Episode 15 Your Mid-Year Checkup


Welcome to the financial liberty podcast until you wake up from the american dream financial uncertainty. We'll be your american reality join sam legaspi and cosa komodo and their guests as they explore how you can attain financial liberty by uncovering truths that have been kept secret for decades. Have you ever played a game and didn't know the rules. How can you ever win. Learn the rules to the game a and in turn learn how to win now onto the show hello and welcome to the financial liberty project with sam legaspi and kasuga mojo today. We're going to be talking about the half year checkup good afternoon gentlemen. How are you good morning afternoon and evening all the above doing grades to everybody's good. We're ready to rock and roll <unk> pretty exciting topic today because goes this is the time of year that we come out and and we we ask people you know hey. Where are you in in your yearly planning and there's so many things that are are on the list as far as what people need to do and all the time you know we sit down and we try to figure aground seems like we always add something to the list so we're we're at the halfway point. That's all i know if it could be a little past the halfway point but either way it's it's very good to start looking at where you stand with regards to the goals that you set for yourself for the year and if you're not if you didn't even set any goals for the year it's probably a good time to go and start because because you still have the rest of the year to go by now mind you for many people the second half of the year tends to be the more expensive part of the year right goes when you agree well i i think that might be an individual thing but i would say just on based on personal experience in observing people i would say that's largely true i mean we got the holidays coming up very soon soon ceramic corner <hes> and as i was saying i bet costco's already getting some merchandise out for <hes> the holidays so yeah merchandiser dombi thing. I think i'll bet i would i would the <hes> abetting tight to say that they have some halloween things out already some halloween thing not not valentine's day stuff yet now does he got to get through christmas after aw thanks giving right but no i think they are getting ready for things. I mean you know you gotta figure <hes>. These businesses probably plan prior twelve months in advance so soon as this christmas was done. They're already planning next christmas. Yeah ball starts rolling. Yeah and you know what i gotta. Tell you like when i was a kid. It was really fun to see the christmas ornaments turn to like come out as far as retail stores concerning right after thanksgiving it was december and all of christmas ornaments came out and it was really bummer when i think it was price club prior to costco geico right that all of a sudden it's july august and they're releasing the holiday stuff already like even christmas trees right around august or september. Really kinda like got you in that mood like my gosh her not far from the holidays. It's changed because again as a kid. You kind of just like to have it all come up. Uh on you all at one time as opposed to seeing all that stuff because think about it you know it's christmas and and then all of a sudden they have they have like valentines days stuff up in december yeah well. It's it's how it is i mean but at least they're fun right. I mean halloween's fun. Christmas fund giving all these holidays are fun but you know when it comes to preparing in having the half year checkup or the half year review in two some people might feel like they have to go to a dentist <music> teeth cleaned and checked up and they might not they may not like the news they get back down but <hes> you know i just today. I was looking at some financial nanteuil. Things and i was reminded that there's some accounting things that need to get caught up. Just you know and and and things that we do and we need to remind people that hey you know <hes> yeah. We just got past april fifteenth but the next april fifteenth really isn't that far around the corner and so <hes> you know by the end the yeary you don't wanna be a panicking and realizing you've got twelve months of county. Get caught up on wants price start doing that now. Yes yes <hes> it's august so it's yeah exactly exactly so you know it's it's it's interesting because it's that time of year where you had that gym membership in january you made that commitment to yourself to go ahead and look better for the cameras and for the for the mirrors and for yourself and erie are and and are you on track or did you actually exceed the goals or expectations that you have for yourself in in my case. All i know is i can still see my belly so not necessarily true in my end but it's very very very important. You know outside the physical part of it. It's really important to go the financial part. I'm not sure if i a humorous was just put it. This way still can't see my feet so we're going to go. Could we're gonna go into all right so we're gonna get into the half year checkup coz and i think it's really important. Let's go and started off with something that it makes. It's new to list its list this year and that is can you and and you should check your subscriptions descriptions and and we're talking about subscriptions. We're talking about subscription services like <hes> things such as internet or video on on demand type of things services that typically add up to nine ninety nine nine thousand nine hundred memberships that you never use you mentioned gyms. There's all kinds of other memberships zirs. There's utilities cable. There's streaming videos. There's a lot of things said around this time of year you may if you just go back and look you may realize realized you know what we haven't used these services in probably five out of the last six months and it might be good reason to get rid of him right and any going back to the jim so i've had this this membership and because my kids are all gung ho and i had this membership at a local gym and i contacted them and said you know context it just eliminate this service and so they did exactly what i told them to