We are officially People's Choice losers (ft. Jeremy Parsons)


What's up everyone? It's chicken the office with reenfry where recording this right after the people's choice words and by right after loss after yes, we lost after in and out. But before we get Intel that we gotta talk about NADA, m you know, we do this at the beginning of each podcast. And I have to say we're in LA right now. Look, we could use it. We could really use not really use. Kashmir. Because I thought that Los Angeles. I was going to like eighty five sunny hot every day. I've been quite chilly it and whole that night view. If you're thinking to yourself. Wow, rea- has really been wearing that. Once watcher quite often. It's because it's the only watcher that I brought LA with me because I thought that it was going to be warm now that's probably a stupid thought of mine, but I've never been to California. And when I looked up the weather it said seventy five and sunny, so I brought seven. Five and sunny close. No, it's chilly know, what you really need to do as pack way. More of your sweater. Exactly nuts. Exact thought I had when I got here actually turned a friend. And I said seriously, we have brought all are not we really should have an honestly, you guys know that they're the best sweaters out there there. High-quality? Kashmir can't get it anywhere else. All different styles looks colors. They got there. Essential sweater, seventy five bucks. That's it seventy five right? And you know, what just popped in my head? What I actually brought one of my not sweaters with me. I I wore mind on the plane actually brought my read it's a kind of a cropped not him zip up. It's very cute. I'm excited to wear it. There we go. We'll we will rock are not a more ever we go and you guys should to. So if you want ten percent off your order of one hundred dollars. Go to NADA, m dot co that's an A D A M dot co and use promo code checks for ten dollars off your order of one hundred dollars. So get on over there and buy your sweaters right now. All right, friend. Let's get into it. So we are in LA. Yeah. And obviously everybody wants us to get to the people showing ords talk. Right. So I was thinking would you rather start from the beginning of the trip or would you just want to get into the people's choice words right now? We could talk about the beginning of the second. Let's ease. Everybody to the beginning of the trip. And how we knew that we were going to lose their. Oh, I wasn't that. I didn't know where where are you going with with that just all of the bad signs leading up? I didn't know there were so many bad signs. Well, first off our flights. Oh, we are. We we lost our fleet. We lost our flights the night before. So if you don't think that that's a bad sign or a bad owner of you also thought that that was not possible, it usually it is because we were booked on a JetBlue flight. And when I went to go find our confirmation Email Thursday night, Email was gone EML just appeared no text the group jet. And she says, hey, guys. I can't find the Email. What time is our flight. So no, an IRA like, okay. We'll just go check our emails let you know in the flight as we both check our entire inbox top to bottom. This Email has completely disappeared disappeared from all of our emails yet, which I am now convinced that it was the people's choice, deleting it from all or emails. No. I'm kidding that Diaz fierce. Yeah. No. I'm kidding. But. So gone completely gone. Were we weren't even mad? We were just confu were just confused because we knew we were getting here. Anyway, was just like how did the flight spare? But we got booked on a different flight. We were good to go. We went to to JFK took us a billion hours. We got there. The security was out of control out at delta. Let's just throw that out cured. He was I don't even remember the secure. You don't remember the security of the fact that? To the Cy. To go that at the shake, very incompetent. You see I am say I almost feel like that you halt TSA TSA says blocking out the whole beginning of TSA. Sorry. Yeah. No, she she was she was moving snail's pace. Let me issue and people were Scoffing at her. She just didn't care. She was just taking her sweet all time. But we were cutting it a little close with our flight, and we were starving. So we wanted to make sure we got food before. But we did make our flight. Everything was fine. You gotta shake shoddy. Vice me, I want I went and brought shake shack onto the flight. That is correct. We were those people that so it onto the flight. And I know everybody hates when the person next to them is eating like a full blown meal, especially fast food. We had to do it. We had no choice. There really was no choice because we didn't have enough time to eat the shakes for the night. And you're going on a six hour flight. What do you expect? I obviously want to eat and then I bone to pick with Delta's inflight. It meals yet was tell them we're gonna what is our flight. And they're offering as a option for dinner, a cheese and fruit plate like that's not a dinner, who's not dinner who eats cheese and fruit for dinner. That's that's just a snack. Literally. Like, what do they call it in order? Yes. And d'oeuvres it is an order and. Literally, it was three little pieces of cheese, some grapes some apple slices and like bad Crocker's. That was it. I'll tell you though, I the whole thing that's what I got to because the other option stunk also, but I'm just. Yeah. Food like a dinner they should have better options than of me. Not there wasn't even meet it wasn't even a meat and cheese board. No fruit. Jeez. That's it. I have to say though, I would never touch an airplane rap ever. I'll never touch on airfare rap on never touch an airplane rap. Never. I didn't trust. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I would almost have I would almost rather have like questionable meet on a flight then like questionable vegetables like the option like the option was no like I would rather have like a chicken. Can wrap that like maybe looked a little weird then like just a gross vegetable I'm like about to puke all over the place right now that you're saying that you would rather eat bad meat over a bad vegetable. How could vegetables be bad? I like vegetables could be old older. Like, I don't know. But like old soggy me's arap me could be contaminated. Well, I'm not going far as like. No, I'm I'm not saying that me saying bad. I'm saying it looks questionable you'd rather a questionable looking meet and questionable looking restful wedges genuinely Agean if you unwrap the vegetable rap and all the vegetables have like mold or like little green, dots or something. But friend like chicken looking a little questionable is not the same as vegetable having mold on it. I'm just saying like chicken, all right? Right. And I I d- rather eat almost got Rockley. I almost got the chicken fajita. No. It was like a what was it like chicken noodle salad. I don't know anyone didn't and about how to long. I would just like to say that. I also like peace and quiet on my flight. I don't really like in-flight WI fi. So I know you go there. I did not do the in flight wifi. And when we landed I I don't turn my phone on to two hundred like where this is going from just Rian Noah. Two hundred in our group chat. Okay. Let me explain zero zero point where my phone glitch. I like it was vibrating in the messages were up so fast. Kevin harvick. Let me explain. So what happened was listen. I get you know me. Yeah. I. A sighing. Yeah. You know goes. Yeah. I just like have trouble. My patience is very thin and just like being bored, or do you get very bored easily? Yeah. My attention span is not wide and on a fly. I'm just sitting there for six hours. And of course, I'm watching the TV and I'm just like, okay. How much TV can I watch it six hours now on the I'm on my phone? I'm looking through past pictures, and I see Noah has his wife I onto and he we were just chatting away. We were just talking about the plane ride. We were talking about the movies. We were also talking about you most of the time. I know I scroll back what also happened was men. So I could talk to anybody and many people from work. We're texting the both of us, and I was like your translator. And I was like, oh Fran doesn't have wifi. Right now because I genuinely thought that you didn't have WI fi. But you act does not to do. And you know, what's funny? One of the people who texted us was final Burg. And he said I was like oh Fran doesn't have wifi right now. And he was like oh my God. No, no WI fi for cross country trip on my God. And you chose not Yang such as it's this. Nice time to disconnect. Like, no phone worrying about anything. No messages. No, social media, nothing. I could enjoy mama Mia too. And the the spy who dumped me. And what else I watch the Liz riverdell and a couple of supreme see, and you know, I can watch TV. So I have no problem playing games on my phone. I was good to go. But that see I would love to do that my mind won't let me do that. You know, like, I I would love to just put every. Down and not think about things my mind won't let me do that. But anyway, let's fast because we're we're really really dragging along here and just cut we're really driving along. I I I'm gonna mention one more thing before we get to the people's choice wars. And it's the fact that we went to we explored on Saturday. We went to Santa Monica. And we went to a place for lunch and immediately the second we walked in lane me, sir. Non Brody and their daughter came in were in line behind. Yes. So I was standing in line ordering my chicken Caesar salad, and I turn around and I'm staring Liam Easter in the eye, and I turned back on my friend turn around. And she's like, what am I turn around? They probably heard me. Probably turns around Adam Brody Lamey. Sure their daughter, we didn't bother them out because there they were there, and she was so cute. She was in Elsa costume. And crown. Adorable baby late in mecer, absolutely breathtaking like no makeup on sociable beautiful thought, she was supposed to be at the people's choice awards tonight knocking allowed did not see her DEVE there. They know they advertise all over the place. She was definitely not there. No, okay. But let's get into the people's choice awards. Let's fast to that. Because that's what people want to hear about. So. Today was the people's choice awards. Obviously, we have been begging people to vote for like two months now when we got nominated. We couldn't believe it in the first place. So even being nominated was insanely cool. Yeah. And then we made it to the next round. They started out with twelve we made to five finalists we beat Oprah. Which by the way is huge. And we never forget that we'd beat Oprah s and then today was the people's choice awards. So for a while. Now, we've been saying like we just don't think we're gonna win. But it's still cool because we hope we get to go, right? We didn't know we were going to be able to go. And then last week we finally got invited. Yes. And they sent us the red carpet credentials, the whole thing and we were excited, and we said many times if we don't win like we know that we're probably not gonna win. But we get to go to the people's choice awards. Right. We've got to walk the red carpet. And like we they had like a runway basically that people were cheering. Being by the way, we didn't know we were on TV at that moment. No or else. I think I would put it more little like a runway walk on. Like, I think I would have got my Victoria secret model walk on not. I didn't realize. That that that part did make it to TV. Yeah. It did which was very cool in the first place. I don't care how I walk. The future. We're going to have to maybe slow down a little bit. We were we were walking. I actually saw people's walks. They were walking very fast as well. Yeah. Okay. So no, you frame Rover thinking we were on TV was very cool. No, it was so cool that and we got to take, you know, people were taking pictures of us. I of course, look if anybody wants to find our red carpet photos. This is just this is just so putting this out there right now, we can't find him. There were. Is so bad people taking pictures of us. They didn't know who we were. No, they had no idea. So no, I work pictures. I don't know where the pictures are. Listen, I have to say we're getting images try and find our red cover fado can't fine. They don't exist. I have to say though, I know them. I laugh is so annoying. So I'm really apologizing. Yeah. There's a disclaimer. Like, I'm apologizing to keep Lafayette Hackel into the Mike actually. But it is a letter we Domino's, but it is really hilarious that we went onto the red carpet. And like I mentioned that everybody's cameras. We're going to go down people's cameras went down. And they were like what is your name? I have to say there were a couple definitely took like one or two clicks, just for you know. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And they were like, what are your names that I was like Maria Shifa like. My name to one guy. Work either because we still don't have pictures. There are no pictures. There are no luxuries of us anywhere prove their on the red carpet. Besides the ones that like the videos that Noah took thing guys. And then we we did a bunch of interviews that was cool. And then I asked to the glamour because I wanted to do the glam bought, and they let us do the Glenn put, of course, it's not on the website. So e- like just give me my glam video. That's all I think maybe they didn't even like record had you. That's so fucked up no magin, if they didn't they didn't this is the thing. I just want to say that they can they can. All right. Give me my goddamn glam bought video. Yeah. No. I just want to say that they really gave us no respect. Not a bad way. But just like, you know, like we really put in a lot of effort to like make people vote, and we were really excited about it. And we talked a lot about it too glib. And it's just like all we want wanted the video all I want. And that's what I mean by no respect, like we we were sick packed like, we don't get the glam video of all things shirt. Want glands on video? But the thing is like everybody tweets e that you want us to get her Cleese. Just wait like a social media push. We've already we've we've already harassed their social media in town people enough via Email just to get invited. And now, this is my this is our last thing like last thing will be like, I'm so sorry that you've had to deal with us for the last two months, all I want honestly, like just tweet at people's choice and be like give chicks in the office. Their glam bought video just do it. I don't care just tweeted them to send the glam Bob video because it's fucked up that we can't God damn celebrity dachshund the king. Talking animal star star. He's a wondering we're losers. So I guess that's the difference. He did win his award. But he got his glam. Bop. Video posted on the Instagram. Yep. So that's where we're at right now we lost. But, but let's get into the the actual show because we're gonna get to keep getting fired about glamour video, but you know, what you have to do tweet people's choice give chicks in the office. They're fucking glam video because we at least deserves one that amount of respect for the amount of pushing. We did for the people's choice awards. You know what I mean? Like, my heart was I poured, my heart and soul. Lamey right now. I'm literally just on online dot com in their glam bought section just refreshing hoping that maybe they'll add it like, I truthfully. All I did for like two months straight was vote my ass off. And they can't give me the glam video, but let's just get into it. So we go to the people's choice awards. We sit down with the other nominees the lady gang becka tell you Tanya rod. They're all lovely women. It was actually very cool that young got to sit at the table with all the rest of them because we had never met them before. So and nothing on them. Constantly like, we were constantly stocking them, and then we finally got to meet them in person. Not look not stocking. What I'm saying? I don't wanna get all cheesy and send mental here. But I will for just one second. But please don't get too into it. I mean, I'm not going to get too into. But it was just very cool to like be seated next. Becker Tobin who I watched on glee I loved glee, and we were just chatting nominee for the same award. Like, that's super cool. Oh, that's not too sentimental. I love that. I agree with that like and Becca Tilelli. I took a picture with her at Coachella couple years ago. Yeah. It's insane girl tart over her. And at that point. Now, we're all just you know, breaking bread together. And they were very cool. They're very nice cool everybody show. So when we sat down the lady gang. They really did you guys win. We were like no did you and they were like, no we were told we lost. So in our heads real. Okay. Well, we weren't told we lost. And we weren't told that. We one. Yeah. And then they said that scrubbing in with Becca Chilean Tanya, rod also weren't told anything. Yeah. So then we knew it was like between the two of us at at that ever. However, I think that they knew that they won the entire night Becca and Tanya looked like they were in their head practicing. What it would say when they want or talk about bolo, blah, basically acting like they won. And they definitely did. No they won. Because at the end. They were like, yeah, we got anymore that we won. So so they knew the whole time that they won. We just didn't know that. Unfortunately, honestly, I kind of feel bad for them because they didn't get anything. No. They didn't they get an award even them. It's like aegis disks the podcast category. As a whole, obviously, some some categories. We're not on TV that's fine, whatever, but they didn't like they didn't even really do anything for the podcast. They ain't even. They didn't do a recarpet. They didn't do anything. They just announced it after the show just online, and they didn't even actually hand them like Zoellick. They didn't even really get like a moment there. Name put on a web, which is cool. Be freaking out everyone. I'm sure they're playing it down because we lost. We sure there. Sure there they want. But yeah, I feel when I'm just feel like when you're sitting in the show for two hours for we're going to accept your award. And then you don't. It would have been different because we didn't we didn't know anything. Yeah. They definitely they acted like that it ain't home yet. But I saw it on their faces. They definitely new but fine. We had a great time table all those women so cool love lady gang. Yes. They're all those ladies are so funny. We were having some great commentary over the Kardashians at the table as a whole Tanya. They were all great. Are. They were and they're all beautiful. Yes. So it was at that table. The Kardashians were to tables from us Kris Jenner. Kris jenner. I mean, look like Michael Jackson like I just don't get the sunglasses inside thing higher, especially at an award show where it's dark as fuck inside the inside the award show the entire night. I guess it's just her look, and she's the only one that can do it. But like take your sunglasses off takers us as off. No. I mean, even when she got up on stage from the moment she walked into the moment. She sat down she was wearing sunglasses, but I have to say the Kardashian showed up two minutes before their award was announced and they left right now. Oh, yeah. See that. Yeah. Yeah. They've got bigger issues going on right now they seat fillers all around that table. Yeah. We honestly could've moved up if probably wanted to. But we saw Nicki Menaj which. It was Kim's. Ask for second. Yes. I saw Kim Kardashian in the flash fit that she was wearing was obviously skin-tight but seeing her but in real life, huge was unreal. Really? Is as big as you think it is. And I took a check. Nice video check it out. But it's it's it's she's so small and so skinny like her waist is so small and her S is so huge. Yeah. That's exactly what you looked. I just I just it's baffling in real life. We saw KENDALL Jenner two times in the same week. We're basically best friend, basically, they actually aunt texts. Bay said KENDALL miserable on TV and Geno. She looked miserable real life as well. Cloak art action, by the way, look gorgeous. Yeah, she looked good. And then they were out of there. And then they were out they were in there were out. That was really it. Nothing crazy happened. We got on. Was a lot of people are tweeting us I've really loved that radio or song. So I gotta say when the cameraman started coming close. I was singing I was trying attention. I just want to say that I went to the bathroom in that moment. And I'm actually really mad. But honestly, they would've showed me anyway, because they I was to your left. Yeah. And Becca Tobin was to you're right. And they showed her right? You know? So I don't think I would have been shown anyway, maybe if I was answering, but I went to the bathroom at that point. Because I really had to be because they kept serving drinks that they said were hallock put let me tell you. Alcohol and those at all like there was no alcohol in the shrinks. Yeah. I really don't think there was either either way it's just so cool to be like rubbing shoulders with celebrities as like being part of the group part of the group. I'm just waiting to go the bathroom. Scarlett Johansson comes walking by. And you're low honestly like feels like you're gonna dream it, really. Does Blake Blake Shelton's because Gwen Stafani very my face. Yeah. Like, oh my God. I was like kiss her on the Lynn now, we're a word word chair in for the voice. I that was genuine cheer. I love those. I actually was cheering for you. Because you'll have the voice. I know. I turned you go you love, the voice exactly that your wasn't for Blake Shelton friend. That was for you know. But either way it was so freaking cool to be there. It wasn't dream. Come true. Obviously everybody dreams about being on the red carpet. And it actually happened for us somehow, someway, and it was insane. We swear were there, even though we can't find any pictures. But either way thank you to everybody. Yes. Yes. Here's the everybody who voted for us. You so much making it to the top five was amazing because that really secured us before the right of we were in any way have been able to get there unless voted so thank you for exactly. And we were seated next to the entire. Vanda pump cast. They seem like that. Great time. Yeah. They they they had a lot of rings on their tape. And I saw I saw after Jack's tweeting like you know, that is going to give the their award to the Kardashians. Like, rare show will they let you know. They say what all that had like shots ready to go and they announced their award. The something was up. They knew they were gonna lose. But either way it was an awesome time. And it's just so crazy seeing videos and pictures of yourself on the red carpet when you're like, oh, I don't like. Whoa. Like actual celebrities on that like meal kunas we walked on the same floor posed in front of the same walkway. I know walked right past after she accepted her award insane. But I just I just really want our pictures. Yeah. No. Honestly, we want the pictures. So do you have to do? I don't care tweeted people's choice. They're probably not gonna use that Twitter account anymore. I want my God. They're gonna see they're going to be like, oh my God chicks in the office. Alone. You lost stop? Well, and we won't get nominated next year because we talked so much about how we lost. Well, you never know you never know fingers crossed. There's always next year. But really thinks to everybody who voted for us and congrats to scrubbing in. Yeah. Yeah. And I don't think we I don't think honestly, also guys, right? We're filming this in our beds in our hotel. We are we're on the ground floor and our window opens up right to the parking lot. We have two massive cameras. A looks like we're foaming a low budget porno here and like low budget. Yeah. Like like, three low budget like, and I school film class like we're filming a sex Ed video for the class, and the and the porno starts with an in-and-out deliver in out all over the we stopped it in and out. Not the burger was good. The burger was good. I enjoyed the burger herbs. Greg. Some reason. The fries are really pissing me off like I can't like in and out went down in my in my mind a couple of notches because their fries tastes stale. I don't know if we got a bad batch, or what would they just taste like they've been left out all day long, probably have. But they're not good. Burger was great for is fries. Bet. Make meal for me to be honest. Not for me because I love burgers. And I think that the grade good fries with my birth Brian. Good fries, the fries or tough. Yeah. They're tough. Yeah. Burger was good. That's really all. You could say about is the fries are not good tonight. And maybe it's just the batch. We got maybe we gotta get it. Again. I try Noah's animal style fries, and those tasted greats but fries still like stale. Hard to describe I taste. But it's it's still minute. I'm still eating the fries. Even though I'm talking about their bad. I'm still eating them. I'm actually going to know Noah just pass me on those. There's bad. It was writing there. There's nothing on it. Like, it's the same thing fries because you guys ate all of it. Yeah. There's eating you're gonna get a good bite meeting at right now. The tastes are good. But obviously, it's warm now. Okay. Well, we got this two hours ago. So. Yeah. Exactly. But what do you think? I mean, it's not there. Look, it's their fries. And I'm sure if I had two hours earlier Matisse fantastic, but it's very cold right now. But it's still it's still good. I'm still hungry. So tastes good. Hello. I think that kind of wraps up that wraps up the podcast. I said Hello mid wrap up because France started recording me, I'm just showing everybody that we're out here. Okay. Well, I think that wraps up our trip so far. Yeah. We're doing radio now new time through its three to four east coast. So we'll be doing it twelve to one here doing it this week, and we have I think some good gusts coming up. Fingers crossed some some planned in California. But you never know with cancellations and whatnot. Anything could happen. I don't