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Welcome, to the joys of Binge, reading the show for anyone who ever got to the end of the Great Book and wanted to read the Knicks installment. We Interview Successful Series Authors and recommend the beast and mystery suspense, historical and Romance Series, so you'll never be without a book. You can't put down. You'll find this episode. Show notes a free e book and lots more information at the joys of binge. Reading Dot Com and now is. Past and present collide in Kathleen Girls Joel timeline stories with family, secrets and past mistry's are unlocked in the present day. Hi there I'm your host genie and today Ketley talks about the stories who readers locked into entail social upheaval, emotional drama and lost legs spanning centuries. We're lucky enough to have three books. CATLIN's. The secret of the shared. To give away to three lucky readers. It's an absorbing time slipped Sarah that stretches from the parents of the terror and the Guillotine to the south of France today. into the draw, and you could be one of three lucky raiders to get copy to read draw closer. June twenty. But before we get to Kathleen just to remind the show nights that this episode be found on the website. The joys of Binge Reading Dot Com. That's where you find links to kathleen spokes and website as well as linked to the giveaway if you desire to John. Wiley they leave the comet. We love to hear from you now. He is Kathleen Heller. They cat lane and welcome to the sharp. It's great to have you with us. Hard to be. Just as an introduction, you are in the UK and born thanking. Uc Lenton Clinton with NS various stages of a Garbo pandemic. Tell us. What's happening in your part of the world and is? How is social distancing? Well here in the UK, we haven't had a full lockdown. We've been out for exercise every day and actually as as Bush speaking, today is the first day of a slight, so the realization, and without to go out as much as we can exercise, energy caught what from whom you encouraged to go back to work, said things are. Easing off a whether it's the right time to do that as a loss of discussion. But yes. I mean boomers which is on the south coast of. We are five minutes. Walk away from the beach and the cliff. Talk and so because we've been out is we have been out most days king? Long that it's it's just lovely. We've been house bike rides as well. Host of my sons living at home they're growing up and twenty to twenty five, but they've been here for the duration of this. My youngest son sorting coming full night stay. Lockdown started as a since with his stuff in a room in London. By autism minute lockdown was announced he just popped everything into the call drove down here and he's been working. At the sense, so you know there's this good such tuition. which is. If it is the there is some good sides to it. which was lovely is. Getting onto your writing Wa stay at a once upon a time. When you decided you just to write fiction, some sort of a and if side, tell us about it. Well it's kind of yes, and no answer to that and say not so some epiphany. That I wanted to buy in because I always wanted to night. As a child school if we were told to my story I was like I can write a story and I love. The However I sort of went down the science sits. At senior school, and then I ended up in a job and I'd say I also know one day is enough I know revising the whole one day and I was waiting until I had time tonight and I. Don't know I think console that sooner or later, some would say, Hey, ticking. Inviting a whole, because that was never going to happen, and so it wasn't an issue. In Iceland leave realize that. If I want to provide I have to actually sit down and write, and there is no other way of doing it to find the time big. Squeeze out minutes from the day whatever just get on to it and so not happened maybe fifteen years ago. I guess. That has started. Making Todd in my day to I wasn't started an episode in. Just kept rising. and. What did you stop with right then? I tried a bit of everything dating back then I started. Trying to novels has to sort of offers and on's. On then I, I tried also literally. Titians gotten away with those, and then I thought he'd Scholtz toys for the Women's magazine Okay. That's why I kinda found. My I if you liked and I thought Oh, I can do these and they started to Seattle and at that time I had young children and a fulltime job. The great thing is about short. Stories is other that they're not easy to light, but that quick tonight you. You need a few hours. 