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119. 47th AFI Life Achievement Award Honoring Denzel Washington (w/ David Alan Grier)


In Washington is the greatest of all time period with five time emmy nominee and two time emmy winner w bell and two time Emmy nominee and just two time emmy winner Kevin Avery whist Banjo Gas David Alan grier her what what was he's only been nominated for two. I've only two nominees. Are we doing this first of all. It's on brand. It's not well. Can I say something. It's really if I'm sorry I'm sorry I just you know how many times I've been nominated three three. Yes how you say for you. That is cadaver research guy we time John Lewis number three yeah but still five more than three anyway. Welcome David greer how you doing things changed here. He's uh-huh Kamau in command anyway you were saying before I interrupted. 'cause I had to deal uh-huh with this. Are you guys. This is like new addition on the road now really or like that poster. It's like it's like Bobby Brown and Johnny Gill it's R. B. R. M. Ronnie Bobby Ricky Might WanNa talk. I saw the those shows always go to the theater in Oakland and we were walking past Yep. That's where he could come into. The circles are made each of them but can't figure another way uh we have separate tour buses. I'll say that's my she say. I'm out nice busing. Where Kevin you know wow it's empty? It's been a long time since we've done one of these <hes>. How long has it been since we recorded this podcast I mean the last one was recorded? I wasn't even there apparently <hes> Fan. Let me know it was April. Seventh two thousand sixteen was the last one wow so that was for me. That was one child ago. Oh I got three now I two when we last recorded. I got three responsibility. I know I know I got three now. I got three now. He I called him. I called him yesterday who ten thirty ten forty six hundred forty five ten forty five and he was like why are you calling at midnight. I was like I don't get calls a temporary. How's it happening as I call? I was thinking Oh this is going to be a weird. Normally people at that our texts you first. Are you awake because the crew brings the whole families in the way. Let's see hopefully somebody died interrupting the whole words yes. I did think it was like later that it was on my way out and I didn't have time to tiny type. Let me just call it. Well yeah so yeah so it's been awhile since we did this. Last one. I was even on U.. Ended the PODCAST. I had to find on twitter listen. We need to explain what I wish. Dave's face up to be like a moderate meeting income ringed mediator Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. He really likes you to get out so here's what happened <hes>. I was still in New York when we were still doing this. You're you had stepped away for awhile. Yeah I think I I was working on David here interesting <hes> but we you yeah I think you were working in first season in the United States three hundred sixteen absolutely yeah so I was doing. I was doing a run of them by myself. And then I got the job on <hes> Jim Jeffrey Show I had to move to Los Angeles and and we recorded the podcast during the week and so we I was not able anymore and we kinda tease that it was going to wrap up anyway but we we only had a few left and it just sort of like on twitter people like what do they mean. It's over what they mean. It's over Burger. I do like that now. The podcasts are a lot of them are like and it's done do like five <hes> because before that used to be the I've never had my own podcast but it was always like the daunting weeks outta. How do we keep it up to France? He'll SA- junior ever popular guest yeah so but we had a few more movies to to talk about and then Denzel made a couple of more. He made a couple more more and then what happened was that we kept we've talked to finding is people don't realize we haven't even talk that much. Since two thousand sixteen not that much we weren't you guys won the top podcasts for like a day or for like essence eh top podcast a weekly once. We're never chain that was my shining moment. It was exciting but <hes> yeah and then we just but then we haven't talked much just funny I mean we've stayed. We stayed friendly's not quite Bobby Brown and and <hes> but <hes> we we haven't talked much but then and we've talked about every night against like hey we should try to wrap it up. Yeah we have made attempts and then I got invited to for the reasons David here I got invited to the F. by tribute lifetime achievement award to one Mr Denzel Hayes Washington. Everybody was there man well and I would not have everybody everybody. Who was Oh yeah all right? How would you be nominated? Okay tell them you know. I got a phone. Call I think from you. I've felt slightly awkward but I felt like I pry tell you so I got an email. Saying what would it have gone down if I just saw the photos arguably I- Righetti for a yeah just randomly. Hey what without knowing thing at all been legitimately funny so I I got an email because I was like Oh. Maybe he got that email too. I don't know but it was like Denzel wants people there who he like he's worked with. That's not me or people he admires and I was like. I don't think that's me either there. It must be well. Yes so does he know about he knows he knows I guess through well two things one about which was face and then at one don't show I know he <hes> he didn't at first he hadn't heard about it and then he then he remembered someone had mentioned it to him. He called he he knew I was totally bias said the brother that's always talking. Oh yeah he said Yeah that guy on the Internet the talking about it's so social so so you don't WanNa podcast. Here's a crazy about that. I don't think I mentioned this during the when I originally told the story I I think Debbie Allen was standing there next what you'd never told me. I don't think friends very wet comes out years later. He was Dacian now. I know I don't know if Debbie and so it was I he won't be which Debbie <music> beyond stop but it was him Alicia and then Dr Boyd and I just locked on the fact that Denzo standing in front of me and the whole time. I've never really looked at the woman later I realize was <music> this in your doctor's office Dr we had prostate check coincidence. I don't know why Debbie Allen was there but yeah so she was <hes> that's funny that you just he just vanished into the elevator after talking literally step back and the doors just shut like all right brother announcing so yeah so we get contact agrees and then I don't know if we talked on the podcast but during the the run up to I think fences they reach out to you by the producer by people who were representing movie saying that they were thinking about trying to get him on the podcast what I heard and I talked to you about that yes and then at some point. I said WHOA WHOA is selling what he's saying talking about. People don't WanNa see his old as me and you talk about him. That's what I told him. I talked today when I said how. Should I handle this and he said you you know I said you don't need Kevin Walkaway WanNa win. Emmy nomination must have five so they started this runner. I don't think we thought it was there was this sort of like maybe maybe this will work and this will work and this and then eventually it just sort of like it. All fences came out and I was like I guess it's not happening went away. He was GonNa do a day and then he changed in the couldn't he was not available to do this. Yes would it have been able to fix. I mean but I also understood. We've talked to this on the podcast. He doesn't do any nonsense like people like well. Nobody never was like Tom. Hanks Doodoo shows up on Conan just for fun. <hes> you know what I mean. Just for like I'll come. They did exactly he's never he never just shows. I'm not promoting here because you called me funny idea. He doesn't do that stuff so it doesn't. I'm not offended. We've talked with this. I'm not offended he didn't do it. I understand also don't think he's do. He's not even on podcasts of any kind. I know that he's talked about social media. Yeah you talked about it that night but I talk about it in another context where he is. There's certain older black. Do you put that the remote