Count The Legal Votes


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And i'm literally sarah really we're gonna get lectures from the very people that did nothing but harass donald j trump from the minute. He came down the escalator on what it means to be civil and how we as a society must act cetera said online. A really well. How about if we just. How about if we just follow your standard because when we follow your standard. We don't think you're gonna like it. Which which. I'm not saying that we do here it is. It is sad to me that there are so many issues. That now have arisen in all of this. And i don't know what the outcome is going to be. But i'm telling you what we we cannot allow the outcome to be in. That is to be intimidated into silence. And that is there are too many people. There are too many examples There are laws that we have one of the things that you've got to keep in mind here is that we now have a system. That is working. Its way through the courts. What seventy one million americans. A new record no republican history. Who went out and vote and voted for donald. J trump to be reelected. We know that the margin of votes separation in all of these states is tiny. It is miniscule it is it is beyond shockingly close in what is the one of the closest races in the history of our great republic. We everybody's focus and let's not forget thirty seven days. Allegory pimple dimple dented. You know chad's and the counting but it was at least transparent the main focus. I say this point has to be on numerous fronts. Now we are often lectured by liberals about the rule of law okay. I agree with that. If that's your goal were election laws followed and obeyed or whether they violated where a nation of laws where a nation of where a constitutional republic. It's imperative that the laws of this country be followed. And i'm gonna tell you something. It's amazing when you look at the difference. Isn't it between the way a state like florida state like ohio. How so many states can vary very efficiently. You know conduct a major election with even higher populations than other states and yet they can get tour result. That is fair that is accurate that people have that has integrity that people have confidence in believing that their votes mattered and that there were no shenanigans going on. And then you have the state's the same ones. Usually every time where it becomes an unmitigated disaster. It is is it that they can't do it well. We all know that they could. We all know that where the home of apple we all know that. We're the home of microsoft. We all know where the home of silicon valley and we also know. And everybody's gotta keep in their mind as well we owe it to the seventy one million americans have voted for trump. We owe it to the american people. We owe it to the country to ensure that every law election laws included were followed and obeyed. There is now a case that is pending with great merit. Before the united states supreme court there are now also other cases in other states that will clearly merit judicial review. There's going to be recounts because of the razor thin margins in some cases we're talking about a tenth of a point and there has been incredible. Reckless commentary speculation. about The president will have to retake an out in handcuffs etcetera. We will have if it ends up being this way. The peaceful transition of power. That's all that's a saber rattling on the fat on on the democrats part we have a system and i'll be imperfect talk so often about this. That has the ability to right wrongs correct injustices and this is critical and always pursue a more perfect union. That's what we always talk about. You know we have this other branch of government known as the judicial branch. They will do their job. I don't think anyone is focused. In his keenly on election laws as we have because the law of the of and constitutionally we can get into greater detail as the day goes on and and as the days go on because it will be days but where constitutionally it is very very clear how election laws are made. This is not the most complicated stuff in the world. I thought i'll tell you to great programs. I watched this week. i'm always the great one. Mark levin woman's with maria teresa mo. And i thought they both did great jobs explaining the law the constitution where we need to go what is what is in the best interest of the country. The and the american people Article two section one clause to constitution each state shall appoint in such manner as the legislature thereof. Maybe the number of electors equal to the whole number of senators and representatives. To it's the state may be entitled and congress in other words state legislatures determine how to select the electors. Now this is where the whole issue of the pending supreme court case comes in is when the governor and and you know unilaterally extending out beyond the eight pm election day deadline in pennsylvania and judge alito order to separate those votes from that is is critical you know. I don't think most americans know that. A state like pennsylvania actually has written into the statute partisan observers may observe polling locations. They may stay until the time that the cone counting of votes is complete. Now i'm gonna play for you. A montage off. Cut to of of observers being prevented from watching the votes being counted. While now i. I don't know because i'm not a lawyer constitutional lawyer but if the election law specifically has violated what will the remedy be. I don't know but this is what they are saying. Listen officials came out Kind and access to sign documents and a few moments later. We were asked to leave. Will i find that. Actually within ten to twelve minutes when hour and a half left to do for further away. Than i am from you all here Hundreds at least one hundred feet away from open ballots that back out of our sight. We can't see them. We don't know what's happening to them. it's just there's no way for us to meaningfully observe the process out meaningful of the have continued to count the votes. Because i think that they are not letting every legal how okay. So those are people on record and this is now happening in the states. That matter if you go to the state of michigan again if we're going to look at the law a nation of laws member all during the the the entire russia russia russia pony narrative collusion that they drag the country through hell on They've really cared about the fact that roger stone lied to congress even though there was a referral for the likes of komi mccabe and others. You know we have. I guess to standards as relate to the law but you know michigan law actually is very clear that it's an open process that may be observed by any interested person now. I bet many of you didn't know that election challengers poll-watchers and challenges in particular have greater access to the process. But it's supposed to be open and you know what i did. See one good thing in arizona although there are some questions emerging there But they actually videotaped the whole process other states. Do not which i think is just a smart thing to do because it keeps everybody honest. You know i would think it's critical that every american would want and that would include even those that like joe biden or you know wanted to him to win the election that you have complete faith and confidence in the election process of this great country and that we be helping to reassure the american people. That is the case in this election and that the checks and balances that the three branches of government make for us make us stronger country and if the legislature constitutionally sets up the law. Then you don't have the right as a governor or as the secretary of state or as the lieutenant governor or any other position unless you're the state legislature to actually shift or change the laws especially as constitutionally prescribed. This is not the first time that we've had contested elections. It won't be the last time. The two thousand election went on undecided for thirty seven days after election day It's got to be all of our hopes that we in fact as quickly as possible. The american people deserve the honest results But when you hear about last minute changes to election laws Done by people that don't have statutory legal authority to do so do so a random extensions and they don't have the legal right to do so or shifting standards in terms of how people that are legally written into the law or allowed to observe ballots. that's unfair to the american people. And when all is said and done you know constitutional standards in law have got to win the day. Whatever way the chips fall here. I don't want to create false hope in people. About what the ultimate result. This is a razor razor thin election. But we have an obligation as americans to track down any fraud to track down any lawbreaking that might have taken to ensure the integrity of the vote because otherwise the system that we we base our laws on that governs elections is meaningless. You know it's why. I said so many times that it matters that we can have a dual system of justice. It matters that you know the media do their job fairly otherwise. It's just an extension of the democratic socialist press office and that if there's their care about russia co interference and they find out there's none they ought to be the ones that are glad to report that information and if they find out somebody let's just say pays for thirty russian dossier it matters. We didn't spend three years on that topic for nothing and what we found out was everything that we reported to. You is true while. I'm taking the same approach to this. And that is we now are going to continue. We're going to investigate every law. And every single instance and make sure that the people of this country will have faith and competence in the election results. And if there are things that we've got to do to strengthen the process to protect against any shenanigans down the road or ensure that the laws are are implemented and that people's vote and rights are protected. And that's got to be done to And i think lindsey graham is not wrong in his point that he made on one of the weekend shows if republicans don't challenge and don't investigate based on what is being told to us about people that saying i was an observer are wasn't allowed to observe for example. You know he. He said they'll never be another repub. Republican ever elected again as president and warning that the president needs to actually has an obligation to Do this for the seventy one million americans in a close election that that took the time of their day to vote for this important office. We have a lot of ground to cover. Newt gingrich's on today maribor romo's on today we. Oh by the way. Did you hear the good news is a covid. Nineteen vaccine efficacy ninety percent. Wow imagine if we knew that a week ago today but anyway we'll get that We'll get that out to you. Good news on that front. I know everybody Has you know we all hope for a cure or medical researchers scientists. 