do which was to eliminate me from the plan. What i really did mean is is all syntax. While i really did mean was pretty much. Cancel my entire subscription which included everyone underneath me which were kids because my kids were using them. We're going away to college and stuff so they weren't not using them anymore and they haven't been using them but they didn't hear that from me. In detail they just heard get rid of me and so when <hes> you know a a couple of months i i look at the at the statements and is still shows that there's a sizable amount on there. I call them back today. I thought i told you guys to eliminate me. You know cancel ansel my gym subscription and they said we did cancel your jim subscription but we didn't cancel the other ones because you didn't tell us to so you got to be detailed. There's gotta be some syntax. I think you know when it comes to just cutting the plug on on demand video channel as just pretty much. Hey just eliminate cancel whatever might be you know what i found goes. Some of these subscription services and i will say and it has to do with with <hes>. I'm sad to say about education because i've i've got young kids to and you know they do some math beings and some educational online online some of these places at least the ones i experienced one in particular and i'm not gonna name the name. It was practically next to impossible to find the cancellation. I emailed the company and got to a point where i had to contact my bank and tell them that anytime this this particular service provider comes in and tries to request money needed deny it because i cannot find a cancellation nor can i get anyone to return my calls or respond to my emails so <hes> it. It's my experience to go on websites for different businesses that i wanna get in touch with you know a a live person or live representative and it's like you said it's impossible to find a number that you can actually dial you. Click on the link that says contact us to another page aged. Were you know they they have. F._a._q.'s frequently asked questions instead of a number that you can dial. They may have a chat at best. You know well. That's good good. You actually have a person you and say hey kind of. How can i can't right but it's not you know in the old days you could just pick up the phone and call a number or do business with someone. That's local you walk over to the store and say hey a year. You have no idea where you're at. It weren't information eight but you know i it's the psychology behind subscriptions is pretty genius because you see more and more service providers providers go to the subscription. You know if you if you buy a software services you know i'm not we're not going to name any names but they're all going towards subscriptions. You know whether it's a virus protection plan or who will see to do word processing or excel processing or i'm sorry especially processing everything's going to <hes> <hes> to subscription and the psychology of that i think is that you know when it's outside. It's outta mind once you said like your banking information. They have away extract the monthly fees from your bank. Thank you know you're happy because you're not thinking about it. You're getting the service and they're happy because they're extracting a ton of money out of your account weather. You use it or not whether he's not so you know again. We're in august so it's a good time. Just you know go back and look to see okay. What are you using you can just go to your bank records and see all the transactions that are coming out of your account and didn't think yourself hey honey. We've been using this. No maybe we ought to get rid of it yeah yeah and and a lot of times you'd be surprised do a little drill and exercise. It is an add up. How much money that you didn't necessarily need to spend oh because it's easy to think seven ninety nine a month is not a big deal multiply that by ten and those ten things aren't being used big time just a couple of weeks ago. We had a listener say and i don't think i had any too much and we ended up finding out what close to two hundred dollars a month the subscriptions and it's not it's not just two hundred dollars a month. It's actually more than that. If you get rid of something you're not using it. Let's say it's two hundred dollars a month that you're you're. You're not using but your pain saying if you terminate the subscription. You're actually saving a lot more because it's their taxes that you're not accounting for so just to be able to afford the two hundred dollars a month. You know maybe have to make two hundred fifty dollars a month through your job so you're saving a lot more than just two hundred month getting rid of something you don't use good point good point so that that brings us is to <hes> to another spot that you definitely want to do and everyone you know not can't say everyone but a lot of people try to set their goals with regards to debt repayment paying down their debt and you know as you guys snow and your listeners. You should know that we're really big advocates of paying down debt and so we're at that halfway mark where are we. The question is where are you. Where are we with regards to that particular strategy. Do we need to change things up. Are we actually had a plan or are we behind the the plan that we put the yourself so the question that you want to ask ask yourself is is your personal debt repayment plan working for you at this point. If not you gotta make adjustments and you know coz. I i make it look like you know again. We'd like to utilize sports analogies and right now. You're in the third period. You just started the third period of a football game and you have half the game left to go and you realize in the very first two quarters. You didn't necessarily get the results that you wanted so you had this halftime and during this halftime whether it's fifteen twenty minutes you were able to recollect and try to figure out what you need need to do in period number three number four. That's what we're talking about today. That's a great analogy sam. You know we were were sports. <hes> <hes> you know lovers and so that's that's it. We can certainly easily relate to