control him gene in there now isn't it. They like people who becames like super famous famous. They sort of don't have sort of social media is that he used to he call it fuck twitter famous. The Hudson men is he is he. He mentioned he's been on term. He's he's analogous fighting me at every expect. It's a fact that's not a critic I have not. I'm not like you of course I'd rather be like they come back. Welcome back everybody. Here's the three calling for go ahead so we never he never did IT I. I don't think you know which we were. We're not offended by but then this e mail comes out of the blue the says he won't that there's this thing and I and literally got emails like it made my stomach hurt like <hes> like like this is weird to go to his tribute like I've never met the man yeah but he obviously he. Is it in mirer or else. He wouldn't have been there yeah yeah. That's the most positive spin yeah no I suppose but I just felt like it was probably like some body connected with him. Maybe as mirer and so they were like in the you know the Space Davila table with his ex accountant. You know what I mean like like we lost and when I got there and I saw Ed Begley and his wife I was laughing because I go okay. I see what's going on. It was kind of Nice. It was a wide variety of people you know who who I e sceret. Forget the podcast a uh-huh. I found out to digress for minute. I'm doing a queen sugar. This year and Eva goes. She's there with her. Mom who looks exactly like Eva and I was like you know. Thanks so much having so much it's fun. I hadn't seen her in person since I started doing the show and she goes why didn't really give you. This job is going to be and she goes. Actually it is my mom she goes. I know you David but you know we're not like really close friends and my mom said I you know I have trouble casting this role S- particular role and she said you should give it to David Gura. He's this. He's that Dan thank you about the remodel eleven to get show and that's when David's phone rang and get out of the room. I don't do that but that's just in my area because it was so huge yeah yeah that if you really wanted to do what I call a strategic walk around then because there were breaks because it start my at my invitation leg pack a lunch get to forty five years and the show kicks up at eight I was like damn knows I mean and it was a big room and so we join one of the brakes I was there with Melissa my wife <hes> still my wife since podcast and and <hes> we and she was like let's walk around and I was like I just she's like let's go 'cause she wanted to like move through the room and see and gals wanted me to move through but how many hours in was that that was two hours in case he's saying but I'm GonNa speak for your wife. She's saying and to keep our metabolic activity correct. Let us walk around. Get you on a plane when it's like get up and walk around and put your knees up bringing up old GRANDPA workout. We spotted each other because I was doing the same thing where you're trying to look cool but you stretch you leg up on a table. You told I mean it was it was an event it was but they covered. It's a lifetime tribute. They covered every inch of life and that they they were very thorough because I didn't see it aired on T._V. and I I didn't watch it but I kinda wanted to see how long it was on T._v.. How long wasn't four hours? No I'm sure it was not real quick so I got out and I was going home and I saw shoot fly. What is his name? I forget comedian. He Jay Fair no but he was with the okay. I'm GonNa give you my old black guy moment here. We go you black comedian <hes> he's with <hes> Jackie Chan Chris Tucker a game show old old planet or a great game show up this they do so yeah so you suckers Tucker Chris you go into the after party and I just broke all Sudan bunions that was too damn. Long are cabral and I just could not. I'm like no I can't we went. We went to the after party. No I'm not going because we were trying soaking up. We got when we got there too. The red carpet line the first person we saw was the back of Morgan Freeman. I mean which for as funny from the back that's Morgan Freeman I recognized him from the vacuum because yeah and then Chris Within Chris Tucker walked up to me and <hes> he approach each other and he we talked Razzie knew who I was eating the show so weird C._N._n.. Goes everywhere but I feel like I always forget that so I'm like why would you tucker knew everybody man. Come on you know but <hes> I love Chris Tucker scientific name dog no he was and <hes> yeah so that we I saw him and then who is able was there I got very I was very adjacent to Michael Jordan. His mom talked to <music>. Okay Yeah talked to Michael Jordan. WHO's a big Fan? I was kind of like hey what about sure nobody was wasn't I will say that that part was surprising pleasantly and inspiring that Denzel had used his has and continues to use his fame and his position to help young actors. Oh yes a lot of them who came you know stood up and testify. Yeah we talked with where we started this pocket. We talked about who the next Denzo was. When we started this podcast Catholic who is the act of the black man actor's GonNa we talked about how they could be him and <hes> but we are you him yet people at the time there was really like we don't know who could be? It's funny how in that time time that has passed like Chad who was there is certainly in position who is like we don't want Denzel paid his scholarship or some yeah Ted to Bozeman and I never spoken to Chadwick before four. We were all like in this green room and just really cool guy but he I mean like we've he was there <hes> yeah another thing is very to see them. Once h talking about here we like Oh this is he doesn't have take time to one person on the podcast talking about <hes> Antoine Fisher yeah that was one of the things she talked about is how he's like Derek Luke and sort of those phones you know herself included you know I mean American gangster. There's a funniest. He's basically walking with a bunch of young black male sick. One of these guys like a bad ass agent won't saying I got common before I got ta over here aw over here <hes> a reporter asked in Zell in an interview who is who is the next Denzel Washington and Dinh's OPAS knee said they're not looking looking for the next Enzo. They're looking for the next Brad Pitt and I was like Oh chill descend. He was later right out there. It was in this one as you fell off the body and ran up the street reporter was there. They're not connected to any proof of like floating. A block is right to in the Phantom Zone accused emphatically somewhere down Bradford space just felt sad for boy. I thought I was still Bradford. He's he's doing he's doing he's. He's he's doing it very well at this point is once upon a time in Hollywood. I'm looking forward to seeing that I do. I like the trailer you know Sassy chat out to the <hes> the the the pits podcast. I just did that and we talk about Brad. Pitt Brad Pitt version of this is the pits podcast so wait a minute. Did they start after you guys so this is the best here's another. There was a Tom Cruise when it started after us. I do remember that <hes>. I don't know when you guys started but it was very fun. We just talked about World War Z.. Hour and a half creepy movie directed that Oh Mark Forster Yeah you did that was that was quite a policy yeah. I was doing getting notes in this <hes>. I knew this generational this. When you know you all we're getting notes and the director goes and Alice enact to I need you to bring a position down down closer to the presidium senior? I'm an address stage so actors just sitting there and all of a sudden is black girl back she scanning the hard-drive honey ars. I wrote that down repeat that please visit results. Have you been to any of those lifetime achievement things before you know what it is. I I go every time I forget how long it was before. I've known him a trillion year. Yeah I said man I should go. Everybody's going to be there and then I got there and it was too much. Just I sit with long as fuck it wasn't it was at five hours or four and a half it was I mean I really don't know how long it was but it was long it was it was it would you leave and just step outside