gotta stick to porzingas the way Hugh's to with Dirk. And then now you're coming down hill, and you've got a two on one. But a two on one with Robinson there. You can throw it up by the rim. Whereas, you know, some other more ground bound centers that you don't have as many passing angle. So if you're going to play a Senator next to porzingus, I think Robinson is actually a a reasonably solid fit less questionnaire. Should we expect Frank ntilikina to be an Andre Roberson type player says a Rune Kumar? What do you think? Robertson's extremes are unrealistic to expect from Frank in either direction. Actually, I think he's a more capable overall offense a player. I mean, we saw back when he played in. In Europe that his catch and shoot ball is pretty solid. And I think he's you know, can do more with the bomb. Sanson Roberson not that's a high bar, but Roberson I I liked Franks defensive potential a lot. I think he's done. Does a really nice job on ball really makes guys where can defend ideally both guard positions, but Roberson is special. I mean, he's like an all defensive team guy already. And so there's a chance that Frank gets there. But I'm not necessarily going to expect it until we see that game in game out for a larger sample because that's you know, it's not talking about like Canfranc be in all albeit guys. Can we expect it, and I don't think we should expect? It yet though. It is absolutely a possibility all defense. I I assume you mean it and Frank's just he doesn't have the same size and strength as Roberson not as good of a rebounder either. So the yet, but I think bring me better offensively before we move on to the eighty eight Orlando Magic wanna tell you about a company that is actually saved me. 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That's always good to say the record that they actually are. But the epic actually are eight at eight five to rousing Wednesday blew out the Lakers they beat the Sixers in Jimmy Butler is first game negative went on at running at the twenty second. They are the twenty first defense that is actually better Nicola Petrovich has been going off lately. That's the biggest reason for that. And sixteenth to defense which again is a step forward. A pure impressed with what you saw from John Isaac. Against the Lakers. He's returned a couple of games ago from that sprain writing. Yeah. Isaac is still coming off the bench for Orlando there. They have owned do in the starting five still even know Isaac is going back and he only played seventeen minutes against the Lakers. But he had five blocks. I went back and watched them Isaac Stephenson potential is what God both of us infatuated with him if any and I think he's been better than we thought. He would be a defense. Yeah. And I think so too. Oh, yeah. Absolutely. Because the idea for me offensively with him was always like fourth or fifth option, and then he's just a defensive monster. And he's been a defensive Munster, and he's looked like a fifth or sixth option offensively for most part and five blocks and the last one of them was my favorite. I mean, he did some on ball some off ball. But it was blocking Casey p dunk attempt and transition it was there was the question with that. Joel Embiid one about whether that was a block it was they credited with block it was. And is it just goes for stuff? That's one of the things that I love so much for especially young defensive player. Just yes. Sometimes you're going to get called for fowl. Sometimes you're gonna get dunked on but going for because that overall that will benefit your team more than it hurts, especially if you're as talented as Isaac is. So how Steve Clifford how this front office figures out there front court minutes rotation concept team is going to be so fascinating. And I hope that I'm not just sitting here keeping for Jonathan Isaac as the second draft guy in two years. But if that's where it's going to need to be the nets where I'll be that blocked that he had on Joel Embiid, which actually was not credited to him initially in the magic, successfully and correctly lobbied the league that it should be reminded me of the way allows the morning news to block dunks his philosophy was he and even later in his career is really good at it. His philosophy was you might be able to jump higher than me on a dunk. But no matter how high you jump. You always gotta bring the ball back to down to the rim. And so what he would do is. You'd put his hand up in front of the rim. Bill, basically, really close to the room. When the if he knew the guy was going up for a dunk because of you, if a guy's a real Skywalker. If you try and. Meet him at the very top of his of his jump. You're probably not get your arm up as high and is just going to go right over you, and Doug it. If you just basically hold your hand in the the path of where you know, he has to go to bring the ball to the rim. You can block a lot more dunks that way, and that's what he did a on that play against Embiid assertive with this one. I of like this one off from Marfan over under thirty five wins this year for the magic they are projected four thirty four by our friends at five three that's a really good number. I think that the magic actually on talent are right around that line. Maybe like thirty six or because remember they're getting guys back and everything like that. But generally teams that are thirty five thirty seven even wind talented teams end up winning fewer than that. Because they're probably not gonna make the playoffs. You know, getting into the though the magic would directly with how weak the bottom of the east is actually