Printers Devil


You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond, it is another dimension. A dimension. Of Sound. Dimension of. Sight Dimension. Of Mind You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance of things and ideas you've just crossed over into the twilight zone. Over the past couple of episodes, we've explored the origins of tonight's tail. And if those two yawns that we've examined so far the devil and Daniel Webster and Adele saying tell us anything. It's that infection we have to give the devil his due. Despicable as he may be. He sure makes for a good story. And perhaps, this is why he along with Mr, death is one of the most recurring characters in the twilight zone. So far we've seen escape clause a nice place to visit. The howling man. On the hunt. But tonight, we'll spend even more time with him as he inhabits the form of one of the twilight zones most beloved stars. But before we meet him. Let's start at the beginning when we meet newspaper editor goose winter lighting a crooked cigarette that he finds in his desk drawer. Foreshadowing the cigar that the devil himself will be smoking later on. But Douglas newspaper, the Dan's pay courier is not doing well, Andy Askins a long time employee. Has Just walked out because the newspaper. Afford to pay him anymore. It seems the writing is on the wall for this particular publication, and it seems that Douglas Winter is going to step off a nearby bridge. End At all. But his save, you comes in the most unlikely form. And then Tell you for Matt's. Yeah. Sure. It's lovely night as. Lovely spot to. Spell the Pines. Pity, you have to leave it all. What do you mean? You were about to commit suicide once you. It's none of your business. I. Agree. If a man wants to do away with himself I'd say that's his decision nobody else but. I do think you ought to make a good job of it. This looks very uncertain to me frankly. You might end up with nothing more than a head cold. I certainly wouldn't want to risk it. By the way you find the Matt. So tonight on the twilight zone podcast. We ask ourselves how much we would be willing to pay for success in tonight's episode Printer's devil. Take away a man dream film with whiskey and despair. Send him to a lonely bridge. Let him stand there all by himself looking down at the Blackwater Try to imagine the thoughts that are in his mind. You can't I can't. But there's someone who can. And, that someone is seated next Douglas Winter Right now. The car is headed back toward tongue. But it's real destination. Is the twilight zone. Fast, broadcast on the twenty eighth of February, Nineteen, sixty three written by Charles Beaumont and directed by Ralph's and then ski. So Ralston. Much one of our hardworking directors of the day. But we actually catch him quite early in his directing career. He has three episodes Dr Kildare and one episode of a television show called checkmate under his belt at this point. But he would go onto direct several well-known television shows like star trek the Waltons a many many more. Now, one of the best resources to land all about him is his own blog which you can find at Sanski Dot Com and he's been blogging about individual projects in his career for many years now and I'm glad to say that it still seems to be being updated to this day. And in his entry on printer's devil, he says. The first time I saw that opening was sometime in one, thousand, nine, hundred, fifty, nine when I was still on staff of playhouse ninety. One of my colleagues invited me to a screening of a yet to be add CBS pilots the film was Rod sailings whereas everybody. The beginning of this classic television series I remember being blown away by the film. Little did I realize that three years later, I would receive a call from my agent telling me that her attachment, the original producer of Doctor Kildare who is producing a group of one hour. Twilight zones had put a hold on me to direct episodes of the series. A hold was away of signifying interest without making a fame contractual commitment. I was excited by the prospect of doing the show but a couple of later the agent cold again and sent that to hold it been withdrawn. The assignment would have been to direct assistance by Rudd sailing. As creator of the series on supply of a prolific number of scripts, Rod had director approval of those scripts. He wrote I'm guessing it was because of my limited lack of film directing experience. That he had withheld approving me. But it was not too much. Later, the Tashkent called again this time with a fam- offer to direct a non-sailing script. I happily accepted. The assignment was a script by Charles Beaumont Printer's devil based on one of his short stories the W say. So, this blog entry is actually a much-needed background piece to this episode because while the twilight zone companion has a pretty decent sized entry on. Martin grams juniors entry in unlocking the door to a television classic is probably the shortest one I've seen so far. Now, I've kind of fallen out with commenting on sailings opening rations as much as I used to. And it's not because I think they're bad. But I do miss the sailing in the scene conversations of old show. But did awesome. Nice bits of poetry and he is still. Take Away. A man's dream. Film with WIS can despair sent him to a lonely bridge? Let him stunned all by himself and so on and so on. So it still has a beautiful poetic ring to that only sailing could really pull off. Give me of Martini with a double the saints. Mr Winter. Could see per second. What Abud? Well. Oh yes. Yes. Tab. I'm sorry but. Mr Foster says from now on it's. GotTa be cash. Please allow me. Now Molly run and get those things. And Tell Mr Foster make him strong do that. Run girl run. Full of fire. I wouldn't know you. Today. Thank you very much for Drake Mr. My name is Douglas Winter. The winter, the editor. X. Y. X.. It's a long sad story Mr Smith you wouldn't be interested. Oh. But I would would indeed. You see you other isn't that I've journeyed to Dan's birthday. You must be creditor. No not yet. Anyhow. Now the fact is I'm a newspaper man, I was hoping to secure a position paper. So as luck would have a miss dismiss is also a Newspaperman who has just the skills that Douglas needs to carry on publishing his paper. But despite the clever naming of this episode, he's probably a bit to qualify to be actually considered a printer's devil. So what exactly is apprentice devotional? So the wikipedia entry says Printer's devil was an apprentice in a printing establishment who performed a number of tasks such as mixing, observing, and fetching type A notable writers including Ambrose Beers Benjamin, Franklin Walt. Whitman a Mark Twain saved as printers devils in their youth. Now the origin of the term is actually quite interesting because it seems to have been lost time but then are several possibilities are several kinds of legends about where it came from. So I'll read a few of them to you right now. One origin is linked to the fanciful belief among printers than especial devil haunted every print shop performing mischief such as inventing type misspelling words and removing entire lines of completed type. That the apprentice became a substitute source of blame and came to be called the Princess Devil. But English, traditional links the origin of printers, devil to the assistant of defaced English Printer and book publisher William, CAC Stan. And caxtons assistant was named Deville which evolved into devil over time as that name was used to describe or the printers apprentices. So while Mr Smith is probably a bit too skill to be the apprentice more dogs body that a prince's devil usually was that doesn't really matter when you consider what a great fit this title is for the story. Aware Mr. Smith. Goes into the newspaper office is immediately shown to be a master using the line tight machine. Now, this machine that is using, I, think is a work of art. It's a, it's a feat of engineering and when you look at how many moving parts are you kinda wonder how anyone could ever come up with all now in my admittedly brief research into this what we're seeing he is out a tray is filled with letters called movable type, and this is a. Form of what they call