that but i think a lot of people out there. Listening can also but <hes> yeah absolutely you. It's like resetting right without actually taking taking a huge timeout. A life just keeps going on but if you can take even if his ten minutes just to kind of do some of the things that we're talking about here can make a profound difference in the rest of the year. Yes far as i'm concerned if you can take just one of these and apply it. It's going to change significantly just even just for able to go ahead and help you save anywhere between twenty eighty dollars a month to two hundred dollars a month that that's that's big so you know so we can go to <hes> we go to the next area that you wanna take a look at when it comes comes to the app your checkup and i think a lot of it because it is were a lot of people and it depending on their situation. One of the more expensive times of year coming coming up is that you are going to be having some fun and based on this phone. Are you budgeting for what's about to happen. You do realize that we're going into you. The months where there's holidays and they're giving <hes> we do realize that a lot of family time is gonna be coming together which means that all the uncles and the aunts and the grandparents potentially coming over to the house to spend a a day that's going to be filled with fun and joy and food and you may eventually be responsible for a good portion of those meals and all those gifts so so it's probably a smart thing to go ahead and start thinking about four or looking trying to think about what potential budget you may need going into do the last quarter of this year namely november december. You know you've we've mentioned using envelopes to put aside some money right. I mean it's it's sort of archaic way of doing things thanks but it's an awesome effective and and <hes> and and smart ways so you can literally just put a few bucks away every month and envelope put the name of what is being saved for on the front of it it and so come. Let's say it's christmas christmas time december. I wanna start shopping. Think how happy you'll be when you opened envelope and you realize you know whatever three five five hundred dollars five hundred dollars thousand dollars sitting there ready to be spent and you have a stress free december <unk> been met and you know you just go off and shot right that so i think you know you look at it and how i think about it. Is that over the course of the next week after listening to this podcast you you kind of go through the subscription thing that we will that we kick the kick. Start this podcast web and you discover that you have about fifty. Maybe seventy five dollars subscriptions that you really don't need to do anything with you can redirect you can redirect it. Put that in that envelope that you talking about about an income the end of the year if you've got five months or six months i mean you're looking at potentially <hes> close to five hundred dollars. If not more and that's just a subscription inside you haven't taken away from all the other aspects that you may have our as maybe trimming down your budget as far as eating out is concerned and and buying clothes and you can <unk> adds to that budget to figure out exactly how much you're going to be needing and i think a good way to do. This goes is for a lot of people they'll just. They'll just say okay so last year. Let's take a look at what i spent last year. All all they do is they look at their november december statements and and talia ball retail cost and whether it's through online shopping or or or brick and mortar shopping the tally alley all that stuff up and they have a good a good guideline as to what they spent last year and they might spend the same amount this year so it's four thousand dollars last year. There's a good chance you can spend around four thousand thousands of this year so it's a good guideline to start now and here's the reason why the reason why we're saying this is because a lot of times if you're gonna spend four thousand dollars and you didn't budget for this year. Chances are if there's any available credit on that credit card that you may have opened that we ask for you to not use a human abuse it. I didn't know we were allowed to use the words credit cartner show major. I think i saw alert just off on the on the screen while i know i still can't see feet uh-huh right moving along here so we're looking at this and you'd probably the the other area that that is we're talking about these these very basic generic things coz that that makes a lot of sense to do it's almost like common sense but other aspects that people need to start looking at now and comes to their contributions when it comes to retirement right so they've got a game plan already ready for themselves and they they they're trying to buy this game plan and his game plan has anything to do with with regards to the amount of money that they need to contribute every year for them to retire happily. It's accessway us. We gotta look to see whether or not they're on track to achieving that contribution amount so they've wanted to put about six percent of their salary way. Let's just call a ten thousand dollars and they're there at three thousand dollars in candy up the anne and make up that seven thousand dollar difference between now and then if that's their goal so it's a good time to take a look at the financial aspects not just you know you're subscriptions your personal things but also start taking a significant look at other aspects of of of your wellbeing includes financial real aspects such as retirement and <hes> and in going into that going into that just understand something understand that that if you have a portfolio of assets and i it's not in retirement money let's just call it retail money after tax money and <hes> you might wanna look to see if there's any losses that you can take you might have a portfolio of let's say five different companies mutual funds stocks bonds or whatever and four when we're doing very well there's one that's not and you so you can start looking at taking some tax losses right now but if not now you can start looking and keep that keep it on the back of your mind