know. I'm saying. I'm saying, but I'm just reading to explore LA because my first time here. So just being here is cool. Yes. And I'm excited to see it. Yeah. All right. We got let's get into into some topics oca- and the rest of the show. I think all right. Let's get into it. All right. We have we have a lot. This is going to be a long show. But we obviously were recapping lot. We wanted to the Victoria's Secret fashion show we week up that we're talking about Scott in Sofia and Courtney going out to dinner together. We're talking about John stamos. We're talking about Nick Jonas prianti. We're brianca. I want to say that his bachelor party is now this weekend. It seems like it's entirely Instagram. Sponsored which makes me believe this wedding is sham. That's all. I have to say. Yeah. I don't love that. The spun for your for the wedding stuff. Not. Nope. Nope. Cheesy yacky don't love it. Don't love. We also have an interview with Jeremy Parsons from people. Yes about sexiest man alive. This. Wow. We this is jam packed episode. It is, but you know, buckle up. We underestimated how much has to fit into this episode. But that's okay. All right. You guys have all week to listen to this one. That's it. So yeah, let's let's get right into it starting with the Victoria secret fashion show. We'd be the same time zone. Continue time. See paying? Do you? And I know that is crazy. I just want to see. I'm Jim maya's foam. Depend. I was thinking gift that seek your hotel. I can't get you can't get to. We went to the Victoria secret fashion show. Yes, we're the first time, obviously, it's a dream of hours to go to that show. And yeah, it was incredible being there just even just walking in. You're like, wow, I'm really going, Victoria, secret fashion. There were so many things that surprised us because this year they held it appear ninety four and number one. We went backstage to do during hair and makeup to do. Some press and just being around these women as they were all getting ready. Oh my God. They're all so stunning. So beautiful. We were we were two inches in front of. I mean, I was KENDALL Jenner. I mean, we were standing Adriana Lima. And we got to see Adriana Lima close out her less Victoria's Secret fashion show ever. And I I get chills thinking about that. Because I can't believe that we were sitting in the second row we could've onto the stage. If we wanted to I don't know if every year, they do it in a place that was this small, but it was such an intimate setting and on TV, they make it look like so Jain Ormuz. Well, when I was watching the videos, it looks it looks bigger in those video, right? But when you're there, you don't realize how intimate setting in the second row towards the end of the catalog to which I'm actually really liked and we were just staring models in the is like when they looked over. They were looking at. Over at us, not specifically. But I mean, right. It was also very funny because publicly it was announced that it was a journal EMAS last show. Like last night like before they do shows the four four-car eight o'clock, we're at the four o'clock before eight o'clock it came out publicly. It was Postel over Twitter because in the moment, we're watching and they do a tribute for her, and I don't want to give too much way. But I looked at you. When was like so is this her last year? We didn't know what they did. It was like, okay, obviously, this is our last year, but and shape. And. Now, I'm gonna start thinking about it. All thing was so cool. And it was funny because obviously we have been talking so much speak about what celebrities we would see their and baba until we put together that we were going to the floor PM show and probably slept. We're going to APM which ends up checking out, but spins on what I said too. I think if we went to eight o'clock show, I would have been so consumed by all the celebrities in the seats that I wouldn't have really watched the show. Yes. I would have been washing Dylan sprouse watch the models. Exactly know. And also we wouldn't have gotten as good of seats that we did. And we had phenomenal seats. It was so frigging cool. We saw every single model. Like right in front of all look studying. They were glowing all the. Glass phenomenal. Great phenomenal. So great hall Z was so ill. I I love love love for awhile is beebee Wreksa. She's I went to a Nick Jonas show at terminal five years ago, and she opened for Nick. And obviously everybody was there for Nick. But there was a big. It was all women and gay men obviously likes to hear for an insurance concert. And it. It. When be became on stage. She was rocking. It so hard that every guy was like he s Beebe. Let's go I just my sister. And we were like BB we love you. I mean, I I was almost at that point with you last night L she crushed it, especially when Shawn Mendes came on when Shawn Mendes walked onto the road. And it was just shrill every girl scream. I mean, you just heard the shrieks throughout the crowd when Shawn Mendez came on including the infrared like me and frontier into such fan girls shown on the screen. I was like, oh, my Sean men look me in the ice number one. I said once that we made eye contact when he was on the corner of the stage before he came on. And then when he got to his Mark and the lights were still dark. It was looking around. He looked directly at us. I'm not saying I read like was it was it was directly at us. And after he was done performing. I turned. You was like we're so close. We could've rushed the stage. Nobody. Reconnaissance security was not close enough not easily could have like Fred if we wanted to get arrested tonight and didn't give a fuck we could have done that and just stolen the show has those. He has like those cute little pieces of hair that fall in front of his face. And then he pushes it back. I'm not saying that we definitely hot. I'm not saying that we definitely had a moment. Shawn mendez. But I was saying I think we had a boat. Shawn Mendez, like I'm not saying we didn't have a moment. Like, I'm saying Shawn Mendez look directly in our direction, and I felt boulevard is including that's that's the power of of of Shawn Mendez. And he he so great his falsetto. Like, I said, heavenly speaking of that drew from the chain smokers, hit a high note right in front of us. I have to that. I've never heard him before. I think it's not just an us thing that everybody jokes about the chain smokers because obviously. I've always loved to chain smokers. But they started out as just kind of doing DJ remix is stuff. Like that. Like drew wasn't actually singing wasn't to the last couple of years at Drew's actually started to sing. And everyone was like he's not that good, blah, blah, blah, whatever. But they sang Kelsey Ballerini. There's this feeling and they were they were really singing like it was they were labor using their own voices. And he hit a high note and held it for a long time very life right in front of us. And I was so impressed. I was feeling it with him. Like, he was he was moving to the ground. And I was like moving to the ground him. That's how good it was. I was I was very impressed. But the whole show the whole show was fantastic. Really, really cool. Also, shed alexy's were so good Josie crush was just about the shadow to girl Josie. She run those energy by far. I mean, the most energy she absolutely killed it funny because we saw Mike stud who's dating Josie that or the show, and he was there with Jozies mom, and I he told us where he was sitting. And then watching her and watching him while she was on the runway was so adorable. And she it was her first time if she's not brought back next year become an angel. I don't even know what to think because she absolutely stole the show what she also become an angel just from her after party look to. Oh, my gosh was absolutely fricken ver Di last night was her. And I said at the other day, I was like I think after the choice secret fashion show, she's really gonna skyrocket because I think she she has she has it and people just aren't she's very underrated. I think and then last night, I think that she rushed it, and it's gonna. To be huge for her coming on the show Monday. Very exciting. Even even like KENDALL KENDALL g Bella they were all really great. G g at least in our show almost how to miss out because I look she has she had a very long draping. Cape. I don't even know what you want to share. You know, one of the Victoria, your things and the model it was walking back down the runway. I think accidentally stepped on it as as Judy was walking up and she like flipper second you could see her face go. But she she like row in quit GD almost took a tumble, but she didn't she not it would have been right in front of our face. Bellas body is ridiculous. Their bodies are all the Kendal. I felt KENDALL. See more confident. Yes time like, I don't know. She just felt that look like she was owning it. I agree. It was just a fantastic show all around. I mean, we keep saying, but it it truly wasn't being there was it was so cool. Obviously there was eight o'clock show. So we're getting clips in news from that. Because that is the show that don't spouse was at and there was a video it's on the who what where Instagram and Ceram, do you think I'm allowed to tweet that out or no, I mean, don't rip the video. What do you mean you have to tweet it with the link? Yeah. I wouldn't just steal the girls. Video. But it was. Adorable Barbas walking down the runway and Dylan is standing and his white suit hand over his heart like John on the floor to staring at her and all I mean, I'm gonna start crying again because we also cried twice in the four pm show. I cried more than that. But I just wasn't looking. I forgot to mention that cried multiple times during the show. And also another side note, there was an older couple that was standing next to us sitting next to us that filled the fucking entire show. I'm even kidding like phones in the air. So obvious filming the I don't think they watched the show they filmed the entire thing. The rule follower in me where I get pissed. I mean break the rule I just have to say that I almost call the security guard over and be like look at this. Yes. Okay. Anyways, yen. This was happening. This is happening when this was happening. Friend. I'm watching the show and I keep seeing Fran look around and in my head. I'm like why she looking around, and then I look over and I see these two older people filming the entire show. And I'm like, oh, that's why France around because she's getting pissed off people are reading base. It was like scrunching up. She was just getting so salty that they weren't following rules. It was hilarious to watch. But I understand that you are. Very passionate about this at first they were really the only ones doing it. Yes. And then as the show went on everybody was filming. And then actually I was like, okay, fuck it. And I really felt that when like Halsey was out, whatever. 'cause I was like I wanna prove that I'll close with these videos. So we had to do it. I didn't even do it to like post them anywhere. Whatever. It's for the memories. That's us. We didn't post them anywhere. We have them on her phone. Yeah. Just because literally remember being so close this couple even had this guy come over and be like, you can't be on your phones. They didn't give a fuck. No, pull them out again as soon as he walked away. They pulled the right background baby. Mad anyway, Dylan back to back to Dylan sprouse. When I saw this video this morning. I know franchesca I was sobbing sobbing. Uncontrollably. When I saw this video, and I know that sounds fucked up, but I've talked about it before I've loved Dylan sprouse since the first episode sweet life Zack. And Cody when I was younger, I had, you know, everybody has posters of the boys that they like on their wall when they're younger I had posters of Dylan's browse on my wall. And and Dylan sprouse wasn't like, you know. A hot commodity back. Then he was on sweet levers, I Cody, and I had posters on my wall. And I remember I had a huge poster of like my dreams, and who I wanna marry and all that stuff under who I wanna marry I had a picture of Dylan sprouse so seeing him with Barbara Alvin who I also have been obsessed with since I since two thousand twelve everybody. I mean, we've pulled up the tweets before of me tweeting to her back like two thousand twelve two thousand thirteen seeing them Dedi other fills my heart with so much happiness enjoy because I love the two of them so much. I think that they're just perfect together and Dylan he's watching her an all he bars shake shack. She has the most fantastic body. She's. She's got everything I want to say that like she has such an amazing body. And it's. I feel like it's almost unfair to her because when people are going to watch the show those Victoria's Secret models are I'm not saying they're on healthy. But like, they're they're so thin. Yeah. Like like, they like Bella Hadid said when people were coming at her for being too skinny she's like everybody reacts differently to diet and exercise fine. Book Barbara has a body that is her body healthy beautiful body, a real bad. Yes. And like she should be applauded for that. Because