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Why because you didn't want answers to questions about his history on race or stacking or packing the courts or legislative filibusters or you know that the paris cord that he's now saying is getting into demands that we We ourselves off of fossil fuels reduce the use of boscell abuse that the people of pennsylvania told that why should we trust you when you lies for three years about trump and russia and never admitted you lied and advanced conspiracy theories why should the. Why should the american people you so hyped up on. Impeaching president trump on ukraine ignored quid. Pro quo joe zero experience hunter russian oligarchs kazakhstan marks a billion five deal with china. You ignored it. All you've lost people's trust big tech companies now. That are the arbiters of what news that the country is able to receive. I mean everybody. I know is saying that. They're now they don't trust twitter anymore facebook anymore so i parlay has gone through the roof. Dan bongino part of that deal. Good for him. You know if you look at for example. The the i'm just going by the law look at for example. Pennsylvania the law says partisan observers can observe the vote counting. I think on record now the lawyers for the president over the weekend. They've got seventy or some odd people that have signed affidavits that were supposed to be partisan observers that are allowed to look at the vote counting that were kept away in some places pittsburgh observers saying that they were kept away for twenty four hours from the row. Well how well. How many ballots were counted in that period of time as the count reduced more and more and more. You know what about pennsylvania. What about the other witnesses. Now that are on videotape. That are now now. Don't does america have a right to listen to people that are saying that this is what the law says we were there to fulfill our obligation under the law and we were denied access to it. 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It's not something you get your finger on and five seconds or five minutes even five days and and basically the election you know if you remember in the weeks coming leading up to election as we were in our countdown. I kept telling everybody and every all of you on election day and the day before election day on election day. I was saying if you're in line. Stay in line. You have a right to stay line just assume that your vote is gonna put it over the top. I didn't know how right i would be. I just knew it was a very strong possibility. And it looks like it's you know anywhere but hundred twenty thousand votes. That's what it all comes down to out of a hundred and fifty million votes cast. I mean you think about that. That's point zero zero zero eight percent. A tiny margin you know recounts have been ordered and they're justified the trump campaign challenging a lot of this in the courts. I think the the supreme court is going to be the most fascinating. I think to watch an all of this because it. I any decision that the supreme court is ultimately going to make is going to be based on the law. It is not going to be based on what the feelings of the governor of the state legislature are. I mean just not. That's not how that's not how we run elections here This you know. There's a good history brought up in the post as well about how you know. Election fraud is not unknown in america and i was sad to say i bet you many don't know the famous example chicago mayor. Richard daley allegedly rigged the ballot for john kennedy. Dead people were found to have voted and six hundred. seventy seven. Election officials were indicted. You know we've had you know an analysis even in pennsylvania top judges and officials. You know convicted of fraud election fraud and being paid out to stuff. Ballot boxes Over a thousand almost a thousand people in the country not that in recent years. That are have convictions. Over this It was funny how everybody said. I got a vote by mail. We gotta change the laws. Why because of the pandemic. i didn't hear one bit of criticism of people celebrating this weekend. Joe biden so-called victory with kamala harris. And they're out about the no public distancing again just like they never talked about it during the protests only during trump rallies The new york. Times miranda devine found a great piece how they once reported that the truth that mail in voting is is the most vulnerable to fraud is right but you know if you think back to the first covid relief bill. Why was it held up. It was held up because nancy pelosi the election. Laws changed in part. She wanted immigration laws and she was willing to let american citizens and businesses. You know sit back can be delayed and and have to wait and wait longer and wait longer than that so you know and what was all of russia all about wasn't russia's supposed to be about whether there was an outside influence that we've heard that narrative now three years nothing but lies conspiracy theories and a hoax perpetrated on the american people ironically turns out hillary's the only one the paid for the dirty russian dossier that led to the spying and the well getting a four or five zero warrants based on the phony dossier. It's incredible nobody wanted to get worked with worked up about the war. Many of us that pointed out how deeply important and imperative it was that the truth come out and that people be told the truth and that double standard could not stand and it is. It's really sad actually You know it's funny. Biden is out there pretending to be president. You know in between his naps and saying today you know. He said on thursday contradicted. The president's suggestion that a coronavirus vaccine may be only weeks away warning americans. They can't trust the president's word and the idea that there's gonna be a vaccine and everything is going to be fine tomorrow. It's just not rational. Said there's not going to be a miracle remember that now. what have i been telling. You said there's something very interesting happening. Because we have these third. The final stage human trials that were ongoing that started in late july and the reason that they were ongoing is because nobody was dying. There were no major side effects and that antibodies were being created. I use the sources that i had. There's a number of companies. Madonna johnson and johnson. While fis comes out today in the vaccine that they have been developing with n tek which by the way spurt a massive leap in the stock market today. More than ninety percent effective. The companies were able to say today maj if they said it a week ago it is a milestone attributed to american medical researchers and medical scientists which i had said you know back in january of this year that they're gonna get the job done. I always had faith in them and they did anyway. So fiso now with this german biotech firm become the purse pharmaceutical outfit to reveal the successful data late stage study covert nineteen vaccine at a time by the way that we really seem to be able to need it here where a lot of countries now or having surging infection counts and today is a great day for science and humanity the fis. A ceo said in a statement with today's news. We are a significant step. Closer to providing people around the world with a much needed break through to help bring an end to the global health crisis and what they found in their phase. Three studies of the vaccine after ninety. Four of the trials of forty three thousand five hundred thirty eight participants contracted covert nineteen. That's it analysis showed. The vaccine was more than ninety percent effective Patients received the second of two doses. Meaning they become protected from the virus after twenty eight days from starting the vaccination course both fifa and bio tech. Will you know. Assess the effectiveness again. One hundred sixty four study participants get sick. You know when they have them sick with corona virus they'll check the final efficacy rate. The great dr fauci has weighed in and said that if the favourite liberal except you don't listen. Dr fauci saying it was safe to vote in person if there was social distancing and wearing masks saying that the results of this that came out today are extraordinary. His words if we get a reasonable effect of say seventy five percent effective vaccine in a substantial proportion of the population takes it. We're going in the right direction towards approaching a degree of normalcy normalcy. Which we all want which can happen faster. There's no remember it used to take years and years and years to break down the sequence of a virus. And they were able to do it. We'll have our experts at top of the hour. This is too big a story we have you know means too much to too many people and our way of life and people beginning to be able to live again. thing that we're going to have to pay a lot of attention to while all of this now is ongoing as it relates to getting to the truth of the results of the election and making sure every law was observed and looking at judicial review and recounts etc