'cause jewelry. Say You can't. Do One if two weeks or something and try and solve A. The boss, forgetting fist acceptances was attested. Yeah, I can imagine, but now at the stage of your career. You've made these do time line novels, your thanks. It's a situation wave as mystery from the past that Spain discovered and Dan explained in bad contempt. Break Ericsson's. Specialty now isn't it and you don't about? You now that yes. Yes. Age this too in the pipeline. As another Novalis just historical. And how did you? How did you to ban Bogan to that particular niche? Well I found that they were the. Most like to read I'm. Couldn't oil went. Always show without reading a blurb whether number would be Jones Heim nine over, but I I can't across. Kate Morrison and Catherine lead. and. I just found that I. Absolutely loved the novels so much, and then I'd also started doing genealogy reset of my own and my first novel, which is good. He's done based on some characters of by family. And I felt constrained writing that story ended I was trying to stick to the facts I knew them. Much more exciting I didn't have to state facts, I could make stuff up and say my first. Of the comb was. As the main tempe canucks had to an extent is based on me. She's researching family tree and my tagline. What if you came across? Not just a skeleton, the close as it were, but actual skeleton somewhere. That's related to you. Know Your family. Your ancestors lived. Is such fund icing that as soon as I, not by. That's it I'm going to tribal. Kind of. Kind of developed a bit of a Pack Night A. Open eight chapters. Start with content with contemporary and yeah, we've it altogether. Is You have to come as toys said you know because you have historical and the contemporary and. We've it. All together is is a jigsaw puzzle to tonight in. The most recent one that will my three one that I'm aware of is. The seat the Stanton I think that was released. Just failing recently wasn't badge is. Released on the fifteenth of May, so Oh, God. Yes out so. I think it was in our local library. How did I don't know I got commute that strike yes. Yes, yes, yes, that's right. Sorry I got an advance advance copy from your yapped, so the secret of the show goes back to the bridge, speech, revolution and the RUB moniquet and I, it's probably the best of the French Kook. Season the spirit veg. Yes, it's interesting you say I. I'm not. GonNa do another one session. Salts yet might do I do normally when there isn't the pandemic on. We spent quite a long time each year. It's because we both. Love it. That's one reason that I decided I wanted to. To set one on Sunday the outbound time. because. That's where I wanted to spend some time in Joplin. Boy So yeah I'm. Watching another one sentence, but I don't. I'm not as well opponents such history a new veg revolution. We studied bashing school and it's A. It's one of those. Events have knock on event. The effects throughout entire wells the even so when I started thinking. Oh Yeah I know. And then while I'm GonNa, just check up on the data, and then I realized how little I actually knew there was an overall research. which was quite difficult as so yeah I I did not affect probably would at some stage I. Go or Against actually I saw reference and your website that you actually took you cabin crew, goody down there when researching that Bokan. That sounded like great fun. Tell us a little bit about that trump. Yes. We are in Of To home. Will small in terms of Baytown can be huge. I want six long and yet she is coca. She. You're right. We both few years ago. We since I gave up my day job, we'd like to send it up to half of every year Joplin in. Unusually sants Spain Spain for the off off to stay was lovely. Yeah not this time last year we win the out by. I was getting going with lodging secret shot so. I was kind of looking out for buildings and say. There is is about like. The. SECOND UNIT ATMOSPHERE! Spat on the villages of the way lives. I I do absolutely adult. And in fact, if I haven't been depends on it going on, we would have been there right now, we. to to go insane. Again. That's a shame, but playthings will come back not in the not too distant future. is so secret chateau. You've got a group of friends who by a small shattered to give. And then I start to discover something about history of the House. This lots of secrets in emotional twists, and even the hinted hint guys interesting that you mention that you'd go. Schedule is 'cause. There's a hint of guys. And it's really a tremendous loaded and. Lines of the story, the contemporary one and the one of the grits skype from the ranch. But very touching Rayo planes to give very well, doesn't that? Kid I try to I talk to you similar themes for the for the historical story on the Contemporary Story said that that sort of helps to joel together, and in in that one that birds trying to make a new life for themselves successfully case less about it is all about change which. The venture aviation that's that's what it was about so failed order. Sounds again, yeah! The forgotten secret, which is one of the ones that I greatly enjoyed links to women who are basing big challenges and once again. That's a very common sort staying they both. Lebanon buried difficult circumstances ally is caught up in the Irish rebellion of Nineteen nineteen, and is not with the young man who's determined to make his name been island, and clear is escaping from a very unsatisfactory marriage. It's the secret book that you've seen an island. They have a one eyed unnoticed ago from ballymore. End a wondered if there was something about of that really attracted jury. Will my husband's Amish. We we can start. There must oppose. Yes