she's really the only one that looks like she should be a role model for everybody because she looks fantastic. She looks how I said I said I blog about the two of them. And I was just like look she is like real life body goals. Yes. Real life. Yeah. I was looking at her. I was like she looks fantastic. A lot of them. You know, they don't really have butts. They're super skinny and down there. About just how they are. They're tall. They're thin supermodels. Exactly, Barbara Calvin Barbara's, really the only one that has a different type of figure. Yeah. And the entire entire show, and to be honest, I think she had the best body. Yeah. She just looked antastic. Stunning. She she really is. And she seemed so sweet. And her are just the most perfect couple shake shack on carpet. He later. She had said before that like when she was asked what she was going to do after the show, and she was like, I'm gonna eat. Choose burgers, so Dylan broader, shake shack, and they were being they were talking to the Daily Mail. And she was like they will go is everybody. I heard the girls really jealous backstage of the shake shack and Barbara's like, yeah, they don't how they don't. None of that have boyfriends like I do. Oh, yeah. See I knew Dylan sprouse was a gem yet since the first episode of Sweden design. Cody I've been saying this whole time. Oh my gosh. That makes me right smile from Iran. Ear. I love the two of them. They were my favorite part of the night. Just seeing house watch Barbara walked down. And he and he's just like he's looking at her like, that's my girlfriend. Yeah. Oh my God. That's and that's the same way. Mike side was watching Joe total key put his hand up. He was cheering for it was so nice to see it was is because they we know that like the weekend. Was there sporting Bella Adam LeVine was there supporting his wife Bahati? I'm much. I'm not sure I would assume was Khalifa was actually at the show. Yeah. He was right. Because I saw I saw his after party pictures. So it's just very nice all supporting their ladies. Exactly. And Ben Simmons though, no Benjamin's which I feel maybe this has to do with his basketball schedule because he is playing tonight. But I don't know maybe we'll see later he like sneaky showed up at the after party or something. Maybe I didn't even see KENDALL at the after party. Oh, that's so because they had I posted a blog with their looks and KENDALL wasn't even in a lot of them were in the when you search after party like the were in it. But KENDALL I was looking for and I did not see her. We really also have say, unfortunately missed an opportunity to have a run in with Kris Jenner when I saw Kris Jenner backstage. I know the pictures. I don't even know what I would say to that woman. But I know that I would be I would be starbuck. And I and I said this last night that I think out of all the Kardashian jenner's Kris Jenner would be the one that I would be the most starstruck by because she asked me blocked on Twitter. Yeah. And I I don't even I would I be able to say that to her face. No, I say that I would be able to. But I just don't think I would be able to because if I say you blocked me on Twitter chace. Why? Sorry. I used to troll yet. Like the kid. Sorry. I was mean to you when I was fifteen so I I don't know. But I when I saw that I was like, oh damn we missed a huge opportunity there. But the whole show all together ten out of ten everything we could have dreamed of and more it'll NL Aaron December. So everybody will have to watch an ABC. I think it's like December fourth December, seventh or supper force. I don't know. It's air date is on December second second. All right. We go wrong. So Sunday Semper second. Everybody could watch it is fantastic. It's a great show. They want be. The Spice Girls reunion to our was confirmed. Now, this is funny coming after Mellano shot at Victoria Beckham is Mel Melby going to be a part of the tour de ver buddy. But is that for Melby right now, they're at six six stops six. It's like. It's really just a. Home home tour, you know, they're just going through. Okay. It's in June. And it's like two weeks and they're playing six shows. Oh, that's fun. Yeah. It's just like a so wise Bill you're doing it. Just as one I guess Ooh. Yeah. It's what happens when you become the most famous one in the group, and you go back all the other girls ecstatic day are all MSN. It's time to spice things up all over again. I can't wait to perform to are forever. Supporting fans and a whole new spice generation love, you all Melby said I've said it so many times beside myself as actually happening. I'm now properly screaming it from every rooftop me. And my girls will see all on stage mail. Sees said reminiscing with the girls that are how much fun. We had made me feel like it was the right time to do it all over again. And Jerry said I am so excited together. We celebrate girl power with our fans and the next generation and everyone is welcome whole tight. It's gonna be fun. So just know Batori Nova toria that sounds like it will be fun. This is this happens with every group. There's one there's one that breaks away. Doesn't wanna go back. Yes. Although shadow to be on say who still gives love to Destiny's Child because Victoria Beckham gives no love to Spice Girl victim. Oris statement is basically that because of her business commitments, you can't do it. The the two week to week tour is just way too long. Yeah. Okay. She said being in the Spice Girls was a hugely important part of my life. And I wish my girls so much love and fun as they go back and tour, I know they will put on an amazing show in the fantastic fans past and present going to have a wonderful time. But she will not be participating. The show. Nobody wants to feel like they're overpaying while shopping online, especially during the holidays gifts travel, ugly, sweaters, it all adds up. But did you know, there's an easy way to always get the lowest price it's called. 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I mean, everybody's spending money, and this is the easiest way to save get Honey for free at join Honey dot com slash chicks. That's two words. Join Honey dot com slash chicks. Honey, the easiest way to save money while shopping online, I have some news for you that I think you're going to be really pissed about it. I don't know if you saw this or not. But apparently apparently apparently producer behind despicable me. He's the founder of elimination entertainment is rebooting Shrek. What what? Yeah. Why? I know. I I don't know. Why? Yes. No reason for that. Yeah. Are you kidding me in a lengthy profile? Chris Mellon Gery Mela? I guess that's I don't melody. Henry revealed that he will be rebuilding the Shrek and push him boots franchises. According to the outlet. He says he doesn't want to do a complete overhaul of the series because he finds the voice actors like Mike Myers my Mike Myers. Murphy cameras into bears a very important part of what made the original movie. So good. He said when you look back on those vocal performances. They're awesome. And while you certainly could make a case for a complete reinvention. I find myself responding to my own feelings of wanting to go back to those characterizations. And then he said at the hardest part about doing. This is finding something that really does feel like it's not simply another film in a series of sequels. I'm not really sure how you make a shred reboot with possibly all the same people. And have it not be a sequel? Look how does that? How do you just not have fit in with all the previous movies that have all the same voices and all the same characters? I just don't understand the point. Like, I said when every time a movie is remade, you just think to yourself, but why like Shrek why it's already a great, Phil. Right. And it's the I do it's like one of the is exactly the same thing when we said with clueless as oh, well, it's the writer of girls trip. Maybe it'll be okay. I'm like, well, maybe elimination. They do great things as speckled me all up, and you know, they're like, plus they're doing. They're the ones that are doing this new Grinch movie. That's like, oh, yeah. It's like a spin on on the Grinch, which I'm here for. See that. But it's like there hasn't been a Grinch cartoon movie in a long time. Yes. There was the Jim Carey. Yes. But I don't think that really counts in my mind. So. It's been such a long time Shrek not really that long. Pretty recent. There's bringing it right back. Yeah. I I mean. It just one of those things where they're trying to funny. The first Shrek movie is so good. Oh, good. Every night France night. I ate putting on trick. Like, I scroll pass Shrek on Netflix. And I'm like should. I just watch wreck tonight. It's one of those movies that you still just don't do on purpose. Like you subconsciously, quote, the movie in your head. You know, if something comes up and lines from Shrek just. Pop pop into your head like you don't even have to think she's there. What's a song? Mobile. Yeah. Believer believer. Yeah. Dem not wanted to show is run to track all of they all do a house. I mean all stars of the number one track. All started talking about all the time. I don't the words. I picture donkey. It's one of those ones that I don't really think needed to be touched yet. But. We'll see because they're going to have to put a total different spin on it to have it not be a sequel, but still be all the same characters. Right leg. I just logistically. I don't get it logistically, it doesn't really make sense. It has to be a sequel. What are they just going to like they can't just make an entire movie with the same characters and forget everything that happened in the past. What I supposed to just raise start minds fairytale happened instruc-. Yeah. They're gonna have to do like a like an X men like a race. Everybody's mind situation to where it's like, okay, where they're like the globe Shrek time, traveling maybe treacle time travel, and then we'll just get a whole new series of tricks. But then we have to forget all the old ones because then they didn't happen because time travel. I'm just so confused every time not worth it. I gotta say it's probably not worth it. Because did they do this for the kids is that what this is this for the children is this for the children? No seriously, this for the no it's for the dollar bills. Okay. Well, that's what I was assuming. But I was thinking maybe I hard parts they were like, oh, we should we should make Shrek for the younger generation that didn't get to see SRI. But they always watch it Schrafft's. And I'm saying they could watch trek. So I don't know a make everything like have your kids watch the original. Because that's like that's what the new ones probably not going to be as good because we know everything that happened as very weird. That is weird. I don't like it at all. From web buck. But I never run away. Even when. OT's? One ps. That's what I need. Time. We were saying nice week. We're waiting for Lexus run to open up about her feelings about Alan, which she did. She said she was developing feelings. And now this they played this out perfectly like between last week. And last night. They just they timed it. Right. Like they pulled everybody in by saying that Allen wasn't sure about his feelings. And of course, to have everybody watched for the next week for Allen to be like, yes, I do know a do we have the clip of them talking before they dance because yes, this is some things were said, the muse note the music on a place where we worked so hard for this amazing journey together. And on the frayed that I would mess that up in some way. I've never had an experience like this. It's so easy to just hang out with you have fun and not worry about everything else. I know you put yourself last weekend. I do have feelings for you. After I opened up last week. I felt a little bit embarrassed. By now that we had this this week. I really good that everything's out. And then the kiss who was the kiss like it was sweet it was like a for. It was it was it was supposed to look like a first kiss. I it wasn't like a make out. It was like a romantic. Yeah. Like moving on from friends to lovers kiss. Oh, that's sweet. That is a lovely. So now, they're taking correct? I mean, I don't know. Now, I don't know maybe next week will be the package where they confirmed that. They're like exclusive. I don't know what the next step is. 