the battle Chuck schumer is now told everybody what is planning. Everything is on the table right now after the election. It looks like it's a fifty four thousand eight split in the us senate. We have to georgia senate seats that are scheduled for a runoff. I believe january fifth as a runoff date for georgia that makes the difference the seed of kelley law flir and and go and Senator purdue critical if you wanna stop the democrats from packing the courts and ending the legislative filibuster and you want some check on the radicals that have the holdover. Joe biden if joe biden becomes the president in the end of this process joe biden. Okay is now at the point they say. Can you imagine how important this comes. And the funny thing is stacey. Abrams by the way linda ever acknowledged that she wasn't elected governor. I'm not even sure if she ever finally said she accepted the results you remember. I think she's declared herself. Governor elect last time. I checked last time. I checked too right. Yeah by the way. Linda is an apoplexy livid and to your credit. You've been talking to anybody and everybody around the country and you're getting a lot of anecdotal stories and a lot of which are going to be sharing with you in the days to come good work and for all the right reasons as we talk this weekend. This is about our kids about our grandkids about doesn't it ask yourself. Election interference with russia matters. And whether or not a potential president is compromised by ukraine russia china kazakhstan that. Nobody seemed to care about. And if it matters a phone call with president trump and presidents. Alinsky this is all not going to go away. Just because they want it to go away. You know what sean. I think you just said it best. Which is that. This is not a fight about president trump in fact it has nothing to do with president trump it has to do with the free republic. And if you ever want to see free and fair elections again if you truly care about american prosperity and greatness in the future you want to give to your children then you'd better wake up and you better pay attention. What was i saying before the election. Every vote is gonna matter here. I it's already hard enough for any republican. Win the presidency anyway. So the president apparently coordinates summer boards is going to be getting out on the road and making his case as more information becomes available. That should get very very interesting. we have a lot of people on the ground all throughout this week. We're going to be interviewing radio and tv We know that they're They're very specific stories. That i'm getting that we're working on. One is wisconsin. One is in nevada Working obviously on pennsylvania and watching. What's going on there and one in the state of georgia yet. A nevada whistleblower. Sign an affidavit alleging disregard of of mail signature verification. These were all stories that have to be looked into with. The rule of law mattered for russia's should matter to everyone in the media. I know that Let's see anderson. Cooper is out there comparing president trump to a flailing obese turtle but of course they're lecturing everybody on how it's time for the nation to come together there's an arizona. There's a lawsuit there how it's possible. They incorrect incorrectly rejected votes. After cutting the biden lead to nearly half a point republicans have expanded the probe into the dominion voting systems. We had laura cox on the program on friday. And she's the one that said yeah. We found a glitch. And in the glitch we've found six thousand votes. Were wrongly tabulated for biden. Not donald trump. Well that system is used in over. Forty of the eighty counties in michigan for crying out loud Anyway and then we have Now it's used according to john Solomon at at just the news. Dot com twenty eight states. Use the same. Exact dominion software. Researchers are questioning the reliability of of the dominion voting systems and software. Which everybody should want ted cruz. Who i think has been phenomenal said. Yep the vote count. Lawsuits could easily reach the supreme court in other words. If there were observers as a matter of law that would denied access to the observation. I don't know what the remedy would be in a court situation like that. But i think people that are signing affidavits to that effect need to be listened to. I'm sure that democrats that pedaled their russia conspiracy theories would agree And we know that Different people are being tapped in different states. And it's going to take a lot of time and we'll see what happens thirty nine. Republicans have now asked the attorney general to ensure integrity of voting and the counting process We have congressman scalise saying election laws. Were not followed in two thousand twenty. jonathan turley has been phenomenal on his analysis. America should welcome review for close counts. I agree with that. Why wouldn't we welcome the review. Isn't it in the end better. That the american people at the end of process have faith and confidence that everything was done lawfully and that this was a free fair election with a laws were followed. You know i think started a great job on what lavigne last night. Pennsylvania's three day extension in the mail in ballot Deadline is a constitutional travesty. I'd that's the that's the supreme. Court case that is pending. I think that's absolutely right. There are some republicans with the back bone. South dakota governor noem saying al gore got his day in court and the president deserves the same consideration. Michelle obama's out. There attacking seventy one million trump voters of for supporting lies hate chaos and division. Oh and her and her husband never did that. Neither to joe biden. But we're a bunch of chumps and bitter people clinging to god guns are bibles and religion So we're gonna watch all of this and and see what happens. Do think that the testimony of so many people that seem to be now getting on the record is going to be very interesting. And it was a great tweet by ari. Fleischer resist overturned boycotts prevail. Leak impeach now. They tell us it's time to heal. Where were they the last four years or larry elder four years of attacking trump is illegitimate fascist nazi tyronn dictator racist anti semite russian stooge trader gifter xenophobes sexist homophobic ignorant fat and lazy. Let's come together out. Pretty powerful tweet from him in other one by eric. Erickson was really good to black friday cyber monday. One day only sale now. Wouldn't you rather just work with a company who put you on a pedestal everyday. Well that's what you get with pure talk usa. Now this is a veteran run wireless company who understands what it means to serve now. 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I mean we're just going to do a little comparison of how they were in two thousand sixteen and how they're reacting Over the weekend We cannot ignore the story. It is too big as to. It is to extraordinary and It's what i had predicted was happening. And based on my sources and people have been talking to all these you know final stage. Human trials. Foreign covert vaccine. And it's something that i have been saying since january when you look at our timeline on covert nineteen which the mob the media got wrong. The whole time. I kept saying i have faith and i have hope and belief in our medical researchers are scientists and our doctors and our healthcare workers that they they're gonna get us the answer and we were able to break down in record time the sequence of this corona virus and it's now and and then the president to his credit implemented operation warp speed and. I said because these final stage trials members staged to human trials showed antibodies were created. Nobody died taking the vaccine and that the side effects were minimal. Then they go into the we what we have six separate ones that i know of that were are ongoing and then you go into stage three testing and then it began with thirty thousand in the case of feige and by the way they're they're now applying for an emergency use authorization from the fda as soon as the final data meets the safety milestones. They expect you know very very shortly but the head of pfizer literally the chairman. Ceo said today's a great day for science and humanity the first set of results from our phase. Three cova nineteen vaccine. Trial provides the initial evidence of our vaccines ability to prevent covid nineteen. We are reaching this critical milestone in our vaccine development program at a time when the world needs most with infection rate setting new records hospitals nearing overcapacity and struggling to remain open. Open with today's news. We are a significant step. Closer to providing people around the world with a much needed break through to help bring an end to the global health crisis. He said we are proud to announce that along with their partners bio n tek group That this guy. Their vaccine candidate at an interim analysis demonstrated incredible efficacy and if approved it will require patients to receive two shots. The second one coming twenty one days after the first shot. It's a two dose vaccine which means in twenty eight days. Somebody will have the antibodies over ninety percent now. governor cuomo said. There's bad news. Trump will determine how it gets distributed. Only only only a democratic could say that biden rejecting up to last week. Oh claim that a vaccine is imminent. We already knew that because if if look if third stage final human trial testing was not going on. Well would've stopped it but it meant that it was working anyway. It has now sent the dow through the roof today And even the ever so loved. Dr fauci says it is a remarkable incredible comments anyway Dr josh number. Our friend is with us atlas. Md in in. Wichita kansas and dr george meritas with us. Harvard medical school. Thank you both for being with us. We didn't we all know dr umber when they didn't stop the trials. The final phase human testing trials. That was a good sign. Yeah we those Definitely a good sign that they felt a positive things to pushing