have a shot at it generally those teams, and maybe they get sidetracked by injury or to like Orlando did laugh. Year or they get just out of the playoff Nixon. They fall. So I think the Bajic or maybe a better team did number, but I'll go under just because that's the way this usually works. Yeah. There's also the possibility of a trade, and if they start mogambo instead of Benjamin for as much as we'd kill switch over the years means having a wonderful offensive season just to give you some of his stats so far this year. He's at forty four percent from downtown and shooting fifty five percent overall from the field, which is just so much better than a usually is and drew shooting a sixty percent of an easy usually in the low fifties that now is that gonna continue? It's even like skinny the follow on Odal bit more than he normally does though it's still not that much, but any has been excellent, of course, on the defensive glass, and you know to have more length. Iran him makes it a little harder to take advantage of him. You know, I do think that they're ahead of themselves at sixteenth in defense. I don't quite expect that to continue. But I agree with you. If any traits happened like so much. Of this actually really depends on if they could just get lucky and close games for like a month or two here and be like a Ron five hundred a month before the trade deadline, then maybe they hold on all these guys and they hit that over otherwise, maybe not. But I think even if they keep this whole team this year, I think they're still little bit below that level in terms of their overall talent. Well, and something I agree with you when something else to to mention here is they haven't absolutely brutal stretch of schedule coming up. So they play Tuesday right before thanksgiving against they host the raptors. Then they go on a west coast based road trip. Denver Lakers warriors is back to back Portland Phoenix. And then for whatever reason they go to Miami before a home game. But I mean, they're probably just stay in Orlando for a few days to do it that way. But I mean, that's just brutal. I mean, they're underdogs in all of those games. But phoenix. And then maybe the Miami game. We'll see where heat are at that point and probably a net one as well. And not only are they underdogs. But I mean, they're going to need to play like the way they. Did when they you know, beating Philly like they've had some really nice wins this year they beat that game against San Antonio as well, but those are the types of performances. Oh, yeah. That's right. They also be Boston that game was super weird, but they're gonna need to have those type of performances to even get close to five hundred on that trip. Here's a quick when we could do Chris bachelor s doesn't Aaron Gordon for Brandon Ingram trade make sense for both sides. Certainly Lakers fans are apoplectic that you'd even imply that heir Gordon could be as good as Brandon Ingram. But I think they actually they have celebrities Gordon probably takes more threes than he should in isn't good Adam to both take more midrange was than they should Ingram doesn't take enough threes, and maybe should take more because he's better atom of. But the big problem here is the salaries the Lakers are not interested in taking on any more money for next year, and any trade like that would almost certainly lead to them increasing their twenty eighteen nineteen salary obligations. So they would not be interested in that. I mean, I think you could potentially make an argument that Gordon could be a little bit. Better fit than Ingram. But it's not really particularly compelling to me. So no, I don't know that that necessarily makes us I think the magic would certainly rather have Ingram than Gordon. I probably would at this point just due to the fact that I think that Gordon you'll just doesn't have that much upside as a ball Heather left to explore whereas Ingram at the key. Does his TISCO performed so far in his careers, but underwhelming as far as how much he's actually contributing to winning. But there are ways in which you could say this guy could be someone who we're going to put the ball in his hands. And really haven't matab in the magic, you know, don't have that. I think just he's more of a three than Gordon is I like his fit next Isaac butter. So I understand what the measure grew on a do that. I don't think the Lakers would if the contracts weren't the same baby, it would make more sense. But that's also are those deals that like he'll both teams overvaluing their own. They're young guys. Like just doesn't happen. Even if the talents are kind of quivalent, which was you wanna do not Asher asked if they should make a play for John wall. I think the magic could really use a point guard. Especially somebody who has more established like who won't have the learning curve. Even though they're they have young guys if they wanted to really grow. I mean, the east is there like their spots for the taking if they were better. But the problem is John wall makes too much damn money. I mean for years one hundred and seventy one million after this year that's about forty three million a year and the team's finances. Just get totally out of whack. And as I said with a Kevin love thing back in the Cleveland part of the fifteen and sixty in the previous episode those obligations run out so far that there isn't really a way to mitigate it. And so Orlando is basically committing to him being a part of it. And he's too old for their young. Are you if you go I like, the seven seed, maybe ended think of spent all these years in the wilderness, and then