for like an hour cameras following you <hes> <hes> boy is they're also making a T._v.. Show I mean it was also like it was like a tribute. It was also attributed the talking about the all the work they've done at the beginning they gave an award and I don't the to the woman who is like one of beyonce's main collaborators director eliminate his name. I don't have have on me and when they're now who's giving her. The award suddenly beyond say floats out on stage and in a room full of famous people like Oh. That's a famous person when he says she floated out it was like Bay came. What is like a room full of like people who just like? I like the cast of the Black Panther they were a famous person is here it was like she floated out and she hadn't been in the nobody had seen her yeah and then she she she presented the award and then she floated back and nobody saw her again she glenda the good witch yes by competent kerogen yeah it was just like it was just funny to be in that room and be like Oh. This is like there's levels to this. It's just not even a room full of famous people. Somebody can even within Washington in the back. Yeah somebody can walk out Denzel reaction. Did anyone see his because I'd always be curious what he he wasn't there as I recall because this was before his part starts oh just chilling actually in the back you probably standing next year when she walked remember he has elevated spore portion of the theater. It was like he was like the day that he was sitting with with thrown yeah yeah yeah it was like in the middle of the room instead of the front of the room it was elevated so he can sort of see over everybody and also we all look back at him and say was he thinking <hes> and he's he was at the dance was his wife Julia Roberts <hes> <hes> likely clearly and then I think Denzel's daughter and everybody else Tyson yeah. She's spoke to John. David wasn't drawn David there I didn't I looked for him. I didn't I mean I always have maybe he's his shape. Tom Beautiful. I did not see him okay. I wouldn't you know but it was like it was a I mean also. He couldn't have been there because it was it was everywhere you turn like Oh. That's yeah. That's just be a ton of people you'd like looking at a C. and a bunch of we like to think that is at yeah. You said that that is her nose. A it was a and then at the at the break we're walking around and walking around people and suddenly <hes> <hes> this woman walkway walks up to us and she's like <hes> <hes> Morgan's a big fan of yours would you would you. Would you like to go meet more. That's why you're dead serious serious. I tell you what you said. He said not right right exactly. Hey I'm busy. I'm in the middle of a conversation. Yeah Talk Game Funky tone so it was heavyweight it was I mean it was it was really it was crazy. So you walked over to Morgan. I walked over. I have a problem with also afraid and you know this thing yeah. I don't care for your works. It's also a thing where you know. This is a comedian. Will you all where people tell you. They're expect. This club really wants to book either. Exciting Rinky dinks runs way you do the most requested comedian maybe they are saying you go there and then nobody know who you is on nephews guys and then you sign your head shot and put it on the way I was nervous. I would walk over there and he'd be like maybe she wanted to meet me and he yeah and he and he was sitting down and he walked Morgan. This is an I can't hear and he turns around he looks up at me and he he does like sort of like an old black man because he'll old black man stare and I'm like Oh. This is going to go so bad yeah yeah and he goes. I like your Shit. How old is Morgan Freeman ow school that I'm GonNa Guess Okay? I'M GONNA get seventy seven. No Oh well. Let's see I was going to say I was GONNA say older like eighty lay on yeah eighty one eighty two but right around I think and I responded it to Morgan Freeman. I like your shits. I didn't have any I just took his words anytime yeah. He was born in one thousand nine thirty seven eighty two or do you want due to their. No yeah all right. We need you on Lunar Launch Jesus Christ man we do. Can I take a left again why my mom was born in thirty seven. That's what all right yeah. That was Kinda Mosley. There's like this three part documentary. Career on the space program and I never realized that they got this one black the first black astronaut it was during a sixty two or sixty three so he found his brother he went through the whole space the program they advertise them everywhere and they had no intention of put into say it was fun Roger. Oh Yeah Oh you chuck yeager check. It was like amen trying to show this Nigga down our throat verbatim and I just was is a real story. Somebody's got to say that's a great movie. Somebody's gotTa do the movie because they showed him in. I'm young what do you respond onto some speculation that when you going to go into space news no comment during a press conference well I hope anytime awesome here's the last mission the three thousand he was talking. He was talking to say well. I guess at one point as I guess the nation just needed time to get used to the idea of a black astronaut house like damn it was so far like they don't. They don't want black man space. They want all the black rake in Spain. We get all of them. You could go to ship the size of the titanic. He'll only need guests to. They won't be coming back. Damn <hes> okay so you did your lap you. Oh you meet more. I of the show like so beyond doubt is then <hes> just look up director of lemonade. That's Sushi Khalil Joseph or something. That was the woman right. There's a woman yeah but did she do a short she did. She did <hes> she and I rented a bunch of blocking the on T._v.. And and wasn't she because I feel like I know Avis is connected with the A._F._C. The training program yes and <hes> maybe I thought this woman <hes> attended the training program or something because no this I can't. I'm kind of fun to name. It gets Molina thome the how old black masters the girl Melina met soukous vary go. That's it. That's it. That's her. Yes yes because I didn't. I didn't know what she looked like. What was what I was? I was about to walk down the red carpet and then she walks up with the people like she needs to go next and I was like okay like basically like you're not you're. You're you get your rick insult. After insult nigger places like I don't know who this is but I'm sure they have a reason for it and later nick. Thank God it to make a thing about it. No no I go next how it's always bested or whatever you know. What kind of revolution is our? It's always best as just I've always said in. If <hes> have a strong opinion do not talk about it do not want any trouble how dare you and then they introduced Denzel after that and he walks through he comes out on stage and walks through the crowd and like sort lake shakes hands gangster movie yeah it felt very it felt very like very frank. Lucas Very Frank Lucas exactly what if there was also funny to see when they did the clip packages of scenes movies and it was venturing as knowing this podcast which ones they left out like I there was not a heart condition anywhere. I don't go sting no heart condition. I don't think there was a there was no virtuosity soldiers story they met they mentioned it. I think that somebody they somebody mentioned somebody talked about seeing him. In there was some little his is a testament to just the breadth of Denzel career that you know I was sitting there and I feel probably everybody who's there was a my moment or my time. wisden's <hes> was really important. <hes> you know we met off Broadway at the Negro Ensemble. We did soldiers play then we went on to do the movie together and <hes> but this is what I'm thinking I'm sure they're going to go back and then ah just watching everything. He's done it. Just it's not there's a long moment a moment in time because he is that dude just crazy crazy <hes> <hes> create with a lot of with a lot of high points so easy to like you like yeah you could do a whole thing about soldiers play in house you know we've talked about on the show yes so much about his evolution USA. Even watching this movie virtuosity last year like Oh this is