that forward. I think their big concern was that it was going to become political like everything else and probably trying to thread that needles best they could. Yeah i mean you know. It's a imagine if it was announced a week ago. could it have impacted the election. Who knows it doesn't what's important as the health of people though at the end of the day here if you get a ninety percent effective rate like they're showing what does that mean to you. You know i think that Scenes shooting for seventy percent so so could be above that Maybe even further I think when you combine that with the number of people who probably have natural immunity from the ten million plus known cases so probably twenty thirty forty more undocumented cases that means we hit herd immunity. Really pretty quick means we can start protecting the most at risk people very soon and you really get out in front of this whole thing and doctor farid news again. The words that dr fauci extrordinary. I am completely in agreement with dr bridge statement. That this is a wonderful It's what we've been waiting for is it. is been. It's been a very extensive study forty-three thousand or more Patients enrolled and participants around the world. And we have very encouraging findings such that Patients will be Likely to have good protection the been needed but it My feeling is that we need to get the acceptance by dr fauci and the fda and the task force of the early treatment with the recently good audi virus that we've had since the inception of this and Our american association of physicians and surgeons has put together a very good homebase guide to see early colder treatment. And we're gonna continue to need that regardless of when the vaccine is being being distributed talking about fifty million doses this year alone that they'll have produced to be able to distribute. Isn't that incredible. It absolutely. we're testing over million people a day and that takes a lot of work To admit it takes a little time so be a million vaccines a day. And i i'd like to see that there are other companies coming up with a good Vaccines that will be Announcing results i suspect the maderna's trial however It's still important to not give up on what we've been pushing for many of us in the on the front line for i'm i'm seeing a huge upsurge of patients And outpouring of a trying to get access to this combination treatment of Really safe and effective Combination antivirals ivermectin hydroxy clerk win zinc doxycycline. Cycling is through mice and if it's taken in the five days as we've been asking and there there are no Promulgation of this from foul she and the others We wouldn't have had the the terrible consequences that we've seen to this point and we're gonna still need this approach in addition to The the distribution of a vaccine in the months ahead. I mean doctor. Farid i know that you and others had gone out there and sits a sixty five year old drugs. I draw chloroquine with a zithromax etc. And you know you. Have somebody like dr daniel wallace. Who said the risk is nil. And he's the premier guy on rheumatoid arthritis and lupus and anti-malarials four hundred peer reviewed articles than you know and then how it becomes politicized. You still believe that hydroxychloroquine with zinc and vitamin d. And and whatever other things associated with it if taken very early does what it suppresses the multiplication and now if we had in either in addition there's even a more effective combination of agents causing the ivermectin. What does that i've ever met. And it's being used in other countries and now it's part of the protocol in this Based treatment plan from The american association of what kind of medicine that i've never been i. It's it's it's a de worming agents. It's us veterinary medicine and And in humans for a parasitic treatment anti parasitic agents. It's like hydroxy clerk when it has additional mechanisms of action in addition to what it's been touted for like a malaria per hydroxy clerk winner then subsequently or rheumatoid arthritis lupus it has other effects that are when i looked at it completely The ivermectin also inhibits they re a multiplication step of sars covid nineteen Cova to it. Didn't if it's a nuclear step that isn't covered by hydroxy clerk win using it in conjunction with hydroxychloroquine makes the Early treatment even more effective and That's how i'm seeing here in my community. These patients Cut recovering in twenty four hours. And they don't want to develop the long kovic syndrome that's very doctor. I know that of people politicize hydroxy. And then you got remdesivir. Now we're working on other Therapeutics like regeneron that the president took. Oh have you ever heard of either. What does it call auburn I've ever met. I've seen some of those studies. And i think you know we got a lot of studies going out to look for anything positive That shows some benefits and It'll be interesting to see where all those go when you may maybe less important. If we have a vaccine then we won't need to treat nearly as many people So in some ways that might make it harder to research in other ways. I will still be happy that We found a way to protect ourselves from this. And what are now are built of you seeing that if people take the tree. What is your first order of treatment. Dr number if somebody you know has this thing it's still a respiratory virus so we try to match this treatment to the symptoms knowing that there's still a shortage of some of these other medicines a plaque hill and Is it reminds me too much of a shortage but not everyone does well at the death zone. So looking at that Still your basic tylenol. Ibuprofen dayquil nyquil. benadryl Large glass of water every hour and a lot of net flicks. Just you know the the normal grandma advice that you would get for cough and cold for the people at higher risk pre existing lung conditions diabetes. And then we try to. You know ratchet that up to the more aggressive types of care anything to work on it sooner to try to prevent those hospitalizations then when they do go the hospital. Try to focus on the newer options. That seem to be showing some some definite mike. Regeneron things. yeah that's right. Yeah and have you found that. Many patients need to be hospitalized when they take your treatment. I you know For our patient panel we've yet to hospitalize anybody but we also haven't seen Nearly as much as other states like florida new york. Yeah we read. What about you of people that go on your regimen. How they'd done they've done extremely well. None of been hospitalized and if they get it early and they the the report significant and remarkable symptomatic improvement. And the the the that's our goal is to prevent hospitalization and it's very effective in doing that. It's a it's end. It's readily available. It's it's not a large amount of plaque window or hydroxy clerk when it's just sixteen tablets that are needed for the regiment. And then it's a. In addition these other agents doxycycline through mice and are available and zinc is available as well as this ivermectin is just four tablets. One does is all they need at one time. Yeah just one does i. If they're very symptomatic they can repeat it For two or three hundred side effects from it not not with one dose of Twelve milligrams of ivermectin. It's it's widely been widely used. It's like drowsy clerk. And it's been around for decades. And i gotta run but i want to thank you both. Do you know it's such a good day. And i say to everybody that is in the medical community including you guys on the front lines. Thank you for all you do for all of us every day. We really appreciate it and now word from our sponsor boost with facebook. Who's podcast boost. My business with david fisher. Features unique perspectives and insights from some of the world's most interesting business leaders and small business owners and sites like this being in fear is a learned behavior and if something that the world has on us. Now don't get me wrong hard times. Come life happens things do happen. But you have to pull from that place of the chat within. And i just haven't let go of that. That's from irian. Simone author and co founder of fearless fund. You'll hear her. With courtney shall scipio founder of inspired by a net events design in rentals as they discuss. How tragedies and obstacles can be turned into triumphs. Get the inside story on the importance of resilience plus gain insight development perspective and discover how real connection can lead to real wisdom in the world of business. Listened to boost my business. Wherever you get your podcasts. Let's go back to twenty sixteen. shall we. Unless just take a trip down memory lane and how the democrats and the media and the mob reacted to. Donald trump people have talked about a miracle. I'm hearing about a nightmare. This was a whitelash. This was a whitelash against a changing country. It was a whitelash against a black president in part. And that's the part where the pain comes This network devoted years of programming and promotional support to a reality show. That was mold breaking for the time and contributed largely to making this a new york developer. Builder licensor landlord investor successful guy into a global celebrity and brand a brand new cells brand name licensed products with his name on it. I think some of it's cultural anger. We should correctly identify as being racial animus and that it's significant that trump is that trump has close so much of a gap in done so well with white voters extent twitch donald trump is one running a campaign of racism and bigotry turning out millions of white americans for that campaign suggests that we are living through a kind of second redemption. Now let's listen to yes. The cnn's van jones now character matters it matters. Tell truth matters. Being a good person matters what crime so much but what got me took the picture of the cabdriver. And so i'm very emotional so when you ask me how i'm beal and right now i'm sorry that's all i can tell you. This is how i feel right now. Nobody knows what it feels like as a black man