'cause each week. It's like a new tidbit is released. But right now, all we know is that they both have feelings for each other, and they kissed on television. So so sounds pretty real to me. Pretty legit seems like they are moving on with each other. And Matt in the love story if they win that's what I said. I was like this would fulfil all my like dancing with the stars. Romance fantasy wildest dreams. They win the Mira ball. They they get married and have beautiful little dancer babies that would be beautiful and also to story. I also saw on her. Twenty two grams story that she was doing QNA ask Russians and somebody wrote how has dancing stars change your life. And she wrote it's change everything. So I saw that too. I believe that this truly changed every right? And she also. She also tweeted a couple of days ago that I'm miss this. But she tweeted if you guys really think I would fake my feelings for TV show. Then you don't really know me at all. So. She's making a point here that well, I saw that. And I was like fuck go damn. That's us. Yeah. But it's like now now, I'm in it where I've I legitimately that they do have feelings for each other, but dads it with the stars is producing it. Like, it's the bachelor like they everybody else had normal packages. Like, they're just preparing for further dance. You know, like every other couple does some get a little emotional more than others. But there's like a romantic horseback riding date where they profess their feelings each other standing standing on a sitting on a wooden fence. Overlooking this beautiful fields with with like mute like mood music playing the beginning of that clip. They were almost playing the Friday night lights music, like the, you know, like this calm tones. I that's what it sounded. Like, it's the. Show is live. So it's even crazier to me that we're seeing this actually developed live. It's not that's pretty well that stuff is prerecorded like wet. I gladly like a couple of days ago. That's what I'm saying. Happening in real time. It's happening in real time. Whereas bachelor bachelorette, you got that's shit that happened months ago. So now, we know at this very moment where Alexis Alan stamp. Yeah. Like, they're just beginning shipping with their relationship. We're watching her on Instagram. I actually see after practice if she's still with Alan. Or if she's like, do you think that they have quit like make outside fun? I did not proud her before this. And I followed her for for for this. I'm just picturing like do they have sex in the middle of like dancing, 'cause you know, they're they're working for six hours a day together. And when you're dating the person that you're dancing with for six hours a day that things got a little did the samba. It was. What happened was a little a little steamy? Their samba was a little steamy. Well, that's that's why they're going to win so good. Because now now I really think they have a good shot at winning. I was honestly his last night because spoiler if you haven't watched sorry Demarco's wear got sent home and he's so good. He so good. Meanwhile, grocery store, Joe, I love you. I love groceries like I love him as a person as dancer. He's just not good. He's just not that good. He's moved his way up. He was getting you got a four his first week last night. He got all sevens. He's he's moving better. But literally everybody else is getting tense like everybody else is getting tense. Did everybody literally got tents is not everybody. But almost everybody damn. Yeah. And he still going to the semi finals go into the frigging semi final. Let me tell you Twitter pissed. I just had a quick like caro- Serie store. Joe twitter. Search last night. Oh, they were. Everybody was just like what the fuck is Joe doing on the semi finals. They do like how? Many people do calling in for him so many. So clearly, and honestly it's just like a props. It's also why love Twitter so much 'cause it's like. People quitting voting in the midterm election. Look what happens when you don't vote. Kosher star. Joe is in the finals. Okay. Well, which makes me chuckle. Yeah. That is pretty funny. I mean, it just so, but honestly, look he must have every single person in who loves the Bashar vote in for him bachelor nation is really nation is coming out big time. And literally because there is no way to Nasha one home. Right. And look if she went home grocery store, Joe showed went home to know. And I'm sure we could get the demographics of who watches desk with the stars. And is I bet lot of older, maybe. Women. Yes. Watch dance with stars. And then there's people like me, but they're all voting for Jill. I think that there's a crossover between people who watch dancing with the stars. And the bachelor for sure I watched this season Janney stars solely because Joe, especially you know, me I watched the first two episodes because I knew Joe was on it. I saw that. He wasn't a great dancer, which you know. I didn't have to keep watching to keep figuring that out. What was so funny was no it turned it on for like two seconds last night at the end and texted us like do they shit on him? Like this every time. I'm a actually yes. Like, the judges to his face are always just like Joe you're trying but it's just it's just not there pretty much. I wonder what KENDALL thinks about it. I'm sure she's proud of him. You know, he's he's trying. It's also keeping him in LA. They don't have to have any. Relationship discussion about where they wanna live because right now he has to be in LA. Yeah. Except why they're just pushing that off until when it gets eliminated. I don't know. Yeah. I mean, do you think that Joe like has a chance to win the stars as as goad? He's going to go down in history as the worst answer to win dancing with the stars. Like, I said, this you I signed could be the Sensi affect everybody voted for send giant American idol. And he was so bad. Yeah. It was like a plot to destroy American idol. This could be this could be like Joe Windsor stars. I mean, there's going to be. Outrage the judges we're going to have to step in. I'm gonna need lend to like steal the mirror ball or something. I like Khania the mirror ball and be like. Look, I know Joe planning a lot effort, but I really going to somebody else. I actually think they would they would do that. Like, I think the judges would be genuinely confused L. Yeah. For sure I think Joe would be confused. America would be confused. Yeah. So Joe, I bet ios confused right now. Yeah, he's probably thinking to himself like how he poses Instagram stories after after each show, and he's like a made another week here. I am right. We're back. It's the same thing every week in his new episodes in the new episodes in their package before they dance is like we're back. We made it we're here, we are other dance. So I mean there have I'm happy for them because he gets to gets to. Keeping on the show. So let's get any keeps. And he gets keeping with coming xactly. That's mine. Live at his. John stamos went on busy tonight and talks about how he and his wife when they were trying to get pregnant they ride it for Tilleke clinic and he had to provide a sperm sample. So, you know, they put them in the room to do his business, and he turned on the TV. And there was a. Pregnant thing and we had to go to the fraternity fertility place, and I had to give a sperm sample. I can't believe I finally getting to tell the story. I winner there's little room where they go in there. And they said if you need it. Any stimulation or whatever there's videos and TV here. So the TV out for all, right? All right, turn the TV on. It's on it's on fuller house. Hand to. If I'm going to abate to myself going to my old self not the new. So in my head. I'm just I'm sorry. And this is pretty graphic. But I'm picturing John stamos with his dick in his hand and turning on the TV and seeing. Yeah. And Stephanie on just I have a lot of questions because logistically. You're training on TV. I would assume the fraternity clinic has basic cable how did fuller house on Netflix? It's not just like normally on TV. I thought the same thing. And he's like hand to God. I swear this happened go John stamos. I don't have any reason. Not to believe it your lovely, man. I love John stamos. I would love to believe John John stamos here. But I've never had my TV just turn on Netflix playings show. Yes. You know, what I'm thinking is maybe somebody in the in the clinic put on fuller house. Right. That'd be like a kid or something to watch or for him because they knew he was going in. I don't know joke. I don't know. Probably not. I don't understand how it works that way. It doesn't. Well, you don't just turn your TV on if it's on Netflix. It doesn't automatically Hiller house. Does not right play on cable television. So I don't know. I really don't want to. I don't want to not believe him. You know, exactly. It's a funny story. You just wanna believe it? Didn't even go around that. I'm like, right. Okay. I'm just gonna nor the fact that you turn on the TV and fuller house pop on you could do that with full house like ten years ago. Definitely not fuller house. And I would assume he just liked to channel, you know. Yeah. Masturbate to floor. But that's it's just so funny because you see headlines like Johnston most masturbate, that's what I wrote. Exactly. Yeah. Because that's what I mean. That's what he to say. What is what happened? I mean, when you say when you're saying, you're you're put in a room and tells you turn the TV if you need stimulation your dick in your hand turning on the TV like what am I watching? You know what I mean? So that's what that's what I envision here. That's okay for me to say because John is talking about it. He's openly saying, yeah, I had to jerk off. It's also kind of making me question. How Tillery clinics work because? I would think they would give the guys something that's not basic television views or or a selection of porn or something. Well, no. But the thing is they have their phones. So they get porn on their phones. That's what I don't understand. Also with the TV thing. Right. He didn't have to put on the TV. Because because I'm not I would let me think what I'm sorry to say. You're you're not walking into the fertility clinic walk into to the sperm room and sitting down and being like, all right? Let's see what's on FOX five. And like that's not gonna get you off. You're you're going to wonder phone and look up porn magazines, like porn magazines, as if they might for Tilleke maybe for school. Yeah. But I'm sure you could bring your phone inside. Yeah. I would I would assume. So maybe maybe there was just a TV in the room in John Amos was what I'll see what's on. I want to ask something. But I. I just don't know where this is going to go. So okay, obviously, they have the answer. No. I I don't know if you're going to be like, why would you say that? That's like that's weird. I think that's what you're gonna think. Okay. But when you go to for Tillery clinic, and you have to jerk off to get the sperm out. Are you allowed to have sex in the room and then pull out and then put the sperm in in in a Cup? I don't think that's a weird question. Okay. No. I don't think you're allowed to that though. I guess okay. That's that's what I was assuming but I'm thinking to myself like they have to jerk off. But if you wanted to have sex and then finish in right? You know, the sample come is that allowed? Yeah. I just I feel like imagine for. I mean, then you're turning Tilly clinics like sex chamber. Yeah. That's what I'm saying. Just having sex every room. I think it's just not really loud. Yeah. I would think it's probably not accepted. Okay. That would be that. It's just a little question that I was thinking while this popped up. But it was very funny either way great story from John stamos that man has so much charisma. Yes. And also I'd like to say that props busy Phillips because busy tonight is getting better better better. I think it was because I watched the first show, and everybody's our show is rough. I really think she's fine. She's very sweet down to earth. Yeah. So I'm rooting for her. And she's getting good guests like we just got this out of busy tonight. We got John stamos talking about masturbating floor house because busy tonight, and I like that. Yeah. So it seems like good content. Yes. She is verse your let's move on. Let's let's move on. Because we're talking a lot about John status. Masturbating? Money power and a great pair of boots. You can have it all wanna know, how stop what you are doing go to the nearest computer. Open up your internet browser and type in the following. There's they boots dot com. That's T H U R S D A Y B O T S dot com. You can go on your phone. 