of taking some losses because you know so many times we've spoken spoken to people that have said after the year was over shoot. I should've taken a loss but they didn't because they forgot about it rain he can't you can't rewind the clock. So you know yeah. I mean again we're mid year and so i think we've discount hinted that maybe some tax planning mid your tax planning would be a good idea. You mentioned sam. Just you know taking a look at your investment strategies and see if you're on track break really the concept can be applied to anything including start planning your christmas shopping early. I mean we already talked about that quite a bit but i mean isn't isn't december one of the most stressful months for most people a lot of people certainly and where's the stress come front while you're you're competing with the rest of the u._s. Population the christmas shopping done so you're going to the stores you're trying to get online shopping sites and and you know sometimes sometimes running out of inventory for the favorite things that you wanna get for your loved ones and you know there's so much stress that can be avoided by just starting to planning a starting the planning for for the rest of the year you know this time of year so you can really enjoy your holidays and the way i look at it. Is that a lot of corporate america's gearing up for the holiday season already and they probably were gearing up or it well before what we're talking about right. Now i mean we take a look at companies such as facebook facebook in early june announced that they're going to be adding crypto currency called libra and that cryptocurrency ca libra really gave the crypto currency industry pretty big boost in that bitcoin has rallied because it's is kind of given validity to cryptocurrency <hes> when a big provider such as facebook now backs is doing significant research and investing in blockchain chain so if you look at it like and i just want to spend just a few minutes on it but you take a look libra liras their currency is going to be their currency for <hes> facebook's currency and i didn't know this goes but one third of the population not in the united states but globally log in to facebook every month right so who's worried about the u._s. dollar caller well. That's the whole thing so. That's one of the key components. We're probably going to be experiencing. We'll probably have a podcast on that. You know a lot of people are if you go route and read the literature. There's a lot of concern about the chinese currency taken over the u._s. Currency one day and maybe that's a legitimate threat or not but maybe that's not the real one. That may not be the real threat it may be. I mean there's there's a lot of talking about globalization right in in in in some sense. It really does warrant some some attention because there is globalization going on and <hes> you know having a <hes> a social media come up with a currency that really sees no borders right bortles trayvon stoppable absolutely that's what's key about this. They're making so facebook. Amongst i mean out of everyone facebook. They've got their engineers trying to make this as easy <music> as possible with a tremendous amount of privacy because we all know that facebook had that issue with regards to privacy so you know for a fact by launching libra that the spotlight is going to be on privacy and the protection with regards to utilizing libra as far as lebron how it's going to be utilized as far as as is going to be a stable currency. I think it's more of a stable currency unlike bitcoin coin which is kind of like an investment in could be very volatile but lebron. You know you take a look at one third of the global population in the entire world logs into facebook on a monthly basis. That's is there market and they're going to be utilizing libra as the currency to exchange products and services so it's pretty interesting how things are coming along the reason. That's why we brought. This up is because back in june. Facebook launched libra all in in i i don't know exactly if this was in in relation to what's could happen later on in the year preparing for the holidays but it's just interesting that they're not launching it sometime in november or december. They're trying to launch it well beforehand because they're looking at go ahead maximize zor dollar and if they can launch his properly and successfully. It's going to be a popular item coming. You're trying to establish a following right right. Who's compete. It's it's going to compete with and of course the united states has a want anyone to compete with the with the u._s. Dollar and it's just another currency so there's going to be significant. You know people looking at lebron how it's going to be utilized but but i really think that companies like visa mastercard. They're going to be the ones that are going to be challenged because now a lot of individuals they utilize marketplace's they utilize your credit cards and when companies like facebook and it is rumored that amazon also has their own crypto currency coming around. It's going to really put a damper or or might change the way people do business with credit cards. <hes> you might see some partnerships. Go on again like you said i mean. There's just so it's it's it's in its infancy but i will tell hey this. <hes> a lot of people in the past been wondering bitcoin is is real and the mere fact that i think that libra now being back or has been created by facebook gives legitimacy to crypto currency so anyways i mean again. That's another podcast by it all started with if you're not thinking about your holidays and your budget how how much money you're spending guess what other companies are. They're thinking about what you're going to be spending and they're trying to make it easy for you to spend money on them so that brings us to another aspect. I think another thing that we want to mention. Is that when it comes we'll see on the financial part so you know you got individuals. They there's a a bunch of small businesses in the united states and these small businesses in the united states. It's really remarkable rico's that not a lot of them have retirement accounts and <hes> and as we talked in disgust in a in a previous previous podcast that secure act is going allow or a lot of small businesses to band together to hopefully put together there on 4._0._1._k. But there's also something thing that if you want to join that and you're let's say a sole proprietor in your maybe just a person of one or two in your institution. You definitely wanna start looking at a solo 4._0._1._k. Anna and a solo 4._0._1._k. Is and that's going to be another podcast. I think we have talked about the so no we haven't you know having a solo 4._0._1._k. There's so many advantages to having having to sell a 4._0._1._k. And and we see a lot of a lot of individuals still with the old version of the keough or the sapphire a and solo 4._0._1._k. The one thing i want to mention that it has to be started this year so it's two thousand nineteen. If you don't have one available you need to start of this year and make that contribution for two thousand nineteen before december thirty. First otherwise is if you started up next year. You're not going to be able to go ahead. Make that contribution for two thousand nineteen so you need one started up and you need to make that contribution by december thirty first of this year a lot. The people think well isn't it april fifteenth when i made my contribution to my retirement plan true when it comes to i._r._a. When it comes to set buyers when it comes to a solo que sullivan one k. It's going going to be december thirty first of this year so there's a tremendous amount of advantages more so than i think bad than sep iras in i._r._a.'s altogether that if you're a small business and you don't don't have a lot of employees and mainly just yourself it makes a tremendous amount of sense to start one and make sure that you get your contribution to catch up if in fact you aren't caught up yet or to exceed what your contribution limits you thought would would be to get going now right so if you wait until december to try to get things rolling for something that needs to be done by the end of the year. Guess what there's a there's a process and there's paperwork involved signing and processing. Things may not necessarily be done by december thirty first so you don't wanna wait and that's true that is so true because how many times goes has individuals that you've experienced needed something of some form. Let's say money or maybe a document and dan they needed done before you know within a week or two weeks left in the year what normally probably just take about a day or two days. All of a sudden takes about a week and a half two weeks seeks others so many examples of that in others you know in our own family is going through a process of trying to get some long term care benefits benefits for the elderly parent. You know it's not like you apply for it and you get it the next day there's a process and there's different parties out their service providers at needed provide documentation improve that certain things have been done and you know you get a person who gets paid not enough money to do his or her job. She's not incentivized to really help you out and get you that report that you you need so desperately tomorrow right and so you're now you're making repeated phone calls and you're getting angry and frustrated and and so <hes> you know yeah so you know the s another reason to do the planning now instead of waiting until the end of the year right so case in point like again. You're looking to go ahead. Make that contribution bution and you decide on on december thirtieth to go ahead. Put the contribution and for with regards to your to your retirement plan and you have to thirty. I do it and you think well. I'm well ahead you now really aren't <unk> just just on on a little bit of a tangent here. I think it's important just mentioned this and and listeners you can decide whether you want agree with this. If it's it's important to you or not but <hes> you know some of you probably remember. Tom and i have <hes> you know we we. We're still raising kids and i've got one. Sam's got sick but one of the things i i try to teach my my kid is look. If you want to do something you want to get something done in life you can sit and listen to somebody that tells you what needs to be done all day long along and get great information but if it's not written down it probably isn't going to get done so you know have a journal i mean if you're if you're listening to to <hes> you know things like our podcast stuff and you you want to make a change in your life yourself a binder and make it your your daily journal data and start writing down things that you want to get done listed prioritize it and review it every day and just just you know cross things as you go so yeah is writing and stuff down all right after the shows no no. I think it's important because you know things. Don't get done if you don't write it down so you're wasting wasting valuable time and that's a good thing about what we're doing is that if you're on the road right now and you're listening to us you can always go back and put on your pods at work and and and and jot some notes down and determine and whether or not you know what part is important to you what parts not important to you can fast forward you could go ahead rewind but i- altogether it's one of these things where like os indicated. You need to go ahead. Put the stuff down and start doing in that annual checkup but let's face it. We do checkups for ourselves. No gay physical check-ups we do we we we have our cars checked up and even even to a certain degree society makes us checkup are older vehicles by doing a spot check right before i registration and so there's all these checkups and it just makes a lot of sense to go ahead and check up yourself with regards. It's just some of the most important things that you're ever ever experienced. I mean it's really the difference between taking a greyhound to see the grandkids or flying first class to see the grandkids. That's really what what what really is what we're talking about. If you go ahead and just operate and listen to our shows and operate in what we we can consider to be something that you should do that everyone should do you