you make a trade that basically makes you too good to get more stars. Although they might they might be that. Anyway, unfortunately, we'll we'll see how their lottery luck happens where they finish this year. And how the new odds up affecting them. But yeah, is like what are you get in there? If you're going to trade for John wall, certainly. Could help them. I would love to see the run more Gigi him to pick and pop with. And he hasn't really had like a great pick and pop partner. We'll see whether which is going to be back or not next year. That'll be a really interesting one. A really interesting decision for this team with his well-used play. Suzanne can continue to play this wolf. But you know, if he can keep that up to some degree. But yeah, I don't think walls the answer and third plenty of point guards on the market next year who could be competent. And maybe you could see this team making a run for the lower end of the playoffs with just competency, you having that was the question is are they another question from David Makamba are the magic assault starting point guard away from the there a starting point guard away from at least contention. Yeah, I've nothing really to add there. I agree with you are two more to go here. Let's move to Philly. Yeah. Let's do it. So the Sixers are eleven and seven five into since last time we did this. They are slight negative net rating negative zero point two puts them sixteenth eighteenth and offense thirteenth in defense and five thirty projects them to win fifty two which would put them in a tie. For third with Boston. I believe so. Yeah. Yeah. Boston and fifty two and then raptors a fifty eight bucks at fifty five. So would you like to update us on a set the probably with the addition of Butler may be as Dr be that interesting anymore, but the faults effect well actually could end up if they keep on beasts thing, which are on the four might end up getting more start just less relevant of. So so far the Sixers web Embiid Simmons and Foltz are out there hundred eleven minutes, they have a plus zero point eight net rating, and that's mostly because their offense is below a hundred appoint per session there ninety nine to offense of writing. And then when Simmons and beat play together without Markelle Fultz, the defense stays about the same actually gets slightly better. But then the offense jumps all the way to one. Oh four, but that gives them a plus six points you net rating, and we'll see what happens with Butler Butler hitting that crazy step back three to his right? Interesting. That now both of these possessions were end of game tie game run the clock down possessions. But they did go to Jimmy Butler on both of those just straight up isos again. I think that's the broad generally is not that into the isos up. But they haven't really had anyone who could do that. Either. A so maybe now he's like Finally, I just do this. And we've seen the Sixers really struggled to get looks leading game sometimes or turn the ball over. So. Yeah, you went to two Butler isos the deregulation Butler dot got a pretty good look that just missed and then he hit that crazy step back. Three overdoing bacon to win that game in Charlotte. Where do you wanna start in terms of questions here? Couple of interesting ones. Start with one from Roman mass Lenicov, which is Ken Mike miscall be a credible backup center in the playoffs. I don't think. So I mean offensively having the ability to space the forest nice. But we already saw him get attacked a couple of different ways, including in that loss to the early in. No magic in pick and rolls and as you face superior opposition. Especially some of the teams that they could be facing in the first round that becomes a pretty big problem. So, you know. I there are circumstances where he's not the point of failure. But it is credible. I would probably say that's too much. I mean, maybe they could just win games offense Wli with him out there that may just the the ideas he spaces the floor world up. He has been more aggressive looking for the three ball of depending who they're going against two. I really don't like him against Toronto against Falun Tunis as a backup center army. He's Moskal one of his biggest problems. He's improved in this, certainly. But when he first came into the league is so spill, you really would just get beasted, and we still seen that from him from time to time. And so I don't like Toronto you'll Milwaukee I think it could be a little bit better for him. But he's not an amazing rim-protector is not amazing pick and roll defender. So yeah, me certainly a below average defensive center, I still like a better at center than at power Ford where he's been closing games with mill Wilson Chandler, oughta minutes limit. So now, I mean, I'm not too excited about him. Is he gonna kill them, you know, better than Amir Johnson? Who really is was has been a struggle. For him in the playoffs last year. Can we say that the Sixers declining the rookie scale option for the third year on for cork BAAs was a mistake. Cork Mazas a heads a moments in the last couple of games. I said before the decision was made that I would have picked it up. Just because the odds that that two million burns them were lower. Now that two million exchanged actually since the Jimmy Butler deal, which obviously had not been made at that point. But yeah, I mean, I think he's shown more capability and shooting is something we know the Sixers are going to need. So I don't think it's like a huge mistake. But if I were to sit if I were to kind of put it on a scale right now, I would go more towards mistake. Then