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She obviously hosts a morning show every day like she can't exactly go to Vancouver and film a full television series. But she is going to be playing Mark. Consolo ses mistress like he plays higher Amara iron lodge Hiram is going to have a mistress. I think this is going to be some sort of like flashback situation, maybe in the past Hiram had a mistress. Her description is. That she's playing his character. Name is MRs Moulay, and she is confident and tough. She's a beautiful icy fem fatale who gets caught up in a conspiracy that's much bigger than she initially realized I'm excited for that. Especially because it's her husband to play the mistress for her husband, those to have such great chemistry is just like they married. It's just a little role play situation for them. It's probably hit the trailer. Right after they filmed this. That's what I'm thinking. It's going to get steamy. She's playing his mistress. So it's like a little different, you know, she gives you like the bad girl xactly like they're used to being married and right now it's going to Mark sneaking around with her which is probably as little excitement, Tony. And they're so adorable like on Instagram. They've always been very open with supporting each other. And how much they love each other. They make you know, funny sexual jokes sometimes with each other. I've always said we've always said like saying couples are goals is annoying. But like these two they are actually goes and they're beautiful and they've been married for twenty two years. Doesn't happen. A lot in Hollywood that doesn't. They were married kits two or three goods. I think three props to them. Yeah. Because you don't really see that their son Michael who's twenty one is going to be on the show tonight. He's playing a young version of Hiram which is perfect because they literally look exactly, and it's his son. Yeah. So like a son of role in Riverdale, this is they look exactly the same. Oh, they do. Yeah. Like, she does he has like nothing from Kelly Ripa. He just looks like a clone of Marcus. Yeah. So that's great. He's going to be making his debut. Kelly ripa's going to be involved whole fam- is on Riverdale. And she the the picture that she posted. She has like this to say that she was going to be the show. She has like it looks like a crop to be honest. Like that looks like a crop. Yeah. I'm kind so. Yeah. Begin this looks teammates kink also their son who's going to be on Riverdale tonight. His he's. On private and only three hundred thirty followers the for him. It's not crazy. It's like you don't really see that they more like seeing an actor or actress and you click their Instagram. They're usually followers not only lets his real friends. Follow him. Yes. It's crate rarity. It is very very rare. These days I feel like I didn't work here at my mind scramble still be private because. Mine was for a while. I was for a little while laws an intern in the night to change it. Yeah. I change it like a few months in probably two months, and then I took it off private, but I'm like them only three hundred and thirty followers. He's on private. He's probably getting a million requests now. But I'm sure they come flooding in. Oh, yeah. Constantly. I mean, he is their son. Yeah. Very I'm very excited. I just I hope somehow they can make Kelly's character appear in more than one episode. That would be fun because I don't understand. How one episode is total showing exactly not what what is he gonna just cheat? Once you know, like it's his mistress. Yeah. There'd be a lot of flashbacks. There can be. I said they should bring her to the present. Like, she should come back and get involved now. And right. If you're not up to date sorry on Riverdale. There wasn't an episode last week. So no Susie had two weeks to catch up. Veronica basically wants to kill her dad. Not actually like, maybe. Yeah. He's doing like everything to ruin Archie life. So. How cool would it be Kelly Ripa like the scorned mistress came back and teamed up with Veronica to take down higher? Good plot that they should listen. Just throwing it out there to you. The w what's his face? Robert, whatever his name is the writer of banjo. If you use that we will know, and you will have Roberto Roberto he's a writer of now so Roberto if you're listening. And you steal that we're gonna, but we also think that you should I hope that's that's already in the in the books. Maybe. Friend. So be one. Until then. The. All right, guys. We know we live in a fast paced multitasking world weather. It's here at work or your work office class, even at home drinking coffee, or energy drinks may give you a temporary jolt. But that doesn't help your brain's ability to think, fast, and communicate. Well, if you feel like caffeine is into it for you. We'd recommend OMB axe contin boost. 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They sat down the three of them, and then talked had dinner. What did they talk about? Just 'cause I'm laying it out. And I'm picturing all this. And I I'm just seeing Courtney sitting on one side, and then so FIU Scott on the other side because think about the seating arrangements, right? Scott's not gonna sit next to Courtney. So fee is not going to sit next to Courtney. Scott so fear, going sit extra each other probably and corny sitting across. We also kind of have conflicting reports because people reported that it was a tense dinner that Courtney felt the need to like meet Sophia because Sophia spent so much time with her kids. But so FIA also so. And Scott have a lot of arguments. No shit like every twenty year old boyfriend. I don't care. How the boyfriend is like she probably boyfriend all the time. But then e said that so Scott so fee and Courtney had dinner together, and it was very amicable Scott. And so I very serious and Scott felt it was important that Sophia and Courtney interact Embong. They have kept things separate for over a year. Now, and Courtney is now more open and willing to have a surface level relationship with Sofia that I could see surface level relationship. But it's like so ease kind of saying oh with Scott being layer. I want you guys to have some kind of relationship. People was like, no this was tens, and it was like Courtney leg, I should probably meet the woman that's hanging out with my kids all the time. So interesting. Yeah, I feel as court. He was like like you said I need to see who's hanging out by my kids. And also if she's going to stay in Scott's life. They're going to have to cross paths at some point. She can't keep exhorting and Courtney has moved on. Yeah. Clearly, probably waited long enough where she was I'm not gonna meet her until they reach, you know, this amount of time and their relationship because they could break up tomorrow. It would be pointless. You know, they've been together for over a year. They have they've actually. They outlasted what I thought they were gonna totally. I definitely thought that they were it was like a quick fling for them. And they've been dating for a while. So it seems like nicest got does like I'd also like to say I watched of keeping up with the Kardashians from this week. And I thought it was really hilarious when KENDALL and scour in the car together and Scott was saying like, oh my God what's happening with Tristan like, and then he was like, well, what is he doing out and about like he should be home right now. Like he's about to pop. I mean, close about to pop and then Scott goes. I'm into quite a gentleman at I laughed, and I'm like, he he actually seems like he is. Yeah. When Scott, and so I started dating I thought it was just going to be like Bel Thorne status. Like they were going to have hot. Steamy pictures for like two weeks, and then it was going to be going, but they've been together for over a year. So is probably like well shit probably have to talk to this girl now because before that she was just like kylie's friend like Scott, literally started dating like kylie's acquaintance, literally because they they they were they were friends and so feel like in that circle, not not necessarily, but they do have children of famous people circle. Yes. Exactly. So it is a little weird that Sophia is so young. But when you're drink at dinner. Yeah. She couldn't have a drink at dinner. She's not even twenty one. Yeah. Right Bishop pretty games. And yeah. And the thing is if I was Courtney, I sort of look down on her inaugural. Not like. Insulting way. Yeah. Almost twenty years younger than I am and. Obviously, Courtney is more savvy than so. I would think she would think they have nothing. They don't they. They probably don't have anything common. I mean. And also it is weird. But it's also not weird because Sophia is a celebrity, and they all just grow up faster age isn't really a number told them, she she I'm sure she's way more mature as for twenty year old or any normal twenty year old his they're on their own. They're not living with their maybe she does. But. Out here. I haven't babies and she's like fine because she's been independent for a very time. Their parents are not on them at all times getting care of them at all times. They gave them fuck load of money. Like, okay, fun. Exactly. So it is it is. So is with those kids a lot now. Yeah. She becoming a mom. Yeah. And Scott, and Scott and Courtney seem like they're fine in a good place. I they their trip to Bali that they were all on. I think Scott and Scott was on that trip. So they take family trips together. It's fine. Scots involves I want. I wonder if they're currently no they are Reich is Kim. It said they started filming the next season of crashes. Right. I think so that I mean, I also be making that up. But I would seem like they're always foaming any yet. Anytime they go on vacation, they film it. Exactly. That's what I'm saying. They took a giant film each of to Bali. That's definitely. And there's always like one season. Yeah. And if you're having like this a meeting between Sofia and corny. I'm also assuming maybe not the actual dinners filmed. But like the build up before that like hawking, I really want to meet with so feeling that's and then I would assume that's also Courtney is eating salads with her sisters, and she's like, so I went to dinner with Sophie last night, a whole thing. But you don't actually see it. One last question before we close the show who do you like better, Scott Disick or coordinated action? Scott me too. I thought I thought that was going to be like a hot take. But I actually think that's cottages. Funny and fun. I know Scott has obviously made very questionable decisions he fucked up a lot with his relationship corny. But. No offense to Courtney. He just seems like more fun. Yeah. He does. That's the thing. And you know, he has fucked up and he acted like an idiot on the show. But I watched this week's episode. I'm like he's funny has of Kardashians as not may corny look that great. And Scott is so close with all the other sisters. So he must be a lot of fun, and is very funny. It's. I wanna get to this story because it has got me feeling frazzled Halsey John Mayer. Yeah. So multiple people tied us in this e posted Instagram like are they dating I purposely didn't didn't comment back to ridiculous. Exactly. And I didn't know they're not dating. I was gonna write a blog. And right. Like, you Halsey and John Mayer are not flirting their friends the whole thing. Yeah. But I ended up not writing it. Because when I saw everything was it was last night. And I didn't have time this morning. But now we're talking about it. Their friends, and they have openly talked about being friends. Yes. And I hate the fact that everybody saw their comments which other automatically took it as flirting. You know, what I mean because the comments were funny to each other. And they were clearly friends like they have posted pictures together joking around in the comments and friends for a long Di can't John Mayer just be friends with highs e like, why does John Mayer have to be flirting with Halsey? Like, why can't you just be his Z? I had to address it. So she probably awkward between the two of that. So she tweeted saying, I just had a ground-breaking idea. What if we let FEMA artists have friends without assuming that they are sleeping the other? I know I know it's like completely am bishops Baloch imagine if we like tried. I agree. I agree. That's exactly what I was going to say about all of this because those times so much before by each other, but their music and John Mayer is helped palsy, and I I asked him if things are funny house me sunny or not their friends that's at their friends. And that's why I was frazzle. I was like I don't understand why they're taking this and people are tagging me all last night. There was tons of girls Tammy and they're oh, no, oh, no John Maher's with Halsey, and I'm like, no. But he's not see. If you really knew them like we knew them, exactly no matter him. I had. I was like, you know, what if you knew John there? We knew them obvious that they're just friends. I don't even know like like Noah's the John Maher expert no could've told everybody that. This was not a thing. What is your opinion? I saw for a second. I'm on Instagram post where they made it seem like they were actually going. Yeah. It's not real air wouldn't date another Ayla celebrity. Yeah. He wouldn't. He wouldn't wanna do that. Again. He said that before and I feel like even from watching. His scribes. He talks a lot about like being away from all of that. You know, what I'm saying like dated Katy Perry so publicly. Yeah. I mean, he's doing it. So many so many people so publicly, but that was over. That's what he said. I think that I've dated a million people just because I've dated like five people that are really famous, right? I mean, five also day whatever five super famous people is a lot. I mean, people say this ending about Taylor swift like she's had an insane amount of relationships with famous people. That's why everybody says she's like a serial thing is now she's dating someone who's not exactly. And I think that's the path John Mayer is trying to go down. And I think that he is just genuinely friends with everybody has he David like, I think that he's friends with David. I think he's friends with housi- think that he's just in his stage of his life where he just wants to make friends with people. Right. And he's not looking to flirt publicly. There's one thing. John Mayer won't do. And I think it's flirt publicly fat this point. Yeah. Because he's so worried about that image of him. Even we saw with the page six thing and the sleeping with under five hundred women, and he then address them on scramble. I've, and I think that he is so focused on getting that image away from him. He would not pub. Weekly flirt with someone who just got out of a relationship on its grim guy. Don't think that's John Mayer's what he's into right, right? So when I saw this on like, they're definitely friends. Everybody was freaking out, and then obviously Halsey us to step in and it's awkward between them because it's like, oh, everybody thinks we're dating, and we're not just friend. But I agree with her. It's crazy that everybody assumes things automatically. Yeah. And it's. This one just does it what it makes sense to me. You know? Yeah. John Aaron hall z together. Two singers. Yeah. No. You gotta have to fade Ramos singers together. I just I mean, obviously it happens. I'm not gonna I'm not saying famous singer scholar. But I'm saying John Mayer is not going to date another famous singer. I agree with you. Guys. The holidays are fast approaching and things are about to get uncomfortable. Whether you're meeting her family for the first time or trying to survive her dad for the hundred now is not the time for nutcrackers or wedgies. Thankfully, there's Tommy John. The revolutionary clothing company that's redefining comfort for men and women. Tommy, John has the most comfortable underwear on the planet. Keeping you neat nestled an all in one place. They're the perfect gift especially for guys who constantly adjust. 