so we've been married twenty seven years together for like the one. Yes, I think so I time I've been back to honored countless times Hammadi John's and we have traveled down. We have taken this year for the absence dual they southwest of COQ, which is why I had to go by Moi's. Difficult, secret county made which plan my in laws. Lived and so. I knew very well. And Yeah my my in laws quite staunch Republicans. Shall we say so? I wanted vice an awful. Maybe I'm trying to prove myself with them. Still I'm still the English I needed to prove was L. to them and say look like. Do you understand what happened? I know about island's history. I, Didn't before because he isn't tool in schools in England it. Just ignore and. A and if you know, I grew up while the troubles was still going on, but I didn't understand the background that axel appetite line, and it wasn't until I started on, and and seeing the other side of and seeing the same. Events the ported. By the Irish but I see on TV and say the difference. And the difference in the language US and the way. It was was the soldier killed, was he? Was it was. It is such an realizing that there's always two sides to the story. On one man's terrorist is another man's freedom is and I wanted to pull together a Nice Matin holds. It wasn't an easy to buy again. It's the history. Of Reading Research. And it's Betty Betty. Fine lines on that one but I was pleased with the result signal of, but there was a point by saying that I needed to is way that I can't do this, but I pushed on finished. My husband was. And he said this on urine so. He doesn't praise for the sake of it so I thought Oh. Maybe is something and it has done. It's done well in America as well as. I just just aside. How did you meet your husband? Will he was living in England at the time I was a student in. And he was living there he he'd come over from Ireland with a previous go and go. And then settled in Geisen and then they saw, and I mentioned that he was part of a group of friends. Really, we pedals. In that book, you'll get into the. More than more than Moore, denies the. which has become very notorious in more recent years went with the nuns, started out probably with very good intentions, but ended up being rather horrible places where young woman who Brag Mental. Really just. Any sort of unprotected young woman could be put into one of these times. The camel muster domestic, one of you characters has trod of one of those times and. I must say I was really barracking hers. A character could she was such a lovely, strong, well-intentioned woman and. I was always hyping all the way through that she was going to discover what had really happened to his son, and it was just kind of little endlessly economical sadness. At the end. You realize that she isn't going to get that satisfaction. She's not going to be the one to discover. What really has the next generation has guy through? Will you team to find a way to get literally find out. Well, yes, sometimes, because when aware. That read the REGIA lights. If you'll, you're identifying really strongly with one of the characters you will, you will. It's rely. I'm trying to make it realistic, and so there is a sadness, but I do think the does get a happy. Happy ending in the end, she she she does, she does find love and has a good long life in the end, but it's. It's difficult to get to get you by. I don't know. There's a danger. I think if you try and. Up, with Alternate Kayak. Yard! How you do it and I thought it would just be a little bit too passionate Would have been a tape Tyson, but it probably would have taken away from the story in the lecture because that pointed John was was very much part of the whole story relays. So your books, they join follow these involve family secrets, and you've mentioned fist when you were interested in genealogy towns little bit about. How the genealogical interest time about what was your own family that spat at all? It was really just a it was back in. Twenty ten I think offensive mind says Oh. Did you know the the? The nineteen eleven cents. is now available online and I just want evening Oh. By my grandparents had questioned unusual Saturday, but wonder if I can find them on that sense anew eight being born in the earliest there, he is the nine. Twentieth Century and I think something like that. So yeah I immediately found them. They lived as well unusual and helped immediately found them, and then I one evening. I just saw going back through the sentences of every ten years. And I go back to eighteen forty one census, which is a fast one across England. And in doing adult bet, he discovered that my my great great great grandparents again, just following bouts that one surname. I've found that there was. A loss of children and sign of mother on several censuses. And I was wondering what's going on here? Eventually discovered the Ol- older children. Children off a his house Keta. She's written down on the census as his housekeeper. And I believe she did start off as and he was quite old. She was a servant. He'd married and then separate, but you couldn't get divorced in those days