right call. Yeah. I think this is one that you and I disagreed on. When we did that episode. I'm not willing to change that stance. I I have been impressed with what we've seen for him. He does provide just a little bit more dynamic offense than maybe someone like Shamet in terms of creating shots. And he hasn't looked as terrible defensively. But no, we can't definitively say that he could be terrible the rest of the year that could really need that two million. Who knows? And regardless of what happens with them. He's not going to be a guy based on his physical profile where you're like, oh, man like we would have won this playoff series. If we'd only had for cork vas in the twenty twenty playoffs or something. So I don't think they're gonna like live to regret it forever or something like that. But basically any player who's useful? You would wanna keep them run for two million. It remains to be seen to me whether he's used floor, but there have been some encouraging signs for him in the last few games of why can't the the? That that that's the question. I was going to do from Jonathan Vallejo. Why can't the Sixers? Try Simmons the backup center. I mean, they can. But the big problem there as it is for almost every team that wants to go small at the five is do you have enough wings? And the Sixers absolutely do not have enough wings at this point in me. And we've talked about how narrow their rotation is. And a couple of those guys are already big. So it would be great if they had enough depth to be able to make that happen. It'd be fun to see where it could go. But they do not have the personnel at the moment. Maybe you tried in flashes. But they don't they have the guys we've seen them try to look I mean, whether you want to call Chandler or Simmons the center in those lineups at basically as a way to make Foltz playable by getting more shooting and speed on the floor. So if you're gonna play Foltz, you know, he's got some size too. If you wanna throw it Radic out there Butler now, I like the staggering Butler and Simmons and who knows where fulls comes it. But I don't think it makes a ton of sense unless you're gonna Foltz out there because you don't really have anyone else. To bring in that way, who has some size except for folks with the idea there is going to be doing more switching which you know, that becomes difficult with Radic out there. So it gets more of a gimmick at this point. If they had more guys size of wouldn't throw that out for being a possibility in the future. But I don't think it makes sense with the rest of their personnel. What is your Smith's role when healthy on the new look Sixers as semi and probably to sit on the end of the bench because it is extremely unlikely to me that he will be an NBA called shooter. And he runs into the same issues as the volts and McConnell, and every other guy they have who already can't shoot at all. So if he can make shots yoke, they'll probably give him a shot at some point of day believe in playing guys in developing them. And they obviously were a big believer in his talent. It's been a shame that he said these complications from the allergic reaction after he also had this foot injury in companies debut until the new year, but brookies who come in at that time. I mean, I I don't think he's going to be able to contribute to them if you, but maybe you could. Talk about Danny of like a house economic fit in if you can kind of evolve a little bit beyond his rookie season going forward for these guys in that lens. I think Smith is a compelling fit because he is I think he profiles relatively well. As a lower usage guy that can defend and we don't know if he's gonna hit open shots. That's the question is going to largely define his career. He made forty five percent of his threes at Texas Tech. But that looks anomalous, you know, seventy two percent free throw shooter. I believe that people who had watched him in high school thought that that looked a little bit ridiculous. So those kind of low usage, though, usage activity type of players, especially when they have his size. He's Zaire's listed at at six five. But I know he has a crazy long wingspan. So yeah, I think he could actually fit in there if he shoots enough that that teams are going to put a body on him. And then that can create more real estate for Simmons for Embiid for everybody else. So yeah, I I actually think he could be a good fit. If he gets towards the higher end of his of his scale, we just have to see Smith can be that guy. But he's. A nice kind of want to call it a lottery ticket a guy to have who could fit in with Butler and Simmons and bead without taking much away. All right. We still got the wizards to go, but eighteen you wanted to talk about since we got this five days that we're not gonna have any episodes. Yeah. So I I know who the guest is. But I have a policy that I don't say who it's going to be until I've actually recorded it. But I'll have a new real Jim radio at this week. It should be pretty fun. And I think by piece for the athletic. That's gonna come out for the whole MBA site is something that you and I haven't talked about much on the show, but we will eventually which is the teams that have the flexibility to add salary this season. So I went through the teams that have trade exceptions how much base they have under the under the cap under the tax, and then some of the other teams that could make imbalanced trades because they have a lot of space under the tax, but they don't have trade exception. So I went through all that I like to have it as a as a piece that's kind of in people's back pockets of