relief printing. Now, to be honest, I did start to get lost in the terminology, but basically what's happening here is lining up these letters to form the newspaper article and then using the printers press. This plate that has been created is covert dinning on pressed against several sheets of newspaper depending on the print one of the issue that the printing. Well it's not the latest model, but it's a good one. This new at home. Finally all that guy for me. burning. Play Chopin's polonaises I'll be disappointed. We haven't really mentioned the character of Jackie. Director. Route Sanski seems to think that badges meredith took his inspiration for how to operate the Linux type machine from that line that she said in that clip, he writes actors like Burgess, Meredith fascinated me with the preparation they brought to their roles. They didn't just memorize their lines. As beulah Bondi one said to me after lines are land. That's when the way begins. I'm sure badges took his cue for how to work at the liner tight machine from one of Jackie's lines. If he doesn't play Chopin's polonaises I'm going to be disappointed. And I do like that about him that when he sits down to the machine, it's as if he's playing a symphony rather than creating a newspaper. So while Mr Smith creators masterpiece. Why don't we meet our leading lady? Jackie is played by Patricia Crowley and she was born in one thousand, nine, hundred, thirty three. So Good Sixteen Years Than Co Star Robert Staling, and she was born into a very working class family in Pennsylvania but it was her sister I'm Crowley who is a fast performer in the family on when ten year old Patricia got a small walk on part in a production of Chicago, that was enough to give her the performing burgers well, and it seems that when she started to work whatever Oh she did. The next one wasn't fought around the corner and she worked steadily in television and movies throughout the fifty s. Now the sixties broads more television roles, even starring role in their own television show called please don't eat the daisies and she kept on Working Right Up to twenty twelve even appearing in popular shows like friends I'm Beverly Hills nine. Oh two one. Oh I think like her Costa. Robert. Staling She does a good job here she is dependable actor and has spiky demeanor around Badghis Mattis Mr Smith is one of the things I enjoy most about the episode. So I think she does just fine in this kind of long suffering role you get the impression and Douglas, winter are in a relationship but one that seems to be in perpetual limbo waiting for things to get better at the paper waiting for circumstances to be just right which they never seem to be. So. We'll the thing that they are waiting for be the Tan around. The papers fortunes gives you funny feeling doesn't paid four Payton. That, I'll to carry five thousand dollars in cash around in his pocket. Speaking the devil. Excuse interrupted. But how long would it take you to get an addition onto the streets? Due to four o'clock, I mean extradition. Couple of hours on a short run the a hassle though wouldn't be worth the hassle if you could beat gazette to a school friends on school. Ten twenty. Only a half an hour ago. I'll check it out. You doubt my veracity. Standard. Operating. Procedure. Mr. I'll let me speak to Mr Edward. please. Well. Never mind. Maybe you can help me. We just had a report, Robert? Thank you. For the work. I told you. So now we're getting to the point in the story where the fantastical things start to happen. The amazing scoops that Mr Smith seems to be able to get almost instantly after happen. But if you check out the last show where we examine the devil, you say. You will notice that these scoop seem to be a little less out there than what was in the original story. Now, two things come to mind with me with the devil you say, and the first is that to me, it seems like it has a kind of new orange tone the way that it hasn't ration- from the main character throughout who seems to be in a state of constantly being annoyed. And some of the dialogue that he uses is also reminiscent as a kind of film noir tropes that we see with the hard drinking and smoking private is and the impossibly beautiful woman who seems to fall for them. And the second thing is that it seem to take itself too seriously. The mayor's wife and the story gives birth to a baby hippo. A ship appears in the street. It's all very tongue in cheek and when we compare it to this episode, we see that the basics of the same a struggling newspaper, the paper being more or less taken over by the devil, but it's the details that seemed to be different. The box story about the deal actually being with the main character's father is gone. The female lead role is pretty much completely different in every way. And the newspaper stories are more down to wear in the television version. There's no baby hippos here and I can Kinda see why Now Mock Secre in the twilight zone companion says, he feels the toning these things down just reduces it to a pretty humdrum deal with the devil story. And I would disagree with that. I think they were fun in that original short story but I can't really imagine the more outlandish things like the baby hippo really working on screen. But. To play devil's advocate for a moment I, suppose in these modern times where we are a bit more desensitized things, a bank robbery or some of the other things that Mr Smith reports on. Don't seem to be that exciting or unusual to is now. But I guess, what we need to remember is this is supposed to be a pretty small town or small city newspaper a place where not that Moore Chapman's and it is the difference between national news local news. The thing that happens five hundred miles away doesn't really affect you as much as that's thing the happens on your doorstep. But speaking of on our doorstep things begin to he talk when the building of another local paper the gazette goes up in flames. And after the Danville Korea Prince, the story with supernatural speed. Obviously. Suspicion. On them. Boss of. Answer, a question. Did you start the gazette fire I. You. I'm afraid I don't understand the question. I don't see why not. It's very simple. Did, you start the gazette fire. Started by faulty electrical system. Are you. Sure. I never right up anything I'M NOT SURE A. Question of ethics. Oh by the way. Andy Preston's called. He's Atlanta type operator I told you about. I think all hired him back and put you on full-time reporting. No. Wouldn't do. Certain. Modifications Machine I. Wouldn't want anybody else touch it. Spoil everything. Starts Breaks up the day for me. Hiring back all means but. Yet, another job. Insist. Okay. So while Douglas. Wins. Upon designed. Let's meet the mind you played. Douglas. Winter. Is Played by Robert Staling a no. My Spell Checker hasn't misspelled rod sailing a leading man's name is Robert Staling and he was born in nineteen seventeen with the name William Stirling hearts. So would have been in that mid forties twilight zone leading man sweet spot at this point. He was the son of Chicago cubs baseball player and it isn't a huge amount of information about him out other than he worked as a clothing salesman, but then decided to try acting. He had several on credited roles in the nineteen thirties in one, thousand, nine hundred forties but then began to get leading man pots but then the second world war broke out and he served in the USA coal as a flight instructor. Now, his Korea resumes when he left the corps but he made the transition from movies to television in the Fifties S, and as the acting career slowed down in the seventies and eighties he diversified into other things like starting his own company manufacturing. Golf clubs. I think when we look at Robert stylings careers a whole it kind of feeds into what we get from him here in this episode and the way I kind of feel about him. Overall. Now there are a few highlights forum in his career never really had a massive breakout role from what I can see. Can The act? Sure he does a fine job. Look good on screen. I guess. Absolutely. But is the really anything that differentiates them from all the handsome clean cut types like your, Gig Young's. Not really I