easily. is healthy. So that. What being really that story, their story and My first novel the I self published. It's called Mr cabals diamond of the names of changed, but it's based on that my great great great grandfather, his wife and then his housekeeper. To use the Victorian Euphemism. Do you think that in the in their real lives? Did they present themselves? As has been widely thing? Yes I think they changed and I've seen certainly after his. It on living in that house and she was calling on sentences. Mrs Baffled. So. Did the children will ties onto her name, also I. Bet She, said unto her. But then later in their lives, they will used his name. That's the name of. Education. And I. Was a little bit beneath. Speak that he was. Regarded by his own family, a little bit better. The black shape was he was. He was jess is. He's been born into the crecy and the house where he was born in dome outside dove is now one of those huge country house hotels that are done as wedding venues isn't credibly grab. Of. Had rounded so wow, they were bowl. On he was the eldest surviving son of family. So. He kind of should have been heritage that he didn't take off. His next on the down. So! That was another little mystery. Why did he get Sova and in digging around I can see that he his father died quite young. His wealth been held in trust is local and he had a few run INS these uncle. To say that his uncle mismanaged the money on extort money house at him, and then he married and then. Age, and then Jackson with his seventh goal and I think over these things probably would against. Yeah, yeah, yeah, he he lived his life very firmly in the middle classes in worthing. isn't a Bryce. His children ended up working in chains, so it was a bevy definite. Slide down. Look tune into your wide career. Tell us something about your life. Before he became a full time writer. And how does have those experiences helped? Contribute any way your writing well before he became full on my set for thirty years I worked in the IT industry, so it bit boring. Really I mean I sort of fell into that job and I loved it. I liked I liked the logic. Analyzer problem solving. And I joined designing systems about all the time though I always felt that I was using half my brain other of using the logical. Part using the creation part until I started rising. And the tickets for a number of years, but that was not work. So! Just stay for years ago now. I! Don Just said Ryder. I'm getting close enough to pinch in age. Anyway I decided to. Drop the day job so I I've ever. Actually the novel unmasking moment, the main character a. Similar jobs to me. To to my is joke, but it's not a exciting jokes. Advice about so I. Haven't really used. These handle much is most. The wider experience is travel and most of. It a general exceeds, is I lost about five years ago and then? And that does mean the aiken vice about being with someone as they die, which is. Tell. US Live is set up his heart. Use these. That you have to major spill real on the page to Moen's. In. How many years were you working fulltime and writing on the side of a? Tremendous amount of. Dedication to to keep those things going parallel How long did you sustain it? Well it was a number of years when I was just writing short stories, which is still in the evenings I caught my fest A. Book contract in two. Thousand Fourteen. I'm and I gave up after twenty nine hundred zero five years five years which have. Book deadlines and the Day job to juggle. About. Yeah it was. It was because it was every I love my work. How our social faffing around and having dinner, and whatever and trying to get out mode, and into the other, and then I go on like five hundred dollars every. Thousands of weekends to keep ticking A. Tanning to Kathleen as read because this is, the joys have been trading. And it's kind of kind of their little bit on people liking to all the either. A series or like to a writer who produces a string of books that have got a similar relevance. Even if they're not actually a series, I, you binge reader. Sorry, what would you like to recommend to Alyssa's? I need a lot I'm always reading of always. Go generally two books on the go. Upstairs downstairs book, so I don't have to suffer stairs with my bad knees. Do to died. However I. I tend to binge at tend not to read the series start to finish a jump amount locks, and I liked to be different genres animates non fiction and different all as an always changing so in that respect to binge reader, although I am a avid reader, an always reading, but then having said that there are certain office whatever you know, as soon as next comes out, I've ordered it I. Don't get to the same way, but I will definitely read it, and those are the ones I would back manned and. You. Know the names of Said Cables Kathy. Webb, and I own a gray. She's only bitch Tuesday's all, but they are toby to the best books I've ever met lessons to the lost. Our and they aren't just just so beautiful and then I do. Must be do love jk rollings books by the Harry posted had the. Kumon Stripe Books I. Enjoy those so that's one of the big name of. Was Because