to be able to speak moment if you're ever have to worry at the president's going to be happy to have babies has to wear century. Nobody's i've started crying. And again. I heard the i can't quite frightening. Go away from me cry. We don't care who. Anyway you notice. We don't know protests this weekend. Violence nothing that what donald trump would have one. We were worn my in happen. It's unbelievable. hypocrisy is breathtaking. We'll continue support for this. Podcast comes from beam. Oh why is covid. Nineteen made the alternative. Ipo strategy of special purpose acquisition companies or specs so popular unpredictable. Times call for expert insights. Read the article spectacular specs. The unicorns are coming by eric. Benedict co co-head and brian dicaprio vice president of equity capital markets. Get their expert. Take at b. m. o. z. M. dot com slash covid. That's b. m. o. c. m. dot com slash covid mergers and acquisitions. We work here. Thank you can censor politico. Presumably you can censor the new york times or any other media outlet mr dorsey seat who the hell elected you and put you in charge of what the media are allowed to report and what the american people are allowed to here to have the ability to influence elections. You said no. You still stand by that. That twitter accompanying no no. You'll figure of the ability by by moderation policies by senator leaving our call censoring you. What's your new york post. You'll think censorship that moderation policies elections by withholding. What i believe is true information from public. You don't think that interferes elections i. That was the challenge of dorsey of twitter at jack as he calls himself. Eight hundred nine. Four one sean. If you wanna be a part of the program my friend and colleague fox business network morning anchor also hosts on the fox news channel over the weekend Which by the way. I had a great sunday morning futures Show this past weekend. Maria barrett. Romo's with us. She has a new book out by the way. The cost trump china and the american revival also announcing herself that. You're leaving twitter. You got banned. Yeah sean i didn't get banned but what happened. Is i'm tweeting stuff. And they're flagging it and they're making it hard for my followers to see it and frankly sean doesn't matter if i have ten gazillion followers on twitter. It's they're going to be the arbiter of truth and they're going to be the policeman for the information that i'm trying to communicate to my followers. I have no interest in being there. Okay so my bottom line is i haven't lost yet but i am fully surely moving. I love parlor. I decided this right now. I'm using twitter to promote my stuff. I'll promote my show. Sunday morning futures on sunday mornings with maria on fox business. But when i have scoops that my scoops are only going on parlor sean. Because as a freedom loving woman like you a freedom loving man. I cannot accept this censorship in america and i will not accept it. Even begin to put a monetary value in terms of you know look at for example twitter and and facebook and all these big tech companies and literally deciding what they want to call news her not news they are being the arbiters of it and then you know strangely protected from liability laws due to the section to thirty protections that they have and and they they do this. But how would you ever put up money figure on what that meant to joe biden and his campaign in terms of donation. Never mind the media mob itself which is ninety nine percent. i hate donald trump. and we'll never vet joe biden We'll give him a pass on everything. I never saw. One presidential candidate answer fewer questions in the history of the republic. I don't think it's ever happened. But protecting and then moving with the conspiracy theories on top of it. I think that there was clearly a coordinated effort. There has been from the day that donald trump went down the elevator. Most recently in the last couple of years you've seen a real coordinated colluding effort to cover up what they've been doing and that includes the media and includes the fbi. You know the people within the government. I mean this president has faced more resistance than anyone could imagine and while doing so he's actually been able to Push through some serious victories and successes in the way of policy that have made americans lives much better but you know facing up to this resistance had to be incredibly difficult. He was able to do it. But i don't know what the prices In terms of the impact on joe biden presidency. But it's obviously hard to ignore When you did have a cover up the exculpatory evidence exploratory things that could have been you know very bad for joe biden that we're not reported You know you had during the two thousand sixteen election. We both know what took place. They are an incredible. Cover up an entrapment scheme to take down the president. So all of these things into what you're referring to and that is incredible. Help support on the part of the media for joe biden. I don't watch any sunday shows any longer at a. Have him for a long time except for yours. You had an exceptional show this weekend. You had rudy giuliani You had House minority leader kevin mccarthy. You had lindsey graham you at ted cruz and i and i watched and the analysis was so dead on brilliant and it was one guest after another very impressive. What is your take as you now have heard from all of them as i'm hearing from all of them and we're watching the rest of the media landscape which i view as corrupt and unwatchable tried. And i agree with that. And thank you for the compliment sean. Look i think what we are watching unfold right. Here is a situation where we have to allow the courts to take over now. We have to allow the country. Just follow the rule of law. We have a structure in place to See this legation play out The media as much as the media wants to be the arbiters of the presidential election and truth there. It is not the media's role to tell us who is the winner of the selection that is the role of the electoral state officials which will do their role in december We are watching a contested election with disputes. That will move through the court and so now we have to allow the courts to take over and we have to follow the truth. And that's what we're doing. That is why. I am waiting to see how these things Rule before any you know any declaration of who. The president is what i learned. This weekend is right now. We have identified episodes of irregularities episodes of questionable activity. I'm not going to say fraud yet. Because i have to see the evidence but we certainly have enough pieces of evidence that indicate dead people voted number one. We have situations where you have ballots where you did not have an opportunity to vote for president trump. He name was not on the ballot. There are thousands of those which sydney powell told us about auto situations where you have a software program dominion software program that has had many many delicious specifically in georgia and they are indicating other places. Walk whether or not these glitches were intentional. In it was michigan where they had the six thousand votes that they had to switch to trump. And that's only the one county and it doesn't necessarily mean it happened in other counties. No but over forty counties michigan. Use that same software. It's kind of scary when you think about. It and sydney powell told us that there could be that company where there's an interest in the company that nancy pelosi's husband has an interest in it. Diane feinstein's house has an interested. We don't know this is all being looked at right now and then. Of course there are also reports that after some of these counties stopdown but i never heard anything in my life that when you're in the middle of an election you stop you stop counting so there were situations where they stopped counting and then in the dead of night three in the morning tens of thousands of new ballot showed up late one hundred percent of them for biden. So there are enough of these episodes. That aren't an investigation. And now we need to have that investigation take place whether or not this is episodic or systemic remains to be seen. There's obviously reason to investigate. And reason for the trump administration to drop these lawsuits given what we've seen and you know when you think of the number of people were talking about here and this is what the trump campaign had said and the way the media would characterize it as just false. I mean i think we're talking about if you look at all the states combined somewhere i mean you know what eighths eighteen sixteen fifteen thousand ballots in arizona. Twenty thousand wisconsin forty thousand pennsylvania. Nevada's you know we have questions and all of these states and and then you have all of these people. Now signing affidavits for example in pennsylvania saying they were not allowed to observe when the law specifically allows partisan observers of the vote count and that would mean every vote and yet that clearly didn't happen. Is maybe social distancing at something some play in that but not one hundred feet away. You're not going to see any ballot and and you can't see from that distance what's actually going on. I think this is one of the things that the trump administration has identified as the most egregious where they were not allowed to observe any of it. Why is it that the administration and the campaign is being shut out in terms of having observers ensure that things are going moving fairly and honestly. I had in front of me. A look at the number of ballots with only joe biden on the ticket. No other candidates on the ballot and that's ninety eight thousand in pennsylvania. Eighty thousand in georgia forty two thousand arizona. Sixty nine thousand in michigan and sixty two thousand in wisconsin. So there's there's that as well and you know. I think these situations needs to be looked at and by the way i did get a call this morning from someone else who appears to be a whistle blower and so i will be following up on that