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Welcome to the fantasy football time podcast I'm your host Jigs Isky with me as always are Tyler Hollerbach and Matt Win. We've made it to September. Today's is Tuesday. September first NFL kickoff is just nine days away. You guys I wanted to ask you a question who is your favorite player doesn't have to be NFL to wear the number nine ooh, that's a tough one. Actually, you know what is not a tough one? It's a first person that comes to mind Meka. Koivu he is. A center for the Minnesota Wild, he's played his entire fifteen year career with the Minnesota wild always respect players echo out in play their entire career with the same team you have to love Meka quite know off ice issues standup guy the captain of the team. Big Fan. That's respectable. I. Like that Tyler would you got well I might be old but I'd never saw I never saw this guy played baseball, but it has to go to nine time sticking with the theme nine, nine time World Champ World Series Champ Joe Dimaggio share what baseball great their own way back way back you wore number nine he played baseball. So they played in nine innings was a nine time world new mind-blowing. He's also got the best hit streak in MLB history. If I'm not mistaken, it's like fifty six games you are correct. Is that what it is fifty six? Yeah. He's a Stud I like it tyler respect Jacob Oh you who's your favorite player that ever wore number nine mine would be the late. Great. Mayor Steve McNair I was titans fan growing up. So he was one of my favorite players. So Fair was Steve McNair hence that email address you sent us that one time that was some random titan fan boy six, nine, six, nine X. Okay. No, and I'm not about to give my actual email here. But yes, there is a titan in there and it's at hotmail. Okay. Yes. That would be why did you guys know that the titans were my high school mascot I did not fun fact sure mine was I don't eagles do not mine was? Do they even have mascots with? The Rangers. Sure. Oh. Do we have any overtime news? Today? We do. We have a little bit of over. Time. News. Our News today is all around running backs, some injuries and some optimism David Montgomery was injured in practice on Wednesday with a non contact injury right after the injury broke all of a sudden. On twitter thought they were expert talking about what was ultimately happening I'd heard everything from. Yell, torn MC L. TO SEASON Two people being optimistic saying he's going to be just fine I heard it was a paper the I'm sure that was thrown around the he tripped. But what ended up happening was it was a groin injury in well, it looks like he avoided the worst which was the torn ACL is a severe groin injury. I. Don't know how long it's going to keep them out but it sounds like he's GonNa miss some time. But at least he will not miss the whole twenty twenty season as initial fears kind of made. It sound to be X. by up that Tarik Cohen Stockholm Yeah Cohen Stock is going to go way up if Montgomery is out, they also might consider looking at someone like a Devante. Freeman who is still available in free agency so we'll have to see what ends up happening. They're moving on to the next running back injury. It also sounds pretty minor. It was Kenyan drake. Who was seen in a walking boot following practice? Are you guys worried with the season being nine days away with Kenyan? Drake being in a walking boot even though he tweeted out that it was precautionary yeah. Walking boots are never good. If says he's good. He's good believe in a guy invest engelman random. Yeah. You never want to hear that you're running back is you Know in a walking boot right before the season. But last year you know, Derrick Henry has had a walking boot before training camp and he ended up being just find drake's at. He's good. Kingsbury said it was just precautionary so I haven't dropped him yet. But if this gets any worse prolongs, he might get dropped a few spots by dropped you mean, drop them in your. Lineup just drop them in the rankings. The next injury was left bell. He also tweeted out that he's just fine. He seems surprised that people were talking about his hamstring's being injured. So I. Think there's just in general a lot of conversation being thrown around I think these guys are going to be Fine David Montgomery is definitely the most serious of those? Yeah. For sure I think the love boat thing is Adam Gays Adam gays. All right. The last piece overtime news that we have is optimistic little different than the previous injuries that we just discussed. This one was offensive coordinator stating that Todd. Gurley, we'll see fifteen to twenty five touches per we are. You guys buying this I love it gives them the Rock I mean. Yeah. He can get upwards of twenty to twenty five touches a week. That's amazing. You know if he's fifteen, it's know whatever that's kind of where we I think all realistically thought he'd be. But Yeah, if he gets twenty twenty-five, he's a full workhorse running back up that point and he's fully healthy. That's what that means. Yeah. If he's touching the ball twenty times a week, he is absolutely going to be an rb one. He might be in the top five to seven range if he starts getting that kind of workload. Glad I just drafted him. Yeah, there you go. But yeah, we've been high