when he was doing this type of thing you know like every era of Denzel has this. There's that point. This is the moment when you know yeah and isn't he. I guess he's an action star. Now I yeah it's funny in his yeah with with equalizer to the first sequel because Antoine Fuqua gave a speech and he talked about how equalizer to he's like we we did equalizer. Would you trading day. We did equalizer to although Denzel. It's not really it's not a sequel Denzel doesn't do Sequels Reaction Right uh-huh joke John Yet <hes> but yeah he was <hes> Jamie Fox went up there and sort of like you can see the prompt or for everybody boxing up there <unk> holding Mike like a stand up comic and nothing in the prompter likely Jamie was just like I was back in this green room part and they were all like Jamie. Jamie's is going to do his own thing yeah yeah. It's always funny when that when you see the faces he's we just I hope for the best there's no tax tanner. Let's all pray he is. You can go nothing. I'll just the cool gets that Jamie Foxx talked about is how when he was nominated around Ray uh-huh and Denzel had come over for dinner at Jamie Fox's it was Jamie and a couple of a few other younger actors and Denzel was kind of that you know he's the godfather like you know. Ask Him questions about the industry and really giving counsel and guidance and I think that's really cool. I didn't know that yeah he did that. No I mean Michael. Jordan talked <hes> immersion like we said all of them. Were like very clearly like I. I wouldn't be here without you. Yes directly yes. They were not they were all very you know. It's funny because Jamie's a little bit older than those guys but here talking about they'll do like to think all those use of popped in like the last two years I feel like Jamie's of the age where airs careers of the age where he's someone who denzel would have just grabs it coming from. I mean well about that yeah. I think that was around that time for Black Mike Hollywood or this tableau the Black Luma Nadi brothers gave him some knowledge. It was going to reveal asu blown out because you know removing smoke on his you can see but you can't see that black made a black aluminum joke around spike podcast. He was very much like nope. Nope don't make it's like he's like I don't want to do that and he went onstage. Talk Spike we talked and told the story he told on the podcast but how Oscar Toys New Malcolm X.. You know when we were doing boomerang. <hes> I think you where he came. Denzel came and Spike we did the pool scene Putin shooting pool in Morocco and Denzel came to the set they were doing Malcolm X. and he came to set in character. I'm saying 'cause he talked about spike was talking about. Oh Yeah. He's in character and you gotTA. You know. This is how he did it. I'm telling you when I came to. I got to New York in eighty one. <hes> that was one of the stories I think it was a small theater downtown and New York and Denzel had done a play called the chickens. Come home to roost when you played Malcolm X. and they're like dude that I may people people were saying he he laid related out. We're going into a soldier's play. They were doing I was going into but everybody talked about it. Yes so he came to the set in we all we all talk and everything and everybody was like he's. He's as you guys know. I will not stop brother. Would you stop will will you start buying the bullshit that these caucus feeding you <music> especially on the Senate. That's pretty intense boomerang. We were like Gimme a Dick Joe. I'll give you a dick joke why he talked about it and they had all these clips which I haven't seen that how air on T._v. these clips of interviews with him where he was talking about his career and he talked about how being in Characters Malcolm X. was. He's like it was pretty. He's that it was it was pretty addictive or pretty easy as always be Malcolm X.. He's like and he started sitting there like I like this white light shining uh-huh oh yeah look at you basket eating masters leftover protein on my he was like Denzel Kurt Day like a black T. shirt black jeans and then sort of like doing six year old into doing Malcolm X. as he's sitting there in the interview the windows addictive per addictive characters sweet spot. Damn we don't want I'd be mad. Walk around talking like that. I just don't I mean I feel like there's gotta be extra like Malcolm X.. We talked. It was four collector's edition where there's all the extra. Denzel is Malcolm X. Footage. I would totally pay to see that Yeah I. I wonder if it's funny because when I was watching equalizer I looked up and there's this there's retribution version of the film where they just play the movie and then cut away to Denzel and Antoine Fuqua talking about it and so with new like with a new digital release releases a moment. There's gotta be something like that somewhere twenties equalizer to and it rolled out that was the most I've ever seen. Denzel do regular movie sort of like promotions and stuff. You know what I mean like. Did you do well it. You did okay Dr Google you know I worked with Ashton Sanders who was a kid in that and he was Oh yeah that he was the <hes> the kid moonlight right he was in moonlight and the the new Wu Tang <hes> is he. He's hanging American story yeah. I don't know who he plays but did you find right now. He <hes> let's see here we go. It is <music> box office hundred ninety million dollars worldwide so but yeah like it's just interesting to see like he was doing because you know they do now. Is I watch as a fan of the N._B._A.. Every big movie comes especially marvel movies. They do some where commercial where it's like like the avengers and they show the movie of injuries versus the avengers and it's like five basketball players on this this this playoffs began basketball ham handed like you know like a cross like really ham fisted casinos commercials you know so but he was doing like like there was some series of commercials where it was like somebody was <hes> dishing to be in equal attitudes bunch of basketball players auditioning for and it was just like it was the most I'd ever have to do regular Taylor. You'll do that for fences. Yes that for you. Don't do that for Roman Roman Jay Israel that was the last movie I saw room in Israel and I liked it because it was different. Yeah I mean it was like that. When we we haven't talked about that was a character study? If you're fan of Denzel wants him to do this word character I do. Yes the plot was sort of like all right you know but it's really fun to see him really go deep into a character like that. Yeah I liked it. I liked from one of my screeners because because he's not gonNa because the thing about that he's he still hasn't done the thing and maybe he never will. He's just in a movie. That's not his movie right like in like who who does that. A lot of people like Robert Deniro Will Robert Robert will be the dinsdale plays Frankenstein moment playing a monster and if he did a drag or he's never even done that likes Piatra do they like in an ensemble like you. John just like in Likley one there and three scenes of somebody's but he's a judge or something exactly like Samuel Jackson does that sometimes where he just sort of goes no but he's close he's come to that was the shakespeare nothing yeah and that was like yeah and now they're doing when they're he's doing macbeth with France and mcdormand. Where are they doing it on Broadway? Aw I thought I I got the Improv movie. It's mcbain was I thought it was the best man it's his shortest. Maybe it's maybe it's a play but it's it's definitely with Francis Cheeser to I saw that photo. Did you Fran mcdiarmid. Last time I saw on the street New York on Broadway. She was an A._T._M.. She came up and hugged me and said. Aren't we lucky. WHO's does that? uh-huh luckily so happy. Do you feel lucky yeah. I'll tell you right now. I just turned sixty three and I never thought that that I would be this active just career at this point in my life. I just figured it'd be winding down and you know that'll be that. No this like I feel like I've never been in more demand than I am right now. Can I can fly you though we talked about this like you or one of these cats that just stays were. I mean it was like cool