to the good news here. Sean is the fact that now we're putting spotlight on all the best this This will awaken whistle blowers and people will come forward so if there is fraud and waste fraud. The likelihood of finding out is high. I agree i agree with you. And i think it's all got to be followed up with you know. I'm very worried about this country when you can have a presidential candidate in the for example. Look at the racial background of joe biden. it was never asked her in the campaign. This man was allowed to hide in his basement. Daily in the mob the media. Everybody protected him. Big tech companies. You know killed stories that were negative towards him. He never have to answer. Never got a full answer. Did we on the issue of packing the courts ending the legislative filibuster these fundamental questions that he was allowed to run through an entire campaign and any of the questions. We did get answered. You know were only because donald trump pushed it during the debate. I don't know how to monetize the you know you talk about an in-kind contribution there was state run tv now state run big tech companies. You have a corrupt democratic party that would take on breathtaking hypocrisy on russia and ukraine and a republican establishment that just hated donald trump style and the fact that he tweeted he wasn't an establishment candidate put a disruptor as he was elected to be and then ends up with seventy one million votes. I think there's a serious amount of censorship going on right. Now sean and i think people are you know people who are independent and who may not have been following. Some of this stuff is closely as you and i. I think they're coming out right now and saying wait a second. I think that my rights are getting trampled on the wait. A second i. I thought that i had freedom to do this. And now i don't and they're seeing censorship in free speech and it's getting them angry and i think over the last year this has been bubbling up. And i think people are recognizing that there is this cover up coup going on and it continues. Because donald trump's president trump's existence his going to washington saying i'm going to drain the swamp and calling everybody out fake news. He threatens their existence. His presence threatens their existence and the thought of the democrats and the dnc losing that grip on power because of donald trump is just too much for them to handle and to accept so they gotta get an out. Whatever it takes and it doesn't matter if it means throwing out all of the things that we deem as important and valuable valuable to our democracy like innocent until proven guilty. Oh so donald all right. So what is your gut tell you you saw the statement you saw the supreme court you see these other. We know that they're going to be other judicial challenges That is what the role of that extra branch of government is. Do you see any of this going anywhere at this point. In time sean had not given up on the department of justice and bill barr. I have not given up on. Bill barr and his motivations. I do believe he wants justice and he will do the right thing. So i am expecting a full on investigation of these irregularities that we're seeing in terms of voting ballots that needs to play out maria. Thank you very much. Maria bar teramo. Eight hundred nine four one. Sean is our number when we come back. Newt gingrich's take on this here for our final news roundup and information overload. All right news roundup in an overload. Glad you're with us eight hundred nine. Four one sean. You want to be a part of this extravaganza so after well. Let's see how long what of the last four years been like and the world against donald trump it has been never ending. Non stop constant attack attack attack. Then we're getting lectures from the mob. The media everybody in between. Oh we have got to come together as one. I mike. we're gonna get lectured from you Just because we want free fair honest election and we want know exactly what is going on in and count the votes that we know are legally cast as if this is the worst thing in the world is terrible you know. Okay ari fleischer tweeted out. Resist overturn boycotts. Vail leak impeach. Now they're telling us it's time to heal. where were they. The last four years were eric erikson and had a good tweet really incredible to see all the people who spent four years demonizing republicans suddenly support an end to the era of demonization and a demand for unity after four years of burning down the country. larry elder four years. Attacking trump is illegitimate fascist. Nazi tyrant dictator racist anti semite russian stooge trader griff tres. Xenophobes sexist homophobic ignorant fat lazy. Now let's come together. Listen for yourself past four years. This president has shown us that he is a misogynist that he is homophobic that he is a racist. Fifty percent of america saw all of that and looked the other way to their brothers and their sisters and said. I'm going to vote for him anyway that i think is despicable. It is an american. That is the president of the united states that is the most powerful personal world and we see him like an obese turtle on his back flailing in the hot sun realizing his time as over the president's words for what they are which is the most incendiary and the most dangerous and the most flagrantly false lies. Among the most flagrantly falls lies. he's told as president and a moment when this country is in a fraught. Political state is really serious. Stuff all right joining us now former speaker of the house. Newt gingrich and mr speaker but watch stu now all weekend. You admit amazing in urinalysis again. Look how close this all is you know. Look at where we are with the supreme court. Look at what the state of pennsylvania you know. Alito statement Georgia now becomes the focus of so many of us wanted to get your take on why it's important that we begin a process where we can have faith confidence and belief in our election electoral system. Obviously it's a shambles. Well i think it's only in both My my message might newsletter Because constitutional process for electing a president who does not only to the news media involves voting having the votes counted then having if necessary A secondary look at all those votes then having the opportunity to go to court then having st louis. Look what's going on then. Having the electors actually show up and remember in two thousand both bush and send electors from florida This thing went on a long time. And i think It's clear that the left which which had done everything. It could to destroy trump and everything to protect by its rushed. Kids proclaimed biden. President is everything they can to pretend that he is president but the truth is not a single state has been sort of no one Still counting and many outstanding issues. And they'll be six eight major lawsuits in pennsylvania. She can wisconsin. Nevada arizona georgia so I think seeping the constitution and keeping the faith in the end. this will be decided by a process. Not by a press release was an. I totally agree with you on every aspect of this but i think this has got to be done systematically here number one my as the campaign talks about varying issues of fraud that keep coming up and we're examining every allegation and we're we're step by step you know i. It was very odd to me. The software glitch for example in michigan which we talked about on friday. Now that's used in forty eighty some odd michigan counties but it's also used in about thirty other states That should be a legitimate concern for anybody. That really wants a true accurate fair election result when you look at the laws. I never knew. The depth of partisan observers are literally written into the law in most states. And it's even supposed to be an open process to the public that they abs they can by law. Pennsylvania michigan wisconsin georgia elsewhere. They're you know all look at pennsylvania. Partisan observers may observe at the polling locations and watch the counting until the counting is complete but yet we know. In many instances it didn't happen How is what what. How do you and certify that election as valid and true remarkable book on the spanish players clue of nineteen eighteen nineteen nineteen a section where something about philadelphia loose in the country. And i'm looking i was born. We always thought it was the most corrupt city but so the idea of a corrupt machine corrupt local officials. They decided to steal the presidency Then they have been stolen votes. They cheerfully sit there and smile. And say i'll bet you can't prove and instead of like the mafia which is why. I tell people that the movie the irishman maybe the best introduction to what we're currently living through the sixers media i saw the president yesterday he'd had four of his tweets censored including one about me Rush the day before had four hundred six century Facebook has hired a chinese experts on censorship To work in office in seattle designing chinese style capacity to censor You go down the list. What she faced with his people. This is not just about an individual or an individual precinct. This was a nationwide effort zuckerberg poured four hundred million dollars in to increase in turnout only in democratic areas. And so you start going down this list and realizing how big the decca stacked against the deck is stacked against the american people and that's why this is so important. We have an absolute obligation to recognize that they can get away with this They may not be another honest election this country because they were able to take all of these techniques starting georgia on january third and apply them all across the country over and over and over again in a way the unbelievably destructive and turn the whole country and the california. Well you know if you look at the electoral map. But i think there should be a concern for everybody. I mean it's all. I said this all throughout this whole process. If you're a republican and you're running for president you have to run the table but you look at states. That were always wants him. Play for