I. Know Lot of authors and electric support. I do find myself reading my books as well as there's always wasted many books to these. I added Greis folks what nate, what nation Diane what Sean will remain. Do time nine all average. Yes so that less to the lost is a world war, two on at it's just beautiful and big listening allies in the nineteen twenties so bright young things. That is a really lovely inside into that society. About time because first of all the vetch. Having Fun a not ready canning about the consequences of actions and I. It's attested. Fans good. We come to the individual time to give us so just. Circling round wasn't here and looking back our way you come from. It's the one or anything that you'd change about how its own unfolded. Or would you probably do pretty much the same ever again? Tricky won't because of me that wants to say. I wish I'd started washing seriously earlier because as I said at. The beginning of this I always knew that I would eventually I. Don't waste your time. But on the other hand I I think the older you get, the more experiences you have, the more you put into nizing, so I do suspect that if I a tried to know how age twenty. It wouldn't have been very good. I certainly wouldn't have. Able Sca- across emotion they. Just wouldn't have the right life. Experiences think so so I'm not sure I would change. Anything I'm glad of dump things the way have. It was a a difficult decision to give day job because. Quite, hopefulness and then you get. A very uncertain. Income but I'm very glad I did. It's it's worked out. The great thing is. Being vice even do that anyway, so we've been able to go away all the time and I can invite while we're traveling. Just a couple of as every day to say daily though Dalla A. Get one a diesel is. Looking forward apt get back to that launched. The. Answer! Is that So looking ahead, enter the rest of this year in pest into early next year. What is next for Kathleen the Russian? What are your plans over the next twelve months? Oh side well I'm. So coming out on the fifteenth made secret. Chateau I've got two more books in the pipeline exam contract at. One of which is. Getting towards a final stage editing and the other one. is out hostage, and so those one of those combined about them the next on his exchange type. Pushing with those of Ideas Specific Mall so once I finished I. Need to stop pitching another contract and and the other thing I'm Dan. We talked genealogy for really just for my brother, my cousins and my children and my cousins children. I'm China's assault at the moment A. Dental Goeke. Tells the story of Ami. Great, so this little project really It'll keep. You enjoy into interacting with your readers and way. Can they find you online I? Absolutely love it. There is no best feeling than when you get a A. Male or face of message, or whatever saying just finished reading such broke agreed updates at Q. A and. I had a message of the day saying that my books healthy help somebody sue the pandemic sitting at home, and they just with my books I was just reading the mole and. Help somebody that's great. So yes, get in touch with me. Various ways I have website, Kathleen, Miguel, dot com on contact form on that, he wants to send an email. I have authors page on facebook. Go and they happy to. Messages. On their I'm on twitter as Catholic go. And again and anybody that sends the message will always try Susan as I can and wing. We aren't and pandemic to you. Also do to the next thing. I never done physical book to the majority of my sales at e book, but attention now because I should. A, there is a book. A bloke tour stop on Thursday for That it should be reviews on about about thirty blocks I think of the next couple of weeks. Should be featuring my book I'll be tweeting about. Putting some BIOS patient facebook as well. Yeah so I always do eventual block tour three book they they great publicity bloggers out an amazing. For into it. It's great thirty. How does that work tell me how that would? I have a this woman code. Rachel who Organiz toes for me. She is in touch with the. A bogus. And he says. Tell Zana's need caffeine ago Boko. Coming out who would like to view it? They all hands up. Hopefully they do say they like it. They get vence as and they read it, and they post to view on designated dates that will tell the date onto them blogs, and then you have been tweeting about Ed, but face to come about in. Book so it isn't virtual slow. It's not focus going round. CANUCKS! Judaic champ to write blogs about. No you can do, but obviously that's quite lot more wet for me. I. I better reviews, and the great thing is about the abuse is offenders. They can be copied onto. Amazon is so the kickstarts the book in an as another one helps teaches. Static Justin a couple of days. Yes, also Thursday in the book released on Saturday. Wonderful Look Kathleen that's being wonderful to okay. Thank you so much for being on the show today and I can certainly endorse the book. I'm sure you're going to get some good feedback on US thank you so much for having a real pleasure. 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