kids. I don't think I've finished the article and then I saw a photo of you on Queen Sugar still had the beard. Hey man even he's like an N._B._A.. Got Traded to a new team at this point is like everybody's like oh sorry to hear about cool. I wasn't even getting involved with that. Talk like hit me on petitioner's God. Thank you David Hopton. A Golf Cart just drove job buddy but he got a got a D._M.. For maybe journeys mom cool kids you got sold. I got you baby since you mega bus ticket shaved the beard. I'm already dressed. I mean it's also like you said you just said you your you said your sixty three years old which a lot of people don't want to talk about their age out there. I know but I mean there's out there but you know but I also the fact when I saw you on cool kids. I was like Oh. He's owning his age now. I am totally blow them into. Let me in it really well. There's nobody sees you. Have that thing. Where nobody sees sees you as old if you got this white beard now and you bought head is ball but nobody's is that thing where certain black actors could Kinda just pretend to be thirty eight forever ever is true? I mean that's that's the energy behind the other reverse where certain black has been old since he was thirty yet has looked old. Samuel Jackson has always looked like an old man. Even when but I feel like Sam is at a point now where he yeah I don't really know how old he is but he's looks like he stopped aging yeah. Yes it's really cool running around without Reina I he looks younger now than he did. Play in the crackhead jungle fever does Oh yeah but it's just like boys are actors like they're always gonNA play the data the GRANDPA you in that class were you were kind of like I don't maybe thirty eight. Maybe he's forty four for now. You really just sort of like no. I'm just a giving up yeah. I'll play the retiree uh I mean. I feel like since since you did your Carmichael show you before that that's what it was like casting directors they go too young for this and I'm like actually I'm the exact age arts father and they're like okay well. I never saw like that yeah so I'm just you know killing him a lot of fun yeah. That's good. You're lucky Fran. Mc Norman was right. What I it's true it's true friend and I went to school together and <hes> I did want to also talk to your mom through you about my cooking blog? Oh Yeah so my I've told her this before and I don't understand she's you. You met my parents absolutely you know they and and I told her I was like yeah. He has a like a food blog that she david unlikely pull over the car. That's what they're all about my mom and her sisters they love to cook. They love to put on these big old and so she couldn't believe I was like well. I I don't know what to tell you. I've I've said this to you before so she got very exact because I told her I went to your house and walked into. I think it was looking for the bathroom. I made all your turn and I walked into a full of meat locker wine cellar hang <music>. He's got a meat weight was curious Karen mean but because of the rain sure I have this old plumtree that I was going to cut it down because it stopped giving fruit but this year is just laden with fruit and I guess because I feel like it may not fruit again because it's been about three or four years I'm in the process of <hes> canning and preserving all the plums and they came in and they right they ripen like right now so I picked like about twenty five pounds of plums making preserve so everybody's getting reserve yes cheers to just change that is not from last new <hes> No. He's gotten why started in New York but in New York I literally had the taunt tiniest stone and I just become a passion but you know I post on Instagram and it leads to fight because the black folks on instagram is like looking at brothers Ain't Plums Sassy S._O._S. from Cleveland. You're wrong sir. These are in fact plums. Oh yeah okay my bed and I just don't like when Peoples Talk Shit and I just go and we just go and they're all out of myself and my he literally posted about this. Though people complaining about yeah I mean no one gets more opinionated about than a than black people about Food Collard Greens and they just came. We're the pig knuckles whereas the Coun- I'm like this is the vegetable dish tastes good. You can't actually taste it bag. No idea thank you how it tastes. Um I wouldn't eat that well. You can't eat it. Actually I heard I've had I wouldn't eat that. What is it then the credits roll well? I'll tell my mom you said hello and she should be <hes> <hes> paying attention to your blog and Kudos to your guys this <hes> bubbly water is amazing. Thank you stepped up all right so so get us to you meeting Denzel the both of you talk to him that night. I didn't talk to him because I looked back and I was like should I scale this wall. Yeah it was a journey and I just went. I'M GONNA go this way because I knew that after the end you know everybody's going to trying to get to and all that stuff but you know we're just trying to get out yeah okay so I opened this with. Its sort of awkward to tell the story with David here because it sounds like it's like <hes> like a weird. No it sounds like a weird like to you. It's humble brag because you know Denzel. It's not a big deal so anyway. I'm just GONNA put that disclaimer on it because I didn't want. I thought I tell them I didn't go. I'll tell it with someone who acted within onstage. I didn't envision it that way. <hes> that's why I brought a man to keep you in check. So here's here's the here's what happens so when I got there to the to the thing as I said as he back born Free Melissa. There's a whole thing we had to walk because we gotTa Uber Throng Place. It was a disaster so we have to walk for blocks. There people see us walking up and like PEP Paparazzi in the start taking pictures of us. Even though you know we get David this is what I was talking to see this scene actor and dress for a red carpet but you off the red carbon octopus on dry land why some of the show there's like pictures on getty of me and her like walking down the streets. You might as well just like have a seven eleven bag in your wanted to get some snack so we get there and there's a getty photographer and he goes and he's like a hey. Hey come out there. I know they haven he's like I know you are the podcast and he knew the Denzel podcast as a Gal. Thanks man so we have you. Are you GonNa meet them today. Go Talk to it was like I don't think so. I'm just here so then when we do this walk around where where you know where I talked about earlier I see Michael Jordan's mom and I see Asia who and through the whatever walking through and then Morgan Freeman person comes over this game retirement bills. It's time to go meet. Denzel Ends El what he goes also joy Bryant earlier that someone planned. I don't think so because this was like I've he's like I've he. No it's got to happen. It's got to happen now and I think he wanted it. For the picture facilitate take the meeting he was like he was just basically telling me how to get to like walk around there around the thing and he'd just go say and he was just GonNa stand around standing across and get the picture. You think this brother sent you the invitation in the first place. Wow are your thing yeah. I mean it was it was like it's got to happen. A Denzel it was behind. No Man asked to ask the universe. That's a good question to people so I so he goes and he was very like being like like a high high school coach. It's time you gotTa do this. It's like he was like Peng because I was like man is literally time we're eating their dinner. I don't want to interrupt is super awkward. No it's time I'm like he doesn't. I'm telling you right there like let's let's do it and I'm like come on. I don't WANNA I don't WanNa do this and he's like let's go and he started like pushes me around like a real like really like hustle. We gotta go. Let's go walk. I walk over there. I I see spike and I go hey spy when he looks at me like yeah of course before and Congrat- some Oscar <hes> and so as we were starting to get closer and then the C._N._n.. Reporter comes up and she who I talked to earlier and she's like what are you GonNa do. You'RE GONNA go meet him. 