republicans. I mean people forget. Reagan bush forty one you know. California was a state. Reagan won twice. That's not that long ago but then states like virginia. They suddenly turn a little purple then. Boom they're totally blue. Then you look at you know the you see people leaving new york. They're moving to the carolinas. They're bringing with them. Some of the liberal views. They're moving from california to texas. They're bringing their liberal views people from new jersey new york moving in illinois moving to georgia. They're bringing the liberal views with them. So you know it's a little scary to me. It's sorta like this spreading out. They want to escape the cities that have a basically oppressed bureaucracy and high taxes and the bringing those policies and then then destroying states that have been far better to live in which is ironic. They're fleeing really bad one party government. They're fleeing very high taxes fleeing arrogant and destructive cookies and they promptly started voting for candidates. Do the same thing to their new state that they just fled the allstate. And that's part of the education process where where conservatives in texas or conservatives around the country have to give you an allergy about which are directly affected by caliban just communicate. You know. Don't don't turn this place into the one you left Because of course the politicians and the great example they had the most obvious open effort to create a corrupt theft of a state. Any place in the country when the state legislature. The governor deliberately rewrote the rules Adam lack salt. The former attorney john over nevada has has been doing a great job of highlighting and there are still six hundred thousand ballots in nevada that nobody has no republican has been able to to jam. Just your sense of the scale people. Slow down let the process work. Don't assume that the very people who lied to you about donald trump for four years. Now lying to you about the presidential election You know. And i think it's a real challenge. Let me go back to the institutional comment. You made about big tech. And i'm making this. They played a very big role in this campaign by censoring information. The mob and the media's ninety nine percent anti-trump then you've got the whole. Democrat is establishment. Then you've got the republican establishment. You know that you you know. They don't even want to hear it just because they so hate. Donald trump and my question is is when you have institutional forces align to this magnitude that would allow the phony russian narrative to go for four years Ignore the biden scandals. And then they would you know literally do anything and everything to just approve getting rid of donald trump at any price and accept every results even if it hasn't been fully vetted it's troublesome to me because they're seventy one million of us that think very differently and in that sense. We can all be disenfranchised and dismissed right. That's why this is such an extraordinarily important fight now. It is interesting that we've gained seats in the state legislature. Both the state house and state senate across the country gained seats in the us house We gained the governorship big fight in georgia. Which i have a hunch win. Because i think the chuck schumer has made a huge mistake and being to oakland into honest radical. He'll be if he can just see it. Those georgia's seats. And i think what people enjoy realize the consequence of voting to to Schumer handpick candidates That they will be Toast And we'll re elect a leffler and purdue but you know if that happens and frankly i still think there's an outside chance the president trump may be able to pull all this off the scale and the brazenness of dishonesty so staggering That it's hard to believe that in a free society. We can't find ways. Several hundred thousand ballots in wisconsin but are tainted for example Pennsylvania itself is such. A reasonable person can believe it. Pennsylvania's anything but stolen by the democrats Michigan's a little more complicated more all the time. Then it gives you notice by the way when there's a computer glitch it always happens to hurt the republicans so that was a nine thousand votes swing and county once. They figured out that the computer had quote headed glitch which i don't believe Also have you noticed when new batches votes come in there almost always providing surprise surprise. We just found fifteen thousand votes and savannah. Oh and guess what they're virtually offer by it you know. I don't believe that. I think what you have is. People were manufacturing about as they needed. It's really scary thought. Aren't you mentioned georgia. And you mentioned future elections. What is the best way that we can now guarantee because so many states do it so effectively free fair accurate elections with results that people go have trust and confidence in. How do we do that considering. It's the states that make the laws that govern elections. I think we probably need to have sort of an honest elections association after this is over and recognize we vanishes and state legislatures and he just go back and figure one of the lessons to be learned for this. What would it be accurate election. Look like and have a nationwide much like the contract with america. Says these are the five or the seven things you have to do in your state election law and then driving home and we could probably get. It passed and three fourths of the states in the country. Remember there's a republican majority in the legislature in north carolina and pennsylvania and michigan and wisconsin and arizona and in georgia So to the agrees with this stuff. It's sloppy and stupid. It's because the left has invested it making it sloppiest. The second thing you have to do is really openly publicized. How much zone assemble left to spend trying to capture Legislative secretary of state or the local county registrar been a loti efforts to get control of the election process. The united states for the purpose of corrupting it. All right mr speaker your bet on target the whole time. We'll continue. American people deserve this. This seventy one million americans that deserve to know and a full complete Investigation is warranted and justified before a winner quotas declared eight hundred nine. Four one sean. If you want to be a part of the program we're doing a special investigation when we get back Senior counsel with the g. l. a. j. c. illegal group has literally filed a complaint michigan. We're going to find out what that's all about. And more as we continue. Straight ahead sean. Hannity show if all this wasn't enough in antrim county were counted for democrats that were meant for republicans causing a six thousand votes swing against our candidates. The county clerk came forward and said tabulating software glitched and caused a miscalculation of the boats. Since then we have now discovered that forty seven counties. Use this same south ware in the same capacity. Antrim county head to hand. Count all the ballots and these counties that use the software needs to closely. Examine their results for similar discrepancies. The people of michigan deserve a transparent and open process. That was laura cox. We had on the program on friday. The great lakes. This is a michigan. Justice center has filed an action in wayne county circuit court alleging massive fraud and election voting counting procedures and other words. Like the law of michigan. Kind of like the law. Pennsylvania the law and wisconsin and like the law and a lot of places. Aren't i'm reading. Directly from law are an open process that may be observed by any interested person. There are election challenges. Poll-watchers though challengers have greater access to the process and by the way observers were permitted at polling locations observers may observe the absentee vote voter counting board at any time during the election. Observers may observe all county at law by the way m. Cla one six eight point seven three. Oh getting to know all these state. Laws post-election audits are to the public recounts are open to the public anyway. The great lakes justice center wayne county circuit court filed massive fraud in the election and voting vote counting procedures and they are claiming a constitutional right to election. Accuracy and integrity has been violated and that the constitutional equal protection rights election. Laws have been violated and they go on from there and Anyway david coleman is with us senior counsel with the g. l. a. j. c. is What have you discovered so far that you can inform our audience about well. Thanks sean pleasure to be with you. And we've discovered a lot You know. I'm like most people at first. You kinda hear stories. You don't really know if there's much fact to it or not but as we started getting calls late last week and over the weekend we found out there was a lot of meat on the bone here. And there's a lot of things going on we outlined in our complaint and then the affidavits that we attach and direct fraud Ballots coming in for example and poll-watcher pole challenger viewed this directly himself. A ballot comes in. They checked the person's name to see. If they're around the voter file they're not registered and instead of setting that vote aside in counting it. They go to their computer. Pull up the name of somebody who has not voted yet remember. This is after election day and then they count that ballot on that person's Voter record and so they count the vote. Even though the person that sent in the mail in vote is not on the registration so that kind of fraud is going on. They refuse to re. They ordered their workers to not review signatures. They ordered workers to Backdate when the receipt of the mail in ballot came in You know because they had to be received by election night Eight o'clock how many affidavits to you. Now have the. You're presenting to the court. Well what we presented to the court is the six or seven affidavits with the real serious allegations we have. I don't know probably a dozen or more that and more and more calls coming in. We're