should be an exiting and entering the retirement life relatively sound success won't happy stress-free right right so we've got. We've just gone a few more. <hes> actually not a few more just a couple more but you know it really comes back down to more of the financial title aspects so we talked about december thirty first and this is really for a small group. We're hoping that this is going to be a bigger group going forward and it's contributing to a five two nine plant and five to nine. Plans are important vehicles for individuals utilizes. Some individuals have actually utilize it to a tremendous degree because it allows you to go in the store some money aside and that money grows tax deferred actually tax free and you can utilize the money pull the money tax free for individuals that are utilizing for educational purposes so for children would be the most common purpose for children but a lot of times too. You have an individual's twenty six twenty seven go on to culinary school. You're an adult they may have two kids and they want to go back back to school could be utilized for that or photography school or whatever type of education long it's higher learning right right you know the the good thing is is is that you still have builder december thirty first to go ahead and do it's not one of those april fifteenth type of things to do but you know we'd like to go ahead and say that and and i think a lot of people forget about this because we talked about we talked about this today in regards to someone and they didn't understand but you can take fifteen thousand dollars and you can contribute to someone five to nine plan and if you're married you can contribute joint thirty thousand dollars to someone's nine plan where you can just go ahead and lay out one check for seventy five thousand dollars a spread over five years as an individual title or one hundred fifty thousand if you're married just as a one time lump to lump sum and what's kind of cool about that is that it gets that that that motor running on that particular portfolio ever every five years you can add another hundred fifty thousand dollars so for those of you who are looking for alternative ideas to go ahead and and and and grow your money me and provide a legacy to not only yourself but the but your loved ones the deadline for five to nine contributions is december thirty first so these are some of the things i mean i. I don't know if you have any more but you know in talking about this. I mean i think one of the key things is making sure you wanna go and what we call find. The money redo that that exercise is try to find some of these things where you can you. You don't necessarily need. You're spending money on a regular basis like subscriptions and you can start there right. I mean we they mention the word leakage acreage so you want to eliminate leakage from sam's just freaking out over that word right now but you know you got leakage in your portfolio or you're spending up you wanna wanna patch those holes up because like i said earlier. It's not just the amount that you save on stuff. You're not needing in your life but it's also the taxes that you save not having to make the money money to pay for something you don't use right right and can also think about this on reachout not just subscriptions but critically think with yourself your spouse and your kids do. We really need cable. You can cut the cable. Can you just go ahead and just order internet services every single month and just stick with internet services and and utilize those as though subscription desire because what we're finding is that not only are they utilizing the hulu the netflix but they also have cable same time right. I mean there's there's plenty of services coming online lying where you can get some of the it's the same programming that you can you can get through traditional service providers through streaming videos. You may not get them all but you get enough <hes> and <hes> you know there is the old antenna as well the old antenna yet and now and now those towns are digital so you get a lot more channels and programming. There's just as high definition as anything else now surprise. I actually saw one the other day and actually the other week and it was amazing. I mean the the quality was really amazing. Like you said said i been technologies. That's point. Oh yeah yeah you know so yeah. That's it for today. Let me just one more thing. Though sam part part of the aim is to be frugal all right but at the same time we're not saying poor and destitute. You've got to have a balance okay. You know make sure you are enjoying life but <hes> you know being as as optimal as possible caps. Luli are great job today. Guys i loved it and you're absolutely right. <hes> just a small fact act in pretty sure it's still true over the air h._d. Is actually crisper and cleaner and a better picture in what you're getting through any type of cable system because it has to go through all their processes to get to you were the ones that you're getting over the air off just a regular land antenna into a digital t._v. It's which is one signal pure and simple and it's clean. It's a better picture. That's how i watch. All my football makes sense makes absolutely man. I like that. Thank you guys so much for your time today. Thank you all right and thank you for listening to the financial liberty project podcast with samuel gasping kokomo. If you've not subscribe to the podcast yet please click subscribe now button below. This salmon coast come out with a new podcast. It'll show up directly on. You're listening device. This makes it much easier to share these podcasts with your friends and family again. Thanks you're listening today for everyone at the financial aid project. This is eric johnson reminding you to live your best day every day and we'll see you next time. It's that time again for the call of the open. Road makes fits way we hope good fortune fines you on your own personal road and until next time we thank you for listening to the financial liberty podcast. Click the subscribe button below to be notified when new episodes become available <music>.

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