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Like ha guys jokes over you're getting his getting to real time. Somebody just. Here's Tom to tell everyone, you're joking. Yeah. No friend, actually looked at me. Like, she was genuinely pissed off at me. And and I was like well somebody tweeted it to us you were going to see. Anyway, she was like I have my notification shut off. I wouldn't have seen it. I'm like friend. You're telling me you wouldn't have logged onto us tomorrow morning to see that they obtained there this morning been delayed. You would have seen at the morning. Would you rather tell you? Or would you rather see for yourself? Hi, guess you. Tell me see there you go friend and one day at a time. We're gonna help you through this. It's just. I set it. Because obviously she got her about this week what Soviet turned or calling themselves to jas serves they're taking up every call. They're taking p back rides and wearing matching clothes and nicknames for each other. And. Now, as it's like, I knew I said it was like, wow, they must really be getting married soon. And we knew it all maybe it's even before the holidays are around the holidays seem like that. That's the case but getting their marriage license. Do you think they will be married before thanksgiving? Maybe. The look on your face. It was like holy shit. They're actually they're actually getting married. Look there has been a they've taken a step forward in their engagement. Like once a week for like the last four weeks. There's a new thing every week. So just makes sense marriage license this week wedding next week. You know? Yeah. But e- Newsday, right? That. News learned recently that later this month, so literally could be next week Priyanka in Nick plan on taking part in several pre wedding festivities. So they're having a Mendy party as well as Christian ceremony to honor Jonas faith before exchanging thousand historic palace in her native, India. So sounds like they're going to be having like each week. Maybe each week we're gonna get one of these parties. I just don't have three weeks they'll be the actual wedding. What's with all the pre wedding parties? I don't know like don't you just have one Gaijin party? And then you get married because they both have different faiths that they're trying to incorporate everything or they're each you know, they they're doing Priyanka stuff one week. They're doing Nick stuff one we and then maybe and their actual wedding ceremony combining everything together, but unreal and. It's still least they could do is you to the wedding. That would be. So mean. I would love that. So literally somehow, someway, they just three you shade. And send you what would it really is? If somebody on the inside is getting invited to this wedding. Like sent me a picture of the invitation sent you a fake invite. Wow. Yeah. Wow. I'm not trying to give anybody out ideas here. But Priyanka looks ready to get married. She's leg wear guys thirties. She's ready to get married. He's wearing white gowns every chance she gets her engagement party dresses, beautiful her bachelorette weekend week, whatever it was trip to Amsterdam with the with the feathers. And that was stunning. She looks absolutely gorgeous. I'm almost joining you in the in the hate for it because I actually do like, okay fine. I got a really care fabulous. But seeing you so passionate about it makes me wanna get involved. You know, I'm like, you know, what fuck this. You're mad. I'm mad, and you know, we'd love Sophie Turner. Yeah. So it's like. Sanal? Sophie Turner likes are then you know, if Sophie is all in on it, then I feel like we should be. We should be two on it. Because I trust so fi. But here's the thing. This is why it's a little different. Because you you loved Nick Jonas to the point where you convince yourself that you had a shot with him. Yeah. True. I love Dylan's rouse to the point where I just looked at him as crush when I had when I was younger, and I would never actually marry him. But the thought of being like, oh, I wanna marry routes was nice. And then I got over it, you physically convince yourself that you had show Nick Jonas. You're not in your head like, Yep. Yeah. I did. Yeah. I used to have dreams about all the time that we would meet in like the mall by my house, and it just be magic match sparks fly. Actually, see it though. That's the thing. Like, you look like Nick Jonas's type to me he dated Olivia. Cocoa Brown hair. Brown eyes talion. Yep. That's you description. Yeah. You fit. The description that Nick Jonas type loud brunettes. He loves Bruno's arse. Linda, Gomez cocoa. Yeah. He loves brunettes in your brunette. And I feel like you know, you have the personality match. You would be great for dick. But in order for us to just get. I don't know. I just don't. I just don't have time. They don't have. Not time no time because they're going to get married next week. And there's no way that we could get you in front of Nick Jonas in a week. There's no way. I mean, they're married by Christmas. Okay. This one hundred percent hundred Mary by Christmas hundred percent Mary by Christmas, give the wedding might be in between. Thanks, chris. I would assume so. I will say that we actually debated spending thirty five hundred dollars on friend to have an intimate, sir. Yeah. Be serenaded aided by Nick Jonas to play songs too. Because the songs it costs thirty five hundred dollars like a VIP package titled concert. We were far away from payday, and we had been spending our money. So neither of us had the funds. No, I the funds. We're not there. And I actually. I said to friend like if I had multiple credit cards at this point. I would chip in do half and half or you go into credit card debt for that. I would do half an afro, and I ended up paying it off. But we had that wasn't the case at the time. So we didn't get out of that. But I we really that was my chance probably it was for like a half an hour. We were going back and forth. Like, okay. How can we get thirty five hundred dollars from somebody? So that we could buy this ticket for you. Right. It was like a one on one experience. It just friend. You have to think about it like this. It's Nick Jonas loss, drew its Nick Jonas has loss. And that's really all. You can do. That's why I'm just gonna keep telling myself. Yeah. That's what we say. You know, what Nick Jonas is your loss? You're not gonna friend brianca, whatever. Shoot. We're here with Jeremy Parsons who is an editor for people, and he is the host of people now. Thank you for joining not at editor yet. Hopefully one day, I will be I don't know they won't let me do won't let me right thing. They only let me talk. Serious. Says your editor. So I think she just did. You should just Jeremy Senator of people. That's right, but huge news coming from people today 'cause they just announced their sexiest man alive or getting one of the first looks inside the issue. This is what I'm talking about. I just I said this last year because last year was Blake Shelton for the sexiest man watching. Feeling it only committed to Blake's actually made an entire video saying how should not be the sexiest man alive not saying that he's not an attractive, man. But I was thinking more I sell which is now low sexiest ourselves, but I think has been he's been running time. Yeah. Yeah. Hopefully, he's going to be double o seven. That's my thing. So many other people. Here's my question for you on the cover this. We don't have the cover here the cover. He's in like a sweater inside. He's got like a little. Showing some arms. I mean, what do you think? What's your take on on the menu? This flip. Look he is in very sexy. Man. Yes. He is. And it's tough because obviously you can't tell from a from a prince spread. But he's his voice accents. Growing like just just like just listening to him talk. Let's makes him sexy. Boy scouts settle bit of the gray. Look, I'm a married, man. So out of the game. But I do wish that I had known that women love the accent thing. Especially in the US. That is literally the hook some of the most beautiful actresses in the world come through on people. Now, the show we interview them they love the accent. And they love him in that can make them laugh. And it turns out I think it just does both. That's what he says. He seemed to think he's very funny. I mean, he's got that. This was the perfect choice. Really? Yes. He's a DJ like. Benning DJ international deejay. What else what can I do? He's engaged to his fiancee's name Sabrina, and they're planning the wedding, and whatever his number one is only requirement like is must have for the wedding. Those far like nineteen DJ's just have great music. Sharing him dancing at his way. I wanna be tuxedo. Little loosened. He's he's relaxing jacket off and he just like swinging his arms around. I see. This was a great choice so low we always we have questions last year. So many after Blake shelling, but what goes into picking the sexiest man alive? So you've got a team of people every year. So they've got the list, right? The Tallis what people want, but someone who first of all twenty teen. It's gotta be a man who is respectful generous spirit, and that type of thing definitely has that. Also, obviously, look he's dude, right? Good. He spends a little time. Jim actually, surprisingly, though, you know, what he revealed, and they people always say this. And I'm like, what's he doesn't go to the gym every day? He's kinda like wakes up does that. Pushups or level Julius though they call him in the press ups presser he calls them press ups. Fifty press-ups does some other systems ZIM little? Does boxing classes stuff like that. Or just literally in the ring and doesn't go the gym every day anyway. So and and this election goes into like someone that's having a real moment, right or having people campaign for them. It just help us someone who's having right? Huge career moment. He's filming fast and furious. Spinoff. He's obviously people campaign. Right now, it's that kind of energy surrounding him that puts them in the privilege. Also, he's a great dad. He's got two kids got a four year old son. He's got a sixteen year old daughter. He's engaged. She just got all this really great stuff going for him. Great cook turns out like it's one of those things. It's got to be one of those people that what can they not do literally got everything going for them? And he's that guy. Yeah. Do you guys have if you candidates before you pick? There's. The magazine is over one hundred different guys. So there's always this this like, okay this list of people. So you look through the magazine. It's a great thing about it. You look through it. And you've got this full sort of representation of guys from different parts of the industry, and sports and movies, and TV and everything so. Yeah. There's there's of course list. You will never know who else is on top of the list. I'm like so who right? Sometimes I was Ryan Reynolds up there. I don't know. I don't know. He's been. Bradley Cooper's been on their Chris Hemsworth has been on the cover. Wash priceless. Background. Go all the way through a lot of the guys that you would list have been on the cover. So I'm actually shocked. It wasn't Chris Pratt. Now. I I don't see like the obsession with Chris Pratt. That apparently other people do or. Yeah. Yeah. I love Krispies obsessive. Chris Pratt in the issues and the Societa shows up, but I love Chris Pratt. I love superhero movies. I love everything. He's done. I'm glad it's it yourself. Thor with crimson, Chris Hemsworth. So he's got his hand in the superhero game too. That's our thinking. And