mean he is perfectly fine and enjoyable in the episode. There's nothing that really makes him stand for me, and maybe that's why he never really broke out. So this is a deal with the devil story while the deal was kind of baked into the original short story. The, W say. Hasn't really savaged here yet, and when it does, it's in a scene in Douglas winters offers. An Art director writes about this in in his blog he says Mr Smith nose for news delivered as a reporter. He got scoop up to scoop and always a very short time after the Cairns outrageous stories, a building collapsing drowning Madda, and finally the banning down of the gazette. Newspaper editor. At this point, Beaumont script had a wonderfully written six and a half minutes scene between. Doug Mr. Smith. In, anticipation of that scene, I had to set designers install window shades in dogs. Office I wanted to be able to shut out to large printing room to create a claustrophobic entrapment feeling as we enacted climactic scene of modern day version of. Faust. Would you have a chair? I think that we Time is come when you had a little chat. I think Cajun calls for touch the creature finally say oh So I am fresh up. I think you'll find your mistaken right in the top. Michael. I should like to ask. Not, too happy with the way things have been going. Just what are you leading up to Mr Smith? Simple proposition. I hereby Gundy. When stand guarantee That you will become the most successful newspaper editor in the world if. Fix Your signature. Douglas Winter agreed to relinquish my immortal soul to the bearer upon my death in exchange for his services. Winner. As a sophisticated intelligent twentieth century man, you know the devil does not exist to. True. So in this scene, Mr Smith kind of tricks Douglas into signing Solo. Away. But he also kind of dozens. He just plays on the ludicrousness of the situation. So if you don't believe that you can sell your immortal soul. then. What's the harm in silence something that says you're selling your immortal so So I do kind of like that it makes it a bit more dare I say realistic I suppose because if someone came to me an offer me a deal with the Davel, I wouldn't believe them either. But. I think part of the poetry of a deal with the devil story for me. Is that these are packs made by desperate people in desperate situations or greedy people in greedy situations, and they are usually fully aware of what they're doing because. Then it becomes a story of what will we do from Egypt gratification or relief. Their long term consequences of which quite literally be damned. So, that's kind of the point. The Devil will get you your lowest moment or your most hedonistic and greedy moment and try and make a bog in. So will your desires today? A way your care for tomorrow. I had a nightmare about a weird little man with a crooked cigar. Who caused terrible things to happen? So he could get scoops for my paper. Well, I'm awake now I watch you wanna hear not so fast. What about our contract? What about our contract? You said you do anything to make you a paper of Success I. Heard You. That's why game. Well, I've carried out my plot you are success if you're not a nightmare, then you something even worse because somehow you made these things happened you've caused tragedy destroyed life and property. I didn't bargain for this. Oh. Yes. You did. But you put it out of your mind. You thought you'd get everything for nothing that's not the way life works. You thought you'd get everything for Nacion but that's not how life works. I love that line the devil is throwing it back in his face you know and I. Guess That's what these stories are all about. So let's meet the man with the crooked cigar yet again. So again to the point now, where while there are still quite a few twilight zones ahead of was. That is also a bit of a feeling of slowly winding down as well. The changing of the guard introduces after Book Houten left the likes of writers, I George Clayton Johnson having Penn, their last episode apart from a story credits that still to calm. And several of those regular directors are beginning to depart as well. But on the screen itself. So we say farewell to one of the shows most beloved stars the Great Edges Merida. And of this part in the twilight zone companion, he said. The problem was to get him so that he was witty while still being menacing on charming without losing his danger I. Think it was a rich part. You can't do anything if the possibilities are not there. And Director Ralph Senanayake says in the twilight zone companion I remember going to wardrobe today that just came in for wardrobe. And that was a revelation to watch this man because he stood in front of the Mirror, I'm put on all the possibilities. And he just changed he put on different items and you could see that he was feeling whether that would work for him. I'm sure that most of the wardrobe in black and white didn't really register but it was important to him because he drew from it and it was just a part of his putting together the character. So. If it went for a candidate timing issue, you could almost say that badges murders had an episode in every season so far. Time enough at last in season one Mr Ding or the strong season two and the obsolete man not quite in season three. But at the end of season two and I think it was actually meant to go in seasons three. And now here he is in season for in scenery-chewing good form and what a joy it is to implant something. So different from the roles he's done before on the show. Now, it's a shame. He didn't come back for season five put. It wasn't the end of his road sailing connections. He's in an episode of sailings. Twilight zone follow up series loner. In? One of the more enjoyable night gallery stories little black. And another called. FINNEGANS flight. And who better to take on the rating duties in Rod sailings absence in twilight zone, the movie. And of course, his career was filled with iconic roles after he left the fifth time mentioned. Whether it was the penguin and Batman Rocky Balboa's coach Mickey in the rocky films or any number of other roles. He was always great to watch whatever it did. So tonight, we raise a glass to the great badges Meredith and say, thank you for your contributions to the twilight zone. It's just one of the many reasons that you'll live forever. but according to Ralph Sanski Burgess Meredith wasn't the only creepy that's all mine on set. And he says in his blog, there was a little old man a printed in Culver City had loaned printing equipment for that. We allow them to come visit the set and observe our filmmaking. Well the day after we shot the sequence when dog fired a pistol at Mr Smith. When we went to view the rushers who should appear peaking over badges shoulder in his close up but there's little man standing a distance behind him in a doorway. No one had seen him during the filming I hadn't seen him obviously from what I was standing he was blocked by badges had. The camera operator hadn't seen him. We were still using a camera with a pile lacks viewer so that the operator is not seeing the same picture that was being photographed. and. Obviously, no one else on the set had noticed it was eerie. Almost go. Slake. Naturally refilmed. Mr Smith's close out the next day. So in a rather tense ending segment Mr Smith is driving Janet to say it and doom. But Douglas Saints the Dang by writing him out of their lives using the devil's own printing machine. Listen to this. Mr Smith former star reporter and chief line type operator for the courier resigned his position and dance Brazil for home at eleven twenty nine this evening. Is Contract with Mr Douglas. Winner was declared null and void Mr Winters incomplete understanding the terms of the document. Contracting that he's gone. And he won't, be. Back. No but. He never goes any place he's invited. Claiming invited, did you invite him here in the first place? In a way I did in a way I did. And I'm going to spend the rest of my life making up to it's interesting to watch this episode in today's climate I'm wonder where our relationship with the press has always been the way it is now Fiction has given us many images of hardworking newspaper reporters who uncover