still trying to sift through it. I think people are finding out that we're out here and have actually filed a lawsuit. We're getting contacted today by a lot of people so i think we just hit the tip of the iceberg john. Let's talk about this computer. Glitch that laura cox was just talking about the took place. Apparently it software that was used over. Forty of the eighty. Some odd counties in michigan She up to this point. I understand not no other glitches been caught. Is that something that concerns you. Yeah it's a big concern I've heard rumors that dominion Software that was used here in michigan and elsewhere around the country thirty states. At least yeah right right. And so of course. That's a big concern. But i have heard that a few of the other smaller counties have gone through and that their vote totals were accurate so again. That's our whole point in this shot. This is not to determine who should winner who should lose. This is important that we have fair and open and transparent elections if the people lose faith and are elective process. They're gonna lose faith that the people who are in charge in an elected office have the right to be there. That totally undermines our system of government. We can't have that this type of fraud that's been going on and wayne county has got to be dealt with. Let's talk about the law and why it's so important that if we have election laws and this is what i guess is so troublesome to me And and i understand. The campaign is they. They have investigators looking into allegations of fraud. Okay but if we have specific laws that guarantee an open process which i think is critical and then we know that that even partisan observers that are written into the law and many of these states are denied the ability to actually look at the ballot and observe. How do you find a remedy for that. I'm i'm picking your legal brain here. Yeah well that's why we filed this lawsuit and we've asked for injunctive relief to stop the certification of these results in wayne county and to allow for the court to look at. What's going on here. The gentleman mr larson who saw that ballot fabrication. I was telling you about earlier when he brought that to the attention of the officials. They're the election workers Actively stopped him from viewing and seeing what was going on he walked out outside of the room for just a moment to confer with some other lawyers. He came back and tried to get in. They refused them. Admittance and they would not let him in and in fact many of the poll challenges that were there were denied access and could not get back in under all kinds of excuses and pretenses. There was really no reason for it. There's a lot of harassment. Show a lot of a lot of blocking the views of these challenges trying to watch what was going on it was it's really reprehensible what was going on it really is so sad you know when you think about you know and i would think that everybody would need to hear some of these stories and they see that laws may be were not followed that would bring a concern on on the side of the left as well And the saddest part is all the confusion that occurred all the length of time it takes to actually count the ballots and get an answer and you watch in a vote. Total that starts out with one candidate up by five hundred thousand losing by thirty eight or forty thousand votes on. How are people that have have any trust in that system. Yeah you hit it on on the head there sean. That's that is the problem and why we've brought this lawsuit. There has to be a sense by people. In general both sides that this is a fair process. And if it's not it really doesn't matter which side wins. It's not a fair process. It's gonna lead to more Discord and problems in our country. We just can't allow this to continue. I think all done. We'll keep us up to speed on this. David coleman from michigan. We appreciate you taking time to keep us updated. Thank you thank you sean. Let me go back. I mean there's been. I'm listening to all of the you got another postal service. We had one. I think it was michigan last week. With project veritas. James o'keefe this one in pennsylvania Guy by the name of richard hopkins going on on on record. Alleging the backdating of election ballots and we now have confirmed. There is a federal criminal investigation into this. The postal inspector contacted you today in pennsylvania. What did they say to you They asked me the same questions. You asked me yesterday. When i'd seen what i've heard and we're asking you had any more information or whatnot. You witnessed your supervisor backdating. A ballot to november third did not witness them backdating it. I was witnessed some talking about back. What did you hear them say they were talking about. How the floor. They had posted all the one of the all one of the Ballots that were picked up as the third. The have warned that they made a mistake. And poke smart. You heard robert wisn bacher. Say this to daryl or darryl. How did it. How did you hear proper. Darrell robert were saying to daryl to two. They made a mistake on the ballot and they should have backdated the november four th ballots in november third correct. And you heard this and Since you did the interview with me in the shadows what what has happened to you at your employment. They were taking an action against you today. i'm not for sure but they are bringing up stuff that happened in the past so they brought up old allegations against you today. That were already adjudicated. And they brought those up today. These inspectors what was the. What was the nature of your conversation with the post office officials that reached out to you today about this about our interview up. They said that I was i'll because of certain factors. I was kind of implicated as one would hang out so they wanted to get in by side of the story because they wanted to start an investigation into this. I think this comes from above them. And that's what. I thought it was sort of stack. I just think they were just doing what they're told james. O'keefe project veritas. Let me play another thing that we found about details emerging from observers prevented from watching the votes being counted again. This is a matter of law. The media mob doesn't care about law. Big tech doesn't care about look. Democrats don't care about law stablishment republicans. They don't care about law official came out Kind and access to sign documents and a few moments later. We were asked to leave will. I reminded me racks. Leave within ten to twelve minutes when they had an hour and a half kind of left to do for further away than i am from you. All here Hundreds at least one hundred feet away from open ballots that go back out of our sight. We can't see them. We don't know what's happening to them. it's just there's no way for us to meaningfully. Observe the process let us out meaningful continued. Count the nothing to help us. They are not letting every legal well the call like well. Actually the law matters paula's in north carolina. Hey paula hurry. You well frustrated and scared you know. We've got to keep up this fight and if there's no integrity for the election process if it's not guaranteed we're gonna lose the country and i. I grew up in detroit. Sean i was born there and it has a long history of mayors that have been corrupt. I can see where something like this would happen. Kinda the back door type of stuff going on and then as you look back in the past summer you just see how the democrats it seems orchestrating. When they prepped will he give up the seat. What if there's a contention. It's almost like they're getting the the public prime even election night. You know it was like they were ready for this. I came out calmly. They said you know we're going to preserve this. We want to unite. These are all lines and yet as as details continued on scold. You see how you know what this wasn't just one night you know where everybody was surprised but this has been developing for a long time and they knew this would happen. And it's very frustrating. And i have two sons and i i'm concerned about our future and we cannot stop fighting and you gotta get to the bottom of i. You know we got to get to the bottom of this has to be. And here's what i my. Point is ben paula. We have microsoft have silicon valley. We have apple you telling me we can't run an election more effectively where where we have. Faith trust confidence in the results. That's all that's all people are asking for here and it is amazing. How quickly other people got to the answer. Some states they get done they get it done quickly. They get it done right unbelievable anyway hanging there. Let not your heart be troubled. Everybody's fighting hard. I promise you and thank you. That's going to wrap things up for today. All right you know. I wanted to say this I know this is hard for so many seventy one million americans. I know that for a lot of you. it's painful. I know that when you look and watch and and and see and hear from people and and believe that laws have been violated and people saying they weren't allowed to observe the law allows them to observe et cetera et cetera. The one thing we're going to do is what we always do on this program on hannity tonight at nine and that is we're going to do what the mob will never do such a close election. Ted cruz lindsey graham. Ken starr newt gingrich. Pete hegseth jason chaffetz. Hope you'll say your dvr. Join us nine eastern on the fox news channel. We'll see you then let not your hearts be troubled. Let not but let it be committed towards liberty and freedom at all times for our kids and grandkids. We'll see you tonight. Back here tomorrow. Hi i'm cj pearson. And everything young block and unapologetically conservative generation z. Is tired of the bs. Tired of the cancel culture indoctrination and tired of being told what to think. Join me each. And every week is i take on the let uncensored and unafraid listen to see jp uncensored every thursday on the iheartradio apple. Podcast river you get your podcasts.

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