on Todd Gurley all year and it's because of they don't have anybody else there. So if he is healthy, they're going to give them all that he can handle. He's there on a one year deal Atlanta doesn't care about as long term health they're in. Iran. Them into the ground they're going to give him as much work as his knees can handle he has ready for the theme of the episode. Yes I. Think. So I'll riot we have part two, of F., F. O., tea party Yeeha all out Trivia episode. Love it if you remember from the previous one it. Takes after jeopardy with its own spins, we have five days twenty five questions. Questions vary from one hundred to five hundred points of the double jeopardy in there or two, and then a final jeopardy. Sorry. Last time we actually were called out Matt for not answering jeopardy style. So should we do a little bit better job of that this time saying like who is who is like? Yeah, we got called out I'll do my best. I think I got it on like two or three of them last time. I think that was it like the whole episode of two or three? Okay. We'll call each other out we'll try. Okay. The change on this one though there isn't going to be any negative points. So Matt Puzzles in gets it wrong. Jaiqi might as well take a gas sure co I can accept the lowest I can go to zero. So that's good. Are you gonNA stop reading the question as soon as somebody buzzes do you WanNa, do it that way? Yeah. Okay. So you buzzing with your names you WanNa. Know what the categories are. You. All right. So I'm always helps we have wide load. Wide Receivers what Okay, first round running backs twenty, one, thousand, nine, hundred stat lines records, and dine piece all about quarterbacks. Timepiece Carter. I like it. All right. So you're doing it where if you start reading a question, he buzzes your stopping starting I can't get anything else from that well so he answers incorrectly. Question Perfect. Okay. There we go. I was like well, that's going to be awful but YEP nope. Someone's get anybody want to defer or we want to flip a coin here Jake I'll just let you go first you can pick which category you want. All right. We'll do stat lines for one hundred stat line for a hundred hundred and forty nine receptions Matt Michael Thomas that is correct. I knew. He just beat me to it. I. Didn't give you much time No as soon as he said, I, knew it just didn't named him out I'm at your out stats two, hundred, one, hundred, Fifty, seven targets, ninety, nine receptions, Sixty Julio. ooh Nice, work the categories her of her own stats for three. We already failed my first two questions. All right. Let's get back yard. We'll try now I one, thousand, eight, hundred, four rushing yards sixteen rushing touchdowns Matt. I don't remember how many rushing yards he said sixteen rushing touchdowns he buzzed and you cannot give it's gotta be Aaron Jones. Who is Aaron Jones who is? I like go into the question saying I'm GonNa say who is and then I still forget it. It's fine I think we've acknowledged at this point that we both stink at that part. So we'll we'll move on L. let's do stats for four hundred and one, thousand, one, hundred, fifty, two rushing yards, three touchdowns, J. Matt it's Jake, who is Nick Chub. And now he had way more than that at five. Oh, he had more yards area, right but you only have five touchdowns now, who is Leonard Fournette ago? You answered Leonard and not Lennie. Lennie you. Yeah. You're right answer with Nick. Let's go. Let's I. Mean we might as well just finish it off. Right let's do twenty nine thousand. Five hundred thirty eight field goals attempted who. Throwing a thirty four field goals made forty five extra points made Matt Harrison Bucker. All right. So scored after five questions Matt Thirteen Hundred Jake Two hundred can we just do twenty five questions based on two thousand nine hundred stats? There's a reason I wanted to get that category, I. Okay let's go with first round running backs for one hundred. I have faith in you on these ones jake we'll see Jacksonville 2017. Go, ahead, Jake who is Leonard Fournette. Lot of hesitation there I had to think I was like DC really going to go Leonard Fournette in two different questions but apparently so guess who was ever one hundred or is effort that was one hundred we'll do running backs for two chargers. Jake wow doesn't even want to hear the year Melvin Gordon. Oh come on Tampa. Bay Matt Doug, who has Doug Martin? Are we just GONNA. Maybe try starting the year so he can't do it like this. I on running backs four, hundred, twenty, seven, New Orleans Matt who is Mark Ingram? You guys. Go I on running backs for five hundred pick number five, two, thousand Jake. But then Ian Tomlinson. Tomlinson Tomlinson was two thousand and one Baltimore. Matt. Jamal Lewis. Let's go. So after ten questions, Matt Twenty, five, hundred jake five, hundred sweet jake with category. Board doesn't matter. Let's try. Let's try dime piece. Let's start a big. Let's start for five hundred star at Kentucky drafted by Josh Allen. and New Start. Kentucky drafted by the Browns and had more interceptions than touchdowns, who is Tim coach. Josh Illness Wyoming. superdome. That's all right. It happens in the spur of the moment. Listening at home. This is really easy. It's it's not when you're a spur of the moment thinking you panic a lot had