thinking when they're thinking about oh by team meets to cut five million. Here's maybe how they could do it took it wash. Now five and ten three and three they've righted the ship somewhat since a disastrous start in their last six negative five point six net rating is still pretty bad that twenty fifth in the NBA sixteenth ranked offense let's despoilment thirtieth ranked defense that's even more of a disappointment. But nonetheless, they still project a for five thirty eight with forty one wins which would be the succeed though. There's a lot of teams clustered in that projection range. So we're I want to start with the the wizards is a question. We don't have the the questioner on. It is basically why is the wizards come? I think that's more people talking about the wizards not CARA, and I can't remember the name of their play by play person talking about John wall's performance when he's been fine. Instead of Otto porter who has been disappointing, and there is some validity to that to be sure of it so walls, you know, if you wanna look more at the individual offensive stats, they're actually pretty similar to sixteen seventeen which is best year in terms of P E R. And when you look at it than the wizards offense overall is not nearly as strong in walls minutes, they have a one. Offensive rating in his minutes. That's good for sixtieth percentile in this super-charged climate, still slightly, slightly supercharge. And they were ninety first percentile one fourteen point three that sixteen seventeen year when he was when he was injured less than he was last year. So then you're going, okay. Well, how much of that is well how much of that is this teammates? An a big part of it is that three point shots aren't going in. I mean today were thirty nine percent that year thirty five this year and auto porter going back to Otto porter is the only wizard taking more than one three pointer a game who shooting better than thirty four percent from three. He's at a whopping thirty five point two feels at thirty four Uber as at twenty eight wall himself as at thirty one. And another thing that has hurt their offense. So far is the lack of offense of rebounding now Dwight his backs that should presumably be helped. They had this God awful center rotation often playing really small there. So I think that porter is a is a kind of a natural scapegoat because he has getting paid a big salary and wall hasn't whilst Ben pretty good. But I mean, it's all. Is going to go to the the best player to the most important player when a team is underperforming. Even if a lot of that, I would say is not Jon Wolfsthal. Yeah. And certainly the defensive effort has not been there the stats, which are very disturbing that go back to last year of him spending. Basically more time walking than just about any other player in the NBA. The transition game has not been as strong as it used to be. And when he does do these headlong Russia's in transition he's exhausted. He can't get back on defense in the really struggle there. Certainly he's always kind of been like a prickly guy. The media doesn't still the biggest figure on this team. So some guys to address the question of why he gets the blame. You know? That's part of why it is just you know, the biggest star. And he's he's doesn't seem like the most facile guy with the media. There's always seems to be like some controversy going on around him. So I mean, the the early stuff in his career like the count coward or whatever was ridiculous. But you know, he's not like a guy who. Seems like an awesome teammates feuding with teammates. He feuds with opponents, whatever it is a when things just seem like a disaster. He always kinda seems to be at the center of rightly or wrongly another question here. Simple from truth serum will the wizards make the playoffs sickle at the standings right now here they are projected to by five thirty with those forty one wins when you got to think about who is really their competition. I think right now you'd probably say especially with delivered injury. You're looking at ten teams for eight slots, I think we can comfortably slot the top five teams ahead of them. So we're looking at for three spots five teams pistons magic Hornets, heat wizards and the wizards sit two games behind the eighth seed right now, and that doesn't seem insurmountable to me despite all of their issues. I still think they have more talent than the magic more talent than the pistons. I mean, they're probably still the most talented team of that. And so. You might say, hey, they're just there to screw defensively. They're always gonna suck. But they're not going to continue to be this bad. They certainly I have injected in the last week or so, but they were giving up a crazy percentage on opponent three pointers. So they definitely have to be the most offensive town of those teams the only team dealing one of these teams that has good offense is the Hornets and so much of that is built on what come has been doing. We talked about why they might regress as well. The the Hornets in particular. So no, I think they will make the playoffs. They've righted the ship a little bit here. You'll we talked about that like okay there too in eight th they better start at least winning some games. They've done that, you know, they've at least they plu out the Cavaliers the other night there. I don't think they're like totally out of it yet. You know, these guys are going to start shooting better from three you've talked about what some of their woes are there. So no, I think they will make it. But certainly not a guarantee the stats on on the three