corruption and investigate scandals for the right reasons. Are often portrayed as these beacons of truth investigators without a badge. The desire to get a story goes hand in hand with the desire to expose the corrupt and have some brought to justice. In comics, we have the likes of Clark Kent and Lois Lane from Superman Orban Oryx from daredevil. And I think that are probably several real weld instances of good reporters like this over the years for what seems to dominate authorities. These days are the bad ones in this age when reporters are supposed to root out corruption often they become corrupt themselves. Now I'm not talking about everyone I think that are generally good reporters but I know here in Britain, the British press are notoriously badly behaved. Ever since I was a kid, it was one of those things that we all knew newspapers, print lies, exaggerations, and manipulations of the truth. But it was just one of those things that along with lying politicians have been around. So long that was a kind of acceptance of. A newspaper reporters behavior towards people, and the level of intrusion into people's lives is also well documented. Perhaps one of the moments where they really couldn't get any lower was when members of the British press hacked the phone messages of missing schoolgirl. The fact that the messages were being accessed gives police and they're parents hope that she was still alive and that she was just missing and that she may come back what we found. But the truth was she had been made on that. Hope parents had was false hope created by the disgusting behavior of the British press. So when you hold some so unforgivably evil like the scientists side with Printer's devil. It doesn't seem really that much of a stretch to imagine. Given this power, there will be plenty of generous you will be happy to take. So. Again, I have to ask was this always the case that there was this talk of war between the Truth and getting a story at any cost? Even. If you had to make it on. And if this has always been the case, then putting the devil in a newspaper office seems to be a pretty good way of explorer. and if it wasn't the case, then Beaumont was certainly ahead of his time on this one. But I suppose pure essence at its core printer's devil joins the ranks of many other deal with the devil stories a no stories are ones that I always enjoy in this one is no exception and I think the reason why these deal with the devil stories are so potent is because so many decisions in life we go into our is fully open. So long term consequences. Yet we do them anyway. We know that smoking tobacco will have long term negative effects. For man isn't that cigarette after a nice meal just so satisfying. and. We know that blowing paycheck on a big how at the start of the months will leave a short at the end but that's weeks away and everyone's going to be out tonight I worry about that later. Everything is decision. Every season has some kind of pay off some good or there's not so much what we often live for the moment and sometimes that's no bad thing or the times we're just closing our eyes to the nation down the road. Exit the infernal machine? And with it his Satanic Majesty Lucifer Prince of Darkness otherwise known as Mr Smith. He's gone but not for good. That wouldn't be like. He's gone for bath. Andy might be back. With another ticket. To the twilight town. Okay another twilight zone episodes under our belts. I'm not going to hang around too much before we get to listen to feedback because our mailbag is pretty fall or what I will say is welcome to the after hours club for the following people Chad Kozlowski. Welcome to the board of directors. You are very welcome. Also, Matias Pero signs up to the Board of directors to thank you Marty. I appreciate it bobby. Gebhardt thank you so much as well. Bobby, really appreciate you. Coming on board and Keeney cells also joined the board of directors. Thank you so much effort spot in the podcast over at hey churn dot com slash twilight zone podcast in the after hours club and this month's in the after hours club did our podcasts on vintage sailing an episode of suspense narrated some more at ease twilight zone and brand new commentary four I shot an Arrow into the air that I recorded earlier this month. Okay. So I'M GONNA go to listener feedback boards occasionally. Someone will email me a question or something that I think I need to respond to because I get asked it so much. So maybe if I answer here on the show 'em, then it's something. That will will benefit the people and this one is from Joe in Cincinnati, and he said some very kind words about the show. So thank you Joe, boy, he said I listened to a few twilight zone podcasts and it would be nice if you all got together and recorded some kind of show do you think that would ever happen? Thank, you jokes thank you for your email and I appreciate that. I have done some source of. Collaborations in the past I went on. Submitted for your approval with Brandon and that was a good time. I am when I did the planet of the Apes. Sing it. On this show, it became a bit of an unofficial podcast as guest spot and be honest. It was never meant to be that I just was asking people that I knew at a how and one of them was Craig Beam and one of them was fred from the twilight zone to good guys m I suppose if other thoughts on I should've added more people but it was all a bit of a rush Putin together. I mean I'm open to it. I'm just not really sure what the topic would be or how to go bow. It's a bit of a nightmare sometimes just being in a different time zone like. Again to record with Zakho, brandon or brandy for various things, you know we always have to. Really work around stuff. So it's a bit difficult. It's a bit difficult and what would it be about I? Mean? We could talk about being twilight zone podcast ball. He's just a bit too much inside baseball at that point you know what I mean would that really be interested. To to people I don't know, and if we are talking about the twilight zone is kind of like. So how about that twilight zone then you know and I don't know. What, that would really look like but I mean, I'm open to it and it's probably not my priority at the moment because my priority is to really start to keep working through these episodes and start getting them out. You know as a new twilight zone held things up a bit this year I like to think it's getting moving again. Will I be able to do all of season four in twenty twenty? It's possible but it's Going to be close one. So if there was an idea for something I would I would certainly consider it because it would be kind of fun or I think the problem is also like you gets left out that so many of them now I don't know all the people involved I know like my closest friends who would do in them and even then we we don't talk are not much. It's like the occasional email here and I think we just get on with what we're doing. I don't know I'll think about it I think about it. Okay. So I'm going go over to some listener feedback. Now's a mail bag is pretty for, and we're going to start out with Harold, no trailers Clark, who is also resident statman. Now, he's GonNa, start out with some thoughts on Princess Devil but if you wait to the end of the feedback, then there's another piece for him where he collects all the stats, the season to the new twilight zone so you can see. What the most popular were Cetera et Cetera. Okay. So that is enough for me. Let's go over to some friends of the show. Either Tom Clark reporting in from Texas talked about printers devil. So. Before I go any further I, think I need to have a little bit of A. To the twilight home guys and give a little INFLA-. And calculation. So they were in debt, they were forty, eight, hundred, sixty, one dollars. In today's money that would be forty. Nine hundred and fifty four dollars. The offer that was given for the career of one, hundred, thousand dollars in nineteen, sixty three. Equate to eight hundred and forty, two, thousand, four, hundred, seventy, three dollars, and finally the damage should gazette which was estimated half a million dollars. five, hundred thousand dollars in today's money that would be