us. We'll go with quarterbacks for four hundred through for at least one touchdown pass in an NFL record fifteen consecutive playoff games, Matt who is Tom Brady? And fifteen consecutive there anymore to that question or like you to readers I. That was a that was a okay. Kinda. Just taking a shot in the dark here. Yeah. As who is Peyton Manning The correct answer is who is Brett Farve? Should've gone with my crush. She was my crutch last time. Jake, you still have control quarterbacks for three. Daily Double-o. You have, one thousand Matt has twenty, five hundred. How much would you like to wager who blew big one I go I'll deal a thousand and only way I'm coming back so all right I can't guess. nope. Committed to Alabama. But decided on East Carolina then transferred to Washington State. Who is Gartner Meshu? I was GonNa say if you got that one raw. No I knew that one had to had to give a little pause for for the effect. So he got two thousand for that one. Yes. Twenty five, hundred to two thousand and that helps yeah we'll go quarterbacks for two hundred recently signed endorsement deals with hunts Oakley Jake Crap said I was thinking said something else was go patrick mahomes throng but. What? Recently. Signed endorsements with deals with hunts, Oakley, state. Farm Direct TV and Adidas Patrick mahomes writer rate. All right. So quarterback last one I think for one hundred you are correct. What's the he lost the Ohio state job to Duane Haskins. Sick Jonesboro. Boroughs like that comeback good category for you. there. Yeah hundred. We have wide load and records left. Let's get. Let's get a score update twenty, five, hundred for Matt Twenty, three, hundred for Jake and that was quite the comeback. Amid. This. Interesting. At least for now, let's do some records. We'll go with a twenty, one five, and in these I'm looking for what the record is. One Zero Five Eric Dickerson's rushing record I'll accept that I was looking for most rushing yards in a season. Okay. That's right Yep. Cool. So none of these are player. GOTCHA Okay. Record is the category Yup. Right yes. That's here's good. Records two hundred. Daily double. No need to go for it. All Senna statement. So this is the only time I can go negative right or can. I. Not even go now you can go negative in this because you're wagering but you can't go like below zero right I don't need to go much here twenty, six, hundred, twenty, three, hundred, Jake let's just go three hundred aren't twenty-three just the number twenty three, twenty, three Michael. Jordan that's gotta be most. touchdowns in a season receiving touchdowns in the season. As a good thing, you clarify because you're not getting that one off the first answer I should've I should've gone more but I don't Wanna I don't WanNa give you anything back. There I met on the board you're up twenty, nine, hundred, twenty, three, hundred. All right. Let's stick with it. We'll go records for three hundred hour ride seven twenty-seven Jake, most passing yards in a game. That sounds like a time. Yeah, I. Don't know think about old school football they probably ran it more but you know stupid records from way back when never know to what else is it had no idea. Let's go most consecutive carries without a fumble and those most pass attempts in a season. Sure. Matthew Stafford Twenty twelve. Okay. I'll accept that Let's go records for four, hundred, sixty, four. Jake most career playoff passing touchdowns. For Effort Sir thanks. Let's go matt most consecutive games with a passing touchdown. Longest, field goal ever made Matt Prater Josh Warner. Didn't Jason Elam hit a sixty four to three people have tied their dot. So I don't know. All right. Let's Let's try records for five hundred. We got that loud I know you said that was really obvious five, fifty four. Matt Most Games coached by a coach. It'd be a lot of games. Most Games coached. I have no idea five, fifty, four, I got nothing. You might as well take i. don't even know what to guest though it's not passing yards in a game. It's not. It's not receiving yards game I doubt at the rushing like I. Don't know what you're getting at here out of most career passing touchdowns. That's like Brett Farr with like five or six avenue is in the fives what I guess you said the right answer. Great most passing yards in a game lead thought it was higher than that. Right after you said that I was like that actually sounds like a pretty that was my I guess but I thought it was like five, seventy nine for some stupid reason I don't know that was the number that was stuck in my head. So I don't know whatever all we've got left his wide low and what do we Lord? Such a good caddick US twenty, nine, hundred, Jake Twenty three hundred records was not a good category still well, within range for I got a big old beg daily doubles are are out ski. So it straight up do final jeopardy yes sir. Perfect. All twenty, three, hundred wide load for three hundred who sure he's. GotTa keep. People. Only player in NFL history to go over two hundred receiving yards twice in opening day. Games Jake. Julio. Jones. Matt, Calvin Johnson Antonio Brown. Randy Moss. Chris Carter, that's enough of that. And Kwan bolden toll master it would've taken to one our forty, five minutes from. A wide load for two hundred. Make It easier in twenty twelve Calvin