'cause I don't know this guy wants to be in the medium. She goes. I just outside interview Denzel. I told him that he had apparently donated some scholarship fund that she had been a part of and so he had basically paid for her to go to school to Dan. She's like she. I told him this and he stopped being it was like how you doing like just wanted to talk to her no he's. I'm telling you this part. I did not know about Denzel. There are a bunch of people out there that he has been responsible for sending the college amazing and she was like as soon as I told him that he say he didn't really care to do the interview he just wanted to talk about. Have you been where you've been up to. How's your life? I'll say he's so nice. It's like I'll introduce you. Are you gonNa tell did you tell him that he sent you to college. I would go to college pharmacist prescription. Dwayne Reed Square so she's like how go do it and so I'm really condensing. This is about like price six or seven minutes of really condensing and then I met him and that was it anyway. What else is happening? You asked me about my garden against this. They get so well so she walks over to him and he like excuse me and is that it's like a movie scene where I'm seeing her like I can't hear she's like he's like is there looking like what and then he looks over her shoulder and looks at me sort of like wait a like a sort of quizzically and then she waved me over and I walk in. This sounds like a lie. He looks at Spike Lee he looks at me. Looks like leading goes my Nigga. I gotTa go you guys should follow and Kevin being. I've not lose their light. You can get it confirmed. He's at and he's the it's very clear he that's one of his things. His back pocket drops on people occasionally because he looked at spike like to drop it on him like he like. I'm about to do the thing that everybody wants. Okay let me check won't do because I hate. Doing it and I'm going to drop. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA take it out of my view sees me. He looks at Spike. Yes it registers with spike and then he said and then he turns back to you and says he said he's looking at Bolas link. My nigger nigger and they both laugh and then denzel slash goes off. I wake up in the hospital. He said you've got a slight embolism. Most people die from let's call the Denzel clock. I'll explain later so he's so he and then he hears laid out lay it out. You're undercutting the Denzel. It's have waited to hear fifty. He is so he goes he goes and he and he goes and he goes. I love you brother has come on Denzel said that and he starts talking about that doesn't make any sense it doesn't it doesn't. It is seeking with your limited well. You only have three is an emmy or they three or they're blaming. Those are black count for less total points only only have three mile which by the way me has the same amount no five no use five. I five nowadays too often says. Didn't you say this come out. I know I have it's much harder to be nominated than to win. I and I said that you don't think about it makes sense and so. What did they capture the moment when you gotta there's there we can actually look it up on the getty political you look it up really <hes> no but we can we can post the pictures we put the picture I haven't put it? I've only put out the picture of him with the Selfie which is not a great picture but then there's a great picture on getty of the moment that he like that we met <hes> getty come out of Washington role <hes> and so he's like a love you. He's like as a lot of people's room that you know that People WanNa meet me and I wanted me but I wanted to meet you. That's why would I tell you a year. That's why you there you're right that shit crazy. It was crazy and he's he how you did not mention the podcast ones clearly but clearly well maybe not maybe but he was talking about like united shades and episodes. Where are you are? You is it has it. Is it started again. He's talking about with season. We're in. He's you know have you are you there. Yeah now hold on now. I'm going to show David this picture because I think a lot of the Denzel tes have seen it or some have on on instagram and dining. I didn't put I haven't put that picture instagram. I was saving to talk to you. Okay okay well so David I <hes> I was shooting a thing the the morning maybe the day of and I was getting ready. We were getting ready to to shoot and the walking out to set and suddenly my phone Ping's kings yeah and well I you were like what are you doing tonight and then I got a picture. What are you up to tonight and then I get a picture of him and then like the cell phones geography that was it was right after this pictures so he sends that I like and the directors? Are you coming Kevin. We're we're waiting for a minute so you know the doors are setting in seven minutes. I was like okay I got and so so I think then the next day <hes> we're I'm back on set and we're working and then and I look up and it's and it's just this let me users say this that is such a awesome Hollywood moment yes but almost amazing almost come out. He paid for this. You see in a moment look at the way he's laughing. He's laughing. He's farting the stretching four and a half hours yeah yeah just to get that moment great photo so the pier is credit the guy the photographer keep talking. It's Canal Denzel Siegel Kovac Michael Michael Kovac Denzel is seated. Kamau is standing up next Melissa is next to him there. The two of them are looking at each other laughing. Yes ask some Joe Tuxedos by their own taxes spike. Is he looking at her away away spikes like you know this is another thing with Hollywood gentiles daughter and Melissa's behind me smiling failing because he's like finally we and he can let this go here. We can finally at this. Go the scene in journals whose name I'm not remembering now 'cause I'm an asshole is in the gray dress right there okay picture so oh yes oh it's like credit getty Guy Michal Kovac who basically made it all happen yeah he's like and I was so like but then we talk for you know we. Let's say we talk for a minute. It was not you know what I mean but it was like you know when he is when he's from the time he said my Nigga to the time he said I love you. I sorta blanked out like I was like I was I was as your nose wasn't bleeding in this phone home his head back trying to stop it knows what he's coming yeah and so that was him after said my Nigga shaking me. That's me shaking his hand as he says my Nigga. I'm just laughing like what is whose name was. What life is this? WHO's screws life? Is this there you go and that's when I was like Cathy we need to. We need to get a podcast together so I can because we have a very one of our greatest episodes is when you call me to tell me about how you met Dinsdale yes and so then now so. Where did you meet him again? I met him anyway yeah. Yeah I'm pronouncing well because you have the five nominations sort of what goes with the five heavy. Where did you meet you know you could now? I remember before you answer guest here you know he was he was speaking <hes> here in L._A.. He was being interviewed by Dr Boyd in whose first name but <HES> and after one of the guests on the podcast the day he was speaking was j August Richards and so he <hes> was like. Can I go with you. I'm like it was a fundraiser for for for <hes> the Annenberg Center I think in in <hes> Debbie Allen had put it together yeah and so he was he was basically speaking there and afterwards Jay basically snuck us into some <hes> reception that Denzel was sort of Hang Denzel and some some students some acting students at U._S._C. and <hes> it was nuts because the kids were were performing monologues for him but they weren't doing. They were like actually performing. He was queuing them up and so I I was like I don't know if I wanNA watch and then I realized no I'm watching Denzel do theater. He's doing an act ten feet in front of me like suggest down and watch and so he did that thing it was great and and Jane I left like wow I can't believe it was amazing and he he walks away goes to get his car and I was waiting for a lift and I walked around the back of the building and I do remember thinking be Kinda crazy. If I walked up behind the building and there was Denzel standing