point shooting as of when we're recording. This magic are sorry. The wizards are giving up thirty nine point five percent on opponent threes that is. The second strongest shooting percentage in the entirely they're actually holding teams to reasonable number. They're they're Brown league average in terms of attempt proportion, but if teams making that many and they're also giving up forty seven point seven percent on long twos, which is ridiculous. And they are giving up more open shots. Like when you watch them. You see teams get looks. But you don't expect percentages like that even if they're wide open, and and they're so dependent under relation to that. If more than a team in the league, I think they're subject to the feedback. Loops it that you talk about so much where just even an incremental increase in their defense to just get a few more misses that they can run off. It will really help. If you look at those be ashamed to look at some day. Maybe we should make a note of that of who are the teams that have the biggest difference in terms of how effective they are in transition versus normally the kings prior or up there. The Lakers are definitely up there. And the wizards, you know, those are the three that come to mind for me of teams that like really try to run a lot. And then when they get into the half court aren't as effective Lakers VC of the. The of the bronze third brought out the same category as the wizards and the kings are super extreme with that Ben folk wrote a little bit about that couple of days ago. So yeah, I think they're gonna look better. You wanna do a more here reported rep up? Well, actually, I want to give you a scheduling note for the wizard us their next game. It gets their next game against a team. That is not like really in the playoff. Chase is December first against Brooklyn this they have a row they play play. The pelicans twice. They play the rockets they play the raptors. It's just I mean, it might just be that even though their a playoff team on talent that they just tailspin hard in the next like two weeks by the next time. We do this. And we're just like well crap. Even if they could come back here, they probably won't. Yeah. I mean, maybe, you know, maybe they I've said with them you have to get to ten games under five hundred than you know, you gotta really done. It's really time to panic for these guys. So and with that struggle, and that can kind of get into that kind of gets into the last question that we can do for maybe what might godfather offer look like to acquire Bradley Beal and Bill to me is the. Wizard that makes the least sense to trade in terms of theory, because he's young he's talented and his contract looks the best of any of their big contracts. So there isn't a rush there and one of the big problems for the for the wizards. It's like, theoretically, I guess part of the logic. There would be to try to get out from under the luxury tax. So then that so presumably a trade would involve savings. I I don't think I know what it looks like I mean, certainly involves some draft picks and everything else. And I mean if Grunfeld joining this team still for soldier does it does it involve draft picks. I mean, you mentioned Grunfeld ING, you mentioned the approach that they're taking me if they if the godfather offer further still got wall, then there so it's like, so if you're not gonna an port, and so it's like if you're moving Beal, I guess it's doing it to just like mix things up or whatever. But you still have these other players who are paid. Well, and you know, good. So you're you're kind of doing it more to reload than rebuild. I think if you move Bill unless you're gonna try move all three of those guys really blow it up, but that I think could prove difficult. Yeah. Could prove difficult because. The other two guys are on what I consider to be significantly negative value contracts. There's a disagreement on John wall. That's fine. People can disagree disagree. And he wouldn't disagree on that. I had somebody somebody told me that like they're like good players are hard to find. And I was like might just be that whole thing if I carrying I I don't know if it was I don't think it was somebody who necessarily I think highly. I'm sure I made a comment and somebody we'd just like totally. We're all guilty of this in all walks life bunch for all of us in general are like, oh, we got like five Twitter comments or in this case one. Yeah. That sounds like all the this is something that a lot of people really believe it's like, it's it's like the reverse cocoon like the idea that we spend a lot of time in the echo chamber. But then anything that isn't in it ends up reverberating Moore said, yeah, I think that's true. And yeah, I mean, the wizards might they're one of the hardest teams to to blow it up not because they're they're so good or they have so much talent. But just because there are a lot of guys on the team that are really hard to move, and that might end up leading to this awkward circumstance where they just kind of keep it together. And the other reason why argument against trading deal is he fits reasonably well with what they're trying to do like, it's not like they have these mismatch pieces. And so, oh, if you trade player acts for somebody for player, why at a different position with a different niche that all of a sudden this team makes sense. That's not Bradley Beal's problem. That's not really anybody's problem on this team heart. That's a good one end on heavy thanksgiving everyone, and we'll be back on Sunday night 'til them.

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