Johnson broke this person's record for most receiving yards in a single season. Jake Jerus-. Oud. Game folks wide load like saying that category for one hundred rookie wideout caught a record seventeen touchdown. Randy Moss. Straight Castro me her eight cash. homey disappointed. I'M NOT WEARING HIS Jersey today decided to go baseball. So not we're in the rainy moss one analyst here mistake it was wide load four hundred he really does like in that category. Save the best for last apparently, Minnesota Viking wide receiver was born by the name. Bobby. Moore tougher shared manages say Matt Right. Oh. This is a matt thing. Yeah. I. Don't know this one. Robert Moore. Rashad Ahmed or whatever and I have no idea that was really closet was Ahmad Rashad Ding it. I remember yeah. That has all right. Let's go into the last why load five hundred wide Lewd Jake can take the lead here. Let's see what happens was the only wide receiver drafted with the first overall pick in the nineties matt was Marvin Harrison. Scott. Jerry Rice. Yeah. keyshawn Johnson really. Good for him by the jets or the jets well, good for him. All right that wraps up regular F. F. O. Tea Party Matt is in the Lead Twenty Nine Hundred Jake Twenty six hundred. How confident we feel in going into final F- O. OT party I made this actually very close. So I'm really happy with his performance so far, but I am going to take this home I'm GonNa. Win this one I dunno, I'm feeling pretty good. If Jake nosy answer I think I'm GonNa know it. So it just comes down to how much I'm going to bid here. Sure. Let's see what it is for. Sure. So why don't you guys go ahead and text me or wagers here I do get to know like any form of this category is at all or no sure let's go uniforms. Oh Chassis on our wager I hear Yup all I got Matt's come on Jake do the math. It sent I'll ride. So the question is this team features their logo on only one side of their helmet to go ahead and text text me those answers Oh. Okay. I'm pretty confident. This one I think I know it. It's between two teams right now mind sent. K. The like the confidence mine is sent I really do we what do we want to? We want to do the wages I wanted the answer first we'll do the answer I. Well, let's do the wager first because if we get the answer and I get it right and all that I'm GonNa win well, we'll start with Jacob wagered twenty, six, hundred Louis went at all. At all. Yeah. Because otherwise, if you just do the math, you can come out ahead styles and he got the answer. Correct. I sure. Hope you put what I put. So Jake is up to fifty two, hundred point. Do you WanNa tell me your answer and I can tell you if you're. Wagered Twenty six, a one share. WHO's? Just tell me he got it wrong. Let's see here. Oh, verizon is slowly load in here come. Man, you wagered way too much. So you know why? Because he's only at fifty two hundred, you only needed to wager. You could have done twenty thirty at twenty, three, zero, one window made a difference. Okay. You got the answer you answered the steelers you're right For some reason I was thinking either steelers cowboys, and then I just got like an image in my head of Dez Bryant with both sides helmet and I went steelers. That's an accurate. Yes. Visual that you had steelers. So Matt wins by a slim margin great performance jake thank you. That was solid and we only got like what six maybe seven questions wrong and total throughout the whole thing I mean the records was pretty bad. But yeah. Yeah. The records in the wide load. Kinda hit us but solid solid. Questions, those made us think awesome. What we on our next episode YEP solid episode. Taylor. Thanks for putting that together. It's always a lot of fun. You don't like giving your hand and Trivia but we appreciate all that you do for our next episode. We doing our final mock draft big wager on this one right there is. Yes. So we're going to do it best ball style. We're doing super flex or anything just normal with maybe like eight benchmarks or something. Yep. Full PBR about age ben spots kicker. Super flags here at of it all Yup. We'll draft from the seven, eight, nine, Spot, each one, hundred, seven, two, random whatever it picks. You think. So yeah, let's do random guess we're back to back to back last time I. Know I was the most fair. All right we'll do Raynham this time we'll see what happens and we are wagering this one. Let's hope West way to tell them what the wager is. It's it's pretty exciting. Cool. Pretty cold. You'll find out in the next episode. Yeah, that's a good on. It's pretty cold the chilly. There you go. There's. A preview for next except. So make sure you tune in but if you have any questions anything, you can find us on twitter at F. F. O. T. podcast I I do have one question. Are you planning on throwing like a surprise party for me when I hit the twenty victory mark and Trivia next week is that high I think we're up to nineteen well, think about it okay I. Like frozen ice cream cake from dairy Queen Ooh Fudgy Oreo. Goodness you don't have to let you know if you wanted to if you're already planning on it but moving. Thank. You so much for listening. Make sure you like subscribe leave us a review on Apple PODCASTS spotify wherever you listen to your podcasts. Thanks. You saw. That I.

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