there and as I look up from my phone he's walking out and we ran into each other and it was Dr Boyd and I'm I'm sure it was there yet thank you. I'm ninety percent sure he was debbie. Allen who I didn't even it didn't register register because I couldn't believe I was looking at him until we chatted for a second and then he disappeared in the elevator and did you tell them about the podcast I mentioned it to indicate. I mean did cal eight zero. We're all ahead <hes> I think I think we had I think we 'CAUSE I. I've been once well one because I remember United 'cause you talked him like you have a podcast and you said W abell totally biased and that's how the brothers always talking about him yeah and that was because the podcast is we've been around for a minute but then that was that was the time I assure people told them about it. I I'm just glad that I'm just I was really happy that the bulk of the conversation was about him being a fan like if it if I had just been the podcast ah guy I would have been a little bit like Hammond microphone. Do you mind if I do a quick again. That's why you were there then. He Approves Tesla's yeah that is awesome. Yeah no it definitely was like and then to see all these other act and Isa rate went onstage and talked to see all these hurt Hollywood black Hollywood talking about all that he had done in the way that we talk about on the podcast on the down low. It wasn't <hes> that's the thing like ain't trying to put it up on a billboard or nothing. Oh man now. He's just going about the business of doing and I met people from the boys and girls clubs. He's big with them. They they were there to and you know he was you know I met <hes> as it with producers who had produced the movie the siege it was where my table <hes> yeah so it was just a lot of a a lot of people the guy one of the guys who was one of the guys the village voice was like it was people from his whole career and you really do. It's not just about the movie yeah yeah earlier that it's generations met that was thirty over thirty years ago. All of it packed work packed his work man and then the great thing was because I was like is he gonNa give you know because we talk podcast. He doesn't really care to give speeches. I mean sort of famously at the Golden Globes. He's like. I forgot got my eye glasses. <hes> he was he was trying to get the help him and she was like it's on you on your own but he actually gave one of those speeches like you see him give on Youtube every now and again when he shows up at like a some sort of local theater and he's is wearing a baseball cap and sweats and he goes you know <hes> look like uncle d. We'll be doing the show of the day speech but in a Tuxedo gave <hes> like you know very very like like you know and <music> owning his when he moved he was emotional about this teacher added A._C._T.. We've talked about before and they read his recommendation to A._C._T.. Or A._C._T.. To it was it was a recommendation to see yeah. It was maybe the reverend should get in. They see it. It's Julia Roberts read it and to me it was like you keep friendly keeps us letter or keeps a key lender in his wallet and it's like this teacher who from Fordham Yup had given him a recommendation. I'm David get into an acting program A._C._T.. And he said basically said this is a generational cat. Yeah talent and I truly believe that Mr Washington is going to go on to have <hes> you know historic historic legendary career in predicting it was very much like amazing. I don't know if you've seen I think he could play Malcolm X.. ONSTAGE also in screen yeah equalizer if you ever doing it with the black guy he I remember sitting there thinking my shit. I was like my my my recommendation would be like I mean I was like I was like this girl two thousand dollars for a film back color no man Eh it was humbling. It was humbling Mossy. How much zoologist gone about to change in lives? Yeah Yeah Dr Yeah Barnacles. They won't all goodness out of this man built. This little barnacle boy Michael King it is true like the thing is certainly that's the thing I was very way of like looking actors most. Let's be on stage where act I guess they were all actors who were trying to who are actors the way he's an actor yeah but I really did feel like there's also people like me who are like. I'm not trying to be an actor. I'm not trying to be. I'm not trying to do anything like he did but it's still the same like I was a kid in a theater. I saw still storing a theatre yeah going. WHO's that guy I was? I remember like ten thousand GonNa Play Malcolm X.. You know what I mean like N._B._A.. Inspired by him and so then to end up like meeting him and he knows who I is a lot that's crazy yeah <unk> as crazy as what they call it to load. Wow yeah all right. Let us pray so I thought and then I reject you like we should bring the podcast back just to wrap it up and tell this door so are you doing. We're doing D- headphones because we gotta we gotTA finish. We gotta finish what we started with some of these things to finish the movies that we haven't done yeah and <hes> yeah I mean that's all community right now. We're going to wrap it up. Take to end what what movies have you left out which we still haven't we never did virtuosity. He never did Malcolm X.. Never saving saving it and then it was like well gotta go yeah Yeah Save it for the last episode and then we never did and then he came out and Roman Israel and what is he working on now. I'm sure he's working. I just looked up. Macbeth is a movie with the Coen brothers doing it. Oh Shit yeah okay that sounds exciting and he's doing and he just announced it. I don't know if he's in it. They're doing the next August Wilson plays. I know he's producing Chadwick. Bozeman is doing it. It's <hes> my rainy yes that's right yeah and <hes> and that was the first one they did on Broadway and <hes> the hi. My name is escaping me <hes> to the bank it no no no the the the most famous black actress currently around Davis. She's playing my raining okay yeah. That's a good rule. That's that's going to be nice these for Netflix. I guess they got all the money manager is doing. That's so what about you. What's next for you getting those plums in their Charles? which really is my moving? It's important to me in my life anyways not <hes> it's not an emmy nomination or anything. What am I doing clifford the big red dog yeah you really? Let's just pause psychic universal against what we've come down from the mountain top Washington man is changing general. I'm acting with a cartoon dog like a live Action Clifford it is we're all real okay and then he's animates yeah are you so you're not playing delivered. No I'm not sir. I'm I'm. I'm playing a suspicious super of a building beard. Intact Nice is the beard just here to stay shave off because I have something coming up that I can't wear so I'll save I like it good yeah. It is and so long at this point. It's been like two years. How long did it take the girl that out? It's been growing for two years would did you know you could grow this full beard like when you when you win the cool the kids came out it was you had it in full yeah well. No I started. They gave me a beer too faint. Okay then from the pilot I grew my own or and <hes> I just never shaved since then might the year before we started and it just kept growing so in Queens sugar beard to yes because I was still waiting officially cancelled. But how much can I take five months. You get able wait. Wait a minute. Your Mama didn't not having it so close that but Clifford's cannot for awhile you just started yeah we're going to do that till the in the summer and then you know back when sugar and then I mean come on Quinn sugars on right now and I I've already completed my this season but my last June well anyway great <hes> <hes> that's been awesome and then this stuff coming up but I can't talk about it yet but you will find out so he would stop working no no way I have some other questions if I think so was beyond say at the AF I after party no aw I mean I got there a little late because we were trying to figure out but no I don't think beyond say new that Denzel it was there for she was there for Denzel. Come on she did not because she didn't even mention his name