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Oh, this phone drives me crazy. Excuse me. I'm the sprinter and from sprint new iphone ten are with an amazing liquid rat and display. This is amazing. If I have a few photos look at that color. I love this this I have I'm going to need that back. Switch to sprint and get iphone ten are sixty four gigabytes for zero dollars per month with an eligible trade in in a spring flex lease. Visit sprint stores. Sprint dot com slash I phone or call one eight hundred sprint one zero does per month for eighteen months after three hundred twenty five in credit applied within two bills. If Gansel earlier named balanced since tax up to credit, thirty dollars conviction. Coverage and offer not everywhere. Restrictions apply. AP radio news. I'm Tim McGuire. President Trump holds a trio of campaign rallies as he campaigns for GOP candidates on this final day before the midterm elections tells a crowd and Fort Wayne, Indiana, Democrat agenda will deliver a socialist nightmare. The Republican genders delivering the American dream optimism. The American dream. Number of tornadoes have touched down in Louisiana severe weather threatens the south east overnight. The storm prediction center says at least two homes have been damaged center meteorologist Robert at Roger Edwards says up to seven million people are in the path of the weather through early tomorrow morning that line of storms will increase in intensity through the night as the air. Mass ahead of it gets more moist and unstable and is that happens. A tornado threat will increase in that line of storms again should spread across parts and order, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee election officials in the states say they're preparing for the possibility of power outages at polling places, Louisiana. Mississippi officials say they're voting machines have backup battery systems and paper ballots are at the standby should there be needed buffalo Catholic. Bishop. Richard Malone is added another thirty six names to a list of priest with substantiated claims the sexual abuse of a child that brings a number two seventy eight he says the investigation must be allowed to run. Its course additional investigators. Now who are working on their cases as much as we all want resolution. Our investigations must be thorough. And while wanting to speed up the process, we cannot sacrifice the truth for speed pressure. I'm alone is intensified in recent weeks. After revelations is former executive assistant secretly copied and leaked internal emails to reporters after becoming concerned. He had left accused priests in the ministry is AP radio. News, North Carolina. Police say thirteen year old girl kidnapped this morning for a mobile home park. Lumberton police chief Michael macneil says Hannie Aguilar had taken her aunt's keys to start their car outside the mobile home before they were to drive to her bus. Stop a witness saw a male subject dressed in all black. And we're in a yellow bandanna approach miss Hannah. No, Allah, angler ace thirteen and forced her into a green. Two thousand into Ford Expedition McNeil says police are interviewing witnesses family and friends canvassing the neighborhood and checking area surveillance cameras US Olympic Committee, taking steps to revoke USA gymnastics status as the governing body for the sport at the Olympic level in an open letter to the gymnastics community. USOC CEO, Sarah, hurston writes at the challenges facing USA gymnastics are more than it's capable of overcoming. I'm Tim Maguire AP radio.

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