I know this is not how it goes. But even as you scroll through the magazine, it's other actors and artists or whatever featured males. And I was like oh this just looking to row like this is like they're all right. But they're not there's this like he's the sexiest man alive. And then everybody else is sexy is sexy. The sexy in their own. When you look through. This is what people ask is about like playboy. I read it for the articles you flip through sexiest man alive. Are you looking at the picture I or you're in the articles? I. What are you? What are you most interested in hearing about these guys one of my most interested in hearing about what do you wanna know? I wanna know things that they don't usually talk about like a little fun fact of like like you're saying he doesn't he doesn't work out it works out. But he's not like. If you wanna know like this. This has won his first kiss was. Okay. So you found out there. Ten years. Right. So he was old. We wanna know that I want to know when his first because I want to know when everybody's I just a question. Everybody has to tell us what we should do. Now when we do interviews or. With. When you had your first cat. How old were you? Okay. I was I was I'm not joking. Didn't mean anything. But I distinctly remember being like the fourth grade. There's this girl named joy, Renault e. Was on the playground at my interest. We'd like around the corner, and she. On me. So every ladies, I'm still the lady. Miners at recess and I missed his mouth the first well brew. I was in seventh grade. Okay. So. Bloomer eighth grade. Yeah, it's just. Young. Anything? I remember her name though. Yes. There's probably a very young running at some point. Like when we were, you know. Great or something. We just don't remember peck somebody. Yeah. Usually people I coast over these pictures. So you're seeing there's this great little feature called this. Or that list off things he would rather. Right. Like night in states that keep it all private that kind of as well. Like when they you know, you circle one pedia-. You don't love about to his go, drink a black and coke. It's just right. That's that would be his drink Syria. Walk-ups the bar. I see called champagne shampoos. And that's how he gets the girls. And that's why he's the sexiest man alive. That's right. There you go. Now, I feel like it helps so much that he is sexiest man alive for the JAMES BOND thing like the province of people because they're going to make this man, I would like to say JAMES BOND, and he deserves he has to be personally take a little bit of pride that hopefully this whole cover has. So maybe I've played a little part, even though I'm just talking about it. Maybe I've played a little part in getting him into the double o seven. Where does your will come in? That I host people now, and we talk to these people, and we talk about these people, and we talked about these people, right? The people charged up for the issue and everything that we're doing by the way, there's a really great video feature with him. So when the same interview that that the article came from is in this great video feature on people TV you can. Common. Check it out and also one of my favorite things about it. So because he's a DJ. He put together curated a playlist a music playlists on. Spotify. Okay. He's been alive is how you can search for it. And it's like it's like it's like a sexy song playlists. Oh. That's a live play. See we didn't get this from Blake Shelton. Very different feel this Blake Shelton. I will I'll watch veil close my eyes just like. Like. Voice. A lullaby. So soothing, he's not singing the songs, but he's talking music. Through the. That's the problem. I have with like I'm thinking about is this too much. I don't know. But with my my wife like, oh, hey, babe. I told her about this playlist. Yeah. She's already on it like downloading it. And I'm like, I don't I don't want you to be thinking about him. You feel insecure now that she's not thinking about UCLA thinking. I definitely do right Pearson. I'm not gonna lie. I thought when you said he made his own like sexy man playlist was like those are his jams. Those. Down this. Literally, the whole like, and that's what I like to know. And that's why I'm going straight. I can't bring that. Like can't be like, hey, babe. This is elbows. Ladies just about. Downloaded don't tell your man that. That's what this is. That's fair Curators. I didn't realize that he had some tattoos got some TAT's, and they're all very mindful. So his mom is from Ghana. His dad is from Sierra Leone his tattoo on his hand. At least is a combination of some of the symbols that are on their flag and the national symbols and things like that. So there's a lot of meeting with all of them. They're not just like he rolled up and said, you know, he's got a lot of thought that's one of the things. It's so great about doesn't know what that kind of guy sit there with his black and coke at a bar and tell you all these great meaningful stories about every tattoo on his body. And it's kind of like, oh, wow. You're really just like a very interesting as well. And also he says his celeb- crushes Serena Williams he thinks she's about. Yeah. That's a fact that was actually one of Julie's pulsa shoot. She loved that about him. And Julie what's the movie that you love of his? The mountain mountain between us now. Plane crash during the snowy mountains, she's getting spoil. But in the woods. Okay. Has never been steamy. That's for sure I have I'm with you on the on the superhero movies. I'm big time marvel gal. So I mean. Story. It's actually fixtures. Yep. Yep. The whole he was he was at. I remember the he was at the Royal wedding. By the way, Matthew, mcconaughey. Hey, former sexiest man alive co movie the other not long ago in Matthew had this really funny. He went all in like vying for like, hey, this is the guy. You gotta do a guy worked with Matthew mcconaughey as or two he's working with Dwayne the rock Johnson. They did really funny thing that you're gonna see online at some point funny sketch thing and whatever so Dwayne prominent it's almost like this weird not weird like kinda super cool sexiest man alive club. All the guys like have this commonality like push each other. The rock. He's also one of these guys that you would love to see play any role yet. Right. Any romantic comedy? You would want to be in an action movie would want him to be like, no thriller. Like, I'd I want him to be in like a Christmas holiday romantic comedy. But then also being true to those types of things. It's the kind of guy that can just turn on the smolder. Yeah. Like make you swoon or he can just be like just a super hard core. Kind of like fighting crime. That I was picturing each movie, oh, he's visiting his new fiance's parents during Christmas. And now he's hiding in the woods somewhere. And he's going to kill them. People are after picturing it all. One of the things I loved about the interview in watching the videos talk talking about sort of like the saucer side of him talking about being so nervous to propose to Sabrina his fiancee. And he was just like super anxious about it wasn't sure what to do. And then it was at this premier event for this movie did back in February. It was kind of a screening for the cast and crew and family members and stuff, and he was like all right here with all the people love them just do it right now. So he did it on stage. There's a great clip of the video of him actually proposing the whole thing they seem to just have this really dynamic relationship. So anyway. When do you guys love lock in the sexiest man, Vince, it just there's a lot of factors because a lot of the guys are year to year, they're working on different projects. They're doing different things. So kind of being able to nail down. This is gonna work. We gotta gotta get the interview gotta do all the stuff. So you would be surprised how close to the final could sometimes. How do you? How do they tell in this case in this case like a surprise you mail community? Actually congrats. Live like, you think you're being spoofed. He actually this time didn't realize was the cover. So he's been in the issue before like I said like there's over one hundred guys in the issue. So his publicist the people contacted his publicist his publicist contacted him. It was like, hey, you're the sexiest man alive. And apparently his initial reaction was like, okay, great like what page. Before. On the other. The guy the main thing. So then he was obviously, so. So they get picked and then they do their bread and cover. And the interesting thing is that I love so much about him to contrast Blake Shelton. Blake Shelton was so funny with it. Right, right. He took it made. He he always made a big joke about it in a really fun self deprecating type way Idris is almost he seems happy to do it. And he's also very shy about it almost right? Like, he's not the kinda guy that comes out like with a lot of bravado. Sort of plays around with it a lot, but you can tell he's a little sheepish about it in some way to acknowledge a cool way. That makes you like him. There you go. Yeah. Truly. I it's it's like you want them to be humble about it. But also like be happy about it. Oh, like, he's pump Jesus. Sexiest male the dilemma that. Every man has in the dating world. Coming in. But lab. Exactly, right, right. He com. There's a few guys that do it just as one of them. And the. Yes. His been live. And we talk about this with other male celebrities, and we talk about when they're self deprecating deprecating about themselves. It's like, oh, it makes them a little cuter. See? Ladies love, the humor funny. It's right for us. Become like Davidson factor. Yeah. I I didn't want to say about four. That's what it is. But now, we're like, and is Davidson sexy may be nagazine. Like, I'm I to actually you told me I realize like two weeks ago. I'm like damn I think that maybe Davidson is hot. And I it's not even like looking at him. It's just Davidson, even those he's not sexy. He. Which I guess made it more. But he's like a joke about like Wall Street. That's that's what it is. An I I'm even like, why do you think that like why are you thinking he sexy, but he plays along with it factor? The factor endorsement of someone like Arianna. Good for him for a long time. I think right. Okay. You what are you next next? Phase for Davidson. Oh, I think he's going to date another super famous one. Yeah. Maybe sexiest man alive covers in this feature. This is the wild turn styles and types that then land on the cover the it could be a comic be have there. Been one of my time out Blake Shelton last year musician. I always. There's a lot of. Movie actors. Yeah. But I should like Adam LeVine. Yeah. So it's a it's a cross section to the voice hosts. Yeah. You were talking about last year. You're like, well, I love the void. I love it away. So when they announced place. Well, I love Blake Shelton. So great on the voice. So funny. Also, one of the great things about Blake was the way Adam play. This competing thing. And who's the sexier of the two of them have great chemistry? So it works. Definitely works. Do you guys ever receive backlash for the sexiest? No matter what I'm saying. I did last. Would you take notice to it and finish who's the sexiest? I mean, just go online. And but I will tell you this. You're Selva has had overwhelming positive reaction. I was I was actually looking through last night. When it I was posted up and just the first few hundred comments just right away. And everyone was like oh, perfect time love this guy scrim too. And saw a lot of very positive because it's like, you can always see other sides was like, oh, you know, I could see maybe some people wouldn't be into it. But with him. It's like how could anybody be against anybody? One of the greatest qualities as like a public figure actor type is having the good-will so many people, right? Like this guys is beloved by so many people say like women were commenting say like I wanted to be Ryan Reynolds. But I really love interest. Like, he might not be my tippy top favourite. But like, he's great actually if you think of it before it's like, oh, absolutely. And I would assume that if if say Ryan Reynolds was the choice. There would be more backlash shorts. Ryan Reynolds than him. I agree with you. Because I think you're right. It's kind of like, okay, come on Reynolds. Again. Yeah. Exactly. But I mean, the cover everything you Soling last year, Blake Shelton actually, leaving truly. I made it like. Literally was. Yeah. No, it's great now. I mean, I got over within twenty minutes after video, but if I recall correctly, this was one ear suggestions on who should. I've saying question in the Davis effect in terms of areana made Pete more sexy. According to you did Gwen Stefani. Make Blake Shelton Morrison. Yeah. Yes. Definitely. I don't think. See, no. I'm not a country. In the boots and the. Well, there's always a good accession. Yeah. All right. That's the one exception there. Oh my gosh. But this has been so much fun. Thank you. That we got to see behind the scenes of this. And it looks great and graphing yoursel. Yep.

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