during her day and nobody got mad. She didn't yes to send my throne now because she was wearing this gigantic dress owned by Hauteur address. It looks like a cloud that did look like a cloud that she was in it for ten minutes. I want to say good yeah. No look good look good when you old and blog on wh who made the as you as your nephew who made the address on that Lady Yeah Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Hudson sang at and it was like yeah it was to hear her sing live in Aruba. Her voice is that it was like Oh yeah. I knew you were good singer. But why am I crying. We'll wait was was puff there. I didn't know puff with the only people the after party got there. It was Chris Tucker. It was Jay Pharaoh saw j Chadwick Bosnian <hes> trying to think who else was there that I knew and I heard Denzel had been there but he had left because you know that's another thing man. I mean you know it's like the rolling stones coming. It's two A._M.. She's like Oh yeah. I'm looking at the dress now. I don't know how to describe this. It's a cloud yeah. I couldn't even remember I came out because also you can see her like walk from backstage and it was clear like this is not really a walking around. This is a get in dress stan there. You're not GonNa be aware that draft fourth of July you wear the drought. That's address you get in just taking photos in yes she off me and also the licking we are talking about the licking of the ice cream stuff. I kind of let that story wash over I heard about it and I was like not gonna I can't I can't believe you live in that world that you live in too much if they can go down every road yeah yes yes. I agree yeah I really do. I regret that I cannot accept the fact that sometime. I'M GONNA BE EATING ICE cream. We've all eaten DOODOO. Okay we have mouse turn or something volleyed. Do that's the new book by David All Doodoo my story of why life's full shits sixty. We've all eaten due for way I did episode the Black Lady Sketch Show first of all I love. I Love Love Love. E ceram the biggest great and just really quickly. Sorry Tell Tell Tell David what you said to her when she was on the punch unnecessary yeah. I'm thinking what you wouldn't know what you've been eating. I didn't do that although at the Easter a walked up like she was walking pass the table I was at and I it was just funny. As I looked like hi it's ray and I was like no you not only do. I know who you are. You are also your history yeah. She's very polite to introduces apparently talented man I love her. I love <hes> and she gave it incredible speech about it was Denzel Making Black Women Horny tease tease it was it was very like very yeah yeah. She gave a great speech well. I did that Robin the-the-they yes and it looks funny man. You know you got some. It looks huge. The trailer. Yeah like entertainment. Weekly was like Damn I just think H._B._O.. is going is like integrate way going all in on black women <hes> like like with from each array to Natasha Rothwell has working on something and Tasha Rothwell. She's on insecure all right. She's a deal a deal and then you know to queens or H._B._O.. And now I really never put that together a yeah. That's very much like Oh. We'll we'll be funny if they is became a black over network like because they need shows not a game of thrones is gone and game of thrones. That's it I destroyed many lives. That was one of my greatest rolling slow glove logos. I'm just putting it out there. Public do not spoil. He didn't even get it. Is there was like a waiver. What's the name of the character that killed the do? Can we talk about everybody. I I haven't seen one. I'm <music>. I'm happy to talk about it was killed the kill the night king or whatever you know the chicken or you do not like I had to. I had to God. I don't mean this for future. Generations don't ever say don't ruin this if people them mouths shut and avoid the Internet but yeah yes you on twitter I am not I am. I will never forget when you sat here in spoiled that Shit. Can we run this footage back because he's a bloody live every prove it to. He's mastered people then. They'll on twitter complaining about this ship. The the funny thing is that I couldn't I was hearing you say this but I was like he's not really not really ed you. Were doing it hours into it because you don't what it just rip the band aid off. I didn't grow up me me. I grew up in the sixties motherfucker. Yeah you're going about Tokai's. Don't don't Ruin Peter Pan. I gotTA wait till next year to see it. Okay Bells alive in my mind that is fucking fucking bullshit. We saw it everyday every year. We knew we were going to happen and it was fun as a motherfucker now you bunch of bitches sitting there. Don't ruin it for me of the farmers market. This whole white lady goes to house while I was listening to the game the women's World Cup for me. I'm like bitch now. I'm GonNa win it for you. Damn I hate this shit. Dude you go. Thank you for joining us on Denzel Washington's agree David appears by the way W and Malcolm X.. He's alive right. Kamau is not the end of the movie so we have not heard from them. Ninety quiet the nineties. Yes he retired. He invested early investor in Google so he's he's fine own damn. If you think we got it well Good Luck Gentlemen. Hey thanks thank you for joining us. Sir Thank Mile Cabin K and K just work. Hey and they're gonNA let each other. That's kind of my packet. You Think K._K._k.. No it's wingmen. We put together some sort of extra thing. Did you see the debates. No I don't I yeah yeah. I didn't watch. I was like no the the election. I don't know who I'm going to vote for. You shouldn't no no I tell you know. This is a thirty seven people running yeah yeah. It's like who's GonNa win the gladiator fight. We're still watching the fight do like I. I hated the base before but now I love it. Well No 'cause they're all playing for the play these to just play for the room. Now the plane crash because you know we can always turn to black card. You know I I think all my grandmother was poor. Eh Do you hate me. <hes> Kamala was black and she turned it. I mean she properly. I don't mean turn it up in a fake but she's like. I need to make sure that I'm owning this space. You know what it was like. I tried to put it in a tweet but I couldn't because you know at the end of a body building contest when he had opposed down there like I must do a stretch in front and he's in the back. She thinks she's she would be I would it would be super exciting to see her and trump on sage. Debate got a really apply. I'm not endorsing. I'm not saying I would say that. She's somebody who can handle it plus. You gotTa have like one time. Nightline did a debate and discussion in Israel and they had a piece piece of barbed wire and I'm not bullshitting a like ankle-high Bob wire like <hes> dividing line they had a Jews on one side and Arabs on the other and it was like guys who invented Hamas take yours. That's what they gotta do it so they gotTa Have Kam Kamala all black. You know they got have each array fucking beyond the answer on that side then you gotta have the crazy right wing on the other side and just let mayhem in Sioux that would be awesome. It'll be close to that. I feel like we're there. We're sort of at that point as far as like who who long before I I feel like I don't have time yeah. I'm with you. I I don't you don't have to know to know why would there too many Democrats running there. How many Republicans were running last twenty sixteen when they were really going for it so I think it was like but I think it's it's not let them fight it out and then you and I and I'm even people like Democrats should be nice to each other now? They shouldn't know they they usually challenge you change. That's what the process was. The Guy you're gonNA run against the other side is not going to be nice to you at all so you got to able to you got to be able to handle gets insists on my opponent. Come out and to the last question. Did you enjoy the recipe centers. I remain no it's. It's a it's a it's a knife fight. It is all right. That's all I got all right the going on Kevin trying to get more emmy in the whole come out come out <music> real. I'll be over.

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