four, million, two, hundred, twelve, thousand, three, hundred, sixteen. There you go. The other thing I need to talk about forgetting any further in this episode is it's not really a character in the episode but. Man. Burgess Meredith. Cigar that thing was fantastic. I re as one of the things that I remembered about this episode as a kid was that crazy cigar. and. Who knows without that cigar where the world would be today because? The his mannerisms, the way he held it the way he showed his teeth we talked with it. I mean come on were three years removed from nineteen sixty, six Batman and Burgess Mayor Than Star as the penguin and if he was the penguin who knows who knows but Yes. So I forgot how much I actually liked this episode. It's I. Guess it's kind of a cliche story. It's another you know. So your soul to the devil. Story but FOR ME You you know Burgess Meredith that just carries the whole the whole thing I mean. I think the dialogue is witty and snappy. I did notice though. He did say a couple of things that made me raise braise my eyebrow like you know he he mentioned about the waitress was you know something about she's she's quick for being a large one or a tall one or something. Well maybe that's lingo for the sixty S and. Who I don't know. Kinda creepy with with him and the the assistant road hundred neck and whispering something in her ear and who says, oh, that's a little creepy and didn't quite remember that. But you know I forgot how the episode ended So you know them using the using the devil's own machine to to rewrite the future you know. I mean, I guess the devil has things against machines and and you can't fool old bloodhound either. So guess the devil does have some some weaknesses. He you know You know as we say season for you know for a lot of people don't get a love but I think as you dig into it. You know there are there are certain certain episodes that that. Think, are under under undeserved or not under deserve. But just you know not setup as highly as it should be I. Think this is one of M-. It doesn't get in the rotation too much but but man. In. His last performance for me just. Again, he just knocked it out of the park from me. So you know kind of a kind of a cliche story, but you know the the episode is raised up due to his performance. So. Anyway. So there's my thoughts and You know. We'll see what the rest of the season four has to offer talk to you then. Tom This is jeff from the US against my second time posted and I thought I would message you about. China. The fourth season since that you're working on right now, I was GonNa wait till the end of the season but I could make this comment, which is I envy you for the fact that you haven't seen these episodes before because. They'll be brand new to you and I remember the first time. I. Saw News Zone. And explored the whole. Show in general as I stated before less time I started watching his own in the. Early to mid seventies, guess around seventy, one, seventy, two. When I was about twelve years old but I didn't get to see the fourth season episodes until they were on the SCI fi channel. In the mid nineties around ninety, six, ninety, five or ninety six is one of the first time I saw them. So it was just it is incredible. It was brand new twilight zone to me and their brand new to you and you got some good episodes coming up that you're going to really enjoy They are pad at a little bit but more zone is always good zone for Mesa. You will enjoy a bunch of the ones coming up but let me tell you what happened to me why I'd never saw them because they were never in the syndication package. I started watching zone. It was on reruns like on Saturday morning and then I remember one of the only ones I saw in the middle of the night was stuff at Willoughby and I'll never forget when they shut the back door to that limousine. And I saw willoughby funeral home It was it was great to see the very first time. You see there's nothing like the first time and you get some first time treasures coming up but I didn't have copied my own copies of zone until The mid eighties they started broadcasting it I lived in the Philadelphia area they were broadcasting over network over the syndicated television channel and I started videotaping them. And they were edited really badly. But at least I had my own copies and I could watch them over and then the PBS station in the late eighties started broadcasting them on Sunday nights once a week. But that was the first time I got to see the full uncut episodes. And Rod serling coming attractions at the end of the episode. So I started videotaping those and I don't think I have any of my syndicated ones because I videotape over the ones that I had already gotten but they still didn't do the four seasons, episodes and I never did by the video cassettes that were offered by Columbia. House. But I did get mailings all the time because I was a subscriber to the twilight zone magazine of which I have every copy. So if you need any articles that were in there, I can photocopy them senator. but anyway, I would get these mailings in the mail. Advertising the Columbia House. Sets. But I never purchased them but I did cut the pictures out and use them for the covers of my of my boxes of my video cassettes which I still have a probably never watched him again but there on my shelf here. And they still did not broadcast the one hour episodes. So I had almost every zone. on videocassette but I didn't have the one hour episodes and finally the sci-fi channel and I remember when they went onto the SCIFI channel it was a big deal. They finally got the twilight zone and I was wondering, are they gonNA show the fourth season episodes and Wallah were and I'll never forget the first time I got to see these shows and of course I add them to my videotape collection and I've subsequently bought the the DVD's and the the BLU rays which are fantastic but I didn't get to see the four seasons zones until the late nineties and like I said I envy the fact that you have some really good ones to come up That you haven't seen yet as far as the ones that you've done already. Look at my list here. EPIC. season. Sorry. In his image excellent thirty, five in grade that one is very padded. It would have been a great half hour. It was a little strange but I enjoyed it was kind of a mini movie that kind of had more of a cinematic quality for me. Just, bail I enjoyed very much. I love. I love All of the seven. Stuff they are live here in Tennessee. Deaths ship excellent anything with. with. Jack Klugman is excellent and Valley of the shadow I remember the first time I saw that was when I moved to Tennessee I was staying in a motel and they had the SCIFI channel. So I got to see Valley of the shadow for the first time there. And then he's alive in miniature I haven't heard your your take on these yet I'm still I'm still at the very beginning I think I've only heard in his image on yours, but I just thought I'd send you this message. And let you know that you got something really good to look forward to and I will. Probably send a message at the end of the season wrapup to the season to. Give you my opinion on the rest of the episodes. You're doing a great job Tom really enjoying the broadcast. You have a wonderful day. Take yourself man bye bye. Hi Tom. This is Steve Fan from San. Francisco. I'd like to help you get back in the groove classic genuine air Lou antique episodes of twilight zone. Let's start with something that confused me about mute. You'll recall that in order to develop their children's telepathic abilities, the parents didn't allow them to be exposed to any normal communication. Apparently, normal communication interferes with telepathic communication. However all the parents and the schoolteacher could communicate telepathically and normally. If the adults can do both, why can't the children do both? Adding to the confusion at the end of the episode when ill speaks for the first time she. Loses, her ability to communicate telepathically. But again, the adults are still able to communicate both ways. What's up with that? Moving onto Jess Belle isle. Disagree with Tom About. The. Witch Granny Heart. On the question of evil, Tom is willing to give the which the benefit of the doubt. But unlike Tom I'm not so smitten with Jeanette Nolan's. That I can't recognize. UNMITIGATED EVIL. I wonder if Tom would be so generous if the which head scraggly Hair Missing Teeth Award Honored Chin and the Voice of a frog. In my book anyone who takes souls from people is evil. On, the other hand I'm glad that time gave just failed the benefit of the doubt. Some might say that just bally's evil for enslaving Billy Ben but I agree that it was nothing more than a tragic mistake. I'd like to think that even just fell hadn't been cursed she would've regretted her decision. Unlike the witch just bell isn't evil. Also. Let's not forget that the promises Billy Ben made to Jess Belle his way of enslaving her. In a way billy Ben's enslavement of Jess Belle was worse because he did it merely to use her for sex while jess did it for love. And finally regarding miniature tough guy actor Robert duvall is out of character as the meet socially Awkward Charlie Parks who falls in love with a doll. This is a big standout episode for me because when I first saw it as a child in nineteen, sixty three, I felt absolutely enthralled by the piano song that the doll plays which happens to be Mozart's Piano Sonata in a major. I fell in love with classical piano music from that moment on. And top that I developed my first fantasy of what kind of woman I would marry Sunday. A woman who played classical piano. The story doesn't make it clear why? Charlie. Falls in love with her but for me, it was the music. One of the complaints about the hour long episodes and season four is that they are padded. Miniature is padded with repeated scenes of the doll playing the piano. But in this case, of course, didn't bother me at all. As a final point, I'll offer a piece of Trivia. Mozart's piano. Sonata was written for Piano but in this episode that all plays it on a Harpsichord. It's even more beautiful on piano. Thanks Tom and keep up the good work. On Listeners Zack more here with my thoughts on the seventh eighth and ninth codes of the twilight zones fourth season. Past the the second season of the new. Twilight Zone I think Oh, be caught up now and should sending these in episode of Soda. Instead of three times I've been doing But yes, starting with just bill this is an episode that I'd never seen and seeing an Francis again was unexpected. I knew her from the after hours obviously but didn't know she was in more than one twilight zone episode because she's she's unrecognizable here hair is dark. Long, and just a very different look for in this episode plus the time period. is in that even talk about it. It's the with the time period is Rod serling Intro, which is, which is different than most of his intros. Because he comes off more like the Rod serling. You see at the end of the episode doing the commercial like the real world twilight zone as opposed to the emissary from the twilight zone, rod sterling character that you talk about Tom. and. Then into that point, he has no inauguration and we just have this folk song that goes throughout the episode which you took me. I. Think a couple of act breaks to figure out OH. This is they're gonNA keep. Playing the song I was like who's playing music right now I don't see when onscreen but I understood what they're going with it eventually. You know this episode I liked it more than I thought he would honestly and you know I think my favorite character was the witch She had a lot of interesting energy for an older woman the even mentioned some of that in the in the podcast did. So You know a memorable side character and. You know this episode worked a lot better if. Jess belden turned into a Leopard I mean. A Leopard is odd choice especially. I don't that time period in that part of the world like, yeah. I mean, you can have a really effective creepy kind of horror movie here. If she was like I, don't like a real real wolf and eating even really need to see the Werewolf right are ways they could've done this worked really well, and also you know the episode. Just, kind of ends. I mean feels like it should ended when. He killed just bell right as as the Leopard. but then it keeps going and it's like a year later I don't know I. I understand that you know the behind the scenes the stuff that you guys discussed that you discuss Tom when it came to making some. So they're probably contributed to it being the way it was. But yeah I actually I there is some good stuff in here and I and I think that had they had more time to. kind of iron out and think it through and just picked a different kind of animal for just. I mean, she eventually turns into like a rat and spider and stuff like that but Yeah. Just when it went way and then especially with no. Rod Sterling Out Tro an and then what are we to assume happened to just bell right? Because we saw a shooting star and He kill which, but I mean the she like Dan for all time now because she sold her soul, the other kind of some dark implications there. But but anyway, that's just bill had never seen it and liked it a lot more than I thought I might after the introduction of like here we are in the old. Hill Country Town era so Anyway moving onto miniature. Now. This is a missile that I heard a lot about Starring Robert Duvall, I'd never seen it. Either and yet this one is completely on his performance of his character. It's very, it's unsettling. But in a good way, you know because his character of Charlie he's he's an awkward Guy Right he tries to fit in the world wants them to do this. All wants them to do that, and it has a Lotta those real world, uncomfortable interpersonal relationships that that surprisingly a few episodes of the original on having that just adds to the to the depth of it I think I think about episodes like a long distance call and stuff like that where it's like, wow, this is this is awkward. I can relate to this either through your own experiences or people you know in the real world like these awkward, Family Dynamics and. No he feel sorry for the Guy but then you know you understand Kinda. Kinda why he retreats in the Simpler World is as you talked about on the podcast because he's just he's just out of step with with with the real world, but you know. it is one of those like. Sixteen. Millimeter Shrine innings where you get your escape into the twilight zone, but is that good I don't know like. In episode like a world of difference I. Think it's all we can all agree that the escape of that character and what was reality in that episode, right? That's a discussion you could have because that's one of my favorite episodes. But I think everybody can agree like Oh that was a good escape right and then these are you know sixty million shining miniature here they're presented as good escapes but then that's what you exist inside a dollhouse you exist inside a. Movie real right to celebrate this but There's a lot of ambiguity here in in the episode you know and I. Don't know really did enjoy it. It's unsettling but knows it is supposed to be so yeah, you know it's a dollhouse Anita. Reproduction and all that stuff. But the production values are they are but but I think he really You get what? They're what they're. Trying to go for here, I think and Robert Hall a great job. Of course, one of those you know he's probably in the top tier of before they were famous people see on the twilight zone. But but yes so I had never seen that I really did enjoy that one as well. Actually probably one of my one of my favorites of season four so far and then moving onto printer's devil. Now, this is one I had seen Burgess Meredith being a star. Maybe that's why they you know put it in a lot of the sci-fi channel. Marathons back in the day that that's were might twilight zone Phantom was forged watching those twilight zone marathons on the sci-fi Channel here in America and every now, and then they throw in a fourth season episode and this is one of those ones probably because it's the most you know. Most famous because it has burgess meredith. and. Really liked how you read those The story and then had the radio play Tom of. The earlier versions of of of this or things that this has been based off of this story, and I gotta say like this is what I remembered fondly but actually liked a lot less than I finally. Saw It because I just heard to reading of the original storm like man that sounds like a better story. Because this one McGee I, just Burgess Meredith is great as always and actually I like the characters again awkward real world dynamics like there's you know the the newspaper editor, he has a girlfriend, but she's not his wife and she has a problem with that and it's a dynamic there and But I liked characters I like the drama in like Oh God we've got to close the paper. You know I mean you feel bad for for this guy he's at he has his It's a wonderful life moment right? I mean. But it's instead of angel showing up it's the devil. So it's dark twist on that reads about the jump off a bridge and commit suicide but. The I don't know the story just didn't really The story was lacking I think I liked the characters like the situations I think a lot more with it and maybe more inspiration from from a short story was based off because the the climax is kind of unintentionally comical where it's like always easygoing to finish printing this out before they get. In a car accident and I, I don't know So yeah to me this is one of those ones which I did remember and remembered enjoying to a certain extent, but watching it back I just kind of fell a little flat. So I'm according this before hearing, your podcast I'm looking forward to hear your thoughts on on the episode itself but. I mean it's it's better than. It's better the Mr Dingle the strong. Has So it's not the it's not the least of the Burgess Mary this episodes. But it's definitely in the bottom half of those four. So so yeah, there you go. Those my thoughts on these three episodes keep up the great work. I'm looking forward to getting back to season for proper here and If all goes according to plan, I'll be sending these feedbacks in episode by episode now and not waiting for three at a time. Either Tom and friends of the show herald clerk report from beauty. Texas talked about twenty twenty twilight zone ratings and rankings. Sir GonNa want to thank everybody who spent the time to put some thought into this and give their give their scores We actually had a twenty four different people. Give the ratings throughout the weeks. And eleven those people gave ratings for every single episode. So that's a a good data sample we got there and as far as rankings go that we collected at the end of all the episodes, eleven, people gave their full rankings. So again we got we got a lot of good good stuff good numbers to go off of. So ratings. When you're reading something, you know from from ten to one, you're looking for that perfect ten episode. I realized that ratings are actually good. During the season. Gives you something to. some metric to go off of you can say, well, you know I like that episode, I, gave that seven but this episode I liked a lot better. So I guess I'll give this eight you know. I'm glad that nobody nobody went into decimal points. Thank you I. Give us an eight point one, two, five, six. Don't do that next season. Anyway. But. So yeah. So I think ratings how how `bout during the season however at the end of the season. Rankings are helpful because now you now you you could maybe revisit the episodes but you can also take those episodes that have the same exact score such as hey, I thought four episodes. This season were perfect ten. Now you've got to rank them. So which of those four is best to the best. which unfortunately means that for that person. A perfect ten episode falls all the way down to number four. So. That brings me to the point ratings and rankings yet they're not perfect. This. Is just to have a little fun a little bit of food for thought. You know one of the things I realized during this second season as. We all bring our personal experiences. To the show. and and and different episodes affect different people differently. For some. People. Know they've been exposed to you know you know this toxic world of of social media just burned out on that? You know. So when you get some episodes that maybe you you know prick your ears on that and go I, can see the parallels here. They have a much stronger reaction to that for better or for worse. For other people you have episodes that maybe bring back. Experiences from their youth and again for better for worse to think up, I can totally relate to this or now that's not that's not how it was when I was young. So. Again, they may affect their scores upper down but at the end, it's all good. Again. Just something to you know something to keep us off the streets out of trouble as we as we deal with this. Twenty twenty year that's been very unusual. So anyway US let's get into the ratings So I, WANNA actually. Talk, a little bit about some of the most divisive episodes meaning the scores were the widest apart, and then a couple of episodes that we at least all agreed upon that wherever it fit in the ranking man generally speaking we all Kinda agreed that that was about the score that is she get. So among the scores for the twenty four people for the for the ratings. The most of episode was maybe a surprise or not You might also like the reason why it's the most divisive is it again, we're looking for perfect ten scores here, but two people gave it a one two people gave it a two however it did get one, ten score I. Got One nine score in got three eighths. So again, a wide range of opinion there. Another one that was a wide range of opinion was eight. it had it also had to number one scores to number two scores to number three scores, but also had one perfect ten had two sevens and two sixes. So again you know. a widespread for some people. They loved it and others like, nope not for me. The episode that we actually agreed on the most meaning the scores were the closest together was actually the WHO of you? for that there was actually two perfect tens four nine. Eight eight, one, seven, and one five. So not a very big spread and you can probably Kinda, guess roughly what you think the average rating of that episode of but spoilers we'll get to that soon. So two other episodes that were pretty close in scores we thought up this is kind kinda where they belong was a small town. In downtime. And the rest of the episodes. Are. You know there's somewhere there in the middle of mean, you might have an oddball score here and there but. For the for those first three small town, who've you downtime we agreed, Yep, those are the great scorers but little bit a little bit of fussing and fighting over you my also like an eight. So let's get into the rate teen. So coming in at number ten with an average rating of four point five, ten being best. So with an average rating of four point five is. Eight. Coming in at number nine. Is Ovation with four point, eight two and coming in at number eight is you might also like with a smack DAB in the middle, a rating of five. and. Then we get a big jump in the ratings almost two points. Coming in at number seven is a human face with an average rating of six point eight six. next up. I jump is meet in the middle with an average rating of seven. And then strangely enough episodes. Number four number five tied with the exact same score. which is really strange because in two thousand nineteen. numbers four number five for that year also had the exact same. Rating score kind of Spooky Q. The twilight zone music. Anyway but jumping from meet in the middle to than the number five episode is another big jump actually. Just, over a point, meet in the middle head average rating of seven whereas the number five episode number five and number four both had a rating of eight point zero six. what these ratings show is it's it may it's a tale of two. The top five episodes are only separated. By. About three quarters of a point. So according to those twenty four people these these five. Did indeed, kind of separate themselves out meet in the middle on a human face. I guess you can consider kind of in the Middle Law, but you know you might also like ovation eight certainly in a lower tier but in this upper tier coming in at number five is among the untried. and. It actually tied. With downtime, they had the exact same rating, but I did put downtime at four because there was a closer agreement on the scores. So that's why bump that up. Remember. Four. And then a very small little jump. Into number three with the WHO of you with an average rating of eight point two five. And then another little small jump to number two, which is. A small town. Which means the number one I ranked a ratings episode. was tried try with an average rating of eight point nine two, pretty high there. So and the reason for that is try try had eight perfect ten scores, one, nine, one, seven, and two sixes. And full disclosure I was one of those sixes but. I mean, it was it was. That's better than average for me. But. Still. It it got up to number one. So congratulations to try try. So. Let me talk a little bit about the the the rankings. Because there is a couple of interesting things that came up at least with the eleven people that again gave the ranking. So we don't have. We. Don't have all twenty four people. You know it was either an all or nothing with the rankings. Last, we had some people that just said, this was my favorite episode. This was the worst. But. With the rankings, we have eleven people, they all gave the exact same score or the scores for all ten episodes. So, let me again talk about actually what the according to the rankings with the most divisive episode was it was actually meet in the middle. And the reason for that is. Actually had to number one scores. Now again, with rankings, you're looking for the number one position ten being the worst. The middle had two number ones a number to how ever it also had one number eight and two people ranked it at the bottom at number ten. and. Then actually, surprisingly, another divisive episode episode was among the trodden. A actually had four number two rankings. but it also had one number nine ranking one number eight ranking in two number sevens. So, again, why range there as far as an episode that we all agreed on. This is this where it should rank roughly was ovation. and interestingly enough ovation didn't have. There was no ranking higher than number six. It had three number seven rankings and also had three number nine's among the rest of the scores. So that tells you that we generally agreed that ovation was in the lower half of the season. however, another episode that we agreed on was downtime it actually had no ranking lower than six. had actually had to number fives and had four number four's again among the rest of it scores. So we generally agreed, Yep downtime belongs in the upper half. So. Let's get into the the rankings and see how these episodes played out coming in at number ten according to the rankings is actually with an average ranking of eight point two seven. Is, actually, you might also like. you might also have one number one ranking. So somebody said, this was the best however four people gave it a number eight two people gave it a number nine and four people gave it a number ten. Coming, in at number nine is eight at a ranking of eight point one, eight coming in at number eight with a ranking of eight point zero is ovation. and. Then like before there's a huge jump up into number seven, which is a human face with an average ranking of six point two seven. And then actually. A big jump of over a point. To meet in the middle now, with the the ratings human face in meet in the middle we're in the same order but the ratings they were much closer together for whatever particular reason Again, the people who gave the rankings there is that there's a much bigger gap between a human face and meet in the middle. Coming in at number five is among the on trodden with an average ranking of four point seven three. And then number four is downtime at four point three, six ranking Interestingly, enough coming in at number three is who of you? But interestingly the WHO of you nobody ranked it number one. However. It did have one number two and it also had four number three's so among again, the other scores had some fours and fives and I think there was an eight or something in there but but even with no number one ranking, the rest of the scores was enough to bring it up to an average ranking of four point two seven. And then. There's a again a bigger jump to small town, which is number two then in the ratings and the ratings. The difference between the WHO of you in a small town was only point three nine but according to the rankings. Small town actually jumped up over point from the WHO of you a Four point two seven and a small town has an average ranking of three point one eight. So according to the again, the Levin people that ranked it It seems like the these top to, of course, try try being number one. kind of separated themselves try try. Had An average rank of two point eight to. A small town by the way it had four number ones. four number, three's one, number four, one, number six, and one number seven. try try to get its average rating of two point eight two had four number ones. four number TWOS, one, number seven and one number eight. So the top seven episodes role in the exact same order but the little bit of movement down through the Bible with a vacation eight and you might also like. But yes. So there you. So last thing I want to do is actually compare. These the rank, the scores, the rating scores for all twenty episodes include the two, thousand, nine, hundred episodes in two, thousand, nineteen, we had seven people give their full. Rankings for all ten episodes. So that gives us a good again, good data. Sample to get from so. So coming in at number twenty with an average ranking of point three, eight is the wonder can. and then you have you might also like. Eight. And then ovation and not all men are tied with an average ranking of eight point zero. And then you have a big jump of more well over a point from eight to six point seven one for the number fifteen injury, which is point of origin. then you have a human face. The comedian at six point Oh, a traveler. And meet in the middle which is at average rank and a five point. Oh nine. And then coming in in the top ten is among the un-trumpian and then coming in at number nine number eight where the two episodes that that tied. Blurry man at number nine, four, point, four, four and nightmare at thirty thousand feet at four point four four. But there more General Agreement about nightmare thirty, thousand feet. So that's why got the got the rub of going in higher. And then a small jump up to number seven downtime, and then the who of you, and then we have a another jump into the top five of a little over three quarters of a point. At an average rank of three point five for replay. The, you have a small town. Try Try again at two point eight, two, and then number two is six degrees of freedom at two point seven, five and number one. Was the Blue Scorpion with an average ranking of two point five seven. So. So there you go. So again, I want to thank everybody for putting their scores again i. hope that we can all gathered together and get get this. Going again next year for season three. So then I will talk at you later. Okay. Bye Rod serling creator of the twilight zone. We'll tell you about next week story after this message if you want to get your thoughts onto the show, then email clip to Tom at the twilight zone PODCAST DOT com. Five minutes or less should do if you want to talk about any of the episodes we've talked about in season for so far or the next episode that we're going to be covering to. So to hear what that is, let's go over to road sailing and now Mister Sterling FRONTEX show Mr Dana Andrews makes his first visit to the twilight zone and a show called no time like the past. You'll see him discontented inhabitant of the twentieth century who goes back in time back to what we assumed to be the in violent past. And violates. A walloping performance, a strange and oddball theme an ending most unexpected. In the tradition of the twilight zone. You and I both share this dubious distinction with several million of our peers what happened to twentieth century and you don't care for the twentieth century. I do not. How did you know? Didn't you. Can